Introductory Pricing for US Marshals Commemorative Coins Ends March 2

goldThe introductory pricing period for the 2015 US Marshals 225th Anniversary Commemorative Coins will conclude next week on March 2, 2015 at 3:00 PM ET.

The coins originally went on sale January 29, 2015. The program includes $5 gold coins, silver dollars, clad half dollars, with a three coin proof set available. Opening day sales were not up to the robust level of last year’s Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins, however they were much stronger compared to the next prior year three coin program honoring the U.S. Army 5-Star Generals.

The table below shows the latest sales figures for the US Marshals Coins from the weekly sales report posted on Coin Update. The sales totals for each of the proof coins include the coins sold within the three coin proof set.

US Marshals Commemorative Coin Sales

Proof Unc Total
$5 Gold Coin 19,395 5,069 24,464
Silver Dollar 81,752 26,512 108,264
Half Dollar 55,504 21,895 77,399

The total sales for each coin remain well below the established maximum mintage levels. The $5 Gold Coins have sold 24.46% of the 100,000 maximum. The silver dollars have sold 21.65% of the 500,000 maximum. The half dollars have sold 10.32% of the 750,000 maximum.

The three coin proof set carries a product limit of 15,000 units and has sold 13,902 units, making it close to reaching a sell out.

Traditionally, the majority of sales for commemorative coin programs have occurred during the introductory sales period.

After March 2, 2015 at 3:00 PM ET, regular pricing will go into effect. The prices are either $4 or $5 higher per product, which makes for a relatively small percentage increase for gold products, but a high percentage increase for the silver dollars and half dollars.

The table below shows the current introductory prices and the regular prices which will go into effect next week. Prices for products containing gold coins may also fluctuate based on the average weekly market price of gold.

US Marshals Commemorative Coin Pricing

Product Intro Price Regular Price
$5 Gold Proof 400.45 405.45
$5 Gold Uncirculated 395.45 400.45
Silver Dollar Proof 46.95 51.95
Silver Dollar Uncirculated 43.95 48.95
Half Dollar Proof 14.95 18.95
Half Dollar Uncirculated 13.95 17.95
Three Coin Proof Set 461.45 466.45
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  1. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @thePhelps says-February 27, 2015 at 5:03 am


    I really like this design, snagged a couple 3 coin sets, at opening.

  2. gary says

    Even at the intro price the silver coins are not exactly cheap. If their maximum mintage limits were actually aspired for, why not just leave the pricing alone??? Benefits the Mint in sales and the museum!

  3. thePhelps says

    “Traditionally, the majority of sales for commemorative coin programs have occurred during the introductory sales period.”

    It is true… and a sad reflection on the mint that for the large part of this period – you couldn’t even order the coins.

  4. cagcrisp says

    The museum was Hoping for the Max of $5 million but I never thought that was a possibility. I was Hoping for $2.5 million and that is still doable. Currently Gross contributions to the museum through 02/22 was $2.171 million. The OOS with No BO button for So many products would be hard to quantify but my Guess is the museum lost about $200k. 9,421 of the 3 coin sets were sold Before they went OOS after 19 hours. The 3 coin set remained OOS without a BO button for a few KEY days. I think the entire 15k would have been SO in the first 3 days if they were allowed to be purchased.
    I understand others can argue that the 15k will Eventually be sold so whether they were sold in 3 days or 3 months is irrelevant. It’s a spin but not one that I subscribe too. In this business you must strike while the iron is hot and the Mint did not anticipate the strong demand and the museum is going to lose money (Mint too) on not having sufficient supply to meet demand…

  5. Tinto says

    Would be nice to know out of those sales how many were to bulk buyers, the average quantity per order and when they were filled by the Mint.

    Probably many folks who were somewhat undecided about buying the US Marshal coins will now be totally turned off because of this OOS/BO crap by the Mint and maybe they’ve decided to move on rather than wait and wait and wait.

    Good job, US Mint! (that is with sarcasm ++ ….)

  6. Tinto says

    His last tweet:

    ” Leonard Nimoy ✔ @TheRealNimoy
    A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP
    2:36 AM – 23 Feb 2015 “

  7. Dante says

    RIP Mr. Spock.

