No Limit on Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coins


Sometime today (Wednesday, September 21), the U.S. Mint is lifting its ordering restrictions for the 2016-W Standing Liberty Centennial gold quarter dollar. “The SLQ,” as it’s popularly known to collectors, has been subject to a one-per-household order limit. Demand for the coin has been such that more than half the mintage of 100,000 was sold in just a few days (with 47,884 of those orders being placed on the first day of release).


The gold SLQ is part of a Mint program commemorating the 1916 debut of three circulating coins that today are numismatic icons. The first was the Winged Liberty (“Mercury”) dime, whose gold counterpart sold out in less than an hour after its release. The SLQ is the second, and the Walking Liberty half dollar (release date to be determined) will the third.

The Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Quarter Dollar sells for $485.

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  1. MT says

    Additional clarification on SLQ from Coin News: “The top limit [mintage limit] will remain but collectors and dealers tomorrow [Wednesday] will be able to order as many as they want.”
    I am inferring that all 100,000 were produced and that is why there is no planned reduction in the mintage limit.
    The lifting of the HHL should further suppress the already weak ebay sales and pricing. Anyone who wants more than one can now get their additional coins direct from the Mint for $485, so no need to pay a higher amount on ebay. The cumulative sales number five days from now will be VERY interesting.

  2. earthling says

    Oh I’m so happy now….. I think I’m …….. yeah gotta get the ………….

    …. been waiting for this oppp………………………..


  3. MarkInFlorida says

    I’m not impressed with this coin. Smaller than a quarter, dull finish, lack of details make it look weakly struck, overpriced. Should have been a silver proof. That would have been a knockout. Or a gold proof would have been great. This will probably will end up priced as bullion.

  4. cagcrisp says

    @Dusty, from previous thread. Old Gold is the way to go from an investment point of view. IF you do your homework and understand the way the market works you can still get some lucrative Long term investment potential in Old Gold that is not in the highest grades.

    Now is the time to be a buyer and not a seller. Yet there are a Lot of sellers of good Old Gold selling too cheap.

    Remember it is always about demand.

    My advise is to always buy the best you can afford for the specific circumstances you are trying to achieve…

  5. Ira MacMuffin says

    Good job by the Mint. Looks like the flippers were foiled this time. That’s all they have to do in the future for offerings like this. No need for ridiculous levels of customers like the Canadian Mint has for their issues. BTW the RCM spends more time issuing toys than coins.

  6. cagcrisp says

    In the above comment about specific circumstances, I am trying to put together a Balanced investment portfolio for several people. Some Gold is in that portfolio. That entails that I may not be able to get the highest grades that I personally would want but IF you are buying for several people you have to look at what you can afford and then decide what is the best way to achieve your goals with the resources you have…

  7. cagcrisp says

    KCSO says that he is finished with the Mint at the first of the year.

    I will be finished with the Mint whenever the WLH is released. The Only thing that I see that I am interested in would be a 1921 Gold Peace dollar.

    While the Moon Landing is the single greatest scientific, engineering and technological achievement in my lifetime I’m just not a fan of pucks (unless the price is right)…

  8. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp, No arguments with your approach, I think it’s a good one. If you can find the good deals and know where the strongest base will be in 20 years, then you should be good. I’m just saying that if you want to eliminate some of the risk, you should go into highest grade as possible. If not, then I like the civil war era coins you once said you liked.

  9. cagcrisp says

    There are currently 7 Uncirculated Lou Hoover First Spouse coins. 7. With +7 Sales would be a total of 1,936. 1,936 would be 2nd in the clubhouse of the lowest Mintage Gold coin in umpteen decades. Umpteen Decades.

    And you still can’t move the product. Sad.

    Full disclosure: I own Zero Lou Hoovers and I plan on buying Zero Lou Hoovers…

  10. Jeff says

    I find it odd the mint gave no reason why they lifted ! Why is that? It could not be lack luster sales could it, or the size is inadequate, or its a replica/knockoff, or its down right hideous over priced trinket. Hope this helps the mint is very giving today. Lol

  11. data dave says

    Betty Ford UNC is at 1247 and selling less than 10 per week. I would bet sales of this coin will end up at 1500 to 1600. The bottom has fallen out of the FS UNC market even more than the FS Proof market.

  12. cagcrisp says

    @Dusty, In July I bought an 1879 $2.50 Gold Liberty with Total Mintage of 88,960.

    I’ve got a little grandson that just Loves watching old westerns and he Loves Doc Holiday.

    In 1879 Doc Holiday is Reported to have killed his very first man. For some reason, I don’t care what happens to the price of this coin, this little grandson will have a hard time parting with this coin…

  13. cagcrisp says

    @data dave, This is where you and I disagree. I don’t think the Mint will pull these FS coins until the Complete production is sold. Doesn’t matter how many years that it takes. Why pull? The cost is already there? You either keep them in inventory that costs nothing but shelf space or you spend the money to melt them down.

    Last week the Mint sold a Sum of 78 items FROM 2010. 78 items from 6 years ago and they still are selling product.

    Now a case can be made to pull these items, but the Mint should full disclosure tell what their plans are and not just arbitrarily pull them with a possible Low Mintage Wonder in the balance…

  14. says

    cagcrisp says
    SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 AT 9:29 AM

    “KCSO says that he is finished with the Mint at the first of the year.

    I will be finished with the Mint whenever the WLH is released. The Only thing that I see that I am interested in would be a 1921 Gold Peace dollar.”

    – KCSO is leaving the door open for a 22 December relaunch of the WHL

  15. says

    They just sit back and spin the U.S. Mint “Wheel of HHL Fortune”

    What ever number it lands on.., sticks!

    At least for a week

  16. gatortreke says

    I was hoping someone here could explain the 150,000 mintage with a HHL of 1 on the Reagan CC set? It makes no sense to me.

  17. MT says

    @cagcrisp — That’s just a repeat of what we’ve heard before and from the same source — so this doesn’t change anything for me. Note that the included ASE image is just a generic file photo, unlike the others. I still think it will be a W, but am holding onto the slight possibility of a surprise for the reasons I’ve stated before.

    @KCSO — The new image is slightly higher resolution and I can now read enough to determine that there’s nothing in the visible text that refers to the mint mark. It may be blocked or it may not be mentioned at all on the trifold.

  18. says

    The mint works in mySterious ways…

    Just think S, and it will happen!

    Otherwise at 150,000, they’re smoking some really good crack

  19. says

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    The Apollo 50th anniversary coin is one of three being proposed this legislative session. The others are the basketball hall of fame and the football hall of fame.

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    Thank you for your help!

  20. MT says

    The HHL on SLQ was lifted at noon. If anyone is buying, you now have the green light. I will not be participating.

  21. smalltimecollector says

    I’m actually glad that the mint is setting high limits.
    Takes the scalp/flippers out of the game and allows coins to get to the intended (most amount of) buyers without having premiums added.
    If they don’t dell out, melt and make something else.
    As it is there are too many products, many shying away from the original theme of OUR money. I hope to see the mint reign in the diverse amount of coins being produced, raise limits, and keep hhl low initially, then bump them up to clear the shelves. If not sold, melt. Brilliant!

  22. Mike in NY says

    Picked up a second gold SLQ to go with my 2 gold Winged Liberty dimes. It will be interesting to see how quickly this sells out.

  23. earthling says

    From the age old legends of career civil servants in the DC Beltway, I will tell you most of them go in and snooze all day long. Decisions about US Mint business are probably done in a few minutes with no wasted time in thinking about anything.

    Don’t get too wrapped up with US Mint stuff. No body really cares. What are the majority of folks into these days? Hill vs Donald? Don’t really know but it’s probably not modern Mint stuff.

  24. data dave says

    @cagcrisp – FS Gold Coins – They all might be sitting in inventory but they are still taking up valuable space on the gold web page. I question how many they made this year of Nixon and Ford. They could be sold for years or the Mint could end the program without warning. I don’t think the low mintage one will be the key anyway. Most people collecting sets already are done. I think Eleanor is the hardest to buy right now.

  25. AZ Dan says

    I wish that the Mint imposes this limit on all of their commemorative & special coins and medals as this is a way for collectors to get at least one coin and then after a period of time lift the limit.

    I know others will disagree, but not everyone can place an order in the first 4 minutes after a Noon release and for some folks to buy 10 knowing they will keep 1 and sell the other 9 or even all 10 or more at a premium just doesn’t see fair to the collector (without the collector there is basically no market for any of these coins). Just my $0.02

  26. MarkInFlorida says

    Did you read about the Canadian Mint employee who smuggled out 6 oz gold ingots in his butt? Sold them to a coin dealer, deposited the check in his bank account, and the bank got suspicious since he worked at the Mint. The Mint had no idea. Part of the evidence was the jar of vaseline in his locker. (Not a joke.)

  27. Larry says

    I said this way back when I first heard about the gold SLQ, make it proof. As I have said before, there are no proof SLQ’s. The mint had a chance to do something really special, instead of doing something not so special. As others have said, the coin just doesn’t wow you. It comes across as flat. I think the 100K would have been gone the first day if it were proof. Now that the cat is out of the bag that the coin isn’t that great, good luck selling the rest. I will still keep mine, though. At least a few years.

  28. Jeff says

    Larry it’s called maximize profit at the cost of tax payers. You have not grown up to see corporate America give them less charge more. Wake up people its happening all around .

  29. Sith says

    @ Jeff – “I find it odd the mint gave no reason why they lifted !”

    Well It’s Not Going To Lift Itself

  30. bigguy says

    just hand in there for a few months ,might not take that long ,you will be able to pick a ms 70 for not much more than issue price ,just brought ms 70 dime $279.00

  31. bigguy says

    cagcrisp, what you just said about your grandson,man i love that ,the exact reason i started collecting when i was about 7 years old

  32. cagcrisp says

    @bigguy, Thanks.

    I have my own definition of what an ‘investment’ is. For me there are Financial investments and then there are Family investments. I was never a fan of the SLQ, however, I bought because I’m trying to tie in the Silver coins that I saw as a child vs. the current Gold centennials.

