Mint news roundup: Platinum Eagle Proofs, ATB 5-ounce silver, and other news

Mint news roundup

Mint Ekes Out Two More Dates on the Calendar

Through the first half of 2017, the Mint has laid out its calendar one month at a time, as opposed to committing to a full year’s schedule as it has done in the past. Last week the Mint added items to the July calendar—but only through July 11.

The first of two July items now listed is the 2017-W American Eagle platinum Proof coin (17EJ), which is scheduled to go on sale at noon on Thursday, July 6. In recent years, APE Proofs have been issued in multi-year series: Vistas of Liberty (1998–2002), Foundations of Democracy (2006–2008), Preamble to the Constitution (2009–2014), and Torches of Liberty (2015–2016). (A new, three-year series, Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, will commence in 2018.) During non-series years—namely 1997 and 2003–2005—each APE issue has had a unique reverse design.


This year’s issue will not be part of a series, but for the first time, it will repeat a design. In honor of the coin’s 20th anniversary, the 2017 American Eagle platinum Proof will use the 1997 “soaring eagle” design created by Thomas D. Rogers Sr. The coin will be priced shortly before its release date, based on current bullion values and the Mint’s pricing grid.


The second July catalog item will be the Ozark National Scenic Riverways 5-ounce Uncirculated silver coin (17AL). The coin will be the 38th America the Beautiful Uncirculated “puck,” and is priced at $149.95.

Annual Silver Proof Sets Now Available


On June 7, the Mint opened sales for the 2017 Silver Proof Set (17RH). Priced at $47.95, the sets contain the following Proof coins:

  • Five silver quarters from the America the Beautiful Quarters Program honoring Effigy Mounds National Monument (IA); Frederick Douglass National Historic Site (DC); Ozark National Scenic Riverways (MO); Ellis Island (New Jersey); and George Rogers Clark National Historical Park (IN).
  • One Native American $1 coin with a reverse design featuring a profiled likeness of Sequoyah writing “Sequoyah from Cherokee Nation” in Cherokee syllabary along the border of the design. Inscriptions are UNITED STATES of AMERICA$1, and Sequoyahwritten in English in the field of the design.
  • One Kennedy silver half dollar
  • One Roosevelt silver dime
  • One Jefferson nickel
  • One Lincoln cent

The quarters, half dollar, and dime are struck in 90 percent silver. All coins bear the S mintmark of the United States Mint at San Francisco. Each set includes a certificate of authenticity.

Meanwhile, on June 5, the traditional launch festivities for the latest ATB quarter—Ozark National Scenic Riverways—benefited from beautiful weather and successful promotions: more than 1,800 people, including 700 children, were in attendance.

Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee to Meet June 21

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) will hold a public meeting at 9:30 a.m. (ET) on Wednesday, June 21, 2017, at Mint headquarters in Washington, D.C. The CCAC will review and discuss the following design candidates (agenda subject to change as needed):

  • 2019 Native American $1 coin
  • 2020 Native American $1 coin
  • Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Program
  • Filipino Veterans of World War II Congressional Gold Medal
  • Office of Strategic Services Congressional Gold Medal

The election of jurors for the Apollo 11 design competition is on the agenda as well. In addition—and perhaps of particular interest to Mint News Blog readers—the CCAC plans to review and discuss a potential 2018 American Liberty 24-karat gold fractional coin.

The meeting is open to interested members of the public and news media. Interested members of the public may dial in to listen to the meeting at (866) 564-9287, access code 62956028. Note: Dial-in access is listen only and phones must be kept on mute to not disturb discussion.   ❑

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  1. earthling says

    This latest release by the US Mint seems to be a big non event. So like what do people think this is – some kind of Medal – or what? I mean this is a Silver thingy, not Brass like one of those Indian Code Talker Medals. 😮

    Speaking of Code Talkers , when is the next one coming out? I got every one of those so far. Love em. They’re Big, Bold, Brass. Really Cool . Really high relief too.

  2. Asherspapa says

    @earthling…Agree about Code Talkers and also wondering about the last two. They’re one of the Mint’s best bargains–as long as you don’t buy them one at a time and incur the Mint’s $4.95 shipping (or worse). Haven’t seen anything about them.

  3. Dustyroads says

    Question to anyone who buys the three AtB P, D, S quarters rolls; do all the different quarters you receive have the same proof like finish as the one I’m seeing on the S quarters?

  4. Scott says

    @ Gary, I agree it’s a huge disappointment but so is everything else from the U.S. mint lately.
    I’ll buy one eventually, at probably $100 over spot.

