It’s Not Too Late: There’s Still Time to Sell Coins on Ebay


Still have a few coins you’d like to unload on ebay, but not sure if it makes sense to try it so close to Christmas? A blog post on the site of ebay data-master Terapeak offers a few tips for making a successful online sale during the waning days of a hectic shopping season. Some of author Aron Hsaio’s thoughts will apply more to people who have at least a small online store, but a person with a couple extra 5-ounce Uncirculated ATB coins can benefit, too.

First, says Hsiao, don’t worry that it’s too late to list a new item. You may have missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you still have Green Monday, which this year falls on December 12. In its list of “The Eight Most Important Days for Online Sellers in 2016,” Terapeak says,

The second Monday in December has been amongst the top online shopping days of the year for several years running. Most years, it’s the “second wave”—when late-but-not-panic-late buyers are wrapping up their online shopping.

The website adds that the subsequent Tuesday is big, too, and that “if you do a Green Monday promotion, keep it running through the following day.”

On a related note, be sure to keep abreast of your preferred carrier’s shipping cutoffs. If you can still get the package delivered on time, you still have a shot at making a sale. And be sure to keep a close eye on your shipments. Even if the customer has the tracking number, you’ll save yourself some headaches (and possibly earn bonus points as a great vendor) if you track the packages, too, and inquire into any delays.

The last two items on Hsaio’s list apply more to listings that are already active (although you may be able to take advantage of these if you get your items listed this weekend): “reconsider markdowns” and “be strategic to the end.” If you have an item that’s getting a lot of looky-loos but no bids, try a nice discount to see if that stirs a little action. “Since the two biggest days remaining are Green Monday and the Tuesday afterward,” Hsaio writes, “drive urgency by ending your deepest markdowns on those days and making clear to buyers that Monday and/or Tuesday are their last chances for the best prices.”

In short, don’t be discouraged at the idea of selling at this late date. There’s one last, strong wave of shopping coming up, if you get busy this weekend, you’ll catch it.  ❑

Editor’s note: I’ve been curious about Terapeak for some time now, and I’d be interested to know whether any MNB readers have ever tried it. (If you’re not familiar with the service, it gives you continuous access to the past year’s worth of ebay sales data, making it easier to spot trends. Presumably you can record the data as you go along, which would allow you to accumulate sales information for as long as you subscribe.)

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  1. Louis Golino, Author says

    Dusty- That turned out to be an internet hoax of sorts, like the fake news that plagues the web these days. I was misled by someone I will not name here and said as much in my CW column, and the RM was not happy when they saw it, and I corrected my article right away. They are also going to do a 1/10th oz.

  2. jhawk92 says

    I ordered one of each of the silver Beasts and should be getting them soon. I’m looking forward to seeing them in hand and compare them with the AtB 5 oz coins. The 1/4 oz golds might be an option too.

  3. jhawk92 says

    @Mike the Greek

    From the previous thread, I like the looks of that 2oz CML and thought it would be a nice addition to all the other “regular” ones that I have. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I went through Talisman Coins and got it for less than the MCM price.

    Hope that helps.

  4. cagcrisp says

    Penn Metals:

    “Due to an unforeseen and unpredictable personal health crisis of the owner of the business, Penn Metals will cease to operate and accept new orders effective Friday December 9th, 2016. “

  5. Louis Golino, Author says

    Got a couple of Griffins arriving today. It will be interesting to see if quality is better than lions.

  6. Keep Calm & Stack On! says

    Going quick and below Royal Mint prices – just got free shipping too!

    THE LION OF ENGLAND – QUEEN’S BEASTS – 2017 5 oz Pure Silver Proof Coin

    THE LION OF ENGLAND – QUEEN’S BEASTS – 2017 1 oz Pure Silver Proof Coin

  7. So Krates says

    Thanks for breaking the news, cagcrisp.

