Ozark National Scenic Riverways 5-oz. silver Uncirculated coins now available

The United States Mint began accepting orders for the 2017 America the Beautiful–Ozark National Scenic Riverways 5-ounce silver Uncirculated coin (product code 17AL) at noon today (July 11).

The current authorized mintage limit for both the numismatic and bullion versions is 150,000 units. An announced maximum potential mintage limit of 25,000 coins has been set for the Uncirculated strike; based on demand, the Mint may strike and issue more than 125,000 of the bullion coins so long as the total does not exceed the 150,000-coin limit. Total reported sales for the 2017 bullion ATB coins, as of today, are as follows:

  • Ozark National Scenic Riverways—20,000
  • Frederick Douglass National Historic Site—20,000
  • Effigy Mounds National Monument—35,000

Sales for the Effigy Mounds 5-ounce Uncirculated coins total 15,432 as of July 9; for the Douglass 5-ounce Uncirculated coins, sales total 14,828.

(Hover to zoom.)

The America the Beautiful–Ozark National Scenic Riverways 5-ounce silver Uncirculated coin is priced at $149.95. As with all precious-metals products sold by the U.S. Mint, this price is subject to change.   ❑

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  1. Mint News Blog says

    I took a look, but I don’t think I can fix it. I hate to make you change your screen name, but it might take me a while working with the company IT folks to sort out the problem. They won’t be back in the office until Monday, so that’s the earliest I can get to work on it. However, if you want me to give it a try, I’ll be sure to check in frequently tomorrow and Sunday to make sure your comments get approved. Or you could set up a temporary ID until I can try to make Akismet accept your existing screen name. What do you think? I’m happy to give it a try if you don’t mind waiting!

  2. So Krates says

    Just use “U” and “ur” for “you” and “your”…that’s what all the yunguns do anyway these days.

  3. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    Thanks, Diana. Give it a shot – I don’t mind waiting. If it turns out to be a big hassle just let me know and I’ll either come up with a new screen name entirely or use So Krates’ suggestion. Don’t sweat it and have a relaxing weekend.

  4. Zephin says

    @ SKS…LOL… so true I have a 17yo girl and a 18yo boy … the text I get from them…it amazes me how I understand them…LOL

  5. Mint News Blog says

    This one got held up, but it’s because it’s the first time someone has posted as NCM Collector. The next post under this screen name should go through just fine.

  6. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    I got my 5 oz Ozark Waterways pucks today and, as expected, they look much nicer than the bullion pucks. I even get the sense of flowing water on these. I can’t believe there’s just 3 years left in this series after this year

  7. cagcrisp says


    Silvers @ $15.96 and buying a Bullion (non US) coin for $25.56

    Only a 60% premium to spot…


    (Glad I’m an Investor)…

  8. says

    Mike Moon –

    I think everyone just capitulated, threw their hands up in the air, and walking away!

    Thanks for the heads up though,

    Speaking of walking away, what ever came of:

    – Monsanto’s Lunar Skull series
    – Provident’s 2 oz National Parks and Egyptian gods series
    – And countless other series that start, run for about 18 months and mysteriously that’s just it

    I’ve learned the hard way not to start any more series unless these Issuers stand behind their initial release, even then it’s a crap shoot

  9. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    Just Another Dave In Pa:

    Will you clarify, please? Are you saying that you actually have, in hand, both the Ozark bullion and the Ozark “P” and that the “P” looks much better? Thanks.

  10. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, ” so I take it you haven’t bought a P Puck since the Turkey shoot? ”

    I didn’t buy ANY “P” pucks Before the Turkey Nor After the Turkey. But I Did buy a couple of the “P” Turkey. I did buy several Tubes of Turkey pucks. And those are the Only bullion pucks I have. Some grandsons that have already started Turkey hunting (Not old enough to STAY QUIET/STILL though) will get those Tubes…

    I would be interested in some of the Trump Rally bullion pucks, however, the price of Silver is Not moving in the Right direction for me to make a purchase.