  5. Dustyroads says

    Since hearing about the possibility of getting Buffalo fraction gold coins this year, I’ve thought that we would have them every year going forward, or at least an intention to do so, but if the CCAC is going to have a meeting this month and discuss fractional gold in 2018, that would make three different types. I just can’t see that happening. So, IF we get the Buffalo fractional gold we’re expecting, it could be a one year offering. That I can see happening.

  6. earthling says


    Well I’m glad to hear somebody here likes those big Code Talkers. I was in the Army with a few Indian Guys. They were very low key and down to earth kind of people. Not loud mouthed trouble-makers like so many others. They were really pure spirited great people.

    I still have my Big Brass MACO Apollo 11 Medal I bought in Manhattan around 1971 on a class trip. That was my very first Big Brass Medal. I have a few Big Silver Medals and those are cool also. I just seem to love Big Medals.

    Could the US Mint possibly put out a BIG GOLD Medal for something? That would be so cool. Apollo 11 would be a great event for that but since they already have something planned….

    Come on Mint give us a BIG Gold Medalic Masterpiece. The more expensive, the better. I just love low mintage… anything!

  7. DBR says

    I bought the 225th Anniversary ASL Medal today. I bought my 2017 Silver Proof Set and the 2017 Uncirculated Set to cut down on shipping costs on single product orders. I’m not sold on the design and concept of this series just yet so I thought spending $59 on the ASL medal was better than purchasing the gold $100 coin.

    I may like the medal design a bit better because I like designs struck in silver in general. What I like better in the medal design are Liberty’s neck and shoulders with the tunic. May sound strange but true. I really want to see the eagle on the reverse with the product in hand not just from pictures. $59 is easier than dropping $1,690.

    I can envision the Liberty series in my mind with an Anglo, African-American, Asian, and Native American rendition of Lady Liberty, but this medal will help me make my final decision to collect this series or not.

  8. says


    Going the wrong direction.., big time!

    Jacqueline Kennedy 2015 First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Uncirculated Coin West Point (W) 73 Item(s) In Stock

  9. Alex in MA says

    I bought couple of Silver Medals, because I like design. I am new to the the hobby (jut since 2013), but I am not going to wait for two years to save $30 per medal. I am taking this risk and I know what risk means (investor in biotechs since 1992)

  10. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    I won’t be getting dragged into this series. It seems straight out of a human resources manual on managing diversity. Diversity, as in “non-white”.

    There’s a not so subtle theme that runs through this series. It’s another case of identity politics run amok. I can’t support social engineering in any form. This series reeks of social engineering and it drags Liberty into the fray to try to bolster a political agenda. The hyphenated Liberty of today doesn’t represent Liberty. She represents a distorted sense of social justice that uses racial issues to divide people.

    Hyphenated Liberty is not a unifying symbol. It’s the exact opposite.

    Next, Liberty will sue for sexual harassment.

    Now back to the Cosby show. I really hope he’s acquitted. That would do a lot to restore my faith in Liberty and Justice.

  11. cagcrisp says

    “KCSO says

    June 15, 2017 at 7:59 am


    Going the wrong direction.., big time!

    Jacqueline Kennedy 2015 First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Uncirculated Coin West Point (W) 73 Item(s) In Stock”

    It has taken 10 weeks to sell 73 coins…

    …SO…Another 10 weeks…(unless they add more)…

  12. So Krates says

    @ Just Another Dave in PA – While I share your disdain for identity politics, you (and others) seem to be reading a bit more into the Liberty coin than exists. First, there is no mention of her race in the product description or catalog. Where do you find this hyphenated Liberty? There is no hyphen in black , which is the word most blacks use to describe members of their own “race”.

    Not sure why you’d want to support a guy who has been accused by fifty-nine different women of rape/sexual assault/sexual battery/sexual misconduct as well as two fifteen year old girls. Dr. Huxtable has allegedly engaged in this pattern of predatory behavior over the course of four decades (1965-2008). He admitted (under oath) ” that he had used sedatives to help gain their cooperation. He testified that he had obtained Quaaludes from gynecologist Leroy Amar, who knew that Cosby had no intention of taking the drugs himself. Cosby instead intended to give them to women he wanted to have sexual relations with and admitted that he had given the drug to at least one woman and other people. Cosby admitted knowing it was illegal at the time to dispense the drug to other people.”

    If you read the allegations by the sixty-one victims, this public moralist seems to have a very consistent modus operandi of drugging women before engaging in activities. Fat Albert seems obsessed with this behavior. It is so pervades his thinking that the subject even made it onto his comedy album back in 1969, ironically titled It’s True, It’s True .

