Kennedy Half Dollar Clad Set First Day Sales Reach 68,974

The United States Mint has just indicated that opening day sales for the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set reached 68,974 units. This amount has already exceeded the Mint’s initial production level by a wide margin and portends strong demand for the two forthcoming anniversary releases.

product front

Each set contains one 2014-dated Kennedy Half Dollar each struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities in standard copper nickel clad composition. The coins both carry the original 1964 portrait design on the obverse, making them distinct and separate issues from previously released coins.

The sets were priced at $9.95 each and carried an ordering limit of five sets per household.

Ahead of the start of sales, the US Mint had indicated that they had produced 37,000 sets to have available in hand and ready for fulfillment. With first day sales of 68,974, demand seems to have been far beyond the Mint’s initial expectations.

Contributors to the strong start of sales are the unique nature of the coins included in the sets as well as the affordable price point. Past United States Mint numismatic products containing exclusive coins have typically been priced at higher levels since they were gold or silver coins. No doubt sales levels would have been even higher if not for the initial ordering limit of five sets per household.

The next 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar product to be released will be the 3/4 oz. 24 karat gold proof coin available on August 5, 2014. A four coin set containing 90% silver coins from different mint facilities and struck with different finishes will be released in the fall.

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  1. Shawn Irish says

    true story. i got on the mint’s website exactly at 11:45 to join the waitroom. got a message saying i would be added at 12 noon. a co-worker is also into coins and he got on the site about 11:58. once noon came, we both went into the wait room, only his wait time was like 8 minutes, and mine was 16.

  2. VA Rich says

    Momma Mia! 68,974 units sold – WOW!

    Good luck to those going to Chicago, & that’s a sincere good luck!

  3. thePhelps says

    Given that this is the lowest cost – clad offering of this commemorative series that is a rather surprising number. I also believe it means what most of us have been saying for several weeks… the volume of coins that will be generated by these sets will essentially kill any future resale value for them.

    I’ll buy a couple fo the silver sets – but the gold will be around at near market price for quite some time based on what this set has done.

  4. zeeman says

    VA Rich@ I bet they will have some at the Chicago show, they got plenty of time, Mint is not going to the show empty handed.

  5. Sith says

    All I can say is wow, I had not thought of that thePhelps as it is minted to demand, I’m back on the fence for the gold Kennedy.

  6. ryan says

    Hello all. This is my first post here but I’ve been keeping up with this site for a few years. I’ve mainly been collecting silver Eagle and the the ATB series since 2011. Now I haven’t been collecting long but I really think the gold kennedy is going to be a big winner in a similar way that the UHR was and is. They are classic designs that everyone likes. This will exceed the popularity of the reverse proof Buffalo because the Kennedy coin is 50 years old now compared to less than a decade for the gold Buffalo. Everyone remembers the first time they got a kennedy half dollar. The huge portrait, the size of the coin, the weight of it. Anyone that had the means to do so will want the 1st gold kennedy from the mint. I am not necessarily a kennedy collector but I want all of these. This will be the 1st gold coin that I purchase.

    As for the silver set, i think it’ll be an epic winner. 1st reverse proof and 1st enhanced Kennedys. Whatever the household limit is, I’m meeting it. I can’t wait.

  7. jeff says

    Can you say over produced no up side for the clads. Can you say delivery date early next year lmao another blunder by the mint, hope all enjoy! watching from the sidelines..

  8. says

    I am reading these statistic numbers Completely different than Most of you are.
    It is Amazing how People can view Exactly the same thing are get different results…

  9. VA Rich says

    zeeman – I meant good luck in dealing with the Chicago turn out en masse. With 68k units sold the first day for this set, ponder what that means for the ANA offerings.., & interest.

  10. VA Rich says

    ryan – don’t bank on it, this year’s AtB Puck will have high appreciation.

    Jeff – save me a seat on the sideline though with enough space for my BHoFs please.

    CC – what do you mean Partner?

  11. Pittsburgh P says

    I got a few sets, one just to have & a couple gifts but overproduced – YES… I knew they’d be popular but didn’t see this! You’ll probably be able to get the ckad set for 5$ in a few years. I am now out for the gold and may only get a set or 2 silvers. It’s a shame and imo another munt fail.

    Cag how are you lookin at it?

  12. says

    Holy smokes, 68,794? That’s blown away my expectations for sure.

    Maybe these will have some aftermarket value. Demand certainly seems to be way higher than I expected. I figured I was overdoing it by going through the waiting room process… guess not!

    My order tracking has rolled back a day (July 28 to July 29) so I guess it’s just another estimate. I’d been hoping that perhaps the fulfillment would be a little better this time around.

  13. zeeman says

    VA Rich@ you are right, sorry i miss understood you, anyway i might have to buy the early badge pass to get in, problem is i might have to buy 5 or6 of them,i donot see gold coin doing much, but potential for the ANA label, will keep one and sell the others, if i manage to get any, will pay for some other coins i wana buy.

  14. says

    Let’s start off by saying 2 thing:
    1. I did Not participate in the Kennedy Clad offering that started yesterday and Thus I Could have a bias.
    2. I Could be 100% wrong in my Reading of the Statistics.

    Those two things being said, For the Most part I Think people are miss-reading the Tea Leaves on the Kennedy Clad offering. I thought the offering was a ‘Swing and a Miss’. Amazing how people can view the same statistics and come to Completely different conclusions.

    For the Kennedy Clad offering to be a Success I Thought the Numbers through Sunday night Should be at LEAST 500,000 units sold. My guess that Sales will Now Not exceed 200,000 units sold.

    Let’s just look at the numbers IF (and I don’t think it will happen) the Mint sells 200,000 units by Sunday night.
    200,000 x $9.95 = $1,990,000.00

    First week Sunday night sales of BHOF coins are as follows:

    37,831 x $424.75 = $16,068,717.25
    21,380 x $419.75 = $8,974,255.00
    155,523 x $51.95= $8,079,419.85
    73,002 x $47.95 = $3,500,445.90
    67,236 x $19.95 = $1,341,358.20
    44,144 x $18.95 = $836,528.80
    Total $ Sales Through Sunday Night = $38,800,725.00

    NOW….I understand that ‘Mint to Demand’ is ongoing…I just do not think the Kennedy Clads will have legs. When this thing is put to bed I do Not think Kennedy Clads will sell IN TOTAL 500,000 units. 500,000 x $9.95=$4,975,000.

    This is a Pure Guess but There will be 2 x More Total Dollar Sales of the 2014 First Spouse coins than there is for the Kennedy Clads… And I sure don’t think Most People would say that the FS series is a Success…

    Now I understand from the Mint’s point of view anytime they can sell Something for $9.95 that has about $.34 of metal cost in it, then it is a Success.

