Jacqueline Kennedy First Spouse Gold Coin Sales Reach 10,894

jkThe United States Mint has released the opening day sales figures for the 2015 Jacqueline Kennedy First Spouse Gold Coin. Across both proof and uncirculated versions, sales have reached 10,894 pieces.

The specific breakdown of sales was 7,102 proof coins and 3,792 uncirculated coins.

The half ounce gold coins carry a maximum mintage of 30,000 pieces across both versions. This is triple the 10,000 maximum mintage established for other 2015-dated releases of the First Spouse Gold Coin series.

The first release of the series for this year featuring Bess Truman had first reported sales of 1,913 pieces across proof and uncirculated versions. This was figure comes from the regular weekly sales report, so it covers more than just the opening day. Current sales for the coin have reached 3,165 as of the most recent sales report.

The second release for this year featuring Mamie Eisenhower had first reported sales of 1,622 pieces across proof and uncirculated versions. Current sales for the coin have reached 3,234 pieces.

The opening day figures for the Jacqueline Kennedy First Spouse Gold Coin are far above the sales levels for recent releases of the series. However, the figures still pale in comparison to the initial releases of the series from 2007. The first two coins featuring Martha Washington and Abigail Adams each sold out of the entire maximum mintages of 40,000 coins each on the opening day of sales. This was followed by another first day sell out for the third coin featuring Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty, before the popularity of the series fizzled.

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  1. a Bob says

    I will be buying a certified Truman silver medal that someone dumps on the bay. I just don’t get the interest in reverse proof dollars.

  2. Jerry Diekmann says

    Tonto – what you said makes a lot of sense, and it has also saved you a lot of cents too. I too am not buying into the meaningless labels hype. I am no prophet, but I can almost predict with certainty that first strike, early release, and “signature” labels will have zero extra value five to ten years after they have been sold. If these are such great long term investments, than why are the dealers and flippers, and their cohorts, the TPGs, so anxious to sell them so quickly? I am sure that they all subscribe to the “greater fool” theory. For those of us who invest in the stock market, this practice also has the name “Keynesian beauty contest”, after this “strategy” was described by Keynes in his 1936 book, “The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money”. BTW, Keynes was a very smart guy,

    I carried this philosophy on to assembling a collection of Buffalo nickels, Winged Liberty Head dimes, and Standing Liberty quarters (BTW I have no 70s, 69s, 68s, 67s, 66s, and maybe just a couple of 65s from these series) by date only, not by date and mint mark, especially since so many branch mint nickels and quarters especially are so expensive and most of them in the 1920s were struck very poorly, with flat horns and flat heads, respectively. The P mints were minted in far greater numbers and also were struck for the most part with greater pressure, so they struck up better. But, I still have no 1921 dimes or quarters, and if I never get any, that will be OK with me, as I know there are plenty other coins in the series that I will never acquire either.

  3. Two Cents says

    It’s interesting that the Coin World article states that according to the Apollo 11 bill, the reverse design will be “continuing over what would otherwise be the edge of the coins, such that the reverse design extends all the way to the obverse design.”

    That sounds like there will be no reeding on the edge of the coins. I wonder that if the reverse shows part of the cratered lunar surface, the edge will likewise show bumps and indentations like the moon, and that motif will extend to the obverse design.

    Having no edge reeding (or lettering/ornamentation) will be a major departure from what separates a coin from a medal in US coinage history. The reason why there was reeding (or edge embossment) was to prevent “shaving” of the precious metal off the coin. That tradition carried over to modern-day coins even if they are no longer made of silver or gold. (Non-precious metal coins like the cents or nickels had flat surfaces on the edge.)

    I also wonder if the huge 5-oz. silver coin will have curved surfaces. I remember that for the Baseball Hall of Fame coins, the US Mint invested a lot of time and money to create acceptable dies and just the right pressure to ensure that the convex and concave designs would stamp out properly. Being 3 inches in diameter (or maybe a bit smaller to account for the curvature), the technological issues might be daunting, especially if up to 100,000 of them are to be minted. But then again, the 5-oz. planchets will be made of softer .999 fine silver (vs. .900 coin silver or the harder cu-ni clad).

    In any case, it will be exciting to see a curved lunar coin that commemorates what is probably the greatest and most inspiring technological achievement that man has ever accomplished – imagine, putting a human being on another celestial body that mankind has looked up in awe and wonderment since the beginning of human consciousness!

  4. gary says

    a Bob… I’m with you on getting the silver Truman medal in the aftermarket. Certainly there will be those who covet the reverse proof dollars and sell off the silver medals. I don’t get the big deal about reverse proofs either and in some instances looks far less attractive than a regular proof. The RP golden dollars are nothing more than polished turds to me.

  5. Tinto says

    @Two Cents

    “In any case, it will be exciting to see a curved lunar coin that commemorates what is probably the greatest and most inspiring technological achievement that man has ever accomplished …”

    And it was the fulfillment of President Kennedy’s goal announced years earlier to the entire world .. truly a mission accomplished.

