Major Reduction for 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set Sales?

silver-eagleEarlier this year, the United States Mint offered the 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the edifice that houses the West Point Mint. This product included one reverse proof and one enhanced uncirculated Silver Eagle with the “W” mint mark and was available to order during a four week ordering window. After the close of the ordering window, the sales odometer placed on the product page was last updated to 281,310, but is this figure due for a major reduction?

Some speculation was stirred earlier today within the comments of a Mint News Blog post. After one reader noted some figures accessed from the cumulative numismatic sales figures posted on the US Mint’s website, another reader noticed that the sales figure for the 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set indicated 234,532 units. This would represent a reduction of 46,778 units from the last reported sales figure.

Around 4:30 PM ET when the new weekly figures were posted on the main statistics page, the West Point Set figure reverted to the last amount of 281,310. The figure present when accessing “All Data to Date” (where the lower figure was originally seen) also reverted to 281,310.

I was able to access the US Mint sales data when the lower figure was present, but cannot verify its accuracy. I have contacted the US Mint to determine if an updated sales figure for the set will be provided. I will pass along any information provided.

Last year, the US Mint did provide a final unaudited sales figure for the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set after the fulfillment process had been completed. The last reported sale figure of 251,302 was reduced by 26,321 units to 224,981.

It does seem possible that there will be a similar or perhaps larger reduction for the final sales of the 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set. Under the four week ordering window, some collectors now seem to take the approach of placing orders and then contemplating further whether they really want the product. If not, the order can simply be canceled prior to fulfillment. With the extended delays in shipping due to packaging issues, the patience of some collectors may have worn thin resulting in increased cancellations.

The US Mint seems to view the four week ordering window as the preferred method of offering special products, but some of the flaws of this approach are becoming apparent.

Lower Gold and Platinum Product Prices Possible

Based on the available data, it is possible that the prices for the United States Mint’s numismatic gold and platinum products will be decreased tomorrow. As most readers will be aware, the prices for gold and platinum products are adjusted as frequently as weekly based on changes in the market prices of precious metals.

The weekly average price for each metal is determined based on the London Fix prices from the prior Thursday AM to the current Wednesday AM. If the average moves into a higher or lower tier, established at $50 intervals, then product prices are adjusted accordingly. A secondary criteria requires that the Wednesday PM Fix price must agree directionally within any change. Price increases have generally been made effective around mid-morning on Wednesday.

The available data suggests that the weekly average price of gold will fall into the $1,300 to $1,349.99 range, which is one tier lower than the range used to establish current prices. In the most likely scenario, as long as the Wednesday PM Fix price is below $1,350, then gold numismatic products will see their prices reduced by the equivalent of $50 per ounce of gold content.

The weekly average price of platinum is likely to fall within the $1,400 to $1,449.99 range. This would be one tier lower than the range used to establish current prices. In the most likely scenario, if the Wednesday PM Fix price falls below $1,450, then platinum numismatic products would see their prices reduced by $50 per ounce of platinum content.

Pricing adjustments have typically been implemented around mid-morning on Wednesday after the London PM Fix prices are known.

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  1. Dmitriy says

    I would be happy with the lowered mintage. I’m not planning on selling but I get happy when the secondary values go up.

  2. Rafael Gonza says

    The delays where due to a U.S. mint DATE issue, first I was informed that my coins would not be shipped until October, the September, then August. When I called and they informed me that the delays in shipping due to packaging issues, as if no one had informed the manufacture how many sets they needed to package.

  3. Hidalgo says

    The 2012 set sold 224,981 units
    The 2013 set sold 234,532 units

    Despite the larger number of cancellations for the 2013 set, the 2012 set is more “scarce.”

    The number of sets sold are fairly comparable. The secondary market value of both sets will depend on consumer demand.

  4. thePhelps says

    I think the lower number actually is about right. If the mint hadn’t finally gotten the packaging issues resolved – I think there would have been higher cancellations.

    The secondary market will be interesting on this set – because the set itself is showing a much higher quality than most others before it. There are just a larger number of 70’s. West Point should be proud of the product they produced.

  5. stephen m says

    That isn’t a lot of reduction considering the sloppy or extended shipping time for the WP sets. I sent 1 set back for replacement and the replacement will arrive tomorrow by UPS. That set will be a gift and if it wasn’t for that i would have just sent it back as a refund. Folks do have a short memory and I’m sure the mint hopes this one is forgotten about quickly. The set is a must have for ASE collectors and the first special enhanced SE does look outstanding.

