Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set on Sale Today

Today, the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set will go on sale at the US Mint starting at 12:00 Noon ET. Anticipation for the set has been high since it was first announced in April and ordering details were revealed in late September.

To briefly recap, the set will contain one 2009 Proof Lincoln Silver Dollar and four 2009 Proof Lincoln Cents. The commemorative silver dollars had sold out for the individual coin offerings back in March. Only 50,000 of the maximum authorized mintage remains, which have been allocated to the Coin and Chronicles Set. The 2009 Proof Lincoln Cents are struck in a composition of 95% copper, 3% zinc, and 2% tin to match the composition of the original 1909 Lincoln Cent. Also included with the set are a reproduction of a photograph of Abraham Lincoln, a reproduction of the Gettysburg Address in his handwriting, and a certificate of authenticity. The contents are displayed in a leather-like folder with an outer slipcover.

The sets are priced at $55.95 each with an ordering limit of only one set per household. Most are expecting the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set to sell out by the end of the day.

There are several reasons for the expected popularity. This will be the last opportunity to obtain the Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollar directly from the US Mint. Individually, the coins already sell for more than the price of the set.

This will mark the lowest production Lincoln-related product released by the US Mint this year. Besides the Coin and Chronicles Set, the lowest production product is currently the Lincoln Birthplace Two Roll Sets with production of 96,000 units. These originally sold at $8.95 each and now sell for about $100 on the secondary market.

Lastly, the US Mint seems to have done a nice job with this set. The coins are attractively presented, and historical materials will be interesting to see. The set has the potential for broader appeal beyond coin collectors, which should add to its demand.

While I personally don’t like the practice, a number of people have listed pre-sales for the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set on eBay (view current auctions). Most of the current auctions are priced somewhat excessively, but completed auctions reveal several pre-sales in the $175 to $200 range. Once people start to place confirmed orders, I am sure the pre-sale activity will pick up even more.

You can access the US Mint’s product page directly with this link. You will be able to place your orders at 12:00 Noon ET.

(Note: With popular products such as this, some readers will often post their order numbers and time stamp in the comments. This is fine, and an interesting way to gauge the pace of orders- but please X-out the last three or four digits of your order number for security purposes.)

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  1. Anonymous says

    On your mark……Get set….wait for it, wair for it……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………go?

  2. Anonymous says

    Ooops! Stop…the Mint's website is slugged and has now crashed! Crap!


  3. Skid says

    Has anyone ever used the "quick checkout"? Is this a big help when trying to checkout during a stampede?

  4. Anonymous says

    Skid, I always use quick checkout. However, in a stampede it really doesn't help much as 90% of your time is spent before you get to any type of checkout.

  5. Anonymous says

    20 minutes until they are on sale… yay!

    Come on little mint servers, don't give out on me! This has been a long time coming.

  6. Anonymous says

    I think the hidden gem in all this will be the braille set. I waited today so I can save on shipping to get one.

  7. Anonymous says

    Man, the website is ALREADY bogged down with 15 minutes to go! This is the worst yet that I've ever seen!

  8. Anonymous says

    I got kicked off the site and now when I try to get back on, it just says "Service Unavailable". Am I screwed?

  9. Bowtie says

    whats the secret for getting one of these, the website is down and they arent picking up the phone…. anyone? i need to be prepared for the gold buffalo.

  10. Anonymous says

    I made the order got all the way to the payment and now all I see is a blank screen WTF is going on

  11. Anonymous says

    Order by phone folks! It's a lot easier than dealing with the website!

    It took me like 2 minutes to complete my order!


  12. Anonymous says

    I still can't get in…

    But I think it's all right… 50K pieces will take a long time to clear IMO

  13. Anonymous says

    Website still slammed called the toll free and it says unable to answer your call at this time…

    Good luck!

  14. Anonymous says

    Gold Buffalo will be fine because there is no stated production limit. There won't be as bad a rush, I wouldn't think.

  15. Anonymous says

    I had to back out and replace the order.My order was finally finished at 12:23.The Mint would have lost a big order if they screwed me on this deal.Good damn thing they pushed it through.Now lets see if they can deliver.LOL

  16. Anonymous says

    True, the 2008's are high. But, what happens one year does not necessarily repeat itself.

    However, folks just might flock to these in the hopes of a repeat scenario. I still don't think the website will be bogged down this badly, though.

  17. Anonymous says

    RELAX guys…

    50,000 will take a LONG while to clear…

    All who bother will get one…

    SO remember this… and we won't have this issue with buffalo if everyone relax…. relax relax!!

  18. Lasloo says

    Took about 30 minutes… but I got one!! YEAH!!

    Order #: 3316xxxx – 1 Order date: 10/15/09

    Order Process Date: 10/15/09

    Merchandise : 100.90
    Freight . . . : 4.95
    Total . . : 105.85

    Qty 1 @ $44.95 – Backordered 10/30/09.

    Qty 1 @ $55.95 – Backordered 10/30/09.

  19. Jeff says

    Piece of cake – no problem. Server was a little slow but not to bad considering the number of folks who want these. It took about ten minutes to get through check out.
    Done at 12:23 – number is 3316xxxx. Good Luck to everyone else.

  20. Anonymous says

    Well that was painful. It logged me off for "inactivity" in the middle of placing my order.

    But it worked after 40 minutes.

  21. Eric says

    The worst part was clicking add to card and when the card finally came up, I had 2 in my card and oh crap wait longer to remove one

  22. Mike- (Upstate NY) says

    Still can't complete my order and I logged on at 11:30a.m. I have it in my cart and was one click away from completing it and the website failed. Tried placing an order by phone and that is just useless!

  23. Anonymous says

    1 hour later and success! did anyone try to increase the quantity up from one during check out to see if you get get around the 1 per household limit?
    I didn't because I didn't want to start the processes over if it screwed it up

  24. Anonymous says

    Took 53 minutes. I had logged on yesterday to put the Braille Set and the 2008 Uncirculated dollar set, (figured what the heck get another 2008 Silver Dollar) in my cart so they were ready to go. Then added the Lincoln Chronicles set today.

    Order # 3316XXXX 11:51 CST

    Good Luck everyone!

  25. Anonymous says

    With all the money the government spends… they cant buy a few good servers to run a website?

    This is agonizing. I wish my ISP was closer to the mint so it would load!!!!!

  26. Anonymous says

    3 hours is a reasonable estimate for the sellout, I would think. I remember the Thomas Jefferson's Liberty gold coins sold out 40,000 units with a "1 per household per finish" limit, and those cost a LOT more than this. There will be a lot more people in the running for this one.

    I'm wondering more about the Braille Education Set now. If less than half of the Chronicles orders also include a Braille set, it too will sell out. From what I've read, quite a few people planned to order them together to save the additional shipping charge. The Mint might as well have put them on sale the same day!

