Margaret & Zachary Taylor Presidential Dollar Coin and Medal Set

The Presidential $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal Set featuring Zachary and Margaret Taylor will go on sale at the US Mint on December 17, 2009 at 12:00 Noon ET.

Each set will include one uncirculated (satin finish) Zachary Taylor Presidential Dollar coin and one Marget Taylor bronze medal. These will be held on a plastic card illustrated with portraits of the President and First Spouse on the front and issuance information on the back. The sets will be priced at $8.95 each. The US Mint product page can be found here.

Two previously released Presidential Dollar and First Spouse Medal Sets remain available for sale at the time of this post, the John and Julia Tyler Set and the James and Sarah Polk Set. These sets had recorded sales of 8,258 and 7,471 units, as December 13, 2009.

The Zachary & Marget Taylor Coin and Medal Set will represent one of the final 2009 product offerings from the US Mint as the year draws to a close. Only two more 2009-dated products are scheduled to be released. The Mint will release the Zachary Taylor Presidential Dollar Coin Cover on December 30, 2009 and the Northern Mariana Islands Quarter First Day Cover on January 12, 2010.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Any idea why the Northern Mariana Islands First-Day Coin Cover will not be released until 2010? Would it really have been that much trouble to release it on the same day as the Zachary Taylor cover? How many folks will want the Taylor cover so badly that they'll be willing to spend an extra $4.95 s/h charge to order it on the 30th of December when 11 days later they can order BOTH covers for one charge?

  2. Michael says

    The gap between these two product releases mirrors the gap between the release dates of the Zachary Taylor Dollar (November 19) and the Northern Mariana Islands Quarter (November 30). I am guessing the US Mint allows a certain period of time to prepare the products.

  3. Anonymous says

    I buy it. I like the Coin & Spouse Medal Sets. The 2009's are probably sleepers right now. When next year's Buchanan's Liberty and Lincoln sets are released, I bet a lot of new collectors are going to try to build the set through 2010. There sure aren't very many Harrison or John & Letitia Tyler sets to be had out there!

  4. Anonymous says

    Why don't they give these things a 25 cent face value and further establish some respectability by limiting the minting to less than 200 billion. Oh, thank you, good and gracious and powerful mighty mint and congress and zinc lobby for canceling the silver eagles and yet producing 500 billion Zack & Margie Taylor carnival coins all as the law requires.

  5. Anonymous says

    I'm new to collecting and only started as an addition to gold and silver investments. What got me started was Michael's blog and since reading it I usually buy what Michael says he's buying. I keep the collection in a lighted case with shelves and since reading Michael's comments on the Lincoln metal and it's very impressive look sitting on in front of the Lincoln C&C centered, in light, I wish the Mint also did metals of the wildlife of America so I could buy the 3" to highlight other coins. A buffalo 3" with a buffalo proof, and eagle 3" with etc. Has the mint ever done wildlife metals before or Historical Documents?

  6. Anonymous says

    They did a four medal wildlife set in silver a few years back with Teddy Roosevelt on the reverse. There was an eagle (I believe 38000 minted), a salmon, a duck, and an elk (25000 minted of the last 3, the eagle was also done in bronze, but not the others). The program had some delay issues since the Mint was experimenting with lasers to make the dies. I don't believe I've looked at them since I bought them. They are nice though and you can find them on e-bay from time to time. I'm sure your probably hoping for something more substantial than 4 medals.

  7. Anonymous says

    In addition the silver National Wildlife medals (2003) were all stuck in proof condition only, w/velvet box and coa… beware of "UNC" knock offs. These were copied and fakes are out there.

  8. Anonymous says

    On another theme, I had a very nice Ben Franklin Silver Firefighters medal which I sold but now regret it.

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