Making American History Coin and Currency Set Includes 2012-S Proof Silver Eagle

The US Mint has revealed a new product known as the Marking American History Coin and Currency Set. The set contains one coin and one note made in America and will be issued to mark the 220th anniversary of the United States Mint and the 150th anniversary of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

The coin included in the set is a 2012 Proof American Silver Eagle. Although not explicitly stated on the preliminary product page, this coin will carry the “S” mint mark. The other component of the set will be a series 2009 $5 note with a serial number beginning in “150”, the signature of Treasurer Rosie Rios, and the San Francisco Federal Reserve bank designation.

Pricing is listed at $72.95 with no maximum product limit or ordering limit indicated.

The 2012-S Proof Silver Eagle had also been included in the San Francisco Silver Eagle Set, along with a reverse proof coin also bearing the “S” mint mark. Prior to and throughout the four week ordering window from June 7, 2012 to July 5, 2012, there had been no indication that either of the coins included in the set would be offered within other numismatic products. Now, less than two weeks after the conclusion of the ordering period, the Mint has revealed another product which contains one of the coins.

The last reported sales for the San Francisco Set came in at 251,302, which had been presumed to be the approximate mintage for each of the coins within the set. The inclusion of the 2012-S Proof Silver Eagle within the Making American History Coin and Currency Set will expand the mintage of the coin beyond that number.

For the most part, collectors seemed to have been pleased with the handling of the San Francisco Set offering, and the final order level was low enough to support a premium for the sets on the secondary market. With one of the coins no longer unique to the set, this may place a damper on further appreciation, or at least shift the premium towards the reverse proof coin. This may also damper enthusiasm or introduce skepticism for future special offerings from the US Mint.

The current situation is not without precedent. A similar situation also occurred in 2006 surrounding the 20th Anniversary Gold and Silver Eagle Sets. Initially, the US Mint announced three sets: the first containing proof, reverse proof, and uncirculated Gold Eagles; the second containing proof, reverse proof, and uncirculated Silver Eagles; and the third containing uncirculated Gold and Silver Eagles. At the time of release, the reverse proof and uncirculated coins (or “burnished” with “W” mint mark) appeared to be unique to the sets. Several weeks later, the US Mint revealed new products containing the one ounce 2008-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle and the 2008-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle.

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  1. hi ho silver says

    Your right on the money Don !! I still got 5 ounces of silver with no demand in my 2006 and 2011 ann sets, but the 3 that are in high demand make the set.

  2. KEITHSTER says

    Point is lets say you pull a wild number out of your hat lets say maybe 251,302 well then BOOM there they are that didn’t take long thank’s guys have a good weekend.Now on monday when your number chrunchers get back to work and go in process wait what are all these orders for 999 with bad cc #’s some joker being funny or the big spikes in the orders not the mom and pop shops no the big boys ordering as many as they could won’t take them 21 days to pick out the 70’s that they want ya 3 shipping dates 3 differant 7 day windows how many you think they’ll return? Don’t think they want the lower grade stuff sitting therefor years what with the QA. guy on VAC. and all.AS for yesterday and this am; YA I may have had a few too many hours of work that is after 8 hours on my day job driving our veterans to where they got to go then a 1/2 hr. to get to my pt.second job of another 6hrs.So ya it may have been a few to many but it should’nt have had to much affect on my post.And your 3am is my 2am. you’ll must be eastcoasters,You do have to read between the lines om my posts sorry but if every one got my point that might not be a goodthing also.but hey good luck to all?

  3. saucexx says

    First, there’s no way the MAH set wasn’t being planned around the same time as the 75th set planning. They didn’t dream this up, plan it, design it, market it all within a few days after the 5th of July. They KNEW while they were selling the 75th set what they were going to do.

    Two, if they had a surplus of coins left over from unsold 75th sets, then we wouldn’t be waiting until October to get our orders (my feeling is we don’t wait that long anyway). If they had all of the coins minted why would they wait to ship?

