Ordering Limit Removed for Proof Silver Eagles

It appears that 2010 Proof Silver Eagles can now be order in unrestricted quantities. The US Mint has quietly removed the “Ordering Limits” section on the online product page.

When the Proof Silver Eagles went on sale November 19, 2010, the coins carried a household ordering limit of 100. The Mint indicated that this limit would remain in place for at least the first week of sales, after which point it would be re-evaluated and either extended, adjusted, or removed.

Now, two weeks after the start of sales, the limit has been lifted. This might be an indication that sales have slowed and/or the US Mint has sufficient coins available to handle anticipated sales levels through the end of the year and beyond.

From November 19 to 21, the US Mint had reported sales of 273,212 coins. Although this outpaced the prior year, it seemed relatively muted compared to the surge in sales experienced for the 2010 Proof Gold Eagles. Later that week, the US Mint discovered that approximately 2,200 orders for the 2010 Proof Silver Eagles had been deleted in error. They had been contacting impacted customers urging them to resubmit their orders.

Unfortunately, a new sales report has not been made available for the week ending November 28, 2010 to gauge how sales have fared more recently. The US Mint has indicated that they were encountering challenges getting the information and the report would be delayed.

For the time being, the focus of collectors seems to have shifted to the America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins, which will go on sale next week.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I can't WAIT to get my hands on some of those 5 oz silver coins! I don't care what the naysayers spout, these coins will be AWESOME!

  2. Anonymous says

    They are bullion and will be treated like bullion by the handlers. Even my proof ASEs have small pieces of plastic in the holders and a few micro-imperfectinos.
    Hope none of you are expecting an MS-70 or you will be sorry.
    You can't play the return game with APMEX, sales final.
    Lots of surface area for blemishes and lots off $$$ to shell out with silver close to $30/oz!
    If the economy turns around and the Dems get some sense PMs may not "pop", but may fall for a while.

  3. Anonymous says

    Unemployment will be back over 10% again soon and the politicians will demand more stimulus pushing the money supply even higher. Precious metals will continue higher in my opinion, but I favor more industrial metals like silver and palladium over gold, but gold should do well to as it becomes more in favor as a reserve "currency" by central banks….did anyone see the article on cnbc about how gold imports to china are up five fold from last year now that they have eased restrictions on importing!

  4. Anonymous says

    They may have removed the ordering limits, but if silver keeps going up they will certainly increase the price.

  5. Anonymous says

    Price changes for silver coins still work the old way, where there is a lengthy suspension of sales for several weeks while the price change is published in the Federal Register.

    Silver doesn't lend itself to the new pricing formula very well, since it typically has much more violent price swings. I'm not sure what threshold would have to be used to avoid having to change prices each week!

  6. Anonymous says

    Prices for precious metal coins are going no where but up. Your gooberment is printing too much money in order save their banker buddies read ends by trying to drive up housing. The banks have too many undervalued (in their opinion according to their balance sheets) foreclosed properties and need higher house prices. If you have any interest in any coin and have the ability to get it now is the time. Because prices ain't a goin' down any time soon.

  7. Anonymous says


  8. Anonymous says

    To the Poster that wanted to get his hands on the 5oz ATB Series, you have the opportunity at APMEX for the brgain price of $1395.00 per set of 5 or approx $56/oz.
    Eh I think I will give it a miss, not when there is price gouging involved.
    They will be available 12/17

  9. Anonymous says

    And I thought the mint would gouge us oh well I will wait until the mint releases its collector versions of the coin

  10. Anonymous says

    yes, it seems the real winner on the 5 ounce silver coins will be the authorized dealers. However, with the limited number available, they won't make much of a killing off it.

  11. Anonymous says

    APMEX used to be reliable for reasonable pricing!

    Charging $1400 for a set with less than $750 of bullion value is pathetic.

    They are charging $279 per coin, when $180 would be fair!

  12. Anonymous says

    Wow for those who care they are selling them for 75% markup over a spot price of $30 including the US Mint premium.

  13. Anonymous says

    Funny thing a market…if it's priced too high it won't sell out and if it's priced too low it will sell out quick. The market will speak.

