Louis Braille Silver Dollar Sales End Tomorrow

United States Mint sales of 2009 Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar products will end tomorrow, December 11, 2009 at 5:00 PM ET. Products current available include the individual proof, individual uncirculated in standard or easy open capsule, and the Braille Education Set.

The Louis Braille Silver Dollar first went on sale March 26, 2009. The offering came admidst some of the excitement surrounding this year’s Abraham Lincoln Silver Dollar, which sold out of the individual options around the same time. More recently, the Braille Education Set went on sale October 8, 2009, providing a boost to sales.

As of the last weekly sales report, a total of 217,874 Louis Braille Silver Dollars have been sold across all options. This represents 54.5% of the maximum authorized mintage of 400,000. The breakdown by product option appears below.

Louis Braille Commemorative Silver Dollar Sales
Proof 135,235
Uncirculated 48,863
Uncirculated Easy Open 23,078
Braille Education Set 10,698
Total 217,874

The mintage totals are probably high end to keep any short term premiums from developing after the end of sales. That is, unless collectors start paying a premium for the lower production Braille Education Set. This year’s Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set, which was limited to 50,000 units, continues to demand a significant premium over the cost of the coins contained in the set.

One interesting observation about the sales figures for the Louis Braille coin is the split between uncirculated and proof mintage. The proof coins, which were only available individually, sold 135,235 coins so far. The uncirculated coins, available individually in two different options or in the special set, sold a total of 82,639. Typically, the proof version of commemorative coin releases outsells the uncirculated version by more than a two to one margin.

On a final note, after the end of sales for the Louis Braille coins, the United States Mint will be left with just one silver dollar coin available for sale on its website. This will be the 2008-W Uncircualted Silver Eagle, which is included in the 2008 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Set. This product originally went on sale August 7, 2008 and has sold 91,116 sets to date.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I just noticed that the UHR is now in the last opportunity sale for December 31st. Is this something new or has it been there all along?

  2. Michael says

    No, that is definitely new. I am pretty sure the product was just put there today.

    I will do a post on this later this afternoon.

  3. Anonymous says

    I agree, the Lincoln set will always be more popular than the Braille set regardless of mintage numbers. I bought a Braille set back in October. I have very little hopes that it will ever have a very significant premium but silver is silver.

  4. Steve says

    Placed my order for a proof coin on 12/3 and received an email 12/7 stating that orders must be issued by the legislation date of 12/31. It was mainly to inform me to make sure my credit card information was accurate to avoid any delay that would result in me not getting the coin. I'm wondering though since the shipping date keeps getting pushed back a day on the site, could there be a chance I dont get one?

  5. Anonymous says

    Thank goodness they will finally stop selling the Ultra High Mintage… every friggin coin the mint made this year they made in huge quantities, which has destroyed their future value…

  6. Anonymous says

    Although the Lincoln C&C set is a much more popular set.The looks of the Braille Ed set is very nice with only a fraction of them selling so far.I really hope this number stays close to the same mark.That way there will be a better chance for it in the long term.The fact that not all will sell only leads me to believe that it would and could have been very simple for the US Mint to have produced the 2009 Uncir and proof eagles.It wouldn't surprise me to see the mint bring the Braille back for one more try at selling them out.They have already proved that breaking rules doesn't bother them one bit.So why not break them again just to piss off more people who are aware that they would have had plenty of blanks for the 2009 proof and uncircs.I only wonder if our president who seems to be a complete failure will do something to get rid of Moy just to make some real profits next year for our country.To think of all the times the US Mint screwed up in the last few years.This only leads me to believe that Moy has completely let our country down on what could have been much better profits recorded then what all the lies created them to be.I guess it just goes to show like the so call transparency of the dems with the back room meeting of the healthcare plan.That our US Mint is a prime example of what lies and deceit can do to the future of our country.On coins it says "IN GOD WE TRUST".I'm just glad it doesn't say "IN OUR GOVERNMENT WE TRUST".

  7. Anonymous says

    Unfortunately for Mr.Brail it is all about supply and demand. Clearly he is worthy of being on a commemorative but doubt the coin or set will ever be a "must have".

  8. Anonymous says

    I bought one each, proof and UNC, when they came out. This was mostly to support the cause the premiums helped finance. There is better looking and cheaper silver to be had out there. That said, I hope the Mint starts getting serious about their designs (2009 Platinum Eagle and 2010 Disabled Vets…ugly). They can rely on "charity" buys forever.

  9. Anonymous says

    "Surcharges from the sale of this coin are authorized to be paid to the National Federation of the Blind to further its programs to promote Braille literacy."

    Good cause!

  10. Anonymous says

    Speaking of these charity coins for various causes, they could spur sales by making a portion of your purchase tax deductible.

    Now if only Mrs. Polk could link up with the Susan G Komen Foundation for me to overlook her less than dazzling visage.

  11. Anonymous says

    I just noticed that the Braille was taken off the last chance opportunity list at the Mint site.Hmmmmm.What does this mean Michael? Are they able to continue with sales even though they had previously put it up to end on the 12th.Or is this just another Moy ploy to once again lie to everyone? I thought this was written into law to end on the 12th.Or is it?

  12. Michael says

    The Braille coin is still listed in the Commemorative Coins section and should be available for ordering until 5:00 PM ET today.

    The laws for commemorative coins usually state that the coins may be issued during the calendar year (i.e. until December 31). The US Mint has typically ended sales in mid-December to allow time for ordering processing.

    I always assumed that the earlier end date was to make sure orders are processed and coins are shipped by December 31 to meet the definition of "issued".

  13. Anonymous says

    1:10 blogger

    Can't say I didn't see that coming.Our US Mint is just a complete failure when it comes to honoring what they say.I may be wrong.But I don't see it posted in the last opportunity list either.Will it actually end tomorrow Michael? Is this written into law that it has to end tomorrow.Or is Moy just a joke?

  14. Anonymous says

    Ok so the sale should end today if the US Mint didn't lie again.It will be interesting to see what actually happens now.Even if it doesn't.There is no way the Braille Ed set will sell out.Can you let us know in relation to other Commemoratives.Just how low this mintage is in comparison of the Ed set.

  15. Anonymous says

    I opened my braille education set and read about louis braille and helen keller. It was interesting and worth buying. Just curious but could michael maybe look into finding out if the mints printing is done in the USA? I really hope its not done in China!

  16. Anonymous says

    I have picked up all of the modern commems since they started back in the '80s. It is almost automatic, now. I agree with the proceeds going to the various causes. My fear is some day, I might not agree with the cause. Some have already voiced issues with the upcoming BSA commem. I really don't want to leave a hole in my collection because the Mint decided to commemorate something as evil as planned parenthood. I ordered the Braille on the first day of issue. It isn't the most beautiful coin, but it isn't the ugliest (I belive that honor goes to the Special Olympics/Eunice Kennedy coin).

  17. Anonymous says

    A commemorative coin for Planned Parenthood?? Doubt the US Mint would make coinage commemorating legalized genocoide.

  18. Anonymous says

    FWIW, 12/16/09 1:20pm est. Braille proof sold out. Mint called me, asked if I wanted the unc instead.

  19. Michael Z says

    The final mintages after all adjustments usually aren't available until well into the following year. The final mintages for the 2008 Bald Eagle commemoratives weren't relesaed until November 2009.

    The best info now is the final US Mint sales reports which includes the coins.


    This only reflects sales through December 6th. The Mint did not release figures for Louis Braille products the following week.

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