    From my point of view for the Kennedy Clads to be a Success they need to sell over a Million units and I just do Not see that happening…

  15. thePhelps says

    cag… considering this is the offering that will generate te least amount of value to either a collector or the mint – I think looking at dollar values is kind of a narrow vision. The fact is that there was an advertised 37,000 available for sales at the opening of this offer – and nearly 69,000 sold in less than 24 hours. With a mint to demand offer… which means there isn’t any rush to get to the front of the line – yet there appears to be a demand.

  16. Boz says

    I tend to agree that not many more will be sold. Maybe up to 100k total. The buyers of the first day orders are flippers. It is known that the public is impatient. They want their latest toy or trinket now, not at some future undetermined point. They will buy from the flippers thru slick Sunday newspaper supplements and from TV shopping channels. I think the initial surge will satisfy. Most of the potential buyers.

    The gold and silver I suspect will bring out the collectors much more than the clads. The clads are expendable.

  17. bg35765 says

    Some of you silver stackers/clad bashers have a messed up perspective on things. Let me get this straight:

    Paying $9.95 for 2 coins worth $1.00 in face value is a waste of money that only a fool would buy. But paying $99.95 for 4 coins with a face value of $2.00 is a smart purchase because the silver is worth $29.64.

    If you say so.

  18. JOSEPH says

    Hello all. This is my first post here but I’ve been keeping up with this site for a few years. I’ve mainly been collecting silver Eagle and the the ATB series since 2011. Now I haven’t been collecting long but I really think the gold kennedy is going to be a big winner in a similar way that the UHR was and is. They are classic designs that everyone likes. This will exceed the popularity of the reverse proof Buffalo because the Kennedy coin is 50 years old now compared to less than a decade for the gold Buffalo. Everyone remembers the first time they got a kennedy half dollar. The huge portrait, the size of the coin, the weight of it. Anyone that had the means to do so will want the 1st gold kennedy from the mint. I am not necessarily a kennedy collector but I want all of these. This will be the 1st gold coin that I purchase.

    As for the silver set, i think it’ll be an epic winner. 1st reverse proof and 1st enhanced Kennedys. Whatever the household limit is, I’m meeting it. I can’t wait.

    DO NOT AGREE. LOOK AT BHOF, first gold curve coins, first silver curved coins, and first clad curved coins (in the world). look at where they are now. I have to pass gold kennedy unless the mintage is cap at 5000.

  19. smiledon says

    Some one here once made the comment that coin collecting is the hobby of Kings.
    Well, at least the US Mint is making a set that the surfs, Lords, and royalty can now all
    afford. I get it that the long term value of coins will be affected. However, the mint has a
    mission to ensure that all that want the coin being offered can get it. In time, all coins become worth something. The coins that where found in the UK of Roman mintage comes to mind. Again, for all of us that are just collecting to pass on to our kids, or for the love of
    collecting, get what you like and can afford. Investors, good luck.

  20. Brad says

    I don’t get the rolling backorder date this time. My order was placed at 12:07 pm. If the Mint had 37,000 sets on hand ready to go, why is it backordered at all? Why not “in stock and reserved”? Was it a lie?

  21. TimTom says

    @JOSEPH – That’s a legit set. You can tell because those halves look exactly like 1964s! Almost Proof-like IMO. I will enjoy these in my collection, glad I got into the waiting room relatively early (12:18PM order time) …. we’ll see I guess!

  22. Boz says

    I have micro-engraved the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble, and the heads of Abraham, martin, and Jackie on my sets. Gonna sell to Grannies for Christmas gifts.


  23. says

    @thePhelps, I just respectively disagree. I Agree that there is First Day, First Strike, First in Line, etc. demand but from Here to the End it will be tough sledding..

  24. VA Rich says

    Anyone receive a roll of wedgies from Ainslie? Excluding the shipping charge, everything check good? thanks

  25. VA Rich says

    Brad – I think the mint or Novitex has to complete the arduous task of auditing all the orders first before releasing them to ship to adhere to the household limits. I’m sure there has to be some check and balance in the mix.

    Speaking of which, does anyone know exactly how the mint assesses whether additional orders were sent to the same household? Is it physical address, credit card billing address, name of the cc/debit card, voodoo magic?

  26. James says

    In case anybody is interested. Just received $1 unc bhof ordered 4/3. Waited 3 1/2 months. Right smack in the middle of the coin there is a smudge. Looks like some kind of stain. Don’t even need a magnifying glass. So they send out damaged coins without even looking at them, or look at them and send anyway. There seems to be no quality control. I called the mint and was assured if I returned it I would not get a replacement but would get a refund. I guess the only way to buy from the mint is to buy 5, hope to get one undamaged and return the others. That’s not my mo, so I am done. I was going to get a set of the silver Kennedys but that just gives them 4 chances of giving me a damaged coin. I’m done with returning damaged goods.

  27. Brad says

    VA Rich,

    Yeah, I think you’re right. I forgot about that, but I think that is standard procedure when they are selling items with household ordering limits.

    The address they use to determine a “household” is the billing address attached to the card. I know that for a fact, since I tried to order extra 2006 Silver 20th Anniversary sets to be shipped to my parent’s address, but the order got kicked out as exceeding the household ordering limit. Even though they were being shipped to another town, both orders had MY billing address and that was what they looked at.

  28. Pittsburgh P says

    @JOESPH since when did the BHoF become the first gold & silver domed coins? Where are they anyways? Still holding a premium of 1/2x to 2x+ release price and may still rise…. I don’t think you can compare the two regardless.

    @ryan I may not agree with everything you say but thanks for the perspective.

    That eBay seller probably got his from “a homeless guy” that waited in line at a mint… There weren’t only available by phone or online.

  29. VA Rich says

    James – don’t feel bad, I received a bunch of proof dollars about 10 days ago, not a good one in the lot. Seriously, not one pristine, milk stain free, grease stain free, nick free one within a lot of about a dozen. Sad, but true. What do you do?

    The best S1 BHoF were the ones sold at Baltimore, and then again in that brief shipment that occurred in June. The rest aren’t worth a hoot.., and the 68%+ that are grading a 70 is a farce! Baloney!

  30. VA Rich says

    Thanks Brad, good to know. I see I’m going to have to train up my old man on ‘Quick Checkout’ then.

  31. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I didn’t load into the “cattle chutes” with all of you yesterday and I usually do. Looks like you had some fun being a part of all that interest in this set. I’m glad to hear that it went off so well.

