Mint posts catalog images of 2017-P American Liberty silver medal


Update: As of Friday morning, May 19, the Mint has corrected the catalog listing to indicate the medal is from the Philadelphia Mint. 

Earlier today the U.S. Mint posted the first formal catalog images of the 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary silver medal—the first of five medals, in four different finishes, to be released this year. The only one of these medals to be sold individually, according to a report by Coin World, is a Proof from the Philadelphia Mint. The other four medals, available only in a set, are to be a Philadelphia Reverse Proof strike, a San Francisco Proof strike, aDenver Uncirculated strike, and a West Point Enhanced Uncirculated strike.

When the Mint updated its calendar to include June 2017 releases, the American Liberty silver medal was scheduled for the 14th. The mint was listed as West Point, which stirred some speculation as to a possible change in the Mint’s plans. The images posted today, however, have a P mintmark in the lower left field on the reverse. It’s unclear whether “West Point” in the listing is an error, or the P-mintmarked image is serving as a placeholder until the W medals can be photographed. Mint News Blog has emailed the Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications and will post an update when we hear back.

The obverse and reverse (zoomable):



Slider images comparing the 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary gold coin and silver medal designs:

2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary coin-medal comparison - obverse
2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary coin-medal comparison - obverse - coin
2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary coin-medal comparison - obverse - medal
2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary coin-medal comparison - reverse
2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary coin-medal comparison - reverse - coin
2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary coin-medal comparison - reverse - medal

Mint News Blog sponsor APMEX has the 2016 American Liberty silver medal, from both the S and W mints, in stock now.

And since we’re already here, the medal in its packaging, with booklet:


And the booklet by itself, confirming the impression from the image above that the medal on the cover does, indeed, look a bit odd—but perhaps it’s just the photo:


What do you think? Will you be queuing up for the single medal and/or the four-medal set?   ❑


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  1. cagcrisp says

    “A new modern key coin in two weeks, secondary market price to double?”

    This was a headline post about the 2016 NPS Gold uncirculated

    The last time I posted about the secondary pricing of the NPS Gold uncirculated was in February. It was bad then and it is worse now.

    Over the weekend the Latest true auction on the bay concluded for a NPS Gold uncirculated.

    Final sales price was $448.99 with 15 bids

    Figure in 10% bay fees, 3% pal fees and free shipping and compare that to purchase price

    …SO…This is your modern day Low Mintage Wonder Clubhouse Leader on the Gold uncirculated side.

    This is what you have to look forward to when there is little demand even though it is a Low Mintage Wonder.

    There was little demand while it was alive and there is little demand after it’s death…

  2. cagcrisp says

    As far as the Strength of the 2017 HR Gold is concerned. I thought considering the times we are in that sales of 1,188 coins were exceptionally strong.

    Anytime you can sell $1,948,320 in one week in this environment is exceptional.

    SO far this year the revenue for the 2017 HR Gold has Exceeded Combined Revenue sales for Gold proof 1 oz. , 1/2 oz. , 1/4 oz. , 1/10 oz. and 4 coin set and Both the commemorative Golds.

    SO far Revenue for the 2017 HR Gold has exceeded $35.0 million…

  3. Brad says

    Looks like the 2016 Silver Proof set is “sold out” for real this time. I wonder where the small restock supply after the “currently unavailable” stint a few weeks ago came from? The Mint wasn’t striking 2016 coins this year, so that was weird.

  4. Dustyroads says

    Brad, I’ve wondered if there could have been a packaging delay due to the proofs being made there. Or possibly just returns.

  5. DBR says

    @ David

    “Updates seem kinda slow around here.”

    It does seem like a slow period in the U.S.A. so I’ve been shopping around at the other mints around the world. France and U.K. in particular. Some inspiring and beautiful designs and series out there. OT I know and probably belongs on the other blogs for international coinage.

  6. earthling says

    I was poking around the US Mint website and saw 3 – 2016 Silver Proof Sets available. These are listed as sold out , so if you want em – grab email.

    Also 30 of the Jackie Kennedy BU Gold FS are left. Slowly she marches into the sunset.

  7. Tinto says

    “Over the weekend the Latest true auction on the bay concluded for a NPS Gold uncirculated.

    Final sales price was $448.99 with 15 bids”

    I am glad I bought the NPS and Mark Twain since I liked them and not to make a profit. And I am also glad my buying of modern coins have essentially ended with just the NA $1 C&C sets (if the Mint will issue them ..) and a $1 Moon Landing on the horizon.

