Introductory Pricing for Civil Rights Silver Dollars Ends February 3

The introductory pricing period for the 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Dollars will conclude next week on February 3, 2014 at 3:00 PM ET. Collectors have just a few more days to take advantage of the lower pricing for the individual proof and uncirculated coins.


The United States Mint began sales for the commemorative coin program on January 2, 2014. Initial sales figures have been the lowest in recent memory for a commemorative silver dollar offering.

Through the latest weekly sales report, the US Mint has received orders for 33,855 proof coins and 13,681 uncirculated coins. This makes for total sales of 47,536 units out of the maximum authorized mintage of 350,000 pieces across all product options.

The majority of sales for a commemorative program have typically occurred during the introductory period due to the lower pricing and the tendency for collectors to order products soon after their release. Taking a look back at the sales figures for last year’s 2013 Girl Scouts of the USA Silver Dollar shows that about 70% of overall sales for the individual proof and uncirculated coins occurred during the introductory period.

If a similar percentage occurs for the Civil Rights Act Silver Dollars, it might set the stage for a historically low mintage. It is still very early, but the uncirculated version of the coin may have a chance of coming in amongst the ten lowest mintage modern commemorative silver dollars. Whether or not this occurs may depend on whether the proof or uncirculated version is included in a special product to be released later in the year as well as other factors such as the impact of promotions, the price of silver, and potential speculative buying spikes.


The lackluster sales for the 2014 Civil Rights Silver Dollars continue a broader trend of slumping sales for the US Mint’s commemorative coin offerings. Specific to this issue, some collectors may have also preferred to see the alternate obverse design recommended by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee featuring a depiction of the March on Washington within the silhouette of the Liberty Bell with reverberating bands and the words “Let Freedom Ring…” The selected obverse design featuring the protestors had been recommended by the Commission of Fine Arts and the beneficiary organization for the program, the United Negro College Fund. The final authority to select the designs for the coin ultimately rested with the Secretary of the Treasury.

If the Liberty Bell design had been used, the US Mint may have been able to produce a truly stunning design which arguably would have paired much better with the selected reverse.

At the CCAC meeting where the various design alternatives were discussed, members of the US Mint staff Steve Antonucci and Don Everhart had seemed genuinely excited about the visual possibilities offered by the Liberty Bell design. The white field to the right of the bell would have been raised with subtle vibration lines in relief and inscriptions incuse. The bell area would have been executed in lower relief with the “1964” raised and the pool and sky polished. The design could have incorporated different finishes and/or textures as seen on the actual reverse design.


In an odd image hinting at what could have been, the US Mint distributed an email containing the image above when promoting the release of the coins earlier this month. The actual coin is shown against a background image containing the setting of the unselected alternative obverse design.

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  1. thePhelps says


    That is on the GSA – not the mint. The surcharge didn’t get paid out and the mint had to pay for the coins to be melted. While I am no fan of the surcharges – I also don’t like the idea a sponsoring party such as th GSA – didn’t do enough to sell these coins. They got Congress to ignore all the other possible coins for commemoration in 2013 and then when they have the coin minted – they didn’t do enough to sell them.

    I honestly hope that stops some other sponsors from promoting their coins to Congress.

  2. fmtransmitter says

    Hldalgo jus trying to spur up comments CW, I know others who just kinda pass his posts up. lol I haven’t gotten spots either, I know of ONE blogger who consistently says he gets spots like every time.

  3. Howard says

    Somebody asked what or who would replace the Kennedy half if it ended in 2014? Raises a question of any Mint’s obligation to make halfs???

  4. AkBob says

    Hidalgo – I don’t know why you or others (Liberals) always have to bring in race, white men, Republicans, etc. into the conversation in such a negative way. It’s just plain disgusting for anyone to say things like that about anyone and I’m very tired of this kind of garbage! The folks that make these blanket statements lose ALL credibility with me. Please STOP this kind of rhetoric. You are breeding devisiveness.

  5. smiledon says

    Hidalgo posts his feelings.
    He has that right; does he not?
    No one has to like them, just like no one has to like all the coins that are made.
    We all have the right to speak, choose, and do what we like.
    Free speech comes with having to hear what we may not like.
    I guess that if “breeding divisiveness” means speaking one’s mind, I gather that we no longer have a free nation.
    Remember the old childhood saying about sticks and stones?

  6. Dustyroads says

    Looking at the Mints new downloaded population report, the 1/4 oz. proof AU AGE comes in at 12730 with the 1/4 at 12874. I guess the Mint could possibly alter the report for unknown reasons, but these are the downloaded numbers.

