JFK Gold Coin Sales Rise to 61,700

After the second day of availability, sales for the United States Mint’s 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coins have risen to 61,700. This amount is up by about 5,006 pieces from the opening day sales total of 56,694.

A breakdown of sales by channel for the first and second day of sales is shown below:

Day One Day Two Total
Online/Call Center 54,825 4,090 58,915
ANA 493 488 981
Mint Headquarters 376 228 604
Philadlephia 500 100 600
Denver 500 100 600
Total 56,694 5,006 61,700

Following the strong early sales for the product and continued intense interest at the four retail locations, the United States Mint has made an announcement regarding production plans and availability at certain locations.

The Mint indicated that they have the necessary raw materials to initially produce 75,000 of the 50th Anniversary Gold Proof Kennedy Half Dollars and will continue to produce additional raw materials in order to fulfill all demand for the product.


Deputy Director Dick Peterson said, “The Mint is very proud to have produced over 40,000 of these beautiful coins. We will continue to produce 6,000 of the coins per week for the next several weeks and continue to assess demand.  We are committed to maximizing access to these products.”

The Mint announced that they are suspending sales of the gold proof half dollars at their retail locations in Philadelphia, Denver, and Washington, DC after August 7. The decision was made to ensure the safety of those waiting to purchase the coin and the Mint’s own employees. Previous plans had called for 500 coins to be made available initially at each location, followed by an additional 100 coins per location for the following three days.

Sales will continue as planned at the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Rosemont, Illinois. The Mint had previously announced plans to offer 2,500 of the coins for sale at the venue, with 500 coins made available per day.

Update: The US Mint and ANA have just announced the suspension of 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coins at the World’s Fair of Money convention in Rosemont, Illinois. Once again, the decision was made to ensure the safety of those seeking to purchase the coins as well as employees. Sales of other US Mint products including the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Doll Uncirculated Coin Set will continue at the US Mint booth at the convention.

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  1. says

    Opening Day Only Sales Silver Kennedy
    • VA Rich 100k on 08/08/14 (Opening volley)
    • thePhelps 85,500 08/08
    • CaptainOverkill 75,000 08/08
    • cagcrisp 212,125 08/08
    • VA Bob 105k 08/08

  2. MarkInFlorida says

    A system that lets big dealers bus people in and get ahead of collectors is not a good system. The Mint needs a better plan. WHat do other mints do? Give first choice to their long time regular customers?

  3. VA Bob says

    The UHR had some anemic monthly numbers after the initial first month buy too, yet went on to more than double sales over the course of the year (at higher gold prices I might add, gold broke $1k and later $1.2k that year). The Mint holiday catalog is a big draw each year for people giving upscale gifts. Unless the Mint does not buy anymore 3/4 oz. planchets above the 75K they have now on hand, they will sell more than that number. That’s not my opinion, it happens every year, without fail, if the coins are available, both gold and silver. The JFK gold will sell just fine.

    Dave – Check your numbers for the UHR. I’m pretty sure it’s a 115,178 final mintage. I would be interested to know where the number you got came from.

  4. Clark says

    Touche, Cag! And you know that those rules, once established after the game begins, will change. This is not a sport for the faint of heart.

  5. VA Bob says

    MarkInFlorida said, “What do other mints do? Give first choice to their long time regular customers?”

    Yes, that’s why from time to time you see dealers selling current coins for less than their respective foreign mints do. They get volume discounts on most everything. Even those low mintage coins. It’s built right into those high premiums.

    If the US Mint wanted to be fair at these shows, they would have a coin or two there for the folks to ogle over, then let them order (and pay with their CC) on site, to receive their order, in the order received by the Mint, by USPS, FedEx, or UPS. That would be fair, and the customer can see the product first hand. A bit reminiscent of the old mail in system, except modernized. You’d get your order number, just like at your home computer, and it would be assigned in that manner too. No jumping ahead of other online orders.

  6. says

    Here is what Drives me NUTS when doing statistical analysis.