  27. Anonymous says

    10:06 and still got nothing–no phone, no web. I got to the home page once, then bombed out. It would be nice if the Mint used amazon to power their site. Congrats to who got one.

  28. John says

    Finally, by the time the server was working again I got through on the phone.

    I got my 2.

    Do they only check shipping address for the one per household limit or billing address?

    Should sell out pretty quick now seems much less sluggish.

  29. Anonymous says

    BILLING address is how the Mint defines a "household." I tried one time to order a limited item on my own credit card but have it shipped to my parents' address, but the Mint cancelled it on me!

  30. Anonymous says

    I'm glad the mint cancelled your multiple orders. Let others have a chance. I know what you'll say: "I wanted a set for each of my kids."

  31. Anonymous says

    We are unable to answer your call at this time. Please try again later. We are unable to answer your call at this time. Please try again later.

  32. Anonymous says

    Got one more.

    Hope this is worth the pain-in-the-a** it took to order.

    Time to get back to work!

    Good luck everyone!

  33. John says

    When I went to place my order the site froze. I was able to get back to checkout and it was finally accepted. I checked order tracking and saw that I was given two orders. Will they cancel one?

  34. Anonymous says

    Hello all, I got in on the web at 10:00. so in one hour the coin is already on back ordered 1 how many coins can they sell in an hour? does anyone know? How many of your coins were placed on backordered? Notice they may cancel if they run out, really?

    Both the phone and web were a joke, I had better service getting U2 concert tickets!

    Thank you, we have received your order. Please do not
    disclose your order receipt number. If for any reason your
    order cannot be processed, we reserve the right to cancel.
    Inventory may not be available to fill orders placed under a
    "wait list" notice. Orders placed before the published on-
    sale time will not be accepted. Orders containing several
    items may be filled in multiple shipments. Registered users
    may track their order at http://www.usmint/catalog. Guest users
    with order inquiries should call 1-800-USA-MINT. To update
    credit card information, call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

    Order #: 331xxxxx – 1 Order date: 10/15/09

    Sold To: CURTIS

    Ship To: CURTIS

    Order Process Date: 10/15/09

    Merchandise : 111.90
    Freight . . . : 4.95
    Total . . : 116.85

    Qty 2 @ $55.95 – Backordered 10/30/09.

  35. Anonymous says

    i got mine at 12:35 order # 3316 Pain it the butt to get it. Tryed calling and going online at the same time about 10 minutes per page to load

  36. Anonymous says

    Just got it done at 1:45 PM
    after many/many tries
    there is still hope!

    Just keep at it!

  37. Michael says

    John- Once I accidentally ordered more than the household limit for something. They canceled the amount above the limit and processed the rest of the order.

  38. Anonymous says

    I ordered the Lincoln Chronicles set at 12:30 and it took me approx. four minutes. I have recieved a confirmation by email…

    tel.order at 1-800-872-6468

    Well done US Mint.


  39. Anonymous says

    After numerous timeouts, reloads and starting over, finally got one after two hours … 33181XXX

  40. Anonymous says

    Took me 2 straight hours of agony waiting on their web site screens to load so I now feel very lucky to have an order confirmation.

  41. Anonymous says

    Not bad. A cel phone on each ear, and a computer in fromt of me, and it only took an hour. Ow, my ears hurt. Also, my Braille set arrived today.

  42. Anonymous says

    First orders for Lincoln set have order no : 33159xxx,
    Order placed after 1/2 hour have number: 33162xxx,
    Order placed on 1:00 pm ET have number : 33167xxx.
    Looks like there is about 9000 orders within 1 hour .

  43. Anonymous says

    33163xxx, completed at 12:31pm. Looks like orders will range from 3315xxxx to 3320xxxx. I'll be curious to see if orders over the 50,000 are allowed to be placed but then later canceled.

  44. Anonymous says

    Got through with some dealys at ~11:15 a.m. Pacitic Time.

    Ordered one set, per household limit indicated on the page.

    Order number 33180***.

  45. JimmerSD says

    Finally! Browser kept hanging and crashing. order number 3317**** Took and Hour forty five. The way I read this notice any order that was placed before the 12 Noon start time will be not be accepted. Sux for you guys that ordered early.

  46. Michael says

    Finally through at 2:30 PM ET.

    Order number 33184xxx.

    The earliest numbers seem to be 33159xxx, suggesting about 25,000 sets sold so far…

  47. Anonymous says

    National US Coin Collector's "Call In Sick" day worked for me…(yes,
    that was my post in an earlier thread!)

    And since it took me an hour and a half of agonizing waiting just to GET this set, I was getting dizzy and light-headed by the time I finally got to the checkout pages!

    So I WAS actually 'sick', from a certain point of view….

  48. Anonymous says

    This is one of those situations where it didn't hurt to wait a little while. By not rushing in at noon, but instead waiting until after 2:00, I was able to complete the whole transaction in just a couple of minutes.

    There is one concern though. As expected, under "Item Status" for both the Braille Education Set and the Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Set, status is shown as "Backordered." What I didn't expect was that the order status overall shows, "Your order request is on hold." Is that normal or does it mean a potential problem?

    Just wondering if other orders show the same thing. Thanks.

  49. Anonymous says

    It was not easy and I hope I got it … from 12:00 been staring at this computer. Finally around 2:30 – now I just hope I don't get canceled for any reason. Wish I could have gotten at least two for all this effort. Did get a conf of order.

  50. Anonymous says

    Yes mine are backordered also. I've learned not to worry too much about this tag. The Mint will put a "Sold Out" tag on the product when it gets to that point.

  51. Anonymous says

    Looks like it's already being bit up over $175 on eBay.

    I'd hate to be the lister on eBay only to have my order cancelled by the mint. Takes some guts to sell something you don't have and don't know with absolute certainty you will get!

  52. Anonymous says



    Order Status: Your order request has been suspended.


  53. Anonymous says

    "says suspended"

    Yep, mine says the same thing. I didn't notice that before. Oh well. We'll see!

  54. Anonymous says

    If I place an order under two different credit cards and two different names but use the same address.Will the mint still fill both orders?

  55. Anonymous says

    For orders in "suspended" status, it should change to in process in a little while. at least thats what happened to me

  56. Alejandro says

    Order suspended was what it told me when I tried to order 2 UHR's earlier this year to the same address and got one cancelled. My dad put on his visa credit card to his house and my mom put one on her discover card shipping to one of our weekend houses. Eventhough different accounts and addresses, the billing address for both accounts was the same address. Hope this info helps!

  57. Alejandro says

    For those unsure if second order was cancelled, just go to co-worker or one of you neighbors right now and ask them to buy you one and give them an extra $20 for their trouble. Worked for me 13 times.

