James Monroe Dollar Bags and Rolls Available Tomorrow

Tomorrow, February 14, 2008 at 12:00 PM ET, bags and rolls of the James Monroe Presidential Dollars will go on sale at the US Mint.

The coins are specially packaged in canvas bags or specially packaged rolls which bear the US Mint logo. 250 coin bags are priced at $319.95 and 25 coin rolls are priced at $35.95. Coins are available from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mints.

Tomorrow will also mark the date that the Monroe Dollar enters circulation. Collectors should be able to obtain coins from banks and financial institutions. This release will be particularly interesting due to the possibility of finding Monroe Dollars struck on quarter planchets. Although the US Mint has stated that all of the error coins produced have been recovered, there is definitely a chance that some escaped notice.

More information on Presidential Dollar Errors.

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  1. Anonymous says

    has there been any mention of an error with the edge lettering on the monroe dollar

  2. Michael says

    So far, I have not heard about any Monroe Dollars found with the missing edge lettering or double edge lettering found on some of the other presidents.

    There are some “weak edge lettering” coins popping up on eBay, but those are not really selling for much of a premium.

    The first major error found for Monroe Dollars is this Faceless Dollar. This is a blank planchet with edge lettering.

  3. Anonymous says

    Recently found a Monroe dollar with no edge lettering, a perfect smoothie. Found in a 2008 Annual Uncirculated dollar coin set. Have there been any other finds so far?? Cant seem to find anything on the internet/ebay

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