    Looks like another one bites the dust. That makes four BIG boys in the last few years (Tulving, Bullion Direct, North West Territorial Mint) Very skeptical about a health crisis being the sole cause of delivery delays. Seem they were healthy enough to process customers’ payments but too sick to ship their metals. We’ll see…

  8. joe says

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know if the subscription products (specifically, the 5 oz Fort Moultrie ATB coin) is supposed to have free shipping? Mine was just shipped, but the USM tacked on the shipping cost. I thought shipping was free through December 10th?

  9. cagcrisp says

    @joe, Nope. Been covered here many times. No free shipping on subscriptions. You need to cancel subscriptions if you want free shipping…

  10. Dustyroads says

    Wow, $512.00 is above my taste for a 5 oz. Queen’s Beast! This is exactly why I buy US when I do….price.

  11. Dustyroads says

    So Krates, Bankruptcy has caused more than a few health related emergencies. It clearly is NOT an easy business.

  12. RSF says

    Nice to see that the Senate approved and sent to President Obama the bill for the 2019 Apollo 11 coins. It included (and will be great to see if the Mint can produce) a three inch, five ounce, pure silver proof coin with a convex shape! The smaller standard sized, also domed, gold, silver and clad versions are all required to have the same obverse and reverse designs – sort of a shame as there is so much design potential possible.

    The reverse is required to be a “representation of a close-up of the famous “Buzz Aldrin on the Moon” photograph taken July 20, 1969, that shows just the visor and part of the helmet of astronaut Buzz Aldrin, in which the visor has a mirrored finish and reflects the image of the United States flag and the lunar lander and the remainder of the helmet has a frosted finish.”

    The common obverse will be a design determined by a juried, compensated competition with the final winner chosen by the Treasury Secretary. I’ve got a few ideas, but sadly no artistic ability.

  13. Ikaika says


    Thanks for the post. As Dusty mentioned, the price for the 5 oz is way too high. No matter how great the design is. One of the reason why this series got my attention was the great design and price. Overall a great value. Now great design and high premium will turn off many. Down the road people that are paying the $500 + for the 5oz will basically get spot price for their coin. No thank you.

  14. So Krates says

    @ Dustyroads – Usually it’s the opposite…medical problems causing personal bankruptcy due to being uninsured. That was one of the main issues driving the creation of the Affordable Care Act.

  15. So Krates says

    @ Barry – Yes!I forgot about those guys, thanks. I guess because they didn’t have any issues with delivering product and didn’t stiff anyone. They were accused of a baiting and switching. The classic hard sell of numismatic products when people called up to buy bullion is what precipitated the demise of Merit.

  16. art says

    Louis, enjoyed your article “Coins to Watch” and was waiting for part 2. Will you not be doing part 2?

  17. jayjaspersgarage on ebay says

    Ironic. An article on ebay coin sales and not a single comment on topic.

    I ship with guaranteed delivery in time for the “Big Day” as late as 12/21.

    Be well in 2017 fellow coin followers!

  18. Louis Golino, Author says

    Thanks, Art. I actually revised that as I originally forgot to deduct the proof coins in the 3-coin set, and also removed the reference to part 1. When you saw it, it probably still said part 1. For what it is worth, I bought just 1 each of the NPS unc coins. As I suggested, the new lows may not matter, but I wanted a set anyway.

    Unfortunately, even when I revise quickly, the old version sometimes hangs around for a few days.

    I was going to discuss the ASE’s with edge lettering next, but decided we have no way of knowing what their mintages will be since they will be sold next year. Instead I did a piece on the Apollo 11 legislative passage, which has the backstory to how it came about. It will be up on Monday.

  19. Louis Golino, Author says

    By the way, for those interested in the 5 oz proof Lion, remember US buyers don’t pay the VAT tax, so the price actually comes to 345 pounds, which is $430 plus shipping, which is 12 pounds, so about $445 total. The price is high but is in line with proof 5 oz. coins from world mints like Perth. My view is even if I could afford it, where the hell do you store these things?

