John Tyler Presidential Dollar Coin Cover

The US Mint will begin selling the John Tyler Presidential Dollar Coin Cover on Thursday, July 2, 2009 at 12:00 Noon ET. This will be the tenth release in the ongoing American Presidency $1 Coin Cover Series.

Each coin cover will feature two John Tyler Presidential Dollars, one from the Philadelphia Mint and one from the Denver Mint. Each coin was produced on the first day of mintage from each facility. The coins are mounted on a custom display card with a 44 cent stamp, post marked May 21, 2009, Charles City, VA. This day marked the official release of the coins into circulation.

The covers are priced at $14.95 each and will be limited to 40,000 units. The US Mint’s product page can already be viewed here.

The previously released coin cover for William Henry Harrison has sold 24,270 units since it went on sale March 17, 2009. All of the American Presidency Coin Covers released during 2008 are currently listed in the US Mint’s Last Opportunity Sale and will only be available until June 30, 2009.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I like those coin FDC's, but don't think they will commmad any premium, so I just buy one or two each. Not a good investment…

  2. Anonymous says

    Nothing exciting for those covers. Overall stamps or FDC's collecting is dying, so sad.

  3. Michael says

    The one potential positive development, is that the US Mint is appears to be shortening the availability time frame. After next week, none of the 2008 covers will be available.

    Instead of lingering until the maximum production is reached, they are being cut off after a reasonable availability period.

  4. Anonymous says

    On another note, I was thinking about the Sacagawea/Native American coin … I stopped buying those after the 2008 mintage sold out early. Does anyone have thoughts how good an investment the Native American would be going forward? I felt that 2008 was the end of the first collection and the Native American is the second. I'm on the border of "to buy, or not to buy." Thoughts?

  5. Anonymous says

    The mintages on the 2009 are still pretty low, and with the 20% rule and the low mintages for the current president dollars, it looks as if the final mintages fo the year will be low. I doubled my money on the single 2008 roll I had, and would like to think that I will get a similar return on the 2009s. I am not going crazy on these, but I do put a couple of rolls on any other mint order I make (saves me on the shipping).

  6. Anonymous says

    I think the native american dollar rolls are sleepers and will be quite popular as the series goes on.

  7. Anonymous says

    I also did very well on the 2008 Sacagawea rolls . I wonder if you can elaborate on that 20% rule going forward for the Native American rolls – please refresh my memory. Thanks.

  8. Huh? says

    I just checked eBay, there do not appear to be any margins to speak of for the 2008 Sacagawea mint rolls. There may have been some profits to be had right after these sold out but not anymore– the same fate probably will hold true for the Native American reverse design, that is, a spike in demand when they go off-sale, then a gradual slide back into face-valueness …

  9. Anonymous says

    From what I understand, the Mint is required to produce Native American Dollars in quantities equal to or greater than 20% or the total President mintages. So, if each of the presidents has 50 million coins minted, then the Mint is required to mint 40 million N.A. Dollars.

  10. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the explanation. I decided to go ahead and purchase two of each of the NA P&D.

    As for the 2008 Sacagawea rolls I can see on Ebay there aren't too many for sale – I'm watching a few to see what they actually sell for – it seems most sets are priced "Buy It Now" around the $150range. I notice there is a lot of "Free Shipping" these days.

  11. Lasloo says

    I understood the 20% rule to mean that 20% of ALL $1 coins minted that year had to be N.A (as opposed to 20% of just the presidential coins minted that year). So, for now, that means the N.A. mintage has to be about equal to the mintage of each of the presidential coins. So, if there are 50 million of each prez coin, then there needs to be at least 50 million of the N.A. coins.
    However, since nothing ever breaks down that easily… if you took 2008s numbers, the minimum number of N.A. coins that needed to have been made would be a little more than 116 million. Which is actually more than 5 times the number of Sacagawea's that were made that year. So, its definitely a substantial effort for a coin thats not that popular. And didn't someone say, you can only buy NEW N.A. coins directly from the mint (not from banks)?

  12. Anonymous says

    "Free Shipping" on eBay will likely drop off some after June 30th, when the special promotion of "Double Powerseller Discounts" ends. Until then, Powersellers (like me) get a 40% discount on Final Value Fees for free shipping items, as opposed to the usual 20%. Of course, to qualify for that great percentage, you have to have 4.9 or higher DSR averages in all four categories.

    I pretty much use "free shipping" on everything I sell now, just in an effort to keep the "s/h charges" DSR high. The additional eBay final value fee paid on the portion that would have been excluded had it been classified as a shipping/handling charge is not that much, considering the valuable discount high DSR's can give. However, some buyers leave ratings of 4 or less in that category even when the items they are buying have "free shipping" though, so sometimes your DSR will suffer no matter WHAT you do! It's kind of depressing.

  13. Anonymous says

    Thank you – I didn't realize all that info about ebay free shipping – you're right about those feedback stars – even when it's free some don't have the curtesy to do the right thing – I am stuck on 4.8 on shipping even for free shipping.

  14. Anonymous says

    I have some John Tyler dollar coins. The last name Tyler is barely on these. John is struck strong, but Tyler is barely visible. Anybody else notice this? Thanks

  15. Michael says

    It could be a struck through error. I found a few John Adams like this.

    If this is what it is, the coin would be worth a small premium.

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