2009 Lincoln Cent Launch- May 14 in Lincoln City, Indiana

Update: For coverage of the ceremony go to 2009 Lincoln Penny Launch Lincoln City, Indiana

The second of the newly designed 2009 Lincoln Cents will be released on May 14, 2009. Some initial details on the launch ceremony and US Mint’s Two Roll Set offering are already starting to emerge.

The 2009 “Rail Splitter” Lincoln Cent represents the formative years of Lincoln’s life, which he spent in Indiana from 1816 to 1830. The reverse design depicts a young Abraham Lincoln taking a break from working as a rail splitter to read a book and educate himself. The reverse was designed and sculpted by Charles Vickers. The obverse will continue to bear the bust of Lincoln originally designed by Victor D. Brenner.

The launch ceremony for the new design will take place on May 14, 2009 at 10:00 AM at Lincoln State Park in Lincoln City, Indiana. Representatives from the US Mint and Lincoln Bicentennial Commission are expected to be in attendance. The ceremony will be followed by a coin exchange where attendees will be able to exchange currency for a minimum of two or maximum of ten six rolls of the new 2009 Lincoln Cents for each pass through the exchange line. After all attendees have had the opportunity to go through the exchange line a second pass will be allowed for a maximum combined total of twelve rolls per attendee. (updated: May 4, 2009)

The ceremony for the previous release was held in Hodgenville, Kentucky. An estimated 1,500 people attended the ceremony, which was followed by a coin exchange. It turned out that this was one of the only places to acquire the new coins, and prices for coins acquired at the exchange quickly soared.

Also on May 14, the US Mint should be offering two roll sets of the “Rail Splitting” design. The Roll Sets would hopefully be available for the price of $8.95, the same price as first two roll set. Susan Headley has reported that the US Mint will offer only 100,000 sets. This is the same number of sets that were available for the first design’s release, which sold out in less than two weeks. It’s a bit surprising that the US Mint was not able to allocate more coins for these sets, especially following the popularity of the first offering and continued limited distribution through the normal channels.

After the huge price increases for the first design’s release, its likely that more people will show up at the launch ceremony in Indiana and the US Mint facilities to exchange coins. The Two Roll Sets will also likely be a quick sell out, provided the US Mint is only selling 100,000 sets. While I wouldn’t depend on the skyrocketing appreciation of the first release, for anyone looking to add the next 2009 Lincoln Cent to their collection- it would better to acquire the coins early through one of the official channels, than risk paying more later on the secondary market.

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  1. Anonymous says

    “It’s a bit surprising that the US Mint was not able to allocate more coins for these sets, especially following the popularity of the first offering and continued limited distribution through the normal channels.”

    Agreed. Seems a bit shady, especially when they’re forcing collectors to pay a large premium for the set to begin with. $8.95????

  2. Anonymous says

    Just seems unfair … to collectors who buy so many coins direct from the US Mint. Why can’t we have a Coin Direct on these pennies, like the dollars … you can bet the lines are going to be much longer than in Hodgenville. Those of us who can’t make it to Lincoln City will be left out in the cold (or heat) to buy from the secondary market at very inflated prices. Maybe I’m being a “grouchy grandma,” but it’s the way I see it.

    Michael … keep the news coming, I love it!! Grandma D

  3. Anonymous says

    agreed. Ive been checking numerous banks around my home repeatedly over the last month for rolls of 2009 pennies. So far I haven’t found anything. How can I get rolls of circulating 2009 pennies at face value? Is that too much to ask for?

  4. Anonymous says

    I live in Florida, and I’ve been trying to get rolls of these pennies also. I decided to call all the cities where I have relativies so they could get some for me. I called all the Wachovia and Bank of America banks in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Gainesville, and even the banks in Columbia, S.C. and was able to only find ONE bank out of 62 banks that had these coins. This bank was also limiting the amount of pennies you could buy to $1.00.

  5. Anonymous says

    I think we all need to say “thanks” to Michael Z. for all his hard work and efforts to share info, and provide collectors an online blog venue where they can post comments and thoughts. Michael is most gracious to allow all visitors reasonable lattitude in posting both positive and the occassional grumble about Mint services and their product offerings. I hope to meet him in person at a coin show, auction, or event one day. Thanks Mike.

