Proposed Legislation Aims to Designate Saint-Gaudens Site as National Arts Park


Sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens (with Amor Caritas in the background), Paris, 1898. Credit: National Park Service, Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site.

Two bills have been introduced proposing the redesignation of the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish, New Hampshire to the “Saint-Gaudens National Park for the Arts.” The companion bills were submitted simultaneously on May 12 by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Rep. Frank Guinta (R-NH1).

Augustus Saint-Gaudens was born in Ireland, raised in New York City, and went on to become one of America’s greatest sculptors. He created some of the nation’s best-known public statues, including Standing Lincoln (1887) in Lincoln Park in Chicago, the Sherman Memorial (1903) in Central Park, N.Y.C., and the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial (1897) on Boston Common. His sculptures are also housed in museums around the world, including the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Saint-Gaudens is also known to numismatists as the designer and sculptor of two of America’s most iconic coins, the 1907-1933 Gold Eagle and Double Eagle. President Theodore Roosevelt hand-picked him to design these issues as part of an initiative to elevate the quality of United States coinage. Saint-Gaudens died shortly after submitting his designs, however, and never got to see the finished issues.


Die trial struck as the Mint prepared to place “In God We Trust” on the coins. Credit: National Numismatic Collection, National Museum of American History.


1911 Double Eagle.

The identical bills (S. 2923 and H.R. 5206) are titled “The Saint-Gaudens National Park for the Arts Redesignation Act”  and seek to re-conceive the site in accordance with its unique character and history. The area comprises 370 acres and houses the sculptor’s home, gardens, and studios. It was also the center of the Cornish Art Colony, one of the earliest and most vibrant communities of this type, which featured concentrations of painters, writers, architects, and musicians. currently puts the bills’ odds of passage at about 23%, which is fairly high for such a recent proposal, thanks in part to cooperation between members of Congress across party lines.


Metal “sketch” by Augustus Saint-Gaudens of an early version of the double eagle design, later adapted for the eagle.


1911 Indian Head Gold Eagle.

Notably, Saint-Gaudens employed a number of a young sculptors over the course of his career, including Adolph A. Weinman, who would go on to design the Mercury dime and Walking Liberty half dollar.

Other nationally-recognized sites for the arts include the Thomas Cole National Historic Site in Catskill, New York, the Edgar Allen Poe National Historic Site in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site in Danville, California.

Saint-Gaudens’s home received Congressional authorization to become a National Historic Site on August 31, 1964, and officially assumed that status in May 30, 1977. More information on Double Eagles can be found here.

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  1. says

    Why isn’t the current designation as a “National Historic Site” sufficient to protect and administer the site and WTF is a “National Arts Park?”

  2. earthling says

    I’m looking forward to further details about what this “National Park for the Arts”, is about. One doesn’t need to look much further than our recent Coin designs to see that yes, we need more Artistic talent to be developed.

    Any place to shelter budding Artists is a good thing. Something good might come out of it, one day.

  3. Sith says

    The National Park Service is seeking to facilitate the creation of an entirely new concept in America; what
    we are calling a National Park for the Arts…The Saint-Gaudens National Park for the Arts is planned to be a place where artists can create new works and where visitors can learn about the arts, see art created by artists of different stripes, and participate in the creation of art themselves

  4. Jerry Diekmann says

    How about Congress taking the time to reform our totally unfair income tax code? Now that would be something all Americans, especially those in the middle class, could look forward to.

  5. So Krates says

    @ Jerry Diekmann – I’m with you there! Everybody would benefit except the accountants and lawyers.

    Heard millions of good folks in California instantly got stripped of their god given right to smoke cigarettes 😉 No grandfather clause, but they will be forced to stop smoking on June 9th because a bunch of politicians said so. This is not a free country when you can drive, marry and/or procreate, get drafted and die in battle, buy land, serve on a jury and send someone to death row, and vote for the POTUS, but you are not capable of deciding for yourself whether to smoke or drink . You are considered a criminal if you smoke a cigarette or drink a beer.

