Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set Still on Sale

Surprisingly, the US Mint’s Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set is still on sale as of 10:00 AM ET this morning. The sets went on sale yesterday at 12:00 Noon ET, with a first day sell out expected by many.

Thanks to readers, we have a rough idea of the total number of sets ordered. (Check out the 364 comments and counting on yesterday’s post!)

The earliest order numbers from yesterday are 33159xxx. I placed an order for some 2009 Mint Sets this morning and had an order number of 33219xxx. This means that roughly 60,000 orders have been placed in the past 22 hours. Assuming that 80% or more of the orders contained one Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set, sales must be very close or have already exceeded the 50,000 production limit.

It’s possible that the 50,000 mark has already been passed. For similar situations, the US Mint has accepted orders in excess of the production limit to allow a buffer for order cancellations due to bad credit card information or cancellations for orders placed in excess of the household limit. I would be very surprised if the status of the product status is not changed to Sold Out by the end of today.

Another observation from the comments, many people ordered the Louis Braille Education Set together with the Lincoln Set to combine shipping costs. The low initial sales of the Braille Set may see a big jump next week if this practice was widespread.

Separately, a more obscure product sold out yesterday. This was the Collecting America’s Coins: Beginner Basics Set. I believe this product had actually gone on sale back in 2005. It was featured in this year’s US Mint Holiday catalog, which likely brought some renewed interest.

The set contains a 2005 Proof Kennedy Half, satin finish 2005 P&D Roosevelt Dimes, circulation strike 2005 P&D Lincoln Cents, and a one cent blank planchet. In addition to the coins, the set also contains some excellent information about the history of US coins, the process of making coins, numismatic tips, and a small glossary. I had purchased one of these sets a while back for my son. (He is still only 18 months old, but one day I think he will enjoy it.)

Update: Dave Harper is reporting that the US Mint had sales of 29,919 sets as of 5 PM ET Thursday. At that time, order numbers were around 33200xxx. A recent order number is 33226xxx, meaning about 26,000 more orders have occurred since.

Update 2: The US Mint has also posted the following message:

Unfortunately, the United States Mint Web site did not perform as expected when the popular 2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set went on sale at noon Eastern Time on October 15. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration many of you may have experienced while attempting to purchase this and other products using our online catalog.

We did not meet the standards of excellence we have set for serving our customers. You deserve a better online shopping experience, and we are committed to resolving these issues quickly and permanently.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Update 3: At 6:00 PM ET, the set went onto waiting list status. The following message was posted on the product page:

Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the United States Mint Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available due to an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-in, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I did order both the Braille and Lincoln sets and some uncirculated sets as well. Just a saver to order them all on a single invoice. I did watch the stats on the Braille just to make sure I would get one. Cheers!

  2. Anonymous says

    I was actually tempted to get the Brille set with all the hype on the low mintage and such; so I thot why not?

    But realli when I take a look at the coin design… I realli can't push myself to order it…it's yet too uglt a coin to put with my collections.. I just can't do it..

  3. Skid says

    I believe the Chronicle set sold out last evening when they temporarily changed the shipping date to 11/13. The Mint is just getting a buffer now, and also they don't want to sell out in under 24 hours.

  4. Anonymous says

    I have to agree with Skid on this one.Even factoring in other orders , I'm sure the Mint is buffering itself..

  5. Anonymous says

    The Mint should have limited initial sales of the Lincoln Comm to 400K, and done 50,000 sets in proof, and 50,000 sets in unc.

  6. Anonymous says

    I think once the Mint puts out the "sold out" sign on the set, Ebay will take off big time for the set.

  7. Anonymous says

    I bet the Braille Education Set is sold out now as well. Only 22,000 or less of them were remaining, so if even half of the Chronicles orders also included a Braille set, then they too are sold out and being buffered.

  8. Anonymous says

    The Mint is trying to see just how many people they can P*ss off now. Lets see, lets cancel these extra 10,000 orders.

  9. Anonymous says

    The Mint wanna get 100K orders and then ramdomly select 50K lucky winners… how's that to piss those early birds?

  10. Anonymous says

    Mr Moy is busy stuffing 20,000 extra thousand Braille coins in the chronicle sets and calling them "errors". 🙂

  11. Skid says

    The first person to put "SOLD OUT" on this blog (after the mint announces it) wins bragging rights!

  12. Anonymous says

    The first person to put "sold out" after the Mint post wins a extra set of the Chronicles from Mr Moy!

  13. Anonymous says

    I still say that all who put in multiple orders are going to be SHOCKED when they are weeded out. All of us who only placed one order will laugh last.

  14. Anonymous says

    The mint has now posted product will be available for shipping on 10/30/09.It was 11/13/09 last night.WTF.Who is running this show and why are they still there.

  15. Anonymous says

    The US Mint will be producing 500,000 Lincoln Coin and Chronicle sets.LOL I can see it coming now LOL

  16. Anonymous says

    I can see the reaction to the congress now."HOW MUCH MORE MONEY CAN WE BUTTER OUR POCKETS WITH IF WE PRODUCE MORE."

  17. Anonymous says

    Due to popular demand; the Mint will produce another 500K Chronicles set to ensure everyone who want one will get one.

    – Mr Moy

  18. Anonymous says

    Mr Moy is proud to announce "Counties of the USA". This 3141 coin set, to be produced on quarters will begin in 2010 and end in 2272. (One county per month release).

  19. Rich says

    This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it." (1st Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861)
    Good old abe i think he was talking about the mint ?

  20. Anonymous says

    Why do I envision Mr Moy running to congress saying'Please don't fire me.Look I have 50,000 orders in the first day with 50,000 more as a buffer.Can't we just be friends and produce 50,000 more and make us all more money."

  21. Anonymous says

    They do have to be careful. If they wait too long for buffers then they could easily rack up over 100,000 sales before they know a thing.

  22. Anonymous says

    I doubt the number of people ordering both the Chronicle set and Braille set is as high as assumed by most. With every click of the mouse during rush hour yesterday you had to hold your breath and hope you didn’t get kicked out. There was no way I was going to risk putting something else in my cart and getting booted at that screen. I’d rather pay an additional $4.95 and place a second order.

  23. Anonymous says

    I think that would surely be the best way for every collector to lose interest in buying anything else from the US Mint.

  24. Anonymous says

    I should have also mentioned that some people won’t go back to order the Braille set… for whatever reason. I haven’t done so yet. Still not sure if I will. But the 25K limit is appealing.

  25. Anonymous says

    I chose not to get the Braille Set , it's just not appealing at all to me ,no matter how limited the mintages are ..

  26. Anonymous says

    That is why I placed my orders on other coins well before the 12:00 EST starting time.That way all I had to do is click and lag and click and lag until my order finally went through at 12:23.

  27. Anonymous says

    The mint is not closing the sale because they are making a ton of extra money by leaving the Lincoln Chronicles set open. Think of all the extra traffic and purchases.

    People are ordering the Lincoln set and ordering other sets along with it to save on shipping.

    The mint will cancel your lincoln order, but carry out the rest.


  28. Anonymous says

    Same deal with the Little Rock sets, nice looking coin, 25,000 limit, means nothing today, won't make that mistake again!
    Setting on two.

  29. Anonymous says

    Maybe they are waiting to do a double announcement.Both the braille and Chronicle sell out at the same time making a historical first in the history of the mint.

  30. Anonymous says

    I'm inclined to agree with the bait and switch theory.Wow to think they have stooped that low is just pitiful.

  31. Anonymous says

    I had 4 computers going with multiple sessions…both wireless and hardwired…for two hours. Ironically, I was only able to get through using the Mint's phone number. I think the pony express was faster than the Mint's servers.

    Welcome to the 21st century at the US Mint.

  32. Anonymous says

    We can safetly assume that the Chronicle set sold out either last night or this morning. It is a shame the mint doesn't close this out. Letting people to continue to purchase these knowing their orders are going to be cancelled is just wrong.

  33. Anonymous says

    Well I for one will cancel my full order if they do that.And if they have already shipped the others.I will return them just to make the statement that they suck for doing that to me.

