John F. Kennedy Presidential Dollar Rolls, Bags, and Boxes

Today, June 18, 2015 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will open sales for products containing circulating quality 2015 John F. Kennedy Presidential Dollars. This will represent the third release of this year and the thirty-fifth release overall for the Presidential $1 Coin Program.


The obverse design of the coin features a portrait of President John F. Kennedy in a downward looking pose, intended to be reminiscent of his official White House portrait. The inscriptions read “John F. Kennedy”, “In God We Trust”, “35th President”, and “1961-1963”.

The reverse design of the coin features the rendition of the Statue of Liberty that has been used throughout the series in common. The inscriptions read “United States of America” and “$1”.

Both the obverse and reverse of the coin were designed and engraved by Don Everhart. Incused edge lettering on the coins includes the motto “E Pluribus Unum”, the date, and mint mark.

Within the design selection phase, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee had recommended the selected obverse design, although some members had pointed out potential issues. The CFA did not offer a recommendation from the provided candidates, with some members commenting that the design with the downward pose would not be successful as a coin design and placed excessive emphasis on the top of the head. Coverage of the CCAC and CFA reviews can be found here and here.

The products available today contain circulating quality examples of the 2015 John F. Kennedy Presidential Dollar from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mint facilities in either 25-coin rolls priced at $32.95 each, 100-coin bags priced at $111.95 each, or 250-coin boxes priced at $275.95 each. All products feature packaging which contains the name of the President, the face value of the contents, and the mint mark. For this release, the US Mint has consolidated all product options on a single product page, which can be found here.

In all likelihood, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Dollars will see higher demand due to the President Kennedy’s popularity. This factor is often cited as one of the reasons for the decline of the half dollar denomination, since people tended to save rather than spend the coins after the design change in 1964.

Based on the figures released earlier this month, the preliminary production for the Kennedy Presidential Dollar is 4.2 million pieces at Denver and 6.16 million pieces at Philadelphia for a total of 10.36 million pieces.

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    Was thinking of getting some today but will maybe play a wait and see? Did order some unc. $ sets yesterday anyone know why the native dollar shows obverse this year and reverse on last years on the mint site? Or how about the rest how is the NA.$ set in the set? In for the golden titty hope they make them in both gold and proof plat. Well Good Luck To Us All :>:>:>:>:>:>

  2. Jim_D says

    Got a survey from the mint last night that asked about producing the 2016 Winged Liberty Head dime, Standing Liberty quarter dollar and Walking Liberty half dollar in platinum and how many I might buy as individual pieces and how many I might buy if they made it as a set. Platinum would be interesting as it is a white metal as opposed to making them in gold, plus platinum is currently much cheaper than gold.

  3. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    MOD sets finally shipped. Hopefully they are not sending reject crap to me — we will see ,eh?

  4. IPS_STUFF says

    @The Real “Cool” Dave says

    From what order date? I am still waiting on 5/12 & 5/22 orders

    Thank you

  5. D Rittenhouse says

    I did my survey from the Mint today. It focused on gold replicas of the three 1916 coins in an uncirculated finish. You can view a snapshot of the description here.

  6. Jafmidtx says

    Anyone else having trouble ordering the JFK $1 coin. Does not give me the Add to Bag like the other products do?

  7. Ends in Error says

    I think I sniff a reissue of the 1921 hi-relief Peace Dollar on the horizon. Can we get it it Platinum? Don’t want any high mintages after all. 😉

    This business with the 1916 Coins gives me hope.

  8. Gary Not Dave says

    2021 Peace Dollar in silver would be nice with a mintage of 51,921. Would be nice!

  9. Ends in Error says

    @ Gary not Dave

    Silver with a mintage of 51921? Hey I’m on board with that!

    AND a Platinum version with mintage of 5,000 also.

    And a Gold version with mintage of 15,000 would be cool for all the Gold Bugs out there.

  10. Ends in Error says

    Well I didn’t think I’d do it but I changed my mind on getting some awful JFK $1 Coins. Just ordered a $250 box of D’s to spend on Coffee, fast food and whatever.

    Gotta do my part in spreading the numismatic obsession, after all.

    Who knows, maybe one day down the road , one of these brown toned junk coins will be passed on to a new generation of trinket collector. 😉

  11. Jerry Diekmann says

    Louis – Does Congress ever act on anything anymore? Do you have any suggestions on how we might request that the 2016 WLH dime, SL quarter, and WL half dollar can be struck in silver, the only metal they were ever minted in? Would this present some problem to Congress, or do they even know, or worse, even care, about the upcoming anniversary?

  12. joe says

    Received my 4 MOD sets today from the Mint. I can’t even remember how long ago I ordered them, but I think it was a day or two after the opening.

    Also got the Mint Survey. I like the classic coins, so marked the Merc, Standing and Walking Liberty remakes very high. Simultaneously, I marked the FDR WWII coin as low as I could make it go.

  13. NcCoinCollector says

    I wonder if a Kennedy Half Dollar will be included in the Coin & Chronicles set?

  14. Louis says

    Jerry- I am not sure what would work best. I doubt anyone there is paying much attention. To be honest the best thing would be if someone prominent with political connections had an interest and told their good friend rep. so and so they should get on this. You get the picture. But still try sending a letter explaining that the silver versions would be so popular they would bring in a ton of money that would go towards paying down the debt. And I will be arguing next week in favor of this as well in CW. I think a few choice editorials would not hurt. You can also send a letter to the editor of CW or NN and suggest it.

