Mint releases Boys Town Centennial commemorative coins

(Washington, D.C.)—Today, the United States Mint released three commemorative coins to celebrate Boys Town’s 100 years of service to children and families.

“This is such an exciting time at Boys Town as we release the designs of these symbolic coins,” said Father Steven Boes, Boys Town national executive director. “These coins will help us commemorate and celebrate the outstanding work that has been done by our organization over the last 100 years.”

The Mint will issue a maximum of 50,000 five-dollar gold, 350,000 one-dollar silver, and 300,000 half-dollar clad coins with designs that represent Boys Town and its rich history. Founded in 1917, Boys Town is one of the largest nonprofit childcare organizations in the country and serves 500,000 thousand children each year.

Pricing for the coins, which is as follows, includes surcharges that are authorized to be paid to Boys Town to carry out its cause of caring for and assisting children and families in underserved communities across America:

  • Boys Town Centennial Proof $5 gold coin (17CA), $400.45
  • Boys Town Centennial Uncirculated $5 gold coin (17CB), $395.45
  • Boys Town Centennial Proof silver dollar (17CC), $47.95
  • Boys Town Centennial Uncirculated silver dollar (17CD), $46.95
  • Boys Town Centennial Proof clad half dollar (17CE), $21.95
  • Boys Town Centennial Uncirculated clad half dollar (17CF), $20.95
  • Boys Town Centennial three-coin Proof set (17CG), $461.45

Senator Deb Fisher, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, Congressman Adrian Smith, former congressman Lee Terry, and former congressman Brad Ashford attended the ceremony in Washington announcing the coin release to the public.

Coins and literature on a table prior to the release ceremony. (Photo from the official Twitter feed of Rep. Don Bacon, R-Neb.)

Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) takes the podium at today’s Boys Town commemorative release ceremony. (Photo from the official Twitter feed of Sen. Fischer)

The gold $5 coins feature a portrait of Father Edward Flanagan on the obverse, and on the reverse, a young oak tree growing from an acorn, which stands for the potential in each child helped by Boys Town to grow into a productive citizen. The obverse of the silver $1 coins depict a young girl sitting alone and gazing upward into the branches of an oak tree for help; the coin’s reverse also depicts an oak tree, offering shelter and a sense of belonging to the family holding hands below it. The clad half dollar’s obverse shows a boy holding the hand of his younger brother and walking toward Father Flanagan’s home in 1917; the reverse of the coin depicts a present-day Boys Town neighborhood of homes where children are educated and nurtured by caring families (see the CBS video story below).

The Boys Town Centennial Commemorative Coin Act (Public Law 114-30) was passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate of the United States to celebrate and honor Father Edward J. Flanagan’s Boys’ Home’s 100th anniversary, which will take place on December 12, 2017. The bill was presented to President Obama and signed into law on July 6, 2015.

Father Edward J. Flanagan. (Photo courtesy of Boys Town)

About Boys Town

For 100 years, Boys Town has been a beacon of hope for America’s children and families through its life-changing youth care and health care programs. In 2016, almost 500,000 children and families across the United States were impacted by Boys Town programs. This includes those who received services from Boys Town’s residential programs as well as those served by the many varied programs that comprise the Boys Town Integrated Continuum of Child and Family Services, including In-Home Family Services, health care services provided by Boys Town National Research Hospital and the Boys Town National Hotline. You can find more information about Boys Town online at

On December 25, 2016, CBS Sunday Morning featured the following story on Boys Town and the work it carries out today:

This post is based on a March 9, 2017, press release from Boys Town.

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  1. Rick says

    First day sale could be decent for the uncirculated, but skydive very soon because of the lack of Genuine demand.

  2. says

    That video clip was very moving, & resonated with me as that’s what is needed in America today.., a second chance for our youth to live productive lives

    I missed that episode in the MSM though wish it had been played repeatedly over months for the majority of Americans to see. It’s amazing what we Americans will spend on our pets annually yet pass on in making a difference for America’s youth and future..,

    This release needs to be successful to support the charity. I’ve been collecting for 11 years now, & truth be told, while I favor Veterans programs, Boys Town is probably one of the most worthy charity program recipients of all Commoratives over my past 11 years, in my opinion.

    This morning I had the pleasure of touring the WJLA production spaces (& meeting the former CIA CIO), from what I gleaned from that experience, I’d be willing to bet that there’s enough clout among certain CCAC members to increase the awareness of this release through broadcasting the reasoning behind this Congressional mandated Commorative.
    The CCAC recommended the designs.., its time to spread the good word as to what a difference the Boys Town release can make in supporting those trying to make a difference.

    I truly hope this Commemorative is successful and can make a difference in a young person life’s..,
    after watching the video, the surcharge on these coins seems rather insignificant given the positive impact the charity can make.

  3. Joe M. says

    If the platinum looks as sad as the rest of the coins this year, I think I’ll just be buying the 2017 silver proof sets this year …and depending on the cost of silver, if the sets are wayyyy over the price of silver(if it keeps falling), I will probably only buy five sets 🙁
    If the platinum design sucks, I’ll have more feebay money 🙂

  4. Joe M. says

    OOps…never mind about the 2017 platinum. I found the article that shows the 2018 design possibilities. That is what I’m waiting for!!
    🙂 🙂

  5. cagcrisp says

    I Expect the jobs number to come in Hot this morning

    IF it comes in Much Hotter than expected then the Fed could possibly raise 4 times instead of 3 OR the Fed could get more Agressive in the timing OR could go 50 bp instead of 25.

    Any way you look at it, a Hot jobs number is not good for holding PMs , however, it is good for buying PMs (If you are buying something that corresponds with daily Spot fluctuations, which I am not).

    SO FAR Gold has dropped $61 in the Last 9 trading sessions.

    IF you think saving $50 on the 2017 HR is a good thing, then you probably shouldn’t be buying the HR in the first place…

  6. maddogdday says


    Ordered one Boys Town Gold Unc. USM04926XXX. Doesn’t seem to be much interest in this series so far, Hope it does well for the charity in the long run.

  7. earthling says

    For the sake of the great charities out there….. I pray that selling Coins to a non-collecting America isn’t the only way to help the charities out. Hmmmm…………🙏

    HEY ! It isn’t!

    A person could find the organization online and donate online or mail a check. I’m sure a good address could be found.

    Thank God. Buying Coins isn’t the only way to help others. To some, Coins are not needed or wanted. Trying to force them to buy Coins is not a good thing.

  8. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    I’ve been away from the blog for a while but have been catching up recently. I have missed it but life became quite busy and somewhat intense back around the time of the election and I just haven’t had the time to keep up.