    Three, assuming everything was minted and now the mint is sitting on surplus sets and all of the prior assumptions are incorrect. That means there are surplus RP’s in addition to “S” proofs. If they panicked and came up with the MAH to get rid of the proofs, you should expect a RP offering too.

    To all of those who think the MAH set won’t sell, I wouldn’t be so sure. There’s no time limit or mintage limit. Every returned 75th proof can be repurchased for less as an MAH. Cancellations may increase the RP value but the availability of the “S” proof remains. In addition the 2012 ASE “W” proof has sold close to 500K so far. Why would the “S” proof not do as well? I wouldn’t bank on this set not selling.

  4. stephen m. says

    Louis, I ordered an extra set(3) of the SF 75th anniversary at the last hour or so of the open window due to what i thought was a reasonably low sales number. I’ll wait to cancel these when and if i know how far that same window is going to open up again, meaning the sale of American History coin and currency set, for more of the proof s coins to be sold that i thought would be unavailable after the 75th SF set window closed. I should have seen it coming but was caught completely off guard with the sale of the s proof coins coming back up for sale.The mint did a good job with the sale of the SF 75th anni sets but went over the line to still offer this coin, or maybe both coins, again.

  5. hi ho silver says

    Im just trying to add a little humor to this thread KEITHSTER, dont take it to heart 🙂 .Coin collecting is fun , if it makes you upset maybe another hobby would be better.

  6. RLP says

    Louis has stated the obvious, the Mint has extraordinary discretion as to how it represents and conducts its business operations.

    The motto adorning our coins is “In God We Trust” not “In The Mint We Trust”…

    Ultimately as consumers we individually must accept responsibility for any purchase decision. Personally, I have routinely purchased Mint products for decades mostly with zero problems. Recent Mint actions are reason enough to heed the old doctrine of caveat emptor.

  7. Louis says

    I totally understand. Try not to work too hard, and enjoy your weekend, and your coins.

  8. KEITHSTER says

    Sorry do I seem like the upset one on these blogs well maybe for different reasons is that the problem.Humor ya love it tho mines a little harder to pick out its there never been told I DON’T HAVE A SENSE HUMOR o sorry dang caps.Another hobby got a few like rock hunting free gemstones there for the taking just got to find them no two a like prefer agates have many or garage sale’s you would be surprized what you find there.Don’t seem to have much time for them of late but glade I got do them when I did.As I’m sure I will be glade I got to do my coin collecting when I did. As for not taking it to heart why take a hobby if you can’t take it to heart.I like to think I have a honest heart don’t like dishonesty sceems scams whatnots whatevers as the truth in the end is what matters,I suppose I DON’Tsorry dang caps again have to post here but for that free speach thing.suppose I could just read some of the stuff here to get a good laugh without having to read my own crap to get a belly-buster. good luck to all 🙂

  9. hi ho silver says

    KEITHSTER your alright !!! some people seem to think its the end of the world cause a Proof S mint is still being released. I am still waiting and wondering about the $5 note hahaha !!!!!!!! ( I agree this set is a joke and a slap in collectors faces) If I would have missed the 2 coin set oh well..I personally like my DMPL Morgans better than any RP Silver Eagle. GOOD LUCK too you too !!

  10. KEITHSTER says

    Thanks man I’ll get to do all three this weekend like try to not work to hard, but we tend to frown on slackers on my most weekends job We tend to give them guff mostly in jest. We’re valets and are mostly busy on the weekends but it’s kinda fun and helps pay for my mint habit.Ya for the short time we’re in your big fancy car truck or suv we’re in control ( HINT PLEASE LEAVE YOUR AC AND RADIO UP HIGH) as we are not allowed to touch anything.Then when my 8 is up at midnight I get to take my tips money and change it in to coins mostly nickel rolls the only true intrinsic left in circ.But the last couple of weeks they been paying me off in uncirculated 2012 D’s. So how fun is that:)SO THANKS O as for the RP ASE’s I think they’ll make them in smaller batches to go along with the differant shipping dates to account for the cancells and returns as they are harder to make with the shorter die lives and whatnots so I DON’T THINK WE’LL SEE ANY NEW RP OFFERS ON THESE but as was said all bets were off after the final number was in.good luck toYA’LL

  11. hi ho silver says

    nexttimeuwannachangeyomind KEITHSTER……… Just let me know……….LoL !!

