Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set on Sale Today

Today, the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set will go on sale at the US Mint starting at 12:00 Noon ET. Anticipation for the set has been high since it was first announced in April and ordering details were revealed in late September.

To briefly recap, the set will contain one 2009 Proof Lincoln Silver Dollar and four 2009 Proof Lincoln Cents. The commemorative silver dollars had sold out for the individual coin offerings back in March. Only 50,000 of the maximum authorized mintage remains, which have been allocated to the Coin and Chronicles Set. The 2009 Proof Lincoln Cents are struck in a composition of 95% copper, 3% zinc, and 2% tin to match the composition of the original 1909 Lincoln Cent. Also included with the set are a reproduction of a photograph of Abraham Lincoln, a reproduction of the Gettysburg Address in his handwriting, and a certificate of authenticity. The contents are displayed in a leather-like folder with an outer slipcover.

The sets are priced at $55.95 each with an ordering limit of only one set per household. Most are expecting the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set to sell out by the end of the day.

There are several reasons for the expected popularity. This will be the last opportunity to obtain the Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollar directly from the US Mint. Individually, the coins already sell for more than the price of the set.

This will mark the lowest production Lincoln-related product released by the US Mint this year. Besides the Coin and Chronicles Set, the lowest production product is currently the Lincoln Birthplace Two Roll Sets with production of 96,000 units. These originally sold at $8.95 each and now sell for about $100 on the secondary market.

Lastly, the US Mint seems to have done a nice job with this set. The coins are attractively presented, and historical materials will be interesting to see. The set has the potential for broader appeal beyond coin collectors, which should add to its demand.

While I personally don’t like the practice, a number of people have listed pre-sales for the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set on eBay (view current auctions). Most of the current auctions are priced somewhat excessively, but completed auctions reveal several pre-sales in the $175 to $200 range. Once people start to place confirmed orders, I am sure the pre-sale activity will pick up even more.

You can access the US Mint’s product page directly with this link. You will be able to place your orders at 12:00 Noon ET.

(Note: With popular products such as this, some readers will often post their order numbers and time stamp in the comments. This is fine, and an interesting way to gauge the pace of orders- but please X-out the last three or four digits of your order number for security purposes.)

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  1. Anonymous says

    Check out the Mints page it states>>!!!Unfortunately, the United States Mint Web site did not perform as expected when the popular 2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set went on sale at noon Eastern Time on October 15. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration many of you may have experienced while attempting to purchase this and other products using our online catalog.
    We did not meet the standards of excellence we have set for serving our customers. You deserve a better online shopping experience, and we are committed to resolving these issues quickly and permanently.
    Thank you for your patience and continued support.

  2. Dave says

    All the people who are whining about stock photos on eBay need to get a life. So if someone wants to sell a roll of coins on eBay are they supposed to bust open the roll and photograph each coin? Some of you people don’t have a clue.

    Plus, eBay gives the lister one free photo. If they have to take a pic of the front and back of every coin then the listing fee goes up. All you’re doing with your whining is putting more money in eBay’s pockets and driving up advertising costs which drive up the end price we have to pay for coins. What idiots some of you are!

  3. Anonymous says

    Hey Dave,
    maybe you just prefer buying coins sight unseen.That would be a stupid move in my book.As for a roll.Yes I would want to see both ends of the roll so I can tell if someone had opened it.Have you ever heard of photo shop.It allows you to put multiple photos in one photo.So if your to cheap to pay the extra 15 cents.You might want to consider using that.I personally wouldn't buy anything on ebay with a stock photo.If that's your thing and you like taking chances.Then I think I know who the real idiot would be.Get it now? Probably not.LOL

  4. BOB PAGINI says


  5. Anonymous says

    WOW ,already in-hand and up for sale .I think the mint is on the ball with these things. Great looking set from the pic.I can't wait to receive mine.. .Ebay # 290362103088..

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