Ozark National Scenic Riverways 5-oz. silver Uncirculated coins now available

The United States Mint began accepting orders for the 2017 America the Beautiful–Ozark National Scenic Riverways 5-ounce silver Uncirculated coin (product code 17AL) at noon today (July 11).

The current authorized mintage limit for both the numismatic and bullion versions is 150,000 units. An announced maximum potential mintage limit of 25,000 coins has been set for the Uncirculated strike; based on demand, the Mint may strike and issue more than 125,000 of the bullion coins so long as the total does not exceed the 150,000-coin limit. Total reported sales for the 2017 bullion ATB coins, as of today, are as follows:

  • Ozark National Scenic Riverways—20,000
  • Frederick Douglass National Historic Site—20,000
  • Effigy Mounds National Monument—35,000

Sales for the Effigy Mounds 5-ounce Uncirculated coins total 15,432 as of July 9; for the Douglass 5-ounce Uncirculated coins, sales total 14,828.

(Hover to zoom.)

The America the Beautiful–Ozark National Scenic Riverways 5-ounce silver Uncirculated coin is priced at $149.95. As with all precious-metals products sold by the U.S. Mint, this price is subject to change.   ❑

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  1. Larry says

    @ cagcrisp – nice that you are buying all these coins for you relatives. Now I understand. I hope they all appreciate it! Seems that isn’t really collecting, though. I can’t remember all you posts, do you also collect just for the enjoyment of it?

  2. Mattarch says

    Love the Design. Purchased it in the bullion version and saved about $40. I am buying the 5 oz. coins for the design not the finish.

  3. cagcrisp says

    @Larry, “posts, do you also collect just for the enjoyment of it?”

    Occasionally, I have probably have 95% of everything that I want…

  4. Qui Transtulit Sustinet says

    Larry asks cagcrisp “…do you also collect just for the enjoyment of it?”

    I have to admit I’m interested in the answer to the question you posed, Larry.

    My take…based on the content of virtually all of his frequent posts… cagcrisp is focused “100%” (as he might say) on ways to “game” our hobby—it is all about risk/reward for him. Of course, his gaming is independent of selling for a profit, a point he makes constantly, perhaps to distinguish himself from the hardcore flippers, who are also all about gaming.

    I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that—different strokes for different folks.

    However, his posts have demonstrated little concern for artistic (slightly more for historical, but not much) aspects of numismatic collecting. I have to place him in the hoarder/gatherer rather than the collecting camp.

    I’m not trying to troll, be incendiary, or even ruffle feathers, and I appreciate some of his voluminous posts, but do feel it is important to note the basic bias expressed by posters in the majority of their posts—his slant is overwhelmingly about “gaming”, not numismatics. Just my opinion, not looking for arguments.

    As I indicated at the outset of this post, I would be interested in reading cagcrisp’s response to Larry’s question.

  5. Qui Transtulit Sustinet says

    cagcrisp response to Larry: “Occasionally, I have probably have 95% of everything that I want…”

    The lack of detail and enthusiasm is about what I expected.

    Numismatics isn’t even riding in the same car, much less the same seat, as “gaming”.

    If the question posed by Larry had a gaming or risk/reward slant, the answer would have been lengthy.

    Thanks for your response and dedication to posting.

  6. cagcrisp says

    @Qui Transtulit Sustinet , I would agree that your assessment of me is Pretty accurate.

    100% of about everything I do is risk/reward.

    I do NOT consider myself a coin collector. I consider myself as an Investor.

    I Love the Walking Liberty Gold design but I didn’t see long term value and I passed for Myself.
    I Think the American Libery Gold has ALL the ear markings of a CLASSIC coin Yet I wouldn’t buy because of the Mintage.

    …SO…Yeah it’s all about risk/reward and whether or not I Think it has Long Term Value …

  7. Xena says

    Qui Transtulit Sustinet – cag can speak for himself, but I think it’s more like what data dave said earlier – it’s about investing, not gaming our hobby. Cag admits to being a gambler, but I see what he does as more data-driven/fact-based investing. The data-driven nature takes the emotion out of the equation, that’s why the artistic/numismatic enthusiasm isn’t in his posts. He is enthusuatic about the facts! I don’t always agree with his point-of-view (HHLs for example) – they come from an investment basis and not what might be good for a wide variety of coin collectors.

    Cag – I’ve thanked you before, but I have learned a lot from your assessments. Keep up the good work and thanks for your dedication to the blog.

