Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set Still on Sale

Surprisingly, the US Mint’s Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set is still on sale as of 10:00 AM ET this morning. The sets went on sale yesterday at 12:00 Noon ET, with a first day sell out expected by many.

Thanks to readers, we have a rough idea of the total number of sets ordered. (Check out the 364 comments and counting on yesterday’s post!)

The earliest order numbers from yesterday are 33159xxx. I placed an order for some 2009 Mint Sets this morning and had an order number of 33219xxx. This means that roughly 60,000 orders have been placed in the past 22 hours. Assuming that 80% or more of the orders contained one Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set, sales must be very close or have already exceeded the 50,000 production limit.

It’s possible that the 50,000 mark has already been passed. For similar situations, the US Mint has accepted orders in excess of the production limit to allow a buffer for order cancellations due to bad credit card information or cancellations for orders placed in excess of the household limit. I would be very surprised if the status of the product status is not changed to Sold Out by the end of today.

Another observation from the comments, many people ordered the Louis Braille Education Set together with the Lincoln Set to combine shipping costs. The low initial sales of the Braille Set may see a big jump next week if this practice was widespread.

Separately, a more obscure product sold out yesterday. This was the Collecting America’s Coins: Beginner Basics Set. I believe this product had actually gone on sale back in 2005. It was featured in this year’s US Mint Holiday catalog, which likely brought some renewed interest.

The set contains a 2005 Proof Kennedy Half, satin finish 2005 P&D Roosevelt Dimes, circulation strike 2005 P&D Lincoln Cents, and a one cent blank planchet. In addition to the coins, the set also contains some excellent information about the history of US coins, the process of making coins, numismatic tips, and a small glossary. I had purchased one of these sets a while back for my son. (He is still only 18 months old, but one day I think he will enjoy it.)

Update: Dave Harper is reporting that the US Mint had sales of 29,919 sets as of 5 PM ET Thursday. At that time, order numbers were around 33200xxx. A recent order number is 33226xxx, meaning about 26,000 more orders have occurred since.

Update 2: The US Mint has also posted the following message:

Unfortunately, the United States Mint Web site did not perform as expected when the popular 2009 Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set went on sale at noon Eastern Time on October 15. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration many of you may have experienced while attempting to purchase this and other products using our online catalog.

We did not meet the standards of excellence we have set for serving our customers. You deserve a better online shopping experience, and we are committed to resolving these issues quickly and permanently.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Update 3: At 6:00 PM ET, the set went onto waiting list status. The following message was posted on the product page:

Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the United States Mint Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available due to an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-in, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list.

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  1. Anonymous says

    The U.S. Mint can't win. They make too much, too little of an item. The coins are too spotty, too bland, too cheap. On and on.

    What collectors seem to want on this board is anything that they themselves can get so that they can make lots of $$$$. If they don't get the item, they whine. Amazing what greed does to people.

  2. Anonymous says

    Can someone tell me why the Lincoln Chronicles set is gonna have long-term value? I mean, the Lincoln silver dollar and the four 2009 – S cents can be obtained separately.

    If collectors are willing to pay for packaging and not the coins, then it might be worth the secondary market prices we're seeing. But take the coins out, and you're left with coins that can be obtained through other sources….

  3. Anonymous says

    I wonder if anyone who orders multiple UHRs throughout the year will return the imperfect UHRs with the new orders.

    I heard from another blog that the recent UHRs have had some very high qualities, and many proof-like. Does the Mint actually tell the difference between one and the other? Or izzit all gimmicks with us coin collecters.

  4. Anonymous says

    Gimmicks have been a staple of coin collecting.Without them the appeal is just not there.Simply relying on the coins beauty isn't enough for most crack head coin collectors.They need gimmicks LOL.That is why you see words like first strike and PL and MS70 and so on.It's all just one big gimmick.The true coin collector loves the beauty of the coin and appreciates the artistry.True collectors only pay face value or way under market values.They don't fall for gimmicks.

  5. Anonymous says

    Yup, was wondering too how does the Mint know if the UHR they sent you is the one you are returning?

  6. Anonymous says

    Wouldn't that be considered fraud punishable by law.Not sure if that would be worth the risk of going to jail.

  7. Aureus says

    If the grading companies were smart about this, they would take the whole package and put a ribbon around it similar to what has been done to the GSA Morgan Dollars.

    Leave the set as it is so that no one can replace coins.

  8. Anonymous says


    When it comes to making a buck on the back of the unwary, I would fully expect various shennanigans to surface by the fast buck artists. It's only my opinion, but, since I am expecting a small carton box from the Mint with my 1 set allowed, it will have a USPS address label, tracking number, and reference number which can match the order printout page. I don't intend to open this box, or the contents wrapping coverings either. I have a photo and description of the contents, and don't have to look at it. Someday down the road the set might be sold by my coin's collection heirs. Imagine how thrilling it will be for that buyer who will be ensured that what he/she is getting is genuine as purchased in October, 2009. Some imbecile who needs to see a coin "slabbed & stickered" and said to have come from a true C&C set will be disappointed and separated from his money. Imagine if some fool opens a set and discovers a double die or other wild issue that makes everyone crazy, and you have an unopened ORIGINAL SET….there's the bet. Unopened packaging will be more valuable than 10 CAC stickers, or a BS label from Chattanooga Coin Co. pumping common crap. Again, the true value of this set will be the other items, not the 5 coins……these items ONLY have a total population of 50,000, not a 1/2 million and millions for the 4 cents. Mark my words in your memory.

