March of Dimes Special Set Pricing

The pricing for the United States Mint’s 2015 March of Dimes Special Set has just been revealed within a notice scheduled to be published tomorrow in the Federal Register.


The special set was announced earlier this month and will contain the proof version of the 2015 March of Dimes Silver Dollar along with two specially issued Roosevelt Dimes. The first will be a 90% silver proof dime struck at the West Point Mint with the “W” mint mark, and the second will be a 90% silver reverse proof dime struck at the Philadelphia Mint with the “P” mint mark.

Each of the two dimes provide a unique occurrence within the series as the first proof quality dime with the “W” mint mark and the first reverse proof dime.

According to the notice to be published in the Federal Register, the special set will be priced at $61.95.

The pricing for the individual proof silver dollar was previously indicated at $46.95 during the introductory period and $51.95 thereafter. As such, the special set is priced $10 higher than the regularly priced proof silver dollar.

The individual 2015 March of Dimes Silver Dollars are currently scheduled for release on March 13, 2015.

The release date for the March of Dimes Special Set is still to be determined. The US Mint has also not yet provided information on the product limit and/or household ordering limits for the special product.

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  1. Dustyroads says

    Both of the dimes will be unique being they are being produced at West Point. I think regardless of the mintage level, these sets will appreciate in value well. I’d like to think that the Unc. silver dollar will be produced in lower numbers, but I’m guessing more buyers will be drawn in by the RP set. I even think the 2015 reverse proof 14 coin silver set will appreciate nicely. They’re both no brainers.

  2. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps~ Your feelings may be shared by a great deal more buyers than you know, but I’m guessing they’ll get over it.

  3. cagcrisp says

    “Each of the two dimes provide a unique occurrence within the series as the first proof quality dime with the “W” mint mark and the first reverse proof dime.”

    That’s a fact. No problem with the fact. The problem I have is the Mint Continues to come out with “unique” offerings year after year. 2 or 3 “unique” offering per year and low and behold in 50 years you have 150 “unique” offerings and there is actually nothing unique about it. The Mint will Continue to come out with unique offerings because that is the Only way you can move the product and sooner or later the Buying public will rebel against it.

    Michael sees it as a $10 premium over regular offering and I see it as a $15 premium over discounted offering. Either way, I’m not interested in spending $10-$15 for 2 Silver dimes.

    in 2016 there will be 3 “unique” offerings of the Gold Mercury dime, the Gold Standing Liberty quarter and the Gold Walking Liberty. I would rather pay 35% premium for unique Gold than pay 533% premium for unique Silver dimes(and then through in a $46.95 Silver dollar that will be another Low mintage wonder) …But that’s just me…

  4. cagcrisp says

    OFF SUBJECT: Is there ANY turkey hunters on this blog that has a turkey mount OR plan on having a turkey mount?

  5. thePhelps says

    cag… I think you are spot on. That is why I have little interest. They sale these to demand in all probability and you will be able to buy it on the bay for $50 in a little more than a year…maybe even less. I’ll purchase the uncirculated dollar towards the end of the year again and call it a done deal. While it might be a different finish – but they are still just dimes – attached to a nice dollar – not the god awful offerings of the past couple of years – but nothing I have to have either.

    I’ll save my money – perhaps buy more bullion rounds from other mints around the world this year.

  6. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – with these sets, I think “the real hope” is that you luck in to an error coin.., just like Sacabuck!

    Speaking of Sacabuck, it’s about time some more “edgeless” coins appear, if not in due time, something will seem fishy about it.

  7. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, LOL…

    OK…Here’s my Question. I have a taxidermist friend and I am trying to convince him to Include on a turkey mount a ATB “S” quarter on the mount. With Air-tites and 100 coins from the mint, a little felt and he would have about $1 cost for Each quarter. I would think a turkey mount with a capsuled flying turkey with a 2015 date would bring in business. All the guys that I know are looking for a mount that is different than their buddies. Would you like to have a turkey mount with a capsuled 2015 Flying turkey in it?

  8. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – a typical mount has the tail fanned out above the oak mount and the gobbler beard hanging below – to center the AtB Puck between the two would look spectacular and be one-of-a-kind in my opinion. Personally, if Cabelas or BPS got hold of it, it would likely sale like hot cakes. Hunters drop $$$ on this stuff like it’s nothing.

