New America the Beautiful Quarters Products

The US Mint has just announced three new products for the America the Beautiful Quarters series. The new products will be available for subscription orders starting May 19, but the release dates have not yet been specified.

The new offerings are the following:

America the Beautiful Quarters Three Coin Set – This set includes one uncirculated coin each from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints and one proof coin form the San Francisco Mint. These sets will be created for each quarter and are priced at $13.95 each. It is not specified, but I would anticipate that the uncirculated coins are the satin finish versions found in Mint Sets.

America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set – This set will include five uncirculated coins each from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, for a total of ten coins. The sets will be released annually and are priced at $21.95. Once again, I would anticipate this set includes satin finish coins.

America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Coin Set – The set includes five “circulating-quality” coins each from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, for a total of ten coins. The sets will be released annually and are priced at $9.95 each.

I was hoping that the US Mint would create some unique collectibles for the new series, but these sets are pretty disappointing. The first two sets contain coins that will be issued in full annual sets, reordered into smaller sets and offered at higher component prices. The third set contains circulation strike coins at a high mark up to face value.

Rather than simply rearranging coins that were offered elsewhere into “new offerings,” the US Mint could have offered coins with a unique origin or attribution like the First Day Coin Covers. This product type, which will not be offered for America the Beautiful Quarters, typically contained coins sourced from the first day of production. The quarters were placed in covers that were post marked with the circulation release date from a relevant location.

Or the US Mint could have created products which put the coins into a more unique context, like the now canceled Presidential Dollar Historical Signature Sets. There is surely plenty of historical background, photos, and information for each of the National Parks and sites depicted on the quarters.

Or the Mint could have done something unique working with the National Park Service in conjunction with the launch ceremonies.

Or they could have done something incorporating both the quarters and the 5 oz silver bullion coins…

Hopefully, the Mint has something else up their sleeve besides these three sets.

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  1. vaughnster says

    Was really excited when I saw the headline but was quickly disappointed like you, Michael. It really makes you wonder what the Mint is thinking (or not) when they come up with these really lame products. They really need to come up with some really unique, limiting mintage products to generate interest and excitement again…..

  2. Anonymous says

    No way will I be buying any of that junk.

    Not to sound like a two-year-old having a temper-tantrum, but…


  3. JA says

    Seems like they are just trying to repackage their existing inventory and perhaps appeal to the casual collector who might want to grab a few satin finish coins.
    Although even the 10 circulating coins for $9.50 is a huge markup for any type of collector — $2.50 on sale for almost $10! Come and get'em!

    Nonetheless, I'm doubtful this will garner many sales among the experienced collectors.

  4. Anonymous says

    Who can guess the date this phrase will start appearing on mint offerings?

  5. Anonymous says

    Is there a stipulation that the metals for the coins has to be US sourced? It is probably very likely that the nickel ore, for example, comes from Australia. The blanks/planchets probably have to be made locally.

  6. Anonymous says

    It is really hard to get excited about these. Now if they put Teddy Roosevelt on the front and made them from 90% silver that would perk my interest very quickly.

    Any word on the 5oz coins? I want the mid-summer release to become a 'mid-NOW' release.

  7. Anonymous says

    I don't know if y'all have checked eBay, but prices for similar uncirculated satin finish Presidential dollar sets are selling 2 – 3 times the original price (2007 and 2008). Not a bad markup primarily for the packaging only….

  8. Anonymous says

    The only coins I'm excited about is the 5oz coins, and hopefully the price will be reasonable, what I meant is doesn't go more than $10 from the silver spot. If it goes higher then that I will be disappointed and prolly will not able to collect all of them. Since will be costly base on the spot, a 5oz will cost $100 per coin plus the mark up, which I hope will not exceed $10.

  9. Anonymous says

    The U.S. Mint is like all a private company. If something ain't profitable, then it's discontinued.

    If more collectors bought the US Mint's offerings and sales went through the roof, then we'd have more stuff to buy.

    So think about that when ordering. BUY! BUY! BUY!

  10. Anonymous says

    I can't imagine there aren't more like me who are extremely happy they're offering this! I'm collecting the quarters and I didn't want to have to buy the mint set and get coins I didn't want. Now I don't have to. Granted the 3 coin sets are a bit redundant and I'm not sure how I feel about a 'circulating' set (what's the point unless they're unc), but why complain about more options? Just ignore them. But a satin quarter mint set is long overdue imo; glad they're offering them.

  11. Anonymous says

    Dog darn it. There they go again. What the h*ll is wrong with the Mint or whomever is advising what to package, set absurd prices, and toss the crap into the buying arena hoping desparate and coin starved collectors will will buy anything, regardless of worth or desirability.

    Well, continuing with my personal boycott started last year of Mint garbage after some 40 years of collecting coins and sets from the Mint, I will add these latest announced quarters to the list of "DO NOT BUY". Truly pathethic. No one at the Mint is awake. ~ Grandpa

  12. Anonymous says

    What about the 5oz coins? I haven't heard any news lately. When will they be available?

  13. John says

    It is so easy to come up with great ideas for mint products. Michael and many others have really suggested some great mint products and interesting packaging ideas. For the life of me I just don't understand who makes the hundreds upon hundreds of stupid ideas at the mint. They really are idiots, I hate to say it but it is true. If this was a public company Moy would of been fired long ago. I still remember his stupid comments in coin world defending his reason for not striking the proof eagles last year. If the mint is really for profit perhaps we should nominate Michael to run the mint they would put out much better products and I bet the website would be ten times more informative maybe even interactive with polling questions so the real customers can have a say.