  34. Anonymous says

    The big assumption here is that the Mint (first in, first out) FIFO's the orders. They haven't done it all year, so what makes anyone believe they won't hold true to form?

  35. Anonymous says

    Put your set where your type is.I guarantee I will and I'll show you my mint cancel or return if your serious.

  36. Anonymous says

    The Mint will decide based on your remarks on the blog… if u had mentioned My Moy in the last 24 hrs; u can be sure ur Chhronicles set will be cancellled;

    Btw, the Mint failed it's accounting this yr… FIFO?

  37. Anonymous says

    Consider this scenario. The mint had more than 50,000 sets. They low balled the number to drive up interest in the set and bring in more revenue. Could this happen, or are these things strictly accounted for?

  38. Anonymous says

    We have a challenge!! OK boys , I want a good clean bout, so put up your orders and come out canceling!!

  39. LOUIS says

    We are 2 wks to Proof Buffalo; why is there no info out on that?

    Is there gonna be a limit/hsehold?

  40. Anonymous says

    I can here the excusses flying now."Due to the amount of increased upkeep on the Lincoln memorials all over the country.We have decided to produce more Lincoln Coin and Chroncle sets to meet demand and make all of the collectors happy for getting their orders filled.Congress is in session now and adjusting the mintage numbers in accordance to repairs and upkeep needed."

  41. Dave says

    I’ll be watching with much interest to see what happens with demand for the buffaloes when they go on sale. Not to determine whether or not I’ll pick one up though, but to determine how many to pick up. I get at least one each year.

    I’m not aware of any production limits. However there will only be two months left in the year when they go on sale. The investor community won’t allow a repeat of last year though (If production is not limited). If the numbers come in low after the first couple weeks, the investors will step in big time.

    I can’t imagine a stampede though like we’ve seen for the Chronicles set. The buffalo is a $1,300 coin. Sure we can use the UHR as a bit of an example, but that was/is an extremely unique coin with a lot of hype. Plus that coin originally went on sale for a couple hundred dollars less than what the buffaloes will cost.

  42. Anonymous says

    The UHR is turning out to be a great PR hype… its mintage is gonna be so great that it's almost garantee to be a sleeper!

  43. Anonymous says

    Lincoln Coins and Chronicles set was way oversold. We have made the assumption that those who ordered the Lincoln set alone were trying to get multiples in violation of our rules. Therefore, all orders for just the Lincoln set will be cancelled. Only those orders that contained other coins and sets will be filled. If you only ordered the Lincoln set, you will not get it. The higher the value of your order, the higher priority you are for getting the Lincoln set.

    Mr. Moy

  44. Anonymous says

    To Our Valued Customers:

    Unfortunately, the United States Mint Web site did not perform as expected when the popular 2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set went on sale at noon Eastern Time on October 15. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration many of you may have experienced while attempting to purchase this and other products using our online catalog.

    We did not meet the standards of excellence we have set for serving our customers. You deserve a better online shopping experience, and we are committed to resolving these issues quickly and permanently.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support.

  45. Anonymous says

    I was looking at the 1909 matte proof in the notable auctions and decided to check out the ID number on the slab.When I went to PCGS and looked at it in the cert info.I noticed a picture of the coin and it shows a much different view of what the coin looks like.I'm wondering if some photo shop work may have been done to hide some of the coins ugly appearance.maybe that is why the coin has no bids on it.I've never even heard of a matte proof 1909.Looks like a regular 1909 to me.What makes this coin a Matte proof.Or is this just another PCGS Hype coin?

  46. Anonymous says

    To Our Valued Customers:

    Unfortunately, the United States Mint Web site did not perform as expected when the popular 2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set went on sale at noon Eastern Time on October 15. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration many of you may have experienced while attempting to purchase this and other products using our online catalog.

    We did not meet the standards of excellence we have set for serving our customers. You deserve a better online shopping experience, and we are committed to resolving these issues quickly and permanently.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support.


  47. Anonymous says

    Wow it's really there! I can't believe it. Looks like there's at least one smart PR person at the mint. But it still remains to be seen whether the IT dept will actually do anything.

  48. Anonymous says

    Ok so now they admit to being screwed up.I'm wondering what the hidden message is here.Why don't they just say they screwed up and let to many orders get placed on the sets.I think this is an attempt to hopefully not piss off all the people who get cancelled.Is this an admission of a sell out?What gives here?

  49. Anonymous says

    Sounds like a really lame attempt of slight of words saying >> were sorry but were going to cancel your orders…

  50. Anonymous says

    I don't think they can officially announce a sell out until all the double orders have been cross matched and cancelled and refilled with the buffer orders.Perhaps this is not a fault of the mint.But a fault of the many people who double ordered and clogged the system up with cancelled orders that were made just to check the order numbers.Geeeze this has become a real fiasco hasn't it.

  51. Bon says


    Your updates on this blog have been very enjoyable and thank you for the time you put in for us.
    I haven't ordered anything from the mint this year in anticipation of the 2009 silver proof (as we know was disappointingly cancelled this year—that'll be a black eye in the historical red book).
    I DID decide to talk myself into buying a Lincoln Chronicles set but it's something I would probably would not have bought otherwise. Hopefully 2010 will be a MUCH better year with the mint.

  52. Eric says

    forget the lincolns, I got a 2001 1 rupee coin at wendy's today. a least it's worth more than a penny, but less than the quarter i should have gotten

  53. Anonymous says

    I've been tempted lately by the offerings of the Canadian Royal Mint and the UK Royal Mint. Beautiful products and better customer service.

  54. Anonymous says

    I think the latest post by the US Mint means that they are now in process of eliminating orders.I would take this notice as a sell out notice.Get ready people to see your order either filled or cancelled.Good Luck.

  55. Anonymous says

    Well they said the original release would sell out in a day and it took 6 weeks. The mint has a wait list status, and used that for the original once they reached their production limits. I could be wrong but I see no reason why they are still selling if they do not have any left. I and just about everyone I know had duplicate orders, from clicking order now so many times.

  56. Anonymous says

    I agree , I to think this is as close to them saying it's sold out as were are going to get today..

  57. Anonymous says

    It might be a long shot, but do you think they might be trying to hold off the field-day that happened with the LP1's on ebay…Or am I just thinking too hard here?

  58. Anonymous says

    They can barely manage their own website. I highly doubt they give two bits about what is going on on eBay.

  59. vaughnster says

    The longer the "sold out" notice doesn't appear, the more worried I am that some "surprise" is coming. Paranoid??

  60. Anonymous says

    That U.S. Mint statement is so funny! The website performed EXACTLY as we all expected it to yesterday! 🙂

  61. Anonymous says

    Mr. Moy is going to say : OK, we are going to cancel all orders and start all over again with our new and improved SUPER SLOW SERVER…

  62. Anonymous says

    Unfortunately, the mint does not actually admit to any sort of failure. They only state that the website did not perform as expected. What they should have said was that whatever it was that they did to fix the previous problems was a dismal failure. They have never offered anything more than "issues" as reasons for their horrible performance with the UHR. They continue to claim that the law prevents them from offering SAEs when the real reason is their failure to make arrangements to allow it to be produced in a year that they knew well in advance was going to have "issues".

  63. Anonymous says

    I wonder is someone will take this Mint notice and try to sell it on ebay as a Mint error?LOL

  64. Anonymous says

    This latest mint notice doesn't make me feel any better.I've been on the edge of my seat since yesterday.Now I'm about to fall off from waiting so long.

  65. Anonymous says

    Why is everyone so concerned with when this thing sells out? I'm asking because I don't get it.

  66. Anonymous says

    The Last Pre sale auction realized starting bid was.99 cents.The ending bid was 124.78.Hmmmm hows that for a reality check scalpers?And the scalper didn't even show a confirmation number.He just said his expected shipping date was 10/30/09.I will be the first to laugh as his order gets cancelled.