    SO..for me I sometimes buy coins that I don’t deem a financial investment but a Family investment.

    Since I’m giving it away, cost basis is irrelevant to the recipient (it only upsets me when I overpay)…

  33. Erik H says

    Jeff, the mint does not operate on tax dollars. It makes its money by selling low cost coins (with the exception of the cent & nickel) and sells them to the Fed at face value, it’s called Seigniorage. Next they sell collector coins.

    Start your own country and you can do the same thing.

  34. VABeachEd says

    I would think that the best investment right now would be the 30th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Proof (ASE). They are the only ASE that will have the 30th Anniversary Edition with a special lettered edge on the side of the coin.
    I just bought 22 PCGS First Strike Flag Label PR70DCAM.

    The cheapest price I could find them were through PennMetals for $74.75 wire or check or $77.55 for CC.
    Shipping starts on 10-12-2016

  35. VABeachEd says

    P. S. I do not sell my coins. I wanted a box for me to invest in and one for me and the other for a gift.

  36. Ron says

    cagcrisp says :
    I’ve got a little grandson that just Loves watching old westerns and he Loves Doc Holiday.

    In 1879 Doc Holiday is Reported to have killed his very first man. For some reason, I don’t care what happens to the price of this coin, this little grandson will have a hard time parting with this coin…

    Super about your grandson, I like that period of history and read the Wild West magazine all the time. I don’t have any gold from that era but do have some Morgan’s from that era and I bought my kids a Graded Morgan that is a hundred years before they were born, 1880 and an 1883.

  37. Ron says

    I’m thing of cancelling my subscription for the ASE program. The Mint said that subscribers get theirs first but not true, I got an email Saturday saying it had shipped but that was the notification saying info had been sent. I checked the order today and it just shipped today. I don’t think that was first in first out. I am also just thinking about stop buying from the Mint all together, this has been the worst year yet with customer service, and I have been buying from them since 1980.

  38. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    I received an invitation to attend the Numismatic Forum. Unfortunately, I have just been assigned to attend an all day work meeting that same date. I responded that I can’t attend and hope another person who applies can take my place. The agenda and discussion looks very interesting. My luck again…

  39. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    The parts that seemed most interesting to me:

    The Past
    9:45 a.m.—U.S. Mint Heritage Assets overview
    10:00 a.m.—Smithsonian Numismatic Collection overview
    10:20 a.m.—Break
    The Present
    10:35 a.m.—Mint product update and marketing initiatives update
    11:20 a.m.—“Invigorating the Coin Collecting Hobby” panel discussion

    and also a visit to the Mint

  40. Xena says

    earthing – I’ll guarantee you that most of us career civil servants do not “go in and snooze all day”. A hell of a lot if us work our butts off to keep us all safe.

    Ron – for me, I prefer buying straight from the Mint when I can, that way I’m sure I don’t have any counterfeit issues. Something to consider anyway.

  41. Hawkster says

    Fortunately, it has apparently been verified that the silver eagle proof in the Reagan Set will be the same “W” mintmark as the one that is annually offered. It will, therefore, not be necessary for non collectors of the space clogging Presidential c&c sets to purchase an unwanted set for the sake of acquiring another proof silver eagle mintmark.

  42. John Moore says

    Received my proof eagle today.Reverse looks like it is misaligned die.Does not look centered one side.
    Obverse is perfect.

  43. So Krates says

    Xena says “earthing – I’ll guarantee you that most of us career civil servants do not “go in and snooze all day”. A hell of a lot if us work our butts off to keep us all safe.”

    Everyone knows a government job is the easiest, most secure job one could have. Each and every time I’ve worked for a government agency I’ve been basically told to slow down and stop working so hard…you’re making the rest of us look bad. I’m sure you all know what I mean.

  44. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    So Krates, in my experience in government work, you’re half right. There are loads of people who can’t be fired, know it, and do nothing. Then there’s people like me who actually care and are left to pick up their slack. It’s really annoying when you know the person who is always roaming the hall chit chatting is making much more than me. I guess same can be said about private sector jobs too.

  45. MT says

    @So Krates
    Your sweeping generalizations leave me unconvinced.

    “slow down and stop working so hard…you’re making the rest of us look bad”
    Now do you expect anyone to believe that very same refrain does not apply to the private sector? C’mon now, let’s be honest.

  46. So Krates says

    MT says- “Now do you expect anyone to believe that very same refrain does not apply to the private sector? C’mon now, let’s be honest.”

    No doubt it does (especially in union shops), but it’s not as pervasive. Profits rule the roost in the private sector and the market eventually penalizes companies with too many chit-chatters roaming the halls.

    I called two different post offices today. Both employees left me on hold indefinitely. 14 minutes and 16 minutes. I had to hang up both times before getting an answer.

  47. Goat says


    My subscription on ASE that I’ve had for many years, finally shipped today at 11:02 am., must be a huge problem in shipping. Security Raid ? Hope so, maybe one thing can go right for awhile.

    Here’s more B.S. my dad ordered the SLQ at 12:20 the first day. They canceled his order 8 days latter, he then reordered by phone and his order still has not shipped . Everything is up to date twice by web site and by phone. Will 2017 be any better NOT!

  48. Ron says

    Xena, I will keep that in mind about the counterfeits.

    As for all the talk about government workers, I have worked both sides. I did 6 years in the US Navy on three aircraft carriers, the higher the rank the less physical work but more responsibility. after that 18 years in construction. I just retired this year after 19 years of service with the state of Texas, and I have to say other than a few good old boys, if you didn’t do your job you didn’t stay around long. I started in 1997 and when I retired, out of the 10 technicians at our hatchery 5 had less than 5 years and only one had more time than me. Before you start about being able to retire with 19 years, I bought 5 years of military time and I qualified with the rule of 80.
    Now when it comes to the federal government the ones that need to go are Congress, there should be term limits.

  49. Hidalgo says

    I love the Standing Liberty Quarter design. However, when I received my gold coin, I was disappointed with its size. So I returned it back to the US Mint for a refund.

    The coin is quite pricey for just 1/4 ounce of gold. I would rather spend the money on a PCGS MS Standing Liberty Quarter and pocket the change. :o)

  50. cagcrisp says

    Someone’s trying to make a statement on the bay.

    Listed a SLQ for $2,000.00

    In detail said Buy from the Mint No Limits…

  51. Toby says

    in regard to the error coin on ebay …the only error I see is them referring to it as the gold standing LIBERY …haha

  52. Jerry Diekmann says

    Larry – I had asked that the centennial coins be issued in uncirculated and proof and only in silver. You can see how much the Mint thought of my idea, and I know quite a few other would have liked to have seen these coins struck in the same metal they were first minted in 100 years ago. Another lost opportunity for Congress and the Mint.

  53. Louis says

    Gary Marks is not happy about the size reduction either, comparing it to a nickel. But 2 millimeters is a pretty small difference at least to my not so great eyes.

  54. Dustyroads says

    I wanted to do a comparison of the 2016 W AGE to a similar W AGE, so I used 2013 since the data is at the Mint website. I really wanted to use 2012, but it’s not available there anymore.
    The 2013 was on sale from 6/16 until it sold out on 12/3 with a final mintage of 7293.
    The coin had a run of 27 weeks with an additional few weeks to allow for the mintage to became stable.
    The 2016 W AGE is currently in it’s 26th week of sales with a mintage of 5,545.
    It began it’s run on 4/3 with a much stronger first two weeks of sales, but then began to slow progressively compared to the 2013. Sales at the 25 week period put the 2016 trailing the 2013 by a whopping 1,651 coins. If the 2016 W AGE were to end at 27 weeks of sales like the 2013 did, the mintage would be approximately 5,675.

  55. Fmtransmitter says

    If I read it, the error is NGC. I can see many strike thrus w this coin as such a soft metal amd I haven’t read that that is why they may have kept it a business strike. A proof with that kind of doible stamped pressure provably didn’t work well in trial strikes. I still don’t see why they just could have done the buisness strike but took the time to polish and change out the the dyes more often. It’s as if they didn’t even polish ONE single dye. That sux becAuse these would have been stunners in Proof or HR. If you have the money and want one, my suggestion would go with a graded NGC/PCGS DMPL MS70 or 69 ONLY. I think those will hold their value. I don’t see too many of the 100k hitting that grade. Maybe 10% and those are the investment grade coins. What sucks is if you don’t have a LCS to look at them for yourself you will have to wait for a show or trust a dealer because there are many DMPLs that aint DMPLs from dealers. They keep the real ones for themselves.
    Reminds me of the one lucky time I got the only NGC FR Mercanti Eagle from Aussie. Dealer in Aussie said they had kept a few back for the companies collection amd were willing to let me get one. I sent it in myself amd it came back a 70. The dealers know a 70 when they see one in moderns more than the u trained eye. Still I see theze grades selling very well on the flea lbay sight unseen. Good luck all. I hope hope hope the the WLH will be a REV Proof to suprise us for the Holidays!!

  56. DBR says

    As I said I would once HHL was lifted, I bought my second SLQ today and threw in 2 ASE 30th anniversary dollars. I am very fond of this design. It really looks like a “coin” and not a “token.”

    I think I have more money than sense, but sometimes you just gotta say WTH.

  57. Sith says

    @So Krates- “Everyone knows a government job is the easiest, most secure job one could have.” – At the expense of pay, private sector jobs pay substantially more, pound for pound. Private sector job benefits use to make government jobs look weak, after the crash of 2008 that is no longer the case. FYI I have seen government agencies go through “rank and yank” in 5% – 10% Reduction-In-Force (RIF,) so even that security is not written in stone.

    @Goat – 🙂

  58. cagcrisp says

    Something tells me that IF we had Launch Day Sellout of the SLQ AND bay prices of $600.00 we would not be having the same discussion about size , strike or finish.

    The Winged Head Liberty had a similar size reduction and finish and we didn’t have these complaints.

    The Walking Liberty Half will have the same size reduction and finish so why don’t some of you just save your money and vote with your pocketbook .