    The thing about this turkey design that makes it so unique and resonant with hunters is that it is often ALL YOU SEE of the turkey that has snucked in on you. I’ve lost count of the number of times all I saw of one is when he was flying away…, spooked! An honest hunter that hunts the wiley ones in deep country will admit that 😉 If you get the mount made, let me know, I’d want some.

  9. bg35765 says

    I think this is a good time to look back on the excitement of some here when a limit of 300,000 Kennedy silver sets was announced. Some here predicted a sellout within a week or two of the release date.

    Not to pat myself on the back, but I and a few others predicted it would never sell out because the Kennedy collector base is too small. Later the mintage limit was lowered to 225,000 and it has struggled to reach 200,000 sales.

    So, what can we learn from that relative to this set of dimes? How many Roosevelt dime collectors are there?

    Using the PCGS population reports as a guide, there are more dime collectors than I expected. In recent years the number of graded proof dimes might be 80% of graded proof half dollars. But when you get back to some older dates from the 1970s it might only be 50%.

    So 50% of 200,000 is where I think the line will be that would make this set a good flip vs. a bust. If the mintage limit is over 100,000 I will stay away from a flipping perspective.

    From a collecting perspective, will I buy a set? I think so.

  10. jeff says

    When can I buy my Marshal coin at full price$ This is the only way the mint can keep its promise to the museum is only when the full price kicks in. That’s why there OOS,BO, can’t find them in the warehouse, don’t know what they look like, haven’t seen them in the warehouse, the pallet is missing, packaging caused the delay, I’m mean how about a STATEMENT US MINT WHERE IS YOUR PR it’s the silence is deafening all goes to leadership NONE,ZILCH,NADDA,

  11. D Rittenhouse says

    If bg35765’s comment above proves accurate and it turns out that a significant proportion of demand for the MoD Special Set comes from dime collectors, then such collectors will likely have little interest in the accompanying proof MoD silver dollar and will dump them for whatever they can get on eBay. Which means your prediction might be proven true, as well.

    It would be hugely ironic if the Mint’s plan to goose sales of the proof MoD silver dollar by packaging some of them very desirable dimes actually ends of killing future Mint sales of individual proof MoD silver dollars because they will end up so cheap on eBay. Perhaps this is why the Special Set might not become available til late in the year.

  12. cagcrisp says

    Just Another mis- step from the Mint. By announcing Pricing for the MOD Special Set, it will create a catch 22 for the Entire MOD offering. It’s obvious (To me) that the Silver stand alone MOD dollar will not be well received. The only interest the Mint can Create for the set is throwing out 2 Bones (W mint Silver dime + PR Silver dime) to stimulate Sales. The problem with this is that the Initial $46.95 Silver MOD dollar will be SO dismally received that those Contemplating the Purchase of the $61.95 set will have to Weigh the cost ($61.95) vs. how much they will be able to Get for the 2 silvers dimes (what they Really want). Once Flippers see how Poorly the stand alone Silver MOD dollar is doing, do you really think many Flippers will venture out on a limb for $61.95 and have to get “whatever” for the Silver MOD ?

    IF it was me, I would Not have release the Pricing of the Special set MOD until late late late in the year and at least given the Silver MOD dollar a Chance of succeeding. I don’t see the Silver MOD dollar having a Chance at this point and the dismal Sales will potentially weighing down the entire MOD offering…

  13. cagcrisp says

    AND…by Releasing the Pricing in the Federal Register this early I Don’t see the offering Earlier rather than Later in the year. I would guess the Special Set would be out before July…

  14. Sith says

    For some strange reason I don’t think people would dump the MoD silver dollar, it is after all part of the set. However saying that I image that PF-69 graded MoD silver dollars will take it on the chin as “flippers” don’t tend to sell the coins as a set, but it will be more than made up for by any PF-70’s with the March of Dimes Special Set label. After all a special label adds at least 30% in value to a coin of the same grade with a run of the mill label…and if you can add “early release” to the label, the sky is the limit.

    FYI don’t bother looking up that statistic I just pulled it out of thin air.