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s really a horse?

  13. Teach says

    Good article Louis! I agree there needs to be a new one. The Mint has issues that need to be addressed.

  14. So Krates says

    @ Louis – Solid critique, thanks.

    One line I found questionable:

    “Mint officials and staff are clearly doing their best…”

    My experience and observations have been different. Sounds like you’re trying to be polite. Any evidence, anecdotes, or arguments supporting this statement would be welcomed.

  15. Louis Golino says

    @ So Krates- Thanks. I have found that in my dealings with folks there that they are hard-working and well-intentioned, but as with many large organizations, problems arise on various fronts. As a customer I have been rather fortunate to receive good quality about 90% of the time and have only returned a couple orders and one was due to some unexpected financial problems. I did once have an issue with getting double billed, but they worked quickly with me to resolve the matter.

  16. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    @ So Krates – Right. It’s not labeled as such and it’s a rather subtle nuance but race is the theme of these medals. The description notes that Liberty is a young African-American woman and in subsequent issues there will be Latino-American, Asian-American and maybe another. Not sure about that.

    I’m very sensitive to the subliminal messages used in advertising and political messages. See the excellent Century Of The Self for the techniques devised for mass persuasion. We’re inundated daily with these techniques to the point where they seem ubiquitous and normalized through repetition.

    And I’m sorry if that seem like I’m trolling here. I don’t see it like that but I guess some people do. Maybe they’re just ignorant as to what constitutes trolling. Anyway, I appreciate your input So Krates. Always interesting.

    The Cos, well. I’ve read the accusations. I’m not at all convinced. Deep pockets will always be targets for these lawsuits. Constand (Howard Stern doppelganger) returned to Cosby’s residence after the alleged assault and brought him gifts.

    I’d be much more sympathetic to the prosecution if these allegations weren’t from decades ago. The Clintons and their apparatchik coined the term “bimbo eruptions” to describe this stuff.

    Cui Bono?

  17. gatortreke says

    @ Louis: nice article. I read your recent story in The Numismatist and came to the exact conclusion you write about in the above linked article, the Mint is desperate for the leadership of a Mint Director and not just any political appointee but someone who also has a foot in the numismatic world so they are sensitive to the changing nature of the industry. I have to say I’m not confident we’ll get a new Director anytime soon.

    @Just Another Dave in PA: the subliminal message I get from your commentary is that only the traditional view of Liberty as a classically dressed white woman is acceptable, anything new can only be considered Liberty in the hyphenated sense. I am a white male (no shocker there given the demographics of the numismatic community) and I rather enjoy the changing faces of Liberty on these new coins and medals as Liberty is a concept and/or philosophy not confined to any particular race or ethnicity. The traditional white population continues to become a smaller proportion of the overall U.S. population and likely will one day not be the majority given current demographic trends. I certainly hope the concept of Liberty won’t be confined to a minority point of view when that day arrives.

  18. Louis Golino says

    Thanks, gatortreke. Good point. I think it is not a coincidence that back when we had that with Moy and had Mercanti as a chief sculptor-engraver (or Elizabeth Jones), things were better esp. in terms of the quality of designs on coins..

  19. So Krates says

    Just Another Dave… – I share your concerns. I think I’ve seen snippets of the piece you mentioned. Reminds me of Chomsky’s, Manufactured Consent , which I think deals with similar issues. I will check it out fo’ sho’.

    I had the exact same realization yesterday concerning the Cosby accuser and the King of All Media, haha! As for who is out to get the old black moralizer? The same folks who framed OJ, and persecuted Michael Jackson for having kiddie sleepovers.

    WRT “bimbo eruptions”… if the shoe fits?! Bubba was a serial philanderer. Notice there were exactly “bimbo eruptions” in the eight years President Obama was in office. Say what you will about his policies, it’s hard to argue the previous POTUS didn’t exhibit good character.

  20. gatortreke says

    @ Louis: The Mint really needs someone who can provide a cogent, macro view of the coin universe. Right now I get the sense that decisions are almost made by throwing darts at the dartboard. Your points about mintages and pricing don’t do anything to dissuade me from that view. A well thought out plan would not result in the 12,500 mintage for the medals last year and an unlimited number this year. It does nothing to further the series and leads me to think they are winging it as they go rather than having a plan they are following.

    All that said above and despite my belief the medals will never be a good “investment”, I bought a pair yesterday because I’m one of the few who like them and the whole changing nature of Liberty designs. I haven’t been able to rationalize a purchase of the gold coin so the silver medals will have to suffice for now.