  6. Anonymous says

    I just statred on this web site and it is very informative .Didnt know the mintage of the first series of pennies were only 100,000 from the mint.Let alone the implications to this limited mintage of a different composition than the plated pennies in circulation.

  7. marv says

    I find this site quite informative.I didnt know the mintage of the 2009 mint rolls of pennies were only 100,ooo sets.Also next sets the same. Nor the pennies differ in composition from the regular circulated coins,that also is news to me. i like the log cabin design and already have 6 rolls from 1 bank of which 3 i gave away.

  8. Anonymous says

    This is a great blog. I thought the composition of the pennies in mint rolls is the same as those in circulation. Can someone confirm?

  9. centmania says

    The pennies finally arrived at the banks in PA. But the banks were limited to 1 box each and only one roll each customer. I feel like a pest going to all these banks and asking for the new pennies but there’s no other way to get them at face value.

  10. Michael says


    Yes, the composition of the 2009 Lincoln Cents in the two roll sets are the same as those found (eventually) in circulation. This is the 97.5% zinc 2.5% copper composition.

  11. Mike says

    Your best bet is to go to as many banks as possible and purchase rolls at face value if they have them. These regular bank wrapped rolls are selling on ebay for between $7-$10 per roll!!!
    The First day of issues are the ones that are going to be very tough to get.
    I just bought a two coin P+D FDOI ANACS MS-67 set from HSN for $25.00. I checked ebay and the same set is selling for between fifty and a hundred dollars and those auctions haven’t even ended yet! I think any of these coins are going to have HUGE investment potential.

  12. Anonymous says

    I ordered my us mint pennies on 3/13 and as of this date (4/7) I have not received them. Anybody else having this problem?
    Grandma D

  13. Michael says

    I ordered mine on the first day, March 13, and I’m still waiting.

    Last notice I received was backorder with expected ship date of 4/4/09, which is already passed.

  14. Anonymous says

    Mike said,

    the first day of issue will be tough to get, and correctly pointed out the high prices being charged in many areas. I don’t relish the negative side, but since business is business, I personally hestitate to pay a high price on anything soley because a paper roll has a “rubber stamp” or a holder has a label affixed by some seller that says “First Day of Issue”, or similar. Been fooled once or twice in the past 40years and found out long after which didn’t allow time for redress. I’m therefore more skeptical these days. Some Ebay and some cable TV coin sellers seem suspect to me, so caution is the key.

  15. Anonymous says

    I ordered mine on 3/13 at 12:17 and have not received them. My order status has been in-stock and reserved since day one, yet I have already received another item on the same order. The mint says they are backordered which does not agree with order status. I have called three times in the past 3 weeks and nothing they have told me has been true. The mint will never fix their problems until they establish a phone or email service for reporting, tracking, and fixing problems. There is no accountability at the U.S. Mint. Their customer service department is a joke. I would suggest that everyone call or email their senators or congressmen until the mint corrects their problems.


  16. Anonymous says

    While I think the Mint rolls are a safe bet if you get them at Mint issue price (that is, I don’t think the price will ever go below issue price), I think the big opportunity will be the Uncirculated Mint Sets. This will be the only source for the copper P and D cents. Make sure you budget for these.

  17. Anonymous says

    Has anyone received those mint rolls yet? I ordered mine the first day, but I am beginning to think they might come back and said they are sold out.

  18. Anonymous says

    In a bit of follow-up with the Mint a moment ago concerning some backordered Birthplace rolls myself, the customer service representative I spoke with plainly admitted “we are so far behind on orders, I am not sure when orders will be filled.” She also offered, “I have no idea what is going on with the shipping process, they won’t tell us anything.” When I commented the last communication I’d received indicated they would expect to ship 4/4, she mentioned that it will take longer — possibly mid-month? I asked if any other Birthplace orders had been shipped and was told, “yes…some have, some haven’t.”

    I inquired if there was a reason for the delays (for all orders) we have been experiencing, but she said she didn’t know why…only that “they are trying to catch up.”

    Whether this is really true or not is left to be seen. However, it appears the Mint is getting LOTS of concerned calls about backorders, and might be getting a bit frustrated themselves?

    Take this for what it’s worth.