    I will always remember him saying, with one raised eyebrow, “Interesting”. Or was it “Fascinating”?

    Either way, he was very cool. Still is.

  8. Scott M says

    Looks like the 2014 Florence Harding Gold Proof is the next to go. Currently 91 left, this may put it slightly lower than Eleanor. Last reported mintage on the Mints website list it at 2253 + 100ish, should put it around 2350+ .
    Eleanor is currently sitting at 2377.

  9. GoldFishin says

    I unexpectedly received a partial order of 2 US Marshal Clad Proofs today. They were part of an order I made for 2 Proofs and 2 Clad Proofs so I could replace the lousy quality coins that I received in my 3 coin set. Both of these are going back, they both have bad quality issues. I thought they were probably prior returns when I received them since I haven’t heard of any being shipped. It was obvious to me they were in fact returns. The shipping box had one strip of paper as packing like some of you had mentioned. The package sounded like a maracas. I am a patient person, but I have to say that the Mint is testing my limits lately. Better luck next time….

  10. Dustyroads says

    GoldFishin~ Same thing here with the shipment I received yesterday from the Mint, I don’t like the boxes.

  11. Jerry Diekmann says

    Captain Overkill – the very low numbers for the Civil Rights coin reflects how poor the obverse design was. There were several superior designs, especially the one with the Liberty Bell, as several bloggers have mentioned before. Why that particular design was not used and this much inferior design was selected, I don’t know, but whoever picked that design was asleep at the switch and the train, so to speak, ran off the tracks, and is reflected in the low popularity of this coin. But who knows – maybe it will become popular in years to come because of its “rarity” (it will never be rare, though). But there have been so other poor designs by the Mint in the past which resulted in lower sales figures, and now some people are paying premiums to collect coins which were rightly considered losers when they were first issued. Go figure.

  12. Jerry Diekmann says

    cagcrisp – The Japanese are not noted for creativity, just taking other nations’ ideas or inventions and making the products smaller. Also, all these coins look nearly the same. Better watch out, I guess – need to be PC in these weird times.

  13. Jerry Diekmann says

    Dustyroads – beautiful Mexican coin – too bad they didn’t make smaller “coins” in silver.

  14. cagcrisp says

    24 hours Ago I tried to order Marshal Proof half dollars. OOS with No BO button…
    24 hours Later….I ordered Marshal Proof half dollars…AND….they are showing as Not being BO…

    In 24 hours the Mint has gone from Not allowing you to Purchase to allowing you to Purchase without a BO…

  15. says


    You’re correct about ugly designs. I believe I read somewhere the Morgan silver dollar was considered ugly when it was released, and now it’s one of the best-loved designs in American coinage.

  16. jeff says

    Want to hear a good joke US MINT Introductory pricing ends March 2nd they only had a window of 3 days you could buy what a JOKE . I HEAR MORE PROPAGANDA coming watch coin world there in bed with them you can tell them whatever you want lye or not they’ll print it without investigating sources laughable .

  17. fmtransmitter says

    HSN guy went on his rant again about sacabuck but he did correct himself buy saying regular type coins being lowest mintage since 95W SE. Why isn’t the ATB puck considered regular issue or why is an ASE considered regular?

  18. fmtransmitter says

    I would suggest if you have the ability to Put an item in your shopping bag and check out, go ahead and do it because the item may just ship right out even though it may say back oordered. This eagle is by far the coolest eagle ever to be issued on a US coin IMHO, many others agree.

  19. fmtransmitter says

    I he considered coins from 1986 and on regularly minted then the statehood and ATB quarters wouldn’t qualify. He needs to clarify what date range he considers regular issue coins.

  20. fmtransmitter says

    Tomaska has Miles Standish signed Ikes in PCGS PR69DCAM exclusive label. All clad. Also has his own sticker for exceptional cameo.contrast on them. $49 plus shipping and handling.

  21. cagcrisp says

    @ fmtransmitter says “This eagle is by far the coolest eagle ever to be issued on a US coin IMHO, many others agree.”

