Introductory Pricing for US Marshals Commemorative Coins Ends March 2

goldThe introductory pricing period for the 2015 US Marshals 225th Anniversary Commemorative Coins will conclude next week on March 2, 2015 at 3:00 PM ET.

The coins originally went on sale January 29, 2015. The program includes $5 gold coins, silver dollars, clad half dollars, with a three coin proof set available. Opening day sales were not up to the robust level of last year’s Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins, however they were much stronger compared to the next prior year three coin program honoring the U.S. Army 5-Star Generals.

The table below shows the latest sales figures for the US Marshals Coins from the weekly sales report posted on Coin Update. The sales totals for each of the proof coins include the coins sold within the three coin proof set.

US Marshals Commemorative Coin Sales

Proof Unc Total
$5 Gold Coin 19,395 5,069 24,464
Silver Dollar 81,752 26,512 108,264
Half Dollar 55,504 21,895 77,399

The total sales for each coin remain well below the established maximum mintage levels. The $5 Gold Coins have sold 24.46% of the 100,000 maximum. The silver dollars have sold 21.65% of the 500,000 maximum. The half dollars have sold 10.32% of the 750,000 maximum.

The three coin proof set carries a product limit of 15,000 units and has sold 13,902 units, making it close to reaching a sell out.

Traditionally, the majority of sales for commemorative coin programs have occurred during the introductory sales period.

After March 2, 2015 at 3:00 PM ET, regular pricing will go into effect. The prices are either $4 or $5 higher per product, which makes for a relatively small percentage increase for gold products, but a high percentage increase for the silver dollars and half dollars.

The table below shows the current introductory prices and the regular prices which will go into effect next week. Prices for products containing gold coins may also fluctuate based on the average weekly market price of gold.

US Marshals Commemorative Coin Pricing

Product Intro Price Regular Price
$5 Gold Proof 400.45 405.45
$5 Gold Uncirculated 395.45 400.45
Silver Dollar Proof 46.95 51.95
Silver Dollar Uncirculated 43.95 48.95
Half Dollar Proof 14.95 18.95
Half Dollar Uncirculated 13.95 17.95
Three Coin Proof Set 461.45 466.45
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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Dave SW FL says
    MARCH 2, 2015 AT 4:13 PM

    Sprang for a Marshal 3 coin set + a proof half this morning before the increase. Just could not help myself….had to have the gold eagle reverse to see for myself .

    Please let us know what you think Dave, I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised..

  2. fmtransmitter says

    Not to mention the Obverse is nice too…All around a great coin, I can’t imagine one single US Marshal not owning this coin..and/or a family member buying one for them…If they start using Eagles like some of the designs we have seen on a bigger coin like silver dollars I see a big uptick in sales…Keep up the PC crap and downhill, US Mint buyers are finicky and buy what has EYE appeal!

  3. fmtransmitter says

    Which brings me to a new reverse for the SE, can you imagine? Nice to dream, now it is documented here so when we see it, I said it…

  4. fmtransmitter says

    I know if I was the insurance company and there is not any evidence that a call to 911 exactly when the truck started to act up, I wouldn’t pay a dime. The Police should of been behind that truck before the wheels stopped…

  5. fmtransmitter says

    Any rig transporting high dollar sensitive material would have a GPS and the second that truck started to slow down beyond a certain speed limit in a “non expected” zone, ie toilet stop, gas, etc, there should be an alarm to Central to dispatch police to that location. That is a sloppy inside job if I ever saw one…

  6. Dustyroads says

    I’m beginning to believe that more than the streets need thawing in the north east.

  7. GoldFishin says

    My USM silver proof order is Processing…..albeit for the 3rd or 4th time. I don’t want any more prior returns this time…if anyone who has an order that ships could they please post about it.

  8. D Rittenhouse says

    There were at least 35 3-coin Marshals sets available AFTER the price went up by $5 at 3PM ET. Presumably, they were also available BEFORE the price increase. I wonder why the eejits who eventually bought this set AFTER 3PM decided to wait until after the price rise to pull the trigger? Any ideas?

  9. Dustyroads says

    Why do you ask a question that we all know the answer to? Are you saying you have no needs? You seem to be fulfilling one now…

  10. Dave SW FL says


    My guess is some people don’t hang out on the blog and when they read the very low number this afternoon , they didn’t want to get locked out.
    That’s the only reason I bought this morning. Figured they wouldn’t last long once the countdown started. Luckily I saved the shipping charge….big whoop!