  7. VARich says

    Received another on line survey, this time they asked about how I felt about the free shipping.., well that was an easy one to answer! I like the free shipping towards the end of the year, that’s when most of the good stuff get’s released!

  8. fmtransmitter says

    I think if we all (everyone), race, color, creed, put on a uniform and went to a war and then tried to stay alive with live ammo being fired at us, we would learn to get a long REAL QUICK as we helped each other try to stay alive!

  9. AkBob says

    Smilledon – Who said anything about free speech. You can say lots of things that aren’t “right” that doesn’t make it ok to say. Did you hear the word “divisiveness”? Choose your words carefully. You can say things in a way that is not a negative but is indeed a positive and usefull. I like hearing both sides. I don’t have a closed mind . If I did I’d still be a democrat. Not really sure what the childish saying has to do with this topic either. You obviousy feel the same as he does, too bad but it’s your right and I respect that. Read the posts, you’re in the minority (and I’m not talking about race for those liberals that may want to say that’s what I’m talking about). Pathetic I have to be that clear. What ever happened to “commen sense”?

  10. AkBob says

    FM – ABSOLUTELY. Now that was a positive comment. No divisiveness there, need I say anymore?

  11. VARich says

    smiledon – you’re missing the point. It’s a blanket generalization that is derogatory to fellow posters and is so narrow minded that it is absolutely ridiculous.

    I suspect you can relate to this, when many of my friends and acquaintances get together, which happen to be brother-in-arms or coworkers of a different race than I, we have a great time talking about dumb stuff we did overseas or last week in the office, we don’t talk about coins. They have their hobbies, I have mine. We have a lot in common but coins is not one of them. I come here to talk coins with you fine gentlemen, which just happens to be of one majority demographic…, it’s because we collect coins…, nothing to do with race, sex, culture, or anything else…

  12. Eddie says

    I ask last week or so about the Clad and Silver Proof Sets looked any different from last year. The Mint is going to start using the laser on the proofs to give them a different finish or look.
    So has anyone gotten their quarter proof sets this year? Do they look better than last years coin?

  13. thePhelps says

    @Eddie – I don’t know if the mint is using the laser on all proof releases. I think they plan to use it on select coins – like the CRA reverse. I got my 2014 proof ASE and don’t see it as any different than the 2013 coin.

  14. smiledon says

    People, please!
    When I read, hear, see something, I make the choice to let it get to me.
    It is not like having flashing red and blue lights in your rear veiw mirror!
    Allowing mere words to wrap you around the axle is something I had to learn along time ago to avoid going off the deep end.
    The CRA coin is a hot button coin because some do not like it. Well, if this coin fails to sell well, could some state that this nation is still a racist nation?
    Well, I guess you can say. Is that fair? I would say not.
    If that was a blanket statement, I am CHOOSING to not get wrapped into it.
    VARich, I remember being in uniform for 12 years, and how easy it is to ruin a close knit unit with careless words or actions.
    However, I am not living in a room with anyone here. I am not on a tank crew with any one here.
    I do not fully understand this mind set of being responsible for not saying what may offend someone; which is not the same as being rude, crude, and disgusting.

  15. Howard says

    What did Lincoln say “you can’t please all the people all the time”Someday we will all be united but that will take a outer space attack. Pretty simple be repectfull to our fellow man.

  16. Dustyroads says

    Hidalgo’s comments, that I always enjoy reading, can easily be seen as presenting the possibility for the CRA coin to be a sleeper and future collectable, he was only stating the facts. Although, who can disagree with him over coin collecting being mostly done by white males, and that coins depicting women, other than liberty or minorities have never sold well. I’m a white male who’s Swedish, English, and Irish, my wife is Aztec Indian, Spaniard, and Polish Jew, what does that make my kids? I’ll tell you, it makes them whatever I tell them they are. I live in the southern most part of Texas where the population is about 90% hispanic, until you hear some of the stories that people have to tell about how they have been treated in white only communities, it would leave you speechless. I may be wrong, but I don’t think Hidalgo meant to rub any cats here the wrong way.

  17. Larry says

    Ok I get the obverse of the Civil Rights Commem is not liked by some, BUT the reverse of this coin is SPECTACULAR! The pictures simply do not do it justice. Worth every bit of the 50 bucks I spent.You could say the reverse of the coin is reverse proof, because only the flame in the center is a mirror finish. Most of the reverse looks like burnished unc. Do not judge this coin until you see it in person.