    I would much rather read a comment ” I bought the SLQ because I thought it would sellout in a day and prices on the bay would confirm how smart I am. It didn’t sellout in a day and I’m still smart so I need to blame my mistake on something else like size, strike or finish”…

  59. says

    Haha, that’s Cag.., I’ve read similar comments on other blogs, I was just thinking the other day just how many collectors are really out here,

    My perception is that collectors are the minority among a field of speculators and flippers.

    I personally feel the SLQ looks pretty darn good and far more detail than the WHL, of which I’m looking to acquire more of.

  60. Government Drone says

    “…these would have been stunners in Proof or HR. If you have the money and want one, my suggestion would go with a graded NGC/PCGS DMPL MS70 or 69 ONLY”

    I don’t know about getting a good cameo effect (let alone mirror-like fields) with the SLQ, Merc, or WLH.
    The trouble with the 1907-1921 designs are that they were all made by sculptors & medalists with pretty much no experience in a working mint. They strove for textured fields as well as devices, which meant that the usual way of getting a cameo finish in those days (polishing the die fields while leaving the devices frosted) was impossible. And in addition to the higher overall relief, the designers weren’t concerned with problems arising from putting raised text atop relief elements, which is why most SLQs of the 1916-24 period no longer have dates. Nor did they think twice about putting high-relief elements directly opposite each other, which is why there’s such a premium on fully-struck coins. Not all of Barber’s grumblings when he was trying to get these into production were from petty jealousy.
    All this means that the closer the Mint gets to the original 1916 designs on these coins, the harder it is to get some of the neat effects (DMPL surfaces, etc.) we collectors often like.

  61. JP says

    I was looking forward to receiving this gold standing liberty quarter, attracted in part to its detail. But it was so long since the specification was announced, that I made the mistake thinking the picture of it was an enlargement of a quarter, whereas its diameter is closer to that of a nickel. I like it enough to keep it, but not so much to buy a second one.

  62. Dustyroads says

    To the person who continues to bring up the matter of who is a collector and who is a speculator- The way I see what is happening in coin collecting today, you have to look at PM prices in retrospect. From the mid eighties up until just after 2003, PM prices were relatively flat and uneventful. This was good time for collectors, because the environment didn’t really foster much thought of PM volatility, that’s striking the doomsdayers of which there have always a certain number of. The coin collecting environment we are now in has pushed many of those collectors into less expensive offerings. The more expensive offerings that we are participating in today are accompanied by a lot of this volatility, and necessitates speculation. This viewpoint is absolutely normal, and an important part of collecting at this level. If you are not certain about what you are doing, then maybe you do need a break.

  63. Louis says

    I think the size issue is perfectly legitimate, as were complaints about the dimes on size and appearance. I just don’t happen to share those views. I like both coins.

  64. says

    Completely agree with MarkInFlorida. I love Standing Liberty quarters and bought this gold thing on impulse. Thought it might fit into my collection. It doesn’t. Would really have loved to see a silver coin.

  65. Dustyroads says

    It would have been possible to recreate the gold coins in duplicate, but I believe the Mint didn’t do that because of the amount of gold that would have be needed. The gold Kennedy was a warning shot across the Mint bow. It was clear that a lower price point had to be achieved. The only reasonable alternative was to simply borrow the designs and implement them on the popular AGE fractional sizes. It became clear to me early on how this change would be perceived, so I decided to embrace it. They are what they are, and that’s graduated, weighted gold pieces backed by the United State Government, that’s all.

  66. Dustyroads says

    MT, I don’t think anyone EVER reads my posts, because I first began writing about this issue back in December of last year and mentioned quite often. MT, keep writing, at least your posts have REAL weight….

  67. cagcrisp says

    Tomorrow will be 1 month since the Launch of the Liberty Silver medals. What has happened to the 2015 HR Liberty Gold in the same time period vs. previously?

    Launch day Liberty Silver medals Spot Gold was $1,335.00
    Yesterday Spot Gold was $1,335.00
    SO virtually No change in Gold prices in one month

    Since Liberty Silver medal Launch (08/23/16) here are the percentage of increases for Sold items on the bay for Specific 2015 HR Liberty Gold items vs. previous average bay prices Pre Liberty Silver medal Launch:

    NGC MS69 +3.41%
    NGC MS70 +7.83%
    OGP +4.94%
    PCGS MS69 +14.90%
    PCGS MS70 +12.91%

    Since the Launch of the 2015 HR Liberty Gold on 07/31/15 here are corresponding Overall percentages for bay sales for the same Specific items vs. Launch day sales price of $1,490.00:

    NGC MS69 +8.16%
    NGC MS70 +22.64%
    OGP +9.77%
    PCGS MS69 +4.97%
    PCGS MS70 +24.21%

  68. Louis says

    When you place the gold SLQ next to a regular quarter, the difference is striking. I really did not think a little over 2 mm would be that noticeable, but it is. But like I said I like the SLQ anyway. It is what it is.

  69. MT says

    @Dusty — You are a long-time and excellent contributor to this blog. Others come and go or are lurkers in the background, which is fine. Just because some don’t read or remember things you’ve written doesn’t make the content any less valuable to those who do read and may or may not respond.
    With respect to the dimensions of the centennial half dollar and “the amount of gold that would have been needed,” they actually could have come pretty darn close to the original dimensions while still keeping the weight at exactly 1/2 ounce. But I agree that the decision was made to go with the existing fractional sizes for practical purposes.

  70. Dustyroads says

    MT, It’s just funny to me how so many people who post here talk as though they have been blind sided by the smaller sizes of these coins. As for the Mint being able to produce 24K gold coins in the same diameters as their counterparts, I’m not ready to agree with you. They evidently coin have made a better looking coin in 22K, but I’m guessing the Mint is now competing with RCM.

  71. Ryan says

    I bought two more yesterday for 3 total and bought 10 of the merc dimes earlier this year. I love both designs and the presentation of the box is beautiful. The dimes I thought were a great gift so I gave one to each of my children and my nephews. I’ve been criticized on here for buying kid coins from rcm to get the next generation into coin collecting, but this series is as classic as it gets and people still complain! Some people are never happy.

  72. cagcrisp says

    @Dusty, The legislation that the Mint uses to strike the centennial coins is specific 99.99%

    SO…For the same reason they didn’t make the coins in Silver, the legislation is not there for 91.67%…

  73. data dave says

    @Dusty – I remember your posts on the size subject and therefore new what I was buying. Keep on posting!!

  74. MT says

    Diameters of some coins in current production (and comparison to the centennial gold diameters):

    Penny = 19.05 mm
    Dime = 17.91 mm (Centennial “dime” = 16.50mm)
    Nickel = 21.21 mm
    Quarter = 24.26 mm (Centennial “quarter” = 22.00mm — close to diameter of nickel)
    Half = 30.61 mm (Centennial “half” = 27.00mm)

    @Louis — For the quarter, 2.26 mm is a lot when you’re talking about these small dimensions. The gold SLQ is quite close to the diameter of a nickel.

    To put this in context, the diameter of a penny is just barely 1mm more than that of a dime, and the diameter of a nickel is just barely 2mm more than that of a penny, yet we perceive those seemingly small differences to be significant when we have them side by side.

  75. Dean says

    cagcrisp wrote: “Something tells me that IF we had Launch Day Sellout of the SLQ AND bay prices of $600.00 we would not be having the same discussion about size , strike or finish.”

    I’m not in this boat. Neither the price of gold nor secondary market pricing would sway my opinion on the size of the coin.

    Regarding the strike and finish, I admit that I normally prefer business strike over proof but the anniversary coins would have looked better as proofs.

  76. Dustyroads says

    Thanks Dave, I plan on it.

    cagcrisp, I didn’t know they didn’t have the freedom to mint them outside of the legislated .9999. Glad you brought it up.

  77. So Krates says

    It’s the thickness that may have played a large part in the diameter decision. Obviously, once you decide on the weight and purity, you’re limited to a minimum thickness range to prevent finning and worse. The only variable left is diameter which is what was compromised.

    Although admittedly more expensive, the gold Kennedy will be far more pleasing in hand and box than the gold WLH. In that case the priority was the dimensions being the same as the original and they worked backwards to get a non-standard weight. Despite being a weaker design, the gold JFK is superior aesthetically to the gold WLH. Being faithful to original size and the proof finish help to put it over the top. I’m glad it’s not a half ounce and smaller diameter, although I wouldn’t be as deep underwater if it was. Still got a few too many left… anyone need a Kennedy? no spots, lol

  78. MT says

    @So Krates

    I said, “…they actually could have come pretty darn close to the original [Walking Liberty half dollar] dimensions while still keeping the weight at exactly 1/2 ounce.”

    Let me explain. Although such dimensional changes would have involved more manufacturing effort in not following the corresponding AGE diameter, it would still be 1/2 troy ounce of 99.99% gold if the diameter AND thickness were adjusted in the right proportions (to arrive at the same volume of gold).

    For example, an INCREASE in the diameter from 27.0mm to 30.63mm (to exactly match the original issue’s diameter) and a corresponding DECREASE in the thickness from 2.2mm to 1.71mm (which is very close to the original issue’s thickness of 1.8mm) would result in the same volume and therefore the same weight of gold, 1/2 ounce. This diameter/thickness calculation assumes a perfect cylinder with no relief, reeds, etc. The actual thickness would be a little bit more than 1.71mm for the same amount of relief.

    If we had a 1/2 ounce gold WL half dollar with a diameter of 30.63 mm and a thickness 1.7-1.8 mm…I’d say that would have been pretty darn close to the target.

    Now whether that reduced thickness would have posed a problem, as So Krates suggests, we will never know.

  79. Dustyroads says

    So Krates, The gold Kennedy is a beautiful coin. I finally acquired one late last year in a still sealed Mint sipping box for $1,000.00. The coin fortunately for me is perfect.
    In my opinion they’re winners.

  80. says

    I think the gold WLH will look great. One way I look at is like this….I think the First Spouse gold coins gave a descent size canvas on them….and they are only 26.49mm in diameter….so a gold Walking Liberty Half design that’s 27mm will look fine to me.

