Mary Todd Lincoln First Spouse Gold Coin

The US Mint will begin sales of the Mary Todd Lincoln First Spouse Gold Coins today, December 2, 2010 at 12:00 Noon ET. This will represent the final release of the year for the 24 karat series and one of the most well known First Ladies.

The obverse of the Mary Todd Lincoln Gold Coin features her portrait, as designed and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. Inscriptions include “Mary Todd Lincoln”, the motto “In God We Trust”, “Liberty”, order of the Presidency “16th”, years served “1861-1865”, and the date and mint mark.

On the reverse of the coin is s scene of Mary Todd Lincoln bringing books and flowers to wounded Civil War soldiers, designed by Joel Iskowitz and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. The surrounding inscriptions include “United States of America”, “E Pluribus Uumu”, the face value “$10”, bullion weight “1/2 oz”, and fineness “.999 fine gold”.

The coins will be available in proof or uncirculated versions, priced at $854 and $841, respectively. This will be the highest initial pricing for a coin of the series to date. The price is set based on an average gold price within the $1,350 to $1,399.99 range. Coin prices could change weekly based on the price of gold.

Sales levels for the 2010 releases of the First Spouse Gold Coins series have been outpacing the previous year, and the current release will no doubt continue the trend.

The US Mint has established a maximum mintage of 20,000 coins across both versions. This is 5,000 coins higher than the levels established for the other 2010 releases, but still just half of the limits established for the first three years of the series.

The Mary Todd Lincoln First Spouse Gold Coins are offered with no household ordering limits. The coins will remain available for sale until the maximum mintage has been sold, or approximately one year, whichever occurs first.

So far, the First Spouse Gold Coins that have experienced the best secondary market performance have been those with low mintages. Mintages reached their lowest point with the Julia Tyler Gold Coin, which was only available for about ten months due to scheduling.

Looking ahead to next year, the First Spouses honored will be Eliza Johnson, Julia Grant, Lucy Hayes, and Lucretia Garfield. With no obvious “hot spots” like this year’s schedule and ever escalating prices, will a new mintage low be established?

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  1. Anonymous says

    I for one think sales of this coin will disappoint as most collectors have abandoned this series due to price. No way do they move 20,000 of these!

  2. Anonymous says

    That's exactly right on the "sloppy seconds" mentioned above. I'm ordering my coins TODAY! I don't want re-shipped rejects. Besides, the chances of a price decrease look mightly slim in today's environment. I'd rather pay more for first-wave coins.

  3. Anonymous says

    This series is a flop. I'm selling all my 2007 -2010 first spouses for melt value before gold prices go down and buying Eagles. Live and learn!

  4. Anonymous says

    When this series first came out, I was surprised that the first four coins sold out because of the fact that these depict the spouses of presidents, not the presidents themselves. I started collecting this series when the Margaret Taylor coin came out. I wanted to finish this series when I started, but seeing how much money this is costing me, I'm having second thoughts about whether I will. I'm seriously thinking about abandoning getting the whole set and only getting the more popular ones, (like Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Kennedy).

  5. Anonymous says

    Those you listed ARE more popular, but the true value will lie in those coins that were NOT popular (i.e. Julia Tyler).

    You know the one who said they were selling the 2007-2010 coins for melt is full of it, right? Only a fool would sell them all for melt, when the Liberty coins and the 2008 and 2009 coins sell for significant premiums above melt!

  6. Anonymous says

    No website slow-down on Mary Lincoln at all. I guess this means it's safe to wait until I get home to order! I forgot to bring the credit card I wanted to use with me to work. That card is set to close in a couple of days, and I can delay paying for the coins interest-free for about 45 days or so.

  7. Anonymous says

    The Lincoln may end up with a total lower mintage than the Buchanan due to the high price of gold, so ironically the Lincoln may end up with a premium due to low collector interest.

  8. Anonymous says

    I'm saving my money for the 5oz silver… Especially with high release price on first spouse.

  9. Anonymous says

    It's a disgrace that Lincolns wife made it on a gold coin before Lincoln himself did. This should be a big hit for all the professional ladies out there. I for one will not be buying one. I'd much rather see President Lincoln on a gold coins.

  10. vaughnster says

    I think the next two years of the First Spouse Gold series will be have the lowest mintages due to the rising gold prices on top of no one ever heard of these women.