  12. ClevelandRocks says

    Total load of crap. Nothing on the Bureau of Printing and Engraving site at all.
    Clearly the implication was one month for sales of either coin, NOT one month PLUS whenever the Mint wants later. What a bunch of BS, 220th anniversary, Ha!

  13. Dan says

    I’d like to know how many different people collectively purchased all the 75th Anniversary sets, and then what percentage of those people actually read and/or comment on this site. If that number could be known or at least approximated and it came to something like 10% of the total sales, it might be large enough (as a group) to voice an opinion to the Mint. However if that number were less than a percent it may not mean as much. Do you follow?

  14. DCDave says

    I called the Mint too to complain and they said I’d have to put it in writing or they will not know we are unhappy with this.

  15. Gary says

    I cant find the blogs that were on the right side of the main coin network page? do we not have them anymore or what?

  16. KEITHSTER says


  17. Mercury says

    Steve says:
    July 20, 2012 at 2:02 pm
    I don’t get it. For all the bad news regarding this two coin set, people are bidding on ebay for up to $216 for this set.
    Steve, here’s my take on this whole situation. One possible reason for the continued interest in Ebay purchases of this two-coin set, is that dealer are now taking the angle of purchasing this set with the hopes of being able to cash in on their purchase if the coins come out with a 70+ grade. When you think about it, from an investment standpoint, with the over saturation of the silver proofs, a PR70 grade will become the standard by which any appreciated value will come of them. Also in regards to whether or not having the Reverse Proof in the set will increase the set’s worth; you have to figure that there is still no guarantee that the US Mint will not out source the 2012 RP through some other venue before the years out. How can you trust that they wont, (regardless of what they might tell us) considering their actions in regards the proof coins? So most likely, the bids we now see on eBay for the 2012 sets represent risky attempt to corner the market on dated packages that would qualify for the early release TPG submissions. Here again I go back to proposing that there appears to be some sort of finagling going on here between the Mint and TPGs. That there is some sort of alliance between the two to make a case for the need to collect Graded Coins in order to increase a coins desirability and appreciation. In the end, collectors like you and I, are left holding the bag. The Mint knows now that whatever move we decide to make, whether we cancel the 2-coin set and purchase the MAH Set instead, matters little to them. The bottle line is that they will have profited at our expense by combining these tactics. Obvious our being trusting and loyal customer is not the big picture here.

  18. Don says

    In 1862, President Lincon signed the Railway Act, opening the way for the Union Pacific Railroad.
    I am suggesting that the Mint produce a 150 yr. anniversay set to commemorate this occasion.
    The set could include a 2012 cent that has been flattened by a Union Pacific Locomotive. This could however, present problems for the grading companies, who might have to order a new designation, such as “railroad effect” on the coins.

  19. ClevelandRocks says

    This 220th anniversary set AFTER the “one month only” production of the “S”ASE depends on what the defination if “is” is. Seriously, I did not invest much for this, but am seriously considering retiring from being a collector if the Mint is gaming us as a sign of things to come.

    GAME OVER Mint. I will not be a part of a Mint circus, period. You can make all the super-special, limited edition sets, 3rd edition, and I will have zero interest.

    My wife would love it if I were to sell my collection and be done with this New Mint DoubleSpeak nonsense and maybe put a down payment on a condo in FL with the proceeds.

  20. anh says

    After the 25th Anniversary set last year, somehow the words got out to the US MINT. Why can it be the same for this? Who knows how or what process is needed to bring the attention to the MINT like it was the last time? @Louis – Do you know? I think that the damage is already done (by offering the MAH) but at least we can let those in the decision making know how disappointed we are with the way it handled/screwed the customer; who are the ones put “food” on their plates. YES, for those you at the MINT who are making this idiotic decision; PAY ATTENTION, where do you think your salary comes from…. US BUYERS!!!!