  15. Dustyroads says

    Oh no Sith, you’re not getting off that easy, I’m going to need documentation dating back to 2008.

  16. thePhelps says

    Sheesh… I never considered how many bare bones MoD proofs will be flooding the market. I suspect a lot of dime collectors won’t save the dollar as well. It could get interesting… any bets you’ll be able to snipe a low priced MoD Proof and then pick up the packaging off of eBay… probably at less than the surcharged coin.

  17. Tinto says

    Got to buy the set just to get at the RP dime … unless the US Mint really issues a 2015 RP silver proof set in which case I’ll just buy the RP silver proof set.

  18. says

    The pricing here is actually on the low end of what I was predicting. I think the mint could have easily gotten away with as much as $100.


    I have trouble agreeing with your position on these dimes. You sound as though you’re arguing against the mint introducing new products, which frankly makes no sense to me. New products are pretty much the lifeblood of the modern coin collecting hobby. If the mint wasn’t constantly innovating “unique” products and variants of existing coins, there wouldn’t be much of a modern coin collecting hobby.

    As to the timing of the release, they need to release the March of Dimes sets sooner rather than later, because if they decide to release a full reverse proof set for all US coins this year, it will totally destroy demand for the MoD set. I am guessing we could see release of the MoD specials as soon as mid-April.


    What’s going to happen with this set is a lot of collectors are going to buy it and keep it in the package, but I expect the dealers and flippers in particular to break up virtually all the sets they buy and dump the silver dollar however they are able. No one is really going to want the silver dollar, just the dimes. This is essentially a clever scheme by the mint to move what’s otherwise going to be a very unpopular commemorative. I expect the MoD proofs to sell for spot at best.

    I expect that MoD sets in OGP will become very difficult to find once sales end.

  19. cagcrisp says

    @CaptainOverkill, IF you want the US Mint to go down the same path as the Franklin Mint, the RCM or the Perth Mint then that is the path they are following…

    I don’t like the path the US Mint is going and have stated it many times…

    Going form circulated to uncirculated to proof to reverse proof to enhanced to high relief to ultra high relief is just a gimmick to me…
    Whether Kennedy hair looks like spaghetti or not…
    Just marketing…

    And in a few years they will come out with something you haven’t even heard of yet and that will be the new thing.
    How about DESIGNING a coin that people really want to buy like the BHOF coins or the Buffalo or the 2016 Golds or the eagle on the back of the Gold Marshal coin?

    That’s what modern coin collecting should be about…

  20. fmtransmitter says

    There are many many dime collectors too…You rarely get anything lower than 68 in MS or PF with these small coins…At least that’s what the experts say so don’t get caught up in the grading IMHO…

  21. says


    I can definitely agree we need better design quality and more innovation in our coins.

    However, as to the Perth Mint, they’re probably my favorite overall mint after the US Mint. and the only problem I have with them is how they overprice everything! In terms of art quality and innovation, I’ve always felt Perth was one of the best in their class, with only the RCM, UK Royal Mint, and the Polish Mint in the same “weight class.”

  22. cagcrisp says

    Gross Contribution to the US Marshal museum by weeks (doesn’t include mint expenses):

    Week 1 $1,473,751
    Week 2 $ 300,436
    Week 3 $ 240,874
    Week 4 $ 114,350
    Total $2,129,411

  23. cagcrisp says

    If you can Believe the Mints Current Excel spreadsheet Numbers:

    2015 MARSHALS GOLD PROOF 5,251
    2015 MARSHALS GOLD UNC 4,614
    2015 MARSHALS SILVER UNC 25,770
    2015 MARSHALS CLAD PROOF 41,422
    2015 MARSHALS CLAD UNC 21,486
    2015 MARSHALS 3-COIN SET 13,894

  24. A Bob says

    I would expect to see the MOD young collectors set later in the year. It will be interesting to see what they add to the set to entice sales. My guess is uncirculated dollar and Salk medal bronze medal.

  25. A Different Jeff says

    If you’re grousing about the fact that the Mint produces “2 or 3 unique” offerings per year, consider that the ASEs, AGEs, APEs, AtB pucks are also “unique” in that each year has a different date.