  14. Anonymous says

    "You can't play the return game with APMEX, sales final"…not true I have personally returned a coin to APMEX after 2 months…the coin came back from NGC as fraudulent. How they got a fraudulent coin is another matter. This was when they use to sell coins and bullion. I just hope Gainesville Coins gets some of the 5 oz coins. They are more reasonable than APMEX

  15. Anonymous says

    Seriously anyone thinking of buying these PUCKS, I originally wanted to, but for $1395.00 for a set of 5, no way, money is better spent just buying the 1 oz Bullion ASE at around $36/oz on Ebay

  16. Anonymous says

    That price per coin is absurd, but I had no interest in them anyway until the mint announced the Unc issues a couple days ago. I'm waiting for those. The price AND finish will be the deciding factors for me.

  17. Anonymous says

    It's funny that when silver fell back under $8, they could hardly sell it with a small premium. Now at almost $30, most people will pay about any premium to get it.

  18. Anonymous says

    What does the removal of the limit say about the pace of sales? I'll order a million proof eagles and corner the market.

  19. Anonymous says

    I can't believe I just ordered 2 full sets off Apmex. I have such buyers remorse already… Oh well, I guess I'll recoup when silver hits $60 an ounce. They are down to 690 full sets left.

  20. Anonymous says

    You'll have no regrets in a month. Sometimes when it hurts the most to buy, that's when you do the best in the end.

  21. vaughnster says

    I would have paid between $900-$1000 for a set of five but $1400 is just too much for bullion silver coins. Hopefully the uncirculated sets direct from the Mint will be more reasonably priced and packaged.

  22. Anonymous says

    It's hard to consider these bullion when they have a uniqueness to them. No other 5 ounce silver coin will have these designs. Other 'bullion' coins from past years sell for huge premiums too. There is no new trend or concept being made here.

  23. Anonymous says

    It would not surprise me if the mint had a suggested retail price of some sort and had a hand in pricing. I don't see the us mint selling the uncirculated version of these coins below or even near the bullion price on apmex. I'd say at least 1599 for the uncirculated set.

  24. Anonymous says

    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Wake up America……..the Mint and a few bullion dealers are trying to hook you in the nose.

    ONLY spend your money where it's treated BEST. You can bet it's not on these 5 oz. items.

  25. Anonymous says

    Id agree with the above comment. Due the rarity factor, the bullion coin is destined to sell at numis prices. Supply and demand on this one. Apmex has sold over 20 full sets in the last 20 minutes.

  26. Anonymous says

    I bought 15 sets a little while ago. Yes, it hurts a little to drop about $21,000 like that, but I have the feeling that I won't be sorry on this one. I'm confident I will make some money here. 33,000 sets is a pretty small number for silver coins, and I just don't see collectors not wanting these, especially as the series continues with possibly higher numbers in later years. The first year will always be needed to complete a set, and there won't be too many of them to be had.

    At least take a chance on one set from APMEX, if you have the spare cash. Like someone else said, the numismatic versions will most certainly be priced higher than this!

  27. VABEACHBUM says

    And here's me, having thought the over/under for the ATB bullion coins would be $185. Now that I've picked myself up off the floor… WOW!!! Seriously??

    I've been waiting for APMEX to add a price to their ATB bullion listing since they posted it to their website in mid-June. So much for patience. With pricing like this, I don't see the ATB bullion coins becoming a part of either my portfolio or my collection. The previous poster got it right – buy up the ASE bullion at $36 a coin.

    Still some unanswered questions, though: Does production increase in the out years, and these 5 become the keys, or will we see limited pops for each of the 56 coins? Even worse, if this is going to be considered the Market Will Bear cost for the bullion versions, what is the Mint planning to charge for the Numismatic offerings two months from now?? $600 each?? or more??

  28. Anonymous says

    yeah, there won't be any left after a few days even at $280 a coin. Too bad the mint didn't make 100000 of each coin like they originally talked about. Then the price might have been reasonable. I'd just like the set to collect….not to flip, but for the same price, I can get a gold proof anything.