  20. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    “The price is high but is in line with proof 5 oz. coins from world mints like Perth. ”

    Valid point Louis, but no one dares to sell a proof 5 oz WTE at a starting bid of 0.99 with no reserve. Valid for many of the overpriced coins. But again, I like very much the Lion series. I love it even more when I buy these as bullion with very little premium 🙂

  21. Mike the Greek says

    “So Krates says
    DECEMBER 10, 2016 AT 4:40 PM

    @ Dustyroads – Usually it’s the opposite…medical problems causing personal bankruptcy due to being uninsured. That was one of the main issues driving the creation of the Affordable Care Act.”

    It may have been the “driving factor” but the truth is for me personally it would cost me a car payment a month, with absolutely no benefit unless I surpass a huge deductible per year. It’s basically emergency coverage only, and the “affordable” in the title is the biggest yuck of all, ’cause it ain’t. I guess some people have benefited from it, but until I found another legal way around it (I did), I paid the fee because it was cheaper than getting robbed by the IRS for no-care.

    I’m all for the idea that healthcare is a universal need. But so is food, water, and shelter. So is the need to have good mechanics, teachers, police force, etc. In other words, healthcare is a basic primary need and what I see is the system using extortion and monopoly techniques just because it is life/death, and because they can. Where there’s need, there’s greed. I shouldn’t have to pay any more to get a broken leg fixed than to have my car fixed. It’s a necessary service, that’s all, and not something I should have to go bankrupt over.

    But what do I know? Silly half Greek.

  22. Tom P. - MA says

    I’ll just be Captain Obvious at this point. No one is commenting on the new 5oz piece simply because it won’t sell out for a few weeks, if ever. People like me will get their orders in within the first 2-3 weeks to combine orders and reduce shipping. Unless you think something will sell out pretty quickly, there is no need for a subscription. They actually work against you when you have 2 issues coming out in the same week. Double shipping for something that could have easily been obtained in one order.

    In my opinion, Ebay is a horror show of overpriced merchandise right before the holidays. I tend to avoid it until January.

  23. jhawk92 says

    @Mike the Greek

    Sure thing. I’ve found Talisman has good selection and prices for the various SML coins so they are generally where I go for special items like that. For the standard bullion SML, I’ll go where the pricing is good or when I can order it with something else.

    Speaking of something else and MCM, they do have the Ft Moultrie 5oz pucks in MS69 DMPL, both with and without Mercanti’s signature. I thought he was going only with NGC, so this year, I started out with the non-autographed version, only to see them show up on later coins. Oh well, his signature seems to add at least $20 for each coin and not sure if that is recoverable down the road.

  24. jhawk92 says

    Meant to add….I’m thinking about getting a set of each of the NPS commerative coins, as the uncirc would match up with my set of the P pucks and th proof would tie in on the DMPL version. But wondering if I should get them from the mint now or wait and get them online down the road, assuming they will drop closer to bullion value…

  25. cagcrisp says

    1 oz. proof Gold Buffalo…

    84 in stock…

    LATELY the Mint has been quick on hanging the SO sign…

  26. Mint News Blog says

    Since someone mentioned the Proof versions of the Queen’s Beasts coins, might I ask a favor of MNB readers? If you decide to purchase directly from the Royal Mint, please consider doing so by clicking through this Coin Update article (which will be live as of 10 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 12):

    These blogs are not inexpensive to run, and each Royal Mint purchase you make using a link in Mint News Blog or Coin Update generates a few shekels to help pay for the sites. The same goes for the rotating ebay ads — they don’t generate a large amount of money, but every little bit adds up. By no means am I trying to sell you on the Royal Mint (or ebay); it’s just something to consider if you already intend to purchase from them. It won’t add to the cost of your purchase, but comes out of their existing marketing budget.