    In a 100 years I think it would be Novel to show what it was like in the Trump Era…

  11. Barry says

    Provident completed a Hercules series and the Privateer series is still going and now the Horseman series recently started but, yes there are ones that just fizzle out and nothing is said. Collectors end up with only part of what they were expecting. If they started by announcing detailed plans in advance that would help. I remember the Hercules series was well planned out with only the design being released a short time before being offered for sale. They should do that with all their sets.

  12. KML in KY says

    Got my 3 “P” Ozark pucks the other day. They are nice looking and I didn’t see the slightest flaw on any of them. I already have a “MintDirect” tube of the bullion coins I ordered pre sale from APMEX May 15th for $1,034.00. I like the 5 oz ATB’s and have 2 complete sets “P” pucks in OGP, 1 complete set of PCGS MS69DMPL bullion coins, 1 complete set of PCGS SP70 “P” coins, and at least 1 tube of each 2011 to date.

    I just sold some more modern coins on Great Collections and here are the results:

    Lot of 5 2017-S Silver Eagles NGC PF70UC ER
    Winning bid – $1210.00. $242.00 per coin. Pretty good.

    Lot of 5 2017-S Silver Eagles NGC PF69UC ER
    Winning bid – $321.00. Only $64.20 per coin. WTF.

    Lot of 7 2017-S Silver Eagles NGC PF69UC ER
    Winning bid – $482.00. $68.86 per coin. Again WTF.

    2014 Kennedy 50th Anniversary Silver Set NGC PF/SP70 ER “Ask Not” label
    Winning bid – $223.00. Not too bad.

    2014 Kennedy 50th Anniversary Silver Set NGC PF/SP69 ER “Ask Not” label
    Winning bid- $92.00. 69’s are money losers.

    2014-P Civil Rights proof & unc silver dollars NGC PF/MS70 ER
    Winning bid – $101.00. Not good.

    2014-P Civil Rights unc silver dollar NGC MS70 ER
    Winning bid – $37.63. Very bad.

    2015 March of Dimes Silver Set + unc MOD silver dollar (4 coins) NGC MS/PF70 ER
    Winning bid – $204.00. Pretty good.

    2015 March of Dimes Silver Set (3 coins) NGC PF70 not ER
    Winning bid – 160.12. Pretty Good.

    2016-P Mark Twain unc & proof silver dollars NGC PF/MS70 ER
    Winning bid – $110.00. Not good.

    2016-P Mark Twain proof silver dollar NGC PF70UC ER
    Winning bid – $46.00. Sucks.

    2014 Baseball HOF proof & unc silver dollars + proof & unc clad halves NGC PF/MS70
    Winning bid – $165.00. Not so great.

    2014 Baseball HOF proof & unc dollar and half dollar NGC PF70UC
    Winning bid – $77.00. Ditto

    2013-W, 2014-W, 2015-W, & 2016-W Burnished Silver Eagles NGC MS70 ER
    Winning bid – $141.00. Only $35.25 per coin. Sucks – I thought these would do better given the Silver Eagle collector base.

    2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set NGC SP/PF70
    Winning bid – $145.01. Not bad.

    2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set NGC SP/PF69
    Winning Bid – $100. Pretty good for 69’s

    While I was happy with the 2017-S ASE PF70’s I was hoping to get more for the 69’s. If I had been quicker before MCM started unloading them I probably would have. Unfortunately out of 30 coins I only got 13 PF70’s. The SF Mint usually does better than that.

    The Silver Kennedy Sets and MOD Sets in 70 did pretty well. Lost money on the Mark Twain and Civil Rights PF/MS 70 ER and everything in 69. I was surprised the burnished ASE’s in 70 did so poorly. At least the 2013 West Point Sets held their value.