  81. Goat says

    Keep on posting Dustyroads I read them .
    Those of us that do our homework succeed . Sometimes we all wonder if were going in the right direction or doing the right thing. Strength in numbers with many different views
    With so many past years of PM’s on the bottom of a price/ oz. flat chart most did not have to think, just buy. Now a new game with price inflation changes our views. My history book is the Red Book, matched up with the economy at that year The bases of pre. 33 coins is SET with the value/oz. and rarity/grade. Our new coinage of 24k/.999 changes coin collecting in a huge way, try going thru hard times or circulating that coin in the hands of people, few will be left in good grade. Not to scare anyone but history repeats it’s self.
    Many have posted moderns is not the way buy pre 33.. My statement is it depends what’s your age and who you are buying for, like your kids/grand-kids.
    Deep down collector or not we all want to see progress or increase in value. You have to buy and hold to be in the game. The ASE 1995 W is a good example, a little over 30,000 collectors/investors paid the high premiums for that gold set/a 1 oz. silver coin. Those of us that bought one,have one. Now one can say should of bought more? LOL
    Time is and will always be “THE” factor in investing/collecting.

  82. Dustyroads says

    MT, I see what you’re saying now. The Mint may have been able to produce the WLH to correct dimensions, but may have not been able to produce them all to correct dimensions. It would not have been in their best interests to have them out of uniformity. The 1/10 oz. may have been especially problematic.

  83. joe#2 says

    I think the gold Kennedy 3/4 oz. would be great with Jackie K..
    Think about getting a John K. If the price is right.

  84. Dustyroads says

    A closer look at the 2016 W AGE lagging weekly sales is telling of what one should expect from the coin this year.
    Looking back to 2011, the weeks that the W AGE’s have been up for sales have been steadily increasing except for 2012.
    If you fact check me, I could be off a week somewhere, but I’m pretty close on this.

    2011…37 wks
    2012…22 wks
    2013…23 wks
    2014…30 wks
    2015…32 wks

    We’re presently in the 24th week of sales for the 2016 coins, and with 1,651 coins lagging behind the 2013’s during the same week of sales. If the coin were to sell out at the 32 week period like they did last year, and taking into the consideration the average of 30 coins sold per week over the last 6 weeks, a final mintage could be 5,755.

  85. Sith says

    @joe#2 – Done that, it does look nice I was thinking about having them graded just so they would be in slabs. Their are numerous products to display slabs, side by side.

  86. Dustyroads says

    Chasing mintages is not an exact science. Just because the numbers appear to point to a coming low doesn’t mean the Mint won’t suddenly add several hundred coins.
    The Mint suddenly jumped 1,015 W AGE’s in the 19th week of sales for 2013. There were some erratic sales figures leading up to that jump which I don’t see happening this year, but it simply means one can never be sure until they’re sold out.

  87. Goat says

    A difference of 74 is close. On the last week or two of sales on 2013 , 2014 higher sales numbers/week were made ?

  88. cagcrisp says

    @Dusty, it appears to me that the Mint pulls the coins when they run out of a mintage run. Since this is the lowest sales numbers since 2012 they may let them run into 2017. The 2014 was still being sold in early 2015…

  89. cagcrisp says

    IF you just use how far we currently are behind 2012 (284) and use 15 weeks of sales for 2015, that leaves only 19 coins/week to surpass 2012. The last 10 weeks we have averaged 30 coins/week…

  90. Goat says

    When you can buy a 70 grade cheaper than today’s mint price is a factor. One of the factors of this being cheaper is the people who purchased at first release when price/oz. was lower than now and are making good money.
    My guess is one day we will be able to compare the pre 33 proofs (minted in the hundreds) to the burnished (minted in the low thousand’s) , hind sight may clear that right up.
    My bet is it will be great investment.

  91. So Krates says

    @ Goat – You may be right, but at least the pre-33 gold proofs are visibly different coins. If the mint marks were removed from the Burnished Eagles (gold and silver) I doubt anyone could tell them apart from well struck bullion versions.

  92. cagcrisp says

    @So Krates, “If the mint marks were removed from the Burnished Eagles (gold and silver) I doubt anyone could tell them apart from well struck bullion versions.”

    Except for the 2016 Silver Eagle uncirculated…

  93. Erik H says

    Louis says, “When you place the gold SLQ next to a regular quarter, the difference is striking.”

    I should have tried this out but mine is already in the vault. I will have to remember to bring a quarter to compare the next time I go to the bank.

  94. Jeff says

    In the VAULT! That were up put your wife’s jewelry and trinkets. Not were you proudly display a prized trophy. IN THE VAULT. THERE COMING,,YOU BET THERE COMING LOCK It DOWN WITH YOUR AMMO ANDMGUNS,LMAO

  95. Mike in NY says

    I have compared the gold SLQ to a regular quarter and although there is an obvious difference in diameter it is not to the degree where I find it overwhelmingly detracting. I was happy to pick up a second one this week.

    There seem to be many negative comments about the gold SLQ. I wonder if it will turn out like the 2009 UHR. Both are recreations of classic coins with similar mintages. The UHR received many negative comments too when it was released and remained on sale for quite a long time. As I recall, the mint even melted many down before arriving at a final mintage of 115,000. We all know how desirable it is today. Don’t write off the gold SLQ so quickly.

  96. Jeff says

    I guess if you have 7-10 years to wait with it locked away in your safe only to be seen a handful of times sure sounds hopeful , let us know how that works out for you and your family.

  97. Hawkster says

    With increased negativity creeping in the comments regarding the gold SLQ, perhaps, as some posters have suggested, silver should have been the metal to go with, not gold. There is a lot of design detail to a SLQ; the smaller diameter of the gold commemorative version may hinder the full appreciation of the design’s features.

  98. Reginald says

    Mike in NY: many of the commenters here have taken up unfalsifiable positions against whatever the Mint does. It’s pure contrarianism.

    If a coin sells out, the mintage was too low. If it doesn’t, the mintage was too high.

    If the Mint offers too many designs, they’re wasting taxpayers’ dollars. If they make a profit, they are also somehow wasting taxpayers’ dollars. (Um, what?)

    If a coin design isn’t to the critic’s personal taste, it’s a mere knockoff or trinket that customers are fools for buying. It doesn’t matter if the customers enjoy it. It doesn’t matter if the trinket appreciates.

    If the Mint sells 50% of a limited production run on Day 1, that’s a disaster. Never mind that any remaining inventory can be recycled completely. Never mind that in any other industry that would be considered a smashing success.

  99. Ryan says

    Do you think 7-10 years is a long time to wait for a coin to appreciate? I don’t get the logic? If you want something to move fast, buy stocks or something risky that has more potential to give you a fast return. Do people actually think you should be able to buy a coin for a dollar today and sell for two tomorrow?? If you think about it the 10 year treasury bond is at roughly 1.65% so if you can beat that in 10 years then it was a good bet on safe money.

  100. Ryan says

    Or I suppose you could be completely crazy and just buy the coins you like because you genuinely enjoy them!

  101. KCSO says

    Ryan says “Or I suppose you could be completely crazy and just buy the coins you like because you genuinely enjoy them!”

    Haha, LMAO! That’s totally inappropriate.., Brother, you’re on the wrong blog for that comment!

    Though when you find a coin blog where they “genuinely enjoy them” – send me a vector!

  102. earthling says

    I think when someone exchanges “change” for movie tickets, candy, ice cream, mcd cheeseburgers, etc , then they can truely enjoy having had the coins.

    But enjoy the actual coins for themselves? Only the diehard Coin Nerd. 😄

  103. says

    With all this talk about the size of the gold Dime and SLQ…..I’ve heard many negative comments, so I ‘ d like a survey.

    Are you happy or disappointed in your purchase….and you may be happy with one, but not both.

    Also, do you plan on buying the gold WLH….I know I will buy at least one….but will your decision to buy one be based on the HHL/Mintage, or just because you like the coin?

  104. cagcrisp says


    1. I Love the Winged Head Liberty. I hated the Mint raised the price $30.
    2. I am Not a fan of the SLQ. Never was. I hated the Mint raised the price $50.

    Bought both. Well satisfied with both. I wanted Gold. I wanted the 1/10, 1/4 and 1/2 so I have no problem with the size. I wanted the finish that we got. Happy with purchase.

    3. I am committed to the Walking Liberty Half. I hate the Mint raised the price $70. I have no problem with Gold, the size or the finish.

    I think my views on HHL’s are well known. The Mintage will not be a concern. Everyone that wants a coin will get one…

  105. Ryan says

    I’m happy with both and I’ll be buying the WLH, hopefully 3 of them if the mint allows. Personally I like the SLQ a little better than the dime, not because of size but simply because I’m use to the silver look of the dime and with the SLQ I just haven’t seen too many in person in silver so it’s new to me. Both are beautiful designs, classic America !

  106. So Krates says

    Just took a look at my SLQ and agree with cagcrisp that the buyer’s remorse some are expressing may well have been minimized with a sellout and strong secondary market prices. Placed a silver SLQ on the right and a Buffalo nickel on the left and it looked much closer in size to the quarter than the nickel. I think the main reason it appears smaller is due to the capsule. There is a wide rim of plastic around the coin which tricks the eye into interpreting it as smaller. A similar effect can be observed when you take the same coin and place it in two different air-tites, one with a gasket and a larger diameter and one direct fit. The same coin appears to be two different sizes when spaced far enough apart.


    MT – I thought that reversible mask illusion was fascinating… especially when I read that schizophrenics are not tricked but can in fact see the hollow mask as it is. It is mind blowing to realize how your “sensory information in the present can be cancelled by immense knowledge derived from the past.”

  107. says

    But I can relate to Dusty when he says a lot of his comments are not commented on…I feel the same way….I have seen more people come and gone that just about anyone.