    As the gents in the Bartles & Jaymes commercials used to say, “We thank you for your support.”

    — Diana

  27. earthling says

    Any Moonlight Mint Fans out there? OMG they have a full lineup of merchandise up for sale now. They have 3 versions ( surface finishes) of the 1964-D Morgan. They got tons of Clark Gruber Gold. And of course there are a bunch of other items – enough to challenge the US Mint for Christmas supremacy.

  28. Numismatrix says

    MNB – Diana :

    Maybe worthwhile to put in a link / provide PO Box (physical) address which
    could allow “some” of us to make an (anonymous if so desired) contribution to
    the operation of the websites.


  29. Barry says

    All she’s asking is to click links on the site if making a already planned purchase. You’d think she was asking for a right arm based on your comment.

  30. Imwithher says

    If you are already making a planned purchase why would she ask for favors. D is asking for a little extra considering it goes to her bottom line. I mean we all have needs I don’t go asking for handouts do you. Here’s a company asking you to pay for there existence.I guess if you under estimate then you need handouts. I buckle down do with less.

  31. Mint News Blog says

    Every website costs money to run. Where does it come from? Wikipedia does a fund-drive banner a couple of times a year. Some blogs have a virtual tip jar, and maybe the blogger reminds the readers periodically that “sharing is loving” or suggests you “buy them a cup of coffee” if you liked the site. Every email newsletter either results from a paid subscription or is designed to solicit a donation at some point. The only websites that never call attention to their sources of revenue are huge operations (like Google) that benefit from the illusion that they’re free.

    Mint News Blog is a fantastic collection of like-minded people that I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist anywhere else. There’s no paywall, there’s no membership fee. You don’t log on and find a large, irritating banner pleading for an annual donation “in any amount, no matter how small.” No auto-playing, noise-making ads (just a couple of small, quiet ones). No pop-ups. Nor is there anything like that on our sister site, Coin Update.

    If you’re planning on buying a few silver Griffins from a local dealer, great! If you’re not in the market, that’s great, too. But if you’re planning to buy them, and you intend to buy directly from the Royal Mint, it’d be appreciated if you went through one of our links. I won’t know specifically who does, but I’ll be grateful for the support of the blog.

  32. Buzz Killington says

    Anybody who is offended at this Blog asking you to use their affiliate link ONLY IF you plan to make a purchase is not connected to reality.

    A *lot* of people beg for others to use their affiliate link, and this is really no different.

  33. Dustyroads says

    Diana, I have seen many other sites soliciting for financial help in one way or another, I thought your request was quite tactful. Lets be real, you deserve to be able to afford new tires for your car like the rest of us.

  34. cagcrisp says

    Free shipping is Gone.

    47 Buffalo remain. 37 Buffalo were sold yesterday.

    Now let’s see how long it takes to SO….

  35. KEITHSTER says

    Looks like that Buffalo herd just got back together? Seems they like to hold back the last 100 and let the shipper play the count down then rinse & repeat ! So you have to watch for the head fakes most have been of late! But Good Luck All “> “> ?

  36. Throckmorton says

    AZ Dan – FWIW, I just received notice of credit for return of two WLHs…..breathed a small sigh of relief.

  37. Ryan says

    Bought a 1oz queens beasts griffin this morning for $1187.76 his morning with a credit card that gives 2% cash back, I think it was a good deal!

  38. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, a bit fiesty in here today. I agree with Dustyroads…IF you plan to buy ALREADY, help support the blog by clicking on their exsisting link. I, and many others, I am sure, have used valuable timely information here to make sound buying decisions on Mint offerings.

  39. Mike the Greek says

    What I think has a lot of integrity is that Diana told us that the links are affiliate links. Many sites just put banners and if you click them they get a tiny credit, but they normally don’t disclose it. It takes guts to be honest and upfront. And anyway, why wouldn’t we want to support the blog we all enjoy so much?