  6. VARich says

    Hidalgo – “more scarce” – have you check ebay and retailers my friend? They’re all over the place and everyone is still trying to unload them.

    Consumer demand.., I’ll use Collector demand – is predicated upon..,
    1) Mintage, 2) Uniqueness (historical/allegorical) and 3) WOW Factor…., this set has SF beat by a marathon…

    …these lil gems are winners! (and quite the stunning set)! as thePhelps just commented.., WP should be proud!

  7. Samuel says

    i received 5 sets last week. all coins have problems. the enhanced ones were obviously opened before. have to return 3 sets. the first order i received are very clean.

  8. Wes says

    I see 70 sets at the dealers in fairly large quantities. They are probably hoping a lower mintage will help drive sales up.

  9. MarkInFlorida says

    There wouldn’t be a problem with a 4 week ordering window if the Mint would:
    1. Have the product in stock at the time it is put on sale.
    2. Ship the product upon receiving an order.
    Private companies would not get away with selling what they don’t have in stock, and making customers wait months for it. The Mint deserves to lose money on cancellations. They need to run their business competently.

  10. VARich says

    @ Hildago – my comments weren’t meant to be condescending – they were in jest to make a distinction between the SF set and my bias, the WP set. That’s all – I thought, and still do, that the SF set was pointless – it’s like giving every kid on the last place soccer team a trophy.

    Anyhoo, the WP Sets will do well until many out here much smarter than I have commented…, well until 2016 when we may see a UHR enhanced ASE. Which would make much of the of collector base very happy!

  11. larry says

    Remember the 2012 San Fran set was not a unique offering due to currency set. At these revised levels and considering the “new” enhanced ASE product, this one should have better after market value

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Didn’t the 2011 RP have a P mint mark? Didn’t the 2006 RP have a W Mint mark? Doesn’t that make the 2012 the ONLY S mint mark RP? Please correct me…

  13. DNA says

    A lot of cancellations were due to people buying Sets from dealers before their delivery date. One dealer I visited yesterday had ten of these 2013 West Point ASE Sets in their case. And I even heard of people buying slabbed examples over a month before their raw coins were due to arrive.

    Final figure probably would have been around 240,000 if the Mint had just shipped them all out by the end of July…

  14. Jerry Diekmann says

    @ MarkinFlorida had it right – perfectly said: 1) – have the product on hand when you are ready to sell it: ship the product when it is ordered. This is the way business is supposed to work. Selling something you don’t have and not shipping something you do have is just pure lunacy – does anyone at the Mint have the slightest idea how a business is supposed to run?

  15. VABEACHBUM says

    Even in going back to the 2006 ASE Anny Set, each of these three sets has demonstrated that the market saturation is somewhere around 250K sets. With that, all three years still have many examples, OGP and Graded, available on the secondary market. Clearly, the supply exists; all about the demand.

    Earlier today, I took delivery of my last day, last hour order WP Set. Other than the cheezey tissue paper that replaces the higher quality wrap cloth, this set is pristine. No indications of finger prints or wipe marks on any surface. Both coins appear flawless – to me, and that’s all that matters – to me.

  16. Gary says

    I bought 5 2011 Anniversary Sets and 2 2012 San Fran Anniversary Sets and 2 2013 West Point Anniversary Sets…and I think they are all AWESOME! Could really care less what the final mintages are…but I still think the enhanced eagle will be a long term winner! Great Coin!

  17. thePhelps says

    @Gary… I agree the Enhanced is my favorite version of the coin to date. I am not a RP fan at all… while they are a unique and different looking, to me they lack something visually.

    @Mark in Fla and Jerry… I didn’t/don’t have a problem pre-ordering in the 30 day window. Heck it is a trend, check out Best Buy or Walmart and you’ll see DVD’s for pre-order now. I think the mint should be b*tch slapped for the extremely poor planning and apparently no packaging on hand at the conclusion of the ordering window. Had they even had half the packaging available to fill the first week of orders they would have had a win on this set. The idea of buying from the lowest bidder is what killed this product from the start – spend the extra cash and buy from a US packaging seller and make the buyer pay for it. Most here would have paid $5 more a set if that meant we got them in weeks or days – not months.

