John Tyler Presidential Dollar Rolls Back on Sale?

After apparently selling out more than a week ago, the John Tyler Presidential Dollar Rolls are now back on sale at the US Mint.

On June 2, 2009, the US Mint product pages for the Philadelphia and Denver rolls had both clearly indicated that the products were “Sold Out.” Some time today, ordering options for the products reappeared and the sold out message was removed. This is not the first time the US Mint has listed a product as “Sold Out” only to have it return for another round of sales without explanation.

After the coins were listed as “sold out” on the US Mint’s website, secondary market prices quickly rose. Days after the coins were no longer available at the Mint, some individual rolls had sold on eBay for prices in excess of $100. This compares to the original offering price of $35.95. Even with the rolls back on sale, they are still being bid up to the $60 to $70 level.

If you missed ordering your John Tyler Presidential Dollar Rolls, go to the US Mint website where they are still available at the original price. You can find the Philadelphia roll at the regular product page here. The Denver rolls are also available via the product page, although the page is not listed in the John Tyler Presidential Dollar section. You can find the Denver rolls here.

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  1. Anonymous says

    It could be the result of order cancellations due to invalid credit cards or customers changing their minds. This new opportunity to order the Tyler rolls probably won't last long. The William Henry Harrison rolls reappearance was very short.

  2. Lasloo says

    This is also the problem with monopolies. They hold all the cards and thus have the ability to jerk us around like this.
    Can we convince the govt to create two separate Mint agencies? 😉

  3. Anonymous says

    Let's just hope the same government gets out of GM quickly. "Oh, you want that new car. Give us a call…if you can get through..Wait, they are sold out…not really, but you have to wait 6 months for delivery…or do you??? What do you mean, somebocy snuck into your account and cancelled your order?? Don't worry, we will get it to you, and you won't even have to sign for it. P.S. Just ignore those dents"" Makes you hope they DON'T get into health care.

  4. Lasloo says

    Don't look now, but we've had federally supported health care for 44 years now (Medicare/Medicaid)! Wait, the Veterans affairs office has been around for almost 80 years! Then there's the Federal Health Care Benefits program for federal employees. Ugh, too late! We're all doomed!! 😉

  5. Anonymous says

    Well, we could petition to vote on the Director of the Mint as a nation every four years, and then the monopoly thing would be less of an issue. But somehow I think that won't happen, seeing as how we cannot even vote on the Cabinet. Therefore, if you are truly worried about the government encroaching on our lives, then you must vote them out next time around. It may help to vote for a state governor who is pro-states-rights and who might attempt to block goverment takeovers of the private sector in his/her state.

  6. Anonymous says


  7. Anonymous says

    Just picked up 15 more rolls of each. They will be gone again soon and the premiums will still be there.

  8. Anonymous says

    Wish they'd do that with the Harrison rolls again!!! I missed out on that one … wouldn't that be a kicker.

  9. Lasloo says

    So, what bore out that non sequitur? From Tyler coins to slavery?

    Because Tyler was the only President to join the Confederacy?

    And of course, as soon as the South became its own country, it was planning to give up slavery altogether, right? Not about slavery, right….

    When did this become a political blog?

  10. Anonymous says

    Good point about the Harrisons having gone back on sale temporarily. Missed out on that because I thought they would be available for a long time when they reappeared. Grab 'em now!!!

  11. Lasloo says

    15 rolls!! wow.
    I only picked up 3 more of each.
    Just too much risk buying up tons of Mint products without more assurances from the Mint about mintages or WHY they decided to bring the Tyler rolls back.

  12. Anonymous says

    Just placed my order and it says "in stock and reserved" but order status says "on hold". comments?

  13. Anonymous says

    Actually, most of the Confederate soldiers were fighting because they were forced into conscription. Early on, yes, they were mostly non-slaveholders fighting for rights, but not after 1862. I think it's ironic that we're talking about Tyler rolls, Lincoln cents, and the Civil War.


  14. Anonymous says

    Lasloo, you can always cancel if it starts to look bad. I always place multiple orders to give myself some flexibility.

  15. Anonymous says

    Good question about the direct ship. Are they not doing the Pres's this year? And why do we have to pay shipping on the older ones when it says free shipping in the item desription?

  16. Anonymous says

    OK, I placed an order for 20 rolls total. Please don't let the mint screw me on this one and make about 50K more of these!

  17. Scot in KY says


    Did the Harrison dollars go back on sale after first selling out? If so, how long were they "back" on sale?


  18. Michael says

    There has been nothing new on the Direct Ship Program since the US Mint unofficially announced that Martin Van Buren would not be included in the program.

    At the same time, it was also unofficially revealed that they had restocked some of sold out Direct Ship Presidential Dollars with coins initially intended for numismatic sales in rolls and bags.