    This was an offering that was being considered last year. It was the subject of a survey sent to mint customers. The pricing is lower than what the Mint was suggesting in the survey (granted by $3).

    There is plenty of precedent for this kind of offering. 1998 had the Kennedy Collector Set, 1994 and 1997 each had a Coin and Currency set (with a special finish nickel), 1996 had the Mint set with the 1996-W dime, oh, and don’t forget the 2014 Coin and Chronicles Set. Each of these has a coin which is unique to the set and the first three are definitely collected as part of the series; the latter surely will be. As such, so will the dimes in this set.

    There have been offerings over the years which have nothing but previously released coins – as far back as 1995’s Special Olympics set, 1996 Community Service, 1997 Jackie Robinson Legacy set, 1997 Law Enforcement, 1998 Black Patriots, 2000 Millennium Coin and Currency, 2004 Edison (with the working light bulb), 2004 Lewis and Clark set AND Coin and Currency set, both 2004 and 2005 Westward Journey sets, plus another dozen since which, if they offered anything was a medal unavailable anywhere else.

    Then there are the sets which include a foreign coin – 2000 Ericson and 2003 Legacies of Freedom.

    SO the MoD set at least offers a COIN, with a different and collectible aspect.

    And if you think it’s too much, then don’t buy the single MoD proof dollar – get it in this set. the dimes are less than $10. Oh, BTW, the reverse proof set will have S mint marks, if such a thing is actually produced.

  26. Sith says


    Yes I agree OGP should be hard to find but the flippers will not sell for a loss. If they do dump the MoD dollar it will just be at the expense of a higher price on the dimes, and if people are complaining about the metal content vs the price the mint is selling then, image what the flippers will be asking, this it may turn out to be a bargain to buy the set, but I’m not convinced, at least not yet, and as things stand today I will pass on it as I don’t collect dimes.

  27. Sith says


    I agree with you in principle but the Perth Mint does not make anything in quantity, even their bullion has a very limited mintage. Then add that they overdue the subject matter, mythical monsters, ships that never sailed, its quite clear to me that they are simply pandering to small groups of specialized collectors, as I have always said I would respect the Perth Mint more if they would produce anything in similar quantities as the US Mint. IE its easier to have quality control when you produce a few thousand coins and charge a arm and a leg for them, then when you produce a few hundred thousand, at a more reasonable price.

  28. says

    The mint is historically late.., especially in releasing FR announcements, heck, prior to the last FR announcement the prices for those items had already been posted to the 2015 schedule weeks in advance of the FR release.
    Over the past 2 years (on average), FR announcements were made 10-21 days prior to the offering availability. The MoD coins are scheduled for 3/13/2015, we might just see the Special Set sooner than we think… 💡

  29. says

    Glad to see you all speculating a bit across the board with the offering, always fun to liven things up a bit! Since we’re at it ~

    Product limit: 75,000
    Household limit: 1

    Can’t help but to think of Old Abe in 2009,
    & Sacabuck

  30. GoldFishin says

    Alex in MA says

    February 23, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    What is going on with that

    Alex, if you click on the “20 Sold” you will see that most of them sold for $155….there is very few graded Silver 70’s available and the flippers are taking advantage of the situation. It seems the US Mint didn’t get very many silver proofs out the door for the flippers to have graded for ER/FS and/or many of the usual sellers chose not to participate in the grading game with this offering after taking a drubbing with the Silver Kennedy coins. Very little supply of graded 70’s + gullible purchasers= high prices.

  31. Dustyroads says

    Keep Calm & Stack On~ According to the Mints Product Schedule, the DM5 release is slatted for the end of the year, but I will concede that anything is possible with the Mint. Personally, I think the Mint will wait.
    As for mintage and house hold limits you can bet they will be upping it. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see 300,000 with a house hold limit of 50, or even none at all, this will not be another Kennedy.

  32. Dave SW FL says

    Further on the product schedule you will find the mint is undecided as to whether it is Bombay Hook or Bombay HOOD on the ATB quarters.

    Or maybe we are honoring our friends in the hood over there in Bombay!

  33. says


    I think you’re dead on in terms of mintage limit. However, I think they will allow far more than one per household. Remember the goal is to move those unpopular $1 coins. I think household limit will be at least 5, and more likely 10.