  18. charles says

    fm, the 2006 rp has a “p” mint mark. The 2011 rp has a “p” mintmark. The 2012 rp has a “s” mintmark and the 2013 rp has a “w” mintmark.

  19. VARich says

    The Mint is getting really sloppy – they pulled the Annual Unc Dollar Set PR release set for 24 Sept and we’re back to TBD.

    Does anyone know where we can charge billable hours to the mint for pointing out and correcting their mistakes and issues over the past 6 months?

    There’s a few folks out there that should apply for the Operations Manager position which hopefully will be opening up shortly.

  20. VARich says

    Oh sorry, there is no Operations Manager…, just this black 8 ball with this fortune telling cube inside it.

  21. stephen m says

    The lowest bidder doesn’t always win the bid on government contracts. Some bids have to be looked at with common sense and determined if a task can or cannot be accomplished at a ridiculously low bid. Once a contract is awarded it usually has to run it’s course. At the point of low or no packaging and the shipping of the WP sets delayed indefinitely the mint should and could have made some type of a change order to get their product to it’s customers in a timely manner. It all goes back to having the right management. Thanks Charles.

  22. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks charles. So the 2013 is the ONLY RP SE with a W mint mark. IMHO, a must have for the series and an eventual winner.

  23. joe says

    @stephen – I would expect many winning bids on government contracts are based on political payback too. I’ve seen this happen…all the government has to do is write the bid in such a way that only a specific bidder can win it. The system certainly is not squeaky clean…and never has been.

    On a related note, I received my WP set last week and both coins were keepers.

  24. Brad says

    Regarding VABeachBum’s comment on the “cheesy tissue paper”, my sets from the last day order that were delivered last week had the same thing. The earlier ones had the cloth. I hope the tissue paper isn’t the way it’s going to be from now on! But, it probably will be.

  25. VABEACHBUM says

    @ VARich – yeah, this is at least the 3rd time that the Annual UNC Dollar Set has changed status, with one change clearly attributed to the repricing early in the year. WRT the last two changes, as well as the lingering delays in the 2013 LESPS and the remaining RP Buffalo coins to ship, I have a sneeking suspicion that another round of packaging issues are the real, underlying cause of these delays. I have no doubt that all of those respective coins has been struck. Anyone else?

    Related – Did anyone catch the next, NGC Special Label craze? Yep, the “Annual UNC Dollar Set,” with special submission and additional cost status!! Previous year issues also are eligible. PASS!!

  26. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    I have the impression the 234,532 posted for a few hours yesterday was not a mistake or mint employee playing with the software. It had to come from somewhere. The mint must have received more cancellations or returns and the number needed to be revised. That’s just MHO. I did receive my second WP set ordered on the last day of sale but returned it because of handling marks on the reverse proof. That right there was -1 set 🙂

  27. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Brad – I hope not, too.

    Being the first thing you see upon opening the box, that “paper” does not seem to hearald the appearance of a Quality Product. As a matter of fact, my first thought was Previously Returned and Repackaged, causing me to be very cautious and very particular in my examination of the entire contents.

  28. Wdg5 says

    I was hoping to see a price cut on the Gold and Platinum products. Does anyone know what time do these prices change?

  29. thePhelps says

    @VABeach – yes I saw that labeled set yesterday as well. Provides lineage for the coins….whatever…

  30. says

    Thanks for this update, Michael. I had a feeling this might be going on from listening to all the commenters losing patience and cancelling. I was expecting the number to be over 50,000 though. The cancellation rate’s a bit lower than I expected.

  31. thePhelps says

    Just a thought on the WPASE set numbers issues… didn’t we kind of get a heads up last week or the week before? I think we had someone posted a similar number count issue then and then it quickly reverted to the 281xxx count…

    I am guessing they must have an automated system that generates the count webpage… and then they have to manually update the number to reflect the historic 281xxx count…

    It does tend to lead creedence to the reason these numbers keep popping back up.

    Either that or they are tracking shipped items… and populating the webpage and have to manually edit it back to 281xxx and the numbers are still very much influx.

  32. VARich says

    @ Ikaika – that Xcel spreadsheet with the 234k was pulled from the mint’s internal database. I think it’s as simple as the data was pulled, and IT updated the portal link to the spreadsheet prior to the spreadsheet being sanitized.

    So it sat available until Brad “Johnny on the Spot” hawked it, and then they probably read about it out here.

