Opening Day Sales for US Marshals Commemorative Coins

featureThe United States Mint has released the opening day sales figures for the 2015 US Marshals Commemorative Coins. The program includes proof and uncirculated $5 gold coins, silver dollars, and clad half dollars, which went on sale yesterday.

The top seller by unit volume was the individual proof version of the silver dollar at 24,057 units. This was followed by the individual proof half dollar at 14,212 units. The 3 coin proof set was also popular selling 9,421 units from the 15,000 product limit.

Opening Sales US Marshals Commemorative Coins

$5 Gold Proof 2,698
$5 Gold Uncirculated 2,323
Silver Dollar Proof 24,057
Silver Dollar Uncirculated 10,200
Half Dollar Proof 14,212
Half Dollar Uncirculated 7,649
3 Coin Proof Set 9,421

Looking at the total sales for each coin across all product options, the $5 gold coin made the biggest dent in the overall maximum mintage. Across the individual proof, individual uncirculated, and 3 coin proof set options, total sales for the $5 gold coin reached 14,442 pieces, accounting for 14.44% of the 100,000 maximum mintage.

Across all options, the silver dollar sold 43,678 units, representing 8.74% of the 500,000 maximum mintage. Lastly, the half dollar reached sales of 31,282 pieces, representing just 4.17% of the 750,000 maximum mintage.

As expected, these opening sales figures are far below the opening sales levels for last year’s blockbuster 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Program, which saw an opening day sell out of the 50,000 $5 gold coins and sales of 156,675 silver dollars and 73,354 half dollars.

The sales levels for the US Marshals Commemoratives have exceeded the opening sales levels for the next prior year three coin program for the 5-Stars Generals. In 2013, during the first week of sales across all options the $5 gold coin reached 7,883, the silver dollars reached 21,120, and the half dollars reached 19,810.

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  1. G says

    I was at the long beach show. In line three hours for the marshals. Sets were gone in the first hour. Festive feel. Pretty lively crowd for a Thursday. I think the Marshall has great potential. Really nice design- haven’t heard anybody say anything but good things about the design. Might fly under the radar a little bit as well.

  2. A&L Futures says


    (ref: LE MoD Set)

    I received this reply from the U.S. Mint (via Facebook) —


    The dimes are currently on display at the Long Beach Expo.

    The special set will contain a proof silver dollar, a silver reverse proof dime produced in Philadelphia with a P mint mark and silver dime produced in West Point with a W mint mark.

    We do not have any information yet about the on-sale date, pricing, product limit or Household Order Limits.

  3. says


    The feeling around the Marshal designs reminds me of the positive reception of the Medal of Honor commemoratives the Mint sold back in 2011, which as I recall also received an enthusiastic reception from the readers here.

    I am definitely glad to these are outperforming the generals coins. I imagine Michael will probably do some more comparatives eventually once we get the US Mint’s sales report next week.

  4. CasualCollector says

    @A&L Futures
    Thanks for the Mint’s feedback on that MoD Set (Reverse Proof dime — wish someone at the Long Beach Expo took pictures…).

    Off topic — my dad placed an order for the Sac C&C Sets on 12/10. And like others have posted, the order actually just shipped! Was not expecting to ever see them (5 sets because it’s when they placed the 5 HH Limit). Christmas in January 🙂

  5. MikeinPA says

    A&L Futures, thanks for the info, been hearing rumors of a spring suprise, appears to be confirmed now, glad i didn’t bother with the Marshal coins, although the gold is stunning

  6. Ikaika says

    “US Marshals Commemoratives have exceeded the opening sales levels for the next prior year three coin program for the 5-Stars Generals”

    The designs for the US Marshals coins, especially the $5 gold are way more attractive than those for the 5-Stars Generals.

  7. thePhelps says

    While the MOH was a good comparison… looking back a better one might be the 2008 Bald Eagle series…

  8. jeff says

    This is expected early exuberance then peters out. I to am on the sidelines no pump here. 500K way to many hold off there are better products in lower mintage that will appreciate these coins are only commemorative nothing special nothing innovated. I’m holding off and loading up on the 2014 limited edition set I presume this will be the key date I truly believe they have all been struck my guess 30k .

  9. jeff says

    Only 814 gold sold on first day and only 8% silver that’s really week for a first day sale. If I remember right the bhof gold sold out in 24 hrs. And the silver in 9 days . Well let’s see what happens I have my theory. Loser

  10. thePhelps says

    jeff…not many expect this to be the next BHoF coin. While the designs are pretty striking, they don’t rise to the circus level coinage of the BHoF.

    For a commemorative coin – the series of coins has sold very well in the opening 24 hours. I think they actually exceeded most peoples expectations – I know they exceeded mine.

  11. Bernie in FL says

    Wife called and told me that my 3 coin Marshal Set just arrived and she signed for them. Excited about getting home and taking a Very Close Look!!!!!!!

  12. Bernie in FL says

    Ordered the Set yesterday by 12:01 pm. Now they are here. Let you Guys know tonight what I got…….

  13. jeff says

    It’s to bad this organization will not reap the full quota in dollars. It’s possible this issue is on pace with the girlscout coins. JMHO

  14. says


    I don’t think it’s going to be nearly that bad. Refer here:

    If one takes into consideration the silver proofs in the three coin sets, first day sales of the proof silver Marshals have already exceeded sales of the silver proofs sales of the girl scouts over the first FIVE days of sale. The silver uncirculated marshals are also only 2,000 behind the girl scouts first five days of sale as well.

    Also keep in mind that unlike the girl scouts, the silver marshals were also competing with the much more expensive gold marshals as well. So while it’s only been a little over 24 hours I feel the marshals are performing relatively well.

  15. Ends in Error says

    Why would the US Marshals need a Coin Collector handout? That’s ludicrous. They conficate money, drugs, firearms, whatever. All they gotta do is stick it in their pockets and they got funds to do whatever. Oh yeah I forgot, they’re feds, they’re honest guys. 😉

  16. CasualCollector says

    FYI – looks like the Marshal Gold Proof is at 94 left (of their initial supply). So probably hits OOS or Backorder sometime tonight. But they are from from a sell out, so there should be plenty of opportunity to get them again…

  17. Ikaika says

    Ordered a set of the proof coins @12:25pm. Just got the shipping notification. Looking forward to it 🙂

  18. cagcrisp says

    Order #1 is Processing. Order #2 has Shipped. Order 2 included 16 Silver Proofs. On the Order Summary it shows 16. On the Shipping Tracking it shows 7 + 7 + 2. What’s up with that?

  19. CasualCollector says

    KCSO – agree sometime tonight. Might be last available for “First Strike” Label chasers (if the Mint takes its time to replenish inventory). I admit I chased a couple of “First Strike” and “Baltimore” labels last year. Never again for me. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me…

  20. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – something similar happened during the last silver BHoF free-for-all for me.., the system doesn’t like off numbers or something, my shipping notification to order receipt never did match up, though I did get the correct number of coins. wierd

  21. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    CC – I hear, same hear. I just placed my order and will enjoy these in OGP, seems more fun and relaxing.

  22. Ikaika says

    @ CC

    Here is what happens when people chase those special labels. This RP Buffalo was sold back in Dec on the Bay. The sale was listed in the blog. Pay $4-5K during the hype and sell for $1.8K a year later. Some people get burned by this kind of thing and quit the coin hobby. Those crooks that hyped the JFK gold coin release at the ANA did more damage to the hobby than good.

  23. CasualCollector says

    Yea that whole Kennedy Gold situation was pretty bad. Bringing in groups of people on buses to stand in line? c’mon man…

  24. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – I’m thinking the USM Museum BoD may voice some frustration with the mint, within the next 20 minutes the top three Marshall coin offerings will be OOS. If they are to meet their goal of $5M, this product needs to be available when the customer has an itchy finger on the buy button.., & strike when the iron is hot!

    To quote, “someone underestimated demand”

  25. VA Bob says

    It would be kind of pointless to buy the three coin set only to break it up to have it slabbed. I like those set as they keep the presentation nice and neat. The mint should have made a companion three coin UNC set. I bought one example each, separately.

    I’m still a little concerned about that RP dime. The Mint raised the prospect of an RP set this year. Will they dangle the dime out there so we buy the MoD set, then turn around and release an annual RP set too? It wouldn’t be the first time.

  26. Tinto says


    Yup, so glad I didn’t fall for the gold JFK hype, did buy the silver sets though, mainly to keep my RP collection current.

    “Surprised” not to see a “Homeless” label from the TPG’s …. I guess that is one they won’t touch 😉

  27. VA Bob says

    It’s not like the mint didn’t have data to determine the sales of the Marshals gold. The Army $5 gold sold 17,173 proofs and 8,062 uncirculated coins and it wasn’t the greatest design, I’d say acceptable. The Marshals design is arguably better and gold is significantly cheaper than it was in 2011. Should have been a no brainer to have more on opening day. I used the 2011 Army gold example as this was one of the low mintage coins recently offered.

