Over the Counter Limit for Gold JFK Coin Reduced to One Per Customer

The United States Mint has just announced a change to the over-the-counter ordering limit for the upcoming 2014 50th Anniversary 24 Karat Gold Proof Kennedy Half Dollars. Rather than the previously indicated limit or two per customer, purchases will be limited to just one per customer.

The ordering limit for internet and phone orders will remain at five coins per household.


In announcing the change, the US Mint provided the following explanation:

Because of the expected overwhelming response, dialog with our customers and many others interested in the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Proof Coin, the United States Mint is reducing the over-the-counter purchase limit to one unit per customer. This change in the purchase limit will give more members of the public an opportunity to purchase this popular coin, essentially doubling the number of customers able to purchase it.

The US Mint indicated that the number of units available at retail locations will remain unchanged. There will be 500 coins available initially at US Mint retail locations at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint gift shops and the US Mint Headquarters sales desk in Washington, D.C. An additional 100 units per day will be available for the first three days after product launch.

There will be a total of 2,500 coins available at the Chicago World’s Fair of Money held in Rosemont, Illinois from August 5-9, 2014. These will be made available at a rate of 500 coins per day of the convention. The ANA previously announced public safety procedures for those seeking to purchase the coins at the convention.

Separately, the initial pricing for the 50th Anniversary Gold Proof Kennedy Half Dollar has been established at $1,240 per coin. This is based on an average market price of gold in the $1,250.00 to $1,299.99 range. Each coin contains 3/4 oz of 24 karat gold.

During the course of the offering, the price will remain subject to potential change based a grid which uses the average weekly market price of gold.

Sales for the eagerly anticipated coin will begin next week on August 5, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET.

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  1. Eagle One says

    @VA Bob

    I placed my 5 piece web order around 12:05 AM on the 7/24/14 and my confirmation e-mail from the mint is time stamped 12:17 AM. I paid the extra $12.95 to expedite shipping (UPS 2 day). They arrived 7/31/14.

  2. VA Rich says

    Eagle 1 – would you please post your results when received, thanks!

    I plan to put a 2014 JFK 13 coin set together.., for the heck of it.

  3. jeremy says

    but why do 24 karat gold Kennedy Half Dollars cost more then First Spouse Proof Gold Coins.since First Spouse Proof Gold Coins have more gold & cost $840?

  4. Laurence Ramos says

    I went to Chicago from MI trying to get a coin but couldn’t because they were sold out by 0800 on the very first day. Some dealers are paying bus loads of people 1000 to stand in line all week for them. then they give them the money to buy the coin before they get to the counter. Why can’t the US mint make sure that everyone in line has a US mint account. And they are buying ONLY the limit at the coin show? The US mint ignores the limit that they imposed and we the people get shafted by the greedy dealers. All I got for my troubles and coin collection was two sets of Kennedy clads.

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