    I was quite surprised at the lack of push back from the anti-tobacco people on the MT coin with the pipe and smoke a being focal points. Must’ve slipped under their radar.

  6. Give Me Da Money Plz says

    @ Jerry Diekmann and So Krates

    I agree with all of the comments that you two made in your last two posts.

    Congress is too busy mismanaging land they illegally seized from the states in clear blatant violation of Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. Then they go and cover their butts on mainstream media by saying the “Supremacy Clause” allows federal laws to override state laws and that somehow allows Congress and the President to steal millions of acres out west. What they refuse to admit is our 9th and 10th Amendments superseded the “Supremecy Clause” and all other provisions of the Constitution that were in conflict with those two Amendments. But as long as they get to appoint their political insiders to key positions on the Supreme Court, the federal government will be able to steal whatever land it so pleases.

    But meanwhile, the issues that are the responsibility of the federal government, including taxes, interstate commerce, monetary policy, foreign affairs, immigration, postal services, and national defense are continuously neglected, ignored, or in the case of monetary policy, given to private bankers to manage without any oversight whatsoever.

  7. Give Me Da Money Plz says

    If anyone is in Dallas, Texas this weekend, you can stop by the United States Mint booth during the Ultimate Women’s Expo at the Irvine Convention Center.

  8. Sith says

    @So Krates

    The new laws will increase the smoking age from 18 to 21, but they are exempting the military. The rest is an old debate. As far as fighting the legislation, making something illegal, tends to boost its “coolness,” which boosts sales.

  9. mark says

    Used to put pot in my cigarette to hide from the law. Now I will have to put tobacco in my joints.

  10. MarkInFlorida says

    At least they are naming the part after a real artist, rather than some fraud like Mark Rothko or Jackson Pollock.

  11. So Krates says

    @ Sith – I didn’t know that. While I’m glad the politicians are not restricting rights of service members, it makes the law even more arbitrary and capricious. Reminds me of when conservatives get in state governments that were Democratically run for years and they start cracking down on union benefits but they exempt the police and fire unions.

  12. mgm says

    You’re a fool thinking that…

    Jeff says

    June 4, 2016 at 8:27 am

    The constitution is out dated, let’s get with the 21st century

  13. says

    I’ll 2nd that, MGM!

    Let’s see if we can get a coin related comment on this thread…

    Shawnee National Forest 2016 Uncirculated Five Ounce Silver Coin Philadelphia (P)

    98 Item(s) In Stock

  14. So Krates says

    Unlike the Bible, the US Constitution has an amendment procedure designed to prevent that.

  15. Dave SW FL says

    It’s always intelligent to provide a means to change something created by man.

    Back to mint related business – we need to improve the method to evaluate and replace ineffective mint leadership.

  16. So Krates says

    I like the eagle on the 1987 $5 Constitutional commem. Back in the good old high mintage days, the gold Constitution Bicentennial finished up at over 865K coins…30 years later and the mintages are down 97%!

  17. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, “Let’s see if we can get a coin related comment on this thread…

    Shawnee National Forest 2016 Uncirculated Five Ounce Silver Coin Philadelphia (P)

    98 Item(s) In Stock”

    (I know my #1 Fan just LOVES for me to quote myself, SO…here is a quote for my #1 Fan). This quote was 2 days AFTER Launch of the Shawnee P Puck…

    cagcrisp says

    February 27, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    IF I was a P puck buyer (collector) I would have a pause for concern going forward because of First Day Sales. IF you want to collect for “buy what you like” , No problem. IF you want to buy a set that will have Appreciable value going forward, the first day sales of the Shawnee P puck is a concern.

    IF there was EVER a P puck teed up for success, the Shawnee was teed up. I thought sales would be Strong. Strong.

    Sales were Extremely weak for a Day 1. It doesn’t matter to me IF sales reach 30,000. First Day Sales are Key. Those sales are for those that “I got to have one No matter what. I’ve got to have one”. That’s First Day Sales and 14.369 Don’t cut it IF you are putting together a set of P pucks and you Expect Appreciable value going forward.