  28. Ikaika says

    @ Tinto

    The JFK gold coin is unique and very nice IMHO. I purchased one directly from the mint because I wanted one for my collection. Nothing wrong with that. Paying $$$$ more for the label is 😉

  29. GoldFishin says

    @VA BOB- I also plan on making a 3 coin unc. set at some point. I only bought the unc. gold yesteday, but I think no rush to get the other 2 yet. I plan on buying an empty 3 coin OGP package on Ebay and placing the three coins in there for ease of access.
    I would lay odds that once again it is the packaging, not the coins, that are causing any delay. Just a guess…
    My 12-11 experimental order for C&C sets shipped today…. 😉

  30. thePhelps says

    VA Bob…based on the 2011 Army sales – the mint probably had to much in inventory for opening day sales. Considering they have already sold nearly 3/4 of the gold total of the entire year of the Army coins being on sale. I imagine they may have actually just about exceeded those totals if you include the numbers being sold today.

    I think that might be the problem with many of the commemorative coins – you can’t stock too much because you can’t accurately predict the sales. All anyone has to do is look back to the GSA coin and see what over stocking will do at the end of sales.

    The Army coins were $35 more than these…

  31. Tinto says


    For me it was the overall thing, starting with the Mint’s survey which I received and when I indicated on it that I was not interested in the gold, the followup question sounded quite indignant like “What do you mean, no?” as I recall.

    The JFK gold wasn’t for me from the start, but I can see how one who wasn’t firmly against its purchase as I was could have been carried away with the total, overall enthusiasm/hype (the first strike sold for $100k for example) that surrounded the offering and bought one or more, particularly the show labels. And aren’t there more show labels than coins sold at the show? Or was it another coin .. getting confused here but I do remember PCGS did not require proof that the coin was bought at the show … the others did.

  32. VA Bob says

    The marketing and hype for the JFK did in my opinion hurt the hobby, but as far as I’m concerned it didn’t hurt the coin. It brought out the blatant greed of the TPG’s, some dealers, and collectors. There was absolutely no call for what occurred. The coin however, was successful by any measure, even with the strange sales pattern and unusual gold content.

    I understand why people get coins graded (perceived or realized profit potential) what I can’t understand is why anyone would want to perpetuate the sleazy side of this, knowing it will one day collapse the hobby when the people that buy these over priced slabs can’t get the kind of money they paid for them. When you can buy a nice hundred year old coin for a few hundred dollars over spot, yet a modern struck a few weeks ago sells for several hundred or thousands of dollars more, there is something terribly wrong.

    For now hype is driving up or sustaining moderns but it can’t seem to touch the old stuff. Look how we are all ready starting to talk about the next offering and we still haven received coins ordered in December. This hobby has to grow to realize a true demand to profit for the future. I feel people are going to be turned off in the name of greed for today. Then will all will be stuck with soulless baubles that never circulated, never sparked the imagination, only the vigorous, over priced buying and selling on eBay, to let anyone know it existed in the first place.

  33. VA Bob says

    VaBeachSteve – I guess Chesapeake is getting no love from the Mint. 12:06 Order is still processing.

  34. TJC111 says

    appears sales of both 3 coin proof sets & individual proof marshals now listed out of stock per 7PM FRIDAY -WOW

  35. gbotz says

    @ VA Bob
    RP set this year should carry a “S” mint mark.
    While the MoD RP dime will be produced in Philadelphia with a “P” mint mark.

    “VA Bob says:
    I’m still a little concerned about that RP dime. The Mint raised the prospect of an RP set this year. Will they dangle the dime out there so we buy the MoD set, then turn around and release an annual RP set too? It wouldn’t be the first time.”

    (“A&L Futures says:
    The special set will contain a proof silver dollar, a silver reverse proof dime produced in Philadelphia with a P mint mark and silver dime produced in West Point with a W mint mark.”)

  36. mark says

    So much for first in first out. This new shipping company sucks. My 12:02 order still processing.

  37. Bernie in FL says

    Got my Two Sets of my 3 Coin Marshal Set in my Hands today. Had it sent next day for my Dads 81st Birthday next Monday. Opened them up and checked them under 4x, 6x and 10x. Seems well punched and detailed. Ordered them yesterday at 12:01 arrived here in Florida this afternoon.

    Very surprised at the quality. But will send them in to PCGS after my Dad has a look at them to find out what they Grade them at. I’m pretty good over the years telling a 69 from a 70 and I see no imperfections in these two Sets. But I will leave it to PCGS to tell me the Grades.

    You guys should be pleasantly surprised in the condition if your sets and Coins remain the same. They are much nicer than the Photos I have seen at the Mint or else where. Glade I got set for my Dad and for myself.

    Good Luck everyone………….

  38. says

    Congrats to you guys that have received your 3 coin sets and say they look great…I’d love to have a set too.

    ot….anyone notice that spot gold is now $41/oz above platinum?

  39. Jerry Diekmann says

    VABob – I agree with your thoughts exactly. Does anyone in their right mind think that a “first strike” or “first release” label, knowing how coins are really minte, is ever going to worth anything more in several years? Or a label with a picture of some old guy’s signature? These things are a gold mine for disreputable crooks ( read TPGs, and some dealers and sellers) to relieve naive, uninformed, or susceptible people to buy overpriced so-called “collectible” coins. Putting lipstick on a pig before you ship it to market doesn’t make the pig more valuable. All that really mattersw to the informed buyer is the condition of the pig. Also dressing a pig in a tuxedo isn’t going to get you any more money at the stockyard. I’m afraid that the hobby is being ruined by these crooks.; I wouldn’t pay any attention to any grade assignd to a modern coin by any TPG, as they have lost their integrity to con more $ out of the public.It’s already a well-known fact that the TPGs give higher grades to the biggest dealers. I’m sure there is a “quid pro quo” relationship between the TPGs and certain dealers.

  40. VaBeachSteve says

    @VaBob ….. Since I work in Chesapeake, I may let you have a peek at mine when it arrives (lol)

  41. VaBeachEd says


    My set also shipped today, placed at 1:56 p.m. on the 29th. I guess we will see them Monday.

    VA Bob,

    Did you have other coins in your set order? Maybe VaBeach Steve and I are closer to the airport, on their map.

  42. Bernie in FL says

    @Gary not Dave

    Thanks! My Dad got me into Collecting over 50 years ago. But sad to say my 2 daughters have no interest. Sad but true. Seems the new generation is a instant gratification generation and unless there is some form of technology in it as Cell phones, Computers, or Video Games. They are just not interested in Coins that just sit there and do Nothing.. Doesn’t bear well for the generations to fallow I think……..

  43. Jerry Diekmann says

    My order that I placed on 1-29-15 is shown as “processing” one day later. I know some others have already had their 3-coin sets already shipped, but I had also ordered some proof and uncirculate dollars and half dollars, which could explain why it might take a little bit longer. Also, I checked my order history – it goes back to the beginning of 2008. That may be the cutoff date for the Mint keeping ortder records. I like the new system.

  44. Mk says

    @Bernie I too enjoyed your comments about you and your dad. Sadly, I never really started collecting until my father passed away. I inherited a few pieces of his collection and decided a few years ago to build it into a much larger collection in his honor. Now, I’m a coin collecting fanatic. Lol Your daughters will come around one day. 😉

  45. Ralph says

    Very enjoyable being involved in another count down. Although the MGP isn’t sold out, IMO it will go fast. I really like the coin. Obverse & reverse. Always like a nice quality Eagle on a coin. The Silver coins obverse it great, but not fond of the reverse. Maybe it looks better in hand.

  46. Bernie in Florida says

    Thanks for all your comments about my Dad. He is the true hero in my life. A 31 year veteran in the Air Force with Two tours in Vietnam and a Bronze Star recipient. He help me get my college education, my Masters and My Doctorate from U of FL. I will never be able with the time he has left to ever repay him. But we seem to always find time to talk about Coins!

    His and my love of collecting these simple round objects have brought us closer together than anything we have ever done. Now that he is in the twilight of his life at 81 he has gifted me all his life time of knowledge about coins over 50 years now. It will be a traumatic day in my life when I no longer have him around to act like totally excited kids talking numismatics were age doesn’t matter.

    He has no idea I got him the 3 Coin Marshal Set and will totally be surprised on Monday. My Father was an NCO Chief Master Sargent when he retired and is of humble beginnings in the Farm lands of North Carolina. And with his meager wages in the Air force he found a way to get me thru College using some of the Coins he collected over 40 years to help pay for my education.

    Now it is my turn to give my Dad the Coins he could never afford. He never asks for any thing, but is like a kid in a candy store when I show up with new Mint Coins.

    Nothing in this world has brought me and my Father together than the Beautiful years we had collecting what we could afford.

    My father has chronic leukemia and he has months to a few years left at the most. So I buy everything I know will bring out the kid in him and I too.

    Yes, even coins can bring such joy to a terminally ill person. All I can say is if you have a father, Mother, sister or any family member you can enjoy this shrinking hobby. Do it.

    It’s been the glue to our love for each other. Yes Coin Collecting.

    I am only sad that my two draughts have never found any interest in numismatics. Sad but True. Seem my Love of collecting will die with my father and I. I only hope we figure out how to catch these young generations into our Hobby. But it has no instant gratification. Now if the Mint could bring out a high tech coin the plays like a video game they could catch my draughts.

    Otherwise I am sad to say I will miss my Father and best Friend when the time comes. How does one replace such a mentor, hobbyist, father, and best friend again?

    Actually Never!!!!!!

    Thank you for letting me share a moment about my Best Friend, my Father!!!