    I just Wish the Mint will use the Eagle on a larger coin in the future…

    I would have LOVED to see this Eagle on the High Relief Liberty…

  22. Tinto says


    I like the eagle too, if they put it on the High Relief Liberty or any other similar sized coin I’d buy it. It’ll still look great on a 5oz ATB sized puck IMO Just too bad for me as my eyes are now just too weak to keep squinting at it on smaller coins … causes headaches

  23. GoldFishin says

    @Dusty- the quality has gone to **** on the ATB bullion coins. The Everglades were horrible in my opinion compared to prior years and even prior 2014 coins. How the TPG’s are still grading them 69 dmpl I have no idea. The Everglades coins would have graded PL by 2010 standards. Thanks for sharing, just changed my mind about purchasing the bullion version for Homestead. The Mint is saving me a lot of money this year.

  24. jeff says

    Bought a few Marshal’s on the bay. Sorry Marshal museum no donation from me not because I wouldn’t but our Us Mint is a laughable organization that is allowed to act irresponsible and be not accountable. Guess i’lI’ll spend the $70 on a hooker. I’ll blow my opportuny elseware. Such shysters, as may here have said if this was a legitimate business the CEO would of been fired but since it’s the mint no harm no foul. What’s the shark tank expression I’m out .. c ya on the bay boycott Is in line with these antics.

  25. HiCal says

    For anyone interested., 2014 Florence Harding FS One-Half Qz Gold Proof Coin. 90 left as per US Mint Catalog.

  26. says

    In regard to the dye marks on your Homestead puck: Do they appear to be natural or synthetic type dyes? Do they look like possible food dyes? What color are they?
    Wait a second, did you mean to say “die” marks?
    Sorry Dusty, I couldn’t resist.

  27. Dustyroads says

    Hawkster~ That’s embarrassing, I wish we had the ability to fix mistakes like these after we post. Lord knows I need it!

  28. Jerry Diekmann says

    Captain Overkill – I believe you are right about the Morgan dollar being considered unattractive, if not ugly, when it was first minted. For some reason, back in those days, plump or fat women were considered the most attractive, and the model used for the Morgan dollar, supposedly a young schoolteacher, looks to me more of a middle aged 250+ pound woman with lots and lots and lots of hair. There is no break in the face where the nose meets the forehead, like on 99.9% of human beings (and this design flaw, IMO, was used on a lot of US coins in the 19th century. I have never seen anyone in my life with a facial figure like that – you could roll a marble down from the top of her forehead straight down her nose – a straight line, really. Her cheek looks like she could hold a wad of tomacco in it, and she doesn’t really look all that feminine to me, especially if you compare the design to the one on the Peace dollar or Winged Liberty Head dime. The SBA dollar looks more feminine than the Morgan dollar, IMO.

    As you know, there was really no need for these dollars to be struck in the first place – it was a law passed by Congress in 1878 to have the government required to buy up all the silver that was being mined and then coined, since there was a surplus of silver and no one to sell it to. So millions and millions of these coins were struck over the ensuing years. Since, as I have said in past blogs, the dollar coin was not used in most of the United States, only in the West, these coins wound up being stored in bags and thrown into the Mint’s vaults, where many of them got bagmarket and sat around for 70 years or so. They only really became popular starting in the 1960s when the price of silver started to increase, and all the $1.00 bills issued at that time were silver certificates (blue seals) and were redeemable for $1.00 in silver coin. The government realized that they would have to stop printing silver certificates because they didn’t have enough silver to back up the certificates if they kept on printing them and people started to turn them in for silver. So, in 1963 the BEP started printing the familiar Federal Reserve Note (green seal), which is really backed up by nothing other than “the good faith and promise of the US government”, which with $4.00 I can get a mocha at Starbucks. The government also got rid of “United States notes” (red seal), as they were also backed by silver. Now our money is backed by really nothing, and the Federal reserve isn’t even part of the federal government, but that’s another story that “whatajoke” knows more about than I do.

    So, Morgan dollars became very popular starting in the 1960s and since then, not because they are particularly attractive (they aren’t, and the eagle looks like it is starving), but because they hold about 3/4 ounce of silver. The only other bright spot that I can see with this coin is that it represents the easiest and cheapest way for coin collectors to buy a coin with a precious metal that was issued in the 19th century. The number of Morgan dollars issued far exceeds the number of all other coins combined that were minted by the USA during the same years (1878-1904 plus 1921)..