  8. Larry says

    @ Cagcrisp – glad to know you still enjoy collecting, even if it is only occasionally. I used to be a silver and gold bug, but I changed my mind and now only buy coins I like. I don’t know what the future has in store for gold and silver as far as money goes. We now have a generation that only knows paying with plastic and cell phone apps. I am old enough to remember paying with real silver coins, and being able to go to the bank and trade a dollar bill for a silver dollar. Few of this generation have any idea what real money is. Sad. which may not be good news for silver and gold.

  9. Erik H says

    cagcrisp, what if the gold Liberty coin only sells 30 – 35k and the mint pulls it early? Then does you opinion change???

  10. Erik H says

    Larry, I’ve gone to a few coin shows lately where some coin dealers didn’t want to take 1 oz silver bullion for payment. Their response was similar “I don’t deal with (modern) bullion”. So much for the theory that gold & silver are money (I’m sure if I wanted to pay with Morgans they might have sang a different tune).

  11. cagcrisp says

    @Erik H , “what if the gold Liberty coin only sells 30 – 35k and the mint pulls it early? Then does you opinion change???”

    IF the Mint had put a 30k limit on the Gold Liberty then I would have bought several. I truly LOVE the design . 30k and they would have been GONE.

    The Mint only has ONE day to get Mintage and HHLs correct and that’s Launch Day.

    The Mint didn’t pull the Gold Kennedy when they should.
    The Mint didn’t pull the Gold Standing Liberty when they should.
    The Mint didn’t pull the Gold Walking Liberty when they should.

    I Don’t see the Mint pulling the Gold (or Silver) American Liberty’s Because that’s the Franchise Future…

  12. Dustyroads says

    40 years from now attitudes will be different in ways that we will not be able to predict. The short term advantages will not matter.

  13. Dustyroads says

    By the time the Booker T Washington half dollar commemorative was minted in the 1950’s commemorative issues had become over produced. By the 80’s and 90’s commemoratives were back in full strength, but once again we find ourselves uninterested 40 years down the road.

    Some things will always be important-

    — a well done and artistic design will endure
    — rare will always be king
    — condition is everything

  14. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    It’s good that people have strategies. For many years now, I’ve just been buying what I like from various mints with no real strategic intent beyond a pleasing aesthetic. I think the universe is randomly ordered and luck plays a bigger role in everything than we can imagine so gambling is as good a strategy as any, I guess..

    The ATB series is one that I admire for some great designs and subject matter. The Ozark is the best of 2017 but I like ’em all. Ellis Island is ok and I might go out to Liberty State Park for the launch of that one. Maybe Chris Christie will be there? I like to take the ferry to Manhattan from there. I’ve never been to the SoL but I’ve passed by pretty close on the Staten Island Ferry.

    I love the Ozark River ATB but the design elements are hard to see on the Bullion puck so I hope the (P) version looks nicer. I’m really looking forward to the EU finish for the atb coins this year, too.

  15. So Krates says

    “…the Ozark River ATB but the design elements are hard to see on the Bullion puck so I hope the (P) version looks nicer.”

    I agree. I’ll bet this one looks better in Vapor Blast than the PL. All the roughness in the sculpt kind of mushes together in the high reflectivity of the bullion finish.

  16. KCSO says

    40 years ago, I was in a diaper

    40 years from now, I’ll be in a diaper

    Yes, I find myself uninterested 40 years down the road.., And Yes, I put a different prioritzation on the short-term! 😂

    Life is short, better had make all aspects of it count, in the short-term!

  17. earthling says

    “By the time the Booker T Washington half dollar commemorative was minted in the 1950’s commemorative issues had become over produced. By the 80’s and 90’s commemoratives were back in full strength, but once again we find ourselves uninterested 40 years down the road.”

    Dusty, you bring up some great points. The Mint seems too bored to do any sort of good job on ANYTHING AT ALL lately. Maybe it’s time for them to just shut it down and just crank out Zincolns, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, and the various Bullion Eagles? The task of designing Commemoratives and other fluff ought to just be outsourced to the Royal British Mint . I really like all the British Coins. They’re doing a great job over there.

  18. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    I hear a lot of gripes on this blog about the Mint and their terrible business practices.

    I would like to state that I disagree. I believe it is a great surprise to only know what the Mint will sell about a month in advance. This requires us to check in periodically to make sure they haven’t posted up some of the forthcoming products. Also, I love the fact that they require you to buy 5 lbs of boxes for a single medal. I just love having lots of junk to fill up my closet.

    I also applaud the mint for their recurring inability to learn from their past mistakes. We should have an interesting day on August 1st when the enhanced uncirculated sets get sold in the truckload to the HSN (or is it now QVC) guy. They really do a good job setting the limits either too stringently or unlimited. This is really an amazing year, everything is going so well! Have a great day!

