Mount Hood Quarter Three Coin Set

Tomorrow on May 4, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET, the US Mint will release the 2010 Mount Hoof National Park Quarter Three Coin Set. This product highlights the fifth release in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.
Each set includes an uncirculated Denver Mint coin, uncirculated Philadelphia Mint coin, and proof San Francisco Mint coin. The three Mount Hood Quarters are presented on a plastic card containing a brief description of the park and coin design, as well as a certificate of authenticity.

The Three Coin Sets are priced at $14.95 each. As mentioned in prior posts on this product type, the cost of acquiring the coins through these sets is significantly higher than the cost of acquiring them through other options. The coins are included in the full 2010 Proof Set and 2010 Mint Set, or the separate 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set and Uncirculated Set.

This product will be the final Three Coin Set released for the 2010-dated quarters. The product type got a late start last year, with the Hot Springs set issued in mid-November 2010. With last year’s designs all released, the US Mint will begin issuing Three Coin Sets for the 2011-dated quarters.

Looking ahead, the US Mint will issue sets for the Gettysburg, Glacier, and Olympic National Park Coins on the same date July 27, 2011. After that, the three coin set for Vicksburg will be released on October 19, 2011, and Chickasaw on December 20, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Face value> melt value so I stand by me $0.75.

    How much is the Mint charging again for this?

    Seriously, I do appreciate Michael keeping us informed as to all the new products, desirable and not as desirable.

  2. Anonymous says

    Have a question and maybe some of you can help. Just prior to the mint removing the silver proof sets I had ordered an additional 4 sets of 2010 and 2011 for nephews and nieces. The 2010 grand canyon is damaged in the holder, all most looks like a second strike of the rim out of line with the first one on the reverse and a large black scratch across the front. Has anyone had a similar problem and is it better trying to exchange it or hold it. Thanks

  3. Anonymous says

    Send it back with all the other junk the Mint has been producing lately. I've never returned so much to them as I have recently. And the Mint wonders why they're losing customers. They may lose me too, at least for some of their products.

  4. Anonymous says

    Then again, sometimes strike errors can make a coin rare and valuable, so check with a coin specialist.

  5. Anonymous says

    Proofs are supposed to be examples of the finest quality in coins the produces. In your case, you may have an example of poor quality control or an unusual error that may have some extra collector value. I would hold on to it if you can get an expert to say it's a double strike. The black scratch could just be a piece of the holder stuck between the coin and the case.
    My $0.02, YMMV!

  6. Anonymous says

    Wouldn't it be great if the Yellowstone 2010-P 5 oz. coin's issue price is less than Hot Springs? I can dream, can't I?

    At least I shouldn't have to go through the aggravation of the slow/crashing website next time! I should be able to order at my leisure after the madness has ended. Maybe there won't even BE any madness next time.

  7. Anonymous says

    Pop, pop, pop!

    U knew this was a coming..

    Pop, pop, pop,
    Pop, pop, pop


  8. Anonymous says

    Please give me a honest opinion on whether I should lock price on 2011 ATB with silver price down $ 5.00.

  9. Anonymous says

    You should just make sure you have the Mint numismatic version and at least one set of the 2010 bullion version, then sit tight!

    The 2011 bullions will not sell out or carry much value above bullion.

  10. Anonymous says

    The fact that gold has held its own in the past 2 days means silver will rocket back up.

    The dip may scare folks off the numismatic Hot Springs, but I'm buying more if limit is raised!

  11. Anonymous says

    The Mint finally posted a picture of the Johnson coin & spouse medal set today. The red, white and blue bottom of the plastic card has been replaced with the black bar.

    Couldn't the Mint have simply placed the black bar with logo on the top flap of the plastic bag? That's where the old logo was placed. What's with their maddening obsession with ruining the looks of all the series in progress with the awful black bar?

  12. Anonymous says

    Isn't it frustrating how when the price of silver falls, the premiums charged keep getting higher? You're not allowed to benefit from the drop in spot price! APMEX now has $5.49 as their lowest premium on Silver Eagles. Just the other day it was $3.29. Prior to that, it had been $2.79 as I recall (can't swear on it, though.) I think I can even remember the premium being $2.29 not too long ago.


  13. Anonymous says

    Prudential still has 2010 Atb sets for sale. Week ago I mailed the check and today they called me to confirm my order. Price is 862.70 and shipping is 65.00 from Diamond State Depository.

  14. Anonymous says

    Anyone who actually has seen the ATB 5ozers in person knows how cool these look. They always will command a premium over standard bullion, even the 2011 bullions.

    I really hope they raise the limit later this week for the numismatic version. Please don't sell out quite yet and yes by all means cancel your orders and buy some Mount Hood Three (clad) Quarter sets instead!

  15. Anonymous says

    Fifteen dollars for three clad quarters? Is this is a joke? I'm not good at math, but that is a 20x markup on the face value, right?