  14. Anonymous says

    I agree with previous posts, these products are in a word really JUNK! I will not purchase any of these high priced – NO – outrageously priced products. Last year, the Mint reduced its product offering (Fractional Buffs and AE platinums, and many others)- including some very popular products – only to have them replaced with these 3 pieces of junk. Apparently the mint thinks that these products are going to set the numismatic world on fire – the Mint should scrap their revolutionary ideas and bring back recently cancelled but popular prodcuts. A message to the US Mint – "Quit inventing the wheel!?

  15. Mercury says

    Old Betsy is squealing now. The mint has milked her dry in their doggish efforts to get blood out of a turnip. What a piece of work we have here. Do they think we were all born yesterday, or is it that we just look like we all fell out the back of a pick up truck. They have got to be kidding. My guess is that their plan is to so thoroughly saturate the coin market with the most uninteresting ideas they can think of so as to frustrate any coin collector whose left to the point that even the stupid ones wont bite. My guess is that they cant wait to go back to the way it was when all they had to do to get paid was just show up for work. So until then, they are going to do everything in their power to make us so sick of the stuff they are putting out that we totally stop buying the crap, and then they can go and tell the president that they are losing money, that the collector program just isn’t working. And being that they didn’t want to have to deal with this in the first place, they will then shut down this utterly dreadful “Disney Coin Land” operation and go back to doing what they do best, sitting on their thumbs. That's my prediction, and lets hope to God they hurry up and be done with it more quickly.

  16. Pow3r says

    Me too, I stop buying US Mint Products since 2008. I'm still collect but from the other mints like perth mint, royal mint, China, australia etc. I wish everyone stop buying from US Mint, that way they will think what to make. US Mint just followed other country ideas because they was making money, Like the bullion Silver and Gold Eagle it just started 1986. Kruggerand and Canadian Maple leaf started way before US Mint selling bullion.

  17. Anonymous says

    Two points to all whiners:

    1. If you don't like it, don't buy it.

    2. It's nice to dream. But some dreams never become reality.

  18. Anonymous says

    Why should the US Mint sell first day covers when they can't even get enough people to buy them?

    The are likely losing money when creating these first day covers. So following Obama's lead, they are doing the smart thing and getting rid of unprofitable merchandise.

  19. Anonymous says

    You can't tell me that despite the lower sales figures for the Territories First-Day Coin Covers that the Mint still isn't making a pretty penny on them. They CAN'T cost very much to make per unit.

    The America the Beautiful series would have fit in perfectly with the style of covers used for the Territories series, and the Mint could have kept the limit to around 15,000 covers each. I think they could have sold them all.

  20. Anonymous says

    As I said before, the satin unc sets are full of win regardless of all the whiny opinions here. They're a logical addition to the annual offerings as they've been selling state quarter proof sets for years and there will be many like me who are only interested in collecting the quarters. I believe they'll sell quite well.

    As for the 3 coin sets, I'm going to wait and see what the packaging is like before I pass judgment.

    The 'circulating' set continues to make no sense to me.

  21. Anonymous says

    I want to see whether the National Park Service repackages the five-ounce bullions, as the law allows them to do. I think those might be closer to the historical, signature series that would be a very appealing collectible. So far, the Mint's offerings have me doing a big yawn.

  22. alrprairie says

    Several questions not yet discussed are worth bringing up on the ATB quarters:
    1. Which mint do they use at the 'release events'? Is the Mississippi River the dividing line?
    2. A local dealer was speculating the the ATB quarters could be hard to come by, unlike the state/territory quarters, which in his opinion, the mint/Fed 'flooded the market' and therefore lessened the demand for them.
    Any thoughts?

  23. Anonymous says

    The "Circulating Coin Set":

    This was created to so that you won't have to buy (and break open)
    pairs of P+D Mint Rolls for 11 years, just to fill your Dansco!

  24. Anonymous says

    I think the big mistake the mint made was in not differentiating this new series of quarters from the earlier state quarters. Since the new quarters also have the state names on them most people will think that these are new state quarters.

    Since we already had the state quarters this will kill demand for the old coins. That is why prices for the earlier state quarter sets are dropping.

  25. Anonymous says

    I think the mint is trying to garner more of the secondary market that has developed in the last few years. I think the next step will be to discontinue the bags of quarters. Thus making the mint the only place to get the quarters. Thats my opinion.

  26. Anonymous says

    Yes you are right, all my state quarters are turning to a wothless silver proof collection.
    No more quarters for me.

  27. carle' says

    ya know all the crap of the different mint sets are a big joke..i think that the mint is more on rippin off collectors .whoever is the person that thinks of all this crap needs to have his/her head waitinhg on the 5 oz coins to come out but when i write them thay say early this summer now it has no date..i havent bought any of ATB quarters they are junk not worth them…i wish the mint would get someone that can run it rightand come up with exciting coins like perth does..GET IT RIGHT MOY.cause ya really suck .and making sets that have no intrest is worthless..

  28. Dan says

    A first day cover would be okay, but not at either of the price points (i.e., $14.95, or $19.95) used in the past. I bought the circulating coin sets from the mint and recently found them on eBay for less than half price, so that’s where I will get them from now on.

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