Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin: Tips for the Countdown to Noon


The webpage for the coin now says “Household Order Limit includes previous purchases of this product.” However, conflicting info from the Office of Corporate Communications suggests it’s worth giving it a try anyway.

UPDATE—As of 12:01 p.m., thanks to MNB readers, we know that (a) previous orders DO count against the HHL, and (b) the notification of exceeding the HHL is issued at the time of order.

At 12 noon Eastern Time, the Mint will be making the Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin available for purchase for the second time this year. While waiting for the gates to be thrown open, here are some tips avoid getting shut out by technical issues with your account.

  1. Make sure your login information is handy, and test it now (especially important if you haven’t ordered from the Mint in a while).
  2. Once you’re logged in, go to your account and click on “Address Book.” Make sure your shipping and billing addresses are correct. If you need to edit your address, be sure to click “Apply” before leaving the window.
  3. Click on “Cards and Payment” and make sure everything is in order there.
  4. Once you’re sure everything is shipshape, make sure you’re logged in and on the product page a few minutes ahead of noon. To get to the coin’s product page, you can type the product number, 16XB, into the search blank; you can click on “Product Schedule” and scroll down about halfway to April 21 and click on the coin; or you can simply click here, or copy and paste into your browser.
  5. As the hour approaches, refresh your browser window frequently to make sure your session is still active. If you let it time out, you’ll lose valuable seconds getting logged back in—especially if the website bogs down due to the volume of users.
  6. As long as you don’t get a message that you’re ineligible to order the coin, keep trying. Many buyers aren’t successful on the first click, due to website issues.

It’s unclear at this time whether previous orders of the Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin will count against the new household-order limit of 1, as there is conflicting information from the Mint (although it seems likely the answer is “nope, not eligible”). Even if you think you’re ineligible, though, go ahead and give it a shot. Which is worse: wasting a moment’s effort, or not trying and then finding out later that you were eligible after all?    ❑

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  1. art says

    @cagcrisp, and what’s your story cagcrisp? You declared that previous buyers should be allowed to purchase one more today. Then you declare that the first wave buying limit of 10 was the greatest thing on this Earth. Then you say something about WCubes caring and giving to others. Not sure what to think when it comes to you and Greed.

  2. Flave says

    Cagcrisp…just so you’ll know. I really appreciate and look forward to your comments. I’m basically a reader of this blog, although once in a while I ask a question about coins. There are a lot of commenters on this blog who are very well informed when it comes to coins. Thanks to you and everyone else who make informed comments on coins and the PMs on this blog. I, for one, have learned a great deal reading this blog over the past few years.

  3. cagcrisp says

    @art, I buy coins and give coins away. I’ve Never sold a coin in my life. I’ve never sold anything on the bay. I have Zero SLQ’s . I have Zero WLH’s. Giving all of those away for Christmas. I very seldom by anything from the Current Mint offerings for myself. I’ve had to create Numerous accounts because I give every person the exact same thing and HHL’ s are sometimes problematic.

    I don’t think grandchildren should be penalized for not having a cc and I don’t like using friend and family accounts because I don’t like ordering coins under people’s names, paying them for said coins and then them knowing how much the coin cost IF I choose to gift one to them.

    I’m all in favor of a reasonable HHL. ..

  4. cagcrisp says

    I’m meeting with a couple tonight that I am Gifting a Carson City coin to their Grandchild.IF anyone keeps up with coins know, if it’s a Graded coin from Carson City it’s expensive .

    How rare is the one I’m Gifting? About 1 in 14,000…

  5. art says

    @cagcrisp., ok fair enough. You have some quantity requirements for family gifts. Was your hope for being able to purchase another Mercury today in order to provide another gift? And I must say a very generous gift.

  6. cagcrisp says

    @art, Yes.

    I’ve said many times on here that a Balanced portfolio should have between 5-10% in Gold.

    I’ve got it set up for grandchildren to have a Balanced portfolio Except for the Gold. That’s what I’m working on now. ..

  7. says

    WCubes said on
    DECEMBER 15, 2016 AT 12:12 PM:
    Another total f-up by our mint. What a crock. Lousy web site. I had 2, only 2, back in April. Wanted 1 more for the other grandchild. Told me I had my household limit! What? I bet Putin got his!

    Gee, if only you’d realized you had an extra grandchild, you might have bought 3 instead of 2? How, on earth, can you blame the Mint for your screw-up? And that’s regardless of how many Putin might have bought.

  8. hawkster says

    As per your 4:18 post: Why the heck do you want Tinto to save you a seat on the bleaches? Sitting on a pile of Clorox won’t do your backside much good.