  29. says

    GF, Dusty – sorry to hear you all are having so much quality issues with the coins; yeah, I’ve notice the bullion pucks taking a nose dive too…, that Homelystead is particular bad!

    For those that were having shipping issues, here’s one for ya ~

    I ordered two silver AtB quarter sets and one ‘Glades puck. They chose the smallest box and sandwiched the three boxes in a stacked fashion into the box – Wha laa, no packaging required ’cause they’re snug as a bug in that box. Get an A+ for being ‘Green’!

    Fast forward to Saturday upon receipt, and me opening said smallest box with silver AtB quarter sets sandwiched in – the boxes are like a Hersey chocolate bar.., you know, one that’s has the outer edge around that appears elevated because the bar is flattened and broken inside!

    The cardboard boxes look fugly, wouldn’t be a big deal except they were intended as gifts, which I can’t give now. Oh well, just another day in the life of a mint customer…..

  30. says

    cag – you were right about the turkey in the quarter set, rather steals the show. The two racing stripes were a nice touch too.

    Think the mint just gave up on Homelystead all around.., ain’t nothing ‘proofed’ on that one.., almost like, “here’s your 5th quarter, just don’t look over here in the up left corner!”

  31. stephen m says

    Jerry Diekman, Plump and or fat ladies are people too although the Morgan probably wasn’t attractive when minted and probably isn’t to date. KC&SO, The mint does have a flair for putting out different coins that may strike one persons fancy and not anothers. It probably balances out on a total sales average. Could this be done on purpose? Not a chance.

  32. gary says

    @Dusty… It looks like your Homestead puck was used for a game of street hockey in the break room at the Mint! Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the bullion 5 oz. ATBs made just for stacking silver in the same manner that the 1 oz. silver eagles are produced in that no special care or handling is part of the regular production process? I have seen some really ugly surfaces: scratches, spots, nicks, stains on many ATB 5 oz. bullion on Ebay over the years.

  33. thePhelps says

    @Jerry… I think you might have gotten why the Morgan is popular. It is widely available – was a mint issued coin – and is a chunk of silver. It still isn’t a really good looking coin, just easily purchased for a good price.

  34. Dustyroads says

    Gary~ True, but these scratches were directly from the die, not a result of any damage after the the strike. If you buy one of these and check it out closely, you will see them all over the coin and between the letters, all clearly a result of finishing the die. Just very sloppy.

  35. gary says

    @Dusty… It does look like there was some crude method used for the die in making the coin you have. There also appear to be quite a few foreign object entrapments in the capsule and scratches on the inside & outside of the capsule that mirror onto the surface of the coin. It would be interesting to see this coin photographed with no holder to truly see the extent of the die scratches.

  36. Dustyroads says

    mgm~ If anyone’s going to buy the gold Kennedy, that’s certainly the way to do it.

    whatajoke~ I bought this one from APMEX. Overall I have no reason to complain since it’s bullion.

    Gary~ Close ups are just that way, plus I did tweak the contrast. However, there are far more crude imperfections straight off the die on the fields of this coin. It looks to me as thought it was done during the deburring process where an employee manually used something abrasive over the die to remove clinging shards of metal after the die was cut.

  37. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks for sharing the pic Dusty, that thing was really used to plugging up the husker for maintenance…I would NOT say this is the worst I have seen though. Bullion pucks are beat up, have been and always will be, how else to sell 30k P vapor blasted for a premium…???

