Jackson & Van Buren Presidential $1 Coin & Medal Sets Sold Out

As of yesterday, the Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Sets for Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren are sold out.

Each set contains one uncirculated Presidential Dollar and the corresponding First Spouse Bronze Medal. These are both placed on a custom plastic card featuring a portrait of the President. The sets were priced at $7.95 each.

Almost immediately after the coins were officially sold out, secondary market prices for the coins as seen on eBay lept incredibly higher. Completed auctions include Martin Van Buren Sets sold for $77.50 and $85.00. Current auctions show one listing with a high bid of over $100.

Here are the current eBay listings.

As I have mentioned before, the huge premiums paid for the Coin & Medal Set are essentially paid for the packaging option. All of the 2008 First Spouse Bronze Medals are still available for sale individually on the US Mint’s website, priced at only $3.50 each. The 2008 Four Medal Set also remains available for $12.95.

Even though the sets moved into sold out status only yesterday, they may have effectively been unavailable for much longer. Under a prior post, a reader reported ordering the Martin Van Buren Presidential Coin & Medal Set in December 2008. After receiving three separate back order notices, the reader finally received an email stating that the coins were sold out.

About a week ago, I had also ordered one each of the Martin Van Buren and Jackson Sets, just to see if there was something that made the sets different than the individual medals or coins. Unfortunately, my order was also canceled after the sell out.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I ordered both the Jackson and Van Buren Coin & Spouse Medal Sets on 3/18. Their status kept showing "in stock and reserved", until yesterday when they were abruptly cancelled.

    What's the deal, Mint?? You mean it took you THAT LONG to determine you DIDN'T have enough IN STOCK? You couldn't tell that when I placed my order, or even a week after, that your stock was then depleted? As a long-time US Mint collector, I've come to expect more from you. You are killing off honest collectors and instead raising up quick-sell artists.

    Co'mon Mint, get your act together!

    Michael Anders

  2. Brad says

    I placed an order for 5 each of the 2008 Presidential Dollar Coin and Spouse Medal sets on October 29. The Quincy Adams, Jackson and Van Buren sets were shipped out within two weeks, but the Monroes were on backorder status until just last week. They’ve now shipped and are in transit as I write this. I never thought after all that time that I was actually going to get them. They had showed “Sold Out” on the Mint’s website since November. I was certain they would eventually be cancelled, but the Mint surprised me on that one.

    I also placed an order for 20 more of both the Jackson and the Van Buren sets on November 27. I did that just in case there might be somewhat of a repeat of the 2007 Jefferson set scenario, since they also had the “Liberty” theme. I wasn’t really banking on them being worth much, but I figured why not take a chance? The Van Burens shipped to me on December 18, but similar to the Monroes the Jacksons were on backorder status until last week. They still show a status of “In Stock and Reserved” as I write this. The cancellation box is gone, so I have high hopes they will also be fulfilled.

    I figured they wouldn’t be worth much at all, as much time as they spent being supposedly available at the Mint. I guess there must have been a LOT of people still waiting on those, and now they’ve migrated to eBay after finding out the Mint has let them down. The supply on eBay seems to be pretty tight right now, too. I wonder if the number of sets sold were comparable to the 2007 figures? I’ve yet to see any actual figures on the 2008 sets. Any idea at all on how many might have been sold and fulfilled?

  3. Anonymous says

    I am starting to wonder if mint problems are just a reflection of everything else in gov’t. When you have a tax cheat put in charge of the IRS what’s next a counterfeiter to be placed in charge of the mint? He would be “uniquely qualified for the position” as they like to say.

  4. Andrew says

    I, too, also had my order cancelled. It was placed on 3/13 for 10 of each. It showed as being backordered with the date continually being pushed back before being cancelled yesterday, April 15. The Mint’s customer service has been very disappointing this year.

  5. Anonymous says

    Cancelled my order placed on 12/31/08. Took them more than 4 months to figure out what in their inventory. Or there may be some production issues?

  6. Anonymous says

    Tax cheat… LOL I wish a I had a dollar for every tax cheat in gov or otherwise. Do you honestly think no other politicians have/are cheating on their taxes? Let me guess only the democrats right? I’d prefer a tax cheat over a liar and a crook like the last joke we had in power. The mint is overloaded due to the economy. Not hard to figure out. I do think we all need to voice our opinion where it counts. Not hear but at the mint. They need to hire some help. If folks would stop buying bullion we might get our proof eagles as well.

  7. Anonymous says

    The Harrison spouse and medal set is already backordered. Have these always been backordered?

  8. Tim says

    In response to Harrison spouse (XN3) backorders, ordered the set on April 9th, and has shown “In stock and reserved” since…we’ll see…

  9. Anonymous says

    They have indeed been sold out for a while, the mint just failed to update the status. Ordered mine several months ago and received multiple back order notices, and finally the dreeded sold out notice. They were on Ebay for a few bucks higer than the mint at the time — should have known and ordered them on Ebay. Would have saved a lot on flow!

  10. Brad says

    My 20 Jackson sets that were ordered on 11/27 finally shipped today, 4/21. Those might have been among the last ones ordered that were actually fulfilled, from what I’ve read. I’m just glad they will arrive versus being cancelled! I was starting to get worried.

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