    I tell you what, from earlier this year…, we as a collective group don’t miss much! I thank you all for that – “to say we are on it” – is an understatement!

  33. VARich says

    VABB re: sneeking suspicion – concur!

    What’s odd, and other’s have commented, orders seem to sit. I bought some in stock low dollar items and a 5 Star Profile over the past 3 weeks and my cc was pinged shortly afterwards…, but then nothing happened. They just sat, and sat.., think they might show on Friday.

  34. Ikaika says

    @ VARich

    That is also a good explanation. I am sure the official final sales figure will be published sometime in the near future.

  35. Brad says

    Everything is REPRICED now except for the Proof Buffalo! What gives? I was going to place another order at the lower price. However, I’m not going to cancel the first one at the higher price yet, in case a sellout really is only days away.

  36. Charby says

    I have a feeling the 2013 Original Proof Buffalo will be this years sleeper!!! No price reduction? Hummmm….

  37. Brad says

    That’s it. The Proof Buffalo must be an undeclared sellout. After seeing the glimpse yesterday of that “N’ in the availability column, coupled with the fact that repricing it today was totally ignored, it must be gone. Why reprice something they’re going to call “sold out” before the end of the day? At least I didn’t cancel the order placed last Friday! I just hope it eventually gets filled.

  38. IPS_STUFF says

    Does anyone know what happens to a backordered item that has the price lowered. For example the 2013 proof buffalo now at $1690. What if your pending order was at $1740. I realize I could cancel and re-order, is that my only option to save $50.00


  39. reddirt says

    This is a CLEAR case of the mint driving up prices and then making the playing field for the advantage of the big retailer. I hate to say it but this is getting just like baseball cards did back in the 80 and 90’s.. It trashed the hobby.

  40. high low silver says

    IPS Just let them ship it to you, then send it back for a full refund,then order it again when your CC clears…….it will still be on sale in Oct.

  41. MarkInFlorida says

    The Fed announced no taper in money printing today, so gold is up $33 and ounce. Order that gold before next week’s price rise.

  42. EvilFlipper says

    Sooooooo….. My guess is the mint will find it in their heart to make more gold buff proofs. But at higher prices will people bite? Keep your peeled eyes folks. That was a bit of a suprise that they kept with printing 85 billion a month. They’ll own 45-50% of the entire US treasury market by the end of the year at that pace. If that’s not cornering a market I don’t know what is. But it will translate to higher gold prices once the Repubs give in to the debt ceiling. Banker need to be paid people. We may seem like fringe lunatics holding on to our gold but I tell ya I sleep much better at night!

    I’m going to get a couple more of them special proofs… Best silver eagle I’ve seen yet! And they’ll make great special gifts to get folks started on coin collecting!!!

  43. Ray says

    looks like this uptick in gold came just at the right time for us to actually et a price decrease. Yay, one for the good guys!!

  44. MarkInFlorida says

    thePhelps, but if we keep hoarding as much gold and silver as we can afford, we might be able to help our kids and grandkids.

  45. thePhelps says

    @Samuel… I doubt it. The suspected replacement to Bernanke is in favor of continuing the bond by back programs…

    @MarkInFlorida…I might need to sell to survive!

    Sooner or later all this extra cash out of nowhere will cause inflation and with no jobs it is looking like the 70’s all over – with the exception of no interest and the government spending cash like they have actually have it…

  46. MarkInFlorida says

    @thePhelps… At least if we had interest rates like in the 1970s (12%) it wouldn’t be so bad!

  47. VARich says

    Steve – so what’s wrong with it? I can’t tell from the photo –

    Also, I can’t tell if he pulled it – seller wrote: I called NGC and they say it is a mint error and they want to review it again and correct the label to reflect mint error. They say this is much better for the coin vs saying OBV Planchet Flaw. I have sent the coin back to NGC and expect it back by Sep 25

    Interesting though…

  48. VARich says

    EvilFlipper – you always have insightful posts and really seem to get the drivers of the markets. Predicting market movements may equate to throwing a dart at a price list, though from your expertise, where do see gold spring of ’15? Just curious, thanks

  49. AkBob says

    Steve & VARich – I think it sold for “Best Offer” Just a guess but that’s what it usually means when it sells before the auction ends and there’s no price that says how much it sold for.

  50. EvilFlipper says

    VA- Im more worried about where the world will be much less the price of gold. The disequilibrium in the markets will eventually find its equilibrium but at what cost? I kinda like the idea of bugging out to some nice place in south America with the family. A little tapas. A little pile of gold. A little vino….