  58. Anonymous says

    Just ordered 1 set, 3:20 PM, immediate look at tracking order says "suspended" like everyone else. Probably says that until their computer system does a cross match for duplicate delivery addresses. That's fair. -Grandpa

  59. Anonymous says

    You're a real star Alejandro, 12 little guys out there will light a candle and say something special before bedtime just for you.

  60. Anonymous says

    My order status says: "Your order request is in process"
    Item status says: "1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 10/30/2009."
    I completed the order about 1:50 et

  61. Anonymous says

    What does it mean if it says, "Your order request is on hold"? Is that used for all credit card purchases or does it mean there may be a problem?

  62. Anonymous says

    It took me 45 minutes earlier, but now the site is running normally. I ahd 15 friends/family place orders in the past 20 minutes.

  63. Anonymous says

    I don't get it. Some knuckleheads on ebay are already bidding up to $178 on this set. Why? You can still buy them from the mint. I wonder if these are phony bids? Posted at 1:05 PDT

  64. Anonymous says

    Just goes to show that it is really true > some people apparently have more money than sense!! Or should I say cents???LOL

  65. Anonymous says

    What would someone (like "Alejandro") do with 13 sets? He would sell them on eBay! I wish the Mint would enforce the 1 per household policy better.

  66. Anonymous says

    Completed auctions on ebay are at $225.00 highest.once all the scalpers are out this set will sore to new highs.It's about time the mint got a good item for resale.

  67. Anonymous says

    I'd still like to know how the grading companies are grading these 2009 bullion coins at ms70.HMMMMM!!!!!.Must be using the good ole boy grading methods

  68. Anonymous says

    Got one better >>
    Sold $349.95!!!!!

  69. Anonymous says

    I`d like to know how Alejandro or anyone else is getting others to place orders for them. Maybe I`m just not a nice guy but it would be a cold day before I ordered something using my address and credit card for a "friend".

  70. Anonymous says

    Think about it people, the Lp1's are selling the 100 – 110 range, you are telling me that you would not pay $200 or more for a set like this. I am not an Ebayer and was fortunate to get a set but I would pay more anyday for this set. Look at what the Harrisons are selling at, would you rather have a Harrison or this set.

  71. Anonymous says

    To the posting at 1:24pm , The point I was trying to make is that everyone should have access to ordering this set. People who are having family and friends order multiple sets for them is not fair to others who just want one. As far as you saying I`m not nice, aww shucks, that just ruined my day. LOL.

  72. Anonymous says

    Order #33198xxx ordered at 4:18pm and still stuck in suspended. I sure hope it I didnt miss it, woudl like to get one of these Lincoln coins missed out on the singles.

  73. Anonymous says

    1 is all you get, go around the limit and it is dishonest. That is why we are in the shape we are in. GREED !

  74. Anonymous says

    A-greed! If the mint had a limit of 2 sets or 5 I would have bought the max limit. It seems excessive to enroll family / friends / neighbors for a bit of profit. What if they suddenly had a change of heart after looking at the coins and decide to keep their set? In the long run the limit of one set would help establish a broad collector base and a firm value after all the excitement has lapsed.

  75. Anonymous says

    I posted this a few short minutes ago…"Order #33198xxx ordered at 4:18pm and still stuck in suspended."

    Time is now 4:49pm and it just switched to "Order request is in process"

  76. Anonymous says

    Come on guys you don't think dealers are doing the same thing on an even bigger scale. It's just they way the world works now. Just ask someone trying to get tix for the hot concert in town, the tix brokers have a network of people doing the same thing in much bigger volume. If you want to do a little more work to have something to give your kids I don't have an issue with it. If you want one you got one. Around here $50 Tim McGraw tix sold out in 3 min a week ago. Just my 2 cents.

  77. Anonymous says

    If you want more than one,I'm
    sure King Mike on CSN will gladly
    sell them to you with easy install-
    ment payments.

  78. Hidalgo says

    Hello everyone,

    Been reading the posts here. Some facts:

    1. Some folks are buying from eBay because they cannot buy online or the phone. Reason? Ineligible for a credit card OR poor credit.

    2. People are posting order numbers. But the order numbers are NOT only for the Lincoln Chronicles sets. The could possibly be for any of the US Mint products – gold coins, mint sets, proof sets, etc. — ordered WITHOUT the Lincoln Chronicles set.

    3. I agree that the sets will likely sell out today. When a very popular item has a short ordering window, then there's a huge pent-up demand that's created when folks overlooked it or could not order it for whatever reason.

    Happy Collecting.

  79. Tim says

    Those are good points Hildago.But I would assume that most of the order numbers posted are in accordance with most people ordering the chronicles with other items as I had done.Therefore,The order numbers are a great gauge to use when estimating a sellout.I'll be very interested to see how the Braille Ed set figures come in.I'm sure Micheal will also be posting as soon as this set sells out as he has always seemed to be one of the first to know.I hope everyone got one that wanted one and really feel like this may be one of the US Mints best offers for years to come considering price increases on silver and gold.Please keep us posted Micheal as soon as you find out a definitive answer on the sell out and kudo's on another great post.

  80. Anonymous says


    I think we could safely assume that 95% of the orders today after noon EST have contained an LN6.

    🙂 Have we passed 40,000 yet?

  81. Anonymous says

    Exactly Tim. That's what I did when I booked 6-7 items all at once. Now the Lincoln and Braille sets are backordered while all others reserved.

  82. Anonymous says

    The lowest number I could find in this post was 33159xxx and the highest was 3320xxxx (at 4:45 EST I assume), so, yes we have crossed the 40,000 mark. These should be gone before the network newscasts start.

  83. Anonymous says

    As far as recruiting ringers, I offered a share in the profits. Christmas is coming, and who couldn't use a few extra $$$? Do I have a problem scalping these? Well, when the filthy rich have charged me $4/gallon for gas, #3+/gallon for milk, and $4 for a lowsy bag of chips, I really don't have a problem taking a few of those dollars back. Afterall, it is those with the extra bucks that will be buying these, the little guy for the most part, is broke, and didn't even bother trying to buy one during the Mint offer.

  84. Anonymous says

    Once the Mint puts out the "SOLD OUT" sign, watch these babies shoot through the roof on Ebay. Remember, most people would probably not think these would/could sell out in 1 day.

  85. Anonymous says

    I dun understand how is it that Ebay is now selling the Chronicles set for >200 USD now; Is this set gonna be that popular?

    I dun get it

  86. Anonymous says

    It is amazing how some people justify their greed (not mention their violation of Mint rules). The guy who charged you $4 for gas (not sure when that was – it is under $2.50 now where I live) is not the guy who will be paying inflated money for your extra sets. It will be some poor schmuck who MIGHT have been able to buy one at issue price if the speculators did not abuse the ordering process.