    Not too long ago I sent $10 to a blog I love and a bunch of other members did too. It’s a brutal world people, and when someone is providing a quality experience for free to us, doesn’t it makes sense to shake the hand that is feeding us?

  40. Ryan says


    How can you see my eBay purchase? Sorry if that’s a dumb question I don’t dig around in there too much

  41. gatortreke says


    Agree with cag, another nice article. I have to admit I’m stunned the Act passed. It was just the middle of last week I read where there were few Senate sponsors, next thing I know the whole Act has passed Congress, truly amazing. I did my part last summer in contacting my Senators and Representatives but didn’t bother to this time given the short time remaining before Congress adjourned, figured there was no way it would filter up quick enough to make any difference. I guess this is proof there are holiday miracles. 🙂

  42. says

    @Ryan…I clicked on the link provided by data dave. I then clicked on the number of items sold…currently 257.
    You said you paid $1187.76…there is only one sold at that price…@2:50:22am PST. It also shows how many ebay feedbacks you have. I was just curious as to when you bought this…nothing more.

  43. Mike the Greek says

    “Wow, wish I had an extra $4400..I’d snatch this up just to display it…

    Wow! SERIOUSLY cool! As I was looking at that coin, salivating over it, it struck me (pun intended) that one of the things I just love about collecting is getting absolutely AWESOME coins! The US Mint could take a cue from this guy; some fresh creative ideas and fabulous designs would do wonders to reinvigorate the hobby.

    After all we’re talking about stamped pieces of metal. The better the stamp design, the better the coin does.

  44. Mike the Greek says

    “Louis Golino, Author says
    DECEMBER 12, 2016 AT 10:32 AM

    Here is my piece on the moon landing legislation:

    @Louis: Mega cool! My one disappointment is that the coins will have the same designs on one side (I forget obverse/reverse). That was an opportunity to make each coin truly unique. It’s decisions like this that turn a potentially incredible numismatic event into a “cool” but no-quite-up-to-potential event. Sigh.

  45. Tinto says

    @Louis Golino, Author

    Thanks for that article! Great news, you did say in another post that it was going to pass given the overwhelming support in the House.

    Hopefully the Mint doesn’t screw up the designs…. I guess it’s going to have the same obverse and reverse across all denominations …

  46. Ryan says

    Not a fan of that moonlight mint coin, it’s different but looks a little unrefined with blunt shapes. I just bought one of the polish mint Trans Siberian egg coins last week that someone called a chicken egg and just today bought the polish mint sphere 7 wonders of the world coin that I’ve seen people make fun of on here too, to each his own I guess.

  47. Ryan says

    Here’s a question for all of you and I really am interested to hear the answers. How many of you are planning on buying the 225 anniversary gold Liberty coin? I’m not sure if the official name but the one with the woman of color on it. I’m not looking for a fight or dirty comments just interested. I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying it because of its historical importance.

  48. sharks2th says

    My P Ft. Moultrie pucks arrived today from the mint. All are nicely struck, but this is not one of the more exciting designs. Delivery two business days from the order day is the best timing I have ever had from the mint, especially with free shipping.

    For those in previous posts who were complaining about delivery times, those of us who have been dealing with mint for decades could tell you some stories of slow delivery. Two weeks or less is great compared to the “old days”.

  49. gatortreke says

    @ Ryan

    I’ll answer your question. Unless my budget gets hit dramatically between now and then, I’ll likely be a buyer of the 2017 High Relief Liberty gold coin. I purchased the 2015 coin and love the design. If I recall correctly, that design was met with lots of criticism when it first came out but I think collectors have come to appreciate it, especially after seeing it on the silver medals (yes, these designs look better on silver).

    I for one have no problem with the portrait of a black Lady Liberty on the coin. We are a nation of many races so to have someone other than a classical white lady is fine by me and more representative of what we are as a country. I’m all for having an Asian, a Hispanic, a Native, etc…, appear on such a coin. As long as the design is well thought out, tasteful and representative of the concept of Liberty, I’m good with it.