  38. fmtransmitter says

    The striations in a circular motion are what are called wheel marks I believe, someone correct me if I am wrong, where the coin is moved along by a wheel and that wheel leaves those as the big heavy 5 ounce puck turns and moves along…

  39. fmtransmitter says

    @Jerry: ” looks to me more of a middle aged 250+ pound woman with lots and lots and lots of hair.” Mmmmm, big gurls need lovin too…That is a sign of healthy fertility, dates back thousands of years, skinny women gross me out, like those runway models, except Arianna, I have to admit, that is the sexiest woman IMHO…Model for Victoria’s Secret…

  40. Dustyroads says

    KCSO~ You guys just can’t get a break from the weather. I tell you, it’s more than a single trend, it’s a conglomeration. It’s a compilation of trends and phenomenons.
    I like the coin regardless of it’s imperfections….I think something happen during the making of the die that was used to strike this coin, something which required an employee to use what looks like sandpaper to clean away burrs. I don’t recall ever seeing this done with the others.
    My overall conclusion is that there is a problem with the oversight at the Mint. I’ve seen this kind of thing before, the employer gives a little wiggle room…turns into a friend, then in time everything goes downhill. It’s sad but true I’m afraid to say, but the Mint needs to up it’s standards.

  41. fmtransmitter says

    Did anyone else get the mailer from American Mint about the private Kennedy 24kt gold plated coin coming out for $4.95 shipping and a price of $99 but free because you are special? That was the ugliest version of John F Kennedy I ever seen, I almost wrote back and then decided to waste my time elsewhere…

  42. fmtransmitter says

    @Dusty: It’s a cloth wheel at high speeds and they wear gloves when they run it across the wheel…

  43. fmtransmitter says

    but the Mint needs to up it’s standards. That is an understatement AND and over statement because….The gold Eagle Proof US Marshal coin is simply the most stunning eagle I have ever seen on a US coin…

  44. Dustyroads says

    Frank~ These are not the same striations, these are hand made and very uneven. It looks the same as if you were sand a piece of wood. Imagine yourself holding the die in one hand and sandpaper in the other, and your so called superior told you to sand the die, that’s what it looks like.

  45. thePhelps says

    Dusty…that is no where near as bad as the Perry’s were… I tried a couple and gave up. Those looked like they were drug across a parking lot and then packed and shipped.

  46. Ikaika says

    @ FM

    “Did anyone else get the mailer from American Mint about the private Kennedy 24kt gold plated coin coming out for $4.95 shipping and a price of $99 but free because you are special? ”

    I also did. Me and you must have purchased something from the same place which gave our address to America Mint. Never heard about them until this mail. Agree, what a piece of junk!

  47. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps~ I didn’t buy any of those. I have noticed that today’s prices for the bullion Perry pucks are not that great.

  48. fmtransmitter says

    Ikaika says
    MARCH 1, 2015 AT 5:20 PM

    @ FM

    “Did anyone else get the mailer from American Mint about the private Kennedy 24kt gold plated coin coming out for $4.95 shipping and a price of $99 but free because you are special? ”

    I also did. Me and you must have purchased something from the same place which gave our address to America Mint. Never heard about them until this mail. Agree, what a piece of junk!

    Did you get the one for a silver eagle for $19.95 plus free shipping as an employee discount promo? That actually wasn’t too bad but not looking for bullion SE’s…Speaking of, I did get some of the 1/2 ounce Koala’s, those suckers are pretty cool. I like that they are high quality bullion and look reverse proof even though they are bullion they do a really good job with quality, uh hummm, US MINT, you hear?

  49. fmtransmitter says

    @Dusty, I would just mention your issue to the dealer and see if you can get them replaced, if the quality is just as bad, get a refund. Many places would rather you happy and keep you coming back then not happy. You may have gotten a bad batch. I know APMEX tries to explain you get them as they get them but I am sure some would be willing to swap or exchange them, no?

  50. Dustyroads says

    fm~ It looks like this guy has the same marks on his Homestead 5oz. as the one I have. If it were anything other than a bullion which I paid a hefty premium for, I would certainly send it back, but as it is, I’m happy.

  51. GoldFishin says

    @FM- did you see those mirrors on the 2011 issue? That year had the best DMPL’s ever!! The GSD was good also, but not like the 2011’s. There was a drastic drop off in quality in the Everglades that has gotten worse with the Homestead. With an average 18-20% markup over spot for the ATB bullion pucks, we should expect and demand better quality. Private mints are producing great quality bullion, why can’t the US MINT??
    Let them eat cake….