    Buy it Now Gold BHOF on 08/07 @ 8:18 for $699.95
    Buy it Now Gold BHOF on 08/07 @ 11:18 for $649.99
    Buy it Now Gold BHOF on 08/07 @ 11:45 for $615.00
    Buy it Now Gold BHOF on 08/07 @ 11:47 for $674.99

    The Seller that did the $615.00 sold a total of 9 Gold BHOF coins Yesterday for $615.00. Clearly this Seller wanted out and he got out. This is the instance where I do Not like Flippers. The last 150 Gold BHOF average Sales price was $652.84 Before this happened, So Clearly this Seller wanted to Get Out for some reason and he/she did…

  7. Ray says

    I caught The Coin Vault shamelessly peddling certified Kennedy coins last night. They wanted $20,000 forone of them. It’s dealers like them that bussed people in to all of the on site locations to flip for a high premium. Their actions make me sick.

  8. thePhelps says

    Oh great… so next years ATB designs (sigh) will get a reverse proof treatment… in either clad or silver… while I like the idea couldn’t they have picked a better year or better yet…better designs to get this treatment?

  9. Clark says

    Phelps!! You had to make me see it! Why can’t we all just get along? (Actually, Eunice was much better looking and sweeter in real life. They didn’t do her any favors.)

  10. Steve says

    @cagCrisp- This is exactly what is going to happen to the Kennedy golds on Ebay. The flippers who didn’t cancel will end up lowering their buy it now price driving the market down to dump their inventory.

  11. Steve says

    And for everyone that is bashing the US Mint (some rightfully so) for their handling of the Kennedy gold release I have to say kudos for getting the first 40,000 processed and what appears to be very quick shipping. I ordered 2 at 12:15 and want them just as much as I wanted them before the on sale. Don’t let the negative take persuade you unless you bought 5 to flip in OGP on Ebay.

  12. says


    Cagcrisp actually beat you to the punch and mentioned it yesterday. I am rather looking forward to the new sets. I am hoping that the unknown set will be an enhanced proof in the West Point set style.

  13. mark says

    Just watched one end on feebay…..wait ..wait… boom, winning bid $1415.00. Seller lost about $25.00

  14. James says

    Hey Ray: I saw that too on the Coin Vault show, but it was $20,000 for 4 coins if I am not mistaken. One from each of the 4 locations selling them the first day. What a joke.

  15. VA Bob says

    Zaz – there goes the specialness of the reverse proof. While it will be nice to see some of the other coins get the treatment, it will get old quick if it’s an annual thing. Besides, no one will be able to have a complete RP presidents set or ATB set. It reminds me of the satin finish unc sets a few years ago. Apparently in the pursuit of short term profit, the Mint has not learn it’s lesson. If the annual sets weren’t (with a few exceptions) secondary market losers, it might be different. I love the annual sets, but how much loss can the collector bear?

    Also US Mint, make the cent in the annual set 95% copper. We are paying for it with the current premiums, and it might help your sales. How dare you make a reverse proof copper plated zinc cent! The epitome of cheap. If you must do it, do it in a coin composition worthy of it.

  16. Jon in CT says

    Steve wrote on August 8, 2014 at 12:50 PM:

    And for everyone that is bashing the US Mint (some rightfully so) for their handling of the Kennedy gold release I have to say kudos for getting the first 40,000 processed and what appears to be very quick shipping.

    The Mint has been accepting orders for over three days now but has yet to ship even a single coin. You might think that is worth kudos but if there are really 30K coins stacked up in the warehouse, then the Mint has failed yet again with fulfillment.

  17. says

    In regard to the Kennedy gold guesstimate contest: we need to have a more level playing field in terms of the entries submitted by the contestants. Some contestants gave an exact number guess. Other entries went with a low and high range (yes, one of the terms used in statistics). A third group of entries included over and under estimates. These variables may make it difficult to declare a true winner.

    For the upcoming Kennedy silver set contest, wouldn’t it be better if all contestants were limited to making a specific number guess, as you just did? Of course it could take many months for the Mint to do its final auditing, so the winner would not be revealed for quite a while.

    By the way, when does the rules committee meet again?

  18. Dave says

    To VA Bob:

    “Dave – Check your numbers for the UHR. I’m pretty sure it’s a 115,178 final mintage. I would be interested to know where the number you got came from.”

    — The final audited sales were posted on this (Mint News Blog). Maybe Michael can give the reference again. I will search later — I’ve got to run, just checking in for now.

