Olympic National Park Quarter Three Coin Set

Tomorrow, September 20, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET, the US Mint will begin sales of the America the Beautiful Quarter Three-Coin Set featuring Olympic National Park.

This will be the eighth release for the product type that was introduced in late 2010. The sets have been released every few months, throughout the year, covering the 2010 designs and moving on to the 2011 designs.

The Olympic Quarter Three Coin Set includes one uncirculated version of the coin from the Philadelphia Mint, one uncirculated version from the Denver Mint, and one proof version from the San Francisco Mint. The three coins are mounted on a plastic card, which include a description of the site and coin on the back.

These small sets are priced at $14.95, making them an expensive way to acquire the coins, which are also included in annual sets and some other products. The US Mint offers this product type through their subscription program, as well as through the typical sales channels.

All of the previous three coin sets still remain available for sale on the Mint’s website, from Hot Springs National Park to Glacier National Park. The most recent sales figures for each design appear below.

Hot Springs National Park 19,202
Yellowstone National Park 19,399
Yosemite National Park 16,986
Grand Canyon National Park 16,474
Mount Hood National Forest 14,152
Gettysburg National Military Park 14,515
Glacier National Park 11,862
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  1. says

    If any posters here are buying these, I would love to know their motivations. Is it the fancy presentation making something that looks good as a showpiece, or perhaps being given to relatives or children as gift to encourage an interest in coins? I think about this every time Michael covers the release of these three coin sets, and I have never been able to come up with an answer that satisfies me. It keeps coming back to “Why don’t they buy the proof or silver proof sets instead?”

  2. simon says

    I would consider purchasing these sets if they covered all issues – the units in all issued mint sets and the business strikes, identifying each as such. One large possibility is to package the 5 Oz “P” mint and / or 5 Oz bullion version with these “regular” coins in one set. Price would be sky high but it would reduce the overhead of separately packaging the regular monetary issues.

  3. stephen m. says

    CaptainOverkill, pertaining to your 11:37am post. Most, but not all, people buy what strikes their fancy for whatever reasons. In my opion it’s buying what you like. Not all people buy coins in hopes of makeing a profit, however i would agree with you.

  4. DCDave says

    Possible we may see another price decrease this week. Can’t figure out why gold is going down today with all the market jitters. I thought gold was supposed to be a “safe haven” with market uncertainty? Maybe this is a buying opportunity?

    These clad sets are a joke; they are worth about 75 cents each in my opinion.
    Oh, the packaging makes them worth more like a dollar. If silver remains on the weak side of $40/oz then I’m not sure if the new, higher mintage limit 5ozers will sell out for a long, long time.

  5. says


    I’m not even speaking from a profit standpoint (I collect clad just as readily as I do PMs). It just strikes me as strange because you can get so many more coins in a proof set or a regular full uncirculated set, and the coins in both offerings are just as attractive as what you get in the three coin set – except there’s more of them.

    So I’m figuring it’s something else that drives the purchases and I would love to find out what – I’m thinking that maybe it’s either the way the coins are packaged, making it an attractive showpiece to display in the home, or possibly as a gift to friends or family.

  6. auxmike says

    If these were perhaps $7 each set, I’d have bought them all. I can’t find these coins in circulation anywhere!

  7. HarryB says

    I am a long time reader here, but never thought I could contribute till now. This 3 coin set looks like something produced for the National Park Service to sell at Park gift shops, given the price point. As the Captain observes, the coins are in other sets the Mint sells, and auxmike’s observation that $7 would be a fair price, which looks to be about what the Mint would charge to the Park Service to stock them in various park gift shops, so they could sell for $14.95 retail. BTW, I received my subscription order of 2011W unc Silver eagles today, no shipping notification by e-mail. I want to thank Michael for this Blog, as I spend about $15K a year with the Mint, and I have found his information presented here to be extremely valuable.

  8. VA Bob says

    To me these look like something the Mint should be throwing in your order for free, as a thank you, when you spend $100 or more. I just can’t see the mark up here for the value received. To those buying I’m sure the government is grateful for your donation, unfortunately I believe it gives them justification to provide other low value to cost “deals”. Of course I don’t look to the government (Mint included) to be the shinning example of what is or should be fair. Your mileage may vary.

  9. Broooster says

    Check you local banks. I just picked up a few rolls of Vicksburg. I really like that design, might have to buy that in a 5 oz version.

  10. SmallPotatos says


    I can’t speak for myself, as i am not collecting these particulart AtB’s, but when the 50 states were issued in holders, my dad bought several sets of each for his kids (me included), and grandkids. I ultimately ended up with the coin collecting bug so far. He passed before he cold complete the sets, so my older brother completed them in his absence. i now treasure them, not so much for the monetary value, but for the memories they contain.

  11. says

    I have unopened rolls and rolls of the State quarters. For a while they were priced pretty high. Now not so much. I’d get rolls from the bank rather than the sets.

  12. says

    Harry, great comment and idea. I hadn’t even thought of these being given to the National Park Service. If I ever get to any of these parks, I will need to investigate the gift shops and see if they are there.

    SmallPotatos, your comment is more in line with what I’ve been thinking.

  13. William says

    My apologies as this is WAY off topic, but did anyone see the message eBay sent out?? They will no longer grant any ebay bucks for any gold/silver purchases. Seems like they are always implementing new BS policies every so often…..

  14. wing says

    To William,

    “As always, eBay is committed to eliminating any amazing deals on gold and silver. Therefore, to do so, we can no longer offer eBay Bucks for purchases from the Bullion category within Coins & Paper Money.”

  15. Brad says

    I guess they determined that it was costing them too much money.

    It’s too bad they plan to cut it off entirely. Gold and silver is mostly what I buy on eBay, and the 2% back was a nice perk. A more fair course of action would have been to lower the cap from $100 to $25 or something. Oh well, I don’t make the rules. 🙁

  16. mjinden says

    As to the eBay comment:

    I’ve purchased a lot of PM on eBay and used to buy through Mr Rebates because they offered a 3% rebate, but they eliminated that program earlier this year. Now eliminating the eBay bucks just gives less incentive to bid higher on items. I’ve started to use a site called eBid, but there are others also.
    I sell some items also (not just PM) so I don’t want to self promote but for those of you looking for hard to find items- look outside eBay also.

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