    But really,I see the coin market doing well no matter( meteor strike or Fukushima reactor 4 meltdown not withstanding). It’s the oldest hobby in the world. Bullion has its time and place but coins are relics of history, art, and hold a fascination that seems to bring people in no matter what they fancy. It’s one of the only things that allow you to hold history in your hand. But please, use a coin holder

  51. thePhelps says

    @MarkInFla – I bought a new car in 1978 for 21% interest and the wife worked at the bank… home loans were 12% and jobs were no where to be found. The interest rate is the only difference today. Businesses are cashing in on stocks, but no one else is doing anything. Buying a house is almost impossible for some people due to the “rules” … and now apartment rents are going through the roof…

    But some see the economy is doing great. I lost my rose colored blinders a long time ago…

  52. VARich says

    EvilFlipper – I like your plan, when it’s all said and done, it’s the little things – best of luck!

  53. says

    AkBob….it’s true that if something is sold via the “best offer” option, you do not know what the item sold for.

    However, this item clearly states “sold for $5000”, thus the “buy it now” option was used.

    Still…way more than I would pay. And if it is indeed a planchet flaw, you would think there would be quit a few that had this happen to.

  54. Ray says

    @Steve and @AkBob, I know you used to be able to login to ebay UK or Ebay Canada and see what the Best Offer American sales sold for.

    THought I’d follow up on my first NGC submission. I only sent in my 2 AtBs that did not have spots on them. Well today I received an email from NGC stating that the 2 AtBs that I submitted have spots and that they are good candidates for their Conservation Service. I wasnt happy. And I feel like its a ploy to grow revenue. For $13/coin, I submitted and let them grade my coins. I’m finding out quickly that its going to be better for me to just buy graded coins and not to buy everything I want graded from the mint. Between the NGC subscription cost, shipping, and costs associated with grading, it pretty much evens out. Plus I know what I’m getting. Live and learn. I knew this was going to be a learning experience.

  55. AkBob says

    Ray/Steve -Thanks & Wow. A lot of money for it. I would think there could be a few more. Maybe inside some of the unopened boxes or one’s that haven’t been shipped yet. I’m assuming the mint hasn’t resummed shipping the RP Buffalo, correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks in advance.

  56. fmtransmitter says

    @Ray, Wow, thanks for the up sale heads up. WAS going to send some in myself but I have since decided to stay with my OGP for now. The cost is out weighing the return on SOME examples. I agree there are some Ancients especially that would benefit from grading but like you say, if you want them graded, but them graded already and save yourself the hassle and EXPENSE!

  57. fmtransmitter says

    Ha VARich, that is too funny. On another note, IMO it is sad to see these sets being sold to possibly pay the bills when they were meant to be cherished and passed down. Could be wrong. BTW, renters insurance came through, went right to the page about coins/bullion and BAM, $200!! Cancel, refund! Don’t waste your money because your collection isn’t covered! Hugh Wood Inc. is the only trusted company I could find that will insure your collection.

  58. KEITHSTER says

    Yup back by the 25th mean’s just that the owner sent it back in has to be our C Catlin coin she’s the one that posted on it earlier aint it C.C. Way to go hope you get the error label. Looks like the dates distorted and maybe the F under it but for sure the 3 is messed it’s hard to tell with that photo? Maybe a planchet placement error like the planchet was not fully seated and at an angle that the date stuck the soft gold distorting the date on the way down? If it’s something like that not many will be found depends how many were loaded wrong? Sure the mint checked the ones they have left like the silver birth sets.Hers was ordered 12:04 so if yours was around that time check for a funky 3 mine was placed at 12:05 if you guys find somemore I might have to just open that box and peek! Good luck C.C. and ALL:) :>

  59. Brad says


    Yeah. The order I had made last Friday for $1,740 had moved to “In Stock and Reserved” this morning, but I cancelled it before the cancel box went away. I have an order placed yesterday for $1,690 that is still “on hold”, but I might cancel it too. I’m beginning to think the coin will not be declared “sold out” just yet after all. If it’s mintage is similar to the 2012 (meaning slightly under 20,000 but higher than the 2008), then it won’t be anything special after all. Oh well.