  50. Dustyroads says

    gatortreke and Ryan, Thinking back to the 2015 high relief release, if I remember correctly, it was the wreath on Liberties head that seemed to distract. Now fast forward to today and the images we have of the upcoming 2017 high relief Liberty, she’s not even standing, that’s a big distraction. When you think about it, Liberties profile image is a lot like the First Spouse profiles. If that’s any indication of the coins direction…

  51. Dustyroads says

    It’s being reported the Banco De Mexico stopped production of the Silver Kilogram Libertads RP coins at 800.

  52. Erik H says

    Like gatortreke, as long as the budget permits I’m in for the 2017 Liberty. I don’t like the crown of stars IMO they are a little to big / distracting but otherwise I like the design. Plus since a lot of people dislike the design, I’m going to take my usual contrarian approach to buy.

  53. Phil says

    @ Ryan.

    I will purchase the 2017 HR Liberty coin in 70 because I own the first of the series and plan to collect them all. Good way to accumulate a little gold.

    May I ask where you bought your Siberian egg? I am interested and think it’s a good collectors “coin”.

  54. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, Thanks…

    SO surprising to me. Why list these items for MONTHS as CU then put them up as SO.?

    WHAT do you know now that you didn’t know months ago?…

  55. Ryan says


    I bought the silver proof version of the egg from APMEX, it’s on sale now for $845! Best price I could find from a non scetchy sorse. Once I get the coin if it’s as nice as I think it’s going to be I’m going to order the gold plated variant from the Canadian mint. If you calculate the exchange rate and make sure you use a card with no foreign transaction fee then It comes to a little over $900. The $845 is a steal though, I even thought about buying more to sell later but that’s not me, I don’t flip coins……infact I don’t think I’ve ever sold one lol!

  56. Ryan says


    The stars are very large but that’s probably my favorite part of the design. On my wall I have intaglio prints from the bureau of printing and engraving that depict “ideals in allegory” they feature the women that have represented Peace, Liberty and Justice. Most of the women have some sort of headdress on and some are very large! I think it just adds to look, makes it seem more important maybe??? Don’t know.

  57. So Krates says

    “I bought the silver proof version of the egg… The $845 is a steal though”

    At 610% of melt value, it’s a steal alright. Just make sure you know who is doing the stealing.

  58. So Krates says

    Bought a Monnaie de Paris silver coin under spot price yesterday. It was a 1994 100 Francs Louvre coin purchased from the gift shop there back then. 22.2g of 90% for $10. Buy what you like and PAY what you like.

  59. So Krates says

    Was travelling last week and stopped in at a US Mint gift shop. The only noteworthy purchase was a NPS Unc. half with a photocopied COA. The Mint even screws up when sending coins to their own gift shop. It was easier for them to Xerox a copy from another coin than request a replacement. It was one of the last two they had. You know I had to ask if they could make some sort of adjustment, lol. Yeah right, take it or leave it buddy. So I took it. Thank you, sir, may I have another? Buy what you like and PAY what they like. F-in clad fifty-cent piece for $25.

  60. says

    X-ray Bravo all loaded up on Santa’s sleigh.., just one for all the good boys and girls out there for a little early Christmas cheer come Thursday.

  61. says

    SoKraut – Santa won’t be stopping by your house.., you’ll be stuck playing with your half.

    Good on the mint, this is a nice December surprise

  62. KML in KY says

    Remember the Baseball HOF silver & clad coins were unavailable for a long time and then they had a surprise sale at the end of the year. It’s possible they may do this with the gold Merc dimes but you never know what the Mint will do.

    Just got my SoL silver medal from MCM. It looks perfect. They sent me an email requesting the number on my medal so they could send me the COA. If I could afford it I would pick up a gold one. If I get an eBay bucks offer and the silvers are still available I may get another 1 or 2.

