Hot Springs Natoinal Park Quarters Three Coin Set

Later today, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2010 Hot Springs National Park Quarters Three Coin Set. This will be one of three new product types introduced for the series this month.

Each set contains one uncirculated quarter each from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, along with a proof quarter from the San Francisco Mint. The three coins are mounted on a plastic card containing a description of the site and coin, along with a certificate of authenticity. Each set is priced at $13.95.

The price of the set is rather steep. To purchase all five releases of this product for the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters, it would cost $69.75 not including shipping and handling. All fifteen coins included in these sets could alternately be purchased as part of the 2010 Proof Set and 2010 Mint Set at a combined cost of $63.90. Besides the 15 quarters, these sets would also include 15 dollar coins, 3 half dollars, 3 dimes, 3 nickels, and 3 cents.

It might be possible for the America the Beautiful Quarters Three Coin Sets to one day sell at a premium if sales are so restrained that the sets gain attention for having a low production run. Also, if sales are so slow that the US Mint discontinues the product line midstream, the sets may also have the potential to appreciate. This would be similar to the short lived Presidential Dollar Historical Signature Sets.

It will be interesting to see the level of collector interest in this product in next week’s sales report.

Coin Update News: New US Mint Sales Report

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  1. Anonymous says

    What a rip off! And being able to get the same coins in other sets makes them unnecessary. Hopefully collectors will be wise enough to not encourage the mint to put out such bad offerings.

  2. Anonymous says

    The only ones who might want this are persons with a special interest in one park, as a one time purchase. Only a fool would buy the series.

  3. vaughnster says

    I don't see anything, other than the 5 oz. silver coins, that will sell for a premium in the ATB series. Most don't know or care about obtaining them. The Mint should have given the quarter series a break for a few years. Twenty years straight is a long time to keep collectors interest in a worthless quarter.

  4. Falcon says

    At that price they can keep them! The only extra value added to the set is the plastic card. Instead of paying $69.75 plus the $24.75 shipping ($95.50 total) I will just buy the proof and mint sets ($73.80 total with shipping) and not worry if the plastic card ever adds $11.70 to the value of the yearly three coin sets, not to mention the $16.98 extra coinage fron the proof and mint sets.
    I have also said many times they should have produced the ATB series on the half dollar. IMO I think it would have produced more interest in a coin that is rarely seen anymore.

  5. Anonymous says

    How much would it cost me to buy a ATB Three Coin Set (no silver, $0.75 face value) and get a special Mint gift packaging plus shipping?

  6. Anonymous says

    I'm going to get the Mint and Circulating sets, but these are completely pointless. I can't even imagine how those interested in certain parks would care about these. A plastic card with the name of the park in small font? Wow! Don't try to one-up the 2009 quarter covers or anything.

  7. Anonymous says

    Been trying to access "my account" on the mints online catalog site for days and they won"t let me in —What's up with that????

  8. Anonymous says

    The only way I will ever have any of the ATB quarters will be in change, which I will turn right around and spend. If I don't EVER get any in change, listen to me US Mint, "I don't care".

  9. Anonymous says

    Think about it, there are selling these 10 or 11 different ways. How stupid can they get. The only ones I will ever have will be the ones in the Silver Proof Set. The others NO ! But hold on, they might screw up the silver set somehow. Do we even know what the 2011's are supposed to look like and here they are going to have them in January ???????

  10. Anonymous says

    I'll just be glad when the 5 oz. silver versions finally go on sale. I just wish silver would keep dropping in price, but it did rebound a little today.

    It's a little early to think about, but do you think the Mint will go with a 20% reduction in the First Spouse limit and make next year's coins with a limit of 12,000 each?

  11. Anonymous says

    They should of included the silver proof quarters. That way they could kabosch the entire ABT program.

  12. Anonymous says

    I like the idea of the ATB Half Dollars. The mint should have given the quarter a break after the SHQ program. However, I believe that the mint will discontinue the Kennedy Half Dollar in 2014 (50 year run) and start the Thomas Edison Series of Half Dollars with rotating reverses. By 2015, we will have rotating quarter reverses, rotating half dollar reverses, and rotating dollar reverses. Talk about some very large and expensive annual sets.

  13. Anonymous says

    Consider that it costs the Mint 2.5 cents to produce each quarter (7.5 cents for all three), be generous by saying that the packaging costs them a buck, and conclude that their internal cost is $1.075 per package. If the Mint were to sell the 3 coin packaged set for $2.15; that would be a 100% margin net-net for the Mint. Yet, they are selling the 3 coin packaged sets for $13.95 each and the customer pays the shipping. This is a 1,297% net-net margin for the Mint. That's one way to pay down the Federal Deficit.

  14. Anonymous says

    So, for every dollar they receive they make $12.97? Reminds me of the "Pet Rock." That guy made tens of millions before anyone figured it out.

  15. Anonymous says

    Nighty night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, and someone please turn out the light. I'm a goin' back to bed. Wake me in 20 years. Maybe the mint will have run out of pot metal by then and have to make coins out of real metal. Probably not.
    Yours truly,
    Rip Van Winkle

  16. Anonymous says

    Agreed these would have been hot items if all three quarters were silver. As it is, I hope the mint sells zero of them.

  17. Anonymous says

    With all the talk about the satin finished mint sets going away in 2010. I am wondering if these special ATB sets will be the only way to acquire Satin Finished coins after 2010?

  18. Anonymous says

    After the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle, I'm calling it quits on this year of coin collecting.

    I wish the mint would hurry up and post the 2011 release schedule… looking forward to the commemoratives!

  19. Anonymous says

    The way I understood it, ALL of the satin finish coins would be going away, not just those in the uncirculated coin sets. That means the presidential dollars used in the coin and spouse medal sets would also no longer be satin finish either. Who knows if the Mint will even continue making those after 2010? Sales of them have been pretty low this year, and no one seems to give a crap about them on the secondary market either. Just the 2009's though, the 2007 and 2008 sets still sell for nice markups.

  20. Anonymous says

    Someone said, "…being able to get the same coins in other sets makes them unnecessary."

    Well, that's not exactly true…at least not in 2010. The 2010 Mint sets still have the "Satin Proof" finish.

    The only other place to get these coins is in bank or Mint rolls …which have been tossed about in bags and rolling machines before reaching the collector.

    If (and this a BIG "IF") the Mint takes special care when handling and packaging these coins, they may turn out to be great bargains!

    If we're getting the two business strike/finish coins in MS69/MS70 and in nice, protective packaging …$13.95 is a bargain!! (imho)

    I'm not saying that will happen, but I'll probably waste a few bucks on them when they come out …just to see.

  21. Anonymous says

    @ 9:34

    Regardless of whether the 2 Unc quarters in these 3 coin sets are business strike or satin finish, ALL of them can be obtained in the upcoming Circulating and Mint quarter sets and at a better value. So they are definitely unnecessary and redundant from a collector perspective. Personally, I think these are pointless from ANY perspective… collectors won't have any interest and those who would be interested in only a certain park or parks may be turned off by the fact that the packaging offers nothing special or unique to the park (save the quarters themselves).

  22. Anonymous says

    If they are Satin Finished; they just dilute the value of the Mint Sets. More toxic waste. Also, the packaging can be easily counterfeited. As seen with the US Mint roll wrappers.

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