Opening Day Sales for US Marshals Commemorative Coins

featureThe United States Mint has released the opening day sales figures for the 2015 US Marshals Commemorative Coins. The program includes proof and uncirculated $5 gold coins, silver dollars, and clad half dollars, which went on sale yesterday.

The top seller by unit volume was the individual proof version of the silver dollar at 24,057 units. This was followed by the individual proof half dollar at 14,212 units. The 3 coin proof set was also popular selling 9,421 units from the 15,000 product limit.

Opening Sales US Marshals Commemorative Coins

$5 Gold Proof 2,698
$5 Gold Uncirculated 2,323
Silver Dollar Proof 24,057
Silver Dollar Uncirculated 10,200
Half Dollar Proof 14,212
Half Dollar Uncirculated 7,649
3 Coin Proof Set 9,421

Looking at the total sales for each coin across all product options, the $5 gold coin made the biggest dent in the overall maximum mintage. Across the individual proof, individual uncirculated, and 3 coin proof set options, total sales for the $5 gold coin reached 14,442 pieces, accounting for 14.44% of the 100,000 maximum mintage.

Across all options, the silver dollar sold 43,678 units, representing 8.74% of the 500,000 maximum mintage. Lastly, the half dollar reached sales of 31,282 pieces, representing just 4.17% of the 750,000 maximum mintage.

As expected, these opening sales figures are far below the opening sales levels for last year’s blockbuster 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Program, which saw an opening day sell out of the 50,000 $5 gold coins and sales of 156,675 silver dollars and 73,354 half dollars.

The sales levels for the US Marshals Commemoratives have exceeded the opening sales levels for the next prior year three coin program for the 5-Stars Generals. In 2013, during the first week of sales across all options the $5 gold coin reached 7,883, the silver dollars reached 21,120, and the half dollars reached 19,810.

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  1. Mark says

    That is why i asked. (wonder how many they have on hand, ready to ship?)before they ever went on sale. Because after the Baseball Hall of Fame delays. They started announcing how many Kennedys they they had ready to go. Then were very quiet on this release. So now i always put my order in as soon as possible, because i can always return them.

  2. jeff says

    However if you return you only get a refund then you have to reorder but the coins are out of stock so you wait anyways so what the use. It becomes futile .

  3. MikeinPA says

    several three coin marshal sets for sale on ebay for under $600, hate to burst anyones bubble, but no trips to disneyland with this set

  4. Jerry Diekmann says

    VA Bob – well said. The coin hobby would be much better off if everyone listened to you. However, that is not the case, unfortunately, and it is a shame that some people, foolishly or unknowingly, accept the hype and high prices charged by some unscrupulous dealers and other sellers.

    On a brighter note, I’m glad I was able to buy what I wanted from the Marshals set – a nice set indeed. I know a lot of bloggers panned the upcoming March of Dimes set, but I like the set, and like you have said, buy what you like and don’t buy what you don’t like. I try and buy one proof gold coin if I like it, but if I don’t like the design or what it commemorates, I just don’t buy it – it doesn’t make sense to me to buy something you don’t like, especially since i have limited means for purchasing coins anyway – I didn’t buy the last gold $5.00 coin -from the 5-star generals set, for example – i don’t have to have one of everything. if you adopt that mindset, you will save yourself a lot of money over time – you are not as likely to buy into the hype and you save yourself from buying ugly coins or depictions of people or events that you don’t care about. Very subjective, I know, but it all comes down to eye appeal.

  5. Mark says

    The reason i would return them is either i did not like them or they were not selling very well. I would return them so i could reorder them again.

  6. Mark says

    The prices on these will go up if (which i do not believe) but who knows. If the mint does not get more in stock before the first strike dead line approaches.( And yes i am a EVIL FLIPPER).

  7. D Rittenhouse says

    Whoops. In my recent comment above about the impending availability of the Marshals coins in Ft. Smith, I incorrectly used the code for Alaska (AK) instead of the correct code for Arkansas (AR). Sorry for any confusion. Hope nobody booked airline tickets based on my faulty comment. 🙂

  8. jeff says

    Cherry pick away Mark I’m not buying. Show me a commemorative that’s appreciated since the buffalo and I mean doubled issuance price and not graded. You can’t and if you can it’s rare. There will be FS/ER appreciation but not uncertified, and it won’t last people are already giving up here I say next move along little doggie.

  9. Mark says

    Jeff comments are not directed at you… So please skip my comments if you find them foolish.

  10. Ralph says

    I also got an email from the Mint today saying my 3-coin set’s have shipped. Date on UPS tracking says 2/2. Label was created today, though. Working on Sundays??