    Also received my 1964-D satin finish Morgan Dollar from Moonlight. It looks great next to my 1964-D Peace Dollar. I just went ahead and ordered a prooflike 1964-D Morgan Dollar also. Both of these coins are still available on the Moonlight Mint site if anyone wants one. Like the 1964-D Peace Dollar they have a “mintage” limit of 1964 coins. The Peace dollars which sold out sometime ago are now going for abuot $500.00 on eBay

  63. cagcrisp says

    The Winged Liberty Head dime will have a HHL of 1. Question is, will Months ago purchases count against current purchase limit? Probably will…

  64. cagcrisp says

    The Mints website is SCREWED up. Going the “Gold coins” route and you only see 9 Gold coin offerings.

    It was this way last night and it has NOT improved this morning.

    Shows “Showing 1 – 9 of 27 Results”…

  65. cagcrisp says

    Here’s the cynical view of the HHL of 1 for the Winged Liberty Head dimes:

    There are still 8,000+ coins listed to be Sold.

    There will not be 8,000+ coins Sold.

    When the audit comes out in two years there will be 8,000+ coins Sold…

  66. KML in KY says

    Thanks KCSO. I had not checked the Mint site for a little while. I guess my hunch was right
    lol. Any of you guys going to get 1? Hopefully some of the people who were shut out the first time can get 1 if they want.

  67. data dave says

    At least from the gold page, they still show up on the FS page. So IF the Gold Mercury goes back on sale, is it a good buy at $200? I assume it is going for enough in OGP that it could be profitably flipped at that price?

  68. zephin says

    Mercury Dime 2016 Centennial Gold Coin
    West Point (W)
    This product will be available for sale on December 15, 2016, at 12 noon (ET).

    •An event 100 years in the making
    •Breathtaking rendition of an iconic design
    •Minted at the U.S. Mint at West Point

  69. data dave says

    Just got an email from the US Mint on the golden dime, so its no longer a secret. I only ordered one the first time and can’t even remember what CC I used. Do all three order items (CC, Name and Address) have to be different or just the CC (to avoid the HHL)?

  70. Ryan says

    @ So Krates

    “At 610% of melt value, it’s a steal alright. Just make sure you know who is doing the stealing.”

    You’re right that the price above spot is very high but the time, innovative process created to make the coin as well as the fact that it’s so unique and low mintage must surely add value in your mind above the raw material? An automobile sells above the spot price of steel because of what it’s been turned into, a painting sells above canvas and paint price because of the art it has become, why should that be any different than a coin? Should they all sell for around spot and not sell for their artistic value?

  71. cagcrisp says

    @ data dave, ” So IF the Gold Mercury goes back on sale, is it a good buy at $200? I assume it is going for enough in OGP that it could be profitably flipped at that price?”

    That’s the problem. It IS a good flip for $200 and with a HHL of 1 you will have the wrong people buying. It has the potential of bringing a Good Gold coin down, just like the SLQ and the WLH.

    Maybe the New Mint Management under Trump will run the Mint like it needs to be run.

    That’s the Only hope numismatic people have. Otherwise we are destined to have Expensive bullion…

  72. data dave says

    Well at least there are less than 8K left of the gold dime. They should disappear in minutes and probably won’t have much of an impact. Maybe they will drive other sales. If the Mint was “agile” it would have come up with a 3 pack offer so they could sell more quarters and halves. Even without separate packaging.

  73. cagcrisp says

    @data dave “Well at least there are less than 8K left of the gold dime”. The sales numbers will reflect 8k, however, I don’t see 8k being sold to the public.

    That should help to dampen the impact on the secondary market…

  74. cagcrisp says

    Mint website Screw up.

    Still ONLY 9 Gold coins listed under ‘Gold Coins’ tab.

    SO…IF you are new to the website and you go under the ‘Gold Coins’ tab and you want to purchase ANY FS coins, ANY Gold Twain coins, the proof NPS coin or the Mercury dime ….you are SOL.