  6. gary says

    @Two Cents… good post! I hope the 2019 Lunar Landing coins are made only in 1 oz. and 5 oz. silver.

  7. gary says

    @Tinto… it was not just an inspiring technological achievement, it was a human sociological event up there along with the invention of the first hand tools and the wheel!

  8. ClevelandRocks says

    Too many offerings. Circus coinage. The USMint has morphed into the RCM. Nothing is special anymore.

  9. Ends in Error says

    I grew up in the 60’s with JFK being the first President that registered in my consciousness. The Moon Mission was my inspiration all through the 60’s.
    I remember watching the ” live” Moon Landing on July 20, 1969 – what magic that was.

    This 50th Anniversary in 2019 with the Coins will be really spacial. OMG I can’t hardly wait.

  10. says

    Wow that’s a beautiful coin in proof! I can see it becoming really popular regardless of mintage numbers. 30,000 coins ain’t a lot. It’s a sell out for sure. Another interesting addition to a series that includes the liberty subset, the Adams mule (medal), some beautiful early coins, the controversial Alice Paul issue, some extremely scarce recent coins, the quickly sold out Roosevelt proof and 2014 medal set and a few other things. I like it a lot. Bravo mint and collectors!

  11. KCSO says

    hilo says- JUNE 27, 2015 AT 3:24 PM, “Still think those spouse coins with a classic design are the real winners.”

    Probably the most nonchalant, accurate post of the week, so yep, agreed, in due time.., KCSO

  12. a Bob says

    The older I get the less I am attracted to the hype. Limited mintage does not mean too much unless there is a collector base. I always remind myself that the lowest modern U.S. commemorative dollar mintage is under 14k AND there are still plenty of them available from dealers. That means there is not 14000 collectors putting together a commemorative dollar set. Even less for reverse proofs.

  13. Jon H says

    I got my UNC Jackie on Friday. It is a very nice coin, looks absolutely lovely. This is only my second FS coin, the first being Alice Paul. Unfortunately, for my bank account, I see myself buying some more FS coins.

  14. Dave SW FL says

    Jon H,
    Look how smart you are…. you will get your FS golds at melt ( or very close) and if you time it right, very cheaply. This bear market in PMs is brutal and apparently getting worse. When the stock & bond markets panic, you will be presented the opportunity of a lifetime.
    I salute your patience. I wish I had more of it. I am learning a good lesson about chasing. Several years back I decided to put together a commemorative set and have paid the price to learn the patience lesson. Jumped into the hobby without reading enough to really know where true $ value lies in collecting. All of the “hot” moderns crash & burn price wise . You have to have an Edsel mentality with these, I believe.

  15. Ends in Error says

    A Bob

    Yeah no doubt 14 k would be plenty for every collector that really wanted one….BUT……..

    Collectors aren’t the only ones getting into the Mints Game. Dealers and flippers want in also.

    On the C&C Sets I got a feeling the Dealers and flippers have snuck in the side door. Real Collectors are slowly being squeezed out as primary US Mint customers. It’s a sad day for any one actually buying for their own collection.

  16. Louis says

    a Bob- The 4 lowest mintage coins, which are ll in the 14-15K range, may still be available but to me it matters more that they are worth 10-15 times issue price each and much more in 70 since and there is good two-way trade in these coins.

  17. Barry says

    @ a Bob- to help make your point I noticed recent Disney proof coins going for half price from when they first came out and these are low mintage ( 10k for example). Same with some other proof coins. I can’t help but, notice them on websites showing their markdowns. I felt coins like that were overpriced to begin with and never bought them. Once they get to half price it seems they start to slowly disappear off of the sites.

  18. Jon H says

    Dave SW FL

    In hindsight, it could be good. I actually bought the Alice Paul “by mistake”. There was a proof that was at an auction here, and I put a $500 bid in, expecting for it to go for much higher, and I ended up being the high bidder at $500. So I got that at below spot.

  19. ike says

    Thanks Jon H. I ordered 1 of each & both are still processing. I completed my order with-in 1 min. I guess I should have put in 2 separate orders

  20. D Rittenhouse says

    I appreciate that the coin used for size comparison in the CNN article photo was the 2003 Arkansas statehood quarter. But, too bad it wasn’t the 2010 Hot Springs AtB quarter. 🙂

  21. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, My Lady keeps telling me that we are going. When she decides for us to go, we WILL go…LOL..

  22. jeff says

    Looks like there trouble tomorrow morning in the stock market futures down 250+
    Its sad how Greece can cause this much turmoil. Greece economy is that of Texas but
    tomorrow the stock market will lose billions just because a county is leaving the euro .
    Maybe a buy opportunity ?

  23. says

    We should all be watching Greece really closely. This is the first time such a major component of the global financial system has broken down since the Lehman crisis. We’ve been hearing for years now that “Greece is contained,” and we’re about to find out if that is true or just nonsense. It will be extremely interesting to see if the days of cheap silver and relatively cheap gold have come to an end (again).