  11. Ralph says

    Hawkster: No hype here! lol Just making conversation. Surprised to get email on Sunday.

    Mark: Thanks! Very solid. Can’t wait to see the coins.

  12. CasualCollector says

    I wonder how many of the Marshal Gold Unc were sold only because the Gold Proof was OOS. Honest folks going to the Mint site might actually believe the Proof is “Sold Out” (not realizing the Proofs will definitely be back in stock at some point…)

    That’s just not right (imho)

  13. jeff says

    Let’s not talk about all the blunders that are occurring with this issue think about how fast your were able to get in and out of the mints Web site , oh and how fast they are shipping them out lightning speed . Ho horsey the train has completely stopped and there’s no explanation oh that’s because they dondon’t need to explain it our U.S. MINT no we the people in their vocabulary .

  14. jeff says

    Already the officiating has blown a call ruffing the punter typical it’s the human error that wins out

  15. Ends in Error says

    I think this US Mint gaming is going to inspire me to buy a few foreign coins this year. Probably something British or Irish. Maybe some old USSR Coins.

  16. Hidalgo says

    I am somewhat surprised that the 2015 U.S. Marshal coins certified at the Long Beach Expo are not selling as high as I thought they would.

    Here are some recent “sold” listingson eBay:

    * 2015 W Gold US Marshals 225th Anniversary $5 PCGS MS70 Long Beach Expo. $688
    * 2015 W Gold US Marshals 225th Anniversary $5 PCGS PR69DCAM Long Beach Expo: $530
    * 2015 P Silver US Marshals 225th Anniversary $1 PCGS PR70DCAM Long Beach Expo: $385
    * 2015 P Silver US Marshals 225th Anniversary $1 PCGS MS70 Long Beach Expo: $178.45
    * 2015 P Silver US Marshals 225th Anniversary $1 PCGS MS69 Long Beach Expo: $95
    * 2015 P Silver US Marshals 225th Anniversary $1 PCGS PR69DCAM Long Beach Expo: $91

    These are somewhat close to prices I would expect for PCGS graded coins from the major coin dealers. Perhaps demand will pick up in the days/weeks to come….

  17. Ralph says

    Go Pats is right. If score at half stays 7 to 0, I win $500 in office pool!!
    More silver eagles on the way!!!


  18. Hidalgo says

    Seahawks scored a touchdown.and field goal…. New England 7, Seattle 7. I wonder if the US Mint will mint Football Hall of Fame commemorative gold, silver, and clad coins? 🙂

  19. KCSO says

    More importantly, how would a modern Liberty modeled after Katy Perry sale?

    I’d be in on that!

  20. Hidalgo says

    I’m not exactly sure why folks are rushing to buy the uncirculated gold U.S. Marshals coin. There should be plenty of them available in the months ahead. It’s February 1st… we have a long way to go before summer, fall, and winter 2015 arrives.

  21. MikeinPA says

    Va Bob- hope so although not bad looking i think the Marshal comm. is just another rather boring coin IMO

  22. Tinto says


    Maybe some of the folks who bought into the BHOF and the Kennedy hype buying large amounts of products, esp. the gold and are now stuck trying to unload (esp. the Kennedy gold) are perhaps a little short of funds and can’t get into the current cycle of hype. Maybe some of them were truly burnt and are now shying away perhaps never to return to this type of game.

    And those that remain might be going for the fast turnaround so they make at least some profit … all IMO

  23. Tinto says

    @End in Error

    I did collect a little bit of world coins a long time ago when there was no such hype as it exists today. Nothing much but I did get quite a bit of satisfaction … I still have 4 or 5 Swiss shooting medals left dated from the late 1800’s and they large silver pieces and are nice to look at and hold (mostly XF/AU) and not expensive.

  24. MikeinPA says

    I believe the OOS is a new marketing ploy, get yours before they are gone, seems to be working, i’ve got most of the modern gold comms. barely selling above issue price, most i’m sure with lower mintages than the current will have in the end

  25. thePhelps says

    MikeinPA… it seems you collect coins to resale them? I recall the first time I found a coin I liked, and saved. It had nothing to do with the resale value of the coin. I still collect coins almost 40 years later, and it still has nothing to do with the resale value of the coins. The Marshal coins are IMO some of the nicer commemorative designs int he past few years. So…I’ll be buying them.

    Nice finish Pats… a great Super Bowl game.

  26. MikeinPA says

    thePhelps- i sell a few made a killing on the c&c sets had 200 of fhem, i too collect for love of the coin, my point i was trying to make i guess, with the countdown going on, was this particular coin will do no better than others like it, and with all the hype and high mintages, in the end will likely be below average, much ado about nothing i’m afraid, still have my first coins too

  27. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    VA Bob says/February 1, 2015 at 10:37 am
    “Cool Dave – I wasn’t attempting to guide the topics people introduce on this site. I was speaking to collecting verses business in general though as there are many sales related blogs.”