    Buy what you like and don’t look back or forward too much is the way that I typically buy coins. Sometimes I get lucky and actually buy something that becomes more valuable. That’s just “icing on the cake” though. Enjoying the variety of coin designs has been what keeps me in the hobby. How else could I justify owing a full set of Zombucks were it not for the uniqueness of seeing some of my favorite coins in “skin and bones”! 🙂

  32. Paul says

    bg35765 says
    JULY 25, 2014 AT 12:11 PM

    Some of you silver stackers/clad bashers have a messed up perspective on things. Let me get this straight:

    Paying $9.95 for 2 coins worth $1.00 in face value is a waste of money that only a fool would buy. But paying $99.95 for 4 coins with a face value of $2.00 is a smart purchase because the silver is worth $29.64.

    If you say so.

    The silver set will have two unique coins. Unique coins of a set almost always will carry a premium. Let’s say they sell 250,000 sets. That means the reverse proof will be the rarest of all Kennedys for the fifty year series.

  33. VA Bob says

    Cag – would you like to buy my 9-11 medals? They minted 2 million (P and W), so that would be pretty successful according to your earlier comment. 🙂 Just yanking you chain a little.

    People fail to realize something about clad coins. There are people that collect them. One would think this is the PM Mint News blog reading many of the comments. What about people that collect cents and nickels? Have you seen what some of those go for, and at higher mintages than 68K? Granted they are circulating.

    Now I’m not sure how many Kennedy half collectors are out there, but this clads will be a must have if they want a complete collection. If the Mint can sell about 3 million JFK half’s each year (P and D) not including mint and proof sets, why would anyone think for a minute these wouldn’t be popular? Come on guy, think about it for a bit. You might not like clad, but their are plenty of indicators many do. Don’t let your bias cloud your good judgment. That said collect what you like, just don’t assume what you like is necessarily king.

  34. jeff says

    The BHOF Silvers there can only be 127K sets not that many for a commemorative And knowing a lot have been graded I bet less than 100K in OGP

  35. Eagle One says

    Looks like the 1998-S Matte is still the king. Although I expect the 2014-W gold to unseat the king.

  36. VA Bob says

    “The silver set will have two unique coins. Unique coins of a set almost always will carry a premium. ”

    Paul – you do realize the clad set coins are also two unique coins? They went back to the 1964 design for them. Compare them to the regular 2014 JFK clad half’s. Then (if you care to) read my comment above. I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the silver when they come, but no sense not watching the scenery on the drive to get there.

  37. VA Bob says

    Eagle One – It’s a tough call IMO, if a JFK set will be complete with or without the gold. It’s kind of like the 5oz. ATB’s. Is a Geo Wash quarter set complete without those? I would lean towards yes, personally.

  38. TimTom says

    @VA Bob – Great comments concerning clad coinage. I personally love IKEs and think they are under-rated. I collect clad and PM, whatever catches my fancy.

    To the point of a complete Kennedy set, I would say that the majority of Kennedy collectors, myself included, wouldn’t consider the gold a necessity to a complete set. I would liken it to the Dansco 7070 Type Set. A lot of people just can’t afford the Gold Type page and sets still sell without it.

    I will say that even though I’m priced out of the gold Kennedy, I would love to own one. Clad and silver it is!

  39. bg35765 says

    @Paul – I actually like the silver set a lot and plan to buy several.

    I just think the people who talked down the clad set are very short sighted. When the Kennedy series is done the key dates might look like this:

    2014 Gold – 50,000(?)
    1998 Matte – 62,350
    2014 Silver Set P – 250,000(?)
    2014 Silver Set D – 250,000(?)
    2014 Silver Set S – 250,000(?)
    2014 Silver Set W – 250,000(?)
    2014 Clad Set P – 300,000(?)
    2014 Clad Set D – 300,000(?)
    2012 Silver Proof – 440,000
    2013 Silver Proof – 467,000

    So these clad coins will probably end up being the #7 and #8 lowest mintage coins in the Kennedy series. With a little luck they could even undersell the silver coins and end up at #3 and #4.

    And they cost $5 each.

    Opportunity was knocking yesterday, but many of our silver stacking friends have become so stubbornly anti-clad that they couldn’t hear it.

  40. says

    @VA Bob, From what I see with the Kennedy Clads it is Pop and Fizzle…There has been over 4 Billion Kennedy coins minted in the last 50 years. I do Not see that 68,974 UNIQUE coins in 12 hours can be hailed as a Successful offering. Time will tell..

    Thursday’s Sales were Not as strong as I had expected…

  41. Ralph says

    I ordered my 5 Kennedy set’s late afternoon yesterday. My order show’s a date of 9/7. On the Mint web site, it has a ship date of 8/7 listed with the set???

  42. VA Rich says

    Well, I just had quite the unpleasant surprise driving up to the house just now. I knew I had some BHoF orders scheduled to arrive next week, well they all arrived this morning. Due to the botched BHoF shipping ordeal, out in my drive since this morning has sat 2 USPS crates holding 18 BHoF boxes each box containing either a dollar or clad.., nice! Unbelievable. Only 5 orders were placed and thus, 5 boxes should have been sent. Oh well, at least the neighbors aren’t aware of my addition! haha

  43. fmtransmitter says

    Clad opportunity is all in the slabs and labels and as we saw, colorized, hologram, rainbow toning that will happen with private flippers…

  44. fmtransmitter says

    If you are young and new to this hobby, my advice is to stay away of all Kennedy halves having anything put on them other than from the US Mint…Good luck all…

  45. Eagle One says

    @VA Bob

    Yeah, I’m sure the 2014 P&D High Relief Clads will have a place in the “Dansco Pages of History” and the same goes for the 2014 four piece silver set. I’ve seen the 1998-S Matte Silver in a few Danscos before. However, it will be interesting to see if the 2014 -W gold is given a place in album history too. Yet, I could not see myself placing a gold proof coin of that caliber in an album and nor would I pay the money to buy such a coin stored in an album. Yet, the 1776-1976 Silver coins have pages in the Dansco’s too. So, it will be interesting to see how it plays out and it will be even more interesting to see if this is the grand finale to the end of the Kennedy series. I expect the 2014-W Gold proof to see a mintage of 40-45K max.

  46. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I’m curious about something with this set. The Mint website says “Mintage Limit: None
    Product Limit: None”. But, then also says “this product will be available until sold out”. So, what are the “run parameters” with this set and how long will the Mint keep it open? Just got to wondering about that and couldn’t find anything definite that puts any framework around production/sales.

  47. Eagle One says

    Let’s hope the Mint is kind to us collectors and snubs the mintage on these HR Clad sets to less than 150K. I would be very disappointed to see these sets hanging around the Mint’s website for years like the Kennedy rolls and bags. Additionally, this would give more excitement to the collecting of clad coins and a new low mintage clad with real collector value would be a great way to start.