  67. Anonymous says

    I know that the subject is the Chronicles set but I have a question in regards to the up coming 2009 Gold Eagles in December. Will the mint continal to mint thess after 12/31?? If so would that be a low mintage??

  68. Anonymous says

    If you analyze the Mint's message, there is a clear hidden meaning.

    It is a call for HELP from the powers that be to stop the insanity that runs rampant throughout the building. Mr Moy has such little talent, his second, third, and fourth level supervisors who do the work are beyond overwhelmed with basic volumes of low level work. Certainly the word "excellence" has been removed from anything associated with the US MInt. What a total disgrace. They fail on every imaginable level. Normal people will not understand why heads are not rolling this very weekend.

  69. Anonymous says

    When I ordered the Lincoln Coin Set I was stopped from completing my order. I went back through the checkout and finally got a completed checkout. When I checked my e-mail I saw two messages from the Mint giving me two order numbers.
    I am sure others have also had this problem. It will take awhile for the mint to sort out all the orders to come up with a exact number of one per household orders.
    Between other items sold and this problem going by the order numbers is way off actual sets sold.

  70. Anonymous says

    Yeah, and do you think these Mint people are going to work over the weekend? I doubt it. We're going to be waiting awhile for this information.

  71. Anonymous says

    It is almost quitting time at the US Mint until Monday when they will resume their lack luster abilities to tell everyone what they already know.The Coin and Chronicle will still be for sale over the weekend.This will be the biggest disaster that the mint has come up with so far.literally thousands of orders will still be placed on the Coin and Chronicle by people all over the world.Just when I thought the Mint couldn't top the 2009 cancellation of the Proof eagles.There they are completely showing disregard for the customers who have carried their butts through many years since 1995.The notice of apology is the biggest joke of all.Even when they admit they are wrong.They still can't give a simple straight answer that is plainly easy to see.FIRE MR MOY NOW!!!!!

  72. Anonymous says

    I like these E-Bay sellers trying to get 350+ for something they don't have, saying sold out when it isn't, and "confirmed order", which right now means nothing!

  73. Anonymous says

    I just looked to see if the order was still ok and it just said Line was cancelled in place of the shipping date that was originally there :(.I'm really bummed out now.This sucks

  74. Anonymous says

    Did you order other items as well? What are the first 5 digits of your confirmation number?

  75. Anonymous says

    That was a pretty low number, it shouldn't have been cancelled unless you had a dupe order.

  76. Anonymous says

    WOW–Two sets up for "grabs" right now, and he's getting them for sure cause their a 10-30 ship date!
    Just 406 bucks too!

  77. Anonymous says

    Here is what my email said.Keep in mind that I did not cancel the order

    Greetings from the United States Mint.
    The following order has been cancelled either at your
    request or because we were unable to process it. We invite
    you to resubmit the order via our website at

  78. Anonymous says

    I just called the mint to make sure I had a valid order as I placed it this morning. They told me it was valid (not on hold) but that they will be sold at at 6:00 PM at the current sales rate

  79. Anonymous says

    I just called the mint to make sure I had a valid order as I placed it this morning. They told me it was valid (not on hold) but that they will be sold out at at 6:00 PM

  80. Skid says

    I'm sure NGC and PCGS will have special labels for this set. Personally, I think it is just wrong to have this set graded. The whole point of this set is the packaging. Break up the set to get it graded and you just have regular coins that you can get from other sets. Even if the packaging is included, it's just wrong!

  81. vaughnster says

    What's the point in buying this beautiful set if you break it up to get graded? Doesn't make sense and you waste a set someone would like to have as it's sold from the mint 🙁

  82. Anonymous says

    From u s mint site

    United States Mint Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set (LN6)

    Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the United States Mint Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes …

  83. Anonymous says

    As I was running around the house all pissed off that my order had been cancelled.My wife sat me down and told me not to worry so much about it."I was like.WHAT I JUST LOST THE ONE SET I'VE BEEN WANTING ALL YEAR!!!!!!".She then told me that she had made the order at 12:00 knowing that I wouldn't be home until 2:00.Now why in the hell would she have not told me about that yesterday.GEEEEEZE.I sure do love that woman.LOL.So I guess this is proof that the Mint is not allowing but one per household.I would have gladly taken two.But now I'm happy someone else will get one that wanted one as bad as I did.My heart really can't take to much more of this.I'm pretty happy that the mint products look pretty crappy for next year.LOL.Oh by the way The order that was cancelled was 33185*** at 2:45 yesterday.I think my wife had to be laughing at me yesterday when I was so worried they had already sold out.I guess she has her ways of keeping me in line God love her.

  84. Anonymous says

    how do they let you know if its been cancelled. via email, or do you have to look for status yourself

  85. Anonymous says

    You ebayer's that are putting these up for auction are fools. The sets are selling in the 120's now, once it becomes known that these sets are sold out…watch out!

  86. Anonymous says

    Now Mint placed Waiting List Notice for Lincoln set .Does anyone know what time they changed status??

  87. Anonymous says

    Glad you got yours! I thought that you had to have a dupe! These are going to hit over $200 on ebay this weekend I bet!

  88. Anonymous says

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the United States Mint Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available due to an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-in, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list.

  89. Anonymous says

    SOLD OUT !!!!!!!!!
    SOOOOOOOLD OUT !!!!!!!!!

  90. Anonymous says

    Anyone who wanted a set could have gotten one from the mint until 6:00 PM today…not sure how many people on e-bay knew that, I wonder if they were people getting additional sets cheap before the price spike.

  91. Anonymous says

    Dang! I was stressed out about an order number that low being canceled. Isn't it funny that it would normally be considered an anomaly that the Mint would cancel an order. With the asylum mentality of the Mint the past year, I think it's logical to stress about such things. Keep in mind, the new Mint policy states that the last order is the first shipped (unless you happen to be the relative of a Mint employee).

  92. Anonymous says

    The last 3 auctions have gone for $137, $150, $159. They are going back Up Up Up. The 3 previous auctions were $127, $126, $125

  93. Anonymous says

    All that stressing yesterday, and I could have just picked one up this morning or muss no fuss

  94. Anonymous says

    It's funny isn't it. Yesterday after about 2 hours of trying to get through, I was just sure that I wasn't going to make it!

  95. Anonymous says

    The interest in this set is amazing! As an example, Michael's blog has recieved over 550 posts since yesterday! I bet that is about a normal month's worth!

  96. Anonymous says

    You can buy a set now at EBAY for 159.99 USD; 15 more minutes.

    No bids now… seems no one interested on this one.

  97. Anonymous says

    These things are going to skyrocket! Rolls of Harrison went for higher than these sets are getting right now. Wait till the word gets out that the set is sold out.

  98. Anonymous says

    Dunno what's the fuss with this Chronicles set; 3 years later , no one is gonna remember it and the price hype will come back down; no point paying the Ebay prices; just get the Mint price at 55.95

  99. vaughnster says

    Lesson learned. As someone mentioned earlier, oh yeah, Anonymous,next time I'll wait a while to order and not go through the b.s. of sloooow servers around noon. This I'm sure, will be the fastest anything from the mint will sell out numbering 50,000. Thirty hours is an ample amount of time to get an order in if one wants to wait and avoid the crush.

  100. Anonymous says

    new message on site indicating extended sales quantity or something.

    that would be horrible huh?

  101. Anonymous says

    ordered mine yesterday around 5:00 and was on the site less than 5 min. And it appears my order number is well within the 50,000 range( don't tell my boss but i did cut out from work a little early )

  102. Anonymous says

    here i am waiting on the phone 40 minutes for the supervisor at the us mint. they canceled my orders. I ordered 4 cronicles to 4 different addresses. Im not a scalper ijust wanted to order to my grand kids addresses. I understand that there is only one set per household. I ordered to 4 households. Even though the billing address is the same on all four they cancelled 3 of them. (still waiting on hold). I even signed in as a new guest on each of these orders. (please remain on the line a rep will be with you shortly) I keep hearing that in the phone. The mint website does not say one per billing address it only says one per household. Wonder how the Ebay scalpers can get more than one???? ( still on hold 55minutes) will let you all know how this ends.