  19. says


    The Gold winner could be problematic depending on final numbers. One entrant has a range of 22k and Another has a range of 20k.

    That’s quite a spread.

    To determine the Winner we may just follow the Mint’s lead and hand out Tickets and then after a couple days change the rules and don’t hand out Tickets…

  20. Tinto says

    @VA Bob
    ” .. there goes the specialness of the reverse proof ..”

    Totally agree, if this becomes an annual thing (as it seems to have happened with the ASE) I will stop buying the RPs I might buy the first year or two of the Reverse Annual Proof sets for the sake of having a type set but that would be it for me. What next, happy birthday sets for pets?

    The “genuises” at the Mint are just looking for their promotions and bonuses, they really do not care about collectors, just the big dealers, IMO.

  21. thePhelps says

    In reading the above thread… it is hysterical to read the comments… they all sound familiar.

    “OMG PEOPLE… it’s a modern gold coin with a mintage of 115,000!! that equals ultra common!
    Premiums will go down, down, down…”

    “Thank goodness I have a fist strike…I know many of you don’t like that but hey it makes me happy!”

    “Personally I was disappointed with the one per household limit being lifted. I think a great thing became an ok thing.. No loss but not real future gain. 50K would have been a nice number….

    “Unless gold takes a serious dive, this coin will sell for a great price for many who bought it from the Mint.”

    “Keep in mind folks the 115K mintage is to satisfy all future coin collectors. It’s a solid investment. Period! Unless of course you just wanted to flip the coin in 6 months then that’s your problem.”

    Those all sound familiar…

  22. thePhelps says

    Hawkster… that was the reported final numbers… I didn’t look for the final audited numbers.

  23. Jordan says

    What was the selling price the US mint was selling the 2009 UHR double eagles. I guess there was a high and low based on gold spot price.

  24. diga4 says

    Has anyone here had there credit card charged for the Gold Kennedy coin yet??? Mine was charged Thursday August 8, I would guess it should be shipping soon?

  25. says

    Jon in CT,

    I agree, up to a point. However, if we do see shipping labels created on Friday or Sunday nights, that will be a pretty impressive response time (for the mint) on a “hot demand” item. Usually, it takes them weeks at a minimum to begin shipping. Certainly I will be happy if I received my coin next week rather than sometime in late September.

    VA Bob,

    I don’t believe any have shipped yet. We ordered at 12:05 and were one of the first ones in for once. My friend’s credit card got pinged yesterday and the charge is now pending, but it hasn’t been finalized, and there’s no shipping label yet for our order. If we’re lucky, we’ll probably see the first labels created Friday night. If not, we’ll probably see them Sunday night or sometime Monday.

  26. jeff says

    Order Date: 04/12/2014 at 06:34 PM $1Proof Order Status: Your order request is on hold.

  27. VA Bob says

    Tinto – Happy Birthday sets for pets…. lol please don’t give them any ideas. If they do the RP’s, I do hope they don’t do the remaining ATB’s and Presidents. Nothing sucks worse than different finishes on a single series of coins.

    Louis – Thanks. I’m pretty certain of that final mintage too. Unless something was released much later that I haven’t heard about. If Dave’s numbers are correct, then I learned something new. Everywhere I look, I see the 115K+ figure though. In the JFK comparison, though it matters little. The UHR was slow in the immediately following months, as gold was on the rise, yet it still more than doubled it’s sales before the end. The JFK might not be quite as popular, but it is the nicest reoccurring modern coin. It’s the first one my eye goes to opening a proof or mint set.

    thePhelps – The chatter is indeed reminiscent from the UHR. Quite interesting. We’ll see if the parallels hold true.

    Jordan – I paid the issue price (someone had posted it earlier). I don’t believe it ever went lower than that. It did however go higher as spot went from in the $900’s at issue to over $1200, with ups and downs before settling a bit lower for the year. That was the last year to buy sub-$1000 and oz. gold…. seems like ages ago now.

    CO- I didn’t believe any shipped yet. Hopefully, you are correct and they ship this weekend. It always a good sign when things start to move, so I hope you get your coin(s) soon. But, I be lying if I didn’t say that the Mint bureaucracy on getting even in stock item out the door hasn’t been slow. I wonder how many they’ll ship per day?