    Here is one of my fist comments from 2007 (handle Stevieladeek) and Michaels response.

    stevieladeek says

    December 19, 2007 at 9:28 pm

    I agree a little but disagree more.
    In looking at platinum past sells, I doubt the 30,000 will sell out. I’d guess 15,000 at most. One question is how long will this set be offered before the mint realizes it won’t sell out and discontinues it–I’d guess June 08 at latest. If the final sells are at 15,000, eventually the value will increase quite a bit due to the reverse proof. In 1995 the mint made over 44,000 sets but omly sold just over 30,000…and look what happened to it. Another thing as far as price…the silver anniversary set was issued at $100 and thus the reverse proof cost $52 of that (100-28-20) So the reverse proof cost 185% of the regular proof 52/28. The mint sells the current regular $50 proof for $880, so the asking price for the reverse proof is $1070 or 121% (1070/880) of the reg. proof. So portionately, this is not out of line. So, my bottom line take is BE PATIENT, in time because of the reverse proof this will be a good value!! Just my thoughts anyway.

    Michael says

    December 19, 2007 at 9:45 pm

    Good points. Sometimes I get caught up thinking about the immediate implications. Long term this set might have legs.

  108. Dustyroads says

    Steve, I’m glad the Mint rolled with the idea for the classic tributes, but I have to give the Mint about a 7 out of 10 for their redux of the designs. I don’t have a problem with them, however, they are pricey, so I hope they are in strong hands for the long term. It shouldn’t be a problem.

  109. says

    Anyway….no big deal. The thing is, you can go back to the archives that go back to 2007 and gain an insight as to what bloggers were saying at the time….it’s really interesting.

  110. So Krates says

    Steve – Yes, very happy with mine. I will buy one WLH. I will keep one of the four dimes I bought on the secondary market and sell or gift the other three. Ultimately keeping one three-coin set in OGP.

  111. Dustyroads says

    I should explain that my 7 out of 10 rating is only in reference to their sizes, not the final designs. The coins are exquisite, and should remain as examples of great coins from the US Mint for years to come.

  112. Erik H says

    Steve, I am happy with mine.

    I didn’t buy the gold dime and I am not going to buy the gold half, here’s why…

    I have several quality dimes and halves that I have found while roll searching or paid close to spot for.

    I only own 6 SLQ, 5 that are heavily circulated (paid close to spot for) and the other is a AU55 Full Head 1917 Type 1.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever own a 1916 SLQ that has the details that the “2016 knock off” has and I don’t plan on up grading the 1917 Type 1 any time soon. If anything I should buy a 1917 Type 2 to go with the Type 1 and I haven’t done that yet.

    And for those that think the premium of the gold was too much, a nice 1917 Type 1 will cost you 35 to 125 times or more over spot price of silver (depending on grade selected MS65 FH $1000+) which makes the gold “knock off” a bargain.

  113. gatortreke says

    I’ve bought both the WLH and the SLQ and am satisfied. I’m neither surprised nor concerned about the post sales date depression that seems to have settled in with some, including my buddy who I buy coins with. He returned his to the mint citing many of the complaints I’ve read here. To me, the designs are classic and I take a long term view, that the coins are likely to be more valuable in the future given where I believe the price of gold can go in the future. I’m not buying the coins for that reason, but even if the coin retails for bullion in the future, I still believe it will be more valuable than my purchase price. If I’m wrong, so be it, I can live with that (hopefully my daughter can too as she will inherit).

    There’s something I’ve noticed about coin collectors in the 16 or so years I’ve been involved, reading the numismatic materials, comments and blogs, it is that we seem to be a cranky lot, very rarely happy and satisfied. The Mint can never do right and even though they have tried multiple different sales techniques over the past few years, they are almost always wrong in their approach.

    We’re also rarely satisfied with the design outcomes. I’d love to see what we’d say about the beloved “classic” designs when they were released. We do know that reviewers of that era often had complaints yet many of these coins are the treasures of the past we now seek. Though it is not a coin, I can’t help but think of the Educational Series Silver Certificates of 1896. Unappreciated in their day and printed for only 3 years, these are now considered some of the most artistic and beautiful notes ever designed. Need I say they are highly sought after. I trust that some of the designs and coins of today that we disparage will prove to be classics to collectors of the future. I can think of many coins that could have been better and other coins I think are plain ugly, but I can also think of a number of coins I think future numismatists will look at and wonder why the Mint of the future can’t design and fabricate a classic coin such as that.

  114. GoldFishin says

    Bought both the Mercury Gold and the SLQ….happy to own them, however I wish they had not used the burnishing process which prevented the possibility of any PL examples and more luster from the metal flow when striking. The burnishing is the MOST unoriginal thing they have done with these knockoff trinkets and that includes size, weight, lack of detail, etc.
    I will purchase the WLH, BUT IF the burnishing process destroys the classic “cartwheel luster” that an original Walker possesses, I will be extremely disappointed and may even return it. It would have been better IF the Mint has just used a regular business strike like the originals in my opinion. As a collector I would have been much happier with the end result.

  115. Erik H says

    I was just looking at some photos of 1917 SLQ graded MS64 to MS66+.

    To me the gold version has a more defined head but weaker defined shield.

    Also I bought my Type 1 around 5 to 6 years ago, the price hasn’t moved which means if I sold it today I would lose money to eBay fees or a local coin dealer that would want to turn a profit. Buy what you like.

  116. Peter says

    gatortreke says

    Agree with your assessment of collector sentiment. Way too much moaning and groaning. Outside of the Kennedy remake, the mint has remade in gold the best of the best from the early 20th century for everyone (with several hundred dollars to spare) to enjoy.

  117. Asherspapa says

    There has been some discussion here of the proposed 2019 Apollo 11 Moon Landing commemorative coins, but here’s another idea if that doesn’t pass for some reason (or even if it does). The JFK HD hasn’t changed since its inception in 1964 and has been out of circulation for years. Maybe it’s time to revitalize the poor HD and get it back in people’s pockets. Kennedy’s challenge for America to put a man on the moon before the end of the 60’s is arguably one of the most notable quotes of his all-too-brief administration (along with “Ask not…_ and “Ich ben ein Berliner”).
    How about putting Apollo 11 on the reverse of the 2019 JFK HD? That would keep an “eagle” on the obverse (“The Eagle has landed”). Put it back in circulation by issuing PD circulating coins and add the usual S clad and silver proofs, along with a special W silver RP for collectors. Put the W SRP exclusively in a special, limited edition souvenir set with all five coins in silver for about $195 (at today’s silver prices) with a mintage of, say, 50,000 with a HHL of 1. I’ll bet that would sell out in less than 15 minutes (and probably blow up the Mint’s systems)!
    Then, after 2019, maybe honor Kennedy’s contribution to and support of the U.S. Space Program by issuing new JFK HD’s with a unique reverse depicting each year for the 27 manned missions in the Mercury (6), Gemini (10), and Apollo (11) programs, issued in PDSS.
    All that might bring the HD back and it’s certainly better than the ridiculous American Innovation $1 Coin Act.

  118. MT says

    CCAC reviews platinum Eagle designs

    “The set that garnered the most votes from CCAC members was Set 07. . . . the CCAC advised that the sword be removed from the 2018 design, that Liberty be made to look less stern in the 2020 design. . . ”

    Well, I like the sword and don’t think the facial expression looks the least bit stern — it’s a very natural-looking expression. What, they want a grinning Lady Liberty to overtly convey the Happiness theme? Maybe she would eke out a smile if they would fix the odd stylistic spelling of “Happinefs.”

  119. Sith says

    @Steve – I only planed n buying the SLQ, and I’m keeping to the plan. Happy is not the word I would use, to describe it but I’m satisfied, ask me again in a few months, once it has appreciated or depreciated in value.

  120. cagcrisp says

    @Sith, “ask me again in a few months, once it has appreciated or depreciated in value.”

    An honest answer…

  121. Mr. Kairu says

    @Erik H, I too realized that buying a type 1 SLQ in the grade that the gold coin was in would cost around the same price or more than the gold SLQ. Too bad they aren’t the same size I would have been able to put my SLQ into my 7070 album in place of a silver one. Oh well T .T

  122. So Krates says

    It’s strange the author is predicting a 25% increase in the spot price of platinum. Perhaps he mixed up the price grid with gold somehow?

    It was more interesting that the CCAC is asserting itself a bit more as time goes on. Being more direct and specifying changes is good to see. Whether you agree with a request to remove the sword or modify Liberty’s Resting Bitch Face, it is encouraging to see more involved oversight.

  123. cagcrisp says

    @MT, You are looking at the price of Gold and not the price of Platinum.

    Right chart…Wrong Metal.

    To have a Platinum Proof sell at $1,700.00 you need Platinum to be in the $1,300-$1349.99 range. That’s a far cry from Current platinum price of $1,052.00

  124. Throckmorton says

    You know, if the USM continues to issue these solid gold “Tribute” coins it could develop into a nice little subset. We already have the JFK, WHL, and the SLQ with the WLH coming soon. I would love to see them do a Gobrecht dollar in gold.

  125. says

    longarm says
    SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 AT 11:54 AM

    What’s CCAC stand for, Corrupt Cronies Affecting Coinage? I think their designs stink and will not be buying any of that crap.

    – DITTO!

    Each night I think of three things that occurred that day that I am truly thankful for…,

    Well, tonight I’m deviating.., tonight’s #2 & #3 Thankfuls is that the 2015 & 2016 APE’s were of an awesome design, a fantastic price point, one uber low mintage, and my sock drawer is a lot heavier now as a result of it!

  126. says

    SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 AT 12:28 PM

    You know, if the USM continues to issue these solid gold “Tribute” coins it could develop into a nice little subset. We already have the JFK, WHL, and the SLQ with the WLH coming soon. I would love to see them do a Gobrecht dollar in gold.

    Agreed. If the mint has gotten the message yet that they’re on to something.., they will when the dust settles on that hideous design they’re trying to pass off as the 225th Anniversary HR offering….

    Man, you see the comments on the Coin World Facebook page…

  127. cagcrisp says

    @Throckmorton, I Thought that was what they were going to do for the 225th anniversary. Make a Gold replica coin from 1793. It had been discussed.

    …Now it Appears that with the “225 Annivesary” edge lettering proposed for the 2017 HR that we will only get the Gold HR and maybe something less expensive for those that can’t afford a 1 oz. Gold…

  128. MT says

    @cagcrisp — “You are looking at the price of Gold and not the price of Platinum.” Nope. That’s what CW did. I provided the 2016 pricing grid to show how the author’s mistake with the $1700 figure was not a coincidence. “Right chart…Wrong Metal.” Yes, exactly.