  47. A Different Jeff says

    I was at the Long Beach Expo. The dimes are nice, but due to the size it was hard to see a lot of detail. The positioning in the display case didn’t help. But I will be ordering. The mint personnel on site were from the Washington office and were very helpful. The intent is to have the dime set available concurrently with the dollar coins in March. However, there may be issues with packaging, which is why a number of the products don’t have specified release dates.
    I arrived on Thursday about 1:30 PM and the 3 coin sets had been sold out – they had 100 sets available. I was determined to get a set, so made sure I was there early enough. They had an individual limit of 5 sets, and several dealers at the show were in line and ordered the maximum. a second lot of 100 showed up around 10:30 or so, and those of us in line were rewarded with the number of sets we wanted. There were still a few left about 12:30. I believe the same process will be in place for Saturday.
    I also spoke to the rep about the Sac C&C set. The cause of the delay was due to problems with the dollar bills. The Mint wanted to replace the defective bills, but BEP wanted to have all the bills from that lot returned. This lead to some interactions between the two agencies. That was Thursday afternoon. That evening I checked the status of my 12/4 order and found it had changed to PROCESSING. Tonight (1/30) it shows SHIPPED, Well, at least the shipping label has been printed. So, unless you got the dreaded ‘Your order has been cancelled’ letter, these should be shipping by early next week.
    Another tidbit – the current contractor had the fulfillment contract until about 10 years ago. The Mint people like these guys, but there have been a couple of glitches that have been an embarrassment. So let’s see what develops.

  48. A Different Jeff says

    Also at Long Beach I saw a few dealers selling their slabbed ‘Rare, First Strike Kennedy Golds’ at below current mint prices, some as low as $1100. Hmmm… guess they nade their big bucks already.

  49. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Bernie, very touching – thanks for sharing and best of luck in building some great memories in the interim!

    Different Jeff – thanks man for writing up your show experience, very insightful. You would think with all the people that read this blog and attend shows, we would get more folks asking these types of questions and sharing, so thanks for leading the effort!

    Brad – looks like the sequential order range of the serial numbers just went out the window.., will be interesting to see what evolves.

    GF – can’t wait to go throw my 5 sets en route, any range of serial # combinations could show now…, hot diggity dog! Maybe I’ll have mine graded, “Last Sacabuck Batch, w/o the Defective Buck”

  50. thePhelps says

    KCSO…I am holding out hope my 12/14 C&C set is eligible for the Last Sacabuck label. Yeah, still not shipped and not canceled either…

    Is anyone else thinking the mints constant “packaging issues” delays stories are getting a bit long in the tooth? I mean an occasional delay because of packaging is expected – but it seems to me it is time for the mint to find a good US supplier and take the hit with a higher cost. They can’t believe their sales numbers aren’t getting hit with the delays and cancellations caused by packaging delays. How many years do they get to use this excuse before they finally have a moment of clarity?

  51. cagcrisp says

    IF I’m the US Marshal museum BOD, I’m Upset( another word also comes to mind). They need product going out the door. Lost sales. 7 products offered and within 31 hours 3 of those products are OOS. Not acceptable. The 3 coin set Probably sold 2/3 Allotment (10k) in 19 hours. All 15k were on track to be Sold Out by numbers reporting Tuesday. Just not acceptable…

    Exactly what part of “Sold Out 15,000” did the Mint Not understand? Everyone knows that the 3 coin set would sell out at some point. Why not have All 15k ready to Sell Day 1? Just doesn’t make sense…

  52. jeff says

    Cagcrisp thats called poor management not knowing your product Or your customers. I cannot fathom any company selling a new product that’s been advertised for months and not have the product available for sale two days in. They only sold less than 20% of one item,this is a disgrace what the hell going on over there. This is,more evidence that the big players have control of the mint the real core collector has nothing. I have no horse in this game but it becoming apparent the mint does not care. Watching from the sidelines I still think this is a bust hope you like your coins because there’s no appreciation coming just spot.

  53. thePhelps says

    cag – I agree with that 100%. The 3 coin sets have always sold out and opening with anything less than 15k on hand was not very well thought out. I think they all should have been stocked better – even if they just took the number from the GSA coin and stocked what it sold for the year to have at the start they would have been safe.

  54. mark says

    My (2) three coin proof sets have shipped. Hey the new shipping company ain’t so bad after all..

  55. thePhelps says

    jeff… if I didn’t like the coins I wouldn’t buy the coins. I collect coins – and that is what many here do. Sure there are flippers and profiteers – but many of us are simply collectors of coins we like. This set is one of the better recent commemorative offerings I have encountered.

  56. jeff says

    Oh one more thing many speak badly about TPG I would be careful what you say, if it was not for TPG your common gold and silver coin would be worth much less than they are now ungraded. Even though you hate them they are what make many of your coins more attractive and valuable Just think about it.

  57. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Anyone seen those remaining 2,300 JFK clad sets?
    If anyone lives between Indy and Memphis off I-70/57 keep an eye out…, maybe they fell off the truck…

  58. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    thePhelps – agreed, I saw some Hi-Res photo of the real deal else where on the internet and these coins look awesome! The varying degree of frosting and detail is truly amazing, and regardless of the future value.., I believe this Comm will have a life of its own when appreciating it for its artistic/heritage value.., and that’s good enough for me.

    Many out here think about the growing the hobby.., well with respect to ‘the Wow Factor’ among our youth to foster into coin collecting.., the Marshall’s $1 is right up there with the $1 BHoF, in my opinion.

    I must admit, it’s kinda got me into a Western theme now, watched Tombstone the other evening, Josey Wells and 3:10 are next up on deck.

  59. thePhelps says


    “why – your no daisy… your no daisy at all”

    I am disappointed that you didn’t list Wyatt Erp in your to do list…

  60. cagcrisp says

    Order #1 was for the 3 coin sets, Gold Unc and Silver Proofs. Order #2 was for 3 coin set and Silver Proofs. Order #2 ALL shipped on 1 tracking number. Order #1 shows “Processing” and YET late last night I got tracking numbers for 7 Silver Proofs and Gold Unc. SO….a partial fill…STILL have 3 coins sets and Other Silver Proofs….SO…Order #2 ALL shipped on 1 tracking number and Order #1 will have at LEAST 3 tracking numbers…

    Both Orders breaks down the Silver Proofs is 7 increments…

  61. thePhelps says

    jeff… how exactly does TPG make any coin more attractive and valuable? The coin either stands on it’s own or it doesn’t. Adding a label and a grade doesn’t do anything to the beauty of the coin – and most collectors already have a fairly good idea of grade anyway.

  62. cagcrisp says

    Texas Jack: You ever seen somethin’ like that before?

    Turkey Creek Jack Johnson: Hell, I never even heard of something like that.

  63. gary says

    WOW! I’m really underwhelmed by the 1st day sales of these U.S. Marshal coins. Overall I felt that the designs were quite good, given the topic. With the notable exception of the BHOF coins, it appears to me that commemorative issues tend to sell fewer coins in recent years. I agree with VABob & Jerry about the 2013 reverse proof and JFK gold 1st strikes slabbing fiasco in hurting the hobby and the desirability of collecting modern U.S. coin products. When it comes time for the buyers of the overhyped & overpriced 1st strike labels to sell the black eye they’ll get will turn them off to modern coins and maybe numismatics altogether!

  64. gary says

    @Cagcrisp… it would seem to me that the U.S. Mint’s actual production levels are being designed to accomplish a kind of “mint to demand” scenario so that they keep an overhang of coin product inventory to a minimum. That may account for why the 15K mintage of the 3 coin set was not fully produced for the first day of sales.
    The Mint seems to do this with many of their other current offerings as well.

  65. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    thePhelps – check, added now. Decided to pick up a couple of those Zeek display boxes, hope the workmanship is good. I have a couple of young boys in the family that I buy this stuff for, they’ll get a Marshall $1 to go along with BHoF collection, but Bernie said something that resonated WRT to patience vs instant gratification. So decided to get the case and start gifting a Zombuck with the corresponding Classic Design Silver Round which are easily found and affordable for birthdays and a little rewards for school and such along the way. Don’t know how many 7 & 11 year olds have Zombuck collections and hopefully they’ll get into it, & if not, they’ll be able to throw one helluva kegger when they turn 21.
    (20 x Price of Ag 10 years from now, yeah, maybe not such a crazy idea after-all, as long as my sister-in-law doesn’t throw it out in a yard sale)

  66. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    It’s too bad cag, in 30 days, those dollars that would have gone to SR1-SR 7 will have other intended purposes and USM will have new competition. A very poorly executed roll out indeed.

  67. Ikaika says

    Could these “Out of Stock” be a marketing strategy? Maybe not short term (first few days of sales), but for the time period the coins are being offered. IMHO, this will attract the attention of many as we can see already.

  68. thePhelps says

    Ikaika…I doubt there is much marketing involved. It is January 31… and these will be for sale until sometime in December … if the plan is to make them scarce or appear scarce – it doesn’t seem like a real sales plan. Especially with fickle buyers and competition from other sellers for other products.

  69. Sith says

    @jeff – Old topic but let me summarize it. The TPG filled a void by grading and authenticating (IMHO the more valuable option) because of widespread difference of opinion on grades and professional grade counterfeit coins mostly coming in from China. This helped save coin collecting, then the following things happened.