  28. Wes says

    Anyone else think they should have done the Gold Kennedy as a reverse proof after seeing the RP Silver Kennedy photo?
    Received my BHOF UNC a few days ago. It looks nice almost a proof like one small spot near the edge of the coin under the A in Dollar. After looking at it again noticed a shadow on coin turns out it is on the capsule. Coin in my opinion is a 70.

  29. Pittsburgh P says

    Clark… You have ZERO chance to win Cagcrisp’s First Mintage Guestimate Contest. How’s that? The JFK gold’s will not touch anywhere near 200,000 imho.

    Ordering limits are 5 on the silver sets also. It was released when they released the price of 99.95$ I believe. Cag 212,000+ first day sales? Wow.,. I am bullish also on these but coming up on a cool quarter million day one-Idk…
    My Opening day sales estimate for the Silver JFK Set is 148,888.

  30. says

    @Pittsburgh P, Pop and Drop like the other 2 Kennedy offerings…

    The Mint will have many more units on hand and people will be chasing existing inventory…

    This will be the last Biggie for the year for the Mint…

    I’m looking at total mintage of 400,000.

  31. says


    Based on the wild, first day sellout of the 2011 silver eagle set, which sold out the 100,000 mintage limit in about 6 hours, I think, as you do, that the first day sales of the Kennedy silver set will be extraordinarily high. The only thing that would damper high sales numbers would be if the Mint’s website crashed–which, based on the past, is a distinct possibility.

    My guesstimate: 184,546

  32. Brad (The Original) says

    I attended the ANA show in Rosemont today. The U.S. Mint booth had a couple of the Silver Kennedy Set prototypes on display. As we all know, the RP coin looks great. However, I really wasn’t impressed by the “Enhanced” Uncirculated coin. It bore a strong resemblance to the Proof coin on the obverse, except it seemed a lot of details were lost in the Kennedy portrait by comparison. The only thing different about the reverse that I could see was the shield in the Presidential Seal had the same appearance as the shield on the 2013-W Enhanced Silver Eagle. Other than that, the coin really appeared to be a heavily frosted proof coin with lack of details. I’ll still buy the set of course, but I was hoping for something better on that Enhanced Uncirculated coin.

    I told the lady at the U.S. Mint booth that instead of halting the Gold Kennedy sales, they could have simply given out numbers to everyone interested in buying one. Then at 11:00, just draw out 500 numbers. If your number is drawn, you get to buy a coin. If it isn’t, you don’t. How simple is that? But, it was too late anyway. The remaining coins had already been sent to the fulfillment center to use for online and phone orders. Too bad there isn’t any way to identify which coins were sent back from Chicago. I could see yet another grading pedigree. Something like “Chicago ANA Coin For Online Orders.” I’m sure if there was any way to identify them, they’d probably do just that. At any rate, some of you guys might receive coins that were originally intended to be sold in Chicago and not even know it!

    One dealer there had a several stacks of Gold Kennedy coins (50 total), all graded PCGS PF70DCAM. He told someone that he wanted $5,000 each, but he didn’t feel that was the “top of the market.” I don’t know if they’ll go for more than that or not, but I sure don’t see those prices holding. I have to pity the suckers who pay that kind of money for the silly label, but that’s their right.

    Another dealer I talked to bragged about having snagged 35 of the coins, which were being graded by PCGS. The first 8 graded PF70DCAM, but the rest were still pending. He also wanted to get at least $5,000 each. Crazy.

    So anyway, I never got a Gold Kennedy at the show, since I don’t believe in camping out overnight. I realized early on that it wasn’t going to work out, since the “big boys” use extreme tactics (like busing in people to stand in line) to ensure they ended up with most of the coins. That’s why the Mint really needs to use a method like the one I described earlier to sell that stuff. That way there would be no need for lines forming the day before, and everyone would have an equal chance due to the random drawing. Isn’t “fair and equal access” what the Mint is always preaching about? What could be more fair than having a random drawing? Even though the big boys would have all of their warm bodies in the drawing, at least they wouldn’t have an advantage over the real collectors in the drawing. Oh well.

  33. guama says

    Went to the ana show today as well. No Kennedy clads were sold by the mint, just the dealers ($15). We talked to the dealer who had the 50 gold Kennedys and he was hyping up the label. I wasn’t interested in his inventory of other coins.