  129. MT says

    CFA recommendations on American Eagle Platinum Proof Coin Program for 2018, 2019, and 2020…

    Also, from the March 2016 CCAC meeting: “April Stafford of the U S Mint presented and discussed the designs for the 2017 American Liberty High Relief 24 karat Gold Coin which will coincide with the 225th Anniversary of the United States Mint. To make this design more accessible to collectors, the Mint will also produce a silver medal bearing the same design.”

  130. Throckmorton says

    So Krates – true about the UHR and Buff. I had not considered those.

    KCSO – no 225th HR for me either. I’ll just put that money towards some pre ’33 sliders.

    cagcrisp – a tribute coin for an issue from the earliest days of the USM makes so much more sense than their evident plans. To my mind, a focus on early U.S. coinage would be a huge boost to the hobby.

  131. earthling says

    Give us a Gold “Golden Dollar” you bunch of craked out Beltway crak heds.

    Or at least give us a 24 kt Lincoln Cent.

  132. Mike in NY says

    @earthling You may be on to something there, A 24kt gold Lincoln cent would be sweet. Of course, in keeping with a classic theme, it would have to use the original wheat reverse,

  133. Dave SW FL says

    Being a US Mint non-cents campaigner, I would love to see a wheat back gold penny.
    Now that they’ve started the series in plain Jane burnished finish, I hope they don’t deviate on future issues.

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if they had done the series in proof silver to compliment the burnished gold?

  134. says

    earthling says
    SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 AT 3:18 PM

    Give us a Gold “Golden Dollar” you bunch of craked out Beltway crak heds.

    Or at least give us a 24 kt Lincoln Cent.

    Let’s aim high here if we’re going take a drag from the peace pipe and make big dreams…

    How about a golden Ben Half?

    Or a golden Ike Dollar 😃🎉

    Or even better a golden Peace Dollar..,

    Or how about these apples, make the 225th U.S. Mint Anniversary coin something special reaching back to 1792/3 era.., it is a birthday we’re celebrating…, as opposed to under the disguise of some more PC BS crap being shoved down our throats.., hey, there’s a thought.

    Jeppson is a looser and Lord help us if that clown gets the nod. What an embarrassment to the Corp.

  135. So Krates says

    KCSO – It would be appreciated if you would add quotation marks or some other indicator which tells the reader when your lifted material stops and your “original” text begins. Someone else made the same request of you a few weeks ago. I’m going to assume you just didn’t see that comment. The time it takes to insert two marks of punctuation is tiny in comparison to the collective effort thousands? of readers exert trying to separate out your references from your opinions. If you want to be read, make it easier for us.

  136. Tinto says

    ” “…. To make this design more accessible to collectors, the Mint will also produce a silver medal bearing the same design.””

    Where have I heard that “silver medal” bit coupled with a gold release before? Hmmm … but at least this time they didn’t say it would come out in the same year …

  137. earthling says

    Since the Mint has become a Gold Bullion Machine can we go all the way and jump on the 1/20th ounce bandwagon too ? The Gold Dollar from 1849 – 1889 was a tiny little Coin, perfect for a 1/20 ounce Gold Coin. I,d prefer to see the Type 3 used but any of the 3 Types would be fine.

    If a Silver Coin needs to be used by the twisted geniuses in DC then , how about a 3 Cent Silver recycle?

  138. earthling says

    On those Classic Gold Dollars, I have both an 1849 and an 1889, the first and last years! I love em both. And I love those PCGS Holders also, no bad spots in either of them.

    A reissue as a 1/20 oz Gold bullion piece would be really popular. I could see folks buying several tubes at a time.

    Go for it Mr Marine. This could be your legacy move.

    Semper Fi

  139. Jeff says

    While you are dreaming how about the mint consider gold dust and flakes , or even nuggets recapture the good old gold rush years. Oh and encapsulate each grain.

  140. So Krates says

    Did you know…

    that the price of AU/BU Saint-Gaudens coins is about the same price as AGEs? If you don’t mind cleaned or XF you can get old Double Eagles cheaper than modern Eagles (although you do get .0325 ounces/$43 less gold)

    Seems cheap

  141. cagcrisp says

    @So Krates, I have bought a Few just as you describe. There really are some bargains out there. On a weekly basis I track 16 Gold coins, 8 graded and 8 cleaned and compare those to spot. I keep records each week and compare percentages.

    And Graded St Gaudens 62’s are only 4-6% above XF pricing.

    For those that don’t know…On the Sale side the percentage to spot goes UP as prices go down and goes DOWN as prices goes up.

    There has been times when I saw the same St Gauden grade Cheaper when spot was $20 Higher and I’ve seen St Gaudens Higher when spot Gold drops…

  142. Rob says

    I like this blog- but grammar checking others posts and posting about any random thought to make yourself sound like an expert- to me just says you’re jealous that you didn’t concieve this blog in the first place.

  143. says

    Rob – quite true.

    You should have been here in the days of 2010 – 2011…, & 2013 – 2015.., it was bad, & we lost a lot of wise, experienced posters over the years as a result.., they got tired of of the BS from trolls…

    I truly wish many wise sage old souls would return though it doesn’t appear that will happen…

    That’s what Trolls do.., they degrade gems like MNB and degrade, & degrade until there’s not much left for their fancy and move on.., after the real matriarchs just get fed up and move on…

    Yes, this blog has lost a lot of great talent as a result of Trolls.., and it’s been quite disappointing.

    Though surprisingly.., MNB has been about as peaceful and harmonious as it’s every been over the past 90 days, it truly has been..,

    & I hope it stays that way.., at least for the next 90 days through the holidays and end of the year…

    MNB is a very, very powerful tool, as those that have been around over the years will admit, I personally feel that it has the highest dealer/flipper/speculator following of all blogs, the mint code is often broken here..,, you guys and gals need to appreciate that and respect that, I personally think many do not, though you should and most likely will in do time.., otherwise you’ll be sitting by yourself…

    You all have something special here..,

    You should cherish it and rally around that fact that you share an interest that is represented among .05% of the population.., and be focused on growing this blog and helping each other out.., & growing the hobby..,

    It’s what leaders, matriarchs, & enthused contributors do.., THEY GROW INTEREST…

  144. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    KCSO says:

    You should have been here in the days of 2010 – 2011…, & 2013 – 2015.., it was bad, & we lost a lot of wise, experienced posters over the years as a result.., they got tired of of the BS from trolls…

    A few posters have politely requested that KSCO use simple quotation marks to show what the original poster wrote to which he is responding.

    That’s what Trolls do.., they degrade gems like MNB and degrade, & degrade until there’s not much left for their fancy and move on.., after the real matriarchs just get fed up and move on…

    Apparently, a polite request for simple clarity gets you branded as a troll.

    You all have something special here…

    So special that clear communication couldn’t possibly hurt it.

    It’s what leaders, matriarchs, & enthused contributors do.., THEY GROW INTEREST…

    And they ignore kindness and courtesy, apparently.

  145. Jeff says

    KCSO that was quite eloquent, however you forgot one thing, you buy hyperinflated object that are not worth there weight in gold, or silver, or clad, or palladium, how do you grow when your being depressed monetarily. When the mint can not even produce a believable schedule, when product keeps being placed TBD who can even keep up with this crap. Many have said if this was a true business it would either be in court or chapter 7. You keep this scam going those that buy this crap and call it a hobby. I thought I was pursuing a hobby it’s just a money grap. That why I say I’m out liquidating all. I maybe rude, but that’s how I feel. If I change someone’s opinion I will STAY AWAY FROM THIS MONEY GRAB, IT’S NOT A HOBBY OR AN INVESTMENT YOU LOSE, THIS IS THE ONLY VEHICLE YOU HAVE TO TALK ABOUT YOUR TRINKETS. Hell many coin shops don’t know what a silver liberty is, or ATB S quarters.

  146. Rob says

    No one forces anyone to buy from the mint. And if it weren’t for the mint – there would be no hobby/numismatic’s.
    I have made as many mistakes as good calls- probably more mistakes. But as hard as it sometimes is you should always buy what you like at a cost you consider reasonable. Then you will never loose.

  147. Rob says

    Just want to add that I really like lincoln cents and the errors of that series. I still – as anyone can – check pocket change. I found a 2015 lincoln WDDO -6 in change from my cafeteria which resulted in me getting many rolls to search. I found over 20 of those DDO’s. I’ve sold 4 so for on eBay for over 20$ each.
    The mint is and always will be the source of all the US coins we collect-buy-sell and sometimes you luck out.
    Lastly – I appreciate having the opportunity to buy directly from the source when they offer special products.

  148. Erik H says

    I was at a LCS today and put a SLQ next to the gold SLQ and as Louis said, the difference is striking. That said, I still like it and hope who ever inherits it will enjoy it too (I hope they don’t think it’s a gold plated quarter and spend it).

  149. jayjaspersgarage on ebay says

    I suppose I am a die-hard coin nerd. My 16XC Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coin is beautiful, flawless and well-packaged. The investment aspect does not have a play on this short series. It is the enjoyment of sharing coins or coin-like knock offs with family and friends that brings huge dividends at times; not the amount you can sell something for years later.

    The few constantly negative posters on this blog and most likely dark clouds elsewhere in their lives need to lighten up and move on. Put a sock on your keyboards when you can’t resist spewing repetitive drivel about the U.S.Mint month after month. We understand your point but don’t need to read it every week in all caps.

    Have a great night fellow collectors.