    You are a greedy abuser of the process, plain and simple. You are the scourge of the hobby – using various illicit means to get around the ordering limits so you can make a killing by reselling the coins. Your lame rationalizations are a joke.

  87. Anonymous says

    I definitely agree with anon about people being a scourge, and violating mint rules. They are completely ruining it for the regular collectors whose goal isn't to convert it for profit.

    I feel bad for the ones that will be left out, and it's all thanks to people above who need 200 sets of their own. Hopefully all of his sets get destroyed once he has them, and he loses big time. Then he'll see what it's like to be the collector that lost out.

    I bought one set, and one set only. I understand the opportunity, but it's not worth it because I want other fellow collectors to have a fair chance. It's not right otherwise.

  88. Anonymous says

    Update from Grandpa: ordered 1 set 3:20pm, 3319xxxx, immediately tracked to suspended, as of 6pm, I am now "in process". Hope all the little guys who wanted one were able to get one. The 5 coins are terrific for sure, but wait until you get an eyeball on the other goodies that come with the set. Remember there are millions of cents, and 500,000 dollars, but only 50,000 of the special limited edition photgraphs, and 50,000Gettysburg Address in Lincoln's handwriting. That's where the value will be. Not every shinny object is the star of the group.

  89. Anonymous says

    Here is a number ordered at 6:10 33205***October 15, 2009 3:20 PM..
    Sell-out very close now???!!!!

  90. The Dude says

    Duuuuuuuude 191 comments!

    I got my lincoln Chronicles on @ 12:15

    My guess is many coin collector / scalper dudes ordered yhe 2009 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set today to save on shipping!

    Product will be available for shipping 10/12/2009

  91. Anonymous says

    No, dun think so… this set will likely continue till tomorrow at least… 50,000 is quite a good size ; most collectors who go thro' the Mint shld be able to get one.

  92. Anonymous says

    If people find ways to get around the order limit of one set, thats one thing. What bothers me more is someone getting on here and rubbing it in our faces like .. "ooo look at me I`m so special, I got several sets and you just got one". It may not be a crime but I just don`t like someone bragging about it on here.

  93. Anonymous says

    Just placed an order at 6:25 EST. Order number = 33206xxx. From the earliest time to this one, is 47,000. There are only a few left.

  94. Anonymous says

    RU placing orders now just to find out what the latest order no. is?

    Probably many are doing that and then canceling… so duplicating the orders… 47000/2… u get 23500 sales today?

  95. Anonymous says

    RU placing orders now just to find out what the latest order no. is?

    Probably many are doing that and then canceling… so duplicating the orders… 47000/2… u get 23500 sales today?

  96. Anonymous says

    I got 1 set @ 12:15 . Definitely a keeper, and serious sleeper,lol. Sorry had to get that out there …

  97. Anonymous says

    I don't think any normal person would place an order just to get the order #. There are some strange people that visit this blog!

  98. Anonymous says

    I wouldn't consider it a sleeper, but rather a winner or a mega hit! I don't think it will have time to sleep, lol

  99. Anonymous says

    I agree with grandpa, the set is about the other things that come with it not just the coins. I myself enjoy the the coins not just the value that may come or not come in near or distance future. Enjoy the beauty of the coin.

  100. Anonymous says

    Oh yeah , thanks for the correction..Actually it was me ,who almost fell asleep during ordering process..Yawnnn..

  101. Anonymous says

    Talk about strange people.The blog claiming a shipping date of 10/12/09 on his chronicle obviously doesn't know what today's date is.DUHHHHH

  102. Anonymous says

    2001 Silver Buffalo is only selling for <200 now; I dunno how would a Chronicles set can sell for >200 now on Ebay?

  103. Anonymous says

    There are only 50,000 of the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set, there were 500,000 Silver Buffs. That's why.

    I know you will say, there are 500,000 Silver Lincolns. But there are only 50K of this set.

  104. vaughnster says

    How could a US mint roll of Harrison dollars sell for $300 and Tyler, with less mintage, barely at $40?? Things happen based on reasons I can't figure out………..

  105. Anonymous says

    I dun understand why would people pay such huge premiums to hold these coins. 500K silver dollars and millions of cents out there…

    Strange things do happen?

  106. Anonymous says

    Let's face it. The most popular coins have Lincoln or Buffalos on them. You get a special Lincoln set that only has 50,000 units and you will be rewarded for having it in your collection!

  107. Anonymous says

    How about UHRs?
    I thot those were popular designs too?

    Btw, shouldn't they sell out already? 100K?

  108. Anonymous says

    I'm sure people who ordered multiple times are assuming they will get more than one set. They will not. The order #'s indicate 48,000 sold but who knows how many orders will be cancelled by the mint for dual orders.

  109. Anonymous says

    Exactly… there will be many cancelled orders; so sales will likely continue into tomorro at least… RELAX guys… All who want one will get one!

  110. vaughnster says

    I'm hoping Honest Abe will sell out in 24 hours and make some history! Finally, something to get excited about. Anyone for National Parks quarters?? :-O

  111. Anonymous says

    This will go to backorder status and sold out tonight I bet. Then in two or three weeks, the Mint will open it up again for about 15 minutes.

  112. Anonymous says

    I think the real reasons why this set is not sold out yet are two factors.The economy and the recent disappointment by the mints cancellation of the 2009 Silver and gold proofs and uncirculated sets.

    Perhaps the mint will take this as a lesson even though this will sell out.Mr Moy should seriously look at the results of his actions and make a better attempt to satisfy the collector base in the future to keep coin collecting alive.

    On a positive note I believe the 2009 proof, silver, and uncirculated sets will be the last of the first and largest sets in history.For that reason I have decided to collect them all.To save face I think Mr Moy should at least order a limited amount of the 2009 proof and uncirculated silver eagles.But history is showing that saving face at the US Mint is not high on their priority list.

  113. Anonymous says

    If the mint really wants to have a popular coin, how about Lincoln riding a buffalo, rounding up a herd of buffalo, or maybe saving a buffalo? Who wouldn't want to get one of those…the two most popular designs. LOL

  114. Anonymous says

    I got on and noon which took 15 min to check out.Then did another order different address at 7:15pm that went quick. So they haven't sold out yet.

  115. Anonymous says

    You all are funny. You probably are going to stay awake until tomorrow to see your beloved Lincoln Coin and Chronicles set sell out.

  116. Anonymous says

    This set could aleady be sold out. Just because you have placed an order does not mean you will get one. Everyone knows that, especially the way the mint has acted this year.

  117. Anonymous says

    I personally feel that the one per household limit is crazy.I collect and so does my wife and daughter.This means we all cannot buy one set each.I think a one per person limit would be more fair given those facts.This means that one of the three of us has a hole in our collections.Why wouldn't they at least allow different names and credit cards from the same address to make a one per person order?