    Plus, I am very worried we will be where Greece is now in the next 5-10 years.

    The next week is going to be extremely interesting.

  24. Dave SW FL says

    Very modest pre market move in PMs. TPTB will contain any move……….until they lose control. I think that’s still quite a ways off. Given what’s happened since 2007, they have exercised their power very adeptly. The media no longer investigates anything and the executive and “leadership” allow whatever they please. And the people’s apathy is astounding!

  25. john says

    someone on ebay has 50 sets of the new c/c for sale at 129.00. How can this be if there a 5 sets limts,and know have be sold from the mint .

  26. Dave SW FL says


    He doesn’t say he HAS them. He won’t start shipping until AFTER the release date in July. Probably has buyers lined up with immediate access.

  27. Dustyroads says

    Apparently L&C can buy the coins in excess of 5 set’s per if they have other peoples CC #’s. Maybe Jeff’s coins is doing the same thing.

  28. jeff says

    Let Greece burn like the romans did years ago. It only took several centuries for Greece to come back with their tails between there legs. They will find out the hard way what it means to be responsible …

  29. jeff says

    I initially was not interested in the CC set but now I just might try to order just to screw up these hoarders …

  30. cagcrisp says

    There are various ways to play the Greece Tragedy, however, you may become a Tragedy IF you gamble wrong…

    Gold is NOT a way that I will be playing it…

  31. Sith says

    @Jeff – LOL you mean as responsible as the morons that were dumb enough to lend them the money? The EU gave Greece a platumun credit card and told them to use it wisely, they are now shocked, shocked to find out they misused those funds, and can’t pay them back.

  32. Sith says

    And those worried about Greece, Puerto Rico’s Governor is using the Greek smoke screen to declare that Puerto Rico’s debt is also unmanageable. The announcement will be made tonight , fireworks to follow the announcement

  33. says

    I bet the eyes of the other high profile dead beat euro countries are watching ever so close so as to mimic the Greeks if they should weasel their way out of debt.

    This process of getting Greece to balance its budget has taken so long that those who left their money within the Greek banks must be INSANE!

    Now limited to ATM 60 euros/day life must be just wonderful for those without hard currency.

    Once again…giving everybody everything results in everybody having nothing.

    Semper Fi

  34. Sith says

    @Silky – Excellent observation with one caveat, the deadbeat nations were allowed to borrow so they could buy German, and other central European goods. Its funny how we blame the deadbeats but not the idiots who lent them the money knowing they could not pay, or based on the concept that under the Euro all countries were somehow equally credit worthy. IE it made no difference to lend money to Germany or Greece, because of the Euro they were all equal in the eyes of the bond market…

  35. Tinto says

    And I read somewhere a long while ago that Greece only got admitted into the Euro because of some magical financial process where they used as advised by some Wall Street firm (for a fee of course) but this wasn’t known until after Greece got in …

  36. Louis says

    Tinto- Yes, Goldman Sachs made a ton of money off this even though they committed fraud by cooking Greek’s books so they would qualify to join.

  37. says

    jeff says
    JUNE 28, 2015 AT 11:03 PM

    Let Greece burn like the romans did years ago. It only took several centuries for Greece to come back with their tails between there legs. They will find out the hard way what it means to be responsible …

    I agree, but do we not have an outstanding debt of trillions! When will we become responsible? China’s Yuan is pegged to the dollar, yet they hold our debt (or a lot of it). I wonder if our leaders are blind to what I perceive to be a grave mistake? Or, do they know something I do not? We were a producing nation, now we are a consuming nation, I just cannot figure how this government is able to support so many consumers? Anybody have any ideas?

  38. Steven W. Knight says

    No one, nobody knows the future. Coins less than 2,600 proof and 2,000 mint state in gold average around $20,000 each from the US mint since the late 1790s.

    We now are looking at several coins around that and those numbers in these spouses. Two of which were BOTH the second most popular president and his wife; which was the first most popular spouse in the White House of all time. FDR’s. Surely there will not be over that number in full series sets. 1,886 in mint state and 2,377 in proof state; WAY before the final audit which will be somewhat lower.

    The $90,000 BILLION $90,000,000 million or $90,000,000,000.00 ($90 trillion) of US bonds and similar debt is in trouble. At least $10 trillion in physical gold and silver backs it up in real money.

    At least China had the common sense to build whole entire cities and roads to them before the GREATEST DEPRESSION will soon hit. And they (China) will also have 50% of all the gold ever mined still above the ground. Meanwhile America has 200 year old cities that are crumbling due to inept leadership. And since we have to buy our gold on the open market per the law for ALL gold coins made by the US Mint – I sincerely wonder if we have any supply. For Platinum law says use the Treasury supply and REPLENISH. Not that way with gold or silver – NO SIR RE!

    These coins are the new $50 Pan Am 1915 gold pieces come 2017!

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