    Anyway, here is a cool story for those of you out there who like the ATB 5 oz’ers:

    Last week my wife had hernia surgery (she is recuperating well – thanks!). Near the end of my post-op consultation with her doctor, I asked him if he enjoyed his recent vacation. He described a great time with his family at Mt. Hood where he has a vacation home. I asked him if he was aware that the US Mint was doing a series of quarters honoring the National Parks and that Mt. Hood had been one of the first. “Not really” was his response. Then I said “What’s really cool is that the Mint also has a companion series of the same coins made in 5 oz silver and the Mt. Hood one is gorgeous.” Without hesitation, he leaned across the table and earnestly said “I would buy that today – how can I get one?” I assured him that I would get the info to him as soon as I was able as my wife began to heal.

    So this week I went in with her for the follow-up app’t and I brought one of my Mt. Hood P coins with me. (I have several of both finishes for the first year of release – 2010.) When I showed him the coin, I swear that his reaction was more excited than any collector I have ever seen! He said, “Oh, wow – that is just incredible – wow.” I explained that I paid $280 for it when it first came out and would be happy to sell him mine for that price but also told him that he could fish around on eBay and probably get it for closer to $200.

    He stood up and said to my wife and me “Come with me to my office – I’m going off the clock”. As we walked down the hall he turned to me and said “I actually want three of these – one for each of my kids.” (!) In his office and he quickly brought up eBay on his computer and started looking around. He is a very quick study and asked a bunch of questions as I told him about the two finishes, slabs, the silver market, the ATB series, etc. One of the questions he asked was whether there where any mountains shown on any of the other quarters and I mentioned Denali and just at that moment he saw a Yosemite on his monitor, which also excited him.

    Although I told him that I could hook him up with all three, he decided to go with eBay to save some money which was fine. We talked some more and then he said “You know what, I’m going to buy this one from you, too.” (!) As my wife and I talked later, we both thought that he did that because he wanted one for himself or possibly for his wife.

    Since we were on “Doctor time”, this whole interchange probably took no more than about seven minutes. As he was walking us out I commented that it was people like him who would really juice up interest in the series – people who have a connection to specific places being honored on the coins. His response was to say “the problem is that people don’t know these exist”.

    Anyway, as we wrapped it up I told him that his excitement and enthusiasm for the coin made my day and he in turn said that the coin had made his day! Who knows how many times this kind of scenario will play out going forward to pump some life into the series. Of course, not everyone has the deep pockets of an M.D. …. 🙂 (At one point I heard him mumble to himself “Wow, I just spent over a thousand dollars.”) 🙂 🙂

    Oh, and for anyone curious about demographics, I would guess that he is probably around 40 years old, maybe late 30’s.

  9. maddogdday says

    @Yes, But…You Can’t Take It With You says,

    Great story. It’s cool to watch when the collecting bug bites someone. Often I will bring my used hobby magazines, periodicals to professional appointments and leave them behind to stimulate interest. Remove the address labels first of course.

  10. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says


    Thanks and that’s a great idea about the hobby mags! And yes, always remove the address labels first… 🙂

  11. cagcrisp says

    Looks like the RCM is doing just what I Proposed the US Mint do.

    Make a Smaller fractional Gold coin that is Affordable.

    MY suggestion for the US Mint was to make a 1/20 oz. Gold coin. My proposal was to be ~15 mm and the cost to be ~ $100.00

    The New Canadian 2017 50c Gold coin is 1.27 g (less weight than my proposal), 13.92 mm (slightly smaller) and a cost of ~ $96.00 ($4.00 less)

    Let’s see how much Demand there is for a Less than 1/20 Gold coin…

  12. Larry says

    Yes, but you cant it with you – great story! The Mount Hood is probably my favorite 5 Ozer. I also think the main reason they don’t sell a lot more is because the general public is not aware of them. That may be changing a little, as lately our buddy over at HSN has been pushing the bullion versions.

  13. cagcrisp says

    Bitcoin took a Major setback today as the SEC Denied an application for a Bitcoin ETF…

  14. Dustyroads says


    I expected it to fall back to $600.00. I wish I could learn more about how and why people are buy it.

  15. So Krates says

    @ Yes But…

    Good story, thanks for sharing. If the situation arises again you might want to consider just gifting the Doc a bullion version. A surgeon is always a good friend to have owe you a favor, e.g. in case you quietly need a bullet removed 😉 …or a quick script called in.

  16. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    So Krates-

    You gave me a good laugh on the “…in case you quietly need a bullet removed” line. Sure hope that situation doesn’t arise! I did consider gifting it to him but decided not to do that because he made a comment about wanting to be sure that he stayed within “professional ethics” of not receiving favors for his services. Also, to be honest, the medical bills are piling up so it doesn’t hurt to get a little cash “infusion”. 🙁

  17. DBR says

    We have until April 10, 2017 to purchase the Boys Town commemoratives at introductory pricing.. I received a brochure from the U.S. Mint in the mail about these commemoratives. The series is growing on me. One appealing aspect of these coins’ designs is a fact revealed in the mint’s brochure:

    “In a conscious effort to create a single composition, both sides of each coin were designed by the same artist.”

    Thank you U.S. Mint! I like a unified, cohesive design and by allowing an artist to design both the obverse and reverse of these Boys Town coins is an approach I could support fully.

  18. Ryan says

    Boystown coins tempt me less to buy them than any government issued coins in recent memory. I got the mini catalog mailer and it went instantly in the trash which I never do.

  19. felson says

    I like both the clad and silver coins. I won’t pay $20 for a clad coin though, it just doesn’t thrill me that much.

  20. sharks2th says

    Sales look weak to me:

    Proof 2017-W $5 gold half eagle – 653

    Uncirculated 2017-W $5 gold half eagle – 854

    Proof 2017-P silver dollar – 5,899

    Uncirculated 2017-P silver dollar – 3,646

    Proof 2017-S copper nickel clad half dollar – 6,936

    Uncirculated 2017-D copper nickel clad half dollar – 8,883

    Three coin Proof set -2,255 out of 15k

  21. Joe M. says

    Looks like all I’m investing in this year are the Silver Proof Sets. 2017 designs are not appealing to me at all!!
    I picked up a 2016 Buffalo in the coin shop for $1,350…I hope to buy the 2017 from the mint if gold keeps dropping. If the gold price “mysterily” rises a week before release, I’ll wait to buy it in the after-market 🙂
    USM04828xxx $1,623.45 12/29/2016 SHIPPED 30 2015 Silver Proof Sets
    USM04792xxx $204.95 12/15/2016 SHIPPED Gold Mercury Dime
    USM04654xxx $869.95 11/17/2016 SHIPPED Walking Liberty 2016 Gold
    USM04572xxx $378.70 10/12/2016 SHIPPED 25 American $1 Coin and Currency
    USM04404xxx $489.95 09/8/2016 SHIPPED Standing Liberty 2016 Gold
    USM04376xxx $74.85 08/23/2016 SHIPPED American Liberty 2016 Silver Medals
    USM04279xxx $2,162.95 06/30/2016 SHIPPED 40 2015 Silver Proof Sets
    USM04262xxx $344.45 06/16/2016 SHIPPED 5 American $1 Coin and Currency + 5 2016 Silver Proof Sets
    USM03877xxx $752.45 01/7/2016 SHIPPED American $1 Coin and Currency
    USM03815xxx $1,071.20 12/4/2015 SHIPPED American $1 Coin and Currency+ 6 Silver proof Sets
    USM03703xxx $120.85 10/27/2015 SHIPPED Coin & Chronicles Set Kennedy
    USM03698xxx $200.00 10/25/2015 SHIPPED Gift Certificates
    USM03539xxx $120.85 09/16/2015 SHIPPED Coin & Chronicles Set Johnson
    USM03525xxx $200.00 09/8/2015 SHIPPED Gift Certificates
    USM03490xxx $79.70 08/24/2015 SHIPPED American $1 Coin and Currency
    USM03446xxx $120.85 08/11/2015 SHIPPED Coin & Chronicles Set Eisenhower
    USM03437xxx $200.00 08/9/2015 SHIPPED Gift Certificates
    USM03435xxx $250.00 08/6/2015 SHIPPED Gift Certificates
    USM03354xxx $294.70 06/30/2015 SHIPPED Truman Coin and Chronicles
    USM03218xxx $1,946.45 05/5/2015 SHIPPED $5 Gold US Marshal’s
    USM03218xxx $314.70 05/5/2015 SHIPPED March of Dimes
    USM02872xxx $1,504.20 01/8/2015 SHIPPED Silver 50th Ann Kennedy’s
    Been investing from the mint since 2009, a collector since 1995, and a U.S. 20th Century Variety Specialist since 1996. Bad artwork has plagued the designs as of late. What happened to the beauty of the designs?

  22. cagcrisp says

    @sharks2th, Thanks for posting the numbers

    @joe#2 “Disgraceful numbers for our U,S, MINT to me.”

    Dismal, Dismal, Dismal, Dismal, Dismal, Good and Dismal.

    How does the Dismal Boys Town 7 coin offering compare to the Dismal 7 coin offering for the 2016 NPS coins for the Launch Day?

    Proof Boys Town 2017-W $5 gold half eagle – 653; Down 65%
    Proof NPS 2016 gold – 1,849

    Uncirculated Boys Town 2017-W $5 gold half eagle – 854; Down 43%
    Uncirculated NPS 2016 gold – 1,489

    Proof Boys Town 2017-P silver dollar – 5,899; Down 59%
    Proof NPS 2016 silver – 14,409

    Uncirculated Boys Town 2017-P silver dollar – 3,646; Down 48%
    Uncirculated NPS 2016 silver – 6,957

    Proof Boys Town 2017-S copper nickel clad half dollar – 6,936; Down 43%
    Proof NPS 2016 clad – 12,088

    Uncirculated Boys Town 2017-D copper nickel clad half dollar – 8,883; Up 20%
    Uncirculated NPS 2016 clad – 7,414

    Three coin Boys Town Proof set -2,255 out of 15k; Down 64%
    Three coin Proof NPS 2016 set 6,257 out of 15k

  23. cagcrisp says

    I had an Extremely Low bar set for the 2017 Boys Town coins to clear compared to the 2016 NPS coins

    …And yet, the 2017 Boys Town has Not even met those minuscule goals

    Look out Low Mintage Wonder NPS Gold Uncirculated…

  24. earthling says

    Soon the Mint will only make money on the senioriage from Coins. Their retail offerings seem to have the popularity of fresh Chiterlings at a fancy French Restaurant.

    Should they give the $Trllion Platinum Coins another shot? Talk about Senioriage.

  25. Joe M. says

    @ cagcrisp
    Thank you! If you’re interested in 2014, I’ll post that for you too 🙂
    2013-2009? 😉

  26. cagcrisp says

    @Joe M. Nope. That’s ok. I just Liked the detail that you kept over the last few years…

  27. Dustyroads says

    Joe M, You’re a serious player. I see you went to town twice on the 2015 Silver Proof Sets. The first time was in June which was the same time that I bought 1 extra set noticing the lagging sales. I did also stock up on a larger number at the end of the year just as you did.

    I’m interested in the evolution of coin collectors and the hobby itself. Because you mentioned that you have data going back to 2009. Is that the year you first became serious about collecting coins? If so, do you also see yourself as continuing in the hobby into the next 5 or 10 years or even beyond? Also, you mentioned that you’re investing in coins, do you also enjoy the collecting side?

    Thanks in advance.

  28. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    U.S. Mint Boys Town Promotional Flier –

    I received one in the mail yesterday, and as I customarily do, I read over it, though this time I found if to be far more insightful than past promo fliers on coin releases.., what I found intriguing was this:

    Silver Obverse: “The obverse features a young girl sitting alone and gazing upward into the branches of an oak tree looking for help. The empty space around the girl is deliberate and meant to show the child’s sense of loneliness, isolation, and helplessness.”

    Silver Reverse: “The reverse features an oak tree offering shelter and a sense of belonging to the family holding hands below it, which INCLUDES the girl from the obverse.”

    To the best of my recollection, this is the first time I’ve seen a common thread between the O & R in sharing a theme, or to tell a story.

    I also thought the approach of having a common story board lay out (O & R with a similar design aspect) to be immensely appealing, at least a first none-the-less. It’d like to see this approach used more often.

    Kudo’s to the artist.., very professional accomplished on the Dollar and Half.

  29. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cagcrisp says, “How does the Dismal Boys Town 7 coin offering compare to the Dismal 7 coin offering for the 2016 NPS coins for the Launch Day?”

    Much appreciated on the analysis, I totally missed the BT opening numbers until I saw this.

    If I was one of the 1,900 that jumped on board the $5 NPS UNC train in the final weeks (most likely looking for a quick flip), I think I would be really unnerved by the Boys Town numbers.

    The competition only goes up from here. Bring on the fractional Buffs and Palladium in Proof & BU!

    Regardless, I hope those that collect to actually collect and appreciate the art in the unorthodox will make the new release successful for the charity.

    BTW, there’s an $5 UNC auction ending this evening, this one will be interesting to watch.