  118. Anonymous says

    Oops! I went in to check my order status, and accidentally cancelled my order for 200 of these!

  119. The Dude says

    "Talk about strange people.The blog claiming a shipping date of 10/12/09 on his chronicle obviously doesn't know what today's date is.DUHHHHH"

    DUHHHHH @ The US Mint.

    Check it out for yourself dude.

    2009 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set® (U09)
    Price: $27.95
    Enter Quantity
    Product will be available for shipping 10/12/2009

  120. Anonymous says

    Waiting for the mints next announcement reading something like this.
    "Due to such high demand on the 2009 Lincoln coin and chronicle sets.We have decided to increase the total mintage to 500,000 to screw everyone worse then we screwed them on the 2009 silver and gold eagles.LOL"

  121. Anonymous says

    If anything has damaged the hobby, it would be the mint/Congress.

    Greed, as bad as it can be, has basically driven this hobby. Face it, how many of you check the values of your coins, and get excited when that silly commem from '96 is now worth a couple of hundred dollars (this is an example, I know some dork will reply with "I don't have any commems from '96").

    The mint on the other hand insists on selling stuff like this set. As cool as it is, is it really "coin" collecting? Look at the mint's site over the years and you will find keyrings, die sets and (OMG) collector spoons. Quite honestly, if the internet had come 10 years earlier, there would have been a Walking Liberty Beanie Baby (MWMT).

    The Mint should not have been required to limit the mintage of this (the Lincoln silver, not the set) nor any commem, thus allowing anybody to purchase the coin that wants it. Secondary market be d@mned. How many of you got screwed in 2001 when the buffalo commem sold out quickly? As far as this set goes, the mint could have just offered the book without coins, and made it in such a way that it would display the standard issues nicely. This would have allowed them to produce as many as they needed to meet demand.

    To those who enjoy slamming the scalpers…if you do your job for free, without pay, good for you…if not, shut up, you are just as greedy as the next.

  122. Anonymous says

    How can you tell what is left from the order number? Too many digits in the order number. Please clue me in on this. Thanks

  123. Anonymous says

    And yet another spoiler has to speak his mind and look like the village idiot.This is actually fun for many so don't come on this blog telling people to shut up.

  124. Anonymous says

    @anon at 5:11 pm

    Bull. The scum that are buying large quantities of this set are garbage. Stop trying to twist your own guilt, into calling other people greedy. There are only 50,000 sets being made and collectors can't get their hands on these products quick enough because these greedy jerkstores have to come along and swallow all of the product.

    It shouldn't be like that and you know it. I wish the US Mint would start detecting these people and ban them for life. I'm fed up with the exploitation. I'm glad I'll have my set though, so you cannot rip me off.

  125. vaughnster says

    I don't understand some of the anger here. There are 50,000 of these to go around and after 8 hours, they are still available. With the Internet and the US Mint website, it's not too hard to find out when things go on sale and purchase them. Would you wait 8 hours until buying tickets to a popular concert? It would be sold out for sure, even with ticket limits per person. Don't blame the people who do their homework ahead of time and are first in line.

  126. vaughnster says

    Is this a record for most posts on this site in less than 9 hours or any time frame?? The passions are burning tonight…..

  127. Anonymous says

    I'm amazed the ship date hasn't changed yet. Can they really ship out all 50,000 sets on 10/30??

  128. Anonymous says

    Perhaps Micheal should run the US Mint.At least his server doesn't crash and burn when it gets hit hard.LOL

  129. Anonymous says

    Don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight if they don't sell out soon. I'll be wondering about it. What are the teddy bear quarters going for on eBay 🙂

  130. Anonymous says

    EEEEEUUUWWWW!!! Bud lite? Why not just pee in a cup, and drink it?

    Refering to ANON 4:27PM, how about a buffalo rounding up a herd of Lincolns riding buffalos? Way more fun.

  131. Anonymous says

    Don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight if they don't sell out soon. I'll be wondering about it. What are the teddy bear quarters going for on eBay 🙂

    October 15, 2009 5:51 PM
    Looks like 183.59 for all 50 states …lol

  132. Anonymous says

    I had to look.There is someone named swamphog selling all fifty teddy bear quarters on ebay buy it now 350.00 with a reserve and the auction is at 76.00 right now.I'm wondering if the 5:11 blogger is swamphog.LOL

  133. Anonymous says

    I'll admit, I had to look. Yes, Virginia, there are teddy bear quarters. I am surprised that I didn't see these on the Mint's site back then. Heck, I would have loaded up.

  134. Anonymous says

    That's ok I'm sure they will have teddy bear quarters when the state parks come out.You can load up then.something to look forward to.

  135. Anonymous says

    What is all the anger about, is there someone here who DIDN'T get a set?

    This blog is geared towards what mint items are good investments, or are doing well, or will sell out and get a good premium, etc. So why are people on this blog complaining about people profiting are "Scum" and "Greedy". What is more American than buying an item with the expectation that it will go up in value and someone will make a profit?

    Maybe I'm at the wrong blog, but are some people here buying these sets b\c they love the coins so much and couldn't get enough of them from the other sets they come in? NO WAY! People are looking for sell out because a faster sell out means higher possible prices and

    For the anti-profiteers that are calling all the people names, maybe America is not the place for yall. You all should maybe try a Socialist company like China. Bon Voyage!!!

  136. Anonymous says

    My personal opinion is that the Chronicles set is sold out and the Mint is getting a buffer.

  137. Anonymous says


    Mint Website is now saying LN6's will ship on 11/13. I think we just sold out folks!

  138. Anonymous says

    Be careful comrade. The blog Nazi's will label you with unkind words because of talk like that.

  139. Anonymous says

    With current economic situation, I don't have a lot of extra money to put towards completing some of my Seated Liberty and Morgan sets. Therfore, I was able to get a few extra sets to sell for hopefully a profit which I plan to use towards my sets. Does that make me scum too or "ruining the hobby"?

  140. Anonymous says

    I have no issue with people getting multiple sets as long as it is friends or family, which ANYONE can do, and not something unfair like a relative that works at mint or something! Capitalist UNITE!

  141. Anonymous says

    Like if I order a metal soup spoon from Macy's and have it delivered to me, that would make me an enemy of the state?

  142. Anonymous says

    Ok, I thought either you are quoting from a movie or book OR you are not playing with a full deck! Glad to see it was the first one. 🙂

  143. Anonymous says

    I collect coins b\c I think they are pretty. I love rainbow toned coins, especially Morgans.

  144. Anonymous says

    Bowtie, you sound arrogant. I don't need you to explain to me why I collect coins. But thank you for your insight.

  145. Bowtie says

    states don't like you taking delivery of metal because that means it is harder for them to manipulate. You all are collecting coins for no reason.

  146. Bowtie says

    because you dont trust the government to maintain the dollars value. Otherwise you would hold dollars.