  29. Anonymous says

    If so, I could see them buy up more and raise the price even higher. Hopefully the euphoria subsides by tomorrow and the prices come down….what are the chances. Also, does anyone know the gainesvillecoins price?

  30. Anonymous says

    APMEX caters to special requests, so if you buy 10 sets from them do you think they would honor the request for a sealed tube of 10 coins of each design? Sealed tubes might be hard to come by, and those collectors who like the assurance that their coins have not been cherry-picked might pay a nice premium for that.

  31. Anonymous says

    I'd ask, if you are spending that much, you should feel justified in at least asking. I have had great experiences with apmex myself, and I'd bet they would honor your request.

  32. Anonymous says

    So, Apmex has sold about 75 sets in the last hour. I read on another sight that they started with about 1000 sets around 3 hours ago. Now they are at 625 sets left. Gives you an idea of the demand.

  33. Anonymous says




  34. Anonymous says

    Several have raised good points about these 5 oz bullion ATB coins. How do you store them? Given their size (large surface area), they will most likely have quite a few imperfections. Also, will third party graders consider grading these?

  35. Anonymous says

    To the poster above , I'm sure NGC will grade these .They have an over-sized holder already..

  36. Anonymous says

    Third party grading services would probably grade your car keys. OF COURSE they will grade the 5 oz. behemoths.

  37. Anonymous says

    Next year the mint will make enough that they sell for bullion value, they can make 100,000 per month and have 12 months to do it.

    The 2010 have a total of 300,000 between the bullion and P versions, so they should double or triple that amount next year.

  38. Anonymous says

    I am curious to see what price APMEX will buy these 5oz. America the Beautiful coins back at. I predict $5.00 over spot.

  39. Anonymous says

    Apmex will buy back at just under what you can sell them on ebay for.
    Once they sell out and all.

  40. Anonymous says

    APMEX buys at $34 and change/oz from mint and sells to SUCKERS at $56/oz.
    PT Barnum would love you!
    BTW, these overpriced circuis tokens come in TUBES (great way to ensure marks/scratches) on all of your overpriced bullion.
    Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….

  41. Anonymous says

    Anyone know which Dealer/s is offering the Numismatic Version of this 5oz Hockey Puck.
    The Numismatic Version will have the 'P' Philly Mint Mark and the regular Bullion Version will have NO Mint Mark
    Only 33000 of the 'P' Version will be Minted for each design and 100000 each for the Bullion design

  42. Anonymous says

    Your numbers are wrong. There are only 33,000 of each bullion version and 27,000 of each numismatic version. Both are very rare and will go up after sellout.

  43. Mike says

    I dun think these 5 oz coins are a good buy even with their low numbers. They are not exceptional designs. (nothing compared withe the 2001 silver buffalos)

    If the Mint make 500K 5oz Silver buffalo, they will sell faster and will be price higher in the secondary market then these any time!

  44. Anonymous says

    You are probably right.
    This year is just a disappointing year for collectors – that's why we are all desperate for winners.

  45. Anonymous says

    Although the mintage is rare for each individual piece of crap. The total pieces of crap for the series, even at 50*33K = 1.65M, will be quit high. More like collector plates, since a 3' quarter is just whacked.

  46. Anonymous says

    At the end of the day it is bullion! Not a numismatic piece.
    The only ones profiting are the mint and the secondary sellers.

  47. Anonymous says

    The total mintage for the entire proof ASE series is 15,389,413 plus whatever they sell this year. They still seem to be doing alright.

    The Hockey pucks in theory will sell 1.65 million over the life of the series. If you are going to compare apples to apples then the ASE will still out sell the ATB 5oz 10 to 1. Right now it is a large amount of cabbage to put out at one time

    If you don't like the design then don't buy one. If you can't afford one, don't buy one. If you think it is a waste of money then don't buy one. If you believe it is just bullion and nothing else, then don't buy one. People collect all kinds of stuff. Worth is what someone will pay for an item whether it is silver or widgets. Only time will tell if it will be a good buy or not.

