Michael DeBakey M.D. Bronze Medal

Michael DeBakey M.D. Bronze Medals will be available from the US Mint tomorrow April 23, 2008 at 12:00 Noon ET. The release will coincide with the presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal to Dr. DeBakey by President Bush.

Dr. Debakey is well known for his pioneering work in cardiovascular surgery and the artificial heart. He has operated on more than 60,000 patients including Russian President Boris Yeltsin. He is 99 years old and still practices medicine to this day. Check out his Wikipedia entry for more details, including the long list of awards he has received.

The medals available from the Mint are bronze reproduction of the Congressional Gold Medal. The obverse depicts an image of Dr. Debakey in hospital scrubs with a surgery in the background. The reverse depicts a human heart placed over a globe. A ribbon encircling the heart bears the quote by Dr. DeBakey: “The pursuit of excellence has been my objective in life.”

The medals will be available as a three inch bronze medal priced at $38 and a one-half inch minitiature bronze replica priced for $3.75.

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  1. Bishof Family says

    Thank you Dr Debakey for giving my father an extra 30+ quality life. He was one of the first patients to recieve by-pass surgery in Houston Texas over an Easter holday back in 1976. Your name will always be part of our family and we are eternally greatful for this mans pursuit of excellence that has been and accomplished in his life time!
    I read that he recieved the congressional metal od honor on my birthday April 22.

    God blesss Dr Debakey and his family.

  2. Roy Scott says

    To the Bishof family,… so great that he was able to do that for your family…

    He gave my sister her MD Diploma when she graduated from the Baylor College of Medicine.

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