  9. Tom says


    I personally would want to open the box to look at my set. You would never know if the coins you received were unacceptable or not.

    I had to return two 2009 silver proof sets back to the US mint because the Lincoln cents had noticeable scratches. Considering how much I paid for the sets, I was not going to accept sub-par coins.

    I plan to open the box to my set. Of course, my concern is that if I see that any of the coins I have are defective, the US Mint may not provide me with an exchange now that all of the sets have sold out.

  10. Manny Rodriguez says

    A way to get around the ordering limits is to buy a e-gift certificate, send it to a "friend" and let them order it for you without the need to use credit cards.

    All you have to make sure is that it is a different shipping address and you do not have to worry about a billing address since there is no billing address with a gift certificate

  11. Anonymous says

    Thanks Manny,

    Have you tried this before? Sure the Mint won't crossreference the billing address of the person who purchased the e-gift?

  12. Anonymous says

    Looks like the party is over. Ebay sales are dropping like rocks off a cliff.19 sales on a sunday pretty much tells it all.I think people have grown fed up with the scalpers out there myself.And I can't much blame them.If there was any kind of integrity at all left with the grading companies.They would have a one limit grading on these sets too.That way all these dealers and scalpers cheating the system would not gouge people with graded sets and over inflated prices.Manny you should be ashamed for telling people how to cheat.Your dishonesty will catch up to you one day.

  13. Lasloo says

    To Anonymous@10:36 PM

    Not sure how the rate of chronicles sales per day on Ebay quantifies as a fall in value for the set?
    After your comment, I looked at completed sales during Sunday and it actually looks on average higher than what I was seeing on Friday.
    The lowest was $127.50, the highest was $249.95 with most prices somewhere above $150 or so. Obviously, auction bid type sales were doing better than buy-it-now sales unless the buy-it-now sales were in that reasonable $150-$200 range. On average, most of the pre-salers are making just a tad below or above 3 times they paid for the set. On top of that, it is well known that weekends are NOT the best days to sell stuff on Ebay. Sales are always higher during the week. Good sellers will create sales that last over a week-end with it starting/stopping on a weekday usually around midnight EST to get both west and east coast buyers.

  14. Anonymous says

    Is everyone ready to see the Mint cancel a boat load of orders and officially declare the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set (LN6) SOLD OUT ????

  15. Aureus says

    12:02 & Tom:

    That isn't what I meant. Yes, I would expect someone to open the box up and look at the set. That's what you should do (or don't in 12:02's case). I plan on going through the whole thing when it comes.

    What I am talking about is splitting the set up; taking the coins out of it and having a box of papers and such, and a slab with five coins in it on the side. Every slabbed GSA dollar that I have seen has a piece of tape running along the bottom third of the packaging. You can see the coin, and it has not been taken out of the plastic that the government put it in. What I don't want is to have the grading services pull the coins out of the package just so someone else can replace the coins and sell their set twice.

  16. Anonymous says

    Let's see if everyone has been paying attention. This is no hard evidence, but certainly a VERY REAL possibility in a system where profits drive a business, not altruistic intent.

    The sharp but sometimes truth stretching grading companies and certain mass dealers bought up a boatload of Lincoln dollars in the 450,000 piece offering earlier in the year. The last several months they have been busily "grading" & "Labeling" them as MS69 / MS70 "Chronicles" dollars for which a seemingly endless supply will miraculously appear in "sufficient quantites" to sell to anyone they can hook into believing as being limited.

    Don't believe it? Just watch Coin World and other publication's ads to see your favorite scam sellers all hawking graded Chronicles dollars, and then try to estimate how many that might translate into. It might be revealing to see how fast the grading Companies seemed to get massive supplies to offer for Labeled sales……LOL.

    It's not about coin collecting, or even investing in rarities any longer, it's all about greed, fraud and profits. Sad state of affairs.

  17. Anonymous says

    Don't worry about that, the Mint is ALWAYS shifting those estimated shipping dates around. The set could very well start shipping out by the end of October.

  18. Anonymous says

    Once the wait-list comes down and all those orders get cancelled just wait. Also, all the coin shows this week will probably start doing presales this week and that will greatly increase awareness.

  19. Anonymous says

    Why isn't there any info on the Proof buff?

    It will be out next week; yet not a single update on them, limits.. etc…


  20. Anonymous says

    The Mint is notorious slow. Since we all know what a proof buffalo is, they probably just haven't gotten around to posting it. They just made the announcement that they would be producing it. just Mint lag.

  21. Anonymous says

    I suspect a delay on buffalo sales just so the Mint can give some lame excuse for another price increase.Presales will all be cancelled then and a lot of dealers will lose face.Personally that won't hurt my feelings a bit.