    I will sell what is left of my collection not this year but … and I am also glad I have some older coins in the mix, along with some foreign coins. Modern US seems only good for a quick flip profit nowadays IMO ..

    In fact the most $$ I ever made from selling a coin was a Russian 1859 commemorative rouble which I sold in late 2000’s in an auction … bought that in late 1987 from a coin shop for $100 or so and I was staggered when it realized over $5,000 … nothing like that with a US coin …

  8. John Q. Coinage says

    Tinto, maybe in a few years the NPS will go higher, always good to sell when you can make some good $$, I sold several 1999 AG Proof sets @ shows for $300 all day long years ago, now you’re lucky to get $65…the # of true ‘collectors’ is shrinking, and apparently not being replaced…..yike$

  9. earthling says

    Anyone know of anything currently hotter ( not frozen, actually 😦) than Coins? Well we know Wall Street is smokin but … as far as Collectible trinkets…. anything going strong at all?

    Where have all the Pogues gone?

  10. earthling says

    BREAKING NEWS FROM US MINT on those rare SAE’s. Sorry Charly… you got reeled in baby.

    “The U.S. Mint issued a statement May 25 announcing that information Mint officials released March 20 pursuant to a Coin WorldFreedom of Information Act request in February was erroneous concerning tracking numbers that might be able to be used to identify the source Mint facility for boxes of 2015 American Eagle silver bullion coins.

    While the mintage figures reported for 2015 American Eagle silver bullion coins struck separately at the Philadelphia and West Point Mints are correct, details released regarding the tracking numbers on the 500-coin boxes of 20-coin tubes were incorrect.”

  11. earthling says

    Sorry to duplicate your post, cagcrisp. In this case does it really matter about the Coin? It’s always been about rare plastic and the label. The uninformed that buy into this type of hype should still see value – as long as nobody tries to bathe them in reality.

    I never really had interest in this no mintmark BS.

  12. Numismatrix says

    The burnished ASE is one of my regular purchases, precisely for the mintmark.
    In 2008 I was lucky to purchase 6/6 burnished ASE units with the 07 reverse.
    These are still in my possession. I picked up an additional 08/07R in a PCGS
    intombment with a Flag label for an ASE set I’m building. This coin is a sleeper
    IMHO (@46k), and still available at reasonable cost in sub-70 grades. The
    advantage is that it has a mint mark and font shift as immutable identifiers.
    The TPGs are responsible for this charade with the bullion ASE (P).

  13. data dave says

    Effigy Mounds 5 oz bullion puck up to 26.1K. Could the bullion market be bouncing back after its pause?

  14. So Krates says

    By providing incomplete info and claiming they won’t clarify until five weeks from now, the Mint is purposely trying to throw water on these bullion Ps.

    First they say there are 80K minted in Philly. Then claim “…has resulted in a mistaken belief that some of these coins are rarities.”

    That seems contradictory. Now Mr. Michael White Lie determines what is “rare”?

    The Three Monkeys – The TPGs, the Mint, and the Numismatic Press

    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

  15. J JONAH JAMESON says

    Can someone explain to me why they are making more Effigy bullion pucks, but they supposedly are no longer making the Douglass?

  16. JohnT58 says

    The Effigy pucks were probably already made, they just were not sold. The mint probably saw the slow sales for the Effigy bullion and cut back on the Douglass piece. The lack of Douglass pucks is allowing the mint to sell out the already minted Effigy inventory.

  17. Brad says

    Yeah, what JohnT58 said! That’s exactly what happened.

    I’m hoping that Ozark Riverways comes in low like Douglass, because unlike Douglass the Ozark has a very pleasing design. If it came in at 20,000 also it could be one of the more valuable coins in the set. But it probably won’t happen.

  18. earthling says

    Which will be regarded as the worst US Mint Designed thing ever – this 225 th thing or the Special Olympics/Shriver thing?

    Are there many Shriver Coins still out there or have they all been melted? They were Silver weren’t they?

  19. Natatack says

    Anyone know the sales figures for the 2016 burnished ASE so far, I still see them offered on the mints website.

  20. CW says

    Why is her face so angry? Serious question. You’d think we could have a happy Liberty. I have no issue with her ethnicity BTW.

  21. Natatack says

    Huge box nice booklet for the silver medal, but wondered if they would have scaled the box back to cardboard and used a box similar to the proof ASE they could have knocked $10 off the price bringing it closer to that price point.

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