  60. joe says

    I scrapped together the funds and purchased two RP Buffs. They both looked great, so I sent them in to NGC for grading. One came back PF70 and one at PF69 though I honestly couldn’t see a flaw in either of them. I realize it might slow down grading a bit, but it would be nice to have comments on non-70 coins indicating the flaws…just to know what they saw to downgrade the coin. I am tempted to crack the PF69 out at some point in the future and have it regraded, just to see what happens.

  61. GMS says

    If anyone can figure out ahead of time when the mint is going to stop selling certain items early they will be a rich man

  62. Smiledon says

    @ Joe,
    People have done that in the past with really special coins, and some how, that know when the same coin has come back. I think I watched that on a show about the US mint. Try your luck.

  63. Broooster says

    Sorry for playing catch up here, but:
    As far as insuring your coin collection, I know that State Farm will, you have to show what you paid, whats its worth, and how you came up with whats it worth, whether it be from Numismedia FMV price grid, PCGS price grid, they just need something to go by.
    And a note on the RP Buffalo “error” that sold for 5K, I have a spouse proof with a die crack, maybe I should send it in to NGC for a “error” designation, maybe I could sell it for 5K as well….

  64. GMS says

    Insurance coverage varies from state to state. In my state, State Farm WILL NOT insure your coin collection nor will they provide insurance for a coin business.

  65. A&L Futures says

    @ Broooster

    I’m a member of USAA.

    I insured my collection through USAAs Valuable Personal Property (VPP) insurance. I simply list the type (i.e. silver, gold, palladium, platinum), denomination, size/weight, certification (if applicable), and value of each of my coins.

  66. taribor says

    The ’13 regular buff, it isn’t going anywhere and won’t be a new low. The “secret” is out on these and everyone and their mother has talked about this coin being the big sleeper hit of the year, which means it is no longer a sleeper.

    Barring a PM or market issue, these will stay on sale at least until January ’14, I just don’t see the mint randomly stopping a popular coin before the end of the mint year and short of the authorized mintage limit.

  67. AkBob says

    Does anyone know if the mint has resummed shiipment of the RP Buffalo. I thought they had suspended shipments for some reason. Anyone know anything? Thanks in advance.

  68. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks A&L Futures, I am awaiting a quote from the other insurer and will contact USAA for a second quote.

  69. joe says

    As a thought, I have always wondered if it was a good idea to tell anyone (including insurers) what you have in your collection. It’s not a far stretch to imagine the government demanding that these same insurers turn over your information to them (for confiscation or other purposes). Not trying to be paranoid or anything… 😉

  70. GMS says

    Your spot on Joe, that’s why I bought a big safe which cost me about the same as one years insurance once I finally found someone in my state that would write a policy.

  71. VARich says

    Brad – Damn! I got busted! Lucky for you, looks like I’ll be cancelling the cheaper of the two. Oh well!

  72. Ray says

    Small world. I helped write the quoting and policy inquest systems for USAA and Amica. This was 6-7 Years ago

  73. Ray says

    USAA uses AHI, American Hobbyist Insurance, and they will insure almost anything. I got to scroll thru pics of thousands of people’s collectibles, and people collect some interesting and weird stuff.

  74. Jeff says

    2012 will be the key date for gold, silver, clad across the entire U.S. mint products for years to come mint is back to over producing. If you buy for rarity won’t be anytime soon.

  75. high low silver says

    So you could get the address and inventory to case the collectoes house and not be linked th AHI right Ray?? Haha

  76. john says

    what good insurance,leave a big note on your front and back door that you have pet rattle snakes in the house,that are out went your not home I have be doing this for fifty year no break in.I have rattle snakes skins hanging outside.I live in az so snakes skin are all over the place.they like coins.

  77. fmtransmitter says

    I know the ADT signs work well. The statistics on break in’s go way down if you have a sign. Think about it, casing the neighborhood, you gonna pick the one with the sign or without? Sold hundreds of them ADT SIGNS) when I ran the Defense Depot…

  78. Dmitriy says

    I live in Northern VA and have renters insureance through Geico. They insure coins and collectibles but they charge an annual premium of $50 for every $1,000. Some of the coins in my collection are irreplaceable and have sentimental value to me. Each coin has it’s own story in a way. So even though Geico can potentially cover me, I still don’t feel safe with the coins in my house. I just took out a safety deposit box in my bank that I’m paying $95 a year for to keep my coins in. Removed all coins in capsuls from OGP and put them in the box.

