Menominee Tribe Code Talkers Bronze Medal

In addition to the two medals covered in the previous two posts, the United States Mint has also recently started accepting orders for the Menominee Tribe Code Talkers Bronze Medal. This represents a bronze duplicate version of the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to Menominee Tribe Code Talkers.

Under the Code Talkers Recognition Act of 2008 (Public Law 110-420), Congressional Gold Medals were authorized to be awarded to tribes with members who served as Code Talkers during a foreign conflict in which the United States was involved. This followed the previous separate recognition of Navajo Code Talkers under the Navajo Code Talkers Congressional Gold Medal Act enacted in 2000.

The new program proved extensive, with a total of 33 eligible tribes identified by the Department of Defense. At a ceremony in November 2013, 25 of the 33 Congressional Gold Medals were awarded to the tribes and bronze duplicate versions made available for sale on the US Mint’s website. The design for the 26th medal honoring the Menominee Tribe Code Talkers was unveiled, although the medal was not awarded until May 18, 2014, and the bronze duplicate versions not available for sale until earlier this month.

Menominee Code Talkers Medal

The obverse design depicts a code talker using communication equipment while three P-51 Mustangs fly overheard. The inscriptions include MENOMINEE CODE TALKERS and OMAEQNOMENEW KEMOC KEKETOTATOWAK, which translates to “Menominee secretly talk to each other.” The obverse was designed by Paul Balan and engraved by Phebe Hemphill.


The reverse design features the Thunderbird at center  from the Menominee Nation Seal. Images of a bear, eagle, wolf, moose, and crane appear surrounding to represent the five clans. A sturgeon and wild rice are also included. The Menominee Nation is known for its reliance on wild rice and as intense fishers. Inscriptions read WORLD WAR II and ACT OF CONGRESS 2008. The reverse was designed by Donna Weaver and engraved by Renata Gordon.

The US Mint has 3-inch bronze versions of the medal available for $39.95 and 1.5 inch bronze versions priced at $6.95.

Images and descriptions of the previously released 25 Code Talkers Medals can be seen here. The CFA and CCAC recently reviewed design candidates for the 27th medal honoring Crow Tribe Code Talkers.

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  1. Jon in CT says

    The Mint’s project to completely replace its online presence with modern software and processes by Oct 1 appears to be on schedule. According to the most recent update (Jun 25) at

    Accomplishments: June 2014: (IDD) Integration Design Documents for all 10 integrations modules are complete. Data migration design is complete. QA Test plans have been approved. Testing activities will continue. All website creative is complete. Scope issues are within the parameters of this project. All costs are within expected parameters. All costs are within expected parameters.

    So, one day within the next three months (probably during September), the Mint will throw a switch and begin running a totally new software suite at (or its replacement web url). At that point, PBGS/Novitex will no longer provide any direct services in support of Mint online sales from its Plainfield, IN center. Instead, PFSWeb will take over customer service (call center in Dallas, TX) and handle product fulfillment (warehouse and shipments from Memphis, TN).

    I’d love it if Michael Z. could arrange an interview with the Mint employee in charge of this massive conversion.

  2. fmtransmitter says

    Said it before, will always say IF this series would be offered in silver by the mint it would be a huge hit based on the designs and background and contribution to this Country…Go USA viva la FIFA….

  3. Blair J Tobler says

    Jon in CT – thanks for that update. Weren’t fulfillments also coming out of Memphis before PBGS/Novitex got the contract and moved it to Indiana?

  4. VA Dave says

    The Mint website (under the 50th Anniversary Kennedy news) has an annoucement with the release date for the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Proof Coin – August 5, 2014. Surprised no one has commented about that….

  5. VA Dave says

    Jon in CT – oops my bad..missed that post. Haven’t been keeping up with all the conversations since the BHOF talk dried up…..guessing things will heat back up with the Kennedy releases.

  6. says

    I’ve heard from a reliable source that it is “Poopy Pants” holding up the “Dutch” medal and dollar. Seems she is not “pleased” with any of the available depictions so far. This is the only thing I think makes sense.

  7. says

    The Mint’s really been on a roll with these medals as of late. Don’t know if I’ll be picking this one up but all three recently featured medals here have had great art quality.


    Much obliged for the update on the mint’s site overhaul. Hopefully as we get closer to “go” time they’ll talk more about it (whether to Michael, Louis, or some other good coin writer).

  8. fmtransmitter says

    So now I got TWO silver medals with the eagle from 2003…One for the TR set, which looks awesome and one in OGP to go with the 4 coin set….

  9. says

    @fmtransmitter; I think it is kinda sad you can buy the 2003 medal for $19.95 + $2.00 shipping.

    And the whole TR set you can have for $59.00 and free shipping. That’s cheaper than the mint!

  10. says

    Received the Arches 5oz coins from the Mint today. Very nice looking.

    Also, 5 BHoF Silver Dollar Proofs shipped today. Order was placed on 3/31 at 9am.