  48. Clark says

    If you’ve ever tried putting together a complete set of all Kennedy halves from 1964 forward, then you know it isn’t as easy as it might seem, not impossible, but not easy or inexpensive. Prices range from face value to four digits for a few varieties in great condition. Many years ago, it took me seemingly endless months to “quickly” complete two collections in Dansco albums 8166 (with proofs) and now 8167. Of my 30+ Dansco albums, 8166 is the thickest and heaviest with 8 pages of 20 coins each. I love it–even the pages of clad halves from the 1980s when quality was deplorable.

    Like me, many other Kennedy half dollar collectors who use Dansco albums are probably also viewing this year’s products with wide eyes about the logistics of where to put them in album collections. I’m using the blank page that came with Dansco album 8167 (with 20 slots) to hold all 2014 varieties, including the gold. With some trepidation and for the first time ever, I’m storing a gold coin (the new gold Kennedy) in a Dansco album and not the bank vault. I’m looking forward to seeing the complete set together in its full glory.

  49. says

    @Jus-a-coin-luvr, The Mint said the preference is for no mintage limit. The Mint has sales estimates projected, but if demand greatly exceeds that target, it might not be able to meet that demand.
    So basically the Mint is giving themselves an out to halt production if demand greatly exceeds what they are estimating…

  50. MN says

    On the special 2014 Kennedy offerings…50 years later the Kennedy image is the same but was a Clad composition even produced in 1964 and if not, why a 50th Anniversary Clad set then? Regardless, anyone who has a Kennedy collection would want to include this Clad set.

    I really like the 4-Set Silver Kennedy offering in OGP however I’d like NGC70’s of each coin too. The 50th Silver 4-Set doesn’t appear to include an “S” minted version so I’m glad I purchased NGC70’s of the Silver Kennedy “S” Proof Half-Dollars with the Kennedy Anniversary label (feel it’s the “true” 2014 Kennedy out this year since it’s how they minted Kennedy half-dollars in the regular mint sets this year).

  51. Clark says

    (sorry, got cut off) the 50th anniversary set commemorates the coin’s introduction, not its composition.

  52. MN says

    4-Set clarification…an “S” is included but it appears to have a different finish.

    There is a regular proof coin from the Philadelphia Mint, a reverse proof coin from the West Point Mint, an enhanced uncirculated coin from the San Francisco Mint, and an uncirculated coin from the Denver Mint. These silver coins have mint marks of P, W, S or D based on their production facilities.

  53. ABC says

    That’s an amazing deal. Only $2195? How on earth are they able to offer the coins to us at such a low price and still offer free shipping?

  54. Clark says

    ABC–Yes, it must be for the peace of mind of not worrying if you’ll get one of the unlimited mintage coins…and with “Accented Hair” too!

  55. Scott says

    News Flash from the A.N.A.:
    The U.S. Mint previously announced that 500 Kennedy coins per day will be sold at the show, and in order to purchase a coin, a buyer must receive a ticket from the U.S. Mint. The line for receiving tickets will form outside of the bourse floor at 8 a.m. each day of the show. There will be signs on site to guide collectors to the correct area. Mint officials will distribute tickets to the first 250 people in line between 10:30 and 10:45 a.m. each day. At 11 a.m., collectors with tickets will be led onto the bourse floor through a special side entrance that will take them directly to the U.S. Mint booth to complete their purchase.

    My response to the A.N.A.:
    This stand in line for two plus hours policy prior to the 10:00 convention opening time is bullshit. This will only detract from the number of potential buyers that will waste their time considering the coin has an unlimited mintage.

  56. jeff says

    Lets stir the pot how about a lottery everyone line up pull a number out of a hat that’s your number in line. lottery starts at 10

  57. VA Bob says

    Scott – I agree it might be BS, but you know that line will be full. All to get that little label. I just have to shake my head at some of the stranger aspects of this hobby. Until the slabbed/label coins appear in the Red Book, P.T. Barnum was correct.

  58. says

    Some commenters are excitedly anticipating putting their2014 Kennedy silver varieties in Dansco albums. Based on my own experience with silver eagles that I have in a Dansco album, the silver in the coins eventually reacts with the album paper that surrounds them, with resulting black tarnishing (especially in the area around the rim).
    I really think these silver coins are better off encapsulated. Mine will remain in the OGP.

  59. fmtransmitter says

    You got many collectors in rural areas with more cash than time and have no problem paying 2-3 times issue price for a rare label coin, umm and oh yeah, was graded too…Say the farmers paid by the USA to NOT grow certain crops and wait in their own line for a check each month…

  60. VA Bob says

    Hawkster – I hear good things about the Intercept Shield albums, though I never tried them. I keep everything in OGP or air-tites. They are more expensive. Wizard has them for the JFK’s, 1964 – 2001 and 2002 to date. Natural toning doesn’t affect value or grade (some pay more for a nicely toned coin), but black spots are an exception and can ruin a nice silver coin. I’ve seen entire coins turned black, not a pretty sight.

  61. VA Bob says

    FM – one just has to be sure someone didn’t take a blow torch to the coin to give it the blue hue. I’ve seen some nice ones though with blue edged in a deep violet.

  62. GoldFishin says

    @Scott – I predict this madness of first day label chasing at the ANA shows and elsewhere will end badly when somebody gets hurt, or worse, fighting over the right to scalp a coin. I hope not, but with such tremendous hype and overwhelming demand coupled with such low supply the possibility is definitely there.

  63. Clark says

    I’ve heard some folks report coin toning in albums, but I can only speak to my own experience with many years of coins in Dansco albums. I do place Dansco slip covers made with some sort of “silver-guard corrosion inhibiting” agent on all my albums. I don’t know if this is why I’ve not experienced any toning over the years in over 30 Dansco albums, but I haven’t. Some albums contain .999 or .9999 silver collections of Mexican Libertads, Canadian Maple Leaf and ASEs. I have noticed that some of my PCGS and NGC slabbed silver coins have developed gradual toning over the years, but it doesn’t bother me if they do. To each collector, their own preferences, I suppose.

  64. GoldFishin says

    I have never been to an ANA show but I am sure there is plenty of security considering how much $$$ is there. So, maybe my fears are not justified.

  65. gary says

    I can’t fathom how so many purchasers of the pricey MS/PF 70 label & plastic, after watching their treasures tank in the aftermarket, return again and again with every new modern coin release to take more pain to their wallet. They are either of colossal stupidity or else cost is no obstacle. My hat is off to the 3rd party graders for they have surely found the secret to spin gold from straw.

  66. says

    KEITHSTER, The clad S Fort Mchenry has slightly less than 1.3 mil at the time. When the White Sands (sand dunes) coins are released later in Aug, the mintage may be a new low.