  21. anh says

    I started collecting ASE since 1994, have managed to gather a complete proof set from 1986 until now, including the 1995-W, 2006 set and 25th Anniversary set. Yes I have paid an ARM and a LEG for the 1995-W and the 25th Anniversary. Yes I wasn’t happy last year with the 25th set and saw that the MINT made an effort to do it right afterward (the survey) and then this year, how it’s offering of the San Francisco 2 coin set. I enjoy collecting the ASE and its occasional UNIQUE sets is what make it fun for me as a hobby (expensive one that is)… but to do this (offering of the MAH) takes the UNIQUENESS out of the 2 coin set makes me EXTREMELY disappointed and MAH (MAD AS HELL). I just copied this blog’s link and PASTED into the email using the “Contact Us” link from the US MINT site along with my “not so kind” words on this matter. Hopefully the link of this blog will get to someone at the US Mint so they can read all the posts here to get an idea of what they have done. I think it (the email) worth doing instead of just expressing my frustration here on this blog…. Cheers

  22. anh says

    Actually I feel a little better now… VENTING and actually doing something about it. Sorry everyone on this post that you have to read my rants on the last two posts….

    Hope everyone has a HAPPY SUNDAY NIGHT!!!!!

  23. RLP says


    Actually sent an extract of my post to the Mints Contact Us link too, as well as the link to this blog item. Not sure if it will be read let alone answered, we’ll see. Nothing ventured, nothing gained….

  24. Louis says

    I really don’t think there is any conspiracy involving the Mint and the TPG’s. If you prefer to keep your set in OGP, do that. If you want it graded, do that. The Mint and the TPG’s are both huge businesses with their own interests, and the problem with most conspiracies is they require the actors to be a lot more competent that they actually are.

  25. Kelly says


    Since we are talking conspiracy theories, heres mine. IMHO the ER/FS labels mean nothing, but with the tpg’s I would love to watch the percentage of 70’s with these labels as compared to the 70’s in the later groups. Theoretically with the law of averages, it should be the same but sometimes I just wonder. Thats my conspiracy theory.

  26. anh says

    NGC has changed the requirement for the submission of the San Francisco 2 coin set…
    “IMPORTANT UPDATE: To receive the SAN FRANCISCO EAGLE SET pedigree, the Proof and Reverse Proof 2012-S Silver Eagles must be received in equal numbers on the same submission form. If the Proof 2012-S Silver Eagles are submitted without an equal or higher number of Reverse Proof 2012-S Silver Eagles, they will NOT be eligible for the special pedigree. All Reverse Proof 2012-S Silver Eagles will receive the pedigree by default.”

  27. Richard W says

    Conspiracy and collusion normally at some point leaks.If that were the case and there were a leak both partners would get trashed do you really believe either party would take that risk.I for one wishes this whole topic would go away.

  28. Dan says

    The way I see it, since the US Mint does not time code when each coin was actually made and since the TPG’s have no way of knowing whether a proof (not reverse) coin came from the MAH or SF 75th Anniversary set, this whole notion of “SF LABEL” is bunk (you’re paying a premium now or later for the label).

    If the US Mint wanted to come out with a special product they could count whether a coin was in the first 50, 100, 500 (whatever the statistical number works out to be such that 95% or whatever the percentage has to be) in order to have a high degree of confidence that the coin will be Proof 70 (but there’s no guarantee unless the US Mint gets into the grading business). The coins would require special packaging. The counter would reset each time there was a die change. This would certainly lend credence to the notion of “First Strike” (on a new die).

    Early Release is just when the TPG received the item, again there is no way to tie it back to when the coin was actually struck, so you’re paying for the label. Who was it that said there’s a sucker born every minute?

