Making American History Coin and Currency Set

On August 7, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the Making American History Coin and Currency Set. This set celebrates the 220th year of the US Mint and the 150th year of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Each set includes one 2012-S Proof American Silver Eagle, which is intended to honor the artistry and design of our Nation’s coins as well as the heritage of coin production at the San Francisco Mint. Also included in each set is a series 2009 $5 note with a serial number beginning with “150” to commemorate 150 years of service from the BEP. These two items appear to be housed within a folder containing information about the coin and note.

The US Mint has used the Coin and Currency Set format for previous collector products, most frequently for commemorative coin programs. Previous Coin and Currency Sets have included Thomas Jefferson (1994), Botanic Gardens (1997), Millennium (2000), American Buffalo (2001), and Lewis and Clark (2004). The first three sets included versions of coins that were unique to the sets, while the latter two sets did not.

In this case, the Making American History Coin and Currency Set includes the 2012-S Proof Silver Eagle, which was previously released within the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set. This caused some controversy since most collectors believed the two coins in the San Francisco Set to be exclusive to the product. The US Mint’s promotion of the set as a limited edition with only a four week ordering window all seemed to point towards this conclusion, and the Mint even admitted in retrospect that it may have been appropriate to announce their intention to include the “S” mint marked Proof Silver Eagle within two different sets.

In a previous post, I have discussed that many collectors were displeased with the situation and the fact that this situation may have implications for future US Mint offerings.

Controversy aside, the new Making American History Coin and Currency Set will be released tomorrow and priced at $72.95. There are no household ordering limits indicated. The US Mint has mentioned an initial production of 50,000 sets and an “established production limit” of no more than 100,000 sets based on the availability of $5 notes with the special serial numbers.

In addition to the typical sales venues, this set will be one of the products available for sale at the US Mint and BEP’s booth at the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia.

Perth Mint Releases

I wanted to mention a post over on World Mint News Blog which highlights new releases from the Perth Mint. The Perth Mint typically releases a number of new products on a single day at the beginning of the month. This month’s releases include the latest coins for three popular series along with some other new products. Two coins are being released for the ANA World’s Fair of Money.

You can go directly to all Perth Mint new releases here.

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  1. says

    I wish this set included one the recent $10 notes…with the orange tint and “We The People” on the right side and the “Statue of Liberty Flame” on the left…and since they just lowered the Proof Silver Eagle by $5, this would make up for it.

    Or better yet, a 1957 $1 Silver Certificate!

  2. ClevelandRocks says

    We should all call 1-800-USA-MINT exactly at noon to complain that we’ve been duped!

    Does the BEP have this offering on their website? If not you know it’s a total sham!

  3. ClevelandRocks says

    Guess I should have checked the BEP site before I posted. There is a link to the Mint sale….Can I get a PCGS to slab the $5?
    This is clearly “circus” coinage, pretending that there is any logic at all in re-releasing the proof S ASE. Can I get PCGS to give me a “Second Strike” label for the Eagle???

  4. Hidalgo says

    I plan to order one of these sets, as it makes a very nice addition to my coin and currency collection.

    I love these US Mint sets!

  5. Jeff in TX. says

    Maybe the eagle in this set will be mint marked different. “SF” might be the mint mark making this rare for the eagle collection. Less than 62,000. You never know, the Mint did say the eagle would be as intended with the flag fully flowing. So what does that mean. Possible a new rare eagle. Hoping that’s true I will be buying one

  6. Louis says

    Jeff- No, the Mint has already confirmed to me and several others that the proof eagle will have an “S” like the ones in the SF sets.

  7. Jeff in TX. says

    What ever happen to the coins value for each year. That was fun buying that year looking for a low mintage. Now the buying price is base set at 69$ or more in proof O.G.P. Some years use to be more valuable not flat lined one price. This means to me that keeping the silver eagle coins long enough they all have the same price tag. Very very sad.

  8. Jeff in TX. says

    Hay my 2012-W UNC. Silver Eagle has been shipped today 8/06. Soon I can add that one also to my long list of eagles.