  30. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On , What the Heck are you talking about? That’s 2 posts from you that Totally don’t make Any sense to me

    Arkansas just passed Medical Marijuana. Have you been Visiting my state? And working off a prescription?..

  31. cagcrisp says

    Ok . I understand the 2nd post about the NPS Gold.

    The BT has me scratching my head…

  32. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On ”
    Regardless, I hope those that collect to actually collect and appreciate the art in the unorthodox will make the new release successful for the charity.”

    For the charity to get Any money, Sales are going to have to pick up Considerably…

  33. Numismatrix says

    “That video clip was very moving, & resonated with me as that’s what is needed in America today.., a second chance for our youth to live productive lives” KCSO

    Great comment. Mint offerings and coin collecting do envision and foster
    positive relationships and social progress. The Boys Town program worked
    well with the two gentlemen in the review. Let’s see it work for many more –
    indeed – All of our youth who really desire to be proud productive citizens
    but have to deal with ever pervasive denial and rejection.

    I purchased a copy of the 3-coin set – it is in the mail and I’m looking forward
    to having it in hand.

    Yes, But…You Can’t Take It With You – Good Story – Wonder if he has seen the
    2012 issues which are my most favorite. I usually try to leave gem coins in
    tip cups when I pick up snacks or a drink. Cheers !

  34. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    I’m with KCSO on the tie-in of the obverse and reverse of the BT dollar. And I think that the designs are pretty good in an of themselves – I’ve warmed up to them. Initially, I found it a bit off-putting that it was a girl on Boy’s Town coin (sim to the Boy Scout coin, as others have pointed out) but now I understand that the name – “Boy’s Town” – doesn’t reflect how the charity has evolved, giving help to both genders and whole families.

    I think I will order both the proof and unc as I usually do with commems that I like. I’m in favor of the charity getting some $$$ as long as they really use the monies they receive to do their work as opposed to being a big fundraising machine as some of these organizations are.

  35. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says


    Thanks. Yes, the 2012 designs are really great. Unfortunately, I invested so much in the 5 oz’ers in 2010 and 2011 that I had to pull back in 2012. All that I have from that year is two of the “P” version of Chaco Culture. I doubt that I will ever be able afford the “P” Hawaii… 🙁

  36. Joe M. says

    @ Dustyroads
    I actually started in late 1994 as just a collector. It wasn’t until I found a 1969s ddo cent in 1995 that made me a serious collector/investor. I bought book after book and studied like I was going for a degree in numismatics. I’ve found over 40 discoveries(probably 50 by now) that are listed in the CONECA files, I’m in The Cherrypickers’ Guide(4th, 5th, and 6th edition), Cherrypickers Top 150 book, and I’ve had coins shown in Numismatic News(Stanton’s Bloopers and Blunders-around 30+ coins in 10+ articles) and I also had a couple coins featured in Coin World(Jul 1,1997 Vol.38 Issue 1945[1969 D/D Quarter FS501] and Mar 17, 1997 Vol. 38 Isuue 1927[fully separated D 1964d Dime FS502]). I used to have a Youtube channel called LookAtYourChange with over 1,900 subscribers, but if you know Youtube, you know why I deleted my channel 🙁
    I am still a collector, a VARIETY COLLECTOR. My specialty is 20th Century varieties. I still have my 1969s DDO cent because I just don’t want to get rid of the coin that started all of this for me 🙂 I’m 52 and still plan on collecting for another 10 years…then it’s liquidation for retirement when silver peaks around that “schedule” 🙂 🙂

  37. Louis Golino, Author says

    I agree with Bill Gibbs, the editor of Coin World, who said in this week’s editorial that making both comm programs for public service groups this year was probably a mistake and that there is a good possibility at least one, if not both, will not sell enough to generate any surcharges. But with that said, the Boys Town designs make a lot of sense. The half shows the early period, two boys with those old hats, and the dollar, a more contemporary scene, and of course one coin had to show Flanagan. The artwork on each is pretty decent. The premiums are too high, but at least it is a good cause. And next year we can’t complain about the subjects as they are both very worthy- breast cancer and WWI vets.

  38. Numismatrix says

    “I found a 1969s ddo cent in 1995” Joe M.

    What a great find! – Great Story!

    I always check my change for the much elusive 1992 / 1992-D adjoined AM

  39. Dustyroads says

    Thanks Joe M for the response. You and I are the same age. You are most definitely a dedicated collector who has every intention of sticking around and accomplishing your goal. The reason I ask is because I’m trying to uncover a trend I believe is moving in our hobby. My suspensions are that the recession of 2008 was such an interruption in regular collecting due to higher prices that a trend may have begun then. If that is correct, then we should be seeing some signs about now that could give us an idea about what type of trend we may see next. Next year will be 10 years since the recession, that is the mark in my mind when trends begin to shift. It’s my hope that those who came into collecting, in or around 2008 will become the new coin collectors over the next 10 years and shift away from aspirations of their collections being mostly investments. Not that PM investments are not important, but that our investments maintain value. I certainly hope that we are on the upswing of a good trend rather than on the downswing of a bad one. Cheers to you for all of your awesome finds.

  40. Joe M. says

    I still haven’t found the 1999 close am, and the transitional reverses 1989 and 1992 🙁

  41. So Krates says

    “Arkansas just passed Medical Marijuana. Have you been Visiting my state? ”

    Although a trip to AK sounds alluring, he could save much gas, time, and even a visit to the doctor if he just picks up some on his lunch break. Cannabis consumption with a prescription has been legal in D.C. for a long time, and two years ago the good people in the District removed the requirement to get permission from a physician.

  42. Joe M. says

    @ Dustyroads
    I am also concerned about the hit numismatics has taken. I lost a lot of money by not paying attention to the $5 gold commems 🙁 I had almost every UNC coin in the series, but when I sold some to get money for FEEBAY purchases last year, that’s when I saw how bad it got. I refuse to sell my Jackie Robinson(MS69), but I sold my Capitol Visitors, wrote off the loss on my taxes, then bought a nicer looking one a month later 🙂
    I’ve been selling a lot of PCGS HIGH-GRADE Franklins and converting the cash to 90% silver dimes and quarters. I’ve been sticking to my game plan of only buying under $18/oz, hold until $25. I know it’s long-term, but I did very well in 2010 after accumulating silver since 1996. Who knows what will happen in the next 10 years?? I’m willing to wait/speculate. After all, I HATE SPENDING MONEY, but I LOVE investing 🙂

  43. Dustyroads says

    Numismatrix, The 1992 close AM cent has been one I’ve kept an eye out for, in addition to the 1983 copper cent. Will begin searching another $100.00 this week.

