Guam Quarter Bags & Rolls

Sales of Guam Quarter Bags and Rolls will begin at the US Mint on May 26, 2009 at 12:00 Noon ET. This will be the third coin released for the 2009 DC & US Territories Quarters Program.

The reverse design features an outline of Guam and two symbols associated with the island, a sailing vessel known as the “Flying Proa” and an architectural stone pillar known as the “Latte.” An inscription reads “Guahan I Tanó ManChamorro” (translated: Guam – Land of the Chamorro). The reverse was designed by David Westwood and sculpted by Jim Licaretz.

The US Mint will offer 1,000 coin and 100 coin bags of Guam Quarters from the Philadelphia or Denver Mint priced at $309.95 and $32.95. Two roll sets will also be offered with one 40 coin roll from the Philadelphia Mint and one 40 coin roll from the Denver Mint, both in custom US Mint wrappers. The two roll sets are priced at $32.95.

Production figures have not yet been released for the Guam Quarter, but most collectors are expecting a very low mintage. The previous release for the Puerto Rico Quarter had production of 53.2 million coins in Philadelphia and 86 million coins in Denver. If the Guam Quarter has a mintage at or below this level, it could be a long term winner.

Many of this year’s quarter bags and rolls have sold out at the US Mint. All options for the District of Columbia Quarter are sold out. For the Puerto Rico Quarter, both 1,000 coin bags and the 100 coin bag for Philadelphia are sold out. Even though these previous releases sold out quickly with few units offered, the US Mint now seems to be increasing the number of units available for sale if the Rail Splitter Two Roll Set Sales are any indication.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Sad to have a low mintage on such an ugly design. Same clip-art look as the Florida quarter. That said, I’m all in for the rolls. I hope the subsequent Territories quarters are scarce as well.

  2. Anonymous says

    I guess the big question will be, What will the sell out mintage be on these sets. It looks like the Puerto Rico quarters will be limited to 20000 sets of the 100 coin bags and i think it was 4000 of the 1000 bags. I’m still hoping for a 40000 limit on the PR roll sets. Anyway, all we can hope for is less than the above numbers for the remaining quarters. Good luck to all specualators!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Just curious, does the “50 State Quarters® Official First Day Coin Cover Subscription: One Unit (MZ1)” cover Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Territories? Am wondering as I haven’t received any of these this year and you said the D.C. Quarter is “Sold out in all options.”

  4. Anonymous says

    No, the 50 State Quarter Coin Cover subscription does NOT cover the Territories quarters. There is no subscription for those at all. You will need to buy them individually. But, it looks like you might be able to wait and order several of them together. Despite the low limit of only 25,000 per cover, the District of Columbia one is not selling that fast. The Puerto Rico cover goes on sale tomorrow, and it is pretty neat looking. The photo on the cover looks almost exactly like the quarter itself. I don’t know if the lower mintage of the quarter, combined with the cool photo on the cover will make it sell faster than the District of Columbia one or not.

  5. Anonymous says

    I thought the DC FDCC would sell a lot faster. I bought one and really like how it looks. I plan to collect the entire series. I don’t think they will sellout.

  6. Anonymous says

    Looks like the remainder of the Puerto Rico options (2 Roll Set & the Denver 100 coin bag) sold out simultaneously with the release of the Guam products. I think this is what happened with the District of Columbia products as well.

  7. Lasloo says

    Interesting. Do you guys think they purposely sell out of most of the options for the previous quarter that was released when the new one gets introduced? If so, doesn’t that sound fishy?

  8. Lasloo says

    On another note… someone mentioned subscriptions. I subscribed to the presidential coin subscription about four weeks ago before the Tyler one came out. However, I don’t see anything in my Order log or subscription view that says that they have sent those out? Do any of you guys know how that works? And do they send out both mint rolls in ONE box?? As opposed to how they sell it to anyone who orders it directly… which is one mint roll per box.

  9. Anonymous says

    What is the mintage on these coins? I know that the Puerto Rico ones were 53,000,000 for the P and 83,000,000 for the D.

  10. Michael says

    The US Mint hasn’t released the mintage for the Guam Quarter yet. I suspect it might be available at the end of the month.

  11. Anonymous says

    The most recent Guam numbers were 26.5M for Philadelphia and 19.6M for Denver. But those were for one months worth of minting. So these are not final, nor should one extrapolate. As Michael suggested, we should have firmer numbers next week.

  12. Anonymous says

    Keep an eye on the 1000-coin D bags. I think they might be on the verge of selling out. The backordered date is slipping.

  13. Lasloo says

    I’m for making money, but I don’t understand the thinking of putting up a $310 bag for $900??? Much less WHO in the hell is going to buy that. This ain’t the pennies… its quarters. Guam!! And its not sold out, they’re just restocking. It will come back.
    And even if it didn’t, you will be able to get $250 worth of Guam quarters in normal rolls for less than half that auction is going for.
    Plus, are these bags really collectible. In my experience, they aren’t. So, personally, I don’t get it.