  11. Anonymous says

    I agree with a previous poster regarding Lincoln's wife. She was a nut-job, and probably stressed Lincoln out as much as the war did. Women have a way of doing that! 😉

  12. Anonymous says

    I agree with the comment that the first/last spouse series is a dud.

    I took a few 2007 FS coins to the local coin shoppe for an appraisal and the owner told me they were valued the same as scrap gold for melt value. Guess I should've bought buffalo gold or silver bullion. What a loss!

    Don't let the flippers con you.

  13. Anonymous says

    Selling the 2007's at melt is only a loss if you bought them on the secondary market, since Mint issue price was FAR below the value of 1/2 oz. of gold today! I could sell every one of my 2007's for melt right now and make about $275 per coin. Not a bad return, really. Plus, even the 2007's bring a little more than melt when selling to collectors.

    The 2008's and beyond still hold more value over gold melt, especially the Liberty designs.

    The series is NOT a "flop." Those of us who plan to run the marathon to the end will be the proud owners of an EXTREMELY rare and tough to build set. So what if selling it all at once would be virtually impossible? It could always be sold off as single coins. Just the act of completing it will be a great accomplishment.

  14. Anonymous says

    There are now 7 different Spouse coins for sale. Why is the Mint NOT dropping the old as the new comes available???

  15. Anonymous says

    There are only 4 designs of gold coins for sale. There are still 6 designs of bronze medals for sale. The link for Julia has nothing left under it. Why they have not removed that yet I don't know.

  16. Anonymous says

    I don't know about all this and the others, but the Jefferson, Jackson, and Bucannan are pretty neat looking coins I'd say.
    As far as the rest of 'em to come. I can't see how any of them could possibly be nearly as cool as the Jackson Liberty.
    I'm done with the series.
    Thanks Mint for bringing these classic designs back to be stamped one last time.
    (Too bad they can't do the incuse Indian too. Oh well)

  17. Anonymous says

    The Lincoln spouse coins were purportedly to be THE most attractive issues of the series to date, then Jackie O and Eleanor Roosevelt.

    There's a frequent poster on this blog who talks about gold going "pop, pop, pop" … I don't know how true that may be, but agree that the spouse series will have gone "flop, flop, flop" … if Mary Todd doesn't sell out as some predicted.

    I'm unloading my entire FS collection ASAP if Old Lady Lincoln doesn't move fast this week.

  18. Anonymous says

    Purported by whom? We got a preview of the Lincoln spouse coin nearly a year ago. It's been known its gonna be one of the ugly ones. If the Buchanan didn't fizzle out i'd have seen some interest in this coin but I think the lincoln will be yet another sub-4000 wonder. That doesn't mean series is doomed. If you hold these and build a complete set I fell in 15 years it will be spectacularly valuable.

  19. Anonymous says

    Hey!!!! I have a great idea. Why don't we get a bunch of metal at spot and press some fancy pictures in it and make people pay an outrageous price for it. Ohhh forget that idea. The US Mint has already taken that one. Heyy!!! Better yet maybe we can encase them in plastic and get even more then the Mint gets just for plastic. Ohhh forget that idea too. The TPGs have that one covered. So what's left to hope for. Ahhhh that's right the price of metals will go up so we can hopefully break even. Amazing process huh? I think most collectors know who wins these games.

  20. Anonymous says

    I ordered my proof ASEs at 12:30 pm on Nov. 19th and the are still "on hold"!
    Called cust. service last week and they promised "rushed delivery", but as of today still "on hold"
    What gives?

  21. Anonymous says

    Some of the best First Spouse gold coins will feature the wives of Democratic presidents. Remember Jackie Kennedy? And the next President of the US will be featured on a gold coin — Hillary Clinton. Now that will be a real collector's item….

  22. Anonymous says

    Gold climbs higher in price. But the American economy continues to improve. The stock market has taken notice and is climbing to new heights.

    In no time, we can hear the deafening sound in the precious metals market as the sounds of "God Bless America" fill the air…

    The deafening sound? POP! There goes the gold bubble as true Americans wave their red, white, and blue flags.

    God bless America.

  23. Anonymous says

    The Mary Lincoln may have a price increase next week to $879.

    Will they be selling the proof gold Eagles after the end of the year. The 1/2 ozers may be sleepers with low mintages and very few are paying attention to the gold eagles recently.

