Infantry Silver Dollar Opening Sales Figures

The opening sales figures are now available for the United States Mint’s 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar. Sales of the commemorative coins began on February 16, 2012, with individual proof coins, individual uncirculated coins, and the Defenders of Freedom Set available.

As of February 20, 2012, the US Mint has received orders for 12,191 uncirculated coins, 26,262 proof coins, and 16,222 of the Defenders of Freedom Sets, which contain the proof version of the coin. The total across all three options is 54,675, which represents 15.6% of the maximum authorized mintage of 350,000. The Defenders of Freedom Set is subject to a product limit of 50,000 units. So far, sales have reached 32.4% of the limit.

This week’s full sales report is available on CoinUpdate.

The opening figures for the 2012 Infantry Silver Dollars fall between the opening figures recorded for last year’s 2011 Army Silver Dollar and 2011 Medal of Honor Silver Dollar.

Debut Sales Final Sales
2012 Army Proof 46,895 119,829
2012 Army Uncirculated 20,698 43,517
Total 67,593 163,346
2012 MOH Proof 25,156 112,850
2012 MOH Uncirculated 10,346 44,769
Total 35,502 157,619
2012 Infantry Proof 42,484
2012 Infantry Uncirculated 12,191
Total 54,675

However, looking at some details behind the figures suggests that this year’s program may be more or less on the same track as last year’s programs. The Army coins had gone on sale January 31 with the debut sales calculated through February 6, basically an entire week. The Medal of Honor coins had gone on sale February 25 with the debut sales calculated through February 27, a much shorter period. By the following report, cumulative Medal of Honor Silver Dollar sales had reached 68,252 across both options, more or less in line with the debut figures for the Army Silver Dollars. By the end of the year, sales for both silver dollars ended up relatively close.

The Infantry Silver Dollar debut sales figures cover from February 16 to February 20, which is between the short debut period for the MOH coins and the longer debut period for the Army coins. Due to the inconsistencies in the time periods for opening sales, next week’s figures may provide a better idea of how sales of this year’s commemorative are progressing.

The individual options for the Infantry Silver Dollars will be available under introductory prices until March 19, 2012 at 5:00 PM ET. The Star Spangled Banner Silver Dollars and $5 Gold Coins are expected to go on sale March 5, 2012. Some collectors may be waiting until this date to purchase coins from both programs together.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the analysis Michael.

    It will be interesting, once we have next week’s report in, to see whether the price reduction gave sales the leg up that I was expecting.

    As to the upcoming Star Spangled Banner coins, I wonder if they will just go up on the Mint’s website while the product schedule page stays empty? I noticed they still haven’t updated it.

  2. Shutter says

    Here is what I found interesting. In 2/8/11 report there were 74 products listed as having new sales. In 2/22/12 there are 95. The total units across all products 192,113 and 79,247 respectively. So it seems that the mint is selling more products to fewer customers. Not a good trend.

  3. Samuel says

    1/3 of the set is gone in 1 week, seems a hot item. just wonder, whether people will wait the Star Spangled Banner to buy them together, seems risky.

  4. says


    I too have been wondering whether sales of the DoF might accelerate due to the 30% disappearing in what’s actually less than a week. It’d be neat if it had a speedy sellout.

  5. Bossman says

    What’s really sad is I have no interest in mint products anymore. After the complete mishandling of the 25th anniversary eagle set I’ve had it. I never had a chance to even get one set with the totally bogus 5 set limit with such a low production number. This coin doesn’t bring back the interest for me. I may even sell my entire coin collection.

  6. G says

    Did the platinum eagle price go up?
    Also- 2011 Buffalo please sell out.
    Still have a 11w gold backOrdered!
    Who’s getting the spangled set?
    I’m on the fence…

  7. G says

    Uh oh… I ordered mine on…hold on I’m going to log on…January 14,7am…
    Item is no longer available. “your order request has been canceled”
    Shucks. Thanks for the heads up.
    On the bright side, that’s 1878$ not being charged 🙂
    There’s that, right…?


  8. Ikaika says

    The FS Elisa Johnson is sure taking a longtime to be removed from the Mint product list. Not much interest in the series based on the number of coins sold.

  9. Samuel says

    i ordered the UNC AGE on 1/16, expecting cancellation email……on the bright side, i already got one from APMEX…;-P

  10. VA Bob says

    Got my proof and UNC Infantry soldier coin today. As far as condition goes, they look good. Like last years silver commems, I just don’t see them selling out. Customer burnout, less than stellar designs.

    Also got the 5oz. Chickasaw ATB. I believe it looks better in hand that the photos. The bridge doesn’t get lost in the trees as it appeared in most of the photos.

  11. G says

    I didn’t get an email but I logged into the mint site an it says cancelled there.
    Nice on the apmex. On the bright side- I got the Perth dragon in the mail- heads up for next week’s ultra high relief dragon. Ordered some w silver coins- cheaper than the gold! Platinum lookin like a good deal but still expensive.
    Thoughts on the commemorative:
    6 months delivery is too long!