  21. Sith says

    @Louis Golino – As usual, nice article

    @gatortreke – Hear, hear! But DNFTT

    @So Krates – Cosby settled out of court, then “demanding that the accuser in his criminal case repay a confidential sex-abuse settlement because she cooperated with police who reopened the case and arrested him last year. ” But “any such prohibition would amount to obstruction on the part of the lawyers who drafted the document.” Sounds guilty to me. Anyway its attitudes like yours that allowed Cosby to get away with this for years, and the police only took it seriously when a male brought it to the public’s attention. BTW Hannibal Buress had nothing to do with OJ, or Michael Jackson.

  22. cagcrisp says

    1/10 oz. Gold American Liberty coin…


    Instead of it being a $5.00 it will be $10.00

    Just Another in Yet to be Determined list of Gimmicks to sell One Off’s.

    You either do an Unlimited List of Different designs with Lower and Lower Mintages such as Perth, the Royal Mint or the RCM …

    …OR…You do what the US Mint does and creates the SAME designs and you change Mint Marks, Finishes, or Denominations.

    It ALL amounts to the same thing…Zero sum game…You pay money for Gimmicks and the Mint collects it…

  23. Louis Golino says

    If it is HR and proof and costs no more than $200, I’d be down for one. But I am not sure if they can do HR that small. 1/4 would have been the sweet spot. Anyway, it’s just a proposal. No decisions have been made.

  24. cagcrisp says


    In 2018 you will have a $5.00 Bullion 1/10 oz. Gold AGE, a 1/10 oz. $5.00 numismatic Proof AGE and a 1/10 oz. $10.00 American Liberty design (don’t know the finish, the Mint mark, high relief or not).

    I can tell you that IF it is produced it WILL be a numismatic offering because the Mint NEEDS the revenue/profit.

    Let’s see the 1 oz. Gold American Liberty is currently $1,690.00, the proof 1/10 oz. AGE is currently $180.00…

    …SO…My Guess for a Proof 1/10 oz. Gold American Liberty (or whatever) High relief (or whatever) will be $200.00…

    You Guys are Underestimating how many Love the American Liberty Design…

  25. Dustyroads says

    I can’t help but to wonder if the proposal to produce 1/10 oz gold Liberties in 2018 using the same design used this year is an attempt to create more sales of the 2017 HR Liberty, or it’s just an addition.

  26. Buzz Killington says

    I will be the first to say that Bill Cosby is a miserable, terrible human being, based on the media-available anecdotal evidence.

    I am less convinced of the value of prosecuting a 79 year old with public monies. It does smack of a political stunt used by a DA to win an election. Whatever the statute of limitations is, twelve years is too long to have a meaningful prosecution for this sort of thing. The end result is likely to be a huge waste of taxpayer dollars, and an undeserved non-conviction, because too much time has passed.

    Cosby’s well-deserved punishment is the public’s knowledge that he is a serial rapist who took advantage of his celebrity. I think another great sentence would be for “Doctor” Cosby to be administered sodium pentothal, and then to sit for a Howard Stern interview.

  27. cagcrisp says

    ^ In my Above comment it should read “…SO…My Guess for a Proof 1/10 oz. Gold American Liberty (or whatever) High relief (or whatever) will be $225.00…”

  28. TemplePriestess says

    Thank you for the link Louis Golino. Considering Miss Liberty’s history can be traced back to the Indian princess, its interesting how people refuse to see any other variation of her other than white. The Secret Life Of Lady Liberty is also a great book that someone on this site turned me onto.

  29. Louis Golino says

    Actually, as my article explains, images of Liberty as a Native American man (buffalo nickel) and woman (many examples as discussed in the piece) are widely praised as some of our best designs. Look how popular the Native American dollars are compared to any other modern clad dollar apart from Eisenhower, for example.

  30. John Q. Coinage says

    Are there any #s on the AG 225th Anniv. medal ? Seems like it might be good for the 1/1o au, but kind of getting to be a running issue now maybe? As to Liberty, the Capital Dome has a native American as “Liberty”

  31. Sith says

    @Buzz Killington – It maybe a political stunt but:

    2000 – Lachele Covington who appeared on the Cosby’Show, files a police report claiming Cosby, who offered her career advice over dinner at his New York townhouse, “put her hand under his t-shirt and guided it south toward his sweatpants. The cops never questioned much less charge Cosby. The New York District Attorney declined to prosecute the case against the star. They even omitted his name to protect his celebrity status.

    2005- Andrea Constand, the former Temple University administrator filed a criminal complaint, but a County District Attorney said he “finds insufficient, credible and admissible evidence exists upon which any charge against Mr. Cosby could be sustained beyond a reasonable doubt.” The case was dropped. Andrea then filed a civil suit against Cosby. 13 women came forward to collaborate her account (only one publicly). Cosby settles the case.

