Hawai’i Volcanoes Quarter Three Coin Set

Today, September 4, 2012, the United States Mint began sales of the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park Quarter Three Coin Set. This compact and colorful products has been offered for each release of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

Each three coin set contains one uncirculated quarter from the Philadelphia Mint, one uncirculated quarter from the Denver Mint, and one proof quarter from the San Francisco Mint. The coins are mounted on an illustrated plastic display card, which contains a description of the site and coin on the back.

The Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park Quarter Three Coin Set is priced at $9.95 each. There are no product limits or ordering limits.

All thirteen previous three coin sets remain available for sale on the US Mint’s website. The 2010 and 2011-dated releases are priced at $14.95, while the 2012-dated releases are priced at $9.95.

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  1. Michael in Bama says

    United States Mint
    Price for the 2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set
    Agency: United States Mint, Department of the Treasury
    ACTION: Notice.
    SUMMARY: The United States Mint is announcing a price of $54.95 for the 2012 Annual Uncirculated
    Dollar Coin Set. This set contains the following uncirculated coins: four Presidential $1 Coins, one
    Native American $1 Coin, and one American Eagle Silver Coin.
    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: B. B. Craig, Associate Director for Sales and Marketing;
    United States Mint; 801 9th Street, NW; Washington, DC 20220; or call 202-354-7500.

  2. Leo S. says

    Michael and others

    Why are all the FS gold coins in OGP disappearing from the market? About a month ago APMEX had almost all the coins for sale in OGP. About a week ago they only had one FS for sale. Now they have 2 or 3. I also checked Modern Coin and Silvertown and they only have one each available. Is someone buying them up? I thought that from all the negative comments on this Blog that no one wanted the FS coins. It seems like someone does. What’s happening?

  3. Mint News Blog says

    “I wonder why the 2012 sets are $5 cheaper ?”

    The US Mint lowered prices starting with the 2012 releases, however they retained the same old higher prices for the prior releases.

  4. VA Bob says

    Leo S. I’m not a FS buyer, but I’ll try to give my take on your question. IMO, and this goes for any PM coin, most collectors are more inclined to leave their gold coins in OGP. Folks getting them slabbed are anticipating a sale at some point in the future. That said, if you see coins at APMEX in OGP, chances are they were from collectors, that for whatever reason had to sell (times are rough) quickly. EBay would be more profitable, but takes a little more time and effort. Now those being bought, hard to tell if their staying in OGP or getting slabbed. Hopefully collectors forced to sell, were able to re-acquire sets later. I also believe speculators are looking at the mintages and picking these up when they become available.

  5. John says

    VA Bob

    I’ve sold to APMEX before and it worked out better than selling on eBay once you factor in fees, etc. However you do have to wait to get your check from them and their minimum buy is $1,000. Modern Coin Mart also offers very good prices if you have to sell.

    If you’re looking to get rid of a few eagles or 90% silver just use eBay or your local coin shop. Here’s another note. I saw that dealers don’t like to buy 40% silver and pay very little for it. But if you sell on eBay you’ll probably do a lot better, I have.

  6. VA Bob says

    John – No augment here, I was generalizing. Those places you mention though are pretty straight and narrow on what they will pay. Ebay, love it or hate it, gives the seller more flexibility in the pricing and the ability to factor in those fees. There always seems to be a fish waiting to strike. My jaw drops at some of the prices achieved. But your right, many people don’t want the hassle and prices can be decent, I was just trying to give Leo S a possible answer to the recent absence of the OGP FS’s at APMEX.

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