  12. Samuel says

    G, I got even brighter sides (what are we doing here?! too many bright sides?), i got the opal kaola, black dragon several days ago. and, ordered more black dragons yesterday! can you believe it? it showed up briefly at Downies!

  13. says

    VA Bob,

    Agree on Chickasaw. Of the 10 released so far, it is my favorite. I have both the bullion and numismatic examples of it, and both are excellent. I thought the detail on the bridge was very well done.

    Also on the infantry coins, I am hoping for slow sales of the uncirculated. A low enough final number might turn that one into an army half. Likewise, a quick sellout for the DoF sets might also give it a nice boost on the secondary markets. Let’s see what next week’s sales report looks like before levying judgment on them too quickly.

    And for those of you talking about platinum, the 2011 platinum eagle, at its lowest level, is now looking like a very good buy as the price of platinum starts accelerating again. Traditionally gold has been about 0.80 of the price of platinum, if memory serves me correctly, so it’s likely the price of the white metal is starting to return to its old level.

  14. dan says


    I think Elizia only went on sale in May of 11. If they leave it up for a year its still got 2-3months to go.

    Received 2 uncinfantry dollars and a Chickasaw today, all three going back. The chick has rim damage and the infantry dollars have spots.

  15. G says

    Samuel- well done. I ordered 5 of the red dragons- but the coolest thing I found is this crazy Mongolian coin- I ordered when it was 150- this site has two left- but they raised it up to 300 euros! It’s the weirdest coin- i had to grab one- michael put me on to it when the first coin won coin of the year-

    To keep this US Mint centered, I hope the mint comes out with a new buffalo coin this year- a reverse proof or burnished- how cool would that be?

  16. Art says

    Dan, no surprise to me on the return. I have returned so much to the Mint in the past 18 months. Their QC went down the drain 18 months ago. When I order now, I have to be prepared to return the product two or three times minimum before I get something in satisfactory condition — or finally just say “No Thanks” .

  17. VABEACHBUM says

    I took delivery of one each PR and UNC Infantry coins today. The UNC coin is a keeper – clean and sharp. Sadly, the PR coin has very bad surface haze on both sides. Yet another product return for the US Mint.

    Anyone else taken delivery of an Infrantry PR coin and found significant hazing??

    On the upside, the box also included the Chickasaw ATB-P. Very nice piece. Definitely one of the best of the 10 released so far.

  18. McLovin says

    I don’t think the mint should accept returns, some people you just can’t please. It’s not like the mint needs collectors.

  19. VA Bob says

    VABEACHBUM – My proof was clear. Nice mirrored field.

    Agreed with you and Captain Overkill on the Chickasaw. I was pleasantly surprised.

    On a bad note… it was back to the paper packing material. I thought the recent bubble wrap was going to be a permanent improvement.

  20. Louis says

    VA Bob,
    My infantries arrived with paper material, but the Chicksaw had bubble wrap. Did your Chickasaw use paper?

    My proof Infantry is superb, a 70 for sure. The BU has no marks, but the finish could be a tad better. Still much better than the MOH BU coins. I liked the old BU finish more like on the 2001 Buffalo.

  21. TomP says

    My Infantries had paper as well as the previous delivery of the Chickasaw. Only the Vicksburg had bubble-wrap.

    Both of my proof Infantries had nice mirrored backgrounds but my unc. Infantry had hazing on both sides. The proofs seem to emphasize the action of the soldier.

  22. picturefun says

    @Samuel :

    My experience with Downie, they will drag the order forever if you ordered more than 1, until you call them, asking about the order, and then they will tell you that they can only locate one for you. I have had several of these experiences already.

  23. says

    I just got my uncirculated infantry coin.

    I also have a very light haze on the left side of the reverse of the coin, like others have reported. This looks similar to the problems with the fields for the army uncirculated half dollar. While it’s entirely possible standard prices for this coin might not go anywhere on the secondary markets, it’s entirely possible that examples of this coin that grade 69 or 70 may very well fetch considerable premiums if this manufacturing defect turns out to be consistent.

    I was also hoping that the coin might look better in my hands than it does in the pictures Michael and other have posted, but this has turned out not to be the case. It is an ugly piece. Perhaps the proof in the DoF set will look better.

  24. Frankie says

    Silver just marched through $35/oz. Those of you out there who haven’t bought the latest ATB 5oz coin may want to consider buying now…

  25. says

    The Mint just updated the product schedule….a little bit.

    03/05/2012 2012 Star-Spangled Banner Commemorative Coins
    03/13/2012 2012 Birth Set
    04/02/2012 American the Beautiful Quarters Bags and Two-Roll Set – Chaco Culture
    04/03/2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set™
    04/17/2012 American the Beautiful Quarters Three-Coin Set™ – Chaco Culture
    05/15/2012 Kennedy Half-Dollar Two-Roll Set and 200-Coin Bag
    TBD Presidential $1 Coin Rolls – Chester Arthur
    TBD 2012 United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set
    TBD 2012 Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set

  26. says

    I just saw it too, Steve. What is the “2012 Birth Set?” From what I’ve seen, I think the Star Spangled Banner special set is called “Star-Spangled Banner Bicentennial Silver Dollar Set,” so I don’t think it’s an SSB product.