  9. Jeff in TX. says

    You know the SAN FRAN eagle set could come back with an even lower mintage than we all thought. Making it more collectable for the collecters like me. Still looking for a Denver silver eagle.

  10. Livin on the Edge says

    Looks like you won’tbe able to order these from BEP website. There shopping cart is down for maintenance. “Due to scheduled maintenance the shopping cart is currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.”
    When you go to the item you get a link re-directing you to US Mint website. “This product will be available for sale on August 7, 2012 at 12:00 Noon (ET). Click here to be redirected to the United States Mint website for product and purchasing information.”

  11. VABEACHBUM says

    In considering that this set is for 220 years of the US Mint, and is being offered in conjunction with the ANA Convention in Philadelphia – the home of our first and oldest mint that also has just finished a major renovation of the visitor areas and tour paths, I am completely baffled that this Anniversary Set has any coin from the SF Mint, let alone the “S” ASE. Philly certainly has made its share of ASE coins over the past 26 years. That would have been more appropriate to the occassion, and certainly could not have been any more difficult that restarting production in SF.

    I would have to believe that the Director of the Philly Mint can not be too happy about the “S” products being sold in his back yard. Kinda like the CEO of Coca-Cola finding a Pepsi machine in the employee lounge!!

  12. Gary says

    I am hearing rumors of a 135th Anniversary of the Morgan Dollars 4 Piece Set Coming out next year!

  13. simon says

    Funny thing – I have been working hard to find a set of exact same minted Morgans from the 1800’s in MS63 condition but clean coins – a bit difficult but doable!

  14. William says

    When the price of gold or silver goes up some coins are sold for melt value.

    Low minted coins always have a special appeal…

    Other coins that were once available at lower initial costs may have been melted. It will be years before the true number of available coins is known. Collector coins numbers will change with the needs of the market place.

    Ultimately, it is the collector base that will establish future values of all collectables including gold and silver coins.

  15. DCDave says

    I think most PM coins sold to dealers for melt are NOT melted. I spoke to a dealer a while back about early FS coins sold for melt, he said he pays “standard buy rates” for melt gold (whatever that means) but keeps, trades or sells the coins, never melting any. Makes sense to me. Why melt a USMint gold coin in decent shape??

  16. Dan says

    It would have been better if they issued an uncirculated burnished S instead of the S Proof. That would have spurned large purchases of the MAH coin & currency set (another missed opportunity).

  17. Brad says

    Yes, an unc “S” coin in this set would have been outstanding. Another ASE with a mintage of no more than 100,000 would have made this a hot item. But alas, no.

    Regardless, I’ll still buy at least one of these sets. I’ll give it to my dad for Christmas. He likes Silver Eagles, but he didn’t buy the SF 2-coin set. He’ll enjoy this set with the “S” proof coin in it.

  18. ClevelandRocks says

    Anyone get their order through for the 220th anniversary set?
    Order#: 399mintthinkswearefoolsXXX

  19. VA Bob says

    No waiting on the US Mint catalog site, in case anyone is interested, or though there would be traffic.

  20. Brad says

    I talked to a PBGS order representative about my suspended Lucretia Garfield orders, and she said that there is heavy ordering for the Coin & Currency Set. She said it was very busy online, and that’s why my orders were suspended for now. I told her there was no indication online that there was heavy traffic, but she said they’ve improved the website to be better able to handle it.

    I just thought I’d pass that along for anyone who might be interested in these. I’m not sure what to believe, but I ordered a few just in case they sell out faster than we think.

  21. Samuel says

    off topic, my own situation about the SF set, 30% of the sets have defects can be seen with naked eyes easily. proof ones have more defects than RF. proof ones have white spots. RF ones have scratches, and tiny shiny dots.

    so, if i do an exchange, i have chance to get other people’s return? i m not sure to exchange or return.

  22. Eddie says

    Both of my RPs have the tiny shiny dots.
    You would think that the mint would have done a better job with the RPs. The regular proofs in the SF sets are great looking.

  23. Samuel says

    i got 3 SF proof ones have white spots, like water stain, which i never seen on other ASE.