  9. Qui Transtulit Sustinet says



    How has that ‘sell ALL equities’ move that you shared on this blog just before the US election worked out in your balanced portfolio?

    How about your more recent buy of GLD, when you almost dislocated your arm patting yourself on the back after gold briefly held $1,159 an ounce?

    Opinions can differ on this blog, with regard to HH limits, what to buy and enjoy etc.—it is growing tiresome that YOU must always be “right”.

    For example, it is okay that you don’t want to buy French medals—for whatever reason—but we don’t need to hear about it simply because you wouldn’t do it.

    I don’t recall anyone on this blog being critical of your often expressed preference for pre-1933 gold.

    You don’t need to call out (medal) buyers buying what they like, or people expressing a personal opinion on HH limits and whether they should be adhered to.

  10. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    I was happy to get my thin dime today. I agree with others that the hhl of one was appropriate. The initial hhl of 10 was inexcusable and although it assured a quick sell out, it created a feeding frenzy among the unscrupulous sharks who have little or no regard for others.

    Thank you, US Mint , for restricting sales today to one per household. I suppose I have little respect for those who try to game the system… as American as apple pie as that may be. I get that self-interest and greed are intertwined and sometimes hard to distinguish. It’s what gave us the Hunt Bros in the 80’s.

    Well, before I go off on too much of a rant I just want to express my gratitude to the Mint for a job well done today. I would hope that all special coin releases would have an initial hhl of one for a period of a week or something of that order. It would go a long way toward establishing good faith with collectors.

  11. hawkster says

    D. Rittenhouse,
    I offer a few possible explanations why WCubes didn’t buy one for his third grandchild:

    1. The third grandchild was adopted after the April order.
    2. He was on the outs with this grandchild. Now they have reconciled.
    3. He forgot that he had 3 grandchildren since he rarely sees them.

    Yes, it was totally his screw-up.

  12. says

    At the expense of being accused of belaboring the obvious, the Mint’s term “Household Order Limit” would universally be abbreviated as HOL outside of the Mint New Blog. I’ve no idea about how HHL came to be the shorthand for that phrase in this blog, except that it likely arose from Arkansas. 🙂

  13. cagcrisp says

    @Qui Transtulit Sustinet, “How has that ‘sell ALL equities’ move that you shared on this blog just before the US election worked out in your balanced portfolio?”

    IF you care to look at what I said, I never said sell ALL equities. I was replying to what IPS_STUFF has asked me WEEKS before about when I was seeing a signal to get out. The post was for IPS_STUFF. I got out of many positions and after the election I got back in. Simple. I’m a stock trader and a gambler. That’s what I do. I don’t have a balanced portfolio. Never have. Never will, however, my children and grandchildren don’t have my affinity for the stock market or gambling like I do.

    “How about your more recent buy of GLD, when you almost dislocated your arm patting yourself on the back after gold briefly held $1,159 an ounce?” AGAIN I was answering a question from IPS_STUFF. I closed out the position when Gold breached $1,159.00.

    Here is my exact quote regarding the French medals”The afore mentioned French Gold MEDAL. Was 309% over spot. Now 113% over spot.

    Those that are inclined to purchase Either the Gold or Silver Medal from France that are limited mintage of 200 or 400, Probably shouldn’t Ever read any of my post.

    100% against everything I believe. not 99%. 100%…”

    …AND I still stand behind everything I said. 100% against everything I believe…

  14. cagcrisp says

    Here is my EXACT quote regarding a Question from IPS_ STUFF.

    “@IPS_STUFF, I’m long GLD ETF. I LIKE the Fact that Gold hasn’t re-tested $1,159.00 that it hit a few days ago. I see NO financial reason to be Purchasing Gold at this time …and yet it’s hanging in there… with a Lot of headwinds. I like that…”

    It broke $1,159.00 and I closed out my position. Simple…

  15. Qui Transtulit Sustinet says

    cagcrisp says
    NOVEMBER 1, 2016 AT 11:23 AM

    @IPS_STUFF, You had asked me one time about when to get out of the stock market. I pretty much got out today.

    cagcrisp says
    DECEMBER 7, 2016 AT 10:03 AM

    Bought some Old Gold coins and some GLD today…

    cagcrisp says
    DECEMBER 8, 2016 AT 4:03 PM

    Closing Bell…

    Considering what the stock market did yesterday and today, considering what the ECB did today, considering what the Euro did today…

    …I kinda like my Gold purchases made yesterday…

  16. cagcrisp says

    @Qui Transtulit Sustinet “cagcrisp says
    DECEMBER 7, 2016 AT 10:03 AM

    Bought some Old Gold coins and some GLD today…”

    MY Old Gold that I bought has gone UP. You need to look at some Old Gold price guides. As spot price of Gold has gone DOWN, some Graded Gold has gone UP…

  17. Qui Transtulit Sustinet says


    So, with the unidentified “Old Gold coins” up, you were one for three…because you sure aren’t a good weather vane for stocks or COMEX gold!