    On the MoD sets, I agree flippers will sell the lone dimes at elevated prices. I also agree that Perth doesn’t produce enough of its more popular issues. I think they’d be better off following the model of more product and lower prices, thus increasing their sales, which is basically what the US does.

  34. says

    The gimmicky dimes used to bolster an unappealing MOD commemorative remind me of the special inserts that baseball card manufacturers put in their card packs, such as Babe Ruth bat slivers and pieces of his Yankee shirt in a last gasp attempt to sell their dying products.

  35. cagcrisp says

    According to the Mint’s numbers :

    2015 ATB QTR SILVER PROOF SET 46,681

    Not to Shabby for an Opening weekend…

  36. Ends in Error says

    In my eyes the US Mint has become the Franklin Mint . The junk they put out lately is nothing I need or want.

    Guess I’ll get me an AR15. I miss the 16 I carried in the Army. Time to bring back the past.

  37. fmtransmitter says

    I love this hobby. All you have to d. Is watch the tv shows to find out what didn’t sell so you can focis your hunt on what does have a shot of going up in value. Like CV has the Great Lakes coins on now. I wanted those for personal reasons but i knew they wouldn’t be big sellers so now these dealers have to clear out their inventory from speculation. With that said, seems the full sets of a series have a much better shot of increasing in value since the packaging is much rarer. They are doing the same with the annual burnished sets too. Hype hype

  38. fmtransmitter says

    @ends: i know many people that say their guns are their 401k so i agree that you are not losing anything om buying guns, they hold their value very well along with increase in some instances. ..

  39. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp~ The way I see it, the Kennedy releases were done with a certain amount of respect for the fallen President. I think it could have been done more in a way that would benefit retailers, but I believe the decision makers at the Mint wanted to take it a different direction, one that would present the coins as objects embodying something more to the collector, not big money makers to the retailers, which may appear disrespectful.
    I think the MoD DM5 dime release will be free of anything like that.

  40. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp~ The way I see it, the Kennedy releases were done with a certain amount of respect for the fallen President. I think it could have been done more in a way that would benefit retailers, but I believe the decision makers at the Mint wanted to take it a different direction, one that would present the coins as objects embodying something more to the collector, not big money makers to the retailers, which may appear disrespectful.
    I think the MoD DM5 dime release will be free of anything like that.

  41. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp~ The way I see it, the Kennedy releases were done with a certain amount of resp_ct for the fall_n President. I think it could have been done more in a way that would benefit ret_ilers, but I believe the d_cision makers at the Mint wanted to take it a different direction, one that would present the coins as objects embodying something more to the collector, not big money m_kers to the ret_ilers, which may appear disresp_ctful.
    I think the MoD dime release will be free of anything like that

  42. Jerry Diekmann says

    cagcrisp – I think what you are saying about releasing the price for the MoD set before the release date has even been made known is a very true observation. I am in the minority with others on this blog, since I like the dollar and I also like the set. But I would hold back on purchasing the proof silver dollar until I know the mintage limit of the MoD set and when it is to be released. Another flub by the Mint, IMO. I can’t understand the logic that drives their marketing decisions – they seem to shoot out in all directions with no rhyme or reason to them. Too many “unique” coins and finishes and too confusing in all the different ways they are marketed and sold. After the 2016 coins, which deserve to be unique, the Mint should hold off on any more “unique” coins and we certainly don’t need any more enhanced finishes or early releases or first strikes or any of that nonsense. BTW, in 2016, I really hope that the Mint issues the dime, quarter, and half dollar in silver too, in uncirculated and proof conditions. Think of how beautiful, even in silver, a 3-coin set would look in uncirculated and proof conditions.