  18. thePhelps says

    Sorry Dusty… the fact that I am a white American male has nothing to do with a poorly designed coin not selling. Design a good coin – it will sell regardless. That is a fact and it runs contrary to “only stating facts”. It also is furthering the misnomer that Republicans in general have something against women and people of color – that is contrary to the fact that Republicans didn’t filibuster the CRA and in fact supported it getting passed. The facts don’t support most of what Hidalgo posted – other than he pointed out some poorly conceived and implemented coins that didn’t and aren’t selling well.

  19. Zaz says

    @Eddie: the laser ‘light frosting’ effect was not used on the ’14 quarter proofs unfortunately, the frosted elements are uniformly so. It could’ve been used to great effect separating the cabin from the forested background on the GSM release, the misty hills on the Shenandoah coin, etc. Nevertheless, they are a spectacular set of quarters even eclipsing the inaugural ’10 set. Despite, pooh-poohing the people in Sand Dunes quarter initially, I have grown to really like the design, it adds a human dimension to the NP series, which were what the parks were created for in the first place! You will not be disappointed with the clad or silver quarter set. Maybe the laser frosting will show up on next year’s quarters?

  20. AkBob says

    Did anyone hear the HSN guy say he was going to purchase 100,000 Kennedy Sets. No, not 10,000, he said 100,000! He has been saying he purchased 25,000 of the 2013 WP Sets. Once he slipped up and said he bought 35,000 but he has on numerous occasions said he bought 25,000 WP Sets. I know HSN has the BIGGEST deep pockets in the TV coin shows out there. Wow, if he does, which I don’t doubt, what will that due to the sets value. I’m buying one for MY collection, not to re-sell so it really won’t matter much to me. I do try to purchase coins that I feel will go up in value but there are numerous times I buy only because I like it and don’t really care much about the future value as it’s for my own personal collection.

  21. KEITHSTER says

    I know most here don’t like the coin because of the protesters but it seems to hold a place in my heart.think you had to live thru the times to enjoy this coin?But it also reminds me of all the other protests that went on in my lifetime. The people hand in hand standing up and together for the good of all. Only to be met with the dogs the water hoses the tear gas or batton. Man it’s been a while but watch cause it’ll happen again just look around the world the people are getting restless? So here’s to all you old protester’s you finaly got your coin you deserve it beat down with one hand and handed a shinny coin with the other?So you newbie or willbe protesters better get one while you can.But the rest please stay away from this one as I’m sure you’ll get your libberty bell someday or just buy some franklin halves. If the 70% sold as of today holds true to form and they use the proof for the set because it’s selling more? that should leave the uncs. around 22,000 and that would be a fitting end to this one:):>:>:>:> Good Luck Do Good!!!

  22. VA Bob says

    AKBob that’s why we need a (reasonable) household limit, at least for the first week or two, even if they mint to demand on a given product. The Mint may like those big dealer orders, but I believe it hurts them in the long run. If someone buys from the dealer, they are not buying from the Mint. Everyone, individual, speculator, or dealer should get the same opportunity for the first orders IMO. BTW my Mint survey said only 50K of the Kennedy gold coins… anyone hear anything different?

  23. Louis says

    They could be issued to demand, nothing decided yet. I get the entire survey from the Mint for my work and that question has both options- 50K or minted to demand. I am recommending a household limit and a limited mintage.

  24. Dustyroads says

    Is there another time the US Mint has done what they are suggesting they may do to the Kennedy half in changing the composition while maintaining the design?
    I’m having a hard time seeing them doing that.

  25. simon says

    The FYR 1964 was 0.9 Ag, the 1965-70 was 0.4 Ag, 1971-present Cu-Ni clad, 1976 Pr/Unc in 0.4 Ag, 2005-2010 satin finish clad, 1992-present Ag in proof, 1998 0.9 Ag in matte. Did I miss anything ?

  26. Dustyroads says

    I’m sorry simon, I worded my question all wrong. What I should have said was; has the US Mint ever produced a coin in gold that had never been before, such as our common coinage like the half dollar. Well, it’s not common any more, but you know what I mean.

  27. Jerry Diekmann says

    Louis – if you think the people portrayed on the CRA coin look weird, you should take another look at the Girl Scouts coin. I think that is the major reason the coin sold so poorly – so very, very ugly.

  28. Jerry Diekmann says

    AkBob – Why would ANYBODY ever purchase any coins whatsoever from HSN? Or Littleton? Or some of the big sellers on Ebay or advertisers on Coin World or Coinager Everything they sell is so overpriced and/or overgraded.

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