  11. Dustyroads says

    Rittenhouse, If you’re referring to my counting down, well it’s just for fun, but you think I’m out of line. I can see how it could be a bad thing. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt to be able to make the right decision. In a way it’s a service,I may have helped someone make a choice. Look, if someone has a history of making bad choices, it’s up to them to control it, it’s not up to everyone else to lead them. A little help is great, but great people aren’t lead, they lead.

  12. Dustyroads says

    If you’re referring to my counting down, well it’s just for fun, but you think I’m out of line. I can see how it could be a bad thing. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt to be able to make the right decision. In a way it’s a service, I may have helped someone make a choice. Look, if someone has a history of making bad choices, it’s up to them to control it, it’s not up to everyone else to lead them. A little help is great, but great people aren’t lead, they lead.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    @Jagfan: Gotcha, thank you. I see a Spock getting made real soon while the iron is hot, what say you?

  14. fmtransmitter says

    Smile or fail.two roads? I travel Down one road and it is dusty my friend…we got Your point and the pointless lol

  15. Dustyroads says

    Rittenhouse is is asking a question above about readers buying habits. I however feel that he is objecting to my countdown and possibly creating an eagerness to buy this set. I do see his point if that is what he intended to say, and apologize to any who read here and who feel the same way. I will refrain from creating an urgency to buy any product in the future unless it’s something that is obviously worth our attention, such as the C&C sets were.

  16. John c says

    Just bought one of the 3 coins set when there where 3 sets left within 60 seconds the remaining 2 sets sold. I wasn’t planning on picking up this offering especially since I missed the intro rate but after watching the unboxing video posted by fm I was sold on the set. I think the mint did a great job with these designs.

  17. TMMSR0127 says

    Hey Dusty,

    i do not think others view your countdown as destructive or bothersome . Quite the contrary I think many of us appreciate your diligence in pointing out that the numbers on a particular item are getting low – thus I would hope you will continue to provide updates., and I for one want to thank you for your efforts!

  18. stephen m says

    Dustyroads, I for one appreciate your contributions to this blog, thanks. Maybe I can pickup one of the proof gold USM coins down the road if gold tumbles. For now I can only imagine the beauty of the eagle on that coin.

  19. John c says

    Dusty, it’s all your fault I just made this extravagant purchase. I’m going to tell my wife you made me do it with that damn count down. Obviously I’m just kidding, keep up the good work. We are all adults here and responsible for our on investment decisions.

  20. fmtransmitter says

    @ John c: glad you got a set! And if you read all the comments under the video, many people agree. I think you will be very happy with this offering…congrats

  21. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @whatajoke says, March 2, 2015 at 6:27 pm
    “$4 million in Gold bars stolen on I-95”

    Damn — hope I can get mine back!

  22. Dustyroads says

    ASE~ Nice post, this set looks better than what I expected. To me, it’s reminiscent of the 1998 Robert Kennedy commemorative set that had the satin finish J F Kennedy half dollar along with the one dollar commemorative. That set today is still a high priced item.

  23. Dustyroads says

    TMMSR0127, stephen m ~ Thanks for the comments, they mean a great deal. The nice thing about this blog is that we can say pretty much anything we want to as long we are not crossing certain lines, finding those lines can be an on going process at times.

  24. Dustyroads says

    fm~ Yeah, that comment was out of context and vague. One more reason I wish the blog would enable an edit feature.

  25. Dustyroads says

    * The 1998 Robert Kennedy Commemorative Set / “still a high priced item”…

    Bad wording here, what I meant to say is that the set continues to demand a high premium over original Mint cost.

    I think it serves as a good example of what we can expect from the MoD set with the dimes included.

  26. Ralph says

    Dustyroads: We all love the countdown. It is something that was created here on the night of the Eleanor Roosevelt Proof sell-out. I will and I hope you will also, keep it going.
    Amazing how people can be. Most on here are genuine, honest real people. Some not!

  27. Dustyroads says

    Ralph, Sure thing buddy, this blog is some what of a phenomenon, I would hate to see it end.

  28. Jerry Diekmann says

    ASE – now that the Mint has shown us what the MoD set looks like, it might be nice to let us in on what the price is and when it could be ordered. Even on a pre-sale, I have never heard of any other company offering something on pre-sale, like CDs or DVDs, for example, without listing the price or when it would become available. Is there anyone in the Mint that has the slightest knowledge of marketing?

  29. rob says

    Any thoughts on the PRF/UNC split for future value? Uncs seem to be the redheaded step child of all Mint offerings….

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