  48. Anonymous says

    is there any recourse that the USMINT can take against Apmex for "price gouging" or is it just a suggestion from the mint to keep prices reasonable. It would be crazy if the mint decided not to ship Apmex's share due to their presale prices. What a cluster that would be.

  49. Anonymous says

    Here is a reply from Apmex from another blog:

    Well here goes me trying to explain the 5 oz coin pricing…. First, there are 11 authorized purchasers Tulving is not one of them. All dealers that I know of only received 3,000 sets each. We have seen these sets trade wholesale for $1500 per set (hundreds of sets at a time) We decided to market 1,000 sets at $1395 to those who signed up for them through our market alert system. Those are the ones who received the email tonight. (first shot). We sold 80 sets in 20 minutes before the Email even went out. Now 5 hours into it we have sold about 400 sets. We wanted to give our customers first shot which we have done. I expect these sets will be one if the hottest items from the mint in years. We are selling them for $100 less per set than what they are trading for wholesale. ($100,000 discount) So while we are setting what we believe to be the market price, it is still below wholesale. I expect these sets to sellout very fast and be in high demand over the years to come.

  50. Anonymous says

    Here is another reply from Apmex:

    So as a business, how would you all have done this? Here are the facts: 1. We have thousands of people interested in these products. 2. We have dealers bidding to pay $1500 per set. (by the hundreds) 3. We see sets and coins selling in the retail market for $1,500 – $1,800 per set. 4. Other distributors have already sold out of there full allocation. 5. There are only 33,000 bullion sets available, we only received 3,000 sets. 6. We posted 1,000 sets available to those who signed up for them on a first come first served basis. 7. We are required to make a market which we have. 8. We have expenses, such as employees, real estate, insurance, benefits, marketing, etc. To cover. We spoke about this internally for 3 days before setting our price. We think we treated our customers very fair in this offering. However, there are smart folks out there and I welcome your suggestions on how you would have done this if you were in our shoes knowing some of the information you now know…… This is not a sarcastic response, I am truly interested in hearing how you the owner of a business would have handled this situation.

  51. VABEACHBUM says

    Michael – just finished reading your Coin Update posting. Excellent, as always.

    As others read that article and your upcoming MNB post, they need to realize that the MINT is not raking in the profits with these bullion coins. Numismatic issues could be another story altogether!!

    Because these are bullion issues, the Mint margin is established at approximately $2 per ounce of silver. Their memo to their AP Network all but confirms where the gouging and profiteering is taking place – at least based on the single market pricing we have seen so far.

    The aspect of this developing situation that I would like to see you touch on is: Does the Mint monitor the actions of the AP Network members and, if necessary, recommend or require corrective actions? Recognizing that the Network is a very exclusive grouping, I would expect some level of constant scrutiny and the possibilities of falling out of favor much faster than coming into it.

    Thanks again for all you do, and for following through on this hot topic over your weekend!!! I, for one, appreciate it.

  52. Anonymous says

    I've purchased whole lot from APMEX, but after seeing this greedy fast buck tactic, I'm done.

  53. Anonymous says

    Sales seem to be accelerating as APMEX gets closer to selling out their first 1,000 sets. Down to 152, and those will probably be sold within 2 hours, maybe only an hour. I wonder how much they hike the price for the second batch. $100? $200? Seems there is definitely demand for these coins.

  54. Anonymous says




  55. Anonymous says

    By the time APMEX sells the first 1,000 of these, they will have profited over $100,000 above what they paid for these! DIRTBAGS!

    I'm sure they will pocket another $300,000 when they do their next rounds of price gouging.

    All the respect I ever had for APMEX is gone.

    Their excuse for price gouging is "there are fools out there willing to pay this price"… well, they are still pathetic for doing it!

  56. Anonymous says

    I was willing to stretch it, and possible pay around $200 per coin for these, but I quit.

    I would love to know, when the price of silver goes back down, who really thinks these coins will be selling for $320 each? Because, if you buy from APMEX right now (before next round of price gouging) that is the price you would have to sell them for to breakeven… good luck with that, especially when silver goes back to $12!