    2015 – Nobody cared until Hannibal Buress slams Cosby. Public gets interested and, over 30 other women come forward to substantiate the claim. Files are charged that year.

    IMHO they dropped the ball, and are simply making up for lost time.

  32. Tom says

    We’ve progressed, but are still STUCK in too much of our past. I for one applaud the Mint releasing coins or medals that depict who we are today. No more coins that look like some white man wearing a powdered wig designed them .

  33. Mint News Blog says

    Hi folks — Louis Golino has a new article on Coin Update you might enjoy:

    Also, I’ll go ahead and confess that I bought an American Liberty medal. I hope to try my hand at an unboxing video; I’m also accumulating different macro-photography devices I’d like to try out and review for the site. Fingers crossed…

  34. So Krates says

    @ Sith – My apologies for not being clear. I was very critical of Just Another Dave’s support for Bill C. Don’t know if you missed that post (seems to be a lot of posting before reading previous comments going on lately) but it was pretty clear I think he is most likely guilty. Unlike Buzz K., I don’t give any weight to him being a senior citizen or the expenditure of public funds on the trial. I’d like to see him behind bars. My tongue in cheek remark about OJ and MJ was purely in response to Another Dave’s question, “Cui bono?” and I should have followed it with a winking emoticon. Nobody framed OJ and nobody persecuted MJ and nobody is out to get Fat Albert. All three ended up in predicaments of their own making.

  35. So Krates says

    $200 sounds about right as they will most likely be struck on the same planchets used for the golden WHL dime. The only one I want is the silver RP.

  36. Qui Transtulit Sustinet says

    I feel a majority of the 26, 833 silver Liberty medals sold yesterday went to dealers (for grading, as Louis pointed out above) or flippers. I expect large numbers to show up as future returns to the Mint. At $59.95 plus shipping for one ounce of silver, many will cherry pick and even collector buyers will be more selective about quality (both medal and packaging) than usual.

    Since I am a (medal) collector, not a flipper, I will wait for a lower secondary market price to get one or more.

    Meanwhile, I have put my collecting dollars toward alternative (non-US Mint) coin, medal and bullion purchases, including @ earthlings route— buying a couple of Daniel Carr’s beautiful Moonlight Mint/Clark Gruber offerings (one each in silver and gold so far).

  37. Buzz Killington says

    I can’t believe the Mint sold so many of these $60 silver medals, which I like, but which seem awfully expensive to me — and I held my nose and paid the Mint’s premiums for coin with a priest on it.

    @SK — I have shed precisely zero tears for Bill Cosby, and agree he is in a predicament of his own making. Nevertheless, I am not a believer in retributive justice. The fact that Cosby’s victim in this case has already received compensation from him, together with the fact that he is not likely to further disrupt the social order due to his age and reputation, do not implicate the goals of prosecution, in my opinion.

    I am more of a libertarian in this respect — it is better from 10 guilty men to go free than 1 innocent imprisoned, and all that.

    I also think the risk of trying this case after all this time runs a significant risk of giving him undeserved vindication. It is just too hard to get a conviction of this sort after so much time has gone by.

  38. Buzz Killington says

    @Sith —

    “Stunt” may be the wrong word, but the new DA ran on the platform of prosecuting Cosby.

    In one sense, prosecuting him looks like the will of the people, which is good.

    On the other hand, the DA is supposed to operate independently of the passions of the masses in exercising his discretion.

    I think it is also important to remember that in 2005-07, before Hannibal Burress opened the floodgates, it would have been hard to get a conviction of Bill Cosby by a woman who sued him. In other words, Cosby’s reputation was much more intact then than it is now, and the decision not to prosecute then might have very well been the right one at that time.

  39. earthling says

    This stuff about the ethnic Liberties is getting out of hand. Now they want to put out a smaller Gold version? Sounds like BS to me.

    If they really want to make this new image of Liberty accessible to the masses they need to get off this kick about overpriced Gold and Silver junk. How about ditching the Kennedy Half – which everyone is tired of anyway and come out with a 225th Liberty Half Dollar? Of course seeing the way things have gone , they’d want $29.95 each for the Clad treasures.

    I say strike up 225,000,000 and put them out there at face value ! Make this a 225th Anniversary that EVERYONE will remember.

    Forget all that overpriced PM “Old White Man Feed” . Put out some Nacho Chips , Potatoe Chips, Pretzels, Popcorn, and Lolipops…. for everyday citizens !


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