Opening Day Sales for March of Dimes Silver Dollars

dollarThe United States Mint has released the opening day sales figures for the 2015 March of Dimes Commemorative Silver Dollars. Sales for the individual proof and uncirculated coins had opened on March 13.

The opening day sales for the proof silver dollar reached 16,436 units. The opening day sales for the uncirculated silver dollar reached 7,940 units. This makes for a combined sales total of 24,376 from the overall maximum mintage of 500,000.

The offering saw a slower start compared to the 2015 US Marshals Silver Dollars, which had opened with sales of 24,057 proof and 10,200 uncirculated coins through the individual options with an additional 9,421 proofs sold within the three coin proof set.

Sales levels were stronger compared to the previous year’s 2014 Civil Rights Act Silver Dollars. The US Mint did not provided opening day sales figures, but from the release on January 2 to the weekly reporting date of January 5, 2014, sales had reached 10,056 proof and 4,424 uncirculated coins for a total of just 14,480.

The March of Dimes Silver Dollars will undoubtedly see a boost from the special set scheduled for release on May 4, 2015, which will contain the proof silver dollar along with two specially minted 90% silver Roosevelt Dimes. One dime will be struck with at the West Point Mint with a proof finish and the other will be struck at the Philadelphia Mint with a reverse proof finish. The product will carry a limit of 75,000 units, ordering limit of 5 sets per household, and will be priced at $61.95.

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  1. cagcrisp says

    Under the Old system Sales numbers were reported through Sunday night. The above numbers for Opening Day are the same as what is posted on the excel spreadsheet. So IF these numbers are indeed Opening Day sales then the excel spreadsheet cut the sales off on Friday…

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