  16. Anonymous says

    The Mint may lower the 5 Oz ATB price this thurs and MANY will cancel their purchase last week and make a repurchase.

    WIll this cause a sellout? Probably not.

  17. Mint News Blog says

    I don't know what it will take to stop the ANONYMOUS ALL CAPS poster from carrying on conversations with himself.

    STOP STOP STOP posting the same exact thing about a fictional, secret finish that only you know about.

  18. Mint News Blog says

    "The Mint may lower the 5 Oz ATB price this thurs and MANY will cancel their purchase last week and make a repurchase."

    No the Mint cannot lower the price of this coin on Thursday. The price would need to be lowered via publication in the Federal Register, which would take several weeks.

    Anyways, pricing was established when the market price of silver was around $40 per ounce.

  19. Anonymous says

    Michael, do you have any idea yet when the Yellowstone coin will go on sale, and what it's price will be? Someone had said a Mint representative told them Yellowstone would be sold starting May 12, but that is not on the website yet. Thanks for any info you might have!

  20. Mint News Blog says

    I will see if I can get confirmation on the release date for Yellowstone.

  21. Anonymous says

    Does anyone have any info on the Palladium Eagle?…or about how the research on it is coming along?

  22. Mint News Blog says

    The Acting US Mint Director stated that it wouldn't be available until 2012, after the required marketing study was completed.

  23. Anonymous says

    Take a look at Kitco before they correct it! The London AM gold price fix shows $1.23! Talk about a good buying opportunity! 🙂

  24. Anonymous says

    lol…. well done!

    Check back with you next year to see if you regret this.

  25. Anonymous says

    Man, I hope this correction lasts for a while and goes a lot deeper! I'm not buying my Eliza Johnson coins tomorrow. I'm going to wait and see if we can get a price drop next week. There won't be any need to worry about receiving someone else's returned coins if buying in the second week!

  26. Anonymous says

    It's 1:20PM EST on May 5th. Where's the 1oz gold eagle and Johnson spouse coins?

  27. Anonymous says

    My Apmex order status says Order double checked. Anyone knows anything about that?

  28. Piotr says

    Just called APMEX . I placed my order for the 2010 ATB set on 21st of April. My order says double checked too. Nevertheless, the very nice lady said my order will ship today! At least that's what it looks like.

  29. Hidalgo says


    One of my favorite US Mint sets has been the uncirculatedollar set which has an UNC silver eagle and one of the Presidential coins for that year.

    Will the US Mint issue such a set for 2011? I realize that the set was (temporarily) discontinued for about 2 (?) years. But with the uncirculated silver eagles possibly returning, I was hoping there would a 2011 version of the set.

    Can you let us know?

    Love your site!

  30. Anonymous says

    Just called APMEX . I placed my order for the 2010 ATB set on 21st of April. My order says double checked too. Nevertheless, the very nice lady said my order will ship today! At least that's what it looks like.

    Just checked my order from April 18th and still says Status: Checked into B Vault.

  31. Anonymous says

    I ordered the APMEX set on April 15th. My order still reads, "checked into B vault". This more than likely means they have a bullion vault for bullion, a coin vault for coins, and so forth. For those whose orders say "double checked", when you first ordered it may be that they have 2 orders from you in the system originally, which as we know only 1 order per household, or you match in name to someone who lives in a total different state and address. I am first time customer to them so maybe some of you all have seen this before, if so, can you please share any info on the matter?

  32. Anonymous says

    Just checked my order from April 18th and still says Status: Checked into B Vault.

    I just called them and was told again they are going out on or before May 13th

  33. Anonymous says

    Piotr are you Polish?
    I thought that I am only Polish who visit this blog.
    Enjoy your 2010 Atb set.

  34. Piotr says

    Dear Piotr xxxxxx ,

    We are pleased to inform you that your order #xxxxxxx from APMEX has been shipped via UPS (United Parcel Service). The tracking number for this package is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.You may click xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to track your package online.

    PLEASE NOTE: Your order may be shipped in multiple packages.

    The American Precious Metals Exchange.

  35. Anonymous says

    Piotr where do you live?
    I missed Atb from Apmex but I have 4 sets from others AP. Do you collect only US coins or you also have intrest in Polish coins? I am from Poland but now I living in US. Enjoy your coins.They look great.

  36. Piotr says

    I live in Buffalo. I collect just the US coins. My family in Poland has some old polish and other european coins but I don't have any interest in having those. I want to build my own collection here from scratch. Don't have much yet but hope to be consistent. I'm planning to complete the ATB numismatic series. Can't wait for the Yosemite to come out!

  37. hipcac1970 says

    Anyone heard of seeing some new 2011 nickles with the E in E Pluribu Unum being missing or mistruck ???? I found one in change that doesn't seem to be messed with, just odd.

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