  67. Jerry Diekmann says

    Gary – Some people you can fool ALL the time. That’s how the TPGs, big dealers, and the HSN guy make their living- “a fool and his money are soon parted”. My guess is that this label craze will go the same way as baseball cards did years ago. Poof!

  68. GDT says

    Oh no,,, I have a 7/28 ship date. I now have back order with a 7/29. Let’s see when or really ships !

  69. VA Rich says

    Hey Jeff – need a box? Comes with a free bag! lol! Never thought one order for 4 coins would lead to 5 shipments, oh well, lesson learned! The BHoFs $5s are already pulling away from their recent lows, the $1s will do the same as we approach December, if not sooner. As you have commented previously, these coins have so much going for them that will separate them from releases over the past 10 years. Besides, in this economy and with the turmoil in the world currently, I’d rather have 51 bucks represented in a BHoF silver dollar than a US dollar any day!

    Scott – thanks for sharing. I can’t image what the 0800 form up will look like. Someone better be on their game and have those signs up or they’ll have a riot on their hands. So what time does the 0800 form up start? Is it 0600 to get in line to be the first in line when the doors open to get in the 0800 line? Seriously, how’s that gonna work?

    I think some folks are going to get burned on this one, only so many peeps care to/can spend 2-3x for a label. Will be interesting (again).

  70. Mark H says

    Well after reading all these comments I went to the mint website and ordered the 9.95 Kennedy set. I learn a lot here.


  71. jeff says

    Deja-vu ship date marches one day backwards for months then IS&R and another month passes ….

  72. Larry says

    Let’s see, clad set with $1.00 face value for $9.95 or about 10X face value. Upcoming 4 piece silver set with about $30.00 silver at today’s price for $99.95 or about 3.3 X melt value. On the other hand, I can’t remember any clad coins receiving so much interest on this site. What the heck, at $9.95, the set will make nice gift.

  73. says

    This label craze certainly lends a strangeness to the hobby, as one commenter has already alluded to. The TPG companies are fattening their pockets by exploiting the uninformed and half-informed collectors–and sometimes collectors that should know better.
    Judging from comments on this Blog, there are still many collectors who are overly concerned whether their coins will be delivered soon enough to qualify for the almighty “first strike” label. Or, they are trying to decide whether to chase around to the various coin shows where the Mint will sell the coins. And then they will pay absurd in-show grading fees for the “coveted” Show and “first strike” label. I would never want such a “first strike” label on any coin in my collection–it’s just plain cheesy.
    Sure, flippers and big boy dealers especially like these labels, as they can also exploit their buying public into thinking that the coin is unique and special–and get more money for it.

  74. says

    Personally, I ordered one clad Kennedy set to get a good look at the coins, and to have an example, but mostly just to see the higher relief in hand. It’s become obvious that every special release from the Mint now will be a flippers paradise. Forget about any rare coins within these offers, uniqueness may be the only thing going for them. I believe the silver set will be a big win for the Mint, but wonder how the smaller size of the gold will sell. I’ve noticed that the 1/4 and 1/2 oz. sizes in gold proofs seem to attract fewer buyers. Maybe since the gold Kennedy is the sole gold example, this scenario won’t play out. Yeah, thanks to the internet, ebay, smartphones, and the `08 fresh batch of PM bugs turn numismatics, we can count on these releases remaining a TPG’s and flippers paradise.

  75. Steve says

    Personally I could care less about TPG and special labels but people pay more for them when I sell. I never fall in love with a coin. I just make a buck when the opportunity presents itself.

  76. says

    Since I began reading this blog, and the comments, the thread has been used by lovers of the hobby for the most part. I have faith that true collecting will continue to dominate this thread!

  77. Wdg5 says

    And now the expected shipping date moves up a day from 28th to the 30th already. Hello WP set 2.0!

  78. Clark says

    When considering the potential popularity of the 2014 gold Kennedy half dollar coin, I think of two highly popular and heavily promoted 24K gold coins: the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle and the 2006 one ounce Buffalo proof.

    115,178 UHR Double Eagle coins were minted and sold for an issue price of $1189 and were subject to a strict household limit of one. There were 246,267 1oz gold proof Buffaloes minted in 2006, the inaugural year of the gold buffalo program, with no meaningful household limits and an original sales price of $800. Prices later varied as the price of gold fluctuated.

    I’ll hazard a guess that puts gold Kennedy sales somewhere between these two relatively recent gold coins: Early sales will easily exceed 75,000 and final sales will pass the 200,000 mark. Of those, I will purchase one–and only one–for my collection of Kennedy halves.

  79. Wes says

    My order has moved up from 9/8 to 8/8. If it is sent then maybe the mint can send out a new coin in a returned package since the hold up sometimes is the packaging.

  80. says

    Hey Wes,

    Do you really want someone’s returned packaging after it has been handled by the original recipient? Besides, among the reasons a coin set is returned is a defect in the packaging itself, not the coin(s). I would rather wait for the Mint to get its new supply of packaging if that’s the reason an order is held up.

  81. says

    Some Statistics on GOLD BHOF coins:

    1. The Supply of OGP Golds on the Bay is Less than Anytime since I started keeping track of offerings.
    2. In the last 10 days prices for OGP Golds ‘Buy It Now’ have increased for the “Price +Shipping = Lowest First” $70.99 from $579.00 to Today’s lowest BIN @ $649.99
    3. The apparent constant supply of a Particular TPG 70’s BIN’s from 2 Sellers in Florida has at least for the time being dried up. In the last 10 day I counted 44 70’s that have Sold by the 2 Florida sellers. Currently they have Nothing to offer and the BIN pricing for the Same Grade from the Same TPG has increase $80.00 from the last 10 days High of $659.00 to Current Lowest BIN for a 70 @ $739.00

  82. GoldFishin says

    @cagcrisp – I think you definitely hit the nail on the head when you predicted that once the Gold HOF orders were cancelled there would be buyers in the open market looking for coins. I think it really helped that MCM quit listing a couple days before the announcement. There has been a nice rise in prices since cancellations notices went out across all Gold offerings. It will be interesting to see if the momentum keeps up. Thanks for the stats!

  83. says


    Have you ever entertained the thought of becoming a statistician for a Major League Baseball team? As a resume, just submit your above comment to the general manager of the team nearest you. Very impressive research!

  84. says

    @Hawkster, Accounting major and Economics minor. Taught Business Stats course in college Back in the Day before I entered the For Profit World….

    I was statistician for High School Basketball team. I was a Triple Threat. Couldn’t Jump, Couldn’t Run, Couldn’t Shoot. All I had was a Basketball Players shoe size and I could sweat with the best of ’em…

  85. VaBeachSteve says

    @ Cagcrisp- thanks for the info & updates on the $5 gold! My next question is, have you also been tracking the Silvers? Do you think prices have bottomed yet for these? Last I remember reading was that 69% of silvers have gone out. Have you heard otherwise? I’ve always agreed with you and others on the board the Golds would rebound pretty easily, I’m just not sure about the silvers. And Yes, I have some good size orders outstanding.