    Jay Jasper

  150. Mike says

    Hi, I’m new to this blog, and I can tell there’s a lot of animosity here and there for various unknown reasons to me. But as a newbie to this blog, and as a renewed collector, I do appreciate your thoughts and comments and am enjoying learning from you all. Any time a group of opinionated people get together sparks are bound to fly. The success or failure here will depend on people’s willingness to see the bigger, better picture. You’re all really cool people with an interesting/rare hobby/fetish that *could* pay off monetarily, but may not. I personally subscribe to the “buy what you like” philosophy and usually I know when I’m buying way over spot and paying an ungodly premium. But that’s part of the game, the enjoyment of it all. I guess it depends if you’re an investor or a collector; trying to gauge the market and read the tea leaves after every new coin appears is a bit of a dodgy hobby even under the best of circumstances. I was shocked at the aftermarket skyrocketing price of the Silver Liberty Medal, which I did just pick up at MCM for a pretty good price. Yet still 4X the original price which, sadly, I missed out on by a day by not checking the Mint site…Guess that was a crapshoot anyway since it sold out in 4 seconds or something.

    Anyway, pleased so meet you all and hope for good times for you and happy collecting.


  151. gatortreke says

    @ cagcrisp:

    You mention above you track the pricing on 16 gold coins weekly. I understand where to find prices for modern gold at various bullion sites on the web but I’m unsure where to go to track prices for the older coins? Do you use the same online bullion sites or is there some other place you use for reliable pricing? Thanks!

  152. cagcrisp says

    @gatortreke, “You mention above you track the pricing on 16 gold coins weekly. I understand where to find prices for modern gold at various bullion sites on the web but I’m unsure where to go to track prices for the older coins? Do you use the same online bullion sites or is there some other place you use for reliable pricing?”

    I use a Specific website because it is the most consistent that I have found and I always want to compare apples to apples.

    I have in the past tracked EVERY bay sale of St Gaudens in every grade or ungraded to get a baseline for both PCGS vs. NGC in comparing sales prices to their Specific price guides. From that I determined a pricing formula for St Gaudens depending on Demand.

    Currently I track 16 Gold coins. I have a data base for Other pre-33 Gold coins that all I have to do is spot check to see If pricing have changed over time. Currently these are the 16 pre-33 Gold coins that I track on a weekly basis:

    1. $2.50 Liberty cleaned
    2. $2.50 Liberty 62
    3. $5.00 Liberty cleaned
    4. $5.00 Liberty 62
    5. $10.00 Liberty cleaned
    6. $10.00 Liberty 62
    7. $20.00 Liberty cleaned
    8. $20.00 Liberty 62
    9. $2.50 Indian head cleaned
    10. $2.50 Indian head 62
    11. $5.00 Indian head cleaned
    12. 5.00 Indian head 62
    13. $10.00 Indian head cleaned
    14. $10.00 Indian head 62
    15. $20.00 St Gauden cleaned
    16. $20.00 St Gauden 62

    I Currently use cleaned because I already have a database for XF.

    I Currently use APMEX because they have the most Consistent Inventory of these Specific 16 coins.

    I have an excel spreadsheet and I have an algorithm written and on a weekly basis (weekends because the markets are closed) all I have to do is drop a spot Gold pricing in a formula and the algorithm list what I Think pricing should be. From there I have color coded conditional formating that gives me a color code whether the APMEX pricing is within my predetermined algorithm. Green is a Buy sign and Red would be a Non Buy sign.

    I use these just for my own basis and then I try to determine whether the spot price of Gold is correct vs. other asset classes such as the stock market or bond market that I am involved with on a daily basis…

  153. bigguy says

    Universal gold has the ms 70 quarters for $622.00 credit card and people already bidding up at ebay for same coin is $675.00 with 4 days left . GO FIGURE,people sure do not do their homework

  154. Dave SW FL says

    KCSO 8:22 last night

    Sage advice IMHO. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

    Cag, impressive research you are doing. As a former math teacher I would have loved having you as a guest speaker to answer the age old student question , “When am I EVER gonna use this stuff?”

  155. MN Printer says

    Rob, I would like to know what WDDO means in regard to a Lincoln penny?

    I am very pleased with my SLQ. I think the Mint did a great job with the coin and the packaging.

    I appreciate this Blog and check it every day. It has been important in my purchasing decisions. I have been collecting coins for 50 years. I really don’t understand what motivates trolls but it is easy enough to skip over their postings. My thanks to everyone else who shares coin information on this Blog.

  156. The Kid says

    I might purchase more coins from the mint if they provided a buyer with a new purchase option:
    Coin without the fancy display box.

    The mint should allow a buyer to decide if these presentation boxes have any real value.
    Maybe, the Mint could lower the price of some coins without these boxes.

    Frugal in Arizona…
    The Kid

  157. cagcrisp says

    There currently is a CW article “Why you won’t see a U.S. Star Trek coin series” and on FB, CW asks the Question “Should the U.S. Mint do more pop-culture-themed issues?

    There has been 10 comments. 9 negative and 1 positive…

  158. So Krates says

    While cagcrisp’s pre-33 gold algorithm generation is indeed impressive (to me), I doubt many students could relate to a coin spreadsheet, etc.

    When trying to convey the utility of math to students, I go right to examples of PIZZA and MONEY. For instance, is it more economical to buy a large pizza or two medium pies? Have them check out some pizza prices and sizes, plug the numbers in to the formula for the area of a circle and poof! a real life pizza per dollar measurement only knowable through math. In case anyone is wondering, the XL is usually the best deal by far. The miles per gallon calculation is another very simple, real life mathematical application to which students (especially with limited gasoline budgets) can relate.

  159. So Krates says

    Agree with the Kid 100%. Capsule Only would be a great option. Save a few bucks and a couple of trees. My Golden Dime boxes smell the worst ever, need a respirator to view them

  160. a Bob says

    Regarding pop culture coins, congress does not want the mint to be competition with private mints. I don’t see the mint straying too far from their current path.

  161. Goat says

    cagcrisp ; or anybody else wants to express there view.

    MS 62 and cleaned ? Curious why a low grade watch. Is it because it’s closer to spot price or below sometimes. Is that like buying wholesale ?
    The reason I ask is I track MS/PF 64 – 67 grade in NGC/PCGS and when found 68 – 69 but not much movement on these grade’s. I’m guessing collector’s have most locked down . The higher grade’s in the long run of time might generate more upside is why I feel this is a better purchase .
    I’m just trying to figure this out how to buy new coins at/close to spot price. To make a point 2004-2008 ASE monster green my ave. cost was $11.32 /oz. , now spot price was much, much lower (Jan 5, 2004 was $6.30 – Jan 7, 2008 $15.86) in that time frame. With the premium’s that dealers/mint put on unc. ASE the spot price has to triple for person to make money when you factor in dealer’s buy back at spot or below or auction fees. The same can be said for direct mint product we buy do to the premium’s the mint has set .
    With all these questions I have on MS/PF coins on resale and knowing I have made good money on modern commemorative coins consistently is why I don’t mind buying these coins. This year might be new lows but someday the coins will be sought after to complete a collection or because someone feels with low mintage might not ever find again once collectors lock them down.

    That’s why I like this blog many different views.

    Yes Steve I like the WHL/SLQ and looking forward to the half.

  162. cagcrisp says

    @Goat, “MS 62 and cleaned ? Curious why a low grade watch.” I’m not buying for myself.

    “The higher grade’s in the long run of time might generate more upside is why I feel this is a better purchase .”

    That is Past conventional wisdom.

    I don’t agree with Past conventional wisdom going forward. I think we are going to a cashless society and that’s what I am preparing for.

    According to Bankrate, 63% of millennials don’t have a credit card.

    You’re either looking through the windshield or the rear view mirror. I’m More interested in what is ahead of me than what is behind me…

  163. Louis says

    Perhaps I missed it earlier, but I have not seen many comments about the ASE proof and the edge inscriptions, which I think speaks volumes. I got mine yesterday and was also underwhelmed. I find it hard to see and think they should have been done in a way to make it standout better.

  164. Dustyroads says

    Louis, I feel the same way about the appearance of the ASE edge lettering. It’s been years since we first got a look at the AtB 5 oz. edge inscription and I think we all can honestly say that there’s absolutely nothing fancy about it what so ever. When I got my first look at the ASE’s edge, it looked no different, it even had the unsightly metal flow lines between the collar pieces which I had hoped the people at the Mint could somehow remove. But regardless, it is different, and that seems to reign supreme at the Mint.

  165. Xena says

    Louis – I think folks are jest getting their Eagles. I received mine yesterday also. I can barely tell there is an inscription on one of them. Looks like a regular Eagle in the capsule. I would have bought them anyway, but it’s disappointing that they went to so much effort (?) to have the edge inscription turn out so dull.

  166. Jeff says

    Overly hyped under delivered that’s the mint way of saying these COLLECTORS ARE REALLY STUPID. I guess you can now start talking next release whatever that HYPERINFLATED offering might be. There are a lot of gullible suckers I meant COLLECTORS. Now you can start the error,strike through and whatever anomaly you can dream of gl with that. I’ll be lurking

  167. Erik H says

    Looks like my ASE were delivered to the wrong PO Box, thanks USPS. Hopefully whoever received them will be honest enough to notify the Post Office and return them for redelivery.

  168. Ron says

    My two ASE have been sitting in Houston, Tx since Thursday. They left at 7:45 tonight to be delivered by the end of the day tomorrow. Funny thing is my wife, daughter and I drove up to Houston yesterday spent the day and drove back, 3 hours each way, so I don’t understand why the smartpost can’t get them here in less than 4 days.

  169. Dave SW FL says

    Thanks for all your efforts with this blog. I am joining the ranks of lurkers. Too much great info shared to give up the site, but due to certain members responses, I refuse to give the pleasure to them of providing fodder to satisfy their egos. To all who do not find it necessary to be critical of others and participate in a positive manner, a huge thanks…you know who you are 😉

  170. Dustyroads says

    Dave, You’re a good guy, and thanks for adding your two cents. If I were you, I would just ignore him.

  171. Dustyroads says

    Ron, I Once had a box sit in McAllen for days, just because it wasn’t scheduled for delivery yet. A note on the tracking page even stated it was being held until delivery date was reached.

  172. DBR says

    @ Xena re: changing name of blog to “Gullible Suckers Blog”

    Lol! Thank you for the great laugh before bed!!!

    At the risk of incurring the wrath of Khan, I think it very unrealistic to expect every mint offering to be rare and appreciate like a 1995 W ASE. That would be setting oneself up for bitter disappointment.