    1. A major TPG’s was caught and signed a consent decree that they basically gave preferential l treatment to the “big boys” over individuals

    2. TPGs were caught false advertizing (first strike labels)

    But more importantly with a lot of older coins already graded how were the TPGs going to maintain much less increase revenue…they convinced a large amount of collectors to ditch the OGP, and use slabs because the label made them more beautiful, besides if you are lucky enough to get one graded as MS\PF-70 (see issue 1 above) you could sell it for a profit.

  70. VA Bob says

    gbotz – Thanks for the clarification. I’ve heard little details about the proposed RP annual set or where they will be struck. If the MoD RP dime has a different mint mark that the proposed RP annual set, then that will be fine.

  71. VA Bob says

    VABeachSteve – Looks like they shipped this morning.

    VABeachEd – Yeah, I picked up one each of the UNC’s. I’m pretty sure that’s what slowed down my order. I had to use my smartphone to order and I have to say it’s cumbersome with the new Mint online catalog to do so. I’m surprised I was able to get the order in by 1206. I guess I should be glad it would have been near impossible with the old site and the wait. The Mint needs an app.

  72. Ikaika says

    @ Sith

    “The TPG filled a void by grading and authenticating (IMHO the more valuable option) because of widespread difference of opinion on grades and professional grade counterfeit coins mostly coming in from China. This helped save coin collecting”

    Absolutely correct. This is the only reason why I would buy a TPG coin. Grade (at least close (big difference between a 62 vs 70, but not so between 69 vs 70)). Counterfeits. especially if one is purchasing an expensive coin.

    I do not see other reasons to buy a TPG slab.

  73. VA Bob says

    Bernie – What a great surprise for your dad. I feel comfortable speaking for the blog members here when I say thanks for his service. I’m sure he will enjoy your thoughtful gift. Happy birthday to him.

  74. GoldFishin says

    @Bernie in Fl – Thank you for the touching story of you and your dad’s relationship! My dad is also 81 and was also in the Air Force. We planned to meet at the beach today to go fishing this afternoon. I will be thinking about your dad and being sure I enjoy the moment with mine today. Don’t ever give up, love can prevail when nothing else will!! You both are in my prayers.

  75. says

    As I have stated previously, none the Marshals commems will be finding a home with me. With that said, I think some of the design elements, particularly those used on the reverse of the $5 gold, should receive serious consideration toward future use on more universally appealing U.S. coinage, such as on updates of silver and gold American Eagles.

  76. Ralph says

    Just received my rolls of ASE I ordered from MCM. Can anyone tell me the best way to open one? Twist the cap or pry it open. I have gently tried twisting it but it’s not moving.
    Thanks in advance!

  77. VA Bob says

    thePhelps – couldn’t have said it better. The TPG have done nothing but introduce more greed and hype into this hobby. They opened the door for speculators. I’m sure some new collectors were drawn in too, but now most everyone believes their collection is worth a fortune just because of some of the prices realized on ebay. People need to start looking at the Red book or Gray sheet to see what the true prices are when a sucker with more cash than brains isn’t around to buy. If one wants to gouge some unsuspecting noobie to make a few extra bucks, they should know that they are helping to poison the golden goose.

    Hey we all want our collections appreciate in price, but if that’s ones main objective they have to ask why they collect. It’s supposed to be about enjoyment of the coins, not the dollar signs, isn’t it? The hobby was fine before the TPG’s arrived. One did have to be more knowledgeable about the coins they collected and able to determine condition on their own. Now some have given up on that altogether and ceded portion (and fun part IMO) to the TPG’s. The TPG’s love the current herd mentality. On to the next hyped coin or should I say label.

    Jeff, sorry I disagree with your assertion. TPG’s have over stepped their authority the moment they emphasized their labels and the coins came second. It might be great for the persons making the cash of all this, but like sports cards, one day the music is going stop and it will be over with for everyone. At least the coins with PM’s will leave something behind. The recent antics with the RP buffalo and JFK should have been a wake up call to every collector with the slightest interest in the hobby. Shame on the ANA for its complicity in it all.

  78. Ralph says

    Seemed to have solved my own problem. They arrived cold. After sitting for a while, they warmed up. The cap twisted off just fine!
    Coins are beautiful!
    Question: there was a little piece of bubble wrap on top of each roll. Does the Mint put that there or is that MCM.

  79. VA Bob says

    Ralph – If it’s a Mint tube, there are no threads on the cap but a twisting motion should help.

  80. Larry says

    The Silver Proof Marshal says “out of stock”. You have a mintage limit of 500,000, and you are out of stock after two days? Why not just take orders, and let folks know when they will get them. The company I work for knows the lead times of things we make, even if they are not presently in stock, and we let the customer know when they will receive the product. Since we want to remain in business, we have figured out a way to that, just like all of the other companies that want to remain in business. I just don’t get it.

  81. VA Bob says

    Ikaika – I agree TPG’s should stick to authentication and grading (though it’s almost silly for modern, non-circulating coins). They have a place, but they have now morphed and seem for some people to drive the hobby. To those folks I ask, “If the TPG’s went away today, how would you carry on with collecting?”. If they don’t have a viable alternative, they probably shouldn’t be in this hobby.

  82. Ralph says

    The 3-coin set is the only item OOS Marshall item that has the very unreliable “remind me” button!
    Ya, right!

  83. VA Bob says

    Larry – I suggested that a while back. The Mint could take pre-orders weeks in advance, when they begin to strike the coins, to help them determine demand. The Mint holds the pre-order up to 24 hours after the coins release date. One could then confirm their order and price (if it’s a PM) on opening day. It wouldn’t matter then if you signed on 12:01 as long as you did sometime that day. Orders placed after the day of issue might incur a wait if more coins needed to be struck. If a coin entire mintage is potentially “all accounted for” in the pre-order, then outstanding orders would be filled in the order received after cancelations, and people not confirming orders after the 24 hour start of sales time.

  84. VA Bob says

    Ralph – That “remind me” button is a joke. In fact when one presses it they should have hysterical laughter come out of their computers speaker(s).

  85. says

    I very much agree with your comments regarding the TPG’s. Let’s face it: The grading companies have gotten away from their original purpose. They have now evolved into labeling companies, and have greatly contributed to the sleazy and greedy sides of this hobby.

  86. SilverHawk357 says

    Mint is incompetent. No room in the new website to acknowledge / verify my claim that they shorted my order but continue to list all my orders as filled and shipped. I’ve ordered tens of thousands of $$ from them and they just short my order and all is fine by them.
    Now I have to deal with the claim with my credit card for credit. I’m DONE with the poor quality coins for top dollar, hassles with sending coins back, extra claims for shipping.


    It’s quality coins on the secondary for me.

  87. john says

    If your order from the mint is lost,they will not ship again.they will refund money.That what happen to my c and c order.on dec. 5

  88. GoldFishin says

    @Ralph- most mint rolls including ASE’s and Maple Leafs have a space about the width of a coin or so at the top of the roll. They say it actually prevents the coins from rubbing against one another, but I am not so sure about that. Provident sends rolls that are in original form with the space. I bought an ASE roll from them recently and it didn’t have any bubble rap. I know Gainesville places a foam peanut in that space on maple leafs and MCM most likely put that bubble rap in there to keep the coins from moving around after they searched the rolls for the best coins. 😉
    Just kidding about that last part….

  89. Ralph says

    GoldFishin: You got me!
    Way too funny. Amazing how fast emotions change.
    Thanks for the laugh. Always need one of those.

    Thing of interest: 2 rolls had an obverse facing up and the other had the reverse. Mean anything? Could the coins have been removed or do they go into the rolls randomly?

  90. Ralph says

    GoldFishin: my roll of Zombucks Feast Dollars had a small piece of white flat foam on top. The same material as packing peanuts.

  91. Tinto says


    Agree on the grading and authentication of esp. the older coins. And the difference in opinion over grading was pronounced when it came time to buy/sell a raw coin esp. to dealers who would undergrade the coin when buying and inflate the grade when selling. I don’t mind using the TPGs for that purpose.

    But I don’t like the “extras” they now have … they even have a gimmick to persuade those with older coins in original holders to try their luck with a “regrading” (something similar I just don’t know an exact term for it) because of “evolving” grading standards … coins in older holders with an MS 63 could become a 64 or even a 65 …. for a fee .. or a reconsideration for a fee …. but of course that can only go so far with the older US coins since there is a limited supply.

    And not only have TPGs persuaded folks to ditch their OGPs but the they have branched out into world coins (old and new) and into medals and into currencies (US and world) … (at least they haven’t created fancy labels for currencies ….yet) yeah they’ve expanded and with new modern issues coming out every year they’ve got a golden goose (so far) in their hands and I guess the possibilities for creating different labels are endless for the TPGs … (getting sick here)

  92. mark says

    If your rolls have foam or bubble wrap in them, it was done from the dealer you bought them from. Its to quiet the coins down during shipping. So that, thieves dont now theirs coins inside.

  93. Jerry Diekmann says

    Sith – your comments about the TPGs are right on. They needed to stay in business after certifying most of the older US coins, so they marketed a scheme to certify modern coins, with the 70s being reserved mostly for the bheir big dealer friends. When the TPG started in the 1980s, a MS65 was truly a beautiful coin. Now a modern coin graded MS65 is considered junk. MS66 and above grades were almost unheard of 20 years ago and now collectors complain if they get a coin graded MS69 or MS68 from a TPG. I doubt that there is any real difference between a MS68 and a MS70 grade in any of the modern coins. But it’s a great moneymaker for the TPGs and the big dealers who push these coins for unbelievable profits.