  52. Dustyroads says

    BTW, the Mint does produce nice coins, like the Marshals. I haven’t picked one up yet, will wait until later in the year. It’s going to be difficult to design a nicer looking set of silver and gold coins, maybe the fascination will slow being the Mint is taking so much time to produce them. The mintage for the coins may be on the low side, hopefully under 10,000 for the uncirculated gold. Following is the introduction of the Bill before Congress in 2011.

  53. Dustyroads says

    That’s a good argument GoldFishin, even though I said I was happy with mine. The Mint can’t continue to do business like this. They can eat the fork too!

  54. fmtransmitter says

    If I received crushed boxes amd wanted perfect boxes, they would be going back amd a new.order would be place. Let them see what they are doing wrong in the shipping departmen.

  55. fmtransmitter says

    @Goldfishin: Agree on the pucks bullion, there WAS some great ones made. Seems it comes down to time allotted for each project, with so many billions of coins being made, ie worthless penny, it takes away from making real money, ie silver pucks, those pucks are unique in the world of coins and should have pride into each and every one to show the rest of the World what the US Mint can do instead of being shown up ny Perth, RCM, etc…

  56. fmtransmitter says

    I think the Germans won more awards for their coins than any other mint last year, could be political, coild be old fashioned pride in ones workmanship. ..

  57. Silver-Morgan says

    I caved in and ordered the gold uncirculated $5 USMC because I simply love the eagle design. I agree with what some others have said it would be cool to see this eagle on a larger coin but I know that’s a pipe dream.

  58. IPS_STUFF says

    off topic

    Wonder if anyone that ordered 2014 first spouse medals after they appeared with backorder, somewhere around February 10th, ever receive them.

    Mine are still showing backorder.

    Anyone ?

    Thank you

  59. whatajoke says

    But have no fear,
    because the end is near
    for those that hold PM’s most dear.

    I’m a poet and didn’t know it.

  60. CasualCollector says

    My order on 2/10/2015 for a couple of First Spouse sets has a status of BACKORDER

  61. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Jon – it’s very sad that that aspect of my comment would trouble you so much for you to in turn feel compelled to comment on it. It’s also very sad that you had to change your handle. Perhaps it’s best you refrain from reading anything else I post and get on with your life 😉

    D Rittenhouse says

    March 2, 2015 at 12:32 am

    @Keep Calm & Stack On,

    Seriously? Are you kidding? Wha laa????

    (In the future, maybe try voilà!).

    You people crack me up.

  62. says

    I’m not saying it’s the same individual, but there is a D Rittenhouse that has a twitter account, in which he describes himself, among other things, as a geek, author, and computer security specialist.
    Just google the handle.

  63. fmtransmitter says

    @Silver-Morgan: Man, the Proof is stunning! The different frosted fields and shiny stars and striped stand out, why go uncirc, enjoy the beauty of this baby if you are gonna pop on one IMHO…

  64. fmtransmitter says

    cagcrisp says
    MARCH 2, 2015 AT 2:02 PM

    Current Status of the 3 coin Marshal:

    68 in stock

    They will go quick now cag, thanks! lol I am actually passing on the silver just because I don’t like it and I buy what I like, the half too..If I find one at a bargain down the road maybe but that gold eagle in Proof is amazing under 10X loupe…

  65. cagcrisp says

    SURE didn’t take the Mint long to adjust the prices of the Marshals Upwards. The 3 coin set did NOT sell out during the introductory period…shame shame on the Mint for having those Key days Without the option of Back Ordering…

  66. fmtransmitter says

    G says
    MARCH 28, 2012 AT 4:29 PM

    Wow. The first interesting mint release of the year! hmmm… I wonder if they’ll label this and set a new Kennedy low mark: “Birth Year Kennedy?”