    Now I am Not a fan of P pucks before Shawnee and since the 120k announcement by the Mint for the bullion pucks, I think the switch has been flipped and the Mint is flooding the market with bullion (ASE’s and bullion pucks).

    I think the Shawnee is a turning point in P pucks and years from now and you wonder when and where things got off track, you can look back and see that Flags were up and you just chose to ignore them.

    But for those that say “I just buy what I like and I am not interested in profit”. No problem. Buy all the P pucks you like…

  18. cagcrisp says

    In my Above post about the Shawnee P pucks, they have been on Sale for a little over 3 months and AFTER a Weak Weak Opening Week Sales of 15,263 the Mint has managed to sell…..

    …………. 2,076 P pucks to currently reside at Total sales of 17,339.

    2,076. That compares to Total of 105,000 bullion Shawnee pucks and 75,000 bullion Cumberland National Historic Park…

  19. Dave SW FL says

    Could have something to do with subject matter, quality, and irritation with the PCs in coin design!

  20. Dave SW FL says

    Gold dimes in PCGS SP69 from Penn Metals $239 with free shipping. I don’t think I could have bought one from the mint, paid the $4.95 shipping, shipped & insured to PCGS and paid the grading fees for that price. Not a bad deal for those of us who got shut out

    $299 in 70

  21. earthling says

    Now that my US Mint buying obsessions are getting under control ( thanks US Mint for robbing me out of a full once of Gold), my bank balance is starting to climb to historical highs. I think I’m turning into a cash hoarder instead of being a US Mint JUNQUE coin hoarder. Paper cash might not be a better thing to hoard but other areas may open up to me that are better than junk coins.

    Who knows, I love the Rockies, maybe soon I’ll think of a cool cabin in Colorado or Montana. 🙂

    Rockie Mountain High? Yeah, maybe soon. 😉

  22. So Krates says

    @earthling – I know you mention this incident often (as I would), but why wasn’t your credit card charge reversed? Did you dispute the charge with your CC co.?

  23. Montana John says

    To Earthling..I highly recommend Montana to lose yourself in the wonders of nature and open the states motto is ” Leave Us The F Alone “

  24. KCSO says

    Cag, while I’m LMAO at prelude above, I’m nodding my head in agreement.

    I’m a BIG fan of the Shawnee design, never been there though plan on it, but a great design any way you slice it. Appears the mint struck ~ 17,500 of Shawnee and probably the same of less for Cumberland. I’m going to get an extra Shawnee as I do plan visit there in the next year.

    At this point, given the mediocre reception of a great design, I’d say the Pucks are a money pit going forward with perhaps a few exceptions. Not what I originally would have thought.

    Anyhoo, I just spent the day hiking atop Stone Mountain and surrounding trails, talk about great art transposing upon silver in the Stone Mountain design, now I’m going to have to buy a high quality example of that one too.., geez, I pick the wrong hobby to love! 😃

  25. earthling says

    So Krates

    I never did dispute the charge on my Credit Card. Never got to that point as the problem wasn’t on delivery , it was on the return. I sent the 3 Coins by Express Mail or maybe it was Priority I cant remember it was so long ago. Anyway I did have full Insurance also but I never put in a claim either because the scammers at the returns place acted like they were going to help me … in just a few more days. In hindsight they were seemingly just trying to string me along and draw me out so my options would disappear.

    They would laugh at me like they knew I was totally at their mercy and they was nothing I could do. In hindsight I should have put in an Insurance claim but they gave me the impression that in just a few more days my refund would be processed. In the end I just gave up.

    Since coming up here to Detroit it’s like I’ve been under assault from many directions all at the same time. And no matter who I turn to, no help is coming. Police won’t help me. FBI wont help me. Governor’s Office same. UAW Legal no help. No one is able to help. It seems like everyone everywhere is a totally lazy and inept POS.