  22. Anonymous says

    I agree with anon @ 9:47 , another tactic by our beloved Mint to jack up their already inflated prices..As for the presale dealers , well I hope they (large dealers/small dealers) get bit in the ((rear))as bad as all the ones on Ebay with their Lincoln Coins and Chronicles Sets for sale not really knowing if their order will be canceled or accepted.

  23. Anonymous says

    Mine : In stock and reserved !!! Confirmed ,as well as credit card already charged..Yippie!!!

  24. Anonymous says

    In stock and reserved!!!

    Not sure if my credit card is charged yet thou'

    Usually when they charge your card; they are ready to ship the coins from my experience

  25. Anonymous says

    No information yet on Proof Am Buff; especially if there's gonna be a household limit implemented; this is strange.

  26. Anonymous says

    If your credit card has already been charged , does it mean they will be shipping sooner than 10/30 ?

  27. Anonymous says

    It was probably stupid on my part, but I paid the extra freight($12.00), but I want the dang thing and I do not plan on selling it. It is for my kid.

  28. Anonymous says

    I hope so I can't wait to get this in-hand . I hope the set looks better than stock mint photo:)

  29. Anonymous says

    Mine won't be for sale no matter what the secondary market is willing to pay for it . Some coins/sets are just meant to stay/be in a collection,therefore, this set will compliment my (COMPLETE) Lincoln Cent Set ..

  30. Anonymous says

    ON hold usually means they are verifying your credit card…In stock and reserve means your item is in stock and reserved for you.

  31. Anonymous says

    Should say :

    Order Status:Your order request is in process.

    Item Status:In stock and reserved

    That's what mine says.

  32. Anonymous says

    That usually happens when they try to charge you credit card ,then once approved it should go back to previous status , or at least that's been the case for me , not sure about others.

  33. Anonymous says

    If it doesn't change within an hour , I'd call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). and check on it.

  34. Anonymous says

    It's a top rated seller LOL.What a joke ebay has become.Why doesn't ebay say top rated loser.LOL

  35. Anonymous says

    Whoa, what a deal , 2 sets for only $750 with free shipping!!!I think the ones selling for $300.00 are high or something ,I don't think these will ever make it there.

  36. Anonymous says

    Not to mention he is showing that he broke the rules by ordering more then one.I'm sure that will work in his favor on sales too.LOL

  37. Anonymous says

    Isn't that an admission of guilt.I sure wish our government would go after these scalpers like they do with the low lifes out side of concerts and ball games.

  38. Anonymous says

    Most of them are probably government employees like Manny who claims to work at the pentagon.LOL

  39. Anonymous says

    LOL, the highest one sold was $349.95 w/ free ship wasn't it ? I feel sorry for the poor schmuck who bought that one.

  40. Anonymous says

    Then once they start selling these on cable coin shows, the secondary prices will double. Sounds like they will be shipping this week, so the shows will have them next week.

  41. Anonymous says

    Secondary has already doubled on Ebay . How high do you think it will go ? I think $200 at most ..Any thoughts ?

  42. Anonymous says

    I think these will hit around $250 once the set is officially sold out and the cable shopping shows start hyping the hell out of them. Just my opinion. I mean, the sets are averaging in the 150-160 dollar range now and the set is still for sale (wait listed). I'm sure a few thousand of orders will get cancelled soon.

  43. Skid says

    It has been my experience that once your credit card has been charged, the mint ships soon thereafter? Is this other people's experience also?

  44. Anonymous says

    Order Status:
    Your order request is in process.
    Item Status:
    In stock and reserved.

    MY credit card has already been charged,meaning it should ship very soon!~~!

  45. Anonymous says

    Skid, do you think the unopened Mint shipping boxes will go to $300 + by year end.Ruling out the old switcheroo.. Just a guess.

  46. Skid says

    My guess is that the set will peak around $250. If I were selling on ebay, I would keep the boxes sealed.

  47. Anonymous says

    I think most will unload as soon as they get them ,as well as all the presales going on now , seems to be slowing a bit or is it just me ?

  48. Anonymous says

    I think there is a little bit of a lull right now because of the wait list. I think there are alot of people who are going to get their orders cancelled soon.

    Last 5 ebay sales


  49. Anonymous says

    actually, the prices are not tanking. The average of the last 10 sets sold is over $160 right now. And this is BEFORE the official Sold Out date!

  50. Anonymous says

    $118 wasn't the average just a low. Also, the negative trending average is based only upon auctions and not "buy-it now"

  51. Anonymous says

    On the ones that are selling for lower prices, look at the sellers feedback and their order numbers and there is your your answer. Poor feedback + late order number (which might not ship) = cheaper sale.

  52. Anonymous says

    WOW ,already in-hand and up for sale .I think the mint is on the ball with these things. Great looking set from the pic.I can't wait to receive mine.. .Ebay # 290362103088..

  53. shadow5608 says

    It appears as though I wound up with a defective Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. The Silver has ripples, running away from an otherwise perfect Lincoln image; it is as though the coin face was over pressed; however the reverse is perfect.

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