  147. Anonymous says

    Can't we just all get along and talk about the positive aspects of this set.I'm sure Micheal did not make this sight for words like scum bags,and people telling other people to shut up.And I know Lincoln would not want anyone cursing over his grave on items made to honor him.So to be on the positive side of this set.I think the set is beautiful and shows great history.I can't wait to get it and show it to my daughter who already adores Lincoln for his courage and honesty.So lets all take a little footnote from Lincoln and humble ourselves and thank god we live in a nation that is still free.

  148. Anonymous says

    Jeez, I hope there are more and better reasons to collect coins than simply being a tea-bagger. I collect coins because my dad did when I was a kid. I collect coins because, well, a coin is just cool, whereas currency is dull. I collect coins because it gives me something to do. I collect coins because they can be a good investment. Never really worried too much about the value of a greenback however.

  149. Bowtie says

    ha, and your dad did for the same reason. I'm no tea bagger, those guys still want a government.

  150. Anonymous says

    So paranoid is some of the population today. Thinking the world is about to implode at any moment. I'm glad I don't live my life in fear like they do.

  151. Anonymous says

    Can we get back to the REAL topic here >>Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set..I for one can't wait to see the reproduction of the Gettysburg Address in Lincoln’s handwriting!!!

  152. Bowtie says

    no, no, no, i do not think the world is going to implode. i think the government will implode, which is unbelievable good for the world.

  153. Anonymous says

    Sad, just sad bowtie. I will now ignore your rants and move on to the topic at hand. I suggest you find another blog to talk about the end of our government as we know it.

  154. Skid says

    The Mint probably left a night janitor to monitor the Chronicle sets tonight. When management arrives tomorrow morning at the Mint they will have sold 60,000. YIKES! LOL

  155. Anonymous says

    This "collectible" does appear to have some aesthetic qualities however for those purchasing: It must be nice to be able to afford this set. Amazing the materialistic mentality that exists at such a clearly quantified level. At least the scalpers that have been referred to aren't completely wasting their money. Maybe those with little may increase it and help establish a better standard of living for those in need. I do apologize, many may not recognize the idea of need.

  156. Anonymous says

    1961-some kid at school sez one of the lincoln cents I'm collecting is going to cost $100.00, a 1909 something!
    It was a dream, till 2009, a PCGS XF 45 1909sVDB @ $1100.00 became MINE!!AT LAST
    "N thats how good I feel about getting one of these sets!!!!!!!!!!

  157. Anonymous says

    Am I the only one ashamed for part-taking in this frenzy??LOL, nahhhhhhhh, I'm down with the capitalists!!!

  158. Anonymous says

    ahh, 1961 considering inflation (bahhh) is worth ummm about $712 so a $400 return after 48 years isn't too bad

  159. Skid says

    There is a person on Ebay selling information on how to get a Chronicles set for $60 delivered to your door. He is selling his information for $9.95 Buy it Now. He has Sold one!! Capitalism!

  160. Tim says

    Back in 1909 my grandfather god rest his sole got that same coin (1909 S VDB) at face value and left it to my father who in turn left it to me.That penny that once cost one penny to own is now worth over 2000.00 because of it's condition.I in turn owe it to my daughter to do the same thing with this coin and chronicle set and every other coin I have acquired through collecting and inheritance over the years.If I teach my daughter that these coins some day will be worth thousands like my grandfather did with my dad and my dad with me.Then I have made my grandfather proud and that in it's self is worth the time and fun I have had in the hobby of numismatics.

  161. Anonymous says

    The Mint is holding off on "selling out" of this set until just after midnight. That way they can say it didn't sell out on the first day.

  162. Anonymous says

    Reported on CoinNews:
    Ordering started at 1200, first reported O/N @ 1208 (EST?) is 33159xxx and at 1633 CST the reported O/N is 33203xxx. That's 44,000 orders in 4-5 hours. Seems like it might be a record, and looks like the 50K order limit may have been reached today – unless the mint pulls another "fast one"…

  163. Anonymous says

    I collect, and enjoy thinking about them. My childhood dream coming true will be like my child getting this lincoln set some day, because she knew how much it meant to me, not some bit of money I could have gotten for it!
    It's art, it's history, it will be a memory of dad.
    Money dosen't buy that .

  164. Anonymous says

    I would say they have sold 52,000 by now. They are building a buffer for the cancelled orders and declined credit cards.

  165. Anonymous says

    I hope the mint honchos take note that beautiful coins displayed nicely is what collectors WANT!!

  166. Anonymous says

    Someone pointed out that the packaging and historical aspect of this set is what really makes it shine past the shiny metal coins inside.If anyone buys a set that has been completely destroyed by a grading company just because it says pr70.Then that will be the biggest disgrace to this set.

  167. Anonymous says

    If the mint creates enough of a buffer then they won't have to resell them for 15 minutes after selling out. Like mine says "Order Status: Your order request is in process." This just means that they can cancel it without any questions. If they keep people hanging like this then they can drop everyone over the limit without any questions. Allowing to create the buffer for the complete sellout.

  168. vaughnster says

    Great point. To break this particular set up to get graded is just wrong. There are other ways to get these coins for grading.

  169. Anonymous says

    I couldn't talk to my dad about anything, EXCEPT coins.
    The complete buffalo set he left me is in strong hands, so will this set!
    It SOLD OUT the second I bought it!

  170. Anonymous says

    I noticed that the description of this set says tri-fold case.Why does it only show the bi-fold part?

  171. Anonymous says

    This is what I will never understand.All the dealers jump on as many of these coin and Chronicle sets as possible to break them up and grade them.Then they are rewarded for doing that by selling first strike pr70s with a fancy Coin and Chronicle label.And the US Mint allows the defacing of this set.I think a law should be put in place for defacing these types of sets for profit.It's no different then arresting scalpers at a ball game or concert.Why does the US Mint allow this to happen is beyond me.

  172. Gary from New York City says

    I was able to order one set through the website at approximately 11.15pm New York time on 10/15/09. Order number is 33215XXX.

  173. Anonymous says

    As of this writing, you can still order the set!

    Now that's a big slam in the face for all the speculators out there who order 10 – 20 sets, hoping to make a fast buck….

  174. Anonymous says

    Gary, that's pretty late. You better hope the mint cancel's a bunch of orders from those guys over in Jersey or you're in deep.

  175. Anonymous says

    There must be a lot of sets left. There is an update on the ordering site stating:

    Product will be available for shipping 11/13/2009

  176. Anonymous says

    At 12:06 it is safe to say that this was not a first day sellout.It will be interesting to see this new approach by the Mint to use a buffer.Or was there actually 50,000 sold today? And at what time did the 50,000 mark hit on these sets?.I wonder if we will ever know.It seems the Mint just loves keeping secrets anymore doesn't it?

