One-Tenth Ounce Proof Gold Eagle Sold Out

Yesterday, the individual product option for the one-tenth ounce 2011 Proof Gold Eagle sold out at the US Mint.

Five different product options for the 2011 Proof Gold Eagle had originally went on sale at the US Mint on April 20, 2011. With the latest sell out, all of the individual options have sold out, leaving only the four coin set option available for sale.

The individual one ounce coins had sold out on October 14, 2011 after receiving orders for the entire product limit of 30,000. This was followed by the sell out of the individual one-quarter ounce coins on December 28, 2011 and one-half ounce coins on February 27, 2012.

The half, quarter, and tenth ounce coins all sold out with sales levels below the established maximum product limit.

2011 Proof Gold Eagle Products

Product Limit Sales
One Ounce 30,000 30,000
One Half Ounce 15,000 8,066
One Quarter Ounce 16,000 10,381
On Tenth Ounce 30,000 23,926
Four Coin Set 40,000 17,991

Looking ahead, the US Mint will begin sales of the 2012 Proof Gold Eagles on April 19, 2012. Once again, there will be individual one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce coins, as well as a four coin set available. The Mint has reduced the product limits for several options, which basically bring them into line with the actual sales achieved for the 2011 coins.

2012 Proof Gold Eagle Products

Product Limit
One Ounce 30,000
One Half Ounce 10,000
One Quarter Ounce 12,000
On Tenth Ounce 25,000
Four Coin Set 30,000

There will be a full post dedicated to the 2012 Proof Gold Eagles next week, ahead of the start of sales.

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  1. says

    I’m expecting the four coin 2011 proof set to remain on sale just like the buffalo. Mint needs the revenue badly.


    No way is that happening. All the 2011s are long since struck. I think they would have to actually spend money to melt the coins down, and in a year when they’re likely to face a loss for 2012, I don’t see that happening. It’s best you view the numismatic varieties of the AtBs as either a long-term investment or else as pricy bullion.

  2. Greenback says

    I hope that the sale reports of the 2011 ATB coins influence the mintage levels/prices for the 2012 and beyond in the series.

  3. TomP says

    I’m surprised at the high max mintage level for the 2012 AGE 4-coin set.This is the largest gap between all the current 2011 sold mintage and their 2012 max mintage. I would have expected maybe 20,000 or even 25,000 instead of 30,000 max mintage for the 4-coin set.
    If 30,000 reflects the approx. number of 2011 4-coin sets produced and in stock, the set may hang around for a long long time in competition with the 2011 proof buffalo. LOL

  4. Psychdr says

    Well with all of the buzz over 2012 Age proof coming it seems like the mint has stopped the Unc version. Does this mean that the 2011 Age Unc is worthy of the lowest mintage title for the Eagles? If so what does this do for the potential future value of this coin (2011 Age Unc)? If they have stopped production is it safe to assume they will not bring this coin version back due to the lack luster sales or do they bring it back after a break like with the silver eagles of 2009?

  5. Louis says

    There is really no way to say at this point. Given the almost total lack of info. coming out of the Mint, we just don’t know whether there will be a 2012 AGE UNC. It is quite possible it could be announced later. Of course, if it does prove to be the last one, and the lowest mintage, it will eventually command a nice premium.

  6. G says

    The 2011w should have more of a premium- makes me wonder if any AGE’s will ever be worth much more than a bit over spot. Why the ’08 quarter premium and not the 1 oz? Interesting.

  7. Louis says

    Perhaps, but as we have discussed here before, the premium for the 2008 quarter and other coins did not emerge immediately. In 2009 you could still get the 2008 coins at a pretty reasonable price, then it took off after that. There is no guarantee that will happen with the 2011 but in general patience is required. Those looking for a quick profit are better off doing something other than buying numismatic coins.

  8. VA Bob says

    With nearly all mintages getting lower, it will change everything. Many folks are just waiting for the next “new low”. My advice, buy what you really like and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll go crazy trying to predict the winners and losers.

  9. Hidalgo says

    @VA Bob – yep, you’re right. Buy what you really like rather than speculate. You’ll always be second guessing yourself as no one can predict the future accurately all of the time.

    Sales of gold and silver coins are slowing down — even falling. Both PMs are no longer appreciating like they did 2-3 years ago when America was in a recession (and still is). It’s a fundamental fact that the value of PMs go up when America’s economy goes down. Now that we are emerging from the recession, PM values are falling…..

  10. Tim says

    Off topic but interesting, A trip down memory lane showed that in 2000 the Mint was in the business of selling 50 State clocks, divets, spoons, Mercury dime earrings, Indian Head penny cufflinks, 2000 ASE pocketknives, Sac dollars with feathers, and on and on. Reckon with the revenue way down that might bring back such items??? Some of the product pages still exist on the “Wayback Machine”. Check it out when you are bored.*/*

  11. Eric H says

    Is there any news on the first spouse gold coins? I haven’t heard anything since they took the presidential dollars out of circulation.

  12. Rick says

    Eliza Johnson Spouse SOLD OUT ! The Bronze Medal that is. Still interesting that it’s gone before the the Gold coins, or the ’10 medals.
    What’s the Mint up to now?

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