    High demand rarities don’t seem to appear every day. And coins are not easily manipulated in the market.

    Thanks to all who make this a great blog and hobby resource. Your knowledge should be shared and the conversations continue.

  173. KML in KY says

    I usually don’t buy proof ASE’s but I did some of the 2016’s because they are a one year only type. You can hardly see the edge lettering through the capsule. The quality was pretty good except for one coin. They are going into my retirement stash. I will be getting some of the burnished for the same purpose. I wish they would have done something different for the 30th anniversary but I believe they were required by legislation to do the edge lettering. I would like to see another enhanced ASE like they did in 2013. In my opinion that was the most beautiful ASE.

  174. Sith says

    @Jeff – You tell them! I don’t understand why people are not listening to you. You speak so eloquently. Maybe its because you’re just too smart for the rest of us . Hang in there, keep posting, eventually it will sink in that we are fools, FOOLS I TELL YOU, and, your greatness will shine like the sun. We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! We’re scum!

  175. data dave says

    To all of the new readers of this blog – I find its like visiting New York City, a lot of interesting things to see and hear about, but you have to ignore some of the more grimier aspects (like the piss smell in the alleys). I don’t have to name names but after a while you will know which posts to ignore because they rarely contain any value.

  176. cagcrisp says

    @MT, Good Luck getting numbers. It appears the Mint changed up the website and we now no longer have combined weekly history…

  177. Sith says

    @Dave SW FL – Really? You took a troll’s post to heart? You claim to “refuse to give the pleasure to them of providing fodder to satisfy their egos.”Then you announce it to the board that you have had enough. Between people actually giving the trolls here a response, and those now giving them the satisfaction of announcing that they are so bothered by their post, that they are in essence quitting, the trolls will be here forever.

  178. cagcrisp says

    @Dave SW FL, IF it was me I would hang in there. We’ve had One troll since Forever and I’m his #1 target and I’ve never even thought about not posting. Many in the past that don’t like my posts have encouraged him trying to get me to leave.

    I may leave at some point but it will not be because of a troll…

  179. gatortreke says

    We can’t control what Trolls write but we can control our reaction to it. I can’t fathom why anyone would let a Troll run them off.

  180. Eddie says

    cagcrisp ls kinda like the brains of the blog.
    Jeff is the humor of it all.

    I love reading what both have to say.

  181. MT says

    @cagcrisp — Thanks for the heads up. Let’s hope this is a temporary change. Some of the info at the top of the page doesn’t reflect what is actually available (e.g., not “starting on June 18, 2013,” and no ability to “view another report”) so maybe this is under construction and will be restored back to the prior functionality.

  182. Jeff says

    There should be no reason the mint divulges mintages going forward. Many almost all say “we don’t buy for monetary upside” we buy because you like” so there’s no reason you need mintages. Go to RCM if you want low mintages.

  183. Old Big Bird says

    @capcrisp – Wow you are 100% correct. The US Mint completely changed their web site on sales and production.
    And YES they eliminated all back resource of sales numbers. I have been tracking many of the numbers and applying them to a spreadsheet. But I have only kept the ones from 03-2016. This is another change that the mint has put in place to what I believe is to hide data. A while back I emailed the Mint on production limits on 2014 and 2015 mint and proof sets and they refused to send them Note I was asking for production not sales numbers. I was told to use the freedom of Information Action to get those answers. I did note that the web site suggested to call the following person at the Mint about this matter (chancing the web site) and that person is
    •Questions can be directed to Michael White, Office of Public Affairs, at (202) 354-7222.
    Perhaps one and all should keep a little time and call him and ask why they have made such a change!
    Just a thought

  184. cagcrisp says

    @MT, That was my hope at First, however, it does appear that the Mint is going with .csv and if that is the case there will need to be some conversions and they just may change the wording at the top vs. converting everything to .csv .

    I’ve got last weeks Full download in excel and I can keep up with just adding an adjunct to what I normally do. IF you are new there doesn’t appear to be any history past 01/10/16…

    …SO…new people are going to be limited on what they can do or see…

  185. Goat says

    Wasn’t the weekly history given because we filled out survey that we wanted this info ? On the past few survey’s I don’t recall any questions about/for change.
    Anybody recall what was on the past few survey’s ?

  186. cagcrisp says

    @Old Big Bird, That’s the point I’ve been trying to make with publishing mintages and sales numbers. I use historical data. The data is There and some know that data. The more information published the better informed you can be to make an informed decision.

    The information is there. Limiting that information only helps a limited few…

  187. cagcrisp says

    @Goat, It appears the Weekly data will be there. The combined weekly data appears to no longer be there. You can go forward and build you own history, however, past history pre-01/10/16 appears to be gone…

  188. Old Big Bird says


    That was I have been doing, I created a base spreadsheet I would save the old one and then add into that and create a new one. I do have them going back to 03/2016 but deleted the older one a while back, I guess that was my error in doing that. But that still makes the Mint number access non transparent for the past.

  189. cagcrisp says

    @Old Big Bird, I Completely Agree.

    With the new website you have data from 01/10/16 …

    …SO…you can go back and pick up a couple of months but the time and effort wouldn’t be worth it…

  190. Mike in NY says

    I just called the US Mint customer service because my gold SLQ order has been stuck in Processing mode since 9/21. According to the rep, there have been a lot of orders for the coin and it will take some time for it to move out of Processing and finally ship. I wonder how close we may be to a sell out.

  191. Dustyroads says

    I’ve emailed the Mint and requested all sales data under the Freedom Of Information Act. Hopefully I’ll get a response.
    There is a telephone number for the FOIA on the Mint web page: 202-354-7600.

  192. MT says

    I, too, have saved the full archive from June 2013 through last week.

    If you look at the URL for the available reports, it is associated with the site for the BCA design competition. This change is looking temporary to me. What the final report options will be — limited or like before — I just don’t know.

    And for now, it’s unclear if this means waiting an extra day for the weekly updates.

  193. mgm says

    I just had three coins graded at NGC. My standing liberty gold quarter graded SP69, which sucks. My two 1/4 gold queens beast graded MS70 and I’m happy about that. I bought both from different sources. One from AMPEX and one for JM Bullion at the same time a few week ago. It looks like they’ve fixed the 1/4 queen beast issues. I never get 70s usually.

  194. says

    Mike, you’re not alone.

    My order on the afternoon of the 21st with Overnight shipping is stuck in Processing.

    It’ll be going back though, I needed the trinket to be delivered by 10:00 this morning, & it hasn’t even shipped yet.

    Lesson Learned, Overnight shipping doesn’t buy you much, except more costs.

  195. says

    Mike, given how long it took my ASE subscription to ship, I’d think Memphis is more jammed up trying to fulfil ASE orders than SLQ’s since the HHL was lifted. 87,000 ASE at once is probably rather taxing on that small outfit down there

  196. Dustyroads says

    I hope it is temporary, I however did get a response from the Mint to my inquiry about the loss of data from the sales reports. Here’s what I received:

    ” Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced with this issue. This issue has been brought to the attention of management for further investigation and resolution.”

    “You might also be able to find this information in “The Official Red Book: a Guide Book of United States Type Coins,” by Q. David Bowers, or in other publications in the Official Red Book Series. “

  197. David says

    Pop culture on US coins is intriguing. Canada has done a number of them. Nice alternative to the LAME designs now.

  198. Old Big Bird says


    I hope you are a much younger person than I am. For I wonder how long it takes them to respond to your Freedom Of Information Act request. For your sake I hope it is within a reasonable amount of time.

    The question is why are these numbers such as how many 2015 proof sets they made is such a big deal?
    The main reason is they might not be competent in what and how many they are producing and do not want to let us the poor old coin collector’s know.

    My best guess is the big buyers (ie Mike Mizack of HSN) know exactly what the US Mint has produced and we are left out in left field.

    These are just my feelings.

  199. Ikaika says

    @ cagcrisp

    Some of the big dealers must have purchased thousands of the SLQ’s. This is starting to reflect on the prices as I just posted. One can buy a graded PCGS SP70 for $575 now. I predict prices will drop further.

  200. Old Big Bird says

    I decided to call the US Mint to find out why they have eliminated the back sales history.
    •Questions can be directed to Michael White, Office of Public Affairs, at (202) 354-7222.
    Here is the information again. I did reach a nice lady and spoke to her and because Mr. White was not available.
    I gave her my message and she said that they might just be in the process of redoing the web site and it may be available later, but she would get back to me tomorrow.

    I wonder if anyone else tried to call him? The more the merrier I would think. What do you think cagcrisp?

  201. cagcrisp says

    ON the SLQ, The big boys/dealers got in as soon as possible to get the ER/FS designation. Without a HHL they Got All they wanted on Day #1 Without Limits. From here on the sledding gets tougher…

  202. Ron says

    @Dustyroads says :
    Ron, I Once had a box sit in McAllen for days, just because it wasn’t scheduled for delivery yet. A note on the tracking page even stated it was being held until delivery date was reached

    Dustyroads, it isn’t just FedEx Smartpost, I shipped my dad a book to Kentucky last week, at the post office they said his address didn’t exist, I told them he’s been there over 30 years. It left Corpus Christi TX, went to Dallas TX, Cincinnati, OH, Warrendale PA, then Atlanta GA , it finally made to Kentucky after a week.

  203. Dean says

    Ron says, “I shipped my dad a book to Kentucky last week, at the post office they said his address didn’t exist, I told them he’s been there over 30 years.”


    “Dear Ron,

    I’m sorry to have to inform you that your father does not reside where he thinks he resides.

    In fact, he’s not even in Kentucky. By our reckoning, he’s located in Indiana.

    Best regards,
    Postmaster General, Kentucky”

  204. R. Somers says

    Ordered mine within the first 15 minutes…still processing ALMOST ONE FULL MONTH. CALLED THE MINT 4 TIMES…every time they tell me it will be looked into further…but people who order theirs 2 weeks after I ordered have already received theirs. Paid with a debit card that had the cash and the SAME ADDRESS as delivery…WHAT @#$% USMINT?????!!!!! It takes 4 weeks to process an order paid with a debit card??

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