  29. Don says

    Of course you know the “sucker born every minute” was P.T. Barnum’s quote. In tribute to him, the Mint should consider putting his image on a commemorative dollar.

  30. simon says

    Let me propose the following = first strike is total bunk. Since the Mint does not and will not keep track of the minting sequence, the minted coins are stacked with the “first strike” at the bottom of the pile and the “last struck” at the top of the pile. When shipment occurs, the last struck are pulled off the pile first and shipped. I’m sure PCGS is fully aware of this but choose to perpetuate their nonsense simply because it is a cash cow, albeit producing sour milk for customers. There have been many instances when I opted to purchase coins months after issue and received pristine “70-quality” coins with no flaws – I have a 10x loupe and a 20x microscope, and I scan my coins more carefully, spending more time than the staff at PCGS, NGC, and the like. I am surprised that the government does not step in and axe the scam.

  31. Bill B says

    The US Mint don’t care in their collector customers! All they want to do is sell coins and make money! I thought I would have another low mintage eagle set like the 25th ASE and the 20th ASE. But now it don’t look that way! The Mint led us to believe the 2012 (2) coin eagle set would be exclusive, with their daily counter on the order page. We sure were fooled!

  32. Bos says

    I like Mercury’s idea of a 150 anniversary coin commemorating 150 years of the Union Pacific Railroad. It could also have an 1893 date on it, which is the year they went bankrupt.

    I do see a problem with the grading of the flattened coins after being run over by a locomotive however. The grading companies would have a heck of a time determining “first strike” eligibility.

    I suggest that the flattening by closely supervised at North Platte, Nebraska in the UP yard there. Only an adequate number of coins would be laid on the rails, at exactly noon on the strike date. I would say maybe 250,000 would be enough, with all but 50 of them allocated to a certain TV network that would have first strike priority. They get special deals from the TPG’s and can have them graded in bulk. The other 50 would be rationed, one per state, and given out by raffle according to which employee or retiree of the UP in that state has the lowest seniority or employee number.

    A new grading scale would be established, with 1 being the highest or most smashed, and 100 being the lowest, or least smashed. We can come up with some verbage to go along with the numbers, such as most piss poor smashed or least cruddy semi-smashed, or whatever. There are plenty of people who will work with the committee on setting up those standards.

    Of course no cleaning, dipping, or dusting off will be allowed, so a bit of grease or dirt would need to be in each of the plastic encapsulated holders to verify authenticity.

    I am sure others will have some ideas on this as well.

  33. Brad says

    It’s not looking too likely that the 7/27 ship date for my June 7 order will actually happen. I just checked the order status, and even though the 7/27 ship date is still displayed, it seems for that to happen the status should be “In stock and reserved” by now. I’m surprised the ship date hasn’t started to be pushed back a day, each day. That is standard procedure.

  34. Dan says

    I wonder if the first few folks who receive multiple sets put theirs up for auction on eBay with a caption along these lines: SOLD OUT at the MINT, In-HAND and FREE SHIPPING, etc … (probably on a 1-day or 3-day auction) with a sky-high premium, etc …

  35. Don says

    Thanks for elaborating and expanding on my idea of a 150 year Union Pacific anniversary set. It is me and not “Mercury” whose idea this was. Please give credit where credit is due.

  36. Don says

    Bos and others:
    The Union Pacific Railroad is now celebrating its 150 year anniversary with a train tour using vintage UP diesel locomotives. This would be your opportunity to place a few 2012 shiny copper pennies on the track somewhere along the route to get flattened.
    These coins could be submitted to the grading companies and would literally get a “First Strike” designation.
    Can you imagine the profit to be had by selling these exclusive coins on ebay? Finally, a “First Strike” designation that has some meaning.