    Michael, any sales report this week? Has the Mint ever skipped a week?

    I'm not finding any info on the 5oz "circus" coins on the Mint web site. I realize they are being distributed with a mark-up by authorized third parties (and "unauthorized" fourth parties), but shouldn't they have info on the Mint web site?


  24. Anonymous says

    Pop goes the dollar since "we" will be printing billions more and sending it to europe(why are we so stupid)) only to be "redistributed"… Silver and Gold,(and bread) will soar for the forseeable future.

  25. Anonymous says

    For JBL – As of today, the only ATB Bullion info on the Mint's website is the announcement article in their Pressroom.

    Historically, they don't publish a lot of information about their bullion programs on the website other than the one or two links that describe the American Eagle Bullion Coin Programs and the Authorized Purchasers Network.

    Since the Mint will not be offering the Numismatic ATB coins until 1st quarter of 2011, I would anticipate that any specifics or other, additional information on this program probably will not surface until 2 weeks before they go on sale.

    As of today, the Mint has yet to provide a hint towards the 2011 programs and preliminary schedules. Most should follow their previous schedules, while previous posts have indicated that the 2011 Annual Sets would go on sale much earlier in the year, vice mid to late Summer.

    Hope this helps.

  26. Anonymous says

    I doubt there would be a subscription offered for those, at least for the 2010's. The mintage is so low, the subscriptions would sell out in a matter of hours, and we would basically have a repeat of the First Spouse subscriptions that were later nixed. Again it all goes back to the Mint trying to be fair in distribution.

  27. Anonymous says

    Uhhh…two problems with "POP" man:

    1) The economy isn't improving, unless you listen to the talking heads at the liberal news outlets. All you have to do is take a look at the job news today to have an inkling. However, the libs in the media and current administration will try to spin it as good news. If you hear a "POP" sound, it will be coming from Wall Street, which is artificially high now by about 50% based on the economy. The almost trillion dollars that is not being accounted for by the Fed was likely used to prop up the markets and make certain politicians look good to their constituency.

    2) The governments around the world are destroying their currency as fast as they can. Gold is not going up so much as the dollar, Euro, etc., are going down. The popping sound is paper; not gold/silver/other PMS.

    So my question for POP MAN is: How can governments repair their respective currencies after inflicting so much damage to them? Russia and China understand this and that is why they are talking about a new currency that is backed by gold (or some other PM).

  28. Anonymous says

    Well, I plan to ride the First Spouse wagon as far as I can.

    ANY commemorative U.S. gold coin with sales less than 10,000 sells for a significant premium today.

    It might take 20-30 years, but mark my words…these puppies will be a good long term investment.

  29. Anonymous says

    Interesting to see the final Margaret Tyler Proof mintage , it was just below the final mintage of Julia Tyler proof. It could be a new low mintage record .

  30. Anonymous says

    Where are the new mintage number posted?

    I imagine Margaret will be high compared to future offerings due to the skyrocketing price of gold!

  31. Anonymous says

    Yes, these pesky little bubble pop flies are still buzzing around here some more I've noticed. They will never go away just like flies at a picnic or near a dog turd. These bubble pop flies buzzing around here think they are at at picnic but their sense of smell has gone haywire and they always end up landing on some fresh doggie poo.

  32. Anonymous says

    It strikes me as so odd that you people believe these Spouse coins will be valuable rarities. Will a "complete set" be valuable? OF COURSE, because assembling it will cost TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars.

    It is not right to compare coins in this series to certain gold commemoratives. This series will have low mintages exclusively, and the demand that doesn't exist now is not going to materialize. Eventually, dollars are going to be more valuable, and gold less valuable, and only then will demand bottom out, as a set comes within the realm of the affordable. As investments for BIG DOLLARS (like tens of thousands of dollars) the US Mint is a TERRIBLE vehicle. You might double your money on $50 if you are lucky enough, but you won't be able to reproduce that trick with large quantities of gold.

    Unless, of course, the popularity and interest in Mrs. Warren G. Harding takes a tremendous surge, based on Boardwalk Empire.

  33. Anonymous says

    with the way things are going and with like a few some 300 million potential collectors in America. The low sub 50,000 or so mintages of The Series may yet garner some interest.