    I have pointed out the channel conflict in other posts. It is more difficult to sell rolls at a premium when the same rolls are also available at face value.

    Maybe this is the US Mint's way of dealing with the issue- they will only include older issues in Direct Ship since they are less likely to cut into sales of newly released Presidential Dollar rolls sold at a premium.

    The stated purpose of Direct Ship is to circulate dollar coins, supplying collectors with uncirculated rolls of newly issued coins turned out to be a temporary side benefit.

  19. Michael says

    "Did the Harrison dollars go back on sale after first selling out? If so, how long were they "back" on sale?"

    Yes, the same thing had happened with the Philadelphia Mint Harrison Rolls. I don't recall exactly how long the second round of sales was, but I think it was less than a week.

  20. Anonymous says

    I am assuming at some point the Mint says to their production department, "ok, produce x amount of rolls". I find it hard to believe that the mint would be making more of these for sale. Sounds like they are selling their cancelled, left-overs. Bet this will sell out quickly.

  21. Anonymous says

    This might be long and I hope it hasn't happened to anybody else. I have subscriptions for a lot of the mint offerings. When Harrison came out, I did not receive my rolls until I said I would contact my congress woman and let her know about all the fraud that is being committed in their new state of the art "fullfillment center". The rolls went back on sale the next day for a short period. I finally got my rolls. My cc was billed on 6/01/09 for my rolls of Tyler. 6/09/09, I received e-mail from the mint for my return conf #. I did not cancel my order & it never got shipped. Today I spent over 2 hours on the phone with the mint with them telling me the reason it was returned because it was undeliverable to my address although I received my 2009 clad proof set that were charged on 6/05/09 and in my mailbox 6/08/09. That tells me that they sre going to make pleny of 2009 proof sets. I can tell more if anyone wants to read it.

  22. Anonymous says

    These will sell out no doubt but this is so unfair to the people that paid $100 a roll but that is the mint for you!

  23. Anonymous says

    The Philadelphia rolls are now backordered. These are probably done!!! The Denver rolls are still in stock, probably because the product page is not in the normal place.

  24. Anonymous says

    The only place I could see the JK4 Tyler rolls available was in the "No Longer Available" site in the catalog. Isn't that confusing … thanks to Michael I got the right scoop and was able to order JK2 & JK4.

  25. Scot in Ky says

    Three Cheers for Michael!!! For he's a jolly good blogger…for …

    Oh well, you get the idea!

  26. Anonymous says

    Yes, Michael should be commended on his astute reporting on the mint and their products. Let's hope we all get our fill of Tyler rolls before they sell out (quickly, I hope.) I've found this blog to be the most informative and educational. As for the new fullfillment center, it sucks! June 1st at noon I ordered twelve 2009 proof sets along with several other items. Two days ago all I got from that order was 2 of the proof sets. What is that??

  27. Anonymous says

    Yeah, I gotta admit if it wasn't for Michael's blog today I would not have known of the John Tyler rolls' reappearance. I got to make an afterthought order at issue price after all, thanks to Michael. I'm confident that these WILL "sell out" again very quickly, this time for good.

    It would have been more fitting if the Mint had put these rolls on their "Last Opportunity" page. That would make more sense than the items they have there that no one was buying many of before. Hurry, everyone! It's our "last opportunity" to buy the products we didn't want before, at the same prices we didn't want to pay for them before either! 🙂

    They should at least mark them down, right? Selling first day coin covers for $7.95 would still be a heck of a mark-up over face value plus .42 cent stamp, and it would save them the trouble of destroying the leftovers. I guess since that makes sense is the reason they don't do it.

  28. Cory says

    I asked customer service about the direct ship program and she said once the current offerings are gone, so will the direct ship program.

    Also, regarding mint vs bank rolls…I have read that it is not recommended to store coins in the wrapper over a long period of time, as the paper breaks down and may stain the coins. So why pay a premium for a mint wrapper that should be removed for long term storage (unless you are going to sell them in the near term)?

  29. Anonymous says

    Cory, your observational comment about paper roll storage is 100% correct. Yet the Mint constantly markets common coinage for sale with "special wrapings", charges exhorbitant prices and the unwary collectors eat it up.

    Well not every coin buyer shows they are the brightest penny in the roll. :~))

  30. Anonymous says

    Seems that if the Mint used acid-free paper this would correct the problem. I wonder why the Philly Tyler rolls have been "backordered" rather than "sold out or wait listed"?

  31. Anonymous says

    It does not look like the Tyler dollars going for sale at the Mint again is effecting the Ebay prices. The sold Tyler listings coming in thus far look to still be turning a nice profit??? Any thoughts?

  32. Anonymous says

    Would someone provide me a link to the production numbers for all the presidential dollars as best known to date? Thank you and I appreciate all the great info I learn on this site.