    IF you know your way around the website, no problems…

  75. Ikaika says

    @ Dave SW FL

    $200 according to the US Mint website. Not sure why it took so long for them to sell the remaining MCDs?

  76. So Krates says

    Hey Ryan, Please don’t take my having a little fun at the Robot Chicken egg’s expense personally 🙂 I DO agree that all those benefits add value above spot. A hamburger at the Cheesecake Factory should cost more per pound than the Cattle Futures price would indicate. I understand. I’m not a “Silver is Silver”, bullion-only ostrich. But I can’t help but question exactly how much added value when it gets astronomical. I will pay up if I perceive some lasting value, e.g. 1893-S Morgan ($5K for $13 melt), the 95-W ASE ($3K for $17 melt). The 31 gram gold French medal at $4.7K may have excellent long term value but the probability seems low. I might venture to guess that your means may influence your assessment of value whereas I try hard to assess value independent of the purchaser . It took me nearly three hours of panhandling to collect enough to buy my cupro-nickel half!

    Buy what you like, pay what you like

  77. Mint News Blog says

    I’ll be posting an update on the reopening of sales for the Mercury Gold Dime shortly. (Many of you will already be fully filled in on the details, but a few readers might find it helpful.) In the meantime, you might find this post by Paul Gilkes at informative:

    It’s from back in July, right before the coins were declared unavailable.

  78. cagcrisp says

    Diana, I would like to know on the HHL of 1, Does prior purchases under the HHL of 10 in FY16 count against you or are we starting from a clean slate in FY17?


  79. cagcrisp says

    According to the Mint sales numbers there should be 8,904 dimes available.

    According to CW there are ” approximately 7,800 remaining 2016-W Winged Liberty Head, Centennial gold dimes will be made available Dec. 15 at 12 pm ET.”

    SO…Someone’s already whittled it down over a 1,000 coins…

  80. data dave says

    Is there something written that describes how the HHL works? Is it really household (based on mailing address), it is based on CC number, is it based on mint user login information, is it based on name?

  81. Throckmorton says

    Not sure why anyone would want to dive back into the Mercs at this point. These have to be someone else’s rejectos.

  82. Mint News Blog says

    @cagcrisp, I’ll ask the Mint’s press contact and let you know as soon as I hear back. Typically, the Mint takes a couple of days to answer questions (no doubt one person is handling dozens upon dozens of inquiries daily). @Louis Golino, Author, you’re our go-to repository of Mint knowledge — do you know how the HHL works?

  83. Mint News Blog says

    @cagcrisp, before emailing the press office, I checked the Mint’s FAQs (no doubt you have, as well). They’re quite vague:

    “In cases where we have limited-mintage products (e.g., legislatively mandated or Mint established production or mintage limits), the United States Mint may impose order or household limits. Order limits help us ensure that we provide fair purchase opportunities to the broadest audience possible. As we monitor our products, limits may be implemented, adjusted, or removed at our discretion.

    “We will retain a limited number of orders above the maximum product limit. This is known as our waitlist. If inventory becomes available due to cancellations, we will fulfill waitlist orders on a first-in, first-served basis. We cannot provide you with information about your position on the waitlist.”

    The wording suggests there’s a difference between an order limit and an HHL but doesn’t explain that difference, and there are no specifics at all. Most unsatisfactory…

  84. KEITHSTER says

    Seems the Mint is cleaning house to get ready for the new year? Lots of the Pres. dollars can’t be found and some of the Spouses are missing? They must have found the box with the dimes in it or the one with the old die ! And is the bundle thing new? May have to go for a dime just for the fun of it or incase they did press out new ones to make up the diff? Well Good Luck To All “>”>”> :>

  85. Erik H says

    gatortreke, I guess you only read some, not all of the post here because I already pointed that fact out a few post earlier.

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