  177. Hidalgo says

    Hello everyone,

    Been reading the posts here. Some facts:

    1. Some folks are buying from eBay because they cannot buy online or the phone. Reason? Ineligible for a credit card OR poor credit.

    2. People are posting order numbers. But the order numbers are NOT only for the Lincoln Chronicles sets. The could possibly be for any of the US Mint products – gold coins, mint sets, proof sets, etc. — ordered WITHOUT the Lincoln Chronicles set.

    Happy Collecting.

  178. Anonymous says

    I'll leave that one to the fools and their money on ebay. An order number doesn't assure they will get the set even if it was for the Coin and Chronicle set.A lot of people assuming they will get it just for making a buck on ebay will lose a good name just by pissing some fool off who paid that much and not producing the product.Anyone who buys a presale on ebay deserves to pay a lot just for being stupid enough to pay that much.I hope they all screw each other.

  179. Anonymous says

    The Mint should take their names down and track them and cancel their orders and throw them in jail for scalping their products.

  180. Anonymous says

    Ebay should also stop presales all together.All it does is create bad feedbacks and pissed off buyers for the most part.

  181. Anonymous says

    I wonder how many pre sellers are using that bull crap first strike eligible line in their ad.

  182. Anonymous says

    A day is measured as 24 hours. If this is used then it could be considered as selling out in a day.

  183. Anonymous says

    Ebay clearly states that any raw coins have to show front and back of the raw coin for sale.Yet they bend the rules so they can make a buck too.On all the presales on ebay I only see the Mint pictures of 48 rule breakers.I think I'll go report them all and watch them drop like flies.Or will ebay really enforce their own policy rules.

  184. Anonymous says

    A raw or uncertified coin is defined as any coin not graded by one of the authorized grading companies. Sellers can list these items on eBay as long as:


    A numeric grade is not included in the title of the listing, such as MS-65, VF-25, etc. A numeric grade may only be included in the description of the listing.

    The grading company or price guide is not referenced in the title or description.

    A dollar value (even if personal opinion) is not included in the title or description.

    The listing includes a photo of the coin with the appropriate markings. Images that are dark, out of focus, edited, or otherwise deemed misleading are not permitted. Stock photos aren’t permitted.

    HMMMMM stock photos are not permitted.Then why do I see 48 stock photos of the Coin and Chronicles.Ebay is full of bull crap.I don't see a photo of THE coin either.HMMMMMMMM?

  185. Anonymous says

    I hope a lot of people call ebay tomorrow and report these policy rules being broken.It won't hurt my feeling a bit to see these scalpers go down.

  186. Anonymous says

    Ebay is just out to screw coin collecters ; the same with the grading companies slabbing first strike etc and all those BS.

  187. Anonymous says

    You had better report all of the people who use stock photos for roll, mint sets and proof sets as well. Not to mention just about any Mint product. They are all up there. Quit crying.

  188. Anonymous says

    It's bad enough to take chances buying the mint product qualities anymore.Why people trust these scalpers is beyond me.All most of them do is open the easy to open cases and pick out the gems and replace them with the crap.So if you buy from them your usually just buying their crap.And whats worse is people pay these scalpers more then the mint to get guaranteed crap.Then the scalpers grade the gems and rip people off with first strike labels.It's not crying.It's facts that buyers should know about.

  189. Anonymous says

    wow; seems like buying from EBAY is a sure bet…(to get screwed TWICE)

    Once is enough just buying from the Mint IMO.

  190. Bowtie says

    i bought a double prosperity set on ebay… the buffalo had a copper impurity had to return it.

  191. Bowtie says

    It looked like a little red stain on the coin. I didn't know what it was so I did some quick research on google and found other people had the same problem. They said that the stain was a copper impurity and you can return the coin to the mint to be replaced. However, in my situation, I could not replace it being beyond the return policy. I would also imagine that if there was a sellout then you could not replace the coin but you could get your money back. The ebay seller was good enough to return my money though.

  192. Anonymous says

    I've never had any trouble buying coins on Ebay. I also sell on Ebay and disagree that ebayers are bad people.

  193. Garys Pocket Change says

    I got my one and only coin ordered at 12:05 PM – 5 mins after they went on sale yesterday 10.15.09! My confirmation number was/is 331594XX – A very early low number from what I have seen on here so far.

    This is my first time on this blog and I'm happy to be a part of history making and the "fellowship of the coins" here.

    I never got the chance to leave a message here on this blog yesterday during all the hopla and excitement so I guess I am the last here so far to leave a message.

    I plan on keeping this bueautiful set to hand down and keep in the family for years to come. that is why I collect coins. I want my kids and grand kids to enjoy them as much as I do sparking their imagination and curiosity to carry on the tradition.

  194. Bowtie says

    Oh, I didn't mean to sound like I dislike ebayer's… I love ebayers… the coin just had a defect and the seller did the right thing allowing a return.

  195. Skid says

    The Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Set will be a short-term and long-term winner. Here is why…

    1. Only 50,000 of these are produced. A very small amount for such a beautiful set.
    2. Lincoln. Lincoln has a long tradition for being one of the most popular coin images.
    3. A good portion of the 50,000 sets sold are going to be held long term and passed down. This leaves a much smaller amount of sets available for the secondary market. As these are snapped up by collectors on ebay, the pool of available sets will only decrease over time.
    4. Silver and Copper and packaging. This set contains it all. A 2009 Silver dollar that is in high demand, 4 mostly pure copper pennies and beautiful packaging.
    5. 2009 has been dismal for new offerings. This set, along with the UHR are and will be the true stand outs of a really bad year at the Mint.
    6. Ebay. Once someone purchases one of these sets for $200, they will be hard pressed to sell the set for a lessor amount. Making this a long term winner.

  196. Skid says

    Strange that the ship date changed from 10/30 to 11/13 back to 10/30 on the mint website. Thoughts?

  197. Anonymous says

    I just got off the phone from ebay and am happy to report that every listing you see on ebay showing stock photos on raw coins bought from the mint is in clear violation of ebays policy rules for listing raw coins.It will be interesting to see if ebay actually stops all of these dealers and scalpers from tearing into these sets and any other US Mint products only to replace them with previously bought ungradeable items and ripping off unknowing buyers.They are also going to launch a full investigation to look into other US Mint products that are being sold using stock photos on raw coins.Because the mint has long used products that are easily opened and replaced by scalpers and dealers.I think it is imperative that ebay does something to stop these scalpers and dealers from ripping off the public for pure profit and gain by way of product tampering and replacement.

  198. Anonymous says

    You really need to get a life. 99.9% of ebay sellers do not do what you claim they are doing. In fact, ebay has really helped coin collecting as a whole.