  44. So Krates says

    Been getting some BU Effigy quarters in change over the last few weeks and the design really POPS! Although it’s tough subject matter, and it seemed every sketch and illustration sucked, the coin does work in hand. Lemonade from lemons animal crackers. Good job US Mint.

  45. Joe M. says

    Just in case anyone was wondering..
    The 1988 and 1992 are TRANSITIONAL reverses(the reverse dies have a different design between years).
    If you look at the design of FG, it is easier to distinguish the two types.
    On the 1998(about $5-10), 1999(about $50-$300+), and 2000(about $5-$20), these are PROOF REVERSE HUBS. The business strikes are known as Wide AM for the valuable ones, while the 1998 and 1999 proofs that have the business strike hub are known as Close AM. The 1999 is easier to find and usually brings about $50-$100, while the 1998 is much harder to find and commands a much higher price. I recently sold one for $265 in a ANACS PF69 DCam 🙂
    @ Dustyroads I also enjoy searching change! Were you the one who found the 1982d sm date copper? 😉 Ohhhhh it would be sooooo nice to find a 1983 copper!! I’m always searching for that RARE ONE!! Ouch! I think I just popped a blood vessel in my eye…hehehehe.

  46. Dustyroads says

    My sentiments also of the Effigy Mounds quarters.

    Joe M, I’m glad you brought up reporting losses when filing. I don’t remember this subject coming up here, but it is that time of year.
    For those interested in filing for such a loss, they would need to complete
    Form 8949, Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets.

    I recommend talking to your CPA.

  47. Joe M. says

    If you want to see the coin, I’ll post a video of it on Youtube. I have my music channel still, so I’ll put it up for a day or two so everyone here can see it 🙂
    AFTER ALL, I OWE THIS SITE FOR THE VALUABLE INFO I’VE READ HERE OVER THE PAST COUPLE OF YEARS . It was this site/commentors that let me know about items sold at the mint that I wouldn’t have looked at, but they made some money for me due to the quick sell-outs. I usually stay in the shadows, but a lot of people are commenting about the lack of sales, so I put in my 2 cents(probably more like a dollar,LoL) about how I also disprove of this years selections/designs and backed up my discontent by showing my usual purchases. The mint surely will lose A LOT of my money this year…I hope to see BEAUTIFUL coins next year!!

  48. Numismatrix says

    I do admit to making purchases of the 1994 / 1998 / 1999 MS and Proof varieties.

    I call them my “Ken Potter Cents.”

    Joe M : I would love to see the video.

    I believe there is a 2000 Pr/MS interchange die version in existence.
    I’ve also heard that there appears to be a 2016 new cent DD version.

  49. Joe M. says

    Ok. I’ll work on it tonight (ANACS AU58 1969s DDO cent). Once I make the vid and have it posted, I’ll put my channel name(link if it’s allowed here). And to anyone reading/following. I don’t care about subscribers on youtube. I’m lucky to sign in twice a year. I hate their algorithms, so I only go there to listen to music when I work. The vid will be removed after a couple days when some of the commentors here have seen it. If you want a shout-out of your names here in the vid, let me know so I can keep it up until you’ve watched it in the limited time it will be posted(2 days minimum, 4 days max)

  50. Joe M. says

    James Wiles is the person who lists coins in the CONECA files, so I don’t send coins to Ken Potter. He took money from my father($110.00), and never repaid him. He also promised my father that he would write articles of the AWESOME foreign doubled dies he had, but he fell through with those promises too. James Wiles has always been honest with my coins, and my money. J.T. Stanton is also a person I never had problems with. I hope Potter treats others better than he treated my father 🙁

  51. Numismatrix says

    “I don’t send coins to Ken Potter”

    I’ve never had dealings with his outfit but the community seeks his
    opinions, and he has written a few articles of interest. I prefer, and
    deal directly with the Mint since I collect without any fiscal projections
    and certainly not for resale on the plethora of auction sites;
    e.g. I own the 4-coin Jackie Robinson set – my original purchase.
    I am also an avid change screener, and a few times have been lucky
    to walk into a bank, and get a pretty teller to part with that silver half
    lurking in her drawer in exchange for a warm and friendly smile.

  52. Joe M. says

    @ Numismatrix
    Yes, Ken Potter is VERY good to numismatics…he has received a lot of awards, written TONS of articles, and knows A LOT more than I do 🙂

  53. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    Re: the 1999 cent ‘S’ proof with close AM (mistakenly made with a business strike die) – Some years ago Coin World had an article about some college guys discovering the existence of the “close AM” proof cent. Prior to this, only the “wide AM” error in the circulating coins was known, at least for 1999. I read the article before going to sleep one night. The next day I decided to look through my sixteen 1999 proof sets and – low and behold! – one of them had the close AM cent. Still have it in OGP.

    I like to look through ’99 proof sets at shows hoping to cherry pick another one but it hasn’t happened – yet.

  54. earthling says

    I’ve seen a few comments about the little Girl on the Boys Town Coin. Well historically the Organization may have started out as something for Boys only. But, as we all know, things change. People change.

    Chelsea Manning. Caitlyn Jenner. Chaz Bono. All , ahem… human beings still….

    Yes, times have changed. People have changed.

    The little “girl ” is contemplating a mighty Oak Tree. At various times, there could be acorn nuts hanging down. At other times there are not. But is the tree an Oak Tree or not an Oak Tree? Is the tree less of a tree with or without its Acorn Nuts………….?

    Still an Oak Tree……..

  55. earthling says

    Thanks to Boys Town , the little “girl” realizes “she” is still going to be a big Oak Tree one day. Even though “her” Acorns are gone.

    God Bless ,” Boys” Town. It helps confused “Boys” realize Oak Trees remain Oak Trees even after their Acorns have dropped off.

    Buy these Coins. Back up the Truck … if you can. God will surely bless you even if you can not buy any Coins. Or even if the design prevents you from buying Coins.

  56. says

    MCM has 50th Anniversary Silver Krugerrands available for Pre-Sale..,

    for $59.95 each!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA.., nope.

  57. says

    At a mintage of a whopping $1,000,000.., & priced with a premium of 247% OVER SPOT.

    Just one more example why acquisition of MCM by was not in collector’s best interest,

  58. says

    I misspoke, MCM is $1 cheaper than Govmint if paying by cash or check..,

    There’s your collector’s benefit

    And you can get SP 69’s for $149 – Whahoo!

  59. cagcrisp says

    Hey…Silver Kruggerrand Buyers.

    You can actually get a Silver Kruggerrand for “As Low As” $58.18…

    Good news. 2017 is not going to be a One and Done Silver Kruggerrand offering.

    …SO…I will be able to pick up All the Silver Kruggerrands I want for much less in the years to come.

