Guam Quarter 1,000-Coin Bags Back on Sale

Over the weekend, the US Mint put the Guam Quarter 1,000-Coin Bags back on sale. These options had been unavailable for nearly a month, causing some to wonder whether they would ever return.

The US Mint’s Guam Quarter bags and rolls initially went on sale May 26, 2009. Just two days later, the Philadelphia and Denver Mint 1,000-coin bags both went off sale with the message “This product is temporarily unavailable.”

The Guam 1,000-coin bags were particularly strong sellers right out of the gate. In the few days of availability, the US Mint had sold 1,431 Philadelphia bags and 1,247 Denver bags. This already exceeded the total number of 1,000-coin bags that the US Mint had sold for the District of Columbia (653 Philadelphia bags and 704 Denver bags) or Puerto Rico (1,047 Philadelphia bags and 953 Denver bags).

The Guam Quarter has the lowest mintage of the DC & US Territories Quarters series to date with only 45,000,000 coins minted at Philadelphia and 42,600,000 coins minted at Denver. This also represents the lowest mintage for a quarter since 1962. The US Mint’s 1,000-coin bags represent the lowest premium method for buying the Guam Quarters directly from the US Mint. The US Mint also offers 100-coin bags from each mint and two roll sets, which contain one 40-coin roll from each mint.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I don't think these bags will command much premium. Mintage is low but still a lot.

  2. Anonymous says

    I don't know, but if a guy had 10.5million dollars, he could corner the market on Denver Mint Guam Quarters. I'm a nobody, but I bought about 2800 of the suckers just to hold onto for a while. Rest assured that these will eventually sell out and in a few years be very, very, very hard to find in BU condition. That's what I'm banking on. ps…sorry for the run on sentences.

  3. Anonymous says

    Actually, it's probably more likely that the Denver Guam quarters will be very, very, very hard to find in CIRCULATED condition. It seems nearly the entire mintage this year is being saved rather then spent.

    No, I plan to try to unload my Guam quarters as soon as they are no longer available from the Mint. Recent experience has showed me that it is best to "strike while the iron is hot" versus trying to hold out for more money. Case in point: If I had been smart, I would have sold ALL of my 2006 Silver Eagle Anniversary Sets when they were going for $600 each. Look at them now, often only bringing $250 anymore. It was GREED that got me! 🙂

  4. Anonymous says

    Well, in that case, maybe i'll roll mine around in the dirt a bit before I sell them. 🙂

  5. c h u c k b a r r i s says

    There once was a man from guamania
    who caught this quarter mania
    he bought and he bought
    but sold not and fought
    to retain his paraphenalia.

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