One-Tenth Ounce 2013-W Proof Gold Eagle Sold Out

gold-eagleThe individual one-tenth ounce 2013-W Proof Gold Eagle is the latest United States Mint numismatic product to sell out. Since the four coin proof set option sold out late last year, this coin is officially no longer available from the Mint.

The 2013 Proof Gold Eagles originally went on sale April 18, 2013. The US Mint offered the typical four different sizes of one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, and one-tenth ounce coins available either individually or within a four coin set. Product limits were established for each ordering option.

Around December 30, 2013, the four coin proof set option sold out. This was followed by the sell out of the individual one ounce proof coin around January 3, 2014. With the sell out of the individual one-tenth ounce proof coin, now only the individual one-quarter ounce and one-half ounce proof coins remain available.

The US Mint has not yet posted the week’s sales statistics on their website, however downloading all data to date in XLS format does include some updated numbers. In the past some of the numbers on this spreadsheet have changed once the main website page has been updated.

Based on the downloaded data, the individual one-tenth ounce 2013 Proof Gold Eagle had sales of 13,950 units. The previously sold out four coin set option had sold 7,877 units. Based on these sales figures, this yields a preliminary total mintage of 21,827 pieces. This amount is higher than the current mintage low for a one-tenth ounce proof Gold Eagle. This was established for the 2012-dated issue at last reported sales of 20,637 units across all options.

Depending on where sales eventually conclude for the individual one-half ounce and one-quarter ounce coins, these issues could still possibly establish slightly lower lows for the respective denominations. The current lows are held by the 2012-dated issues at 12,919 for the one-half ounce and 13,926 for the one-quarter ounce coin. Current sales levels put the 2013-dated issues at 12,448 for the one-half ounce and 12,475 for the one-quarter ounce coin and counting.

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  1. Joseph says

    what happened to mint’s weekly report? today is Wednesday,right? they are on vacation or still in holiday mode? what is going on?

  2. Nick says

    What’s the data on these 2013 proof 1/10 AGE grading. Should I look at the NGC and pcgs website or is there somewhere that has how many 69,70 etc

  3. VA Rich says

    Excluding the platinum and the FS series, so we’re looking at a potential 6 new lows for 2013…

    3 sold out ( #’s unaudited), 1 highly probably, and 2 to close to call, right?

  4. MarkInFlorida says

    If I had extra money to invest I’d buy extra gold proofs at these mintages and prices. Many people have proof gold in their IRAs.

  5. Nick says

    I bought one of the 1/10 oz. but if I could afford more I would have purchased some of the 1/4 oz ones and duplicates

  6. Dustyroads says

    Louis, I enjoyed reading your article on the Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle coins designed by Mr. Mercanti. Thank you for you hard work, I look forward to reading many more.
    After reading the article, I visited the New York Mint and bought one of the proofs at $99., but they were “to be available” at the time. I assumed they were not yet available to the American public, but am now wondering if I was late on these.

    thePhelps, You said you picked one up recently at the same price, I’m assuming you bought yours from the same distributor. If so, were they available for shipment at the time? Thanks

  7. Samuel says

    when it was in stock, the title was HR, later we realized that and cancelled, then it became coming soon. dont worry, u will get urs.

  8. fmtransmitter says

    Maybe they (US Mint) wanted to see how many people were going to order these before they started striking to avoid same as GS coin?

  9. fmtransmitter says

    As for that Wedge, a co worker is waiting on his govmint order also. He is going to keep me posted as to what is going on with that company and the way they operate. They are essentially a Marketing Firm FIRST and seem to have exclusive connections with Smithsonian and other New York landmark insitiutions.

  10. CW says

    Only invest in proof gold if you like. It is bullion to the LCS. I have sold plenty to multiple dealers. You generally do not get the premium back. Collect it if you like (and I do). But don’t expect to get your premium back.

  11. smiledon says

    @ Dan in FL,
    I just ordered that coin, just one since I hate the fornt. The Mint’s order page states that my coin is due to be shipped out today.