    Donald Trump says he wants to ” make America great again”. Well, I’m ready to bite at that line and vote for him. BUT I really think it’s too late, really. We are so far gone. Scammers , incompetent lazy crooks are so deep in this Country, can anything turn things around? I have serious doubts.

  26. KCSO says

    With how this year is shaping up and the lackluster Puck sales, by the end of the year they may go the risk adverse route and mint less than 17,000 of South Carolina

  27. GoldFishin says

    IF the US MINT wanted to retain and grow its collector base instead of only looking at their bottom line, they would cut the number of offerings they have by at least 50%, improve designs by at least 50%, and improve quality by at least 50%.

    That would be a good starting point….there are only so many dollars an average collector can spend each year. The other dollars being spent at the US Mint are by retailers/flippers that are only looking at the very short term. If the US Mint continues down the road it is on, folks will end up with nothing but overpriced and overproduced “baseball cards” that will only be worth the metal they are made of. We are already well on our way to that outcome.
    One should look at EVERY U.S. Mint purchase like it is a bullion purchase. Because, in 10 or 20 years, if not sooner, that is all that the majority of these pretty little trinkets will be worth. Evaluate, Purchase, Grade, Flip, Gift, Place into Storage,etc.. with this mentality and hopefully you won’t be disappointed with your stash of goodies down the road.
    OR just buy what the heck you like and forget the rest.

  28. earthling says

    Montana John

    Hey I’ll tell you what – I’ve been stuck in this human cesspool known as “Detoilet” for 7 years now. There is good reason why the place went into Bankruptcy a few years ago. This place is crap central. I was actually living within Detroit up until about last October. I was thinking about buying a beautiful old brick ” mini mansion” but wisely decided to live in Detroit before taking the ownership plunge. I lived in an Apartment for around 2 years, experiencing all sorts of evils. Con artist bum neighbors, punk gang members lurking outside, attempted vehicle theft, burning houses , nearby every couple days, etc. Finally one night I come home, had some little black SOB come run up with a gun and demand the cash out of my wallet. He then told me to put the keys in my ignition. All of a sudden I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed his gun and the next thing I remember is being helped up from the side of the street ( with Truck gone). The best I can figure is that there was a second little POS behind me and I got knocked out. Anyway, this is getting way too long, I staggered inside my Apt, called the Cops and when they arrived I went outside. Next thing I remember is coming to as I was being put into a Cat Scan in a Hospital. After that, the next thing I remember is waking up in a bed , and someone telling me I’d been out for a day or maybe 2. Anyway, I decided I didn’t like that Hospital after being told I had 2 fractures in my skull and 2 fractures in my neck. So , against medical advice, I checked out. I was told I had bleeding on my brain and was being evaluated for surgery… but…. to h with it.. I left. Never did feel any sore spots in my head or neck.

    Been in a Motel since last October.

    Hey I need to cut this off but Montana always struck me as a place to be. I haven’t been through there since about 1967 but the memories are all good.

    Maybe one day, I’ll return. After the hell of Detoilet, a place like Montana would be elevated to a Heavenly status.

  29. Buzz Killington says

    Going back to smoking, if it wasn’t for drinking and smoking, Social Security would be completely bankrupt.

    I read that years ago, and it sounded true, but I wonder if the effect on Social Security Disability was factored in.

  30. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, “One should look at EVERY U.S. Mint purchase like it is a bullion purchase.”

    Agree completely. EVERY Gold, Silver and Platinum item I have is on an excel spreadsheet and is based on a daily closing Spot price. I don’t even keep up with the few non PM”s that I have.

    I don’t keep up with cost basis because I give most away and when you give something away cost basis is irrelevant. Fair market value at the time the gift is bestowed is what is counted (or in the case of inherited property the fair market value at time of death)…

  31. Dustyroads says

    earthling….You deserve better than what you’re getting. What you need is an entirely new outlook, you need a change!

  32. cagcrisp says

    The U.S. Mint is scheduled to produce a 1-ounce .9995 fine palladium bullion coin dated 2016.