    Just a grandpa

  103. Anonymous says

    Well, you tried to order 4 different sets, but you call other's scalpers when you are doing the same thing? You may have good intentions, but still breaking the rules.

  104. Anonymous says

    If your billing address is the same on multiple orders it makes no difference what address its shipped to. The order will be canceled. If you use the same credit card for multiple orders..The order will be canceled.

  105. Anonymous says

    i don't feel im breaking the rules. As it says only one per household. There is only one per house hold. I'm paying for them!!!!! (I'm still on hold from the Mint 1 hr 30 min. they keep saying my call is very important to them a rep will be with you momentaryly)
    I think they are avoiding me.

  106. Anonymous says

    On the previous Lincoln C&C Set blog 403 entries, on this one 169 in two days times (less actually). Any doubt that this set is the stud. For all the crap the mint has pulled this year ya gotta love the action in '09.

    Jim L.

  107. Anonymous says

    They do that to limit it to one household. If they didn't do it this way, everyone would be buying these and sending them to all of their friends.

  108. Anonymous says

    It is much more handy to have relatives that don't collect to get them for you or friends.that is how people get around it.The dealers actually pay people to order them for them.Some dealers get hundreds that way.It doesn't matter what the Mint does.For every rule made there will always be those who find their way around those rules to make a profit.I agree that it is very dishonest and even hurts collectors chances of getting one.But there are many people in this world driven by money.And unfortunately for that reason alone.It won't matter what the Mint ever does to stop them.They will always figure out a way around the rule to let greed of money take over their life.I like to believe in "What comes around goes around".Perhaps that is the best way to look at this and let that simple rule take them down.Some dealers or scalpers as people call them come on here trying to defend their selves.To them I say."There are rules that are put in place for a reason.If you do not follow those rules.Then in my book and the way I was raised.That is wrong.This way I sleep well at night.I for one only wanted one for my daughter and her future.I hope everyone else got one that wanted one.

    Happy Dad with happy Daughter

  109. Anonymous says

    Hang it up Grandpa…you can't win. Next time have your kids pay for them, and reimburse them later. You may have gotten away with it while they were still available but if they allow your exemption they will have to allow all of them, as all the orders are already confirmed they would have to bump someone else from getting one, and if you think you upset imagine telling someone they were bumped because you wanted four.

  110. Anonymous says

    2009 LINCOLN COIN & CHRONICLES SET 1 $55.95 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 10/30/2009. Just got this off the Mint site.

    Happy as a clam.

  111. Anonymous says

    The Lincoln Coin Chronicles is back on sale. Product will be available for shipping 11/13/2009

  112. Anonymous says

    Just checked mine same here >>>2009 LINCOLN COIN & CHRONICLES SET 1 $55.95 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 10/30/2009.

  113. Anonymous says

    So does the Mint use both the billing address and the shipping address when trying to catch duplicates? So far everyone seems to be referring to orders being canceled when using the same billing address but different shipping addresses. What if someone creates two orders with two different credit cards with different billing addresses but the same shipping address?

  114. Anonymous says

    credit cards can only have one billing address and you can only ship to one address. Thus you have to get someone at a different location to use their credit card.

  115. Anonymous says

    AND if you put in a fake billing address on your credit card it will be caught by the credit card company and your order will be cancelled.

  116. Anonymous says

    I have two credit cards in my name but with different addresses. I used both the cards with different shipping addresses and so far both orders are still open and have not been canceled.

  117. Anonymous says

    I think its a safe bet that One per househole means "ONE PER HOUSEHOLD!" If you have the same shipping address for multiple orders that = more than one order per household. Who knows though.. the mint may be that oblivious… but not likely.

  118. Anonymous says

    Once Everyone realizes these are sold out, they will go crazy on ebay! I expect these sets to get alot of airplay this week on the "coin shopping shows".

  119. Anonymous says

    Ebay prices realized have been on average of 125.00 for the second day after release.I will find it tough to see them go much higher.Early reports showed 200.00 average realized on the first day of issue.between the first day and sell out day(second day)there has been a loss of 75.00 dollars.Most people ordering these coins are well aware of the original cost and unless ill advised or uninformed.Most buyers will stay near the averages of the first and second day for the first few weeks.Once the coins start to actually trickle with the word sell out on the market due to low mintage on the third week.The word will get out about customer satisfaction and quality issues.This will play a large roll as to how these sets will do on the secondary market.

    I am sure there have been pre arrangements already placed in waiting for the coins to be graded and special labels made to enhance the sets.Given the hype of quality from the mint.You can be sure there will be those grading companies that cater, and those companies that are very meticulous with making sure only the true gems emerge.This should all take place on weeks Three,four and five.

    Onces weeks four through six emerge with bulk of graded examples.We will then start seeing numbers much higher then the first two days and possibly as high as the fourth and fifth week if quality expectations are met.

    This is why you will see many people sitting on these coins for resale until the fifth or sixth week.If the quality expectations are not met.You may start seeing many sets emerge on the third and fourth week.Meaning that many dealers have decided to cut and run and sell out and not have their sets graded because of poor quality.

    The shameful process of this will be that many of these sets will be destroyed in the production of grading.The great news out of this will be for the long term collector.With a mintage of 50,000 and many sets destroyed.The lower numbers will only add future value to the well preserved gem sets.These sets may very well be known as the straw that broke the mints back.Or the last great set of 2009.It is now up to Mr Moy and company to show that there can be one great product that still can come from the US Mint.

    If this set is made in a way that the coins can easily be replaced.Given the large amount of left over books dealers who grade and large amount of previous proof coins.I only fear that many of these sets may go undetected as original fakes.

    I personally would like to see the US mint put in place a tamper resistant patent that only authorized grading companies are allowed to open for grading and authentication.This is where I believe Mr Moy has not preformed to lead a better standard for todays coin markets.

    Seeing that the lack of interest for 2010 has been fully felt by the disappointments of 2009.I think it is only in the Us Mints best interest to make damn sure that this set is a complete winner.Or the mint may see one of it's worst years in 2010.

    Thank you Micheal for a chance to view my opinions and thank you for such a great job covering this historical moment in the numismatic world.I can only hope that the set I ordered is the Gem I am expecting for my daughter.

    Happy Dad Happy Daughter

  120. Anonymous says

    Tim seems to be a person who craves being noticed. I have seen his posts several times trying to break a magic number of posts.
    Congrats you have wasted alot of blog space and acted like a immature child begging to be seen.
    Please post something of interest like your address so we can send you a cookie.

  121. Anonymous says

    Does anyone know on returning a package to the Mint via courier, do we need to pay for the courier fee or can we bill to the Mint?


  122. Skid says

    Happy Dad,
    I totally disagree with your assessment of this set's secondary pricing. The number of posts about this set should tell you how HOT and Anticipated this set is. As of now, most of the general public does not realize that this set is basically sold out at the mint. With only 50,000 sets available and a large number of those taken off the market for good once a true collector gets their hands on them, the pool of available sets will shrink fast. It is amazing to me that these sets have been going for $150 or more on ebay with the sets still available at the Mint.

    The packaging on this set is Key. With the profit margins available for this set, it makes no sense for people to "replace" coins. These sets will be hitting close to $200 very soon perhaps higher once people realize you can't get these anymore.

  123. Dave says

    I agree with the concern over tampering and replacing coins in the set. Hopefully the grading companies won’t return the folder to the customer or will at least make them so different coins can’t be inserted back into them. Actually I think it’s ridiculous to have coins from a set like this graded. What makes the set “the set” is having the coins IN the set.

    Tim – multiple posts like that are annoying and a waste of everyone’s time.

  124. Anonymous says

    I know someone who loves the Civil War Era. He collects all. He had his co-workers and friends buy them only to be used as gifts to his family. Now I do not see anything wrong with that. Anyone have a different view on this.