  86. gary says

    Doe anybody know if the US Mint has announced how many (if any) of the Gold Kennedies they will have on hand to fulfill the orders placed on the 1st day that they can be ordered?

  87. says


    That explains your wizardry with statistics. I could have used you back in the 60’s when I took Statistics 101 in college–norm, mean, median, standard deviation, and all that good stuff.

  88. Tinto says

    40,000 gold Kennedys .. wonder how many will be submitted for the FS labels?
    I’ll stick to the silver… two or three sets max

  89. thePhelps says

    Yes – they’ll have 40,000 Kennedy’s and 15,000 boxes to put them in – if the past has taught us anything.

  90. says

    @VaBeachSteve, I do track OGP Silvers. Started tracking them later in the game. I have tracked OGP Gold since Day 1. Only started OGP Silvers on 05/18.
    As far as whether the Silvers have bottomed out. The Silvers have shown a Remarkable ability to stay high considering the 400K mintage. The Lowest daily average since 05/18 was 07/16 @ $75.70 with 55 coins Sold and compare that to 07/25 @ average price of $77.08 with 56 coins Sold.

    I think a Lot of the problem pertains to the Following “➤ Silver – “Six percent of all orders have physically shipped. However, since this is an on-going, daily process, if you include orders in process for the inventory we have received, this number increases to 75 percent. Said differently, this pertains to the inventory that has been reserved to a specific order and is in the process of being picked, packed and prepared for shipping but hasn’t physically shipped yet.”

    On other Blogs they are Selling and Cancelling Silver because they think that Only 6% have Shipped and that is just Not the case as I have pointed out in other posts.

    The Mint put the wait list up for Silvers just before 5pm EDT 04/09. Week ending 04/06 the Mint had Sold 355,396 Silvers. That is 89% of Final Sales and considering my shipment on 04/04 has filled you have to think we have 80+% filled orders for Silvers.

  91. bobby says

    Did the mint ship anyone their clad kennedy sets yet? Or were they blowing smoke about fast shipping?

    Also, after seeing the BHOF gold and silver in hand, I personally doubt the kennedy coins will be anywhere near as cool!

  92. Wes says

    Hawster, I would rather have new but if reusing returned packaging gets my order sooner I will take it. Where are they selling the graded packaging at?

  93. Wes says

    It would be great if the mint offered free shipping on all orders like they did last year. They can keep those bags.

  94. Pittsburgh P says

    Cag I am still waiting for my 4/4 silver Unc BHoF coins… Only my proofs were filled & of course the clads. But the uncs are still on backorder with a 7/31 ship by date…

  95. says

    @Pittsburgh P, My 04/03 8am Order contained both Silver Uncs and Proofs. Uncs shipped on 07/17 and Proofs shipped 07/23. My 04/04 3pm Order contained Only Silver Proofs and they shipped 07/24

  96. GoldFishin says

    @Cag – I have Silver BHOF order on 4-6 for both proof and unc. When they finally get to this last order I put in, we will know the end is in sight.

  97. Pittsburgh P says

    Cag my 4/4 order was at 7 pm and the proofs shipped 7/23 before your 3pm order & like I said unc’s are still backordered… Hope they ship soon since yours shipped 2 weeks ago & less were ordered but who knows.

    GF I also have a 4/6 order for both but IDK how close to the end it’ll be 😉

  98. thePhelps says

    I have an April 9th 2:21 pm order for a single silver uncirculated. It was put in before the wait list – I suspect when I see it move off the 8/15 backorder we will be getting pretty close to the end of shipping.

  99. says

    I hope you’ll have better luck with quality than I did. 04/03 order I received 11 Silver Uncs and on the Obverse baseball threads were not sharp on 2 coins. Same order (later shipment) I got 11 Silver Proofs and 1 had small spot on Obverse rim, other 10 were good. 04/04 order I got 11 Silver Proofs and 6 had problems. All problems were on the Obverse. Small orange or rust color dots on 6. 2 were in Exact same spot.

    Under Normal circumstances I would ship back but I read that a Mint CSR said at this point you would get a Refund and Not a replacement.
    NOW I know how many different answers you can get from Mint CSR but I am not willing to Gamble on getting a replacement.

    ANYHOW…I have a 10x and the people that I am giving them to probably don’t See 1x…

  100. GoldFishin says

    @thePhelps – You might have a chance at that coveted “Last Strike” label if too many people didn’t cancel. 🙂

  101. GoldFishin says

    While we are on the subject of “Hall of Fame” coins, I would like to say congrats to the first ballot 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas along with managers Tony La Russa, Bobby Cox, and Joe Torre. Just an outstanding group, especially if you are a Braves fan!

  102. thePhelps says

    GF… That would have been my only signature label – I’d have wanted on my coins. 6 coin set with all of them signed by 1 of the players and managers entering this years HOF.

    I was never a Braves fan – but you could not help but enjoy how well those 2 pitchers managed a game. I personally thought Maddux was the best “pitcher” I ever got a chance to watch.

  103. Pittsburgh P says

    Cag I got the same answer & know others who have too. So I’d say its a safe bet that only refunds will be given for returns now.

  104. says


    Based on your experience with the HOF silver coins, quality control issues are apparent in both early and later shipments of the offerings. It would be interesting to hear from other Blog readers as to what they experienced, quality wise, in the earlier vs. later shipments that they have received–especially if the shipments were a couple months apart.

  105. Tinto says

    “– if the past has taught us anything.”

    Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have taught the Mint anything.

  106. jeff says

    Cagcrisp your hypothesis is spot on can in regards to the silvers can you say anything about the number of cancelation I am sure there are many who canceled just for these Kennedy’s which I never would have done. I believe if the mint just refunds because of the difficulty in production the mintage maybe 10% less silvers just my opinion thanks for your astute observation in previous post keep em coming.

  107. VaBeachSteve says

    @ Cagcrisp ….. It sounds like there have been quite a few silvers that have been returned due to spots/smudges/ect. I would highly doubt the Mint would sale them to someone else and run the risk of them being returned yet again, soooooo, wouldn’t these “damaged” coins be subtracted from the 400,000 mintage?

  108. Dave says

    23 proof ( so far ) and 20 Unc HOF SD. I have only kept 8 of each and given and/ or sold the remainder. Yes, quality was the reason for only keeping 8 of each.