  12. fmtransmitter says

    I display the side I like the best since I can only look at one side of the coin at a time. lol If you DO get confirmation on shipping, do tell as I would like to let co-worker know. he is new to this and asking a ton of questions, of which I have been referring him to numerous websites, including this one for sure…

  13. says

    As per the same as the last few weeks, the new mint sales update has lower numbers than the excel spreadsheet that was available on Monday for all the items that I follow.

  14. Dan in Fla says

    Smiledon- I’m buying on the hopes the reverse is a winner because the obverse is a snoozer.

  15. Arizona Billy says

    I find it interesting that the new “Inverted Jenny” postage stamp is also selling some stamps that are not inverted to stimulate sales. The mint should study this idea. Perhaps the mint could produce five hundred coins in sealed sets with double dies to stimulate sales.

    Two dollar Bill

  16. Dustyroads says

    fm, I like the fact that John Mercanti designed this Australian coin, but it looks like the Australian’s didn’t want his initials on it. I really wish they wouldn’t have done that!

  17. AkBob says

    FM – I received notification from Coin Club they are shipping my Australian Silver Eagle tomorrow. I can’t wait to see it. I just hope I’m not disappointed. Sometimes you start thinking how GREAT something is and you wait and wait and wait and you start hyping it up inside your head ecpecting too much and you end up setting yourself up for disappointment. I don’t think it will be disappointing though. Another dealer told me that the silver eagle is much nicer than the gold eagle. Sure wish I knew first hand!! LOL

  18. fmtransmitter says

    co worker said his cc was refunded by govmint due to it being back ordered. I don’t know anymore what the deal is. If anyone knows let us know please. I got confirmation mine has arrived from over seas and is on way to my state.

  19. fmtransmitter says

    My 1858 half arrived. My oldest US coin to date. Wow, 1858, during the Wild Wild west and Gold Rush era. I have a ship wreck coin from 1700’s and a great britian coin from 1816.

  20. VA Rich says

    FM – I missed your and Jagfan’s posting back on the 6/7th on World for the Wedgetail – kicking myself now for missing out on direct. Though they’re in stock with gov now and orders are going through.

  21. Samuel says

    my Jan 3 subscription silver quarter set shows up at the order history yesterday, backordered, shipping date 2/1. the 5oz does not show up, 2 weeks now.

  22. Dustyroads says

    Just cancelled my order for the Wedge-tailed HR Silver. I can’t see myself buying this when chances are it’s a PR68 in OGP. It may just be me, but after reading a conversation with John Mercanti about working with the Perth Mint, I get the feeling he wasn’t treated well by the Australian’s. Then there’s the absence of his initials under his work. Long live the queen, I really mean it man!

  23. smiledon says

    I was just looking at the Code talker bronze coins, and I just saw where the tribe I belong to is being honored. Wish they were in silver. Nevertheless I just may get one. I need to let my family know this. Man, what one can learn. The CRA coin still reads to be shipped on the 15th. I have not heard anything else as of yet.

  24. Dustyroads says

    Back order status is removed from the Uncirculated Dollar Set. Not surprising, and proves Brad was correct. There’s still a good chance for #1 happening with this coin, but I can’t help but think the Mint may have minted far more than expected as they have done with some of their other offerings. Come on US Mint!!

  25. Brad says

    All might not be lost on the AUDC set. It’s still possible that the Mint only had enough 2013-W ASE coins left to allow for production of up to 45,000 sets total. They may still sell out in about three months or so.

    Since the set itself won’t be the lowest-mintage, that will definitely hurt it’s value later on, as far as the sets go. But, if the 2013-W ASE is the lowest mintage (so far) of the W burnished coins, it should still do fairly well.

  26. Don says

    Dan in Fla,

    In regard to the Civil Rights commemorative: Even though the prospects are very good that this will be a low mintage coin(s), I just don’t like it enough to have it as part of my collection. Again, low mintages not withstanding, I don’t think there will be much future clamor and demand for this coin(s) for it to hold its value. Collectors are beginning to become jaded by the string of poorly designed and unattractive commemoratives that have been recently issued, and this is reflected in the lower sales numbers.

    Good luck, though, with the commems that you purchased.

  27. Eddie says

    I am still trying to decide if I am going to get the CR coin. If I do it’s because of the reverse side and the way the Mint made the flames standout. The reverse is great looking.

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