    Myself, I just started collecting the United States Mint American Eagle Silver Proof. Need it be said that I am very upset that they cancelled this year Eagle Silver Proof after I spent time on Ebay to collect the years I did not order. So my collection is stuck with a 2009 Eagle Silver from APMEX. Since my collection are not NGC Certified but orginal Mint Eagle Silver Proofs with Docs, I wondering should I add a NGC MS70 going for $149.00 to the collections. Any thoughts?

    New Collector

  125. Skid says

    The last 11 Ebay purchases for the Chronicles Set.


    The price has already started to go up.

  126. Skid says

    I do think we need to put pressure on NGC and PCGS to do something that does not allow the empty packaging back in circulation.

  127. Anonymous says

    My reciept says the following:


    Qty 1 @ $55.95 – Backordered 10/30/09.

  128. Anonymous says

    New Collector,
    Do what you are comfortable with. Personally, I wouldn't pay more than say…$25 or $30 for a 2009 Bullion Silver Eagle. There are MILLIONS of these produced.

  129. vaughnster says

    Don't coins sent in for grading have to be removed from whatever capsule/folder they are in and put in 2×2's? if that's true,one can assemble different coins from different sets to make a PR70 Chronicles set. If there was any integrity here, the grading companies would not make one holder for all five coins. Does everything have to be graded?? Was there grading for the spoon set?

  130. Anonymous says

    Just sittin' here waiting…..waiting for the WAIT LIST to become SOLD OUT!

    Anyone have any ideas as to what kind of wait list the Mint uses? Wonder if they do something like, 2% of the original allotment. That would be 1,000 extra sales at 2%.

  131. Anonymous says

    Forget about the stupit gradings… The Chronicles set is the Chronicles set, there will be not such thing as a MS70 set; it will be an insult to the coin community

  132. Dave says

    New Collector,

    Many of us are sharing your pain with regards to the cancellation of the 2009 proof Eagles. This cancellation is a black eye on the Mint that will leave a permanent scar. I know some defend the Mint on this issue since it’s only abiding by “congressional mandates” but that’s just an excuse for laziness and incompetence.

    What irks me too is that the law also says the coins need to be minted from basically precious metals that have been freshly mined in the United States. We limit the precious metal available for production of the coins but then how many of the freshly minted coins are then shipped across seas to countries like China. It just goes to show once again how pathetic our government is.

    We can all do what we want with the empty slot in our collections for 2009. But no matter what coin we insert there it’s just not going to suddenly become a 2009 proof Eagle. So there will always be that asterisk in everyone’s collection. I don’t put mine in albums though. I keep them in the original boxes so I have no empty slot I need to fill. I hope someone mints a satirical coin for the slot though. I’d probably buy one. lol

  133. Ieatrice4dinner says

    Does anyone else think this set will NOT be a winner in the secondary market in the long term? I don't buy into special packaging…

  134. Anonymous says

    Like the LP2s? There is no comparison there at all.The LP2s are one of the highest productions of the Lincolns and mostly zink.LOL comparing these two items is not even close.But I agree with happy dad.I don't see these getting much higher the 200.00 by most buyers.Because most of the people buying them already know what they cost at the Mint.

  135. Anonymous says

    I think the price in the secondary market will peak once people sell them that have them "in hand" with actual pics…especially with xmas around the corner. However, despite the popularity of this set, I think after 4 to 6 months the prices will of peaked and start coming down. I bet a year from now the set will be back under $100 on the secondary market.
    I'm basing this on past "HOT" items like the 2006 Silver Eagle 20th Anniversary set. At it's peak, a NGC PF69 Reverse Proof went for $375….today, you can buy the complete 3 coin set (raw or graded) for $275.
    To me, I wonder at what price this will peak…maybe $250-$300.
    What do you guys/gals think?

  136. Anonymous says

    If the grading companies put a special label on this set, the only way to get it will be to send them in the mint sealed package. When the coins are returned from grading along with the packaging, there is the possibility and probability that other coins could be placed in the capsules and sold as a "bogus" set because these same coins are available in other sets. These "bogus" sets would be ineligible for grading.

  137. Anonymous says

    Because this set is limited to only 50,000 units I think these will go VERY high in the short term. I think they will come down a little in the long term. Of the 50,000 sets you have to think that HALF of these sets starting off are going to collectors that will never sell there set. That leaves only 25,000 sets for the secondary market. As these sets get snapped up that is going to leave fewer and fewer available.

    Just witness the activity on Michael's blog about this set. It has been unprecedented. 50,000 of these sold out in what, 30 hours maybe? With no 2009 Silver proof eagles, the public is hungry for a 2009 hot collectable. This set is it. It will have the 2009 very popular lincoln commemoritive along with 4 proof copper pennies! Outstanding packaging in a year of dismal offerings. This set is a winner, long and short term.

    The Raw Lincoln Silver Comm is selling for higher than this set sold at the Mint by itself.

  138. Anonymous says

    I think the graded Pr70 will make them peak to that price.Not many people have that kind of money to spend in this economy.back in 2006 the economy was much better.But there are fools and their money out there wanting to add to their registry sets.So who know what those fools will pay.I think it will be interesting to see these grading companies degrade these sets by grading them..Like my pun?

  139. Anonymous says

    We need to email and call NGC and PCGS and tell them that if they grade this coin, we will no longer buy coins graded from THEIR company.

  140. Anonymous says

    I disagree,
    If people are willing to pay $150 for a roll of pennies in this economy, they will certainly pay $250-$300 for this set.

  141. Anonymous says

    It does concern me that people may be replacing coins in the sets they have graded.I personally would never buy one of these set unless it was still sealed in the original mint mailer box.I think the original mint mailer box sets will be worth the most money because it insures that it is indeed original and not a fake.

  142. Anonymous says

    The secondary market price has great potential, but only if it is sold in the unopened mint shipping box. If the grading companies do make a special designation on this set, you will be able to buy the empty packaging on the secondary market and make a bogus set, so be careful buying opened sets.

  143. Eat Your Veggies says

    Does anyone have any new mint order numbers.I can't believe the Mint is still allowing buffer orders on these.How many buffer orders can they possibly need?

  144. Anonymous says

    The waiting list notice is enough for me. That notice could be there for awhile. Most people do not like being placed on a wait list, so there are probably not many buyers.

  145. Anonymous says

    I was checking my order status, and i saw this along with my chronicle order "ATB QTRS TWO-ROLL SET – 1" Does anyone know what it is. I didn't order it.

  146. Eat Your Veggies says

    Isn't it a shame that people can't even think about opening the US Mint mailing box to see their coins in fear of making the set worth less money.Now we see what the results of these unscrupulous counterfeiters do to true collectors.It is just one big shame.I can't wait to see what Micheals take on this issue is.

  147. Anonymous says

    Well i dont' think i will worry about cancelling ATB quartr set right now, since its tied to my chronicle order.

  148. Anonymous says

    It is a shame. Hopefully the grading companies will not designate this set. I would be even better if the coins were somehow different, but I think the mint is not allowed to "intentionally" create a rarity. This is a rarity in packaging but not for the coins.

  149. Anonymous says

    Dies can be read by certain marks on the coins.But not everyone knows how to do this.I think true professionals will only know the difference if coins have been replaced.If you question your set.You can always have a professional look for marks that identify the dies used for the chronicle and dies used for the original proof sets.I think it is important if you buy an open set to have the set authenticated.This way you may be able to catch these people who counterfeit these sets.Buyer be warned and counterfeiters be warned that this would be a federal offense.

  150. Eat Your Veggies says

    I'm wondering if the Mint actually used different dies for these sets.Can anyone please find this out and issue what identifying marks would be to look for.

  151. Anonymous says

    The proof Lincoln silver dollars in this set are more than likely the rejects that were returned to the mint from when they were sold individually.

  152. Dave says

    I don’t know if it’s due to the lack of quality offerings lately from the Mint, but the practice of paying a premium for packaging is becoming more acceptable. The LP penny rolls are a testament to that. They are literally worth 1 cent each yet we willingly paid $8.95 + $4.95 s&h for a two roll set of them. Albeit, in that particular situation it wasn’t just the packaging, it was also just being able to get the pennies. But still, there is nothing different from those pennies and circulating pennies. (The pennies in the Chronicles set are different from circulating pennies).