  94. Jerry Diekmann says

    Ralph – off topic, but if you liked the Rifleman, check him out on “The Big Country” – great Western with some really neat stars besides Chuck Connors – Gregory Peck, Charles Bickford, Burl Ives (in a masterful role), and Charlton Heston, plus a great therme music score and a 7.9 imdb rating – it doesn’t get much better than that!

  95. Jerry Diekmann says

    VABob and thePhelps – you guys are so right in everything yo post, and you do it with class, spelling out the rights and the wrongs that you see in the hobby, and the dangers to the hobby with the speculation that has been fostered by the TPGs and which is now rampant among so many people who buy and sell coins (I can’t call them collectors, and I can’t call them investors – they fit the mold of speculators and day traders).. Yes, the TPGs are killing the golden goose, and yes, coin collecting as a hobby was fine before they came on to the scene, but they did serve a purpose in providing a professional judgment as to the state of OLDER (pre-1965) coins. To me their grades on newer coins and commemoratives mean next to nothing, because it is evident that the TPGs have lost the integrity that they once had. The result is the fiascos we have seen over the past 10 years or so with TPG coins. Eventually people who relied on these grades and labels will see that they threw away their money on hype, and it’s the coin that matters, not the holder or the label. When that happens, they will leave the hobby and take away with them many collectors who have soured on their experiences of dealing with overgraded and over-hyped coins,. If you really stop and think what is going on now with the TPGs and some of the big dealers, all it really comes to is a get rich scheme – a con job – some big winners who are less than honest and a lot of losers who parted with their money and now won’t go near coins anymore. It’s a shame, but when there is quick money to be made, the shysters will appear – and just as quickly disappear.

  96. A Bob says

    I agree that a pre order option would be great. So logical.
    Let’s also get the option of original mint packaging or just capsules. The only reason I opt for third party grading is to avoid original packaging. I used to have a bunch of Eagles and commems in OMP and I couldn’t enjoy looking at them.

  97. fmtransmitter says

    OOS on the silver’s? Really? The “system” doesn’t know how to take orders unless the things are sitting on a shelf in a shipping center? Sad and quite a move backwards from the old company. The ONLY thing THIS company has done is add more SERVERS to handle very INFREQUENT high demand hours…Other than that, I see this as a bust BIG TIME! US Mint, PLEASE look for another vendor and cancel this contract, or DO NOT RENEW…PAHLEASE!! People are getting screwed out here, normal hard working everyday people trying to buy items!!!!!!!!!!

  98. stephen m says

    It appears it will take a while for the mint to get their order taking machine bugs worked out. In the meantime it appears 3rd party graders will take a while to get their label and grading bugs worked in……….and the beat goes on.

  99. thePhelps says

    @fm…the mint owns the servers. The fulfillment center does nothing more than logistics. If the mint says it is out of stock that has nothing to do with the shipping center. It is the mint that is responsible to provide product and track availability – not the fulfillment centers. We are sitting with OOS because of the mint not providing coins…

    Jerry – VA Bob… the new twist for TPG of adding fake signatures to labels … I am baffled why someone spends extra money to have that added to a label. I’ve said it before – if you want a fancy label – spend the money and buy a nice laser printer and produce your own. I read that some of the “innovation” to the labeling companies comes straight from the baseball card sellers. Since it was so good for that hobby it has to be good for the coin collecting hobby…right?

  100. cagcrisp says

    Here are the bay sales of the Marshal 3 coin sets (Oldest to Most Recent):

    2 @ $735.00
    1 @ $723.00
    2 @ $625.00
    1 @ $582.00
    1 @ $572.00
    1 @ $575.00
    1 @ $599.00
    5 @ $605.00 1/30
    1 @ $625.00 1/30
    1 @ $650.00 1/30
    5 @ $598.00 1/30
    1 @ $650.00 1/31

  101. MikeinPA says

    assuming free shipping and insurance are included, with the ebay fees, nobody is making a killing, price will only decline further

  102. GoldFishin says

    @Louis- you seemed to express some interest…the hawk is in Dallas for a presale discount over previous releases.

  103. Bob R says

    I have worked with the US Marshall’s Service over the years. On 9/11 we had one of their Learjets in for maintenance. The Marshall’s flew in OKC on 9/12 wanting their airplane back, “like right now”. They wanted the aircraft back because there were “rag heads” they were rounding up. Maybe I will order one of the proof silver coins.

  104. VaBeachEd says

    “thePhelps says
    JANUARY 31, 2015 AT 8:42 AM

    jeff… how exactly does TPG make any coin more attractive and valuable? The coin either stands on it’s own or it doesn’t. Adding a label and a grade doesn’t do anything to the beauty of the coin – and most collectors already have a fairly good idea of grade anyway.”

    Collectors always want the best grade and will pay for it, PCGS and NGC are considered the top grading companies by collectors.
    Look in “The Official Red Book United States Coins”
    Look at the coin book guide….First listed is the mintage, then the grade and for each grade higher the coin goes up, so does the price. The higher the grade the fewer the coins.
    Go talk to your near by coin shop dealer and see how they price their coins. Take to them, most of them love to talk about coins and will be glad to help you even if you are not looking to buy any coins from them. I have a number of shops around me and if they are not busy, they will spend a lot of time talking to me about coins. You can always learn something new about what you enjoy collecting.

  105. says

    Can I assume that in your above comments you are talking about pre 1964 coins, not more modern issues? If so, your comments have some validity.

  106. VA Bob says

    Jerry -thanks. I just don’t want to see what happened to base ball cards and stamps, happen to coins. I know lots of guys here on MNB get their coins slabbed. Some buy and sell, as well. I really don’t have an issue with that. What I do have an issue with is hyping the label gimmicks (and in some cases overhyping some coins).

    If everyone bought the number of coins they needed, for their collections and gifts, etc. Mintages would be lower and the market wouldn’t be saturated with coins struck solely because of speculation. It seems to happen with nearly every release now. Let a growing hobby create the demand and the coins will gain and hold their value instead of a glut of oversold coins that overcharged buyers now feel they have to sell for even more inflated prices.

    As for dealers, well they have to get their stock somewhere and it is their livelihood. All I can say to them is it’s a lot like lumber, you can’t clear cut and expect to stay in business forever. They have to decide how much product they want to flood into the market and what is a fair price. Unfortunately some may feel a fair price is whatever the rubes will pay. Everyone has to determine their own level of ethics. Just because one can doesn’t always mean one should.

    I harp on this quite a bit, and I’ll continue to do so from time to time. I believe it bears repeating. This is supposed to be about the joy of coins. There are plenty of other boards dedicated to the joy of earning money. We all made a bad coin buy at some point, I’d hope no one here would intentionally do it to another fellow collector, novice or not.

  107. The Real "Cool" Dave says


    Sent an e-mail to you — since payment not rec’d, item going to another person expressing interest.

    GO Patriots!

    Good Night to All .

  108. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Well, I’m back — LOL! GOOD MORNING!

    I was skimming through the Blog . . .

    @VA Bob — I hear you; however, I do not see a specific rule(s) for this blog other than:

    “Mint News Blog provides timely news and discussion of United States Mint coins and numismatic products.”

    That kinda leaves it wide open, eh?

    As for dealer — I hear that as well, however, I don’t see them going away anytime soon; secondly, they don’t set prices the market and buyers do.

    Numismatics/coins/collectibles are not just a hobby, but to many a business and to some both. I can see both/all sides of the coin here (pun intended). 🙂

  109. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Jerry Diekmann/January 31, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    I hear you as well — my father use to say all the time, the coin business can be a “racket” and that is something I see as part of the inherent nature to the hobby/business.

  110. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @SilverHawk357 says/January 31, 2015 at 11:18 am
    “Mint is incompetent.”

    Ah, yes — then there is the good ole’ Mint. Yes, lately they have become and I can see they are developing a “racket” technique themselves.

    Everybody seems to be playing the game, eh? 😉

  111. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Oh, almost forgot:

    The views and opinions expressed here are those of: The Real “Cool” Dave and do not necessarily reflect the official policy/position of anybody real or otherwise fictitious. Any content/information provided by: The Real “Cool” Dave are of his opinion, and are not intended to malign any group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything. Whether “Cool,” or “Un-cool”

    My lawyer makes me say this goofy stuff. 😉

  112. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Guess I will try a bowl of this “Captain Crunch,” since I don’t see any damn “Lucky Charms,” Grrrr! LOL!

    Oh — the cereal names are copyrighted and belong to their respective trademarks. Comments are not intended for any advertising purposes and are of the bloggers opinion only.

    You got it — my lawyer makes me say this stuff . . .

  113. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    For the life of me I cannot possible fathom WHY the mint would not accept orders for the USM Comms, though instead has most listed as Out of Stock (OOS)

    Why would you cease the momentum of sales, WHEN the sales period is for the next 11 months AND at unattainable maximum mintage limits? Why?

    Here’s a potential BIG problem – the discount period ends 2 March – should they remain OOS through the next 30 days, the vast majority of orders would then miss out on the introductory pricing, yes? Grant it is 30 days from now, though it not like we haven’t seen it play out that way before.