  199. Anonymous says

    Selling these sets in unopened boxes gets around all those problems that 7:16 and others are complaining about

  200. cryers says

    you people calling ebay are idiots,you think their going to throw away all that money they are making,they have been saying sales are down,quit crying and do it yourself!!!

  201. Anonymous says

    Exactly. You can tell if a box from the mint has been opened or not. And really, who would open a chronicle set and replace a coin, then pay $20-30 to send it to a grading service and HOPE to get back a 70 when selling these sets on ebay is VERY profitable without going through all that trouble. Some of you people are conspiracy theroist! Get a life! The world is not out to get you!

  202. Anonymous says

    I'm not an old fogie just yet, but all the chatter about selling & buying stuff on ebay makes me chuckle, especially when so many think it's the last location where you can get things you might have missed along the way. All depends on the item I guess. If you buy something like a coin from a stranger and don't feel secure because you have a queezy feeling, why bother? If you spend decent money and feel you might receive swapped out goods, let your conscience be your advisor and pass the item. When I saw the outrageous prices asked for the lincoln cent $25 boxes ( would have bought a box and shared rolls to the others in my club), we jointly decided to pass. Now that prices have dropped from $300 a box to about $50, we still haven't bought any to put away for our grandchildren. We sleep much better. ~ Grandpa

  203. Anonymous says

    I think some of you are greatly over-reacting regarding using friends or associates to place orders. It’s common practice for some of the major dealers and even coin bloggers like Susan Headley engage in the practice – either as a buyer or a seller.

    Everyone has had a chance now to order their set. So if someone wants their neighbor or co-worker to buy a set for them, well the neighbor has a right to exercise their one per household purchase as they wish.

    As for the totals thus far, I really thought these would sell out the first day. I’m surprised they are still available. I wonder if the fact they didn’t sell out the first day will soften the hype and lower the secondary market premiums. Time will tell.

  204. Anonymous says

    As for the argument that some ordered this set on eBay because they can't get a credit card:

    Three words:
    "Prepaid credit card"

    $55.95 + $5.95 activation fee =
    much cheaper than overpriced eBay auction!

    If they have the cash in the account to pay for an eBay auction via Paypal, they can withdraw said cash and go to Wal-Mart or Target and buy a prepaid credit card. Some of those cards may not work for online purchases, but most do. (and those that don't work online will say so on the package)

    Even if you have a regular credit card, the prepaids can be useful to prevent card number theft (restaurants, travel, online ordering, etc.).

  205. Anonymous says

    I am not so sure that ordering more than one set in violation of the Mint’s rules is not potentially illegal. I know that when I participate in a company’s rebate they state that using alternate addresses, etc. to get around the limits established by the company in the terms of the offer is a federal offense. If that is true for a private company then I imagine it would be true for the U. S. Mint.

    I am not suggesting that someone who wants two or three sets is a criminal (many collectors for years have ordered multiple sets of each issue for their own collection), but for someone to order over a dozen sets and then boast about it is just plain reckless. It abuses the system, and the worst part is, they don’t even have the common sense to keep quiet about it.

  206. Anonymous says

    I decided to cut and paste and print this blog to show my daughter what happened years from now when this set I bought her was produced.Thank you Micheal for a great opportunity to document the actions of this sale.This actually will make a very nice book to go along with the set.Maybe you should print this one out yourself Micheal and sell it on ebay.If someone can make 9.99 for giving someone information on how to buy the set for 60.00 on ebay.Surely a booklet showing the historical knowledge of these times would be worth more.You might want to copy write this one.LOL

  207. Anonymous says

    The only reason the one per household limit bothers me is because we have three collectors in my family.All living under the same roof.This means that two of us can not complete the Lincoln collection which really stinks.It should be one per person I think.

  208. Anonymous says

    Wow it is almost 12:00 EST and the mint has not put out the sold out notice.How much of a buffer could they possibly need?Does anyone have any recent order numbers?

  209. Anonymous says

    Coin collecting at times reminds me of crack addiction. When there is a limited supply or hard to get, the addicted will do almost anything to score what they need. The Mint is acting in the role of an unconscionable dealer who creates hardship to sucker you in……..

  210. Anonymous says

    I ordered many different items from the Mint yesterday.Some items say that they are in stock and reserved.Others say that the expected shipping date is 10/31/09.The Coin and Chronicle says Expected shipping date is 10/30/09.Does this mean that all the items will be shipped at the same time saving me shipping costs which is the reason I ordered them all together? Or can the Mint choose to ship separate items and double charge me for shipping on different items?

  211. Anonymous says

    In response to Anon at 8:49:
    Not to worry, even if the Mint sends everything separately, they will still only charge you one shipping fee. That's their policy.

  212. Anonymous says

    In response to Anon at 8:49:
    Not to worry, even if the Mint sends everything separately, they will still only charge you one shipping fee. That's their policy.

  213. Anonymous says

    If I'm correct they could send you multiple packages, but only charge once for shipping if all were ordered at the same time ..But I'm usually not correct..

  214. Anonymous says

    The Mystery Mint is the best term I can come up with for them not showing a sellout before 12:00 EST

  215. Anonymous says

    Does this make it official that this was not a first day sell out? Or can the Mint come back and say it was?

  216. Anonymous says

    Check out the Mints page it states>>!!!Unfortunately, the United States Mint Web site did not perform as expected when the popular 2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set went on sale at noon Eastern Time on October 15. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration many of you may have experienced while attempting to purchase this and other products using our online catalog.
    We did not meet the standards of excellence we have set for serving our customers. You deserve a better online shopping experience, and we are committed to resolving these issues quickly and permanently.
    Thank you for your patience and continued support.

  217. Dave says

    All the people who are whining about stock photos on eBay need to get a life. So if someone wants to sell a roll of coins on eBay are they supposed to bust open the roll and photograph each coin? Some of you people don’t have a clue.

    Plus, eBay gives the lister one free photo. If they have to take a pic of the front and back of every coin then the listing fee goes up. All you’re doing with your whining is putting more money in eBay’s pockets and driving up advertising costs which drive up the end price we have to pay for coins. What idiots some of you are!

  218. Anonymous says

    Hey Dave,
    maybe you just prefer buying coins sight unseen.That would be a stupid move in my book.As for a roll.Yes I would want to see both ends of the roll so I can tell if someone had opened it.Have you ever heard of photo shop.It allows you to put multiple photos in one photo.So if your to cheap to pay the extra 15 cents.You might want to consider using that.I personally wouldn't buy anything on ebay with a stock photo.If that's your thing and you like taking chances.Then I think I know who the real idiot would be.Get it now? Probably not.LOL

  219. BOB PAGINI says


  220. Anonymous says

    WOW ,already in-hand and up for sale .I think the mint is on the ball with these things. Great looking set from the pic.I can't wait to receive mine.. .Ebay # 290362103088..

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