    I’ve Never been a fan of MCM and Gov Mint. I have bought from MCM on the bay but never from the website.

    I made the Mistake of buying ONCE from Gov Mint. NEVER NEVER AGAIN…

  60. KCSO says

    Yeah, good point!

    This will play out just like the Queen’s Beast ‘The Lion’ did last year with initial sales between $59 to $65 each, then backed down considerably within months. I bought my rolls in the $41 to $43 range.

    Now the new releases can be had in $39 to $41 range..,

    Just wait until 1,000,000 of these hit the market.. and someone has to unload, will be interesting to watch this one play out as well.

    Just IRKS me to NO END when retailers try to take advantage of you and play you as the fool.., No Thanks.

  61. Louis Golino, Author says

    I agree the Krugerrands are way too expensive, but I am not aware of any announcement that this will be a series. @CC- Where did you see that?

  62. Louis Golino, Author says

    Also, while I tend to agree price should drop, keep in mind there is only 1 distributor for North America for the Krugers, while there were many companies selling the beasts, so in theory at least prices may not come down as much since there is no competition and with a monopoly, prices can be kept higher. Also, dealers in other countries and on eBay are selling for even more. I saw one major dealer selling the proofs (15K mintage) for 245 euros. So we will see.

  63. Louis Golino, Author says

    One more point. In Europe they have been available for months, so it is not 1 million hitting the market now, it is only the coins allocated to the No. American market, however many that may be.

  64. cagcrisp says

    @Louis, I read it when it was first announced that there was going to be a 50th year Silver coin. I know it came from a publication and Not MCM or Gov Mint…

  65. says

    When these ‘new special edition’ releases hit the market.., I now view them with a jaded eye.

    I often think back to the 1st release of the 2014 Wedge-Tailed Eagle – an amazingly stunning beautiful design, which was HUGELY popular and successful.

    Fast forward to today – how many iterations and flavors of the Wedge Tailed Eagle do we have???

    Well more than I care to keep up with or finance…

    If a new release sells like hot cakes, oh, it’ll be back.., in many, many different flavors 🍦

  66. Louis Golino, Author says

    The silver coin is being issued to mark the 50th anniv. of the gold program along with some special gold issues. That was always the case and was stated by dealers and everyone else. That’s the whole point and why they have a “50” privy mark.
    I agree they may make them again and again, but I am simply noting that no announcement has been made of a series, whereas the wedge tailed eagle were always billed as a series from the start.
    Also, I lived in South Africa in the late 1970s/early 1980s and picked up a bunch of silver commems that carry the same reverse design but with a UK king on the obverse. Unfortunately I sold them some years ago when silver was doing well, but I kept 1 or 2.

  67. data dave says

    @cagcrisp – I bought once from GOV MINT and it worked out well. The day the US Mint removed the 2012 silver proof set from their web site, I bought 10 from GOV MINT at $80 each. They quickly changed the price to $200 as people realized what was going on. I get their catalogs but in general their deals are not so much so. MCM on the other hand seems to have more competitive deals now and then. I tend to stick to the large companies with small orders and hope for the best.

  68. cagcrisp says

    @data dave, My Only purchase worked out well. It’s was the Hundred phone calls thereafter that I didn’t like…

  69. Numismatrix says

    “my video of my 1969s DDO Lincoln Cent” – Joe M

    Really enjoyed the video – one more penny in my thoughts when
    I sort through daily change. Cheers !

  70. data dave says

    @cagcrisp – If I get any calls due to any purchases (from them or others) I always tell them to put me on the do not call list and email me instead. I think it might have taken a few times before they got the message though. “What part of NO don’t you understand!!” I refuse to buy anything over the phone. But in general I would steer people away from GOV MINT.

  71. So Krates says

    Earthling says, ” But is the tree an Oak Tree or not an Oak Tree? Is the tree less of a tree with or without its Acorn Nuts………….? Still an Oak Tree……..”

    An oak tree is just one acorn’s way of becoming another acorn.

  72. Dustyroads says

    Joe M, Your 1969S DD cent is very nice to say the least. Thanks for posting for us!

    I’m jealous now…

  73. Xena says

    You guys are probably right, but I am in for 1 Kruger anyway. I’d rather just have one in hand. If they go down in the future, I’ll get a couple more. I really like this design.

    MCM had free shipping with no minimum – so went with them since I wasn’t ordering anything else.

    My Queen’s Beast Red Dragons shipped today! Can’t wait – they look awesome!

  74. blackbeard says

    I would just like to say thank you to everyone, especially all old timers here. You have help me navigate treacherous waters.

  75. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    I love those Queens Beasts.

    I didn’t know anything about them until this series started. Here they are on wikipedia

    1 The Lion of England
    2 The White Greyhound of Richmond
    3 The Yale of Beaufort
    4 The Red Dragon of Wales
    5 The White Horse of Hanover
    6 The White Lion of Mortimer
    7 The Unicorn of Scotland
    8 The Griffin of Edward III
    9 The Black Bull of Clarence
    10 The Falcon of the Plantagenets

    I got some Krugerrands, too. The label game is interesting and I noticed that the coins are graded as SP 70 or 69 or what have you. A Specimen grade of 70 should be a nice coin.

    I also picked up a 2016 Chiwoo Cheonwang medal from South Korea. I like the design and the 2017 issue will be out soon.

  76. Drew S says

    ^I picked one up. Now, just waiting for someone to tell me I’m an idiot because I misread something.

  77. Sherril Matney says

    IS there anyway to purchase rolls of the 2017 cents with the mint mark on them??

  78. Dustyroads says

    Xena, Good for you. I should hear from APMEX soon then.

    I’m glad to see that the Queen’s Beasts are making a splash. It’s a very good sign!

  79. Ryan says

    I love the krugerrand design and always have so naturally I want the silver coin BUT it kills me to give any money to the South African government when their president is trying to confiscate all land from white people

  80. Dustyroads says

    Sherril Matney,

    The US Mint does not sell the 2017-P cents directly to the public, they are shipped to the Treasury Department as they are ordered. They are then indiscriminately distributed to banks. Banks don’t know if they are getting new or old cents. Some people are able to find some and offer them on ebay. Here’s an add if you are interested:

  81. Xena says

    Pa Dave – I knew about the Red Dragon of Wales (it’s also on the pound, I collect dragon coins for my son), but also wasn’t aware of all the Beasts until this series started. They have done a great job so far.

    I lost track – did you post about High School Redskins a bit ago? If so, did you go to school there?

  82. Dustyroads says

    Wow, The Loin Queen’s Beasts seller on Ebay in question has sold 35 coins and counting. He’s only asking $20.00 per coin, but advertising them to be .9999 fine.