    Let’s try to keep it a coin blog, not a “where I think stock and gold prices are going” blog.

    Appreciate it.

  18. ips_stuff says

    @Cagcrisp – Just thought I would respond.
    People should realize, that this blog is no different than anyone offering there opinion on CNBC or any financial venue. These are opinions. I indicated to you I took a position in GLD with call options and dump them quickly too. If you are going to gamble with some of your funds, you also have to know when to cut your losses. Lots of people will not share their moves as they don’t want to here the “crap” that follows.

    P.S. thanks for not blasting me a few months back when I took long calls on BMY, Another losing trade. That I too posted about.

    On the coin side, I added 1 or 2 more Gold dimes today… Second Grandchild due in March.

  19. cagcrisp says

    @ips_stuff , I didn’t comment on your BMY options, however, I Also haven’t commented on a Lot of good sales you have made on the bay. You have made Winning positions out of some things I would never have bought…

  20. Qui Transtulit Sustinet says


    Sounds like you may have “action” (the action is the distraction) addiction issues…a quiet, but intellectually stimulating hobby like coin collecting might help.

  21. Ryan says

    Most things are not priced right in the market right now be it securities, commodities or fixed income. I’ll tell everyone my bad investment, I’m only holding one stock right now and that is ZTO I’m averaged in at around $15 and done chasing. The IPO started at $19.50 and they now trade at $12.91 a very poor start. The growth is fantastic and the business model is genius IMO, China has so much more growth ahead of it and I believe this company has a bright future oh I didn’t mention it’s a Chinese stock, I won’t bore you all with the details but sometimes investments are slow to pay off……or never do.

  22. Mike the Greek says

    Wow a lot of animosity around here lately. I’m happy to hear anyone’s opinion on gold, silver, coins, investing, etc. I think all topics of this sort are related, as occasionally political issues also factor in. That’s what so exciting about coin collecting; it’s about history in the making, history made, fortunes in the making, fortunes made and lost, and everything else in between. We’re talking about space lately because of an anniversary with the space program.

    I personally am thankful for all opinions on almost any subject somewhat relating, or exactly related, to the hobby. And even the occasional OT rant about whatever.

    I didn’t buy a Merc today. I did buy one for way too much money a few months ago, and I’m happy at the just the 1. Besides, I didn’t want to chance buying someone else’s return.

  23. Qui Transtulit Sustinet says

    @Ryan says,

    “Bringing a stream of consciousness stock tout to a coin blog is A-OK.”

  24. So Krates says

    While superficially it might seem selfless to always gift (and greedy to never gift), the issue is actually more complex. A deeper look into the motivation of an altruist often reveals that she receives other benefits in exchange. Whether they are future owed favors, psychological satisfaction or genetic in nature, it has been argued that it is impossible to be anything other than selfish as ALL behavior can be shown at root to be ultimately self-serving.

  25. So Krates says

    @ Buzz Killington – I liked the Halliburton suit case imagery, but you left out a Fedora, sunglasses and a cape, lol. In reality the 100 oz of rhodium is under seven pounds, with the proceeds at $10K/oz in Benjamins weighing in at around 22 pounds. Rh is an odd bird and only a few dealers will facilitate a deal like that. If you substitute gold coins the transaction becomes more common and the logistics are the same.

    The LCS is key. Hopefully you have built at least a slight relationship with the owner/manager of the best LCS in the nearest city. Hopefully it is only you who know you are carrying something of high value. The key is to act as if you carry it every day. It’s only a lack of desensitization that makes you worry something may happen. I’d suggest leaving the metal suitcase with attached handcuff at home and just use a doubled up white plastic shopping bag from Walmart. Wear no jewelry, and present a confident, casual stroll.

    It’s all about mindset. The folks who dwell in the digital world feel at home trusting bits, bytes, and block chains and often imagine the phyzz and it’s logistics to be more daunting than it is. The tangible assets guys don’t bat an eye counting out $50K in cash for a few tubes of AGEs in a Starbucks but usually have an unreasonable fear of the zeroes and ones going poof and them being left destitute. Best to have a foot in both worlds.

  26. Erik H says

    I received my 5 Burnished Eagles yesterday. All duds!

    Usually I can pick out 2 that are good but not this time. 4 had contact marks and the one that had a perfect strike with no marks has two milk spots on it!