    On the topic of break-ins; invest in an electric timer. When I go away for the weekend, I put a few lamps on timers (different settings) that way if anyone is monitoring my activities from outside, it looks like I’m home. Just a little tip…

  79. Val says

    Ray, when you were working on hobbyist underwriting for the insurance industry, did you get any sense of the frequency of claims for the theft coin collections?

  80. Broooster says

    Dan, let me get back to you, I know it was an earlier one, just not exactly sure which one without digging it out and looking, but I will do that this evening and reply.

  81. Ron says

    I ordered 3 sets, 2 the first day then 1 the second day. Took so long to get and with the way that QVC got theirs and graded before all 1st day orders were shipped. I sent 1 set back, it had a stain, and I canceled the other set. I have just about given up on the Mint. I had to send back 4 out of the first 7 ATB 5 oz for replacement due to stains or scratches.

  82. Broooster says

    Dan, Jane Pierce, crack runs from the top of the N in “Jane”, down to about mid way of the right hand side of the A in “Jane”

  83. David says

    I placed my order on June 5. Just received them today (Sep 19). “Quality” in regards to the US Mint seems to be an oxymoron.

  84. Dan says


    Thank you, I will have to check mine again and also watch for others that I might find at a show.

  85. Glenn says

    For starters,what was the error on the coin that sold on ebay? The link no longer works! I have no clue exactly when but got both the 2 buffaloes and the regular buffalo on the same day)or within a couple days of each other as 1 was dropped off at my partments office and the other they made me chase and have me sign for it! So is it required if you order 2 buffaloes but no signature required if you only order 1 ? lol crazy usmint.

    I have asked before but never found out if I got a response to my question,
    but is there much extra value in grand canyon P that has a super light or no sandblasting as it should have and how common was this for the first year of the mints P’s Worth grading to get a error label? Shoot I do not even know how expensive it is to grade coins as I only have a membership with their comic grading sight CGC and they are a little /extremely expensive and grades are all over the place =( Thanks guys and AGAIN SORRY IF 1 OF YOU ANSWERED BEFORE!! I am going to favorite this page which I swore I did before!?!? Now I have to check when I got all 3 of the buffaloes.

  86. thePhelps says

    @mike… since they were cancelled as production was ongoing…they don’t have 46,000 sets sitting around. Lots of people cancelled well before they were scheduled to ship and most of those would never have been produced. The only coins the mint is likely to have left are those that cancelled in the last couple of weeks and even then they probably allowed for overproduction at that point.

  87. stephen m says

    Are the left over WP sets, of any count, destroyed? Could they be sold to anyone? What about the returns, what is done with those?

  88. thePhelps says

    stephen m – I don’t believe the mint can sell any more of these sets at this time. It is possible they could do a special set sometime in the future that contains a collection of all the special sets – with the left overs or they could destroy them as well.

  89. Ray says

    @Val I worked for their software vendor for 2 years. I also retooled their claims interface but I didn’t go through the data. Of all the sample data I worked with, I didnt see one claim for a coin collection. Out of my 2 years there I may have seen 2 or 3 coin collections in their database. I realized early that there aren’t many coin collectors. I saw more GI Joe collections than coins while I was there. The big thing there was antique automobiles.

  90. JEFF in TX. says

    The WP set could go even lower. Lots of people that returned or canceled their order, could make for it to be less sets sold that in 2012. The Mint is probaiy trying to slow down the mintage posting as they have them. I hear that stocks are to drop 16% over the next 3 months. If true gold/silver will climb higher making these sets red hot. With the mintage getting lower some dealers my limit the sales of eagles . This will raise the price some until PM’s double more more.

  91. Louis says

    @FM- To be a member of USAA you have to be in the military or be the family member of one as far as I know. Hugh Wood is good but you must be a member of the ANA, and If anything happens contact them right away, or they will find a way to deny your claim.

  92. billrod says

    ATB collectors

    If you are having the 5 oz ATB’s certified by NGC be sure to check the cost for the “oversize” holder. Last I checked it was around $25. The holder is very large and much bigger than it needs to be. You will fill up a large safe deposit box very quickly. The oversize holder can hold up to a kilo size coin so you may want to check this out before you submit.

  93. Cochisz says

    Received 5 sets in the mail, sent two back obviously something the big
    Companies returned because you could tell they were picked thru and
    Looked like hell.

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