    Why would you risk putting the charitable organization at a disadvantage in attempting to reach their sales goals and possibly bring collector wrath back on to yourself through higher pricing, by simply not opening up sales in a back-order state? Why? Scratching my head on this one…

  114. thePhelps says

    KCSO… I am not an artist and don’t even pretend to be one. That said, given that they gave them half of the coins design and said make the other half… the mints artists failed on 4 out of the 5 designs this year. If I was trying to entice a new collector to look seriously at the ATB series as a good one to pick up – there isn’t much I could do with this years coins. Other than to say look we have a turkey on a coin and a tree growing in a tunnel … where else would you find these? I’d say it the mints artists failed and we are lucky they only had to design 1 side of the coins.

  115. thePhelps says

    KCSO…to your point on the OOS Marshals… for the last couple of year we have had to “preorder” the ASE special sets. Now we have a set that has a finite mintage and they know they have hundreds of thousands of coins they can make before they hit that limit and they manage the offering through the ordering system restricting orders – because they don’t have product available? There doesn’t seem to be any logic in the process. 1 says we have no product but order what you like- and – as we all know – months later they’ll fill your order. The other says we know we have no product – so you can’t order it – even though we will be making this product for the entire year and will eventually fill your order. The 1st pissed people off because it took them so long to fill the orders – so people just cancelled. The 2nd is just flat turning people away from even ordering – and they may never come back and hit the order button again.

  116. thePhelps says

    The mint needs to open up the ordering – and then step up the manufacturing and fulfillment processes – not stop allowing people to order.

  117. cagcrisp says

    Website is Screwed Up Again…Clicked on Gold Unc and it went to Gold Proof…

    SO….they are Not OOS on the Gold Unc…

    What a Cluster xxxx….

  118. stephen m says

    The Phelps & KCSO, It takes the government departments, including our mint, longer to get things right than a private company but eventually they do get it right. I don’t order a lot from the mint anymore but it has been frustrating in the past to wait months for my order and the OOS deterrent for ordering is equally frustrating. I don’t look for a quick fix, it’s the only game in town.

  119. Ends in Error says

    Been thinking of what game the Mint is working with their early ” Out of Stock” flags. Well could it be a “DeBeers” type manipulation to prop up values and long term sales by controling the flow onto the market? It doesn’t make sense to finally clear the 8 hour ordering crashes that used to happen on opening day and then start putting up ” Out of Stock”. UNLESS, they are regulating the initial flood of product onto ebay. They seemed to have handled the C&C sets very well. They almost succeeding in totally blindsiding us with their lack of product description and then they controlled the sales over an extended period. Finally after all seemed over, they are starting to ship more product . I have 10 sets from 12-4-14 that are now listed as “In Process”. But even so, there seems to be no hurry to ship those. Controlled release seems to be the new game from the US Mint.

  120. says

    You know how stores issue “rain checks” for sale items that are out of stock? Maybe you can request a rain check from the Mint to get your OOS Marshals coin(s) at the introductory price.

  121. jeff says

    It’s really to bad people can’t by because there OOS this is one of many screw ups by the mint. The next product should worn buyers. On sale but will run out of stock next day lmao fiasco, they had so many waiting to buy closed the window closed the momentum every one loses glad I’m out, so typical lately of the mint, no leadership no innovation , no artistry, same old , same old pathetic ..

  122. Dustyroads says

    Good Sunday morning all- Way off topic…I read an article the other day about milk spotting, I know this is an old discussion, but it got my attention. So this morning I pulled out some of my Silver Eagles and took a good look at them. Sure enough, the spots do begin showing up over time. My `13 dated ASE’s are as pretty as can be, but that’s where it ends, most of the older ASE’s have the annoying spotting. Now just so you can get what I’m saying, the coins I’m referring to are encapsulated, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. The thing that has me thinking about the encapsulations is that my spots are not only milky, but sort of oily looking. Oop’s lost track of time, wife’s wondering if I’m going to get dressed for church..out.

  123. VA Bob says

    Cool Dave – I wasn’t attempting to guide the topics people introduce on this site. I was speaking to collecting verses business in general though as there are many sales related blogs. Prices of coins will inevitably come up, as we all have to “buy” the coins. The Mints sales are obviously relative, personal coin sales, not so much. I like the chatter how outside influences affect the Mints coin prices though this can be seen as off topic. I believe we are all here for the coin topics first and foremost though. I’m not here to hype any particular coin, nor try to convince anyone not to buy a coin that I don’t like.

  124. KEITHSTER says

    Man kind of reminds me of old favorite saying of my Dad and maybe even the old US. Marshal’s ! Man the people would bitch even if you hung them with a new rope. We all know the mint plays games looks like they are on their game with this one ?Ends in Error says it right so what’s the problem we forgot to order 100’s before a bump in the secondary.The mint knows the that the true collectors will wait what ever it takes to get their one set. So it’s the flips & speck’s that got with their undies down again ? Oh well back to you Dad! Oh well! Have A Nice Day And Enjoy The Game Even If

  125. Tinto says

    The Mint really doesn’t care about collectors (found any 2009 ASE proof? found any 2014 LESPS today?) and they think people who visit their website are so dumb as to be taken in by this stupid “Limited” LABEL splashed across the USM offerings though the mintages are so high … anyone else would be so embarrassed to put out a label like that and then they rub salt in by having OOS on a lot of them after just 2 days or so of sales. If they were a private company with competition the Mint would quickly go out of business but they are not, they are a government monopoly and the folks that run it don’t get fired for such stupid moves maybe they get a promotion for being “innovative” .

    Actions like this by the Mint only hasten my timetable to completely stop buying from them ….. but do they care … NO…. because I am not a bulk buyer who can, with one order, potentially scoop up a ton of their collectible offerings as there are no HH limits.

  126. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    USM Uncirculated Silver Dollar is OOS; that was not the case around 0600 this morning when I checked.

    So the only available items to purchase (at this present time until the website decides otherwise without any rhyme or reason) is:

    SR 2 – UNC $5
    SR 5 – Clad PRF
    SR 6 – Clad UNC

    So, if you plan to make anymore purchases, I suspect you need to be “at the ready” to play the Sacabuck game to place your order as these come available, IF you want to take advantage of the Introductory Pricing.

  127. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Tinto – I am of the growing opinion that mint customers (like myself) are getting more weary of these “limited” labels (won’t even touch on the ANA labels as that horse has been beaten enough), and such. I’m in agreement with you, though to your point, go check recent LESPS sold prices on fleabay. There’s a big risk in buying these as folks are discovering.

    ’12 LESPS did extremely well from the low mintage 2012 coins, and probably folks going back to pick up ’12 (as I did) for “first of the series” buys. ’13 LESPS can be had, well as low at $102 recently and others around mint price.

    I’m very much on the fence with ’14, the initial value certainly isn’t there at the mint offering price – you’ll have to play this, and future ones carefully, IMHO. A voice keeps going off in my head that these may be a one-hit wonder.., we’ll see in due time.

  128. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Who wants to bet $50 that within the next two weeks there will be a coin article citing a mint official that the US Marshall’s coin roll out “was a success” ? LOL

  129. cagcrisp says

    The Mint needs to add to their list of Abbreviations . Along with SO and OOS they need to add SOL…

  130. Larry says

    According to the mints explanation on their website of an out of stock item, “This product is not available for sale, it may or may not be made available for purchase again”.
    Seriously! The C&C set still says out of stock, yet we all know it is sold out (oh, maybe they will find a few and sell them again, gee that will never happen). Imagine you are someone new to the mint’s website trying to by a proof silver Marshal coin . What would you think? Maybe they are all gone, I should try a third party? Maybe they will be back?
    Why oh why can’t the mint get this straight? If it is sold out, say sold out. If it is temporarily out of stock, say temporarily of of stock! WE all know that know way did they sell 500,000 silver Marshals, but would somebody knew to the mint’s shenanigans know that? Why is this so difficult?

  131. VA Bob says

    Way to go Chuck. I wouldn’t be surprised if the American C & C actually goes back on sale (briefly) due to people canceling orders they thought they would never receive. The Mint hasn’t taken it down, and yet the mintage has supposedly been met.

  132. CasualCollector says

    I think if the Sac C&C Sets went back on sale, that would be very bad for the people who recently got the “Order Cancellation” email from the Mint. How bad would that be that they cancelled existing orders, then put them back on sale for others to buy? Wait a second — I’m having dejavu all over again…

  133. VA Bob says

    CC I would hope they at least kept a certain amount of people on a waiting list past the 50K (on a first come first served basis) in the case of cancelations, but this offering was so strange that I have my doubts. I feel bad for those that were working or unavailable when the flash sales went up sporadically. They really messed up with the “no household limit” on what would be a relatively rare coin. I can’t really blame the hoarders or profiteers, the Mint threw them a cookie and they took them up on it.

  134. Ends in Error says

    I only got 32 C&C sets with maybe 10 more 12-4-14 sets on the way. I could kick myself for not ordering 500 but these days I’m not much of a gambler.

    With luck maybe I’ll find a few plain edge coins. Haven’t checked anything yet.

  135. fmtransmitter says

    @Larry: Blame PFW Web, not the Mint, they run the website and e-commerce solutions, i.e. (problems), not the machine/stamp shop called the US Mint…

  136. D Rittenhouse says

    @The Real “Cool” Dave,

    Earlier today you quoted the stated purpose for this blog, from the upper right at the top of any page:
    “Mint News Blog provides timely news and discussion of United States Mint coins and numismatic products.”