  11. VARich says

    FM ~ so true Bro, if these were in silver, I’d be on them like a duck on a june bug! Gonna drop the $ when I really shouldn’t on a 3″ – hard to pass on a hard charging GI with a garand & ‘stangs overhead ~ the winning trio of WWII.

    My hats off to the artist designing the Codetalker medals ~ extremely well done, amazing eye appeal, & full of heritage.

  12. Louis says

    I have to agree. This is another excellent medal.
    The Mint did ask in a survey about whether people wanted silver medals, but I don’t know what the response was, and in part it was in terms of medals of past Mint directors, which may not be that popular. They should issue these ones in 1 oz silver and if they do well, start doing that with all the congressional gold medals.

    I hope the changeover Jon described results in better order fulfillment like we used to have in pre-PBGS days. Ah, the good old days…….

  13. Tinto says

    Would agree on making the medals in silver, maybe make it a 2 ouncer so that the details can stand out even more on a larger surface …

  14. Eddie says

    This is off topic but I just read it so I need to ask.

    It was printed that the silver set of the 4 Kennedy halves were going to be dated 1964 and not 2014 is this correct or was it a typo just a misprint?

    IF it is correct why? it just freaked me out when I read it.

    I think this set is going to be one of the best sets in a long while as far as halves go.

  15. says

    @Eddie, everything will be dated 2014 except the Gold and it will have dual date 1964-2014. you are probably reading that they are using the high relief that was only used in the 1964 coin…

  16. Louis says

    @Eddie- CC is correct, but Numismatic News ran a story online which incorrectly said the others would be dated 1964. Imagine the confusion that would create!

  17. fmtransmitter says

    Obombies lumber mindlessly along just like zombies, hobbling and shambling, mindlessly seeking government handouts and entitlements, deriving satisfaction with their leader’s every utterance, marching the nation inexorably to a subsistence economy. lol

  18. VA Bob says

    Eddie – I believe there is a law the Mint cannot strike a coin with a previous years date unless it commemorates a year and also has the current year such as 1776 -1976.

    Yeah my Arches 5oz. came in today. Very pleased with the strike.

  19. fmtransmitter says

    Great article on Hoover’s humanitarian work Louis. Boy, what has happened to the CORRECT use of your power as an elected official?? Using your power in office tofeed people who need food to survive, my what a novel idea

  20. Louis says

    Thanks a lot, FM. I really enjoyed talking to the director of the Hoover library and learning more about Hoover. It was a real honor.

    A question for those who buy the large medals from the Mint: the one I got of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi , which I have displayed on a bookcase, has started to turn a weird orange color. My other bronze medals like presidential ones from way back are all fine. Has this happened to others? Seems like it needs some kind of extra finish so it does not get ruined by the air, or maybe just keep it in the box, though it’s too late for that one.

  21. fmtransmitter says

    Well, with ANY metal Louis, ANY exposure to our nasty air we breath today will just about ruin anything. I left my windows cracked yesterday a small shower came through and ate the coating off my power window casing. Un real…Case and point, keep ALL coins in air tites whether OGP or after market…

  22. says

    In regard to the Cogressional Medal of Honors that are awarded to individuals for various purposes: these are personal awards. I don’t really understand the appeal they have for collectors, unless the purchaser has a personal, close tie to the award recipient.

  23. fmtransmitter says

    Well Hawkster, as a collector, I personally enjoy looking at or owning coins, medals designed by various Governments and various Artists. I have collected Frank Gassparo designs for a long time whether made while he served as Chief engraver or after he retired on a commission basis. Mercanti is another example with the new Wedge Tail. The major appeal to myself is the art work, PM’s are secondary. Each to their own on what they collect.

  24. says

    Mint excel spreadsheet update for 06/29/14:

    Gold proof BHOF 38,776 down 21
    Gold unc 21,833 down 22
    Silver proof 284,135 down 876
    Silver unc 148,156 down 803
    Clad proof 190,232 up 2,685
    Clad unc 109158 up 1,971

  25. says

    fmt, That image is about the ugliest I have seen., the other is really nice however. It’s amazing what bad looking patina can do to an otherwise great looking piece.

  26. Tinto says

    “Well, with ANY metal Louis, ANY exposure to our nasty air we breath today will just about ruin anything. ”

    Are there any products that will help prevent or delay the process? I’ve heard about Metalsafe and would moisture absorbers help if they are placed with the coins in a reasonably air tight case/box? I have some raw coins which I would like to keep long term and had been wondering if there was such a product on the market. Thanks

  27. fmtransmitter says

    Tinto says

    June 30, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    “Well, with ANY metal Louis, ANY exposure to our nasty air we breath today will just about ruin anything. ”

    Are there any products that will help prevent or delay the process? I’ve heard about Metalsafe and would moisture absorbers help if they are placed with the coins in a reasonably air tight case/box? I have some raw coins which I would like to keep long term and had been wondering if there was such a product on the market. Thanks
    Great question Tinto. I can only let you know what I do and that is air tites. I would not put any absorber inside a capsule because it would make contact with the coin and make small scratches. I would just do some online searching for good articles in the proper way to store your coins. I recently saw some very early proof sets from the 30’s sell on ebay and the seller’s Father, who had passed away, was very smart imo to preserve them in mason jars which prevented even the staples from the OGP packaging from rusting. Very clever. Any container in which you are able to remove the air is best, say like those food storage bags that are sold that suck the air out with a pump. Good luck and hope this helps…

  28. smiledon says

    @ Hawkster,
    I bought 2 of the code talker medals that honor the tribe that my family belongs to.
    Outside of that, I do not see the appeal of them.