  37. Mercury says

    Another Quote “Loose Lips Sink Ships”. I’d be careful if I were you… too much talk about the 150 anniversary coin commemorating 150 years of the Union Pacific Railroad. Could give the Mint an Idea on where to package off the rest of the 2012 Reverse Proof. Since were on the subject of quotes, one thing I can say regarding the US Mints Method Of Handling the 2012 Proofs, brings to mind still another quote, that “even bad press can be good press”. You wouldn’t perhaps think that the Mint is using this IMH offer as a means of free advertisement. I heard it mention that from the 2011 Anniversary Set debacle. The Mint had an overall increase in customer awareness, which believe it or not lead to a cross the board product sells increase. Unfortunately stirring up controversy may be the new Mint way of promoting itself. The pattern I’m seeing being used here is to slap around the collectors, we in turn saturate the emails with complaints. The Mint then makes an apology and says they’ll make it up to us. We believe it, and make up, only to start the process all over again. Admit it, we are being conditioned. If we don’t find some way out of this pattern, we are going to be eaten alive. As I see it the Mint is counting on the fact that everything will return to business as normal after we all had a good cry. I guess past offenses have proven to them that we don’t have what it takes to walk out on them. “The dog chasing his tail;” ooh, another quote.

  38. Mercury says

    Didn’t want to leave anyone in the dark. Someone asked me so I’ll explain. I used the initials IMH in my last blog instead of writing out the word “Institute of Mental Health”. A no brainier if I say so myself.

  39. 64USMarine says

    The way I see it is, The Mint is getting enough of our money for a product we thought might be worth something someday, why should we pay NGC, or PGCS, to say that it is a PF70, or PF69 when if we just left it as OGP we could cut out the middle man and save money. I would much rather have a OGP than a slabed coin anyway. It’s like Mike M. on HSN selling those damn gold state quarters. he ruined the coins by putting gold on them, they are not unc anymore, but people buy them just the same thinking they will be worth a fortune someday. I mean it’s nice to have a middle man step in and say this coin is a 70 that way there is no arguing over the condition of the coin, as you know the seller will grade it higher, than the buyer, but in my day (the 1950s and 60s) we never had a problem buying or selling a coin. If the person you were buying the coin from wanted to much as he thought it was EF and you thought it was just Fine you went to someone else to buy the coin, or you split the difference. We didn’t need an outsider to tell us what the condition of the coin was. I am a collector and have been since the 1950s, and it’s not right what the Mint is doing by getting our hopes up and then coming out with MAH, but I know the solution to the problem. If everyone would cancel there subscriptions, and not buy anything from them for 6 months or even a year, I think we would get there attention. Just like oil companies, if everyone filled there tanks up on Monday, and didn’t buy any gas for a week or two they would have to give it away or dump it. Just my two cents……….

  40. Don says

    You make some good points. Grading modern coins is for the benefit and profit of the grading companies. If the coins look to be without flaws, leave them in the OGP and enjoy them for what they are.
    Furthermore, the “First Strike” and other similar labels that grading companies use take the grading of modern issues to the level of scamming unwitting buyers. What a complete waste of money.

  41. hi ho silver says

    You had me up untill your last sentance 64U. If everyone buys gas on Monday there would be a 7X profit in daily sales Monday ( and long lines as in 1979) with a 0 profit for next 6 days, but it can’t be done depending on ones weekly driving.

  42. norm says

    I think if the mint is helping to commemorate the 220th anniversary they would have chosen a P mint marked coin instead of a mint that came about 145 years later. A P mintmarked ASE ,RP,burnished,reg proof would have been more appropriate to help commemorate tnis milestone.

  43. 64USMarine says

    I just checked the my order at the Mint and the cancel box is still present. I placed my order 32 minutes after they went on sale and my order said “2 units backordered. Expected to ship on 07/27/2012.” So I guess I will find out tomorrow if they do ship out. If not, no big deal. I am not sending them in to be graded, I just want them for my collection. Just like my 2011 American Eagle 25th Anniversary Set, I kept it in OGP, I didn’t send it in to be graded, I bought it for my collection, not to make money off of, like most people. All my coins will be left to my family, and hopfully they will be worth a fortune, and they can sell them, or pass them on to my great, great grand children. Cause the way things are going, are kids, and there kids are going to need are help……….