    We’re obviously paying for packaging with the Chronicles set BUT it does look like very nice packaging. Specially packaged Mint offerings haven’t always done that well in the secondary market but this one may be different. If their values do start coming back down to earth, it won’t happen overnight. I agree though that most of these will be stashed away by collectors – which will help keep the values inflated.

    I’ll stash away at least one of these sets – regardless of the secondary market value. Time will tell if I’ll sell the others I’m getting. Yes, I’ve gotten family and friends to order a couple extra sets for me and I see nothing wrong with that. They have a right to get in line and get one just like everyone else. If they choose to sell theirs to me for an extra $20 then that too is their right. Everyone had a chance to get one once the server traffic calmed down. I have no apologies for those who are tardy or uninformed. Also, by doing this it may spark an interest in the hobby for someone. That’s not such a bad thing.

  153. Anonymous says

    Will the grading companies actually be grading these sets?If so,What will be the requirements by the grading companies.Does anyone know these facts.

  154. Anonymous says

    9:35 you are wrong.They are proofs.And even if the were uncirculated.They can still be replaced.

  155. Anonymous says

    The sets sold on Ebay seem to be going much higher. Guess people are starting to figure out these are SOLD OUT!

  156. Anonymous says

    Maybe if NGC and PCGS grade these, they could stamp the back of the trifold case with a permanant ink stating that this set has been graded. Just a thought.

  157. Anonymous says

    Stamp the back with permanent ink and say "This Lincoln Coin & Chronicle set has been professionally graded by NGC. The Original coins in this set have been removed."

  158. Anonymous says

    As far as grading these sets,Who
    in their right mind would buy these
    sets without the original packaging? Without the package what do you have? I don't think
    stuffing other coin in these would
    work. Its the package you buying.

  159. Anonymous says

    That is a great idea.I hope they do that if these sets do become graded.Just allowing anyone to send in coins in flips even with a mint order would be setting this situation up to happen.I sincerely hope the grading companies all get together and come up with a similar plan to make it impossible for these sets to be duplicated using other proofs.If anyone gets any confirmed information on what they plan to do.I would love to see what it might be.

  160. Anonymous says

    Ok now the fun begins. My guess is that they have sold between 65k – 70k sets due to so many speculators and folks using the same credit card so the mint wanted to make sure they were all sold out. Once this is confirmed which will probably happen early next week these sets will sky rocket. Think about, nothing at the mint of inerest except these, a historical figure, a great set and TONS of interest what do you think will happen to the price. I have bought 6 of these sets at a cost average of $150 on Ebay and I guarantee that these sets will hit $225 – $275 range or higher but again time will tell…that is my take. By the way, I don't intend to sell.

  161. Anonymous says

    I agree, I think these are going to hit atleast $250 or higher a set. With so many people that are going to hold on to these and never sell them, it leaves a small pool of available sets for the secondary market. The interest in the Lincoln Pennies and Silver dollar combined with the packaging, this set is a long term KEEPER! Linoln will keep this set in demand always.

  162. Anonymous says

    When I looked at actual auction with bidders (not buy it now).The highest so far was 160.00 the lowest was 124.67.That tells me more then the buy it now auctions.

  163. Anonymous says

    The Louis Braille set, for example, will probably not fair as well. Even though the set will only have 25,000 produced, there just isn't a big demand for Braille items. The Chronicles set has Lincoln collectors, Civil War collectors, Silver dollar collectors, penny collectors. Hard to imagine that this set will not always be very popular! It has the 4 pennies and the silver dollar along with awesome packaging.

  164. Anonymous says

    The last 10 or so purchases on ebay have averaged around $170 each. Regardless of what method (Buy it now or auction) That tells me alot also.

  165. Anonymous says

    Once the wait list goes away and it says No Longer Available, watch the prices then. There are going to be alot of people get orders cancelled once that happens.

  166. Anonymous says

    Was it fair for the US Mint to limit only one set per household??? Whatever happened to the principle, "First come, first served?"

  167. Anonymous says

    Did anyone notice that the bullion Gold Buffalo's were released the 15, along with the Lincoln C&C?

    The next coin to be released is supposed to be the 1oz Proof Gold Buffalo!

    It makes me nervous that the mint hasn't already posted the picture and added the Buffalo's to the upcoming product section yet… they're supposed to come out in 12 days!! Makes me wonder what's going on, I'm afraid they'll change their mind and cancel them too!!

    They usually give you a preview of what's next 2-3 weeks in advance, but nothing yet for the 2009 Proof Buffalo with less than 10 days before the sale by this coming monday. Hopefully they will put it up on Monday.

  168. Anonymous says

    Who knows anything about the Mint any more.How do we even know that the US Mint is only allowing these so called buffers to just go ahead and make more money by filling those orders too.Maybe that is why they didn't have blanks for the 2009 silver eagle proofs.Who would even know if they did do that.It seems with all the corruption that happens any more with our government.I wouldn't put it past them to try this just to make more profit.I know fifty thousand are mandated by law.But these are the same law makers who cheat on their taxes.Allowing this buffer to happen for such a long period of time just seems fishy to me.So If you haven't ordered one yet.I would go ahead and take the chance that they will fill your order.It's not like you will have anything to lose by trying.And it beats the heck out of paying the ridiculous ebay prices.

  169. Ieatrice4dinner says

    i was comparing this to the LP2's hype wise… I am willing to bet the price will drop significantly. I was going to buy this but there is nothing unique about it besides the packaging… I collect coins not packaging.

  170. Anonymous says

    These sets are going to be even more outrageous on fleeebay , especially when everyone the mint post SOLD OUT !! However mine will not be one on fleeebay.It will stay in my collection.. So goodluck to those still in search of this set, cheers to the one who have them ..I can peacefully sit back and watch the madness ,which seems to have already begun…

  171. Anonymous says

    The LP2's problem is that the mint sold 300,000 of the rolls. Had they only sold 100,000 like they did the LP1's then they would have done awesome also. The demand for the Chronicles set is much higher than the LP1's I think. The average price on Ebay now is in the $150-$170 range. Just wait and see what happens when the Mint takes down the "Wait List"!

  172. Anonymous says

    Mint stating Officially SOLD OUT = skyrocketing prices!!!

    Is everyone ready for take off on Monday?

  173. Anonymous says

    Order date 10/15/2009 @ 12:15..Order # 33159xxx


    Qty 1 @ $55.95 – Backordered 10/30/09.

    So I got one!!!!yaaaay

  174. Anonymous says

    I wonder what the UHR mintage is by now? Probably less than 1,000 have been sold the last week or so, because the price is so jacked up.

    Hopefully gold will fall below 1050 soon!

  175. Anonymous says

    I posted earlier with order number, not a scalper here , but a TRUE COLLECTOR..In my ever expanding collection it will go& stay.

  176. Anonymous says

    Live gold prices are 1052.80.Silver is at 17.42.I don't see either one going down any time soon.

  177. Anonymous says

    Why in the world would the US mint post to the world that they were ignorant on the Coin and Chronicle release day.Everyone knew and expected lagging to happen from previous events.Is this really they way our country has become.Bowing down and apologizing.I think to many mint officials have been watching Obamas tactics.The world must be watching us saying that we are weak.This is not good PR at all for our country.

  178. Anonymous says

    We have gone from Ronald Reagan saying things like."Mr Gorbachov TEAR THAT WALL DOWN !!!.To Barack Obama kissing and bowing to Saudi Princes and befriending people like Hugo Chavez.Now this with the apology from the Mint.UNREAL!!!!

  179. Anonymous says

    Keep your politics to yourself dude. This is a coin blog. No one cares what you think about Reagan or Obama.

  180. Anonymous says

    I appreciate the fact that the Mint ATLEAST acknowledges they had order fulfillment issues on Thursday. I don't see how that is bad PR for our country? Pariond teabagger.