  109. VaBeachSteve says

    @ Jeff ….. I was thinking the same thing. The Mint did say they were more difficult to produce and with all the cancellations and everyone’s attention now on the Kennedy’s, I could very well see the Mint cutting production short. They are under no obligation to fill the extra orders they took.

  110. says

    @jeff, I know you have posted before about the mintage being 10% less, I just don’t agree with that. When it is all said and done I think mintage will come in between 399,800 and the stated 400,000 mintage. (1). I don’t think the Mint would want Anyone to Know just how high of a quality control issue they have. No One really knows do they? Minting more coins and replacing them alleviates answering that problem and (2). I don’t think the Mint wants to answer the questions “How come you cancelled my order when you didn’t even sell the 400,000 that you said you would sell?” (3). Once you start giving out Refunds and not Replacement then the Original sale is a wash and you can better control production output vs. actual sales.
    If I was in charge of the Mint, with a couple of weeks remaining in shipments, I would say “No more replacements, just Refunds” and then I would continue to send out coins. There Has to be a cutoff point and there Has to be a point where you say “Hey, this guy just wants a 70 and if he doesn’t get a 70 he just sends ’em back until he does”. Any coin is going to have a flaw if you put it under enough magnification. Some are just worse than others…

  111. GoldFishin says

    @Hawkster – my second order for silver proofs which was shipped sometime in early June the quality was good, but not great. I would say very close to the first shipment. However, and this is big however, and I haven’t heard anyone hear mention it, so I thought I would just keep it to myself. When I compare my first hour silver coins with the one I received later, to me they don’t have the same pop, they seem a little less curved, or the strikes are almost too perfect or flatter or something. With my first coins I used to just love to hold them under my recessed lighting and rotate the coin around and around and look at the luster changing in the lighting. With the later batch, they just don’t have that same dancing luster, for lack of a better term. Maybe I am crazy, but I remember posting comments when I first received my silver how it was amazing how they made the glove look like it was worn. With the later coins it just looks more like a stamped glove or more sterile. I don’t know, either way, they are all beautiful coins when the quality control issues are not present.
    By the way, I think the later gold coins have a nicer strike and are more impressive than the early batch. Just my own observations, whew, I am glad I got that off my mind. 😉

  112. VA Rich says

    GF – you’re not alone on your $1 PRF observations. There’s clearly less granularity in the glove and a lessened ‘luster effect’ than the early April shipments. And a yeah, they do appear a little flatter, don’t they?

    Also have noticed that glove is more silver in color, than the early gun metal grey tone, and it often lacks the rainbow burst of colors when held on under light. Getting the planchet centered for the strike seems to be a little more problematic. Seeing a lot on the obverse where the reeded edge comes up on the rim, or is off a bit with a noticeable gap forming on one edge.

    Back in April I sent in some to PCGS as I wanted a few Flag sets, unfortunately 80% came back 69’s. However, those 69’s are of far better quality than the ones I’ve seen since, should I consider having them regarded? Anyone with experience with PCGS regrades have thoughts? Thanks

  113. Pittsburgh P says

    Cag you may be right about the difference between quality in the different shipments & I am beginning to regret selling the coins I received from the first wave. That bein said there is nothing like the first time 🙂 When I got the first order in I also was struck by the “pop” of the coins & haven’t felt that way since but the coins are still great even in comparison to coins other mints are producing at a much higher cost(yes mintage is lower I know) IDK if maybe the quality is close to the same and its just different since it’s not the first look…Just a thought

  114. fmtransmitter says

    Who’s getting the young collectors set? Might be a neat idea for a coach to get for little league teams, maybe the winner of the the championship team gets a set. Neat way to get youngsters into collecting…??

  115. Samuel says

    all my silver unc up to 4/7 are in stock with cancel box, proof still backordered.

  116. says

    My Silver HoF uncs thru my last order on 4/9 are in stock/reserved. All the proofs still backordered to 8/15.

  117. Brad says

    I was looking at the upcoming products section of the Mint’s website this morning. Man, poor Lou Hoover looks like a man in a wig! It’s going to be a little more painful than normal forking over about $1,700+/- for those two coins!

  118. gary says

    @ VARich …. the only one certain to make a profit in regrading your 69 coins will be the TPG. Be sure to factor in your costs for shipping & insurance in addition to the regrading costs.

  119. VA Rich says

    Check this out –

    04/09/2014 at 02:40 PM – 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER UNC – 3 units reserved

    Guess 2 pm’ish on the 9th is the Maginot line

    Thanks gary – it’s the principle of the matter I guess, but to your point, there’s no point in throwing good money after bad.

  120. jeff says

    @VA RICH your 69’s will do nicely the comparison 2001 Buffalo with a mintage of 100 k more than the bhof. These will do real good in the coming years it all a matter of price point.

  121. VA Rich says

    Yep, & all others dates on their site!

    Waiting room in 20 minutes, I’m surprised by that

  122. jeff says

    Am I seeing product mintage only 50,000 for the bhof young collector set if that’s the case these are as low mintage to the golds just clad form.

  123. Samuel says

    jeff, are you the seller at bay that sold the MS70 annual unc dollar set a while ago?

  124. says

    Mint excel spreadsheet for:

    50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set (K14)

    Total sales from Noon EDT 07/24 until Midnight 07/27 = 84,593
    Sales from Noon EDT 07/24 until Midnight 07/24 = 68,974 or 5,748 per hour
    Sales from Midnight 07/24 until Midnight 07/27 = 15,619 or 217 per hour

    First day Pop, No follow through…

  125. jeff says

    So $25 for the bhof young collector uncirculated coin with a mintage of 50 k and $10 for the Kennedy P & D set unlimited mintage oh mint to demand I’m in for the bhof take my chances more unique set.

  126. says

    Mint BHOF excel spreadsheet update for 07/27/14:

    Gold proof BHOF 32,969 down 5,621
    Gold unc. 18,452 down 3,286
    Silver proof 281,833 down 709
    Silver unc. 146,288 down 548
    Clad proof 202,647 up 3,092
    Clad unc. 130,227 up 2,273
    Gold BHOF oversold 1,421
    Silver BHOF oversold 28,121

  127. thePhelps says

    jeff – the young collectors set isn’t unque – outside of the packaging. The coin in the set is the exact same coin being issued – with a mintage of 750,000 coins. Currently – about 138,000 uncirculated coins have been issued.

  128. HiCal says

    Anyone got their Kennedy set shipped? If so what time was your order placed? Mine went from 7/28/14 to now 8/1/14 order placed 12:49 PM.

  129. jeff says

    The Phelps what’s the difference between the 2012 W Burnished Silver Eagle (230,000) and the 2012 W Burnished Silver Eagle in the 2012 uncirculated dollar set (24,000) I’ll tell you $50 dollars different in the secondary market even more disparity graded MS70 same coin supply and demand there are differences might just be the OGP who knows ..