  19. Cody says

    I don’t really post much. I usually just read other people’s comments because you guys post what I’m thinking which is great! I love this blog and I really enjoy reading other individual’s incites pertaining to new usmint products and investments. I was wondering how you guys view the secondary market with a product limit of 225,000 for the eu coin set.

    I also just bought a 2008 reverse of 2007 silver eagle in 70. It has an early releases designation and is in an edge view holder. Believe it or not it’s difficult to find this coin in an edge view holder with an early releases designation. I’ve been looking for this coin for a while. I’m just celebrating a little bit because it’s taken a while to find it. Was also wondering how you guys view this coin down the road. Keep in mind that I’m a collector and plan to hold on to all of my coins for a long time (I’m in my early 20’s).

  20. Dustyroads says

    Cody, The America Silver Eagle is an immensely popular coin, it’s values will not likely fall very much over time. Going forward, the ase market will vary of coarse like every market and so will your 2008 reverse of 2007. It’s reported that about 50,000 of these are out there, so that’s a very good number. If you’re a serious collector, this is a great coin to stash away in your collection and allow it to become a hallmark. At some point in time you may find values up, but values will probably be fairly steady for the foreseeable future. I see it as a keeper.

    The 225,000 set should see a little pop in the aftermarket, but be prepared for some resistance due to recent fears of falling mintages.

  21. data dave says

    @Cody – I think the wildcard with the 225K EU set will be initial price. Set low enough (=$44.95) and I think it will stall.

    Type collectors are going to want one and in the past that has led to some fast sales.

    I am hoping they might consider replacing the plain old UNC SET with this EU set in the future.

  22. Cody says

    @Data Dave –

    Yes I would have to agree. I would like to see more innovation or creativity including more enhanced uncirculated and high relief coins from the mint, especially since other mints around the world are innovating so much. I would personally like to see what a silver eagle would look like in a high relief.

    I’m also somewhat disappointed that the coins in the enhanced set are not silver (or I at least assume they aren’t based on the usmint’s product description). Why they chose not to make the quarters, dime, and Kennedy half in silver for this set is beyond me.

  23. says

    No Platinum decrease this week on the ole pricing grid –

    Welcome Cody, good to see young blood among us old crusties,

    There’s been a flurry of analysis a week or two back on that Enhanced Set

  24. Tom says

    Platinum has increased over $15.00 today. Mint is waiting for the moment to increase the new Platinum Proof. Get yours TODAY!
    PASS – Again.

  25. KCSO says

    Pass – Again, is right.

    So what else is unique and left to be released this year?

    There’s the Enhanced Clad Set (Pass) on 1 August, and the likely Enhanced Native American $1 Set, …is there anything else coming?

    The Pd will go through the AP’s, so if we do not get the Frac Buff’s, is that if for the year???

    I’m drawing a blank..,

    Given the firestorm over the ‘S’ ASE, you know the mint will release the LESPS with a HHL of 1.

  26. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, “Given the firestorm over the ‘S’ ASE, you know the mint will release the LESPS with a HHL of 1.”


  27. cagcrisp says

    @KCSO, “…is there anything else coming?”

    I would Think you have some more gimmicks coming. Not just the 225 year but Every year going forward. The traditional diet the Mint has been living on is Not working. That’s why you will see a Fractional American Liberty Gold.

    The Mint quite simply needs the profit…

  28. earthling says

    Could you imagine the Firestorm if the Mint really grew a brain with the LESP 2017-S and put a Star or a Privy Mark on it? And if they limited it to 50,000 and had no HHL on it. And no advance notice to the little guys. But insider notice to the big boys?

  29. Dustyroads says

    No nightmares please!

    I would much rather see an HHL of 10. Any less will be trouble. It’s not like the LESPS is one of their major releases!

  30. Barry says

    The last two bullion pucks were minted at 20k each. Now a limit so high it won’t be reached. Just curious as to why the big change ?

  31. Dustyroads says

    Barry, Don’t read too much into the wording, chances are the mintage will be the same.

  32. Cody says

    @Xena –

    Thanks! I found mine on the bay. I live in a very small town so finding anything with a low mintage is practically impossible.

  33. KCSO says

    225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set

    If you think back a few years.., to like 2014,

    You’ll recall the gazillion posts here on MNB regarding all the Kennedy collector’s, the Kennedy 50th Anniversary coins/finishes, and like.., and you’ll recall the numerous discussions that took place as to whether the Kennedy collectors participated or not, you decide for yourself if that was the final outcome.

    Now, introduce the 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set

    And by virtue that this is a new Kennedy, albeit Enhanced Clad, it’s still a new introduced Kennedy.

    I’m beginning to rethink demand for this set somewhat now, while it’s still mostly a Pass