    That statement describes the topics of the blog postings which the owner of this site (AKA, the “Blogger”) intends to produce.

    Most blogs don’t even allow comments about the blog’s postings. And most of the blogs which do allow comments monitor them very closely to insure they are literate, civil, and germane to the blog posting. MintNewsBlog is very generous, being one of those rare blogs which allow anonymous comments without any screening – perhaps the owner is too busy and hopes commenters will be self-policing.

    Perhaps I have an over-developed sense of propriety, but I cringe whenever I encounter comments here which are completely unrelated to whatever topic the Blogger has raised with his blog posting. I feel like such commenters are repaying the magnanimity of this site’s “Blogger” with utter contempt and are insulting this site’s owner (AKA the “Blogger’) as well as this blog’s readers. Such commenters are incredibly selfish, in my opinion. There are many other less-regimented venues/forums where folks are allowed/encouraged to freely discuss whatever topic strikes their fancy.

  137. jeff says

    Want to here a good joke 4 out of 7 Marshal products are OUT OF STOCK let’s see who would best benifit from this sad story let’s surmise the possibilities, HSN guy cornered the allotment has many many of thousand , many other flippers and stock has been depleted. You and me average Joe will just have to wait, oh how about just for get about it that sounds better, this is pathetic say it time & time again a fiasco beyond belief. How in the he’ll will this museum ever thank the mint oh something is better than nothing, GSA here we come.

  138. Jerry Diekmann says

    I received a Email from the Mint this morning (Feb. 1) that the order I placed on Jan. 29 has shipped. Besides the 3-coin set, I also purchased several proof and uncirculated half dollars and dollars. Well-designed coins, and the 3-coin set will probably be a winner for a long time. Since today is Sunday, I’m wondering if the fulfillment service is working 7 days a week or not.

  139. jeff says

    Here’s the mint news flash, do to overwhelming response we are out of stock on many of the Marshal coins we don’t know when we’ll have addition supply it’s best you go to the secondary market and buy from Mike on HSN he will have them for sale sooner that we can . The thanks you for your continued support suckers.

  140. Mark says

    That is why i asked. (wonder how many they have on hand, ready to ship?)before they ever went on sale. Because after the Baseball Hall of Fame delays. They started announcing how many Kennedys they they had ready to go. Then were very quiet on this release. So now i always put my order in as soon as possible, because i can always return them.

  141. jeff says

    However if you return you only get a refund then you have to reorder but the coins are out of stock so you wait anyways so what the use. It becomes futile .

  142. MikeinPA says

    several three coin marshal sets for sale on ebay for under $600, hate to burst anyones bubble, but no trips to disneyland with this set

  143. Jerry Diekmann says

    VA Bob – well said. The coin hobby would be much better off if everyone listened to you. However, that is not the case, unfortunately, and it is a shame that some people, foolishly or unknowingly, accept the hype and high prices charged by some unscrupulous dealers and other sellers.

    On a brighter note, I’m glad I was able to buy what I wanted from the Marshals set – a nice set indeed. I know a lot of bloggers panned the upcoming March of Dimes set, but I like the set, and like you have said, buy what you like and don’t buy what you don’t like. I try and buy one proof gold coin if I like it, but if I don’t like the design or what it commemorates, I just don’t buy it – it doesn’t make sense to me to buy something you don’t like, especially since i have limited means for purchasing coins anyway – I didn’t buy the last gold $5.00 coin -from the 5-star generals set, for example – i don’t have to have one of everything. if you adopt that mindset, you will save yourself a lot of money over time – you are not as likely to buy into the hype and you save yourself from buying ugly coins or depictions of people or events that you don’t care about. Very subjective, I know, but it all comes down to eye appeal.

  144. Mark says

    The reason i would return them is either i did not like them or they were not selling very well. I would return them so i could reorder them again.

  145. Mark says

    The prices on these will go up if (which i do not believe) but who knows. If the mint does not get more in stock before the first strike dead line approaches.( And yes i am a EVIL FLIPPER).

  146. D Rittenhouse says

    Whoops. In my recent comment above about the impending availability of the Marshals coins in Ft. Smith, I incorrectly used the code for Alaska (AK) instead of the correct code for Arkansas (AR). Sorry for any confusion. Hope nobody booked airline tickets based on my faulty comment. 🙂

  147. jeff says

    Cherry pick away Mark I’m not buying. Show me a commemorative that’s appreciated since the buffalo and I mean doubled issuance price and not graded. You can’t and if you can it’s rare. There will be FS/ER appreciation but not uncertified, and it won’t last people are already giving up here I say next move along little doggie.

  148. Mark says

    Jeff comments are not directed at you… So please skip my comments if you find them foolish.

  149. Ralph says

    I also got an email from the Mint today saying my 3-coin set’s have shipped. Date on UPS tracking says 2/2. Label was created today, though. Working on Sundays??

  150. Ralph says

    Hawkster: No hype here! lol Just making conversation. Surprised to get email on Sunday.

    Mark: Thanks! Very solid. Can’t wait to see the coins.

  151. CasualCollector says

    I wonder how many of the Marshal Gold Unc were sold only because the Gold Proof was OOS. Honest folks going to the Mint site might actually believe the Proof is “Sold Out” (not realizing the Proofs will definitely be back in stock at some point…)

    That’s just not right (imho)

  152. jeff says

    Let’s not talk about all the blunders that are occurring with this issue think about how fast your were able to get in and out of the mints Web site , oh and how fast they are shipping them out lightning speed . Ho horsey the train has completely stopped and there’s no explanation oh that’s because they dondon’t need to explain it our U.S. MINT no we the people in their vocabulary .

  153. jeff says

    Already the officiating has blown a call ruffing the punter typical it’s the human error that wins out

  154. Ends in Error says

    I think this US Mint gaming is going to inspire me to buy a few foreign coins this year. Probably something British or Irish. Maybe some old USSR Coins.

  155. Hidalgo says

    I am somewhat surprised that the 2015 U.S. Marshal coins certified at the Long Beach Expo are not selling as high as I thought they would.

    Here are some recent “sold” listingson eBay:

    * 2015 W Gold US Marshals 225th Anniversary $5 PCGS MS70 Long Beach Expo. $688
    * 2015 W Gold US Marshals 225th Anniversary $5 PCGS PR69DCAM Long Beach Expo: $530
    * 2015 P Silver US Marshals 225th Anniversary $1 PCGS PR70DCAM Long Beach Expo: $385
    * 2015 P Silver US Marshals 225th Anniversary $1 PCGS MS70 Long Beach Expo: $178.45
    * 2015 P Silver US Marshals 225th Anniversary $1 PCGS MS69 Long Beach Expo: $95
    * 2015 P Silver US Marshals 225th Anniversary $1 PCGS PR69DCAM Long Beach Expo: $91

    These are somewhat close to prices I would expect for PCGS graded coins from the major coin dealers. Perhaps demand will pick up in the days/weeks to come….

  156. Ralph says

    Go Pats is right. If score at half stays 7 to 0, I win $500 in office pool!!
    More silver eagles on the way!!!


  157. Hidalgo says

    Seahawks scored a touchdown.and field goal…. New England 7, Seattle 7. I wonder if the US Mint will mint Football Hall of Fame commemorative gold, silver, and clad coins? 🙂

  158. KCSO says

    More importantly, how would a modern Liberty modeled after Katy Perry sale?

    I’d be in on that!

  159. Hidalgo says

    I’m not exactly sure why folks are rushing to buy the uncirculated gold U.S. Marshals coin. There should be plenty of them available in the months ahead. It’s February 1st… we have a long way to go before summer, fall, and winter 2015 arrives.

  160. MikeinPA says

    Va Bob- hope so although not bad looking i think the Marshal comm. is just another rather boring coin IMO

  161. Tinto says


    Maybe some of the folks who bought into the BHOF and the Kennedy hype buying large amounts of products, esp. the gold and are now stuck trying to unload (esp. the Kennedy gold) are perhaps a little short of funds and can’t get into the current cycle of hype. Maybe some of them were truly burnt and are now shying away perhaps never to return to this type of game.

    And those that remain might be going for the fast turnaround so they make at least some profit … all IMO

  162. Tinto says

    @End in Error

    I did collect a little bit of world coins a long time ago when there was no such hype as it exists today. Nothing much but I did get quite a bit of satisfaction … I still have 4 or 5 Swiss shooting medals left dated from the late 1800’s and they large silver pieces and are nice to look at and hold (mostly XF/AU) and not expensive.

  163. MikeinPA says

    I believe the OOS is a new marketing ploy, get yours before they are gone, seems to be working, i’ve got most of the modern gold comms. barely selling above issue price, most i’m sure with lower mintages than the current will have in the end

  164. thePhelps says

    MikeinPA… it seems you collect coins to resale them? I recall the first time I found a coin I liked, and saved. It had nothing to do with the resale value of the coin. I still collect coins almost 40 years later, and it still has nothing to do with the resale value of the coins. The Marshal coins are IMO some of the nicer commemorative designs int he past few years. So…I’ll be buying them.

    Nice finish Pats… a great Super Bowl game.