  14. Anonymous says

    I think you might be overreacting a little bit. This person is trying to sell quarters at 400% profit while the guy with the dime is going to sell at 4000% profit. Which is worse???

  15. Lasloo says

    Its not about percentages. And making money is not the bad thing. Its trying to figure out the psychology of why anyone would sell it like that or buy it. Everyone including myself who made 2000% or more on a roll of fifty new pennies made a bundle. But these were rare (stamped/cancelled first day) and highly sought after. A bunch of Guam quarters does not meet those requirements. Maybe because its directly from the Mint makes it worth something… but I think for most people, that’s worth little. The Mint wrappers on the two-roll penny sets in unopened boxes do make those worth something but that is because we haven’t had new designs on the penny for 50 years and for the birthplace pennies, there was a small amount of those boxes sold. The Guam quarter is the 53rd new quarter design since 1998… not special.

  16. Anonymous says

    As Lasloo said, someone who wants to purchase Guam quarters from the Mint can still do so in the 100-count bags or the rolls. I also don’t believe the 1000-count bag itself is a collectible. I would imagine people order it because it’s the most cost effective way of getting the quarters in bulk.

    That said, I think as soon as the rolls and mini-bags sell out, which may take two months, the prices will go up, possibly steeply. It all depends on the final mint numbers which could be under 40M. That 2009-P dime auction is indicative of the hysteria surrounding the 2009 coins.

  17. Anonymous says

    I think the speculation is a result of the quick sellout of the 1000 coin bags of the puerto rico quarter. There were only 1000 bags from each mint. Is it possible that the rarity of the bag itself is the cause for such speculation? Also, who knows what the mintage on the Guam Quarter will be. It could be a really low number which would make all the Guam options a potential profit maker. To each their own is what I say, and I think the auction says or best offer…maybe the seller would accept $309

  18. Anonymous says

    I believe we should be seeing new mintage numbers June 1 or 2. If they are really low, the Mint will get inundated with orders. Much easier ordering quarters from the Mint than pounding the pavement in search of nickels and dimes.

  19. Anonymous says

    The quick sellout of the 1000-count bags is in anticipation of low numbers from the Mint. If the numbers are high, people will cancel their orders.

  20. Anonymous says

    I doubt the mintage numbers for the Guam quarter will be very high. Undoubtedly less than what Puerto Rico was, especially for the Denver Mint. I bet both Mints will come in under the P mintage for Puerto Rico. Of course, I could be wrong. 🙂

  21. Anonymous says

    What do you think the final mintage for the guam quarter will be? Just a guess.

    P – 40M
    D – 38M

  22. Anonymous says

    why don’t i see the lincoln chronicles set on the product page of the mint yet??

  23. Anonymous says

    why don’t i see a date on the u.s. mints web site for release on the lincoln chroniles set yet

  24. coinguy says

    why don’t you still a release date on the mints web site for the lincoln chronicle set yet i heard july

  25. Michael says

    the final production figures for the Guam Quarter have now been released by the US Mint.

    The figures are 42,600,000 for the Denver Mint and 45,000,000 from the Philadelphia Mint.

  26. Lasloo says

    That total is less than half of the total of DC quarters made!!

    So, a big slap-on-the-back on the first person who can correctly guess when the Guam quarter two-roll sets will sell out!

  27. Anonymous says

    I think they will sell out by friday. With such a low mintage, I might just buy the rest of them. To think that if 88 million americans had just one of these quarters each, they would be gone. I know that won't happen because I bought about 5000 of them. 🙂 If the production of the rolls and bags is about the same as the PR quarter, that would mean that 10% of all of the Guam quarters will be in US mint 1000 coin bags, 100 coin bags and 2 Roll Sets. Staggering

  28. Anonymous says

    It doesn't appear that the sales totals for the Guam 100 coin bags and two roll sets will be at the same level as Puerto Rico. The lack of secondary market premiums for the Puerto Rico products will slow sales for Guam. Then, once they sell out at levels less than those seen by the District of Columbia, those of us who did buy them will be sitting pretty while the other guys will be kicking themselves. The insanely low mintage of Guam will only compound the demand for all Guam quarter products after sell out.

    And by the way, to anyone who believes the message posted on the Mint website that states the Guam 1000 coin bags are "temporarily unavailable", I can only think of the quote by the late, great John Candy: "If they told you wolverines would make good house pets, would you believe them?" 🙂

  29. Anonymous says

    With the demand high and the rolls are still available, do you think the mint has wrapped and created more Guam rolls then the prior releases?

  30. Michael says

    For the rolls of quarters and cents, it might be the case that the US Mint is making them to demand until the next design is released.

    This would differ from what they seem to be doing with Presidential Dollars, which is to product only 30,000 of each roll.

    The US Mint has still not definitively stated how they handle this.

  31. Bags' Groove says

    Guam 1,000-coin bags are available again from the mint website, albeit backordered to July 6.

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