    Ha, yes they have and the seller on eBay wants $899 for it! Nice to read some of these older blogs and who’s still around, who has gone on etc…

  67. fmtransmitter says

    I see many of you back in March of 2012, 3 years ago, this is a long term hobby. I also see many of the SAME complaints for years about how the Mint does business, poorly in fact. Wow, reading these older posts is enlightening to say the least, not to mention informative. We have a documented history here of years and years keeping up with the US Mint and their fumbles…

  68. fmtransmitter says

    Pittsburgh-2-Cents says
    MARCH 30, 2012 AT 11:18 AM

    It is still a Kennedy Half – and has no more numismatic value then the 64 Kennedy Half – NO Matter The Packages it’s in

    Well we see this is incorrect now…

  69. fmtransmitter says

    Build up to the 2 coin SE set, Army half going for a grand, I will search these past comments sections more often, again, thanks D Rittenhouse…

  70. Dave SW FL says

    Sprang for a Marshal 3 coin set + a proof half this morning before the increase. Just could not help myself….had to have the gold eagle reverse to see for myself . I will buy more golds when there are further price decreases – which is looking more and more likely.

  71. cagcrisp says

    @Dave SW FL, ” I will buy more golds when there are further price decreases – which is looking more and more likely.”

    That’s the way I am playing it also. I am looking at Buying some more Gold Marshal Unc but with the remainder of the year to go and a possible $12.15 decrease for every $50 drop in Gold, I’ll take my chances…

    The introductory pricing of the 3 coin sets never has made sense to me. $5 for Gold and Silver and $4 for Clad.??

    A 3 coin set that you have 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Clad and you ONLY get $5. Don’t make sense to me…

  72. Ralph says

    When I order a pair of socks from LL Bean that are back-ordered, they give me an expected ship date. Why can’t this lousy outfit controlling the Mint’s ordering system do the same. Has anyone tried calling customer service to ask about a back-ordered order? I may as well go ask my neighbor across the street!

  73. fmtransmitter says

    Dave SW FL says
    MARCH 2, 2015 AT 4:13 PM

    Sprang for a Marshal 3 coin set + a proof half this morning before the increase. Just could not help myself….had to have the gold eagle reverse to see for myself .

    Please let us know what you think Dave, I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised..

  74. fmtransmitter says

    Not to mention the Obverse is nice too…All around a great coin, I can’t imagine one single US Marshal not owning this coin..and/or a family member buying one for them…If they start using Eagles like some of the designs we have seen on a bigger coin like silver dollars I see a big uptick in sales…Keep up the PC crap and downhill, US Mint buyers are finicky and buy what has EYE appeal!

  75. fmtransmitter says

    Which brings me to a new reverse for the SE, can you imagine? Nice to dream, now it is documented here so when we see it, I said it…

  76. fmtransmitter says

    I know if I was the insurance company and there is not any evidence that a call to 911 exactly when the truck started to act up, I wouldn’t pay a dime. The Police should of been behind that truck before the wheels stopped…

  77. fmtransmitter says

    Any rig transporting high dollar sensitive material would have a GPS and the second that truck started to slow down beyond a certain speed limit in a “non expected” zone, ie toilet stop, gas, etc, there should be an alarm to Central to dispatch police to that location. That is a sloppy inside job if I ever saw one…

  78. Dustyroads says

    I’m beginning to believe that more than the streets need thawing in the north east.

  79. GoldFishin says

    My USM silver proof order is Processing…..albeit for the 3rd or 4th time. I don’t want any more prior returns this time…if anyone who has an order that ships could they please post about it.

  80. D Rittenhouse says

    There were at least 35 3-coin Marshals sets available AFTER the price went up by $5 at 3PM ET. Presumably, they were also available BEFORE the price increase. I wonder why the eejits who eventually bought this set AFTER 3PM decided to wait until after the price rise to pull the trigger? Any ideas?

  81. Dustyroads says

    Why do you ask a question that we all know the answer to? Are you saying you have no needs? You seem to be fulfilling one now…

  82. Dave SW FL says


    My guess is some people don’t hang out on the blog and when they read the very low number this afternoon , they didn’t want to get locked out.
    That’s the only reason I bought this morning. Figured they wouldn’t last long once the countdown started. Luckily I saved the shipping charge….big whoop!

  83. Dustyroads says

    Rittenhouse, If you’re referring to my counting down, well it’s just for fun, but you think I’m out of line. I can see how it could be a bad thing. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt to be able to make the right decision. In a way it’s a service,I may have helped someone make a choice. Look, if someone has a history of making bad choices, it’s up to them to control it, it’s not up to everyone else to lead them. A little help is great, but great people aren’t lead, they lead.