  165. MikeinPA says

    thePhelps- i sell a few made a killing on the c&c sets had 200 of fhem, i too collect for love of the coin, my point i was trying to make i guess, with the countdown going on, was this particular coin will do no better than others like it, and with all the hype and high mintages, in the end will likely be below average, much ado about nothing i’m afraid, still have my first coins too

  166. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    VA Bob says/February 1, 2015 at 10:37 am
    “Cool Dave – I wasn’t attempting to guide the topics people introduce on this site. I was speaking to collecting verses business in general though as there are many sales related blogs.”

    Yeah, understood — fair enough.

  167. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @D Rittenhouse says/February 1, 2015 at 2:52 pm ”

    “@The Real “Cool” Dave,” “Earlier today you quoted the stated purpose for this blog, from the upper right at the top of any page:”

    That is correct and factual. Do you see any other rules for this blog other than the standards you mentioned for other blogs, which as you pointed out are not relevant to/for this blog?

    Secondly, “the blog creator does not “screen”/edit this blog,”where did you get your information that the owner does not? He does and some of us have seen this happen, a few topics ago, I mentioned a posting that appeared to have been be screened.

    Nevertheless, you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how uninformed or knowledgeable it might/might not be; others just might not place any validity to it. I do not predispose to read the blog creators mind and then dogmatically state the blog should be policed by someone’s ideal set of rules; which happen to be no less important or more important than anyone else’s.

    To my way of thinking your rant here strikes me as meeting those parameters you describe as being “incredibly selfish.”

    This “blog” has been operating for some time under the parameters, set historically in a precedential manner, including to this point. And you do not think the Blog creator is aware of the topics discussed?

    “Most blogs don’t even allow comments about the blog’s postings.” What? Did I miss something – is that not the primary purpose of a blog? Once again, you error, I have posted and seen postings on other blogs that give ample le-way to bloggers – not just this blog.

    I guess if you, or anyone does not like the unwritten rule/topics/postings on this blog and would like to be the “Blog Police,” there are at least three options: 1.) Create your own blog and police it as you wish, 2.) Go somewhere else or 3.) Accept that this blog is – what it is, and you most likely are not going to be able to “police” it to your satisfaction/control, the way you would like to — as though you were the only person that mattered; yet you want to talk about selfish? Really?

    Huh – I don’t think so – not to mention, how off topic did you get? Oh — that is right, how silly am I to forget some individuals freely exempt themselves from the parameters they wish to impose on other.

    What was I thinking!?

  168. Ralph says

    MGU is OOS. 2 of 7 left available.
    I agree with the comments about this whole OOS thing. Why not just take the orders up to the amount that will be minted? The discount last for the first 30 days. How fair is it to offer the discount but not the coins that it applies too? Silliest thing I have seen.
    I mean, you know how many are going to be made. Just continue the order taking process until sold out. This method of only selling what has already been minted is foolish! IMHO!

  169. thePhelps says

    The mint STARTS sales of the Marshals coins on Thursday the 29th. On Monday the 2nd of February the only coins you can actually purchase at the mints website are the half dollar. With sales of 100,00 gold – 500,000 silver and 750,000 clad coins… as targets – you can’t even order most of them.

    If that isn’t what a BACKORDER button is supposed to be used for …what is?

    The mint is failing with this offering.

  170. jeff says

    With no coins being sold (OOS) the discount will end sooner and the higher prices will kick in, fabulous market strategy. NOT.

  171. CasualCollector says

    Marketing strategy or not, I think the Mint inadvertantly created an artifical OOS for the Marshal Gold UNC. People thinking they could no longer get the Proof figured they might as well get the UNC before they were all “gone”

    I agree with others that the Mint should activate the “Backorder” button (that is what it’s there for)

  172. thePhelps says

    The mints website has some really bad rules these days. They fail to mark items as sold out – they often go to OOS and then are simply removed from the site. Or they are sold out but still taking orders to cancel the oversold orders later. The mark items as OOS (which looks like sold out because you can’t order them), only to open sales again later. They have a “remind me” feature that no one has yet to figure out when it is supposed to actually work… those are just some of them I can think of ..I am sure there are others.

  173. stephen m says

    I see that collectors now have “MAC”, Modern Approved Coin sticker. For a fee they will grade your slabbed modern and if it meets their approval it is given the MAC sticker to make your slabbed coin trackable, and priceable. This will greatly add to the value of the coin IF you are fortunate enough for your coin to make the grade. In the future I’ll be lucky just to view a coin in a slab. The stickers will have the view impaired.

  174. thePhelps says

    stephen – I think it is time we call The Professional Graders (TPG) what they have become and what they really are these days – The Professional Labels (TPL).

  175. cagcrisp says

    Order #2 Out for Delivery. Order #1 has Not left Memphis… Both Orders had 3 coin sets and Silver Proofs. Main difference is cc..

  176. Ralph says

    So, they put the coins up for sale with a specific amount available for purchase before it goes OOS. Then they re-list it ( sorry ebayers) now as back-ordered with option to buy. In the meantime how many orders were lost. But, do they care about that? Of course not.

    Me thinks maybe someone at the Mint reads this blog?

  177. thePhelps says

    cag – my order is also out for delivery. Thankfully I took the day off to plow all the snow we had the last 2 days… and ok – maybe recover from the Super Bowl… 🙂

    Good too see at least some of the Marshal coins are now available to be back ordered! I don’t see why they updated the silvers and not the golds… but that is what they did.

  178. CasualCollector says

    Wow, that’s so far under melt — he would have been better off going somewhere that offers melt price (also to avoid the eBay/Paypal/Shipping fees).

  179. Ends in Error says

    It’s time to take this whole Coin Game to the next level. Why play around with ordering, waiting for Coins to be available, shipping, delivery, shipping to TPG’s, storing coins, selling coins……. on and on. Why bother people with any of that?

    Isn’t it time for Numismatic ETF’s? Electronic Traded Funds for Coins would allow you to invest in Numismatics without all the bother. And think of the billions that would come into the Numismatic world without a worry about any limitations imposed by reality.

    Want to invest in 10,000 PCGS PF70 First Strike 2015 Silver Eagles? No problem, you can just click through nto it in a matter of seconds. Where are the actual physical coins? Why worry- thats the beauty of ETF’s.

  180. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    I was wondering if running an auction during the Superbowl would be good strategy or bad, you know with the influence of alcohol and competition and what not….

    The last two 2013 LESPS sold at auction around the 4th Qtr of the game for $99 & $97.

    I shall conclude it would have been a bad strategy.

  181. jeff says

    KCSO I’m surprised anyone bought them. How low can they go I think I guessed many months ago this would happen. There cheap these Kennedy’s

  182. Ikaika says

    @KCSO and Jeff

    “How low can they go ”

    I am not sure how much the dealers are currently paying for the JFK gold coins. Has anyone here attempted to sell to them? As I said in the past, it will end up similar to FS coins. $10 over spot.

  183. john says

    I order 1 proof,and 2 unc..order was for 139.00 I get a email from mint today.only unc shipped.but my c c said proof ship backorded.this is bad that mean my c c was chaged before ship.

  184. fmtransmitter says

    This item is for sale but out of stock PLEASE SEE FUTURE SHIP DATE…What does that MEAN? The wording on this site makes zero sense, it’s like they try to come up with wording to confuse the heck out of you and it makes no sense…

  185. says


    Why do you think the gold Kennedy will perform poorly? I am just curious as to your thinking. The best argument I have heard so far is that half dollar collectors will not consider it a “real” half dollar and ignore it – is this what you believe?

  186. cagcrisp says

    @fmtransmitter, you put in a Quantity, then in the “View Bag” box it shows the “The expected in-stock date is Wed Feb 04 2015. ” for the Proof Silver. For the Unc Silver it shows “The expected in-stock date is Thu Feb 05 2015.”

  187. CasualCollector says

    Regardless how the Gold Kennedy performs, I actually like the coin. It’s attractive, unique, iconic, and has intrinsic value (3/4 ounce of gold). I would love to have a chance to pay spot (or less) for a few of these right now (graded or ungraded).

  188. Ikaika says

    @ CO

    Although the US mint sold over 60K JFK’s (so far), these numbers (IMHO) do reflect the true collector base. I am almost sure most were purchased by spectulators/dealers/flippers. It all boils down to supply and demand. Taking the FS as an example, some were minted in the 2K range and they are still a hard sell. Try calling the dealers.

    I am not saying everyone that purchased the coin from the mint is “a sucker”. I did buy one example on the first day of sale ($1240). I like the uniqueness and beauty of the gold JFK.

  189. Ralph says

    fmtransmitter: This item is for sale but out of stock PLEASE SEE FUTURE SHIP DATE…What does that MEAN?

    My guess is that after you purchase, you check the status of your order which might include the future ship date.
    Good guess anyway!

  190. cagcrisp says

    @John Q. Coinage, Put in 99 of any item and then look at your “View Bag”. IF there is less than 99 available then it will show up in a red numeric number. Keep updating and you will see how many are left. IF there is More than 99 then this method does Not work…

  191. John Q. Coinage says

    Thanks, buying since ’68 from the mint, & getting shafted to this day by their lack of consistency……

  192. jayjaspersgarage says

    Howdy. I just received my one U.S. Marshals 3-Coin set. Very nice. Glad I chose to corral that one since I don’t pull the trigger on every commemorative set. The additional silver dollar I ordered at the same time did not ship with the set so I will track that critter down at sunrise. Giddy up!

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