  57. Anonymous says

    dirtbags???? People are willing to pay the price for this item that they want (not NEED) and they are considered dirtbags? That sounds pretty anti-capitalist. Maybe you'd be happier living in another country with a different form of government?

  58. Anonymous says

    Hey, geniues, capitalism only works when there is plenty of regulation to keep price gouging from happening… what I would like to see is capitalism restored in this country!

    An oligarchy is not what the founding fathers intended. They didn't want us all to become slaves to Big Coproration. DEE DEE DEE

  59. Anonymous says

    How on earth do you mistake a bunch of companies that are allowed to form a MONOPOLY and use that to PRICE GOUGE for capitalism? LOL


  60. Anonymous says

    Yes, let's add more regulations and make every one happy. If some aren't happy, we'll just add even more regulations…true capitalism at work. Great idea!

  61. Anonymous says

    If the price is too high for you, don't buy. Simple as that. That is a market at work. If people are willing to pay the price, then it's not priced too high. With less than 100 left and 90% sold in less than 24 hours, is it overpriced??? How so?

  62. Anonymous says

    Find another 3 inch round silver coin with the design of the grand canyon on it and buy it then. Problem solved! All bullion is equal isn't it?

  63. Anonymous says

    UH OH…

    No more limits on silver eagles? That mean there are lots of smart people out there.

    I bought 100 silver proof eagles cuz people here say that silver going up to $50 for one ounce. That means that I not gonna make any money? That means people here not too smart.

    What am I gonna do? I have a home to pay for, family to feed, and there go my lifetime investment because people here saying that proof silver eagles going to make me rich.

  64. Anonymous says

    I sold bottled water for $100 each in New Orleans, right after Katrina… but since people paid that, I wasn't price gouging was I?

    That's how logical you people are!

    APMEX is price gouging, and they are able to do it because they are part of the monopoly in bullion distribution in this country.

    It does not matter if they sell every set for $10,000, it is price gouging.

    If capitalism was actually allowed in this market, these coins would be available at reasonable prices, but because capitalism is being subverted, that is not happening.

  65. Anonymous says

    "I sold bottled water for $100 each in New Orleans, right after Katrina… but since people paid that, I wasn't price gouging was I?"

    Water is a NEED. A coin is a want. Do you need this 5 ounce coin?

  66. Anonymous says

    "Water is a NEED. A coin is a want. Do you need this 5 ounce coin?"

    That has nothing to do with the point of my statement.

    It's just a real life example of price gouging that can take place when people are allowed to monopolize things, which is anti-capitalist.

  67. Anonymous says

    Apmex is sold out and…..what kind of water was it? I might buy a few depending on the mintage.

  68. Anonymous says

    Price gouging by definition can only occur for essential goods or services. It couldn't be gouging if the product were not needed. A 5 ounce coin is not a NEED and the market has spoken and the product has sold at the price offered.

  69. Anonymous says

    APMEX should donate it's profit to the mint, to reinburse them for the 2 million dollar "press", that we the tax payers bought.

  70. Anonymous says

    I will contact members of Congress over this as i am sure they would like to know how this distribution went and how these companies decided on pricing.

  71. Anonymous says

    To the people who think this is gouging, how about making a law that these coins can only be sold for $X, not more or less, by anyone, until the end of time. Would that make you happy?

    Your frustration is misdirected. It should be directed at the mint, which sold valuable assets at (apparently) less than the current market value. Why do we allow this to happen? If you think you are against "regulations", I guess you think it is perfectly alright that the Mint sold products to APs for much less than they were worth. Harming the public trust, or giving away the treasury, is what regulations ought to be designed to prevent.

  72. Anonymous says

    One of the options to fix this is to do away with the dealer network. Yes that should be looked at.

  73. Anonymous says

    ASE ordered today does not ship until Dec. 30. Looks like the no-limit is taking care of the remaining supply at the mint.

  74. Anonymous says

    Ordered some ASE Proof Coins on the
    release date. Have not received
    one coin. Every time i check my order
    the ship date gets pushed back.
    Currently expected 12/21. I think the
    mint has a software program which when you check your order, pushes back
    your ship date another 3 days. At least thats been my experience.
    Very Frustrating.

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