  181. Anonymous says

    Mr Moy is a Republican appointed by Bush. I don't see how you can blame the Mint for being to Obama-like.

    From Wiki..

    Moy worked on President George W. Bush's transition team in 2001. From 2001 to 2006, Moy served as Special Assistant to the President and Associate Director of Presidential Personnel at the White House. He oversaw the selection of candidates for presidential appointments in the general areas of human, natural and cultural resources. In 2003, he served on the transition team for the newly-created Department of Homeland Security.

    Moy is an active participant in organizations representing the Asian-American community, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of Christianity Today International. He was elected Grand Crysophylos, for Tau Kappa Epsilon, at the 54th Biennial Conclave held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 7, 2007.

  182. Anonymous says

    That's the problem with the Mint! We need someone at the Mint who knows more about coins than just what is in his pocket change!

  183. Anonymous says

    So Mr. Moy is a TKE (Tau Kappa Epsilon). That explains alot. When I was in college, they were the biggest bunch of jerks on campus. Apparently, 40-some years later, they still are. And Mr. Moy is the Grand Crysophylos. Wow, does that make him the biggest jerk of all?

    What the heck is a Grand Crysophylos?

  184. Anonymous says

    By the way, that was a rhetorical question. I already know…the Grand Crysophylos is the Treasurer.

  185. Anonymous says

    The Crysophylos has all the duties and powers of Treasurer. The responsibilities of the Crysophylos are:

    * Collect all money due to the chapter.

    * Disburse chapter funds, timely paying chapter obligations. Reference the Fee Structure regarding fees owed to the Offices of the Grand Chapter and corresponding due dates.

    * Remit promptly (within 15 days) to the Offices of the Grand Chapter all initiation registrations and fees.

    * Prepare accurate monthly financial reports of cash receipts and disbursements. Distribute to the Chapter Advisor, Board of Advisors, and post one for all members of the chapter to read.

    * File an Annual Report with the Offices of the Grand Chapter as required by the Black Book.

    * Make sure that all candidates register and pay their candidate fee on-line, so that they may promptly receive their candidate kits.

    * Ensure that all initiate fees are remitted to the Offices of the Grand Chapter in a timely manner.

    * Assist in making the chapter budget.

  186. Anonymous says

    If it is for the C & C.I would assume it may mean that you are on the waiting list.I may be wrong though

  187. Anonymous says

    Probably have your order on hold to verify payment , once verified, the will go into processing..Just a guess

  188. Anonymous says

    Yo , CW …>>>

    "Orders can be in a temporary status of; suspended (S), error (E) or held (H) during the normal order processing period. If your order is still in one of these statuses after 7 business days, please contact customer service at 1-800-USA-MINT (6468)."..


  189. Anonymous says

    Last prices realized on ebay 160.00 ,155.09,139.08.Looks like the prices are going down scalpers.LOL

  190. Anonymous says

    Really? Sounds pretty high to me considering that the wait lift hasn't been cancelled yet.

  191. Anonymous says

    I'd say all who got them to scalp/flip, are pretty happy with 160.00 but the ones who wait till they are listed as sold out will really get the premium prices..

  192. Anonymous says

    Has anyone found out if any of the top coin grading services will be grading the Coin and Chronicle set yet?I would love to have mine graded only if it remains in the original packaging.Do you think they might make an exception in doing that considering the fact that the set really does need to remain in tact to show originality?

  193. Anonymous says

    600 comments so far in two blog editions…I rest my case of where the prices for these coins will go!!!!!!!

  194. Anonymous says

    The U.S. Mint can't win. They make too much, too little of an item. The coins are too spotty, too bland, too cheap. On and on.

    What collectors seem to want on this board is anything that they themselves can get so that they can make lots of $$$$. If they don't get the item, they whine. Amazing what greed does to people.

  195. Anonymous says

    Can someone tell me why the Lincoln Chronicles set is gonna have long-term value? I mean, the Lincoln silver dollar and the four 2009 – S cents can be obtained separately.

    If collectors are willing to pay for packaging and not the coins, then it might be worth the secondary market prices we're seeing. But take the coins out, and you're left with coins that can be obtained through other sources….

  196. Anonymous says

    I wonder if anyone who orders multiple UHRs throughout the year will return the imperfect UHRs with the new orders.

    I heard from another blog that the recent UHRs have had some very high qualities, and many proof-like. Does the Mint actually tell the difference between one and the other? Or izzit all gimmicks with us coin collecters.

  197. Anonymous says

    Gimmicks have been a staple of coin collecting.Without them the appeal is just not there.Simply relying on the coins beauty isn't enough for most crack head coin collectors.They need gimmicks LOL.That is why you see words like first strike and PL and MS70 and so on.It's all just one big gimmick.The true coin collector loves the beauty of the coin and appreciates the artistry.True collectors only pay face value or way under market values.They don't fall for gimmicks.

  198. Anonymous says

    Yup, was wondering too how does the Mint know if the UHR they sent you is the one you are returning?

  199. Anonymous says

    Wouldn't that be considered fraud punishable by law.Not sure if that would be worth the risk of going to jail.

  200. Aureus says

    If the grading companies were smart about this, they would take the whole package and put a ribbon around it similar to what has been done to the GSA Morgan Dollars.

    Leave the set as it is so that no one can replace coins.

  201. Anonymous says


    When it comes to making a buck on the back of the unwary, I would fully expect various shennanigans to surface by the fast buck artists. It's only my opinion, but, since I am expecting a small carton box from the Mint with my 1 set allowed, it will have a USPS address label, tracking number, and reference number which can match the order printout page. I don't intend to open this box, or the contents wrapping coverings either. I have a photo and description of the contents, and don't have to look at it. Someday down the road the set might be sold by my coin's collection heirs. Imagine how thrilling it will be for that buyer who will be ensured that what he/she is getting is genuine as purchased in October, 2009. Some imbecile who needs to see a coin "slabbed & stickered" and said to have come from a true C&C set will be disappointed and separated from his money. Imagine if some fool opens a set and discovers a double die or other wild issue that makes everyone crazy, and you have an unopened ORIGINAL SET….there's the bet. Unopened packaging will be more valuable than 10 CAC stickers, or a BS label from Chattanooga Coin Co. pumping common crap. Again, the true value of this set will be the other items, not the 5 coins……these items ONLY have a total population of 50,000, not a 1/2 million and millions for the 4 cents. Mark my words in your memory.

  202. Tom says


    I personally would want to open the box to look at my set. You would never know if the coins you received were unacceptable or not.

    I had to return two 2009 silver proof sets back to the US mint because the Lincoln cents had noticeable scratches. Considering how much I paid for the sets, I was not going to accept sub-par coins.

    I plan to open the box to my set. Of course, my concern is that if I see that any of the coins I have are defective, the US Mint may not provide me with an exchange now that all of the sets have sold out.

  203. Manny Rodriguez says

    A way to get around the ordering limits is to buy a e-gift certificate, send it to a "friend" and let them order it for you without the need to use credit cards.

    All you have to make sure is that it is a different shipping address and you do not have to worry about a billing address since there is no billing address with a gift certificate

  204. Anonymous says

    Thanks Manny,

    Have you tried this before? Sure the Mint won't crossreference the billing address of the person who purchased the e-gift?

  205. Anonymous says

    Looks like the party is over. Ebay sales are dropping like rocks off a cliff.19 sales on a sunday pretty much tells it all.I think people have grown fed up with the scalpers out there myself.And I can't much blame them.If there was any kind of integrity at all left with the grading companies.They would have a one limit grading on these sets too.That way all these dealers and scalpers cheating the system would not gouge people with graded sets and over inflated prices.Manny you should be ashamed for telling people how to cheat.Your dishonesty will catch up to you one day.