  15. bob r says

    JFK coin looks OK to me, looks like he is looking down on a sweating Nixon during their TV debate.

  16. A Bob says

    I think the woman that will appear on the 10 with Hamilton is Helen Keller. They are planning tactile features so that is my guess.

  17. bob r says

    I favor the 2016 WLH dime, SL quarter, and WL half dollar can be struck in platinum, as mentioned before that metal is below gold prices. They would be beautiful.

  18. bob r says

    @Dustyroads interesting link because right arrow the presidents and all of them are paintings until Obama, then his is a photo. They must do the painting portrait after they leave office.

  19. mgm says

    I was looking at a coin in my local coin shop. It has a code on the back “XCLSW”. Does anyone know what it might mean? It’s on an 1883 S double eagle. Any idea on a fair price?

  20. Louis says

    Dusty- We’ve covered that many times. The fact that it reflects the official portrait is not a good enough reason to use the crappy image. Most of the others don’t use the official portrait. They ruined the coin. Even the CFA said it made his hair too prominent as MZ noted.

  21. Ikaika says

    The JFK dollar reminds me of that guy on TV selling coins. I hope it looks better in hands 🙂

  22. Dustyroads says

    Oh, I absolutely agree, and I have read the article on the CCAC’s head advice. I’m just making sure everyone knows where the image comes from, helps the Mint appear a little less gratuitous.

  23. Dustyroads says

    I caught the CBS morning show today in time for a segment covering Jack Lew wanting to place a woman on the $10.00 bill in 2020. That’s fine, but what really got down in my craw was what I heard the President say in a recent video CBS played back voicing the need to change up currency such as the quarter. Did you all get that? The President of the US suggested the Treasury remove George Washington from the quarter…our first President! Our founding father!

  24. Sith says

    I wanted Teddy Roosevelt on the ATB quarters. It would have reverted back to Washington after the series.

  25. Dave SW FL says

    That would just be too logical for those in DC to figure out.


    Does anyone have a list of portrait changes made to our currency since the BEP started printing official U.S. Currency?

  26. Larry says

    Filled out the mint’s survey. When asked my opinion of the gold Merc, SLB Quarter, and WL Half, I said PLEASE MAKE THEM SILVER PROOFS!!!!! I do not understand why they would make these gold. I could even live with platinum, but these should be silver, and they should be proof.
    There has never been a Standing Liberty proof quarter. This is probably the only chance there ever will be. It would be a magnificent coin. Please, US Mint, do not pass up this opportunity.

  27. Zaz says

    Funny they’ll do a future products survey but not a “how are we doing?” survey anymore. It’s pretty clear that PSFWeb underbid Novitex/PBGS and it shows in the # of returns, shoddy QC, missing products and the lack of basic customer service functions, exchange and replace. The call center people probably have the worst jobs in government, their problem solving and resolution skills are at 0%. But they’ll be happy to take your money though. Only govt could hire a contracting firm that is clueless about what the consumers want. US Mint’s service delivery platform = F

  28. MikeinPa says

    Dusty, George ia already on the dollar, so i don’t think it would be a step to far, people just get used to the same old, like lincoln on the five and the cent, i suppose they’re are alot of deserving folks from our history

  29. Goat says

    The” KISS” method might be the best. I am for new and different coins but if my coin collection turns out like a stamp or baseball card collection that won’t be a happy day. The Red Book gets thicker every year. How many people will be able to understand all that information ? I have invested in Canada money before but so many different designs and so many low mintages that before long I am confused and walk away. I purchased a stamp book ( wow what a waste of my time ) to see if our collection over the last 3 generations is worth anything. Don’t take me wrong I know many people are making a living at stamps and baseball cards and my hats off to you , you figured it out. I don’t know were I stand but also smart enough to know slow and steady wins the race. It all goes back to make everyday a good day and hope for the best. As ask my kids, when you look at yourself in the mirror you have two choices is it going to be a good day or a bad day? Thanks to all that post I learn something new most days.

  30. hilo says

    Does anyone get this series?(change)? I don’t, but I collect copper zombucks 🙂

  31. Jerry Diekmann says

    Thanks, Louis – I will follw up on your suggestions. We really do need to take advantage of this opportunity to have these centennial coins struck in silver, the metal they were minted in all their lives. Gold or platinum for those with greater means, but for most of us, all we, and the general public, can afford would be the silver coins.

  32. Jerry Diekmann says

    Sith – that would have been a nice idea. The 2016 National Parks commemorative coin next year might make up for that mistake, if it does pair TR with Devils Tower in Wyoming. Devils Towere was our FIRST national MONUMENT, and it became a national monument in 1906, during TR’s second term in office. So there is still some home. And it answers my own question of why the Mint was giving so much prominence to a national monument site when it was commemorating national parks, or rather maybe the focus is on the National Park Service itself. Somewhere among those coins they should be honoring Stephen Mather, founding director of the National Park Service. Horace Albright, who succeeded Mather as the second director of the NPS on Mather’s death in 1930, and who receivedn the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his lifelong efforts in conservation, also certainly deserves to be remembered on one of the coins.

  33. Natatack says

    I agree with the 2016 WLH, MD, SLQ being made in silver, maybe in proof and unc or matte proof. This would make it afordable to the masses . There has been way too many gold issues that have made collecting way out of budget for the average collector.

  34. Carlo says

    The CCAC approved this JFK dollar coin? You are joking, right? Has to be one of THE WORST in the series.

    One the other hand, the Jackie O gold coin is definitely one to buy.

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