    Yeah, understood — fair enough.

  28. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @D Rittenhouse says/February 1, 2015 at 2:52 pm ”

    “@The Real “Cool” Dave,” “Earlier today you quoted the stated purpose for this blog, from the upper right at the top of any page:”

    That is correct and factual. Do you see any other rules for this blog other than the standards you mentioned for other blogs, which as you pointed out are not relevant to/for this blog?

    Secondly, “the blog creator does not “screen”/edit this blog,”where did you get your information that the owner does not? He does and some of us have seen this happen, a few topics ago, I mentioned a posting that appeared to have been be screened.

    Nevertheless, you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how uninformed or knowledgeable it might/might not be; others just might not place any validity to it. I do not predispose to read the blog creators mind and then dogmatically state the blog should be policed by someone’s ideal set of rules; which happen to be no less important or more important than anyone else’s.

    To my way of thinking your rant here strikes me as meeting those parameters you describe as being “incredibly selfish.”

    This “blog” has been operating for some time under the parameters, set historically in a precedential manner, including to this point. And you do not think the Blog creator is aware of the topics discussed?

    “Most blogs don’t even allow comments about the blog’s postings.” What? Did I miss something – is that not the primary purpose of a blog? Once again, you error, I have posted and seen postings on other blogs that give ample le-way to bloggers – not just this blog.

    I guess if you, or anyone does not like the unwritten rule/topics/postings on this blog and would like to be the “Blog Police,” there are at least three options: 1.) Create your own blog and police it as you wish, 2.) Go somewhere else or 3.) Accept that this blog is – what it is, and you most likely are not going to be able to “police” it to your satisfaction/control, the way you would like to — as though you were the only person that mattered; yet you want to talk about selfish? Really?

    Huh – I don’t think so – not to mention, how off topic did you get? Oh — that is right, how silly am I to forget some individuals freely exempt themselves from the parameters they wish to impose on other.

    What was I thinking!?

  29. Ralph says

    MGU is OOS. 2 of 7 left available.
    I agree with the comments about this whole OOS thing. Why not just take the orders up to the amount that will be minted? The discount last for the first 30 days. How fair is it to offer the discount but not the coins that it applies too? Silliest thing I have seen.
    I mean, you know how many are going to be made. Just continue the order taking process until sold out. This method of only selling what has already been minted is foolish! IMHO!

  30. thePhelps says

    The mint STARTS sales of the Marshals coins on Thursday the 29th. On Monday the 2nd of February the only coins you can actually purchase at the mints website are the half dollar. With sales of 100,00 gold – 500,000 silver and 750,000 clad coins… as targets – you can’t even order most of them.

    If that isn’t what a BACKORDER button is supposed to be used for …what is?

    The mint is failing with this offering.

  31. jeff says

    With no coins being sold (OOS) the discount will end sooner and the higher prices will kick in, fabulous market strategy. NOT.

  32. CasualCollector says

    Marketing strategy or not, I think the Mint inadvertantly created an artifical OOS for the Marshal Gold UNC. People thinking they could no longer get the Proof figured they might as well get the UNC before they were all “gone”

    I agree with others that the Mint should activate the “Backorder” button (that is what it’s there for)

  33. thePhelps says

    The mints website has some really bad rules these days. They fail to mark items as sold out – they often go to OOS and then are simply removed from the site. Or they are sold out but still taking orders to cancel the oversold orders later. The mark items as OOS (which looks like sold out because you can’t order them), only to open sales again later. They have a “remind me” feature that no one has yet to figure out when it is supposed to actually work… those are just some of them I can think of ..I am sure there are others.

  34. stephen m says

    I see that collectors now have “MAC”, Modern Approved Coin sticker. For a fee they will grade your slabbed modern and if it meets their approval it is given the MAC sticker to make your slabbed coin trackable, and priceable. This will greatly add to the value of the coin IF you are fortunate enough for your coin to make the grade. In the future I’ll be lucky just to view a coin in a slab. The stickers will have the view impaired.

  35. thePhelps says

    stephen – I think it is time we call The Professional Graders (TPG) what they have become and what they really are these days – The Professional Labels (TPL).

  36. cagcrisp says

    Order #2 Out for Delivery. Order #1 has Not left Memphis… Both Orders had 3 coin sets and Silver Proofs. Main difference is cc..