  29. jeff says

    This topic is dead let’s move on say bhof nothing more interesting than these coins I say they won’t mint the entire 750K clad and I predict the gold & silver bhof will be lower mintage than expressed . As Macho Randy Savage says Oh Yeah

  30. says

    To prevent surface problems on coins, try buying two “EVA-DRY” dehumidifiers. Even in high humidity areas like where I live along the Texas Gulf coast they do a fantastic job of keeping everything nice and dry in my safe. I just simply swap the units out about every two weeks or until the indicator on the unit tells me to, and since they’re rechargeable by plugging them into the wall, you won’t have to by any more. I love them!

  31. VaBeachSteve says

    Well …… 6/30 has now come and gone and no change in shipping, no cancelled orders, no nothing. My proof silvers still have shipping dates of 6/16. Jeff, I hope you are right about the lower mintages.

  32. jeff says

    VA BEACH my estimate is 10% less proof and un circulated silvers 2-3% for the gold This in my opinion will be do the returns, the mint will just refund not replace ..

  33. says


    Exactly my point. The two code talkers medals that honor the tribe that your family belongs to have a personal connection for you. Congratulations and thank you to those tribal members that rendered their service to our nation. I’m sure you are very proud to own the commemorative medals; they have a special meaning to you.

  34. gary says

    Whatever the mintage of clad bhof half dollars, they’ll always show up in flea markets for many years to come.
    The gold and silver will eventually settle at a price range premium over whatever the existing spot price of gold & silver might be. With the heavy mintages across the board it’ll always be available at any time.
    Essentially the BHOF “phenomenon” is past & a dead topic as all eyes are now set for the next “big new thing”, the Kennedy half dollar commems. These will also be minted in huge quantities and will likely follow the BHOF in a brief boom period and then bust & settle down.

  35. stephen m says

    gary, that’s so true. At a mintage of 10,000 the 2006 reverse proof gold eagle, only year made, is available today and at a fair price and may be for many years to come but a lot of the moderns are a delight to collect and hold.

  36. VA Bob says

    Louis – If the patina is ugly on that medal, I’d dip it, dry it thoroughly, put it in an air tight and see what happens. It might color again (quite likely) but maybe you’ll get a more pleasing tone. Only other option is to order another from the Mint.

    I have a large Yosemite Medal I bought back in 1992 (and they are still selling them, I must be one of 10 people that bought). Anyway the bronze is very yellow, brass like composition not the more copper color one typically see’s in the Mints medal offerings. These definitely are less prone to toning for some reason. I wonder if they changed the composition over the years.

  37. Jon in CT says

    Hawkster wrote on June 30, 2014 at 6:58 PM:


    Exactly my point. The two code talkers medals that honor the tribe that your family belongs to have a personal connection for you. Congratulations and thank you to those tribal members that rendered their service to our nation. I’m sure you are very proud to own the commemorative medals; they have a special meaning to you.

    EVERY American family sacrificed and did what they could during WW2. I personally resent these politically correct medals.

  38. Samuel says

    VA Bob,
    you have experience dipping medal? any website? Can you share what do you use?

    I want to have some old medals “conserved”, but NCS’s procedure is to “”conserve” first, then send it to be graded. I dont need it to be graded.

  39. smiledon says

    @Jon in CT,
    Why not honor the gold star families?
    You make a good point of the PC medals. We, as a nation, have truly lost our way.
    I can not express in words how far off the rails we are.
    Oh well.

  40. VA Bob says

    Samuel – When I dip (and it is extremely rare that I do) it is only with coins/medals where the benefits out weigh the risks. I would be reluctant to do it with a valuable piece. I don’t sell coins so have never passed a dipped coin onto another collector.

    I use E-Z-est to dip. They have a couple of products. You will also need tongs (plastic) that grip good and don’t leave marks, and distilled water. You will also need a lint free cloth. If the piece is very dirty, you can soak it in the distilled water first to loose up the dirt. As a last resort you can dab (never rub) difficult spots with a moist Q-tip.

    When you dip, you dip the piece for only 5 seconds max, and evaluate. The risks go higher the more you do it. Rinse thoroughly with distilled water, use twice as much water as you think is necessary. Place on cloth and dab (never rub) dry. Better yet use one of those hand held hair dryers (low or no heat). it is imperative not to leave water spots. When completely dry place in a capsule or air-tite. Freshly dipped metals can turn quickly after dipping, especially copper or bronze, less with silver, gold shouldn’t be a problem at all.

    Practice on some pre-1982 cents first, to get your routine down. It pays off. The supplies are a easy enough to find at coin supply stores like Wizards. If you do it let us know how it turn out for you.

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