  13. cagcrisp says

    @KML in KY, Thanks…You seem to be Very honest in your assessments…

    Pretty Good 3
    Pretty Good for 69s 1
    Not Too Bad 1
    Not Bad 1
    Not So Great 2
    Not Good 2
    Very Bad 1
    69s are Losers 1
    Sucks 2
    WTF 2

  14. cagcrisp says

    @KML in KY, I do Wish you would have used NEVER, ALWAYS, 100%, DISMAL…etc…

    …SO…I could have followed along better…I had to look some of those words up…

  15. gatortreke says

    KML, is that the sale price for each of the coins or what you cleared after fees? What kind of fees does GC charg?. I’ve sold some items on eBay so I’m familiar with their process and fees but not with GC.

  16. earthling says


    So factoring in Slab Fees, total time put out, packing, watching, ordering original Coins, and everything – how did you do? I’m reminded of my pre-1980 experiences when got into selling some Coins through a local Flea Market Auction. I kept records of time spent, all money spent, money taken in and after some consideration, figured it was all a grand waste of my time. I got out of Coins for a good 20 years and have now come full circle. Coins are again costing me too much money and time and I’m thinking I’d be better off just coming to work and totally relaxing on my off time.

    Well, I suppose I’ll get back into tinkering with Cars. Thats another of my life long interests.

  17. KML in KY says

    gatortreke – The prices shown are the winning bids. Sellers fees run $10 – $20 per coin set. The winning bids shown are very close to what I get.

    However, Great Collections has a 10% buyers fee (on eBay the seller pays 10%). Buyers factor that in so bids tend to be lower than what you get on eBay but you don’t have to take pictures, write up the auctions, deal with, and ship to individual buyers. It’s very convenient. Just send a box of coins to GC and a month or so later they send you a check. They are pretty easy to deal with.

    Unless you get a special offer from eBay like 50% off final value fees. The money you get works out pretty much the same.

  18. Barry says

    OT- A couple of Niue silver coins are now being made by US private mints. Silvertowne is making the Owl and the Sunshine Mint is producing a Mickey Mouse bullion coin. I found this info on the APMEX website. This is the first I’ve seen a US private mint make foreign coins so I’d thought I’d post it here. Of course maybe I missed something in the past.

  19. Louis Golino says

    The Royal Mint recently bought a stake in a major London coin dealer. Thought y’all would find that interesting.

    GC is very easy to deal with. Bids are sometimes on the low side because dealers buy there, but you keep much more than with eBay esp. for lots over $1k, which have no seller fees except a few bucks to list.

  20. Tinto says

    KML in KY

    Thanks a lot for posting the results of your sales and also the info about GC.

  21. gatortreke says

    Perhaps this is a morbid question but recently while I was away on vacation, someone I work with passed away. He was 3 years my senior (mid-50’s) and his passing of course reminds me of my own mortality. On to the question, my wife and daughter have little interest in my coin collection so I have bought the book Cash in Your Coins: Selling the Rare Coins You’ve Inherited and instructed my wife to use this as a guide in disposing of the collection. I’ve also left the name of a local coin dealer I’d trust to assist her as well as my coin buddy who could help as well. The discussion above about Great Collections makes me wonder if it wouldn’t be easier instead just to have her ship the entire collection to them and let them handle it all? It would be simple and most likely about as fair as you can get. Any thoughts, pro or con, on the idea?

  22. bobr says

    I have a more scientific question way off topic. I had a coin collection which consisted mostly of rolls of mercury dimes mid 30’s to teens mostly D and S mint. Also the same with walking liberty and buffalo nickles. Some rolls of Indian head pennies and quite a few half dimes.

    My question is this. The collection was stolen around 1964 when I was a kid by the neighbor kids. They confessed about it and showed me where they threw the coins. They tossed them into the Arkansas river across the street from home. The water is probably only 3 to 5 feet deep at most but with a lot of silt.

    The question I have would these coins have been destroyed after all these years in shallow fresh water?
    Is it worth it to pay a diver with a metal detector to try to find these old coins? I have always wondered what kind of condition these coins would be in.