  33. Anonymous says

    The prices on Ebay really shouldn't be effected because the number of Tyler rolls produced has not changed (atleast we don't think so). I would say 99% of people don't realize that the Tyler rolls went back on sale. Thanks to Michael and his blog I ordered 15 sets!

  34. Anonymous says

    When Michael said in late 08 (see nov and dec blog) to watch the gold and platinum sales, mintages, and fed us a steady diet of products to be discontinued (ie buffalos, W–gold eagles, and platinum eagles) it was smart to listen and purchase. Without his fine insight we would have missed out on some of the rarer products the mint has produced. With est mintage of 87 million the Presidential Tyler dollar makes a little sense to desire–when you could have taken Mikes expertise and owned 1 out of only 2997 4 piece w unc gold eagle sets or 1 of less than 2000 platinum eagles 1 oz w unc. still in govt sealed box!!!!!!! at the end of 08.

  35. Anonymous says

    The Denver rolls are now backordered. They don't show it on the product page, but when you add one to your cart, it shows as backordered. So these are done, too.

  36. Anonymous says

    True … could have made really good buys on gold, plat, etc. in '08 … but some of us don't have the big bucks to speculate in that league. Investments under $40 that appreciate two and three fold are the best for most of us. Where could you buy an item for $8.95 and within the same month sell it for btw $65 -$100 … the stock market is over-rated compared to this for me, the hobby of coin collecting is affordable for the most part, such fun researching, and invaluable to teach kids about some interesting history. Michael has been very helpful, I gotten in the habit of checking the blogs often … some of you are a riot and have great insight, I find myself laughing out loud at some of the commentary. I do this hobby in moderation because I have limited resources – wish I had more.

  37. Anonymous says

    Personally, I try to find "deals" like the lincoln cents and these Tyler rolls and flip them for a good profit. Then I use my proceeds to buy more longer-term "investment" type coins such as the UHR. Does it make me a bad person for profiting off of the crazy secondary market? I don't think so. Everyone has the same opportunity to purchase directly from the mint as I do. I really appreciate this blog and can't thank Michael enough for his valuable insight as well as the insight of all of those that come here and share their knowledge and opinions.

  38. Lasloo says

    I agree with Anonymous (you guys should really use some kind of handle, its hard to refer to your posts!!)… that is, I agree that for me, limited resources stops me from buying over $1000 in Tyler mint boxes or any $1000 gold coins. Moderation is the key (even when I'm pretty sure I could buy 15 sets of Tyler coins and make a profit) simply because if I don't make it a habit, then I tend do something stupid like use PCGS bulk slabbing service on coins I think will sell, pay over $1000, and only slowly slowly slowly get my money back. So, I buy two or three of an item from the Mint that I find interesting and I usually use this blog to point me in the right direction. I sell what I can on Ebay, and use the profit to buy coins to fill out my U.S. Type album!! 🙂
    And yes, Michael rocks! Michael, your shoulders must be red from all the back slapping!

  39. Anonymous says

    The Mint has moved the Denver Tyler rolls from the "not available" to the regular presidential roll page. Funny they should to that now that they are on backorder status. If they are not going to produce more of these.

  40. Anonymous says

    Long term I think these rolls will be worth what the coins inside are worth.

    Good luck on that.

  41. Anonymous says

    How are you guys so sure that they will not wrap additional rolls? They definately have the inventory?

    Newbie in the South

  42. Anonymous says

    I made two oders, one is ok and the other one is on HOLD! Orders were made 1/2 hour apart. We shall see soon how this all plays out!

  43. Anonymous says

    Newbie in the South,

    We're not sure they won't wrap more rolls. That's what makes this whole thing a gamble. But, if several rolls are ordered at once for one shipping/handling charge, the odds are good we can at least recover the premium over face value that these rolls cost. In other words, there isn't too much risk in this one.

    The 37-Year-Old Yankee

  44. Anonymous says

    The Philadelphia Tyler roll is listed as "Sold Out" again. I guess it truly WAS just a short-lived second chance to get these rolls at issue price.

    Thank you SO much, Michael!

    A Grateful Reader

  45. Anonymous says

    Last report was 30,000 of each. Those numbers might not change despite the rolls being sold again for a brief time. I think the Mint was just re-selling previous rolls that did not ship due to credit card issues or being returned by the customers.

    Chances are good that the secondary market premiums will not be affected by the short-term reissue.

  46. vaughnster says

    If the Mint makes obscene profits from coins sold to the public using our tax dollars to produce them, what's wrong with folks like us flipping them on the secondary market? I agree with the earlier comment about flipping some coins and using the profits to buy, collect and sell more coins. This is still America, isn't it?? 🙂

  47. Lasloo says

    Even though the Mint moved the rolls out of the "No Longer Available" list, the Phillys are now sold out. Denvers are still around but backordered. This seems to suggest that they were just getting rid of extras and there is no mintage increase. Swoooo… relief. Now… ON TO EBAY!!!!