    The coin is mandated under provisions of the American Palladium Bullion Coin Act of 2010 to replicate on its obverse sculptor Adolph A. Weinman’s obverse for the Winged Liberty Head dime introduced into circulation 1916 and, for the reverse, Weinman’s eagle design rendered for the reverse of the American Institute of Architects gold medal, first awarded in 1907.

    The panel will review designs for the coin during the June meeting.

    last paragraph in article

  33. Erik H says

    I came across a LCD that had more than a few Gold Mercs. He was heavily pushing me to pick up 1 or more.

    The price was pretty good but if I really wanted one I would have bought directly from the mint. I haven’t been following the secondary market but I doesn’t seem to be that profitable to flip anymore (unless it’s a 70).

  34. earthling says


    Hey thanks for the sympathy. Yeah things started going downhill for me in 2008 when my Mom died. My brother always was a total nutcase and he really lost it when Mom died. He is a true Demon now and is giving me hell like I’ve never imagined. He runs con games on me and outright breaks into my stuff and sells it. He is so crazy he sees nothing at all wrong with what he does. Sometimes I think he is an actual serial killer. I’ve read books by Ann Rule on various killers and he fits the profiles. Why does a person need to take several long road trips a year and they have no money for gas? He left me a wacked out enraged voice mail several months ago threatening the guards at Dover Air Force Base with an AK47. It was so looney I called the FBI. From what I understand, they did nothing. This was around the time of mass shootings in New Orleans, Colorado and that thing in Cali.

    And don’t get me started on that Lady I got living with me who turned out to be a Heroin and Crack user. I want her gone really bad. I’m too much of a pushover to just evict her into the streets, she really isn’t a totally bad person but God, I wish there was somewhere for her to go. She is a product of this rotten Detoilet culture and I just don’t want to read about her in the news one day , as another statistic.

    Yeah I’m in it deep. Problems everywhere. No help from anywhere. No where to turn. But at least I’m getting more sleep than I was getting while doing the 7/12’s. I only do about 3-4 12’s anymore. But still doing the 7 day thing.

    Maybe one day soon I’ll get a retirement thing going. But I need to be near the Mountains where I can look for Gold, Minerals, Fossils , whatever. A nice Trout stream would be good also.


  35. Dustyroads says

    earthling….I wish you much better, but you really need to get on another track. This one you’re on will not change course by it’s self. You’re going to have to do it, just no way around that.

  36. Erik H says

    earthling, since you brought up Trump. I went to a Trump U sales pitch years ago. The speaker said something that you might be interested in. He said, “I can always make money but I can make time”.

    Personally I have always lived my life with a greater focus on time and not money so hearing that statement stuck with me.

    In the early days of my career I did a lot of 10 x 7. Since around 2008 (age 35) I have mostly worked about 30 a week. I don’t live fancy (not saying you do) but I try to live free. Do what you have to do to free yourself up.

  37. Jeff says

    mgm/KCSO I hate to thing we as a society continue to live by rules that are 200 + years old. That is why we are here politically people want change, they want the government with there agenda to stop . We must change the constitution or we will succumb to worthless words that are no longer meaningful.

  38. Dave SW FL says

    We live by rules that are over 2,000 years old……and they’ve worked pretty well since they were given out. They’re called the Ten Commandments . However, since not man made, I guess you could argue that they don’t need to be changed.

    To make it coin related : IN GOD WE TRUST

  39. Felson says

    Jeff our constitution doesn’t need updated. Our politicians need to actually start following the one we have.

  40. NC Stacker says

    Felson also we need to stop using Case Law and go back to Constitutional Law.

  41. GoldFishin says

    I am not sure that I am fan of editing comments….somehow that seems worse than just deleting them. If a person, after having had many comments deleted, cannot figure out what is acceptable behavior on a coin related blog that has a policy of cordial interaction among its members, maybe they SHOULD just be deleted.