  34. Mercury says

    Buyers beware; the writing is on the wall. As the US Mint stated: "The Mary Todd Lincoln First Spouse Gold Coins are offered with no household ordering limits." In other words, any foreseeable long term vested interest in these coins will be at best minimal if it’s maintained at all. In addition to the high price of gold; its unappealing lack luster design will pretty much go unnoticed by collectors, and will not have the motivating "it" factor as a must have coin in the secondary market. The unfortunate thing is that these coins will sellout. But taking into consideration the over inflated initial investment price that is being spent on this gold set, it is highly unlikely they will recoup, if even retain the value of the initial purchase price. Hopefully you are just purchasing these coins for sentimental reason and not as an investment; otherwise you will regret this purchase. You would be better off to skip purchasing this booby trap, and put your hard earned money somewhere else. Either way as the voice of reason, I must say that the gold market is heading for a devastating fall towards the end of the first quarter of next year. And unfortunately with this purchase, gone will be its secondary market, and any chance of recovering your losses.

  35. Anonymous says

    I have always been a big fan of Lucretia Garfield, and I am awaiting with bated breath the issuance of her coin.


    And if you believe that, I have a half ounce of gold to sell you at 25% over spot.

    Gold and precious metals are not scarce, they are a hedge against inflation. The prices cannot go much higher.

    If some action is taken by Congress to reign in the debt, as it must unless it is filled with traitorous fools, that might exert substantial downward pressure on the price of gold.

    But a swing in the price of gold is infinitely more likely that a sudden outburst of interest in presidential spouses.

    When are they going to issue pennies honoring each Congressional district? THAT would be fun to collect. (From circulation — I can only imagine the varieties of mint packaging.)

  36. Anonymous says

    If the price of gold drop s by 25% then the spouses will get more attractive and the demand may improve. The rare once in that case ,will retain their value.

  37. Anonymous says

    " Either way as the voice of reason, I must say that the gold market is heading for a devastating fall towards the end of the first quarter of next year."

    Mercury, my "voice of reason" disagrees with you. I see new highs ahead.

  38. Anonymous says

    "Either way as the voice of reason, I must say that the gold market is heading for a devastating fall towards the end of the first quarter of next year."

    Only if our government gets control of spending and the Fed does "inverse" quantitative easing. Again, GOLD IS NOT GOING UP AS MUCH AS THE DOLLAR IS GOING DOWN!

    The USA (you and me) is bailing out the Euro and probably other currencies around the world without any sanity checks. It appears to be an intentional effort to kill our economy and the dollar by the haters currently residing in the white house and Fed. Otherwise, please explain why China, Russia and other countries are abandoning the dollar while also talking about a new gold-backed currency.

    In short, it's "pay me now or pay me later," but you will have to pay at some point. Only the uneducated believe spending and printing can go on forever. Even our economy is not that resilient.

  39. Anonymous says

    Speaking of uneducated, China is NOT dumping dollars. Nor can they, since if there is a run on the dollar, China will be a big loser. China's future is intertwined with ours, like it or not (for either of us).

    China is relying on us to start acting more responsibly, and I hope it is not in vain.

  40. Anonymous says

    "Speaking of uneducated, China is NOT dumping dollars. Nor can they, since if there is a run on the dollar, China will be a big loser. China's future is intertwined with ours, like it or not (for either of us)."

    I didn't say China was dumping the dollar; you should read more carefully. What I said was China and Russia are abandoning the dollar… and there is a difference.

    See link below:

    The dollar used to be the world's standard currency, but now has become so diluted that even China is moving away from it. Looks like China is "abandoning" the dollar as their preferred world currency to me (no matter what their communist talking heads say). That was the point. And it will only get worse from here.

  41. Anonymous says

    Sorry to say, but I don't think you understood that article.

    If China allowed its currency to be openly traded, its exports would be more expensive for us, improving our trade deficit.

  42. Anonymous says

    You are assigning capitalistic principles to a communist regime. China's goal is not prosperity for it's people, but power to intimidate. They are now using the dollar to intimidate us and will continue to do so until they no longer need us. If that is not the case, then please "educate" me on all their posturing against the dollar (and the West in general).

    They own the USA and will likely attack Taiwan before the current weak administration leaves office because they know (as everyone does) there will be no repercussions from their slave state – the USA.

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