  34. VA Rich says

    cag – I ask because I was really impressed with you gifting those coins to your acquaintances, reminds me of what I used to do not that long ago in my 30’s, that’s powerful stuff, friends/coworkers don’t forget that, ever. And you’ve been quite successful in your career obviously, I’m working BD currently was thinking I’d like to treat you dinner to get your thoughts on some career decisions. Not sure if I can swing Arkansas though at the moment, I’m usually flying major hubs.

    Be cool if we get you, Dusty, GF, Clark and others up here in Baltimore in October. Anyway, just thinking out loud now

  35. VA Rich says

    Clark – glad you kept your orders. Save the eyes and tuck those babies away for a long winters nap until spring. After the last two weeks, I have the UPS driver conditioned to stop at my place, I think all the UPS date and time scribbling on the boxes in contrast to what the order date on the statement enclosed states gives the coins an even more storied past when they arrive at their new home in a couple of years. I know I would like receiving them!

  36. Dave says

    To: VA Bob
    Re: 2009 UHR Eagle
    “Dave – Check your numbers for the UHR. I’m pretty sure it’s a 115,178 final mintage. I would be interested to know where the number you got came from.”

    Ok — I will now try to find the exact source for my reference of the final “Audited” mintage/sales — I might have errored, however, I think not.

    Here is a reference:
    2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Final Sales 115,178

    January 15, 2010 By Coin Update

    The final sales figure of 115,178 represents unaudited sales data and remains subject to final adjustments.

  37. Dave says

    To: “ThePhelps”
    “Does this mean it took about five years for the Mint to do a final auditing of the ’09 UHR?”

    Yes, it did take them a loooooong time.

  38. Pittsburgh P says

    CW it takes two or three days before your credit card is pinged on larger orders… Always-nothin shady about it. My order wad placed at 1:10pm & it was only pinged this morning… They go in order of your order number. The dealers have theirs in hand due to all shadyness they resorted to at the ANA & mint stores not from the fulfillment center.

    Hate to see you cancel if you actually like/want this coin…
    That bein said keep cancelling all! 🙂

  39. Saucexx says


    Silvertowne has PF70 ANA Gold Kennedys for $5k. I just can’t believe anyone would be gullible enough to pay that for a label. The fact you heard a dealer think the ceiling was even higher takes my breath away. The mind reels……

  40. Saucexx says

    Oh correction, it’s one of those “First day” Chicago labels.

    Give me a break, who’s actually buying these things?

  41. MarkH says

    Somebody on one of those home shopping networks (Not Coin Vault-something like AAN….) was claiming one of the Kennedys had gone for 100K and that they (the network) had one with an even MORE special label. The so-called “First Issued”. Oooooh. Aaaaah. They wouldn’t name a price, but the salesman breathlessly mentioned that north of $100K would not be unreasonable and that they would entertain offers over the phone. What if someone issued one with the incredible Tulip Bulb Label?

  42. VA Rich says

    Saucexx – I”m anxiously awaiting to see how long Silvertowne’s stock of those ridiculously jacked coins remains, and how long before the price begins to drop.

    They’re asking at or more than what the ’13 RP Buff ANA’s were selling for.

  43. mark mclean says

    Here is a perfect example of US Mint shady practices. MY wife and I order Kennedy gold, she got in before I did and ordered 2 at 1225pm. I got in and ordered at 1230pm. My order is in process and getting ready to ship. Her order is on hold for review and will not be sent until after mine yet her order number is 1,834 before mine.
    What gives here. I thought it was first come first serve. So they do not fill the orders in order according to your order number. Anyone else seem to have this happen. Will cancel her order since I called and US Mint and they say her order is on hold and will not be sent until its reviewed and mine will be sent sooner. So much for waiting room and ordering first.

  44. Philboy says

    I figure, in a year or two the melt value will be higher than the opening price for the 2014 Kennedy Gold coins. Plus, they are an attractive coin, and 24K gold. So, I am not dumping these coins.

  45. Danny says

    Based on the facts that Kennedy gold coin was so widely distributed, as a result of the household limits, and that the coin has performed so poorly on the secondary market, I would bet almost 50% of mints “sales” will be returned!!!

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