  24. John Lyons says

    I think they have improved the website and also the call system after the 5-piece problems. I got through at 12:45 with no problem.

    I like the packaging and should have my sets in 1-2 weeks. Looking forward to
    having them!

  25. Chris says

    NO ONE SHOULD BUY THESE SETS. The US Mint has once again misled it’s customers. The previous two coin San Francisco Coin Set is now a sham. The price was jacked into the the stratosphere based not on a limited mintage but instead on a limited sell window. This turns out to be a sham as one of those limited coins is now available in another set. Those who bought the San Fran Set have just been PUNKED. How does that feel?

  26. Gary says

    I bought 2…so i got punk’D twice! But i have wasted money on dumber things.
    So…i can live with it!
    But Chris is right…now that i have my 2 sets bought no one should buy these sets!

  27. Wes says

    Why don’t they make a silver coin for circulation similar to Canada’s twenty for twenty program?

  28. Ikaika says

    The mint states “Initial production of the Making American History Set is 50,000 sets. The established production limit for this product is no more than 100,000 units, based on the availability of the Series 2009 $5 notes that begin serialization with the number “150.”

    Therefore, even with canceled orders and CC problems with the SF 75 anniversary sets the PF “S” ASE could potentially surpass 300K. I still believe the MAH set was released to unload the excess inventory of the PFs.

  29. Gary says

    I think its kinda funny…its nice to see the US Mint stick it to all the people who complained about the 25th Anniversary Set!! You wanted the market flooded with silver eagles..BAM…there you go people!! I hope they release the RP solo as well!!!

  30. Jim B says

    again…I’m burned out with all this modern stuff. and even more so with the ASE’s.2 me there is way 2 much of it. i will pass on this set. but will be getting an ASE unc 2012. i have been collecting them from the start. waiting for the volcano 5 oz ATB and that should be about it from the Mint for me this yr. I picked up a 1934-d oragon trail pcgs ms 65 only half dollar only 7006 of them and a nice looking coin 2 boot.

  31. DCDave says

    Gary you are a jerk. Get off our board!
    I’m not buying this set since I don’t want to compete with myself.

  32. Louis says

    Good move on the Orgeon Trail coin. It is one of the very best classic commems and is always in demand. I have a nice 64 CAC in an older PCGS holder (may be a 65 if sent in now) but if I could afford it I would have a really high grade one.

  33. Don says

    This oddball MAH set still makes me shake my head in disbelief on why such a set was created. Many posters have speculated that it was a way for the Mint to dump extra S-proof inventory. But you know what? Because of poor quality control, the Mint will probably need whatever extra inventory they have of regular S proofs to serve as replacements for all the problem proofs that have been returned to Indianapolis.

  34. Paul says

    Why doesn’t the mint change the reverses on the ASE every year like on the platinum coins. As someone said, we are just buying a tiny mint mark. Start with the original reverse for the Walker. The reverse is very bland, it would be nice to be able to collect different reverses instead of finishes. I bought two sets of the 75th set, but will not buy the MAH set. It is so contrived, and will be probably be the way the mint gets rid of rejects from the 75th set.

  35. Eddie says

    It wouldn’t be so bad it the SF sets produced like they should have been I mean what happen Quality Control???

  36. says

    @Eddie….I agree.
    The 2011-S unc. coin in the 25th Anniversary set was flawless (mostly 70’s, some 69’s), so I incorrectly assumed the SF Mint had great quality control..the SF set coins are pitiful in comparison. The thing is, I had to send the 25th Annv sets for grading “sight unseen” and they came out great. If I had to do the same with the SF set, I’d would of got several 68’s…especially with the regular proof.

    Samual, I also had a lot lot of “spots” on the regualr proof and “scratches/marks on the reverse proof….but I think of the coins I sent in to be graded, the reverse proofs will do better.