    Everyone is subject to make mistakes, however it always is the same half dozen or so folks that seem to enjoy stirring the pot just to provoke a negative response.
    Now I have to read every comment wondering what was edited out of it?

    Maybe a clarification of the policy would help me understand it better.

  42. Xena says

    Thanks – finally out of the penalty box! Dusty, I think my answer to your lunar module question landed me in moderation.

  43. KCSO says

    A Sunny & beautiful 71 degree day forecasted for those attending the Harper’s Ferry coin launch on Wednesday.

    WNW winds forecasted at 15 – 25 mph, most likely not as strong in the Lower Town, though you’ll want to bring a wind breaker for the 10 am temps.

  44. So Krates says

    @ Dave in SW FL says, “We live by rules that are over 2,000 years old……and they’ve worked pretty well since they were given out. They’re called the Ten Commandments . However, since not man made, I guess you could argue that they don’t need to be changed.”

    The ten commandments and the US Constitution both originally neglected to prohibit slavery. How could a perfect god miss that one? She couldn’t! They were both written by imperfect humans. The difference is that one has been amended and the other is still wrong. Want to live in a society governed by some Bronze Age tribal laws? Sounds to close to Taliban and ISIL thinking. So no thanks, I prefer the Constitution!

    P.S. You better get back to observing the Sabbath. Posting here is NOT keeping the Sabbath holy. Guess what the penalty is?

  45. Mint News Blog says

    @ Goldfishin — I’ve only edited out direct name-calling (“idiot”, “fool”) and the occasional expletive. Many times a comment can be salvaged by taking out one word, so I try to give people a break and they often get the point after that. But I don’t disagree with the points you’ve made. — Dan

  46. GoldFishin says

    @Dan- I know you try your best….thanks! I wish others would help to make your responsibilities a little less onerous.

  47. Dustyroads says

    Xena, Tell you what, I’ll just take a guess if it will keep you out of the penalty box.

  48. Xena says

    Dusty – try wikipedia. You can also find the picture that it’s modeled after.

  49. Dustyroads says

    Thanks Xena, I see those attachments are Lunar Surface Sensing Proves. Glad the medal is correct to design.

  50. Buzz Killington says

    How could a coin collector follow the 10 Commandments?

    If you don’t covet, you’re not a collector.

    But seriously, you folks who believe in the Constitution and the Bible ought to read both — not easy to do, so it is rarely done. There are a TON of “commandments” in the Bible, and nothing really special about the 10 we often hear of. If you want to cure yourself of religion, try actually reading some of these holy books.

    Likewise, much of what is in the original constitution has either been amended out of it, or is basically irrelevant. The much greater achievement is the Bill of Rights. But again, it is much easier to extol the virtues of the Constitution and the Bible than to actually read them.

  51. Eddie says

    I didn’t see your comment about the lunar module. Where you answering the question about the 3 marks under the legs of the module? I was wondering what they were also. They look like skid marks or something.

  52. Dave SW FL says

    Cover to cover every year for the last ten years. It’s just the best selling book in history – and for a good reason.
    As for the nothing really special concept – our entire legal system is based on Biblical principles. It’s worked pretty well when not messed with by immoral persons in positions of responsibility .

    The Constitution along with the Bil of Rights is the single most influential document conceived by mankind. It, too, works pretty well when it is followed.

    All that said, one of the beauties of our American system is our right to express ourselves regardless of our individual beliefs. As critical as many of us tend to be at times, this country is still the best of all alternatives and we are so fortunate to be a part of it.

    With that I vow to sign off of off topic discussions. Though stimulating, this isn’t really the place. My apologies to the MNB faithful.

    Getting my gold dime in NGC holder. Still don’t trust PCGS (even though I used to be a stockholder.) Time will tell if their new holders really solve their problem.

    Can’t wait for the quarter – will buy the max and gift for Christmas this year! The detail on it looks really so much better than the dime.