  206. Lasloo says

    To Anonymous@10:36 PM

    Not sure how the rate of chronicles sales per day on Ebay quantifies as a fall in value for the set?
    After your comment, I looked at completed sales during Sunday and it actually looks on average higher than what I was seeing on Friday.
    The lowest was $127.50, the highest was $249.95 with most prices somewhere above $150 or so. Obviously, auction bid type sales were doing better than buy-it-now sales unless the buy-it-now sales were in that reasonable $150-$200 range. On average, most of the pre-salers are making just a tad below or above 3 times they paid for the set. On top of that, it is well known that weekends are NOT the best days to sell stuff on Ebay. Sales are always higher during the week. Good sellers will create sales that last over a week-end with it starting/stopping on a weekday usually around midnight EST to get both west and east coast buyers.

  207. Anonymous says

    Is everyone ready to see the Mint cancel a boat load of orders and officially declare the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set (LN6) SOLD OUT ????

  208. Aureus says

    12:02 & Tom:

    That isn't what I meant. Yes, I would expect someone to open the box up and look at the set. That's what you should do (or don't in 12:02's case). I plan on going through the whole thing when it comes.

    What I am talking about is splitting the set up; taking the coins out of it and having a box of papers and such, and a slab with five coins in it on the side. Every slabbed GSA dollar that I have seen has a piece of tape running along the bottom third of the packaging. You can see the coin, and it has not been taken out of the plastic that the government put it in. What I don't want is to have the grading services pull the coins out of the package just so someone else can replace the coins and sell their set twice.

  209. Anonymous says

    Let's see if everyone has been paying attention. This is no hard evidence, but certainly a VERY REAL possibility in a system where profits drive a business, not altruistic intent.

    The sharp but sometimes truth stretching grading companies and certain mass dealers bought up a boatload of Lincoln dollars in the 450,000 piece offering earlier in the year. The last several months they have been busily "grading" & "Labeling" them as MS69 / MS70 "Chronicles" dollars for which a seemingly endless supply will miraculously appear in "sufficient quantites" to sell to anyone they can hook into believing as being limited.

    Don't believe it? Just watch Coin World and other publication's ads to see your favorite scam sellers all hawking graded Chronicles dollars, and then try to estimate how many that might translate into. It might be revealing to see how fast the grading Companies seemed to get massive supplies to offer for Labeled sales……LOL.

    It's not about coin collecting, or even investing in rarities any longer, it's all about greed, fraud and profits. Sad state of affairs.

  210. Anonymous says

    Don't worry about that, the Mint is ALWAYS shifting those estimated shipping dates around. The set could very well start shipping out by the end of October.

  211. Anonymous says

    Once the wait-list comes down and all those orders get cancelled just wait. Also, all the coin shows this week will probably start doing presales this week and that will greatly increase awareness.

  212. Anonymous says

    Why isn't there any info on the Proof buff?

    It will be out next week; yet not a single update on them, limits.. etc…


  213. Anonymous says

    The Mint is notorious slow. Since we all know what a proof buffalo is, they probably just haven't gotten around to posting it. They just made the announcement that they would be producing it. just Mint lag.

  214. Anonymous says

    I suspect a delay on buffalo sales just so the Mint can give some lame excuse for another price increase.Presales will all be cancelled then and a lot of dealers will lose face.Personally that won't hurt my feelings a bit.

  215. Anonymous says

    I agree with anon @ 9:47 , another tactic by our beloved Mint to jack up their already inflated prices..As for the presale dealers , well I hope they (large dealers/small dealers) get bit in the ((rear))as bad as all the ones on Ebay with their Lincoln Coins and Chronicles Sets for sale not really knowing if their order will be canceled or accepted.

  216. Anonymous says

    Mine : In stock and reserved !!! Confirmed ,as well as credit card already charged..Yippie!!!

  217. Anonymous says

    In stock and reserved!!!

    Not sure if my credit card is charged yet thou'

    Usually when they charge your card; they are ready to ship the coins from my experience

  218. Anonymous says

    No information yet on Proof Am Buff; especially if there's gonna be a household limit implemented; this is strange.

  219. Anonymous says

    If your credit card has already been charged , does it mean they will be shipping sooner than 10/30 ?

  220. Anonymous says

    It was probably stupid on my part, but I paid the extra freight($12.00), but I want the dang thing and I do not plan on selling it. It is for my kid.

  221. Anonymous says

    I hope so I can't wait to get this in-hand . I hope the set looks better than stock mint photo:)

  222. Anonymous says

    Mine won't be for sale no matter what the secondary market is willing to pay for it . Some coins/sets are just meant to stay/be in a collection,therefore, this set will compliment my (COMPLETE) Lincoln Cent Set ..

  223. Anonymous says

    ON hold usually means they are verifying your credit card…In stock and reserve means your item is in stock and reserved for you.

  224. Anonymous says

    Should say :

    Order Status:Your order request is in process.

    Item Status:In stock and reserved

    That's what mine says.

  225. Anonymous says

    That usually happens when they try to charge you credit card ,then once approved it should go back to previous status , or at least that's been the case for me , not sure about others.

  226. Anonymous says

    If it doesn't change within an hour , I'd call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). and check on it.

  227. Anonymous says

    It's a top rated seller LOL.What a joke ebay has become.Why doesn't ebay say top rated loser.LOL

  228. Anonymous says

    Whoa, what a deal , 2 sets for only $750 with free shipping!!!I think the ones selling for $300.00 are high or something ,I don't think these will ever make it there.

  229. Anonymous says

    Not to mention he is showing that he broke the rules by ordering more then one.I'm sure that will work in his favor on sales too.LOL

  230. Anonymous says

    Isn't that an admission of guilt.I sure wish our government would go after these scalpers like they do with the low lifes out side of concerts and ball games.

  231. Anonymous says

    Most of them are probably government employees like Manny who claims to work at the pentagon.LOL

  232. Anonymous says

    LOL, the highest one sold was $349.95 w/ free ship wasn't it ? I feel sorry for the poor schmuck who bought that one.

  233. Anonymous says

    Then once they start selling these on cable coin shows, the secondary prices will double. Sounds like they will be shipping this week, so the shows will have them next week.

  234. Anonymous says

    Secondary has already doubled on Ebay . How high do you think it will go ? I think $200 at most ..Any thoughts ?

  235. Anonymous says

    I think these will hit around $250 once the set is officially sold out and the cable shopping shows start hyping the hell out of them. Just my opinion. I mean, the sets are averaging in the 150-160 dollar range now and the set is still for sale (wait listed). I'm sure a few thousand of orders will get cancelled soon.

  236. Skid says

    It has been my experience that once your credit card has been charged, the mint ships soon thereafter? Is this other people's experience also?

  237. Anonymous says

    Order Status:
    Your order request is in process.
    Item Status:
    In stock and reserved.

    MY credit card has already been charged,meaning it should ship very soon!~~!

  238. Anonymous says

    Skid, do you think the unopened Mint shipping boxes will go to $300 + by year end.Ruling out the old switcheroo.. Just a guess.

  239. Skid says

    My guess is that the set will peak around $250. If I were selling on ebay, I would keep the boxes sealed.

  240. Anonymous says

    I think most will unload as soon as they get them ,as well as all the presales going on now , seems to be slowing a bit or is it just me ?

  241. Anonymous says

    I think there is a little bit of a lull right now because of the wait list. I think there are alot of people who are going to get their orders cancelled soon.

    Last 5 ebay sales


  242. Anonymous says

    actually, the prices are not tanking. The average of the last 10 sets sold is over $160 right now. And this is BEFORE the official Sold Out date!

  243. Anonymous says

    $118 wasn't the average just a low. Also, the negative trending average is based only upon auctions and not "buy-it now"

  244. Anonymous says

    On the ones that are selling for lower prices, look at the sellers feedback and their order numbers and there is your your answer. Poor feedback + late order number (which might not ship) = cheaper sale.

  245. Anonymous says

    WOW ,already in-hand and up for sale .I think the mint is on the ball with these things. Great looking set from the pic.I can't wait to receive mine.. .Ebay # 290362103088..

  246. shadow5608 says

    It appears as though I wound up with a defective Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. The Silver has ripples, running away from an otherwise perfect Lincoln image; it is as though the coin face was over pressed; however the reverse is perfect.

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