  27. cagcrisp says

    Gold AM fix $1,134.85

    3 fixes considerably under Current level range.

    SO…IF you are thinking about a purchase of WLH…Wait and Watch until Wednesday.

    You Could save $25.00…

    The WLH is starting to get Interesting…

  28. cagcrisp says

    The dollar index hit Another 14 year High yesterday.

    Make sure you view Gold in that context.

    It’s one thing to see Gold when the dollar index was 72. It’s another thing to see Gold when the dollar index is 102…

  29. bobo says

    >it has been argued that it is impossible to be anything other than selfish as ALL behavior can be shown at root to be ultimately self-serving.

    So Krates, what could falsify this theory? People like Richard Dawkins who argue that all behaviors, even kind ones, are selfish because they foster propagation of one’s genes, are mixing up levels of description. His kind of extreme reductionism leads to confusion, because selfishness/kindness operate at the level of the human mind. Genes cannot be selfish, since they lack minds or intentions.

    Here is an example of altruism that I think is hard to reduce to genetic pseudo-selfishness. Say I love the taste of meat, but decide not to eat it because I do not want to cause another conscious being pain. How is that selfish?

  30. bobo says

    Now this is funny: Apparently at the Texas meatpackers association a bunch of Vegans were holding up signs saying “meat is murder” and the like, and the spokesman said into the microphone in a Texan drawl, very earnestly: “If God did not mean us to eat animals, then why’d he make ’em out a meat?”

  31. Erik H says


    The gold / silver ratio has been hovering around 68 to 72 for a while now. Do you have any analysis as to whether it will continue to get closer to historical norms? Maybe a few more bank fines will help it along.

  32. data dave says

    Wow, reading the blog this morning it looked like attack cagcrisp day. I like the fact that people can post their thoughts on the direction of the markets without being beat up about it later. Although I did sell all my stocks and go all in on gold based on a 2 line post cagcrisp made around the election (just kidding).

    I even appreciate some of the comments made by those who seem to hate coins for some reason.

    I did figure out that the Mint must base household on address and not name or CC number.

  33. cagcrisp says

    Japan has Now by default (China stepped back more than Japan) supplanted China as the #1 foreign holder of US debt. I doubt if very many could guess who the #3 foreign holder of US debt is?

    This is the 7th consecutive month where foreigners have trimmed their holdings of US debt.

    The question is why is this relative to MNB?

    IF you don’t know the answer, you better do some search engine research…

  34. data dave says

    Quite a while ago someone posted (keep it anonymous) that when gold prices fall, the big dealers actually charge more (at least temporarily) and that seems to be true looking around this morning for good deals. I guess a lot of people hear that gold and silver tumbled and start shopping (and buying).

  35. Buzz Killington says

    @Bobo —

    I’ll take up your challenge. Foregoing meat protein marginally improves the world we live in, less waste of fossil fuels and associated pollution, less demand for antibiotics. Even if you personally don’t care about those things, and do it to prevent one more pig or cow from the slaughterhouse floor, you are promoting the world that YOU want to live in, so it is therefore selfish. If you’re trying to find a chink in Dawkins’ armor, you haven’t found a way to cut to the head of the line of the rest of the folks who are trying.

    If you buy a life insurance policy, name your political enemy as the beneficiary, wait out the 2 year suicide exclusion and faithfully pay the premium, and then blow your brains out to benefit the political enemy, THAT is unselfish. And it is totally foreign to rational human experience.

  36. art says

    @cagcrisp, wouldn’t it be a lot less stressful to purchase gold products which do not have a HHL and a mintage limit, when it’s for giving gifts? Why drive yourself crazy for high demand, limited product? The gift receiver should be thrilled with any gold gift.

  37. Buzz Killington says

    @SK —

    I definitely agree about having a foot in both worlds. I also acknowledge that it would be easier to unload 100 oz. of physical Rh than my safety deposit box full of oddities, if one had to do so in a hurry all at once.

    I also acknowledge that, even if I was being very obvious and suspicious, the odds of being the victim of a stick-up robbery are small. Still, the odds are more real than being the victim of a cyber-theft, since the banking laws still will protect me if my Fidelity account is emptied out. Whereas, there is basically zero remedy if I surrender my Walmart grocery bag full or PMs to an armed robber. I am not an alarmist about it, but I do recognize the existence of a risk.

    I do have a trustworthy LCS, which I imagine could handle all of the gold or silver I would ever be inclined to sell. I do not think I could unload any quantity of Rh there, if I had it, which I don’t. My LCS environment actually reinforces my perception of the risk. There are constantly tough-seeming guys in there, all protecting the one nerdy guy who really knows what he is talking about, and makes the decisions.