    Here’s his email address. Everyone should write him and hassle him for his thieving.

  83. Joseph says

    Dustyroads says

    99% sure it is a scam. it’s an email address from China. is a Chinese internet company called neteasy.

    Be careful, folks. no LOL this time.

    March 13, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    Wow, The Loin Queen’s Beasts seller on Ebay in question has sold 35 coins and counting. He’s only asking $20.00 per coin, but advertising them to be .9999 fine.

    Here’s his email address. Everyone should write him and hassle him for his thieving.

  84. Barry says

    @Ryan- just read the article. Political instability could disrupt supplies of platinum and palladium sending prices much higher as Russia and S. Africa are the main producers. Gold would be less affected as S. Africa doesn’t produce near the amount it did years ago. Something to keep an eye on for collectors and investors.

  85. Joseph says

    99% sure it is a scam. it’s an email address from China. is a Chinese internet company called neteasy.

    Be careful, folks. no LOL this time

    Dustyroads says

    March 13, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    Wow, The Loin Queen’s Beasts seller on Ebay in question has sold 35 coins and counting. He’s only asking $20.00 per coin, but advertising them to be .9999 fine.

    Here’s his email address. Everyone should write him and hassle him for his thieving.

  86. Joe M. says

    @ Dustyroads and Numismatrix…
    I’m glad you liked it 🙂
    I hope to read a comment from someone stating they found one too 🙂

  87. Ryan says

    @Barry, rhodium would be affected as well. That’s all good for price but it’s still terrible! South Africa was one of the only stable countries in Africa

  88. Dustyroads says

    Oh my gosh Joe M, me too. Although I’m not holding out much hope that I’ll find anything as nice as that one you’re holding!!

  89. Mr. Kairu says

    Saw people posting about the Krugerrands. Although they are overpriced by A LOT, I was still able to get a few of the uncirculated versions and sold them so that way the one I keep I only have to pay $11 for it. xD But yeah I was very surprised about the prices these were going for. Also as far as govmint goes, I too wish they weren’t the only NA distributors but I have made them work for me in the past with their offerings of silver and gold wedge tailed eagles at spot. I make sure to buy/sell what I can but avoid most of their offerings.

  90. Mint News Blog says

    Regarding the silver krugerrands, some may be interested to know that they can be ordered, using a hard-copy order form and a check, directly from the South African Mint. The bullion coin is 600 rand (US$45.53), and the Proof is 775 rand (US$58.82). I’m working on a blog post for Coin Update on the subject; the SA Mint sent me their order form, but said they don’t yet have the coins in stock. Oddly, nowhere on the form is the shipping cost mentioned. That’s the one question I have remaining — I’ll make the post as soon as I hear back from the sales consultant at Coin World (the name of their retail store, not the magazine).

  91. KC&SO says

    Thanks Mint News Blog,

    You should buy up the remaining stock, sell on here for 10% less than MCM, & then go buy yourself something nice (& expensive).

  92. cagcrisp says

    Thanks Mint News Blog for the information about the Silver Krugerrands.

    $45.53 Directly from the Mint (shipping cost not known) vs. $59.95 from MCM…

  93. KCSO says

    Cag, I submitted an online quote request earlier, we’ll see what comes back, I’ll post shipping if received.

  94. cagcrisp says

    Unless the Fed raises by 50 bp vs. 25 bp, there will NOT be any change in Gold prices tomorrow.

    IF the Fed raises by 50 bp, Look Out Below…(in more than the PM market).

    I Think that is one item that has the stock market concerned. The possibility of a 50 bp raise. I think the Fed is behind the curve and either they need to do 4 rate increases in 2017 OR 1 rate increase needs to be 50 bp. I don’t think it will happen tomorrow, but you have to think it is a possibility…

  95. KCSO says

    So, in the end game, assuming NO black swan events, Trump tweets that start a war, nor hay-wire Euro elections.., would you agree that one can reasonable expect to purchase gold at one’s leisure over the remainder of the year?

  96. KCSO says

    Sounds like to me gold could find itself in the $1,125 to $1,1,50 range before $1,300.., but what do I know, ..hence the inquiry.

    Though with my luck, gold will remain lower until the Fractional Buffaloes and then shoot to $1,400.

  97. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, Graded Gold coins (post Civil War) have Weakened in Offering prices AND the price guide since this time last week. On a percentage basis Much more than the spot price of Gold would indicate…

  98. data dave says

    If you are interested in the Silver Kruggerrands, if ebay runs a 10% ebucks special you could get the MCM listing for only $54.96 since it is not listed under bullion. Not sure when they will run the next special, but $6 is enough to buy a 1/10 gram of gold! Talk about gold mini coins.

  99. Dustyroads says


    Why only expect 25 or 50 bp, when you can get 75 or 100 bp…I hope you don’t think it’s not possible.

  100. cagcrisp says

    There is NO way the Fed will move more than 50 bps tomorrow. By the end of the 2017 I would expect 100 bps and then maybe another 100 by the end of 2018. I was strictly talking about each meeting.

    All this is contingent on the economy (worldwide) gaining traction, Trump getting his corporate tax decrease, France not exiting the EU..etc, etc, etc.

    There is a Lot more that can go wrong than go right to get a 200 bp increase in two years, however, the Fed has a mandate and so far inflation is moving in the right direction for multiple rate increases…

  101. cagcrisp says

    17CA 2017 BOYS TOWN GOLD PROOF 807 807
    17CB 2017 BOYS TOWN GOLD UNC 1,054
    17CC 2017 BOYS TOWN SILVER PROOF 9,044
    17CD 2017 BOYS TOWN SILVER UNC 4,959
    17CE 2017 BOYS TOWN CLAD PROOF 9,064
    17CF 2017 BOYS TOWN CLAD UNC 10,030
    17CG 2017 BOYS TOWN 3-COIN SET 3,123

    17CH 2017 LIONS CLUBS SILVER PROOF 51,714 + 3,491
    17CJ 2017 LIONS CLUBS SILVER UNC 14,320 + 478

  102. cagcrisp says

    17EB 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1 OZ 3,302 +419
    17EC 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ 667 + 119
    17ED 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/4 OZ 844 + 165
    17EE 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/10 OZ 3,770 +703
    17EF 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 4-COIN SET 5,358 + 399

    16EA 2016 AM EAGLE SILVER PROOF 1 OZ 545,604 + 1,136

    16EB 2016 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1 OZ 23,449 + 27
    16EC 2016 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ 5,650 + 6
    16EF 2016 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 4-COIN SET 17,236 (7)