    The Walker was my very favorite coin as a kid. It bought soooo much ( mostly candy bars) and was so big and cool. Feel like a little kid again just typing about it. Ahh, the good old days 🙂

  53. Buzz Killington says

    If anyone here wants to sell all they have, so they can give to the poor and follow Jesus, I pay fair prices.

  54. earthling says

    How does one stop the crooks from constantly running games on them? One answer seems to be to become like them, to run bigger games on them. Runneth a game on others before they runneth a game on you. I guess I’m trying to say – once you realize you’re in a rat race – join the rat race. Oh lord, have I realized, finally what the ray race is and do I need to join the rat race? I hope not, the whole idea repulses me.

    On a numismatic note. New Quarters come out today. A bucket full of ATB Quarters has got to be sexier than a bucket of bolts, right? Maybe not. Everyone load up their storage areas with boxes, bags, buckets of Quarters. Just don’t try to return any once you have them. Rats are waiting to eat them up.

  55. cagcrisp says

    There is a very small group of people that I think benefited by the Weak jobs numbers on Friday. For most on here (including PM owners/buyers/collectors/investors) I see very little good that comes out of a weak economy.

    IF you are retired, have sufficient income, cash, dividends then you benefit from a weak economy(no inflation which is the worse thing if you’re on fixed income).

    I guess another class of investors that would benefit would be younger investors that are aggressive in the stock market could be beneficiaries in a weak economy.

    Losers in a weak economy are anyone Not in the stock market, those that work for a paycheck, those that are on a fixed income and need interest rates to increase.

    I guess if you are on fixed income and currently are making it , without inflation it would be ok. Still, the vast majority of working people should find little solace in a weak economy.

  56. So Krates says

    Cagcrisp says, “I see very little good that comes out of a weak economy.”

    Perhaps that is because you drank the Kool-Aid and don’t realize that continuous growth and wealth accumulation requires consumption of natural resources (which are finite). A weak economy is good for every tree that is not cut down for a new McMansion. A weak economy is good for every wild animal squeezed out of it’s already small habitat by more suburban sprawl. A weak economy is good for every person who breathes as our air has less particulate matter in it from smaller amounts of fossil fuels unearthed and burned.

  57. data dave says

    As a world we have all drank the growing economy Kool-Aid. Unless of course you believe you can stand alone. There are always good and bad aspects of everything. Cheaper oil is good for the economy but probably bad for global warming. A growing economy is good for jobs but bad on the environment. We will eventually need to transition to a zero-growth resource model IMO.

  58. data dave says

    Still 71 Shawnee P pucks left. I’m a little surprised. I guess everyone who wanted one already has them, I hope they make more than 17,500 of the TR ones this year or some people are going to be left out. I just ordered my Harper’s Ferry bullion puck just in case there is a “supply” issue. Never know with the mint.

    On another topic, with the gold dime, are they going to fill “exchange” orders before they resell the remaining stock? I think a few people have returned dimes due to low quality and asked for replacements. Anybody in this category and have you received a replacement yet?

  59. Jerry Diekmann says

    Earthling – I don’t want to beat you up – sounds like you have had enough of that from different sources including the Mint, but why of why would you ever think about moving to Detroit, of all places? This is a failed city with much of it on the way back to woodlands from which it was carved out – the whole state seems to be one big failure – look at Flint and the Governor of the state and the legislature that wrote “emergency management” laws. Detroit has been in a decline, now a death spiral, for the past forty years, because of mismanagement by both the city and the state. Once upon a time, back in the 1950s, it was the 4th largest city in the USA – now it looks like one of those Armageddon places that filmmakers have been shooting movies of for many years now. They could just film a movie in Detroit – no need for making sets – the people who live(d) there have already done that. Just my take – I have never been to the city and have no intention of ever getting near the place. Somewhere, there is a lesson that Detroit is telling the rest of the country.

  60. Jerry Diekmann says

    fmtransmitter- beautiful coin, beautiful home. Where do you buy these – can you get them unslabbed? I don’t need Mercanti’s signature, but St. Gaudens’ signature would be nice.

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