  37. Ralph says

    So, they put the coins up for sale with a specific amount available for purchase before it goes OOS. Then they re-list it ( sorry ebayers) now as back-ordered with option to buy. In the meantime how many orders were lost. But, do they care about that? Of course not.

    Me thinks maybe someone at the Mint reads this blog?

  38. thePhelps says

    cag – my order is also out for delivery. Thankfully I took the day off to plow all the snow we had the last 2 days… and ok – maybe recover from the Super Bowl… 🙂

    Good too see at least some of the Marshal coins are now available to be back ordered! I don’t see why they updated the silvers and not the golds… but that is what they did.

  39. CasualCollector says

    Wow, that’s so far under melt — he would have been better off going somewhere that offers melt price (also to avoid the eBay/Paypal/Shipping fees).

  40. Ends in Error says

    It’s time to take this whole Coin Game to the next level. Why play around with ordering, waiting for Coins to be available, shipping, delivery, shipping to TPG’s, storing coins, selling coins……. on and on. Why bother people with any of that?

    Isn’t it time for Numismatic ETF’s? Electronic Traded Funds for Coins would allow you to invest in Numismatics without all the bother. And think of the billions that would come into the Numismatic world without a worry about any limitations imposed by reality.

    Want to invest in 10,000 PCGS PF70 First Strike 2015 Silver Eagles? No problem, you can just click through nto it in a matter of seconds. Where are the actual physical coins? Why worry- thats the beauty of ETF’s.

  41. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    I was wondering if running an auction during the Superbowl would be good strategy or bad, you know with the influence of alcohol and competition and what not….

    The last two 2013 LESPS sold at auction around the 4th Qtr of the game for $99 & $97.

    I shall conclude it would have been a bad strategy.

  42. jeff says

    KCSO I’m surprised anyone bought them. How low can they go I think I guessed many months ago this would happen. There cheap these Kennedy’s

  43. Ikaika says

    @KCSO and Jeff

    “How low can they go ”

    I am not sure how much the dealers are currently paying for the JFK gold coins. Has anyone here attempted to sell to them? As I said in the past, it will end up similar to FS coins. $10 over spot.

  44. john says

    I order 1 proof,and 2 unc..order was for 139.00 I get a email from mint today.only unc shipped.but my c c said proof ship backorded.this is bad that mean my c c was chaged before ship.

  45. fmtransmitter says

    This item is for sale but out of stock PLEASE SEE FUTURE SHIP DATE…What does that MEAN? The wording on this site makes zero sense, it’s like they try to come up with wording to confuse the heck out of you and it makes no sense…

  46. says


    Why do you think the gold Kennedy will perform poorly? I am just curious as to your thinking. The best argument I have heard so far is that half dollar collectors will not consider it a “real” half dollar and ignore it – is this what you believe?

  47. cagcrisp says

    @fmtransmitter, you put in a Quantity, then in the “View Bag” box it shows the “The expected in-stock date is Wed Feb 04 2015. ” for the Proof Silver. For the Unc Silver it shows “The expected in-stock date is Thu Feb 05 2015.”

  48. CasualCollector says

    Regardless how the Gold Kennedy performs, I actually like the coin. It’s attractive, unique, iconic, and has intrinsic value (3/4 ounce of gold). I would love to have a chance to pay spot (or less) for a few of these right now (graded or ungraded).

  49. Ikaika says

    @ CO

    Although the US mint sold over 60K JFK’s (so far), these numbers (IMHO) do reflect the true collector base. I am almost sure most were purchased by spectulators/dealers/flippers. It all boils down to supply and demand. Taking the FS as an example, some were minted in the 2K range and they are still a hard sell. Try calling the dealers.

    I am not saying everyone that purchased the coin from the mint is “a sucker”. I did buy one example on the first day of sale ($1240). I like the uniqueness and beauty of the gold JFK.

  50. Ralph says

    fmtransmitter: This item is for sale but out of stock PLEASE SEE FUTURE SHIP DATE…What does that MEAN?

    My guess is that after you purchase, you check the status of your order which might include the future ship date.
    Good guess anyway!

  51. cagcrisp says

    @John Q. Coinage, Put in 99 of any item and then look at your “View Bag”. IF there is less than 99 available then it will show up in a red numeric number. Keep updating and you will see how many are left. IF there is More than 99 then this method does Not work…

  52. John Q. Coinage says

    Thanks, buying since ’68 from the mint, & getting shafted to this day by their lack of consistency……

  53. jayjaspersgarage says

    Howdy. I just received my one U.S. Marshals 3-Coin set. Very nice. Glad I chose to corral that one since I don’t pull the trigger on every commemorative set. The additional silver dollar I ordered at the same time did not ship with the set so I will track that critter down at sunrise. Giddy up!

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