  27. TomP says

    I find interesting what is not on the list, 2012 ATB-P’s , Alice Paul, any other 2012 gold or silver.

    The half ounce proof AGE was put on a delay shipping date of 3/09, perhaps indicating it’s closure.

  28. says

    I noticed that too Tom. I have a feeling this schedule is not complete and will probably be reorganized before too long. No way do they go as far as May without any 2012 AtB-Ps. I imagine they put this up just to have something up there.

    I remain baffled that the Chester A. Arthur coins are still TBA. I’m wondering if there is some kind of production problem.

  29. Samuel says

    picturefun, i have an order pending with them which i placed several weeks ago, they ask for my passport or driver license for identity. does it happen to you before?

  30. DCDave says

    OK, it’s now official:

    The ATB 5oz numismatic Mint coins now costs LESS than the bullion from APMEX (credit card option). If this doesn’t trigger sales, I don’t know what will.

    Michael, doesn’t the Mint have an official policy that goes against what they are doing?

  31. Shutter says

    But APMEX is weird. In single quantity slabbed MS69 PL Glacier coins cost less than raw. You’d think it wouldb be the other way around.

  32. says


    Hey, if you’re in the market for silver bullion, seems like now would be a pretty good time to snap up those coins up from the Mint! I have no problem with this at all and will probably discuss this development with my little coin buying group to consider whether we want to snap some more AtBs up in light of this news.

    It’s also only $10 more than the bullion releases at Provident, which seems to consistently have the best prices.

  33. DCDave says

    Hey Captain,
    The only way to get silver bullion less than the Mint’s numismatic version is with cash, not a credit card.

  34. Frank says

    I believe the birth set is just another annual coin set with a different packing targeting as a birth gift. Mints all over the world have these birth sets and wedding sets offering all along. The seems the US Mint does want to expand product line to increase its revenue now.

  35. Michael says

    “Michael, doesn’t the Mint have an official policy that goes against what they are doing?”

    The US Mint has a written and publicly available policy with regards to numismatic gold and platinum coins. When the price of the numismatic coins approaches the price of bullion coins, sales may be suspended.

    There is no written, publicly available policy with regards to numismatic silver coins.

  36. Shutter says

    Shutter, it all depends on their inventory level.

    Good point. However, a slabbed coin can be converted to raw for free at any time. The other way, not so much.

  37. Kevin says

    I was waiting for $35/oz. So pulled the trigger on more ATBs today. Can’t beat the price and we don’t know how long it will last.

  38. Samuel says

    Shutter, I once noticed at some point, the DMPL is cheaper than the PL for Glacier. they have tons of graded Glaciers.

  39. Shutter says

    they have tons of graded Glaciers.

    If by “tons” you mean about 10%, than you’re probably right. But that’s a bit beside the point. If they only had slabbed Glaciers (and lots of them) and a customer insisted on a raw coin, they could simply crack open one of the slabs and voila, another satisfied customer.

    OTOH, if they had lots of raw coins, but no slabs. They coin would have to make round trip to Newport Beach or Sarasota first. And it will cost $30-$50 on top of the coin cost to do that. I could be wrong, but I think Glaciers were introduced just as silver spot reached it’s height.

  40. Hidalgo says

    With declining birth rates, I wonder if the US Mint knows what it’s doing by introducing a Birth Set? Inquiring minds want to know!

  41. VA Bob says

    Louis- It was all wrapped in paper in my package. Not a trace of bubble wrap. Seems the shipper uses what’s on hand. BTW agreed on the proofs condition. I wish last years looks as nice.

    Shutter – It’s not so much that the mint’s shipper is using paper, it’s that they tend to not use enough. I often get Mint packages with it’s contents loose inside, ding up the OGP, my preferred way to house my coins IMO bubble wrap is superior for preventing damage to the OGP, even if they skimp a little. I’m not so petty that I’d return them for replacement as long as the coins are good (or not a gift), but it takes the joy out of it if the OGP looks man-handled when I receive it.

  42. Shutter says


    What does birth rate have to do with it? There are about 4,000,000 babies born in US every year. If 1% of the parents buy one of these, the Mint makes $800,000 in revenue at a cost of a few thousand. Other mints have been doing for years. Canada for example, and they only have about 350,000 babies born every year. Yet they put out a baby set, birthday set, tooth fairy set, wedding set, etc.

  43. Louis says

    But the other mints make the birth sets a little more interesting. Like Canada, which includes a special coin in that set. I think the Mint could have done a lot better on this one. I mean $20 for 91 cents of coins?

  44. Matt L. DeTectre says

    This birth set where you get 91 cents worth of coins for 20 bucks is just part of the loss recovery plan from the diminished pot metal dolla program. Look for more of these low value high markup sets to hit the product line. The Mint is in a budgetery pickle without those pot metal dollas and is scrambling to make up the difference. The packaging on the birth set probably costs as much as the coin value like the convenience store soft drink where the container is worth as much or more as the soft drink it contains.

  45. Shutter says

    Louis, you’re right. a special coin for birth set would have been great. ut the mint can’t create new coins without the congress.

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