  130. says

    @Bob R, I would be surprised if they sold 15k of the Young Collector’s set. I have No idea why they had a Waiting Room for this release…

    You can buy the Exact same coin for $2.00 less. Just different packaging…

  131. mark says

    Kennedy unc set …backordered till 8/1/14………young collectors set … stock and reserved.

  132. Blair J Tobler says

    I bought the Young Collectors Set. I started collecting Commems in 2010, and I try to pick up these sets as well – I just kinda like ’em.

  133. thePhelps says

    @jeff – while your example is fine to use – I can tell you that I wouldn’t pay $50 extra for the burnished ASE in the alternative packaging – because in the long run you’ll lose money as the value decreases. (IMO) There are several pre-packaged mint items that leave many scratching their heads trying to figure out why people are paying goofy prices… you found one.

    From a commemorative coin perspective – very few of the young collectors sets have gained in value. I actually can’t think of 1 that is worth more than the issue price and I have most of them.

  134. A&L Futures says

    @ HiCal

    The Kennedy Half Dollar Clad sets I ordered at 12:04 PM (EDT), has an expected ship date of 08/01/2014.

  135. HiCal says

    @ A&L, thanks for the info. I was hoping the earlier orders were already shipped, I guess mines will in all probability will ship after the gold Kennedy goes on sale 8/5/14.

  136. TimTom says

    @jeff – no difference in the 2012 eagle, but there are 5 $1 presidential dollars in those sets. those are D business strikes though. IF they were proofs that would explain it since anything out of the 2012 proof set is in demand or at least over-priced.

  137. HiCal says

    I bought one of the BHOF Young Collector set just to see the “special rotating capsule”.

    “This set contains a National Baseball Hall of Fame Uncirculated Clad Half-Dollar enclosed in a special rotating capsule!”

  138. VA Rich says

    Sith – sure does lend itself to that. Surely by now you’d think we would have heard about a Sales Window if that was the case. From your link –

    An initial inventory of 40,000 coins will be available for sale on August 5 through various sales channels. The United States Mint will evaluate sales activity during the first week and make adjustments to its production schedule accordingly.

    In other words, buy early or prepare to wait!

  139. TimTom says

    correction – only the 1 sac is D mint, the 4 pres dollars are P mint. nevertheless, just plain business strikes so i don’t understand the price difference. people just like different packaging i guess??

  140. TimTom says

    @thePhelps – I only own one young collectors set, the 1993 bill of rights silver half set. As far as value over issue price I can think of a few: the obscure olympic sets, the black patriots set, and the civil war young collectors sets. now whether those sell for significant premiums is a different story. i’d have to check the bay.

  141. A&L Futures says

    @ HiCal,

    The U.S. Mint gift shop in Philadelphia has Kennedy Half Dollar Clad sets for sale. If you’re willing to pay $9.95 for S/H, they could be in your possession within the week.

  142. A&L Futures says

    @ HiCal

    I also forgot to mention that the U.S. Mint gift shop in Denver has Kennedy Half Dollar Clad sets for sale as well. The difference is that they, unlike the Philadelphia Mint, are willing to sell more than just two sets (w/combined S/H). You’ll have to use more than one Debit/Credit-card, but you could have them in your possession long before the U.S. Mint ships out your online order.

  143. James says

    I have a question if anybody feels like giving me an opinion. Since I got my sole $1 Unc BHOF coin with a smudge/stain in the center of the coin (damaged) and can not return it to get a replacement (only refund), would anyone suggest trying to clean it? If so, how? I mean, it’s damaged already, what would a little rubbing with a wet Q-tip do more than what is there already? It might possibly get the smudge/stain off. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  144. HiCal says

    @A&L, thanks for the information on the Kennedy clad sets from the gift shops in Denver and Philly. Good to know but I’ll just wait for my online ordered sets.

  145. thePhelps says

    @jeff – some have some haven’t. The GS set did by doing a quick search. Keep in mind most of these are tied closely to the current years commemorative program – and the rarity of the coins in that program add to the value of the colelctors sets.

    TimTom points out a couple of the sets that might have a higher resale figure… mainly because the underlying program didn’t do well with sales. He was right there are some that do hold a higher resale value – but that would be the primary reason – the commemoratives themselves didn’t sell well – hence the rarity factor comes in to play when pricing them out.

    I can say from his example the bill of rights set is going for about $20 – and includes a silver half dollar… the black patriots is more – but it includes a harder to find Silver $1 coin… the Olympics from the 90’s also was poorly recieved and sold very few coins – and adds to the underlying price being higher…

  146. Senior says

    Ordered 7/24 12:18 PM. (4) clad Kennedy 2 coin set in stock reserved cancel box gone ship date gone was 8/1

  147. Clark says

    James–I don’t know if your smudge is the same as the smudge/scuff that was on my $5 gold BHoF a couple months ago, but mine was centered at the top of the dome of the coin and really disappointed me. Knowing that returning it to the Mint would only get me a refund, I convinced myself that having an MS68 or 69 in my collection wouldn’t be that bad, so I sent it to NGC anyway. To my great surprise, they cleaned it and graded it MS70. The mark on my coin looked like a smudge, but under 10x magnification, the smudge had striae. As I say, yours could be completely different and “uncleanable,” but mine was on the center of the dome (reverse) of my coin.

    You might want to carefully remove the capsule, if you haven’t already, to ensure it isn’t a mark on the plastic. It’s a gamble to send it in for grading, but in my particular case, it yielded a happy outcome. Good luck!

  148. James says

    Thanks for your response Clark. That was awesome that they cleaned it for you. Congratulations on your 70. I have never sent a coin for grading, so I’m going to have to keep it as is. It looks like a stain that can be cleaned, but I don’t know how they did it and now I don’t think I should touch it. Hearing that they were able to clean yours makes me want to just hold on to it the way it is and maybe someday I can figure out how to clean it properly. This mark is also on the domed side, right in the middle on the stitching. I wish it was just on the capsule.

  149. Senior says

    The Kennedy Clad Sets are at the eve of delivery.Have you all forgotten the topic of this thread or are you all high rollers awaiting gold?

  150. Eddie says

    I would just about trade my set of BHOF set for a gold Kennedy. But if they come down in price on the secondary market that would be great I would love to have one for my Kennedy collection.

  151. David says

    This offering from the mint is overpriced in my opinion. You are just paying for the useless packaging. The coins are the same. Can’t believe the markup on these over at eBay.

  152. Donald Hill says

    Still waiting on my order of August 13 for the 2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY UNC CLAD SET. On backorder and several shipping dates have already slipped. Do not currently have a valid shipping date shown on Mint’s order page.

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