James Monroe Presidential Dollar Error Update

Just before the release of the James Monroe Presidential Dollars, Coin World reported that thousands of Monroe Dollars had been struck on State Quarter planchets. According to a statement subsequently released by the US Mint, all of the errors had been recovered and returned to the Mint. Despite the statement, there was still some discussion about whether it was possible for one or more of the errors to escape notice and reach circulation.

It has now been just over one month and no one has come forward with news of the discovery of a Monroe Dollar wrong planchet error. However, there has been another type of significant error has been discovered, first reported by Susan Headley on About.com:Coins.

The error was a so-called “Faceless” Monroe Dollar. This error is a coin blank that was never struck, but passed through the edge lettering machine. NGC certified the error as a Monroe Dollar since the edge lettering includes the date 2008 and no other Presidential Dollars had been released in 2008 at the time of submission. This article from NGC includes more information and photos of the error coins.

Notably, the Michigan collector who discovered the error had searched over 20,000 Monroe Dollars to find this one specimen.

Will any of the Monroe Dollars on Quarter planchets be discovered? I am still inclined to think that it’s possible that a few might have escaped being recaptured by the Mint. The potential for a discovery certainly keeps things interesting.

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  1. Anonymous says

    one of my monroe coins the edging is printed upside down..i was wondering if this is an actual error or not.

  2. Michael says

    Unfortunately, this is not an error.

    For circulating (non-proof) Presidential Dollars, the edge lettering is inscribed without regards to the heads or tails side of the coin.

    Further info from the US Mint can be found here:
    US Mint

  3. Gerald says

    On a couple of the Monroe Presidential $1 coin and first spouse medal set I have a Monroe dollar coin and a Louisa Adams first spouse medal. is this an error? It is still in the package as received from the Mint.

  4. The Chip says

    I just received a 2008 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin set. To my Surprise the Monroe Dollar has no lettering on the sides. All of the others look fine, but the Monroe is as smooth as the Sac.

    I've been looking for more info regarding this error, but only found one story regarding ICG opening 5000 sets and finding 3 of these out of the 5000 they opened.

    Anyone else hear about this error, or how many may be out there like this?

  5. The Chip says

    I'm pretty excited… after 10 years of collecting this is my first error find, and will be my first submission for grading.

    Many Thanks!

  6. Anonymous says

    I have a coin with james monroe but not on a normal plancet.It only weighs 2.32grams

  7. BROOKE TOLAN says

    I have a James Monroe with what appears to be a faint star in a circle imprint just above 5th on the coin. What could this be from?

  8. Willy says

    I have a roll of James Monroe dollars that have extra lettering on the rim. Some look like the letters are upside down but not part of the original lettering. Has anyone seen this?

  9. Andrew Smith says

    I have a 2008-S Monroe Proof that I actually found in a vending machine… totally amazing find in itself… however upon further inspection i noticed 3 vertical lines on the edge lettering where the ‘dots’ should be. The lines are perfectly straight and stretch the width of the edge from obverse to reverse.. Is this not only a proof, but a proof error?

  10. Randy says

    I have a Monroe ( 2008 P) on the side. but it has a colorized face ONLY. everything else is gold, front and back. I can not find any coin like that besides the ones with coloring of the face, letters and back of the coin is colorful also.

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