    Some of you may be wondering why I sent some coins to be graded that I’m sure will be 69’s….basically, it’s just my preference…I know I will not get an equal amount of 69 and 70 sets, and I think that selling a graded individual coin will be easier than a raw coin. I can’t speak for others, but I know I would pay more for a NGC or PCGS coin graded 69 in one of the cool SF labels than I would for a raw coin.
    Yes, I know, buy the coin, not the label…but which would you prefer…and I’m talking about individual coins…not sets….I see nothing wrong with preferring the SF set in OGP. and I will keep one of those for myself too.

  37. KC says

    72 dollars for a S-proof with $5 dollars discount. Get real! you must have too much money to buy this set. The Mint really need to have some inovative idea to make money.

  38. Gary says

    DCDave….you can never go at it alone…havent you already tried to drag everybody else into our conversation before…..your complaining and others caused this lovely situation we are in now. Its a fact!! And many others know it or at least the 20,000 people that got there 5 per household limit of the 25th Anniversary Sets!

    jerk? LOL….are you 12?

  39. Tim says

    I protested by ordering 1 and then I waited 30 minutes and then cancelled it. That will show em !!!

  40. hi ho silver says

    The BEP also has a $2 bill starting with 2012 for their birthday for $7.95 free shipping.I think its limited to 9000.

  41. DCDave says

    @Gary “lovely”? that explains it!

    My complaining has caused this situation??
    Many of us “regulars” will tell you the Mint clearly implied the SF coins would have a limited sales window (one month) and then re-releasing of the proof S ASE shows deception by the Mint. Very simple point.

  42. Tim says

    DCDave is correct, they cannot, but do anyway, talk out of both sides of their mouth. They were deceptive.

  43. ClevelandRocks says

    Sorry Gary, most of us are annoyed by offering.
    This blog is for collectors to voice opinions and advise, so I suggest Michael remove you if you just want to post “gotchyou” remarks. Go get attention elsewhere.

    This set would have been a hit if it included a burnished S instead.

  44. hi ho silver says

    I’m still mad at the mint for not delivering my pre ordered 9/11 medal until 9/13. I hope they don’t keep this window open as long.

  45. Gary says

    Yep…agreed….EVERYONE gets an opinion? And those are my opinions!! I doubt Michael will remove me because I dont agree with 3 of you. Give it a try though, you never know?
    At least EVERYONE should be happy that we ALL got this years Silver Eagle offerings! Cant beat that.
    Even with another 100k of these Proof Silver Eagles, they still are about the 5th lowest minted Proof Eagles! So I am on board with the US Mint!
    Great Job in my opinion!! I just hope everyone who wants one can get one! Thats whats important.

  46. Jeff in TX. says

    Do the collecters here think the Mint is putting returned eagles in this MAH from the San Fran sets

  47. Richard W says

    I’ve looked through a lot of material including mint news releases i’ve yet to find anything stating that either of these two ASE coins are unique to this set,i’m thinking this whole thing was born from pure speculation.Go to the mints site there is a list of material no longer avaliable.Read the set description.

  48. DCDave says

    @Richard W (from the Mint site):

    “The United States Mint has a tradition of offering special limited-edition coin sets to American Eagle Coin collectors. This set — one American Eagle Silver Proof Coin ….There will be a four-week ordering window beginning June 7, 2012, at noon (ET) and ending July 5, 2012, at 5 p.m. (ET).”

  49. Richard W says

    Yes (that particular set) is a limited addition.Nowhere do they these two coins were unique,never seen again in sets or singly.Hey the RP may show up in another offering.I do agree to a point and I too wanted this S mint mark to be limited.I still say boycott.

  50. VA Bob says

    hi ho silver – That $2 note @ $7.95 from the BEP is a bargain. Look how much the US Mint sells $2 worth of cents for ($8.95), and it gets worse for $.75 worth of quarters ($9.95), one of which is a proof.

  51. hi ho silver says

    I got mine last week VA Bob !! I feel sorry for those that jumped on those in 2003

  52. dan says

    I just re read Michaels post on this and then checked the BEP website again.
    I am not lookin for reasons not to buy this but while the 5.00 not begins with 2012 in the serial number, the bill is only a 2009 which makes the bill a 147th anniversary. How lame can it be.