  48. Anonymous says

    Today I received an email from the Mint they shipped the Tyler "D" rolls I purchased yesterday. Wow! That was fast. It's to bad they can't be on the ball all the time. I wonder when the Mint will ship the "P" rolls?

  49. Anonymous says

    Easy come, easy go … both P&D Tyler rolls are showing "sold out" now. Some of us just got in under the wire to buy a few – we did good. ;o)

  50. Anonymous says

    Prices have come down dramticly, I am cancelling my order! Their is going to be a hugy influx on the Ebay

  51. Scot in KY says

    I don't see that there is going to get a huge influx of these since the total of 30,000 is still the amount that is going to be produced. I checked ebay and prices have come down a little, but are still bringing in good prices. Now that these are really SOLD OUT, I bet the prices will rise back up. You can sell me yours if you want!

  52. vaughnster says

    Lasloo is right. It will be a long summer as it stands now. Maybe the mint will release the Abraham Lincoln Coin & Chronicles proof set to recapture some interest for collectors. If not, I see no reason to even go to the mint's website until August.

  53. Anonymous says

    Why would anyone pay the Mint a premium price for a roll that they can get at cost at the bank.For the wrapper and the sealed box? These coins are like all the presidentials.Very weak,very soft and extremely susceptible to corrosion and spotting.I think the mint has lost all since of quality and only wants to high a premium for junk.The new 2009 pennies are a complete disaster in my mind.I've seen so many coins you can see the zink through the copper.And OMG have you seen the spotting on this junk.And the WDDRs that John Wexler attributed.Thats the biggest joke of all.Have you ever been to this jokers web sight and seen the junk he calls DDRs.These are nothing but die break errors.And people are falling for this crap.Coin collecting used to be a respectable hobby.Until marketing and rip off artists started coming out of the wood works.None of this ever happened back when ms 65 was considered the highest grade.Then the so called top graders PCGS and NGC started in with this bull crap 70 grade.And marketing schemes like first strike and early release.I say buy the coin not the slab.I have in all my 35 years of collecting never seen a perfect coin.I can look at any so called 70 grade and find a flaw.Coin collecting has become a racket for these companies to take advantage of unknowing buyers.What a shame.

  54. Anonymous says

    Here is a statement made by a collectors Universe person LOL.

    You are losing track of how many lincoln penny collectors are out there and how many people are searching these rolls. We are a very small group of people that even know about these coins at this point. There is not going to be, relatively speaking, that many coins with the error found. We are very fortunate , here on the board, to have one of our members find this before it became general knowledge and are able to get as many as we are.


    It is now obvious where this DIE BREAK has come from.And I emphasize the word DIE BREAK.I have found a number of other raised areas.usually accompanied with DIE CRACKS.Which is a strong indication of a DIE BREAK ERROR.It was a good try.And I'm sure Wexler and Crawford are trying to get rich off of this.Shame on them.What a disgrace you two are to the attribution of errors.This is merely my opinion.But I think I'm right on with this one.Go find some real DDRs and then post them.Don't jump the gun and make a lot of unknowing people pay a lot for this DIE BREAK JUNK.

  55. Anonymous says

    Has anyone noticed that the WDDR-001 and the CDDR-002 are the same DIE BREAK ERROR yet.DUHHHHH !!!!!!.I see these two idiots are comparing notes well.So my question is this.When PCGS gets this same coin.Will they call it a DDR-001 or a CDDR-002 LOL.Just my opinion.Please don't fall for this marketing scam.Again,Just my opinion.

  56. Anonymous says

    Tyler mint roll selling price on Ebay still low, in the $40 to $50 range. My order has not yet been shipped. I am thinking about canceling it…

  57. Anonymous says

    I've noticed the Tyler rolls are selling priced low on Ebay too. I am also waiting on a couple of rolls from the Mint. I am holding on to the the couple of rolls I ordered and I'm going to blame the current slowdown on auction bids for Tyler coins to the holiday weekend combined with the slow economy.

  58. Anonymous says

    Who knows? Fads come and go. Maybe too many of the Tyler rolls were sold to speculators, and now everyone who REALLY wants them already have some. In that scenario, all that's left for sale now are held by speculators, who are slitting each others' throats attempting to unload the remaining inventory.

  59. Anonymous says

    The same thing looks like it might happen to the Guam quarter bags and roll sets. I really thought the Mint would have ran out of those options by now, seeing as how the mintage is so low. Despite that, the somewhat slow sales of those could mean that everyone who really wants them has already bought them from the Mint, leaving the speculators holding overpriced inventory that might even LOSE money for them.

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