  19. Anonymous says

    One comment on the net said mint was shipped back to it pennies the mint sent to the fulfillment centre. Big error.

  20. Anonymous says

    Regarding backorders: I ordered a group of 11 different Mint items on-line in November 2008. Several items were shipped within a few weeks, for two items I have been notified by email from the mint 4 times since then that they are still “backordered” (from November!) I too called the Mint. The Mint rep said the problem has escalated after the switch in fulfillment centers. It’s not a lack of records or stock supply, but troubles with the “production out” system. Apparently the fulfillment center is the problem, and there’s an investigation. I don’t know if that’s true or not, I’ve read nothing in Coin World.

  21. Anonymous says

    As an interested and very avid collector, I would honestly welcome ANY information about such an investigation, if there is any. My honest wish is that the Dept of Treasury will finally own up and stand accountable for the contractors they continue to pay to do such a lousy job, and fix it!

    Please believe me, I am a very patient person, but I'm at my complete wits end about these fulfillment issues. I'm beyond calling their service surprising or even shady. Let's call it what it is: atrocious. I've used the Mint for many years now, but am SERIOUSLY considering boycotting them entirely…whether I like it or not, I can find these elsewhere without the hassle, even it the cost is more.

    And again, thanks to Michael for his hard work and efforts to share any and all info on this subject. Let's hope it'll end very, very soon.

    Hassled & Very Tired

  22. trussxx says


    I am of the same opinion the US mint pays little attention to the small coin collector. I have collected Lincoln cent since 1957 and purchased coins from the US mint since 1960. Everytime I contact them I am left with the feeling they could care less if I purchased another coin from them or not, its take it or leave it attitude.
    I live in Los Angeles so traveling to KN to purchase two roll of Lincoln cents was to costly. The US mint should offer the Lincoln cents to their customers and not create a feeding frenzy for those opportunists as they did on February 12th release. I did purchase one set un stamped for $27.00 on EBay and was able to get 4 rolls from my local bank.
    Here my suggestion for those of us small collectors.
    If there is anyone living in ID who would be willing to purchase some of the Lincoln roll cent and sell them at to me a reasonable price I will do the same when the US Mint releases the final sets in San Francisco as I plan to be there when they are released. If you’re interested contact me at truss @ roadrunner. com


  23. Anonymous says

    Well maybe, maybe not. While there’s a relatively small number of collectors who post messages on this blog, there are probably thousands of folks who reside in this land that are fed up with the current daily fiasco’s at the Mint. This silent majority who never voice anything but a silent protest at the Mint’s take-it-or leave-it attitude actually has a big voice. If this continues, the Mint will find themselves without the benefit of collector sales and have to make due with just mandated coinage minting. I think the Mint has reached a very precarious position that may prove to be costly in more ways that one. Reading the Coin World and Numismatic News publications each week as well as various coin oriented blog sites, I find the same negatively slanted comments over and over. The Mint appears to have shot itself in the foot, is bleeding a bit, and the powers that be either don’t know or don’t care. I hope this changes and soon, as no business can survive in the long run when it treats it’s customers in an uncaring manner.

  24. thomas says

    hi…the 1st roll were available for 4 weeks & now gone…
    us mint should consider the children of americe,who will NOT have the opp to collect these new from the usmint & not from overpriced profit seekers…

    plz plz plz usmint–think then act..more is better than less available for all products…thaomas

  25. Anonymous says

    Lincoln roll sets released 3-13-09, placed my order 3-16-09, backorder notice received on 3-26-09, 4-20-09 still no word or delivery. Does back order mean sorry Charlie?

  26. Michael says

    I ordered mine on the first day, and only received last week. Hopefully they are just working through the backlog.

  27. ERIC62CW says

    The Mint charges $8.95 for the 2 Rolls of Pennies Because of the Box &
    Special Paper Rolls.

  28. Anonymous says

    I see the 2nd Lincoln pennie is due to be released May14. So what happened to the first one? I think the US mint is playing games with us!

  29. Anonymous says

    I just got 10 rolls of the log cabin reverse cents from McDonalds of all places! Was surprised it was sold out after 2weeks on usmint website so I missed out. I got my rolls after I got a few of the pennies in change after I bought some food. Then I asked manager if she had more. Yes $8.95 is highway robbery from mint!

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