  84. Dustyroads says

    If you’re referring to my counting down, well it’s just for fun, but you think I’m out of line. I can see how it could be a bad thing. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt to be able to make the right decision. In a way it’s a service, I may have helped someone make a choice. Look, if someone has a history of making bad choices, it’s up to them to control it, it’s not up to everyone else to lead them. A little help is great, but great people aren’t lead, they lead.

  85. fmtransmitter says

    @Jagfan: Gotcha, thank you. I see a Spock getting made real soon while the iron is hot, what say you?

  86. fmtransmitter says

    Smile or fail.two roads? I travel Down one road and it is dusty my friend…we got Your point and the pointless lol

  87. Dustyroads says

    Rittenhouse is is asking a question above about readers buying habits. I however feel that he is objecting to my countdown and possibly creating an eagerness to buy this set. I do see his point if that is what he intended to say, and apologize to any who read here and who feel the same way. I will refrain from creating an urgency to buy any product in the future unless it’s something that is obviously worth our attention, such as the C&C sets were.

  88. John c says

    Just bought one of the 3 coins set when there where 3 sets left within 60 seconds the remaining 2 sets sold. I wasn’t planning on picking up this offering especially since I missed the intro rate but after watching the unboxing video posted by fm I was sold on the set. I think the mint did a great job with these designs.

  89. TMMSR0127 says

    Hey Dusty,

    i do not think others view your countdown as destructive or bothersome . Quite the contrary I think many of us appreciate your diligence in pointing out that the numbers on a particular item are getting low – thus I would hope you will continue to provide updates., and I for one want to thank you for your efforts!

  90. stephen m says

    Dustyroads, I for one appreciate your contributions to this blog, thanks. Maybe I can pickup one of the proof gold USM coins down the road if gold tumbles. For now I can only imagine the beauty of the eagle on that coin.

  91. John c says

    Dusty, it’s all your fault I just made this extravagant purchase. I’m going to tell my wife you made me do it with that damn count down. Obviously I’m just kidding, keep up the good work. We are all adults here and responsible for our on investment decisions.

  92. fmtransmitter says

    @ John c: glad you got a set! And if you read all the comments under the video, many people agree. I think you will be very happy with this offering…congrats

  93. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @whatajoke says, March 2, 2015 at 6:27 pm
    “$4 million in Gold bars stolen on I-95”

    Damn — hope I can get mine back!

  94. Dustyroads says

    ASE~ Nice post, this set looks better than what I expected. To me, it’s reminiscent of the 1998 Robert Kennedy commemorative set that had the satin finish J F Kennedy half dollar along with the one dollar commemorative. That set today is still a high priced item.

  95. Dustyroads says

    TMMSR0127, stephen m ~ Thanks for the comments, they mean a great deal. The nice thing about this blog is that we can say pretty much anything we want to as long we are not crossing certain lines, finding those lines can be an on going process at times.

  96. Dustyroads says

    fm~ Yeah, that comment was out of context and vague. One more reason I wish the blog would enable an edit feature.

  97. Dustyroads says

    * The 1998 Robert Kennedy Commemorative Set / “still a high priced item”…

    Bad wording here, what I meant to say is that the set continues to demand a high premium over original Mint cost.

    I think it serves as a good example of what we can expect from the MoD set with the dimes included.

  98. Ralph says

    Dustyroads: We all love the countdown. It is something that was created here on the night of the Eleanor Roosevelt Proof sell-out. I will and I hope you will also, keep it going.
    Amazing how people can be. Most on here are genuine, honest real people. Some not!

  99. Dustyroads says

    Ralph, Sure thing buddy, this blog is some what of a phenomenon, I would hate to see it end.

  100. Jerry Diekmann says

    ASE – now that the Mint has shown us what the MoD set looks like, it might be nice to let us in on what the price is and when it could be ordered. Even on a pre-sale, I have never heard of any other company offering something on pre-sale, like CDs or DVDs, for example, without listing the price or when it would become available. Is there anyone in the Mint that has the slightest knowledge of marketing?

  101. rob says

    Any thoughts on the PRF/UNC split for future value? Uncs seem to be the redheaded step child of all Mint offerings….

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