  43. Jerry Diekmann says

    cagcrisp – I think the “spaghetti hair” half dollars (and quarters too) were not marketing ploys, but what the coins really were after the Mint started around 1990 to try and get more strikes out of the dies, and to do that they decided to flatten the obverses. So George Washington and JFK’s portraits wouldn’t look like that atrocious Wyoming “license plate” State quarter (what were they thinking?) with no features, they decided they needed to cut grooves into the men’s heads to show their hair, otherwise there would just be a blob. They also cleaved away both men’s jaw bones and cheeks, and cut away Lincoln’s shoulder on the cent too. This process started, like I said, in the early 1990s and was essentially completed by 1995. Look at any quarter or half dollar mineted in the 1980s with any coin minted in 1995 or thereafter (for quarters, up through 2009; for halves, up through the business strikes of 2014). You can see noticeable differences in how the portraits look. Also, I believe also the portraits, were made slightly smaller and the lettering for the coins, and the dime too, were moved farther from the edge of the coins – very evident when you compare coins. So, rather than these being a marketing gimmick, I think they were just evidence of very little care by the Mint of what our nation’s coins should look like. The last time before that< I believe, was limited to the branch mints in the 1920s which consistently struck "weak strike" coins, and why it is hard (and very expensive) to find a fully struck Buffalo nickel or a Standing Liberty quarter from a branch mint during the 1920s. Some other l;ater dates and mint marks became "condition rarities" too, like the 1954S Jefferson nickel, not because so few coins were struck, but because so few coins were struck well.

  44. Jerry Diekmann says

    Hi, Dusty – join the “under moderation” club. I guess I got a little carried away on the previous subject on the blog and that is what happened to me too.

  45. Tinto says

    “Not to pat myself on the back, but I and a few others predicted it would never sell out because the Kennedy collector base is too small. Later the mintage limit was lowered to 225,000 and it has struggled to reach 200,000 sales.”

    And that demand for the silver Kennedy set includes folks such as myself who do not collect Kennedy coins but had to buy the set because of the RP and the EU finishes in order to keep our collection complete.

  46. says

    Ends in Error – to the old timers of the Great One, they probably thought your 16 was junk and perhaps even made as a toy surprise in lieu of a Red Rider (just kidding)…, you’re a Vet, go to CMP and get your hands a real piece of the past, top daddy of them all, the Garand. You won’t regret it!

    FM – there may be more to it than that, I know 3 classic collectors that sold out a couple of years ago and they all 3 went into collecting firearms. I should circle back and find out why and how that transition was.

    gold coins, silver coins, little sparkly dimes, & FMJs

  47. says


    I sometimes think people forget that interest in coin varieties are not a marketing gimmick invented by a money-grubbing Mint, but something developed by the collectors themselves. Just look at all the attention that VAM varieties, Jefferson nickel full steps, and error coins receive. The mint is just feeding an interest that is already there.

  48. sam jenesky says

    I don’t know… I have 2 1996 W special dimes and don’t think think they are worth much more than what I bought them for..

  49. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps~ Thanks for the post, I am familiar with Operation Chokepoint, but this mans view point really does bring up an alarming reality in the coin and gun supply business.

    KCSO~ I love the M1 Garand with it’s well built action and all wood stock, it’s really a thing of beauty. I don’t collect guns, but if I did I would have to have a 1907 Springfield along with the Garand. I do however like to own a gun for every occasion, so I have an AR, Beretta 96 side, Ruger M77 270 deer, and a Browning bird. I have to say that the most reliable selective trigger group and bolt action that I know of is found in the AK.

    Is the 2015 Native American dollar beautiful or what. I just love the bolt heads on the rim and straight block lettering at the bottom.

  50. Dustyroads says

    Question~ I’m looking at the milk spots on my 2011 25th anniversary 5 coin ASE set coins. I had just decided to get into coins in early 2012 and missed this offering, so I purchased the set on Ebay in PCGS slabs, they all incidentally have developed milk spots since then. My 2012 S ASE set looks good in OGP without the appearance of spots. I’m wondering how the other 2011’s in OGP are handling the cleaning solvent left behind on the coins that the US Mint is using. Also, it appears to me that the spots begin to appear after about one year, and possibly on PCGS slabbed silver coins alone as I have not noticed them on the NGC slabbed coins. Any input would be appreciated.

  51. thePhelps says

    Dusty…it is interesting that the government found a new way to put a clamp on gun sales… make it impossible for those who sale them to find a bank that allows them to do business. I don’t own a gun – haven’t hunted sine the late 80’s – but I am now reconsidering that. Never know what Mall I may walk into and need to protect myself these days.