  23. KML in KY says

    gatortreke – Thanks for bringing that up. I think Great Collections would be a very good option in that situation but I hope it does not become necessary anytime soon. I’m sure they would be happy to answer any questions you have if you call them. My wife (like everyone else in my family) doesn’t know anything about coins either. I’m in my mid fifties also and I think I’ll tell her to use Great Collections if something happens to me. While my health is pretty good right now you never know.

  24. says

    gatortreke –

    GC would most likely be the best and most pragmatic approach in the SHORT term, meaning you bite it in the next 5 years or so.

    Selling coins is Work!
    Selling coins at a desired numismatic value is even more WORK.

    I’ve always chuckled when I’ve read here someone gave instructions to their heirs on how to liquidate their holdings, Yeah Right! That’s not even fair nor realistic, why put that combobluted mess back on them.

    Only we, the collectors, have any understanding of what we own and its inherent value.

    Here’s a thought – hopefully you, I, we all live another 15, 20 to 30 years, by that time, PM’s increase considerably more over that time, and by then, heirs, or us, can just liquidate the whole thing at spot and be happy about it. Besides, there may not be much numismatic value on this stuff in 5 to 10 any way.

    Another thought, gift the loot to charity at it’s numismatic value, and use the write off to offset other taxable events facing your heirs, though do consults tax advisor first 😉

    Here’s to living long and PM’s on a positive incline trajectory! 🍺

  25. says

    On another subject regarding Future Numismatic Value of Moderns Coin –

    I wish some of our great numismatic minds of today would write about what we may be able to expect going forward, with respect to numismatic value.

    I don’t think they’ll be much numismatic value at all for Moderns at some point down the road.

    Moderns will face a considerable head winds WRT:

    – Decreased demand
    – Over supply, e.g., collectors dying off
    – Dwindling Middle Class
    – Rising PM prices
    – Unknown, unknowns

    There’s always a point in which numismatic value would become 0 – Zero, Zilch, Nada

    Where that cross over point is, I’d be really interested to read more about it, for Au and Ag.

  26. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, “I don’t think they’ll be much numismatic value at all for Moderns at some point down the road. ”

    “Value” . Once you take Opportunity Cost in the equation There are Very Few moderns that have any Value at all Currently.

    On May 26th, 2016 I posted about how DISMAL the 2009 High Relief Gold has done vs. the SPY.

    On May 26th 2016 you could have purchased “more than 10 Available” 2009 High Relief Gold from a Major Bay Seller for $2,045.00

    TODAY you can Purchase the same 2009 High Relief Gold from the same Major Bay Seller the Same “more than 10 Available” for $1,895.00

    …SO…You could have Held a 2009 High Relief Gold for Another year and LOST $150 in value…

    … OR…

    …You could have Sold a Year ago and invested in the SPY ETF and made 20.31% ROI…

  27. Justacoin says

    justacoin says

    Could have, should have, would have and you could have also lost your shirt on the SPY. This kind of speculation ios worthless.

  28. data dave says

    I have always been worried about buying spiders because I don’t know what you are supposed to feed them.

  29. cagcrisp says

    @data dave, LOL…

    “I have always been worried about buying spiders because I don’t know what you are supposed to feed them.”

    The spiders eat DISMAL performing modern coins. They have a LOT to eat…

  30. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp, OT, do you think Yellen’s slightly more dovish than expected tone recently was a response to the “FAANG” stocks sliding? Thanks.

    gold bullion

  31. cagcrisp says

    @Dustyroads, “do you think Yellen’s slightly more dovish than expected tone recently was a response to the “FAANG” stocks sliding? ”

    No I do not. The Fed has a dual mandate and inflation is just not Increasing as rapidly as the Fed anticipated. In the past the Fed has dismissed inflation as being Transitory but I think that the Transitory has played itself out and the Fed is having to admit there just is no inflation especially wage inflation. Virtually Full employment and yet no wage inflation. Underemployment and retirement being replaced by those not as skilled or willing to work for less.