  44. hi ho silver says

    50,000 more proof s mints going into this set , still making this proof coin 2nd lowest minted proof coin so far according to CoinWorld (sorry 1994). Not too bad !!!!! EBay should see these sets going for $250 soon IMO.

  45. anh says

    Here we go….. US MINT just charged my credit for the 2 coin set. The option to cancel of my order is no longer available.

  46. RLP says

    US Mint response to inquiry referencing my post of July 20, 2012 at 11:37 pm.. for whatever it may be worth.

    “We apologize for any lack of communication on our part that may have led you to assume that the American Eagle Silver Proof Coin with the “S” mint mark would only be offered in the 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set.

    The United States Mint strives to offer a variety of products in various packaging and price points to help broaden access to our coins. In doing so, we routinely package our coins in various ways to make them as appealing as possible to different customer segments and at different price points.

    Please note that the American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set also contains a 2012 reverse proof, which is not available in the coin and currency set nor is it planned for any other 2012 product option.

    Again, please accept our apologies if the lack of more specific communications related to these two sets caused confusion.

    United States Mint”

    End of US Mint Response

  47. hi ho silver says

    RLP You can still cancel your order or return it for a refund. The two coin set is no longer avalible , now the Mint is playing up the MAH sets , good business tactics but this hush hush untill the last minute should stop. I wonder what happened to the waiting list function they used for the 25th set last year ?? I think they should have had it for a week after July 5th deadline for any cancelations,denied credit cards, and whatnot.

  48. RLP says

    @hi ho silver

    I was just grumbling at the Mint for what I perceived to be a lack of “honesty” with their customers. Stemmed from a post I made in the MAH article. After thinking on the matter some more I concluded complaining via just the blog probably wouldn’t get any attention from Mint personnel, so wrote them directly. Perhaps it will made a difference, and maybe not. For sure, if you don’t include/involve their representatives nothing will happen.

    My 6/7 order has been shipped, and I am looking forward to receiving it. Been an ASE proof collector throughout the series. Enjoy filling holes too much to just quit because of questionable decision within the Mint management.

  49. hi ho silver says

    RPL Thats how I am, just sold some of my 2011 BU & PR eagles I purchased early in 2011 and took a loss………With the set that came out later I had too many. Thats my beef with the Mint. At least this SF set doesnt have any eagles I purchased earlier. Enjoy your set , I know I will.

  50. RLP says

    @hi ho silver

    If the MAH set had included a more representative coin of the 220th Mint anniversary such as a “P” ASE proof combined with the BEP “150” series $5 it would have been a more appropriate and appealing offer to the collector community.

    Having instead opted for a further distribution of “S” std ASE proofs might speak to inaccurate marketing forecasts and the need to salvage as much sunk costs as reasonable (without completely ticking off the 2 coin SF anniversary set buyers).

    Too many missing pieces to tell what really was behind the decision, but it produced good blog fodder.

  51. hi ho silver says

    I agree RPL. It seems the Mint is doing the reverse here from the offering of 20th and 25th ann sets.

  52. Chris says

    A lot of people here are concerned about the loss of profit I know, but that is not the point. The point is HONEST ETHICAL behavior. Whether or not a one makes money on a coin, all collectors want to own rare coins. When the mint advertises a certain amount of rarity to sell a coin and then turns around and offers the coin again, it is UNETHICAL. Many would call this BAIT and SWITCH. The mint should be ASHAMED.

  53. Silver Surfing Scott says

    Hard Language!!!! Why can’t the mint be more onist with customers.
    I wish I new this when I ordered. I would have ordered less. The U.S. Mint
    has another strike against it, in my mind. This will affect my future
    orders. I will always be second guessing what the Mint is doing this time.
    Each years I order less from the Mint because of tactiks like this.
    OH WELL….. For me I guess. I’ll make the best of this new situation.
    Please U.S. Mint, If you say it’s something, don’t say it’s something else
    later, just to make another dollar. More onisty in Government will go a long way with me, and others like me!!!!

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