  52. fmtransmitter says

    @Dusty: This has been talked about for years. the NGC slabs speak for themselves, they are superior over PCGS slabs at keeping out any air. Some will argue against this but they speak for themselves. I always go with NGC slabs if I can help it. I always pay the $5 for scratch resistant plastic as well, nothing worse than looking at a beautiful coin in a slab with the plastic all scratched up. PCGS is a public company, they answer to share holders, they charge more for their service, NGC is not. NGC is the Official chosen grading company for the ANA. Choice is yours. I know how to remove the spots if you cracked them out. If you want to pay NGC for their cross over service and conditioning service, they may be able to clear them up and re slab them and keep the grade the same as well.

  53. fmtransmitter says

    FM – there may be more to it than that, I know 3 classic collectors that sold out a couple of years ago and they all 3 went into collecting firearms. I should circle back and find out why and how that transition was.

    yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup, let us know!

  54. Tinto says


    I have two 2011 sets that I purchased directly from the Mint and I just gave them a look, no spots on any of them, but a few have started to tone at the rims and one is almost entirely toned a nice gun metal.

  55. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps~ I am very cautious around firearms and even though I spend much of my time in areas where I may encounter illegal aliens, and have in the past, still do not carry a fire arm. It is people like me who can be in dangerous areas who must have access to some sort of self defense, especially since I work out in the South side of the Border Patrol check points within a zone where illegals basically live a roam free. My wife works for a CISD here as a Truancy Officer and deals with illegals bringing their kids to school here on a constant basis, some even fleeing Mexico’s violence. It’s not uncommon to hear gun fights raging across the border complete with full auto machine gun fire and explosions. It’s an extremely corrupted place. A few days ago at a facility holding 3,000 dangerous illegals three miles from where I live, they decide to riot and ended up destroying the facility and hurting several guards. Yeah, I would say some of us need to own a gun.

    There are those who want to eliminate access to firearms completely because they see them as the problem, well I would like to see the elimination of all nuclear waist, but will that happen, I’m afraid not.

  56. Dustyroads says

    fm and Tinto~ Thanks for the response, I will look in to the cleaning possibility for the set since I love it so much. Plus, thanks for the input about NGC. I have been buying some graded Unc. ASE’s since 2012, mostly in PCGS slabs, but am now dissapointed in whatever it is that PCGS is doing, whether plastic or air, I don’t know, but will stay away from now on.

  57. fmtransmitter says

    @KCSO: I will tell you an entire other collectible that “grows” in value, WINE! Oh man, there is a huge following and billions into that hobby!

  58. fmtransmitter says

    well I would like to see the elimination of all nuclear waist, but will that happen, I’m afraid not.

    Not so fast sir Dusty, I have the solution for that too! Here you go my friend!
    Bill Gates is a smart man, I would listen to some of the things he has to say before he is gone…

  59. cagcrisp says

    New numbers are out and Again they are different than yesterday. Marshal’s All show higher numbers than yesterday…

  60. fmtransmitter says

    Dustyroads says
    FEBRUARY 24, 2015 AT 1:58 PM

    fm~ It’s over my head at this point, looks like he thinks he can… recycle it?


  61. gary says

    @cagcrisp… I essentially agree with your comments regarding the “unique” coins that the U.S. Mint has been able to concoct in recent years. When they first started doing this (Regular coins & bullion made at other mint locations and coin finishes) there WAS some uniqueness in those earlier issues. But now they will come up with some variation every year.
    For me at least, all of it is just trinkety junk. Except for those collectors who may collect the coin or bullion series they just are not a fit for what many new collectors may be looking for. I have had conversations with may young collectors and would-be collectors who just yawn & say, “so what’s the big deal with an old design with a mint mark or special finish or so-called “limited-edition set”? Nothing really, unless the plan is to purchase & quickly flip the coins during their marketing hype time frame.

  62. Ends in Error says

    FM Transmitter

    I recently ran across an article telling about counterfeiting of wines. Really was shocking but to be expected in todays scam world.

    I’m going out on a limb about these MOD Sets. I doubt very seriously they will sell out. To me they are even less appealing than the Gold Kennedy. Look what a flop that one has turned into.

  63. ibex66 says

    They released purchasing terms, 75,000 mintage, 5 set HH limit. That should bump it .

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