  53. Don says

    Off topic, but has anyone that sent back a damaged or defective proof San Francisco set and requested a replacement actually have it shipped? The Indianapolis facility got my set on Aug. 3. My credit card was credited back for the one set, as well as the postage for mailing it back. My new set shows “in stock and reserved” but no shipping date. I don’t know when I will receive a replacement set.

  54. ClevelandRocks says

    @Don, I’ll just mail you one of my defective sets and skip the formality of returning to the Mint and having them send it to you!

  55. Jack in N.E says

    My 1 S.F set arrived today.It appears flawless.The only complaint being the coin capsules were’nt on very tight.When I moved the blue box at an angle, the capsule tops came off on both coins.Be careful people

  56. Dan says

    Don, I called the Mint today cause 8 of the 10 sets I received were awful. And that’s putting it mildly. RP’s were the worst with shiny spots all over, and in the same location so they obviously kept using the same crappy die. Was told “sure you can send them back for replacements, but they won’t be shipped until Sept/October. When I explained the importance of getting them within the first month for grading purposes, he couldn’t have cared less. I also received a box of what was supposed to be two sets. It weighs 1 1/2 pounds and is obviously in the box they used to ship one set in. They sent me a form to fill out to request the other set, to be delivered I. 4-6 weeks after their “investigation”. After coming up with a fair way to distribute, the Mint has done EVERYTHING wrong since then, from the useless MAH set, to sending out sets that never should have passed thru QC. I predict FS and ER sets graded as 70’s will command a huge premium.

  57. hi ho silver says

    @ Don: They just received my set yesterday and is the same status yours. I am thinking 2 to 3 weeks.

  58. Don says

    hiho silver,
    It looks like you jumped ahead of me on the processing center line. They got mine on 8/3 and the status for the replacement set is still “in process”. No tracking number has been assigned.

  59. says

    The 3 sets I sent to be replaced were delivered to PBGS on 8/8(per USPS delivery confirmation)…however, I called cutomer service today, and they say they have not even received them(or processed them) yet…just a “well, they are probably here somewhere, check back on Monday”

  60. Don says

    hi ho silver,
    The 149.95 was credited back to my cc for the returned set. The postage, which I too mailed in separately, was also credited to my card. I received emails notifying me that these transactions were done.
    When they send the new set, the cc will be charged for the 149.95 cost of the replacement set.

  61. hi ho silver says

    Me too Don. My info was sent to Fed Ex for pick up. I hope you don’t get smart with Customer svc..?….I have about 4 notes on my order #…… You should see how I deal with lol. The mint may have received mine sooner than yesterday that’s just when I checked.

  62. Paul says

    They’re taking all the returns and using them for the MAH sets. Too bad they don’t have a counter on that set. What do you think they’ve sold so far, 2000?

  63. Silver Sam says

    I look for useful and relevant coin information on this site. Most of the banter between some of these posters could be better handled in private.

  64. hi ho silver says

    S S. You do understand half of these posters are flippers who just want that FS ER label don’t you ? If you want honest opinions stick with the story,talk to dealers,maybe join a coin club in your area.

  65. Paul says

    Hi Ho, no, I did not, nor will I buy one. I buy what I like, and I am not a big proof guy, but do like the reverse proofs. Most of the stuff I buy is unc.

  66. hi ho silver says

    Good for you Paul ! I only buy what I like too. No one posting will change my mind .

  67. Gary says

    Some of us arent flippers but want some kind of limited mintage so we can have some “appreciation” to the coins we purchase from the mint? I cant believe anyone who collects coins want to purchase a coin for $70 and the only value it carries is silver melt.

  68. Gary says

    At least this set is limited to the 50k to 100k…Which the 75th Anniversary Set should have been as well!
    I bought 2….tough to be an “Evil Flipper” when you only buy 2 sets?

  69. NATATACK says

    Would be nice if PCGS/NGC would do a single slab with the $5 bill and ASE
    proof together, nice wall hanger or presentation peice.

  70. NATATACK says

    Anyone notice on the new notes,there is no branch location on the left seal anymore. Would have been nice to at least see San Francisco on it but now it just says Federal Reserve System. My how the times have changed.

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