    16EG 2016 AM EAGLE SILVER UNC 1 OZ 183,915 3,371

  103. cagcrisp says

    16RA 2016 AMERICAN $1 COIN & CURRENCY SET 47,167 + 66
    16RB 2016 ANNUAL $1 UNC SET 16,178 + 100

  104. cagcrisp says

    16XA 2016 WALKING LIBERTY 24K GOLD .5OZ 61,750 +177
    16XB 2016 MERCURY DIME 24K GOLD .1OZ 124,885 –
    16XC 2016 STANDING LIBERTY 24K GOLD .25OZ 88,659 + 148

  105. cagcrisp says

    16SA 2016 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – NIXON 2,498 + 3
    16SB 2016 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – NIXON 1,576 + 9
    16SC 2016 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – FORD 2,296 (3)
    16SD 2016 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – FORD 1,565 + 5
    16SE 2016 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – REAGAN 3,386 + 4
    16SF 2016 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – REAGAN 1,829 + 1

    JQ1 2015 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – TRUMAN 2,621 + 1
    JQ2 2015 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – TRUMAN 1,845 –
    JQ4 2015 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – EISENHWR 1,955 –
    JQ6 2015 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – KENNEDY 6,592 + 7
    JQ7 2015 FS GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ – JOHNSON 2,639 +2
    JQ8 2015 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – JOHNSON 1,749 + 1

  106. cagcrisp says

    I was Expecting Effigy (Animal crackers) 5 oz. P puck to be Down 7%

    Week #1 2016 Shawnee 15,263
    Week #1 2016 Cumberland 14,854
    Week #1 2016 Harpers Ferry 15,140
    Week # 1 2016 Roosevelt 16,190
    Week #1 2016 Ft Moultrie 14,582

    Average of #1 2016 5 P pucks 15,206

    Effigy 14,363 Down 5.5% from 2016 averages.

    …SO…Effigy was NOT as bad as I anticipated…

  107. says

    Reposted so I don’t go back a page –

    cagcrisp says, How does the Dismal Boys Town 7 coin offering compare to the Dismal 7 coin offering for the 2016 NPS coins for the Launch Day?

    Proof Boys Town 2017-W $5 gold half eagle – 653; Down 65%
    Proof NPS 2016 gold – 1,849

    Uncirculated Boys Town 2017-W $5 gold half eagle – 854; Down 43%
    Uncirculated NPS 2016 gold – 1,489

    Proof Boys Town 2017-P silver dollar – 5,899; Down 59%
    Proof NPS 2016 silver – 14,409

    Uncirculated Boys Town 2017-P silver dollar – 3,646; Down 48%
    Uncirculated NPS 2016 silver – 6,957

    Proof Boys Town 2017-S copper nickel clad half dollar – 6,936; Down 43%
    Proof NPS 2016 clad – 12,088

    Uncirculated Boys Town 2017-D copper nickel clad half dollar – 8,883; Up 20%
    Uncirculated NPS 2016 clad – 7,414

    Three coin Boys Town Proof set -2,255 out of 15k; Down 64%
    Three coin Proof NPS 2016 set 6,257 out of 15k

  108. says

    17CA 2017 BOYS TOWN GOLD PROOF 807 807
    17CB 2017 BOYS TOWN GOLD UNC 1,054
    17CC 2017 BOYS TOWN SILVER PROOF 9,044
    17CD 2017 BOYS TOWN SILVER UNC 4,959
    17CE 2017 BOYS TOWN CLAD PROOF 9,064
    17CF 2017 BOYS TOWN CLAD UNC 10,030
    17CG 2017 BOYS TOWN 3-COIN SET 3,123

  109. cagcrisp says

    Comparing Launch Week 2017 Boys Town vs. 2016 National Park Service Launch Week…

    Proof Boys Town 2017 $5 gold 807; Down 64%
    Proof NPS 2016 gold 2,231

    Uncirculated Boys Town 2017 $5 gold 1,054; Down 41%
    Uncirculated NPS 2016 gold 1,794

    Proof Boys Town 2017 silver dollar 9,044; Down 54%
    Proof NPS 2016 silver 19,518

    Uncirculated Boys Town 2017 silver dollar 4,959; Down 43%
    Uncirculated NPS 2016 silver 8,647

    Proof Boys Town 2017 clad 9,064; Down 41%
    Proof NPS 2016 clad 15,416

    Uncirculated Boys Town 2017 clad 10,030; Up 11%
    Uncirculated NPS 2016 clad 9,001

    Three coins Boys Town Proof set 3,123 out of 15k; Down 60%
    Three coin Proof NPS 2016 set 7,886 out of 15k

  110. cagcrisp says

    After starting out Slow, the Lions Club Silver Proof has Slowly been catching up with 2016 Mark Twain Silver Proof

    After 8 weeks Mark Twain Silver Proof 54,769
    After 8 weeks Lions Club Silver Proof 51,714

    After starting out Slow, the Lions Club Silver uncirculated has continued with Dismal sales vs the 2016 Mark Twain Silver uncirculated

    Launch Week Mark Twain Silver Uncirculated 14,576
    After 8 weeks Lions Club Silver Uncirculated 14,320

  111. Joe M. says

    @ cagcrisp and KCSO
    I absolutely love when you guys post #’s…AWESOME!
    Keep that valuable info coming 🙂
    I forget who posted when the 2015 silver proof sets were scheduled to end selling Dec. 31, 2016 from the mint, but THANK YOU TOO! 🙂 🙂

  112. Tom P. - MA says

    @ Joe M. Also love the numbers. They put a lot of time into this.

    Krugerrand silver pieces are way overpriced. Possibly, maybe you could make a case for $35, but never $59. I’m out.

    Interesting that the clad unc BT pieces are outselling the proof pieces. Maybe I’ll buy the proof this time.

    Holding off on buying the gold until after the Fed announcement. Not a huge difference in my life since the 1/10 ounce proof piece won’t move by much either way. 50/50 shot it will cost less next week.

  113. says

    Speaking of Krugerrands, or bullion buffalo, bullion gold eagles….if you are looking to sell, some of the major internet firms like provident, gainesville, apmex , etc. will buy from you with a better return vs selling on ebay.
    For example APMEX will generally pay about $12-$15 OVER spot. For example. back on 2/21 I sold APMEX 3 1975 BU 1 oz Krugerrands and they gave me $1246 each….which was about $15 over spot at the time.
    Their website will show what they are buying/need and it changes frequently. They also have a number you can call and tell them what you want to sell…..if they don’t need it right now, they might in a week or so.

    The process works very smooth…if you have any questions, I’d be glad to answer them for you.

  114. Dustyroads says

    Steve, No one knows the answer to that yet. I have a feeling we may see them, but nothing is for sure at this time.

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