    I think the FAANGs have pretty much recovered from their Downturns…

    gold bullion, circus coins, silver coins…

  32. gatortreke says

    Thanks all for the comments re: Great Collections and leaving a collection to heirs. I have already started rethinking my collection and am weeding out coins or sets that really don’t fit my evolving and ever changing idea of what I want my collection to be.

  33. Scott says

    If the Fed would use real world numbers they would find the inflation they are looking for. My property taxes go up like clockwork 5% every year. My electric bill for last month was about 8% higher than the same month last year with 1KW less usage this year. Insurance and groceries keep going up, though maybe not quite as fast as a few years ago. The labor force participation rate is still 5% lower than it was in Mar 2000, with more part-time low paying jobs now than in 2000.

  34. cagcrisp says

    @Dustyroad, the “N” in FAANGS just Popped After Hours.

    Thinly traded markets After Hours, However, Currently 10%+ up After Hours and Currently Blowing by ALL Time High…

    gold bullion, circus coins, silver coins…

  35. JohnT58 says

    SD Bullion has the Ellis Island pucks on pre-sale for $95.49. However, you will not take delivery for 2 months. It seems like they are jumping the gun a bit here but the price is right. Opinions?

  36. earthling says

    I can see the day when an edible can of Food will be more in demand than any ounce of Silver or Gold , regardless of the Slab, Grade, Label or Autopened Signature.

    Guess it’s time to visit Sams and Costco. They have freeze dried Food Kits you can order. At least they did a few years ago.

  37. Barry says

    SD also charges shipping ( 7.77) if I’m not mistaken so a larger order is necessary to take advantage of the lower premium. I’d order 2 weeks in advance but, not two months.

  38. earthling says


    Food is serious business with these people. Someone must be buying it or they wouldn’t be selling it. I’ve heard some enterprises are buying deactivated Nuclear Missile Silos and converting them into ultra priced Survival Condos. A big bundle of Food like this would go well with an old missile Silo.

    I couldn’t imagine any need for Silver or Gold, but maybe a pallet of Board Games? Of course a monster tank of water would be a basic need.

  39. Erik H says

    I got my 5 ozers today (forgot to order on first day). The reverses on both are flawless. The obverses on both have small defects. I’m going to return the worst one and keep the other. This will be my only ATB purchase this year, I’m having more fun spending $$ on old foreign silver coins at melt. Great history, low risk.

  40. Barry says

    I like the old foreign silver also. Guldens, Guilders, Marks, Francs. Kroners, Pesos and so forth. Some of the non PM foreign coins have nice designs also. I picked up a old Italian coin with three lions on it awhile back in addition to some PM coins. In short they are a nice addition to a collection.

  41. So Krates says

    Barry says, “This is the first I’ve seen a US private mint make foreign coins so I’d thought I’d post it here. Of course maybe I missed something in the past.”

    That is interesting.

    The Franklin Mint has struck legal tender coins for several island nations, as well as Panama. They minted and sold these to Americans on the very first day it was legal to own gold coins again.

  42. cagcrisp says

    2017S Update…

    MCM has stepped up Aggressiveness on Selling the 2017S at AUCTION.

    CURRENTLY 29 69s offered
    CURRENTLY 10 slabbed “GEM PROOF” offered…

  43. So Krates says

    John T58 says, “It seems like they are jumping the gun a bit here but the price is right. Opinions?”

    Two months is a VERY long time to let a bullion company (which works on razor thin margins) hold your money, especially in a soft demand environment. No problem if you pay by CC, but I assume that low price is for payment by check or wire. A lost puck or two won’t kill you, but a monster box would hurt almost anyone if something went down. If I’m buying physical PMs I want said physical PMs in hand before I fork over my payment. Occasionally I’ll wait a day or two for delivery but I would never agree to wait two months…unless it was a backordered USM product, but even then it’s a CC payment which isn’t posted until shipment starts.

  44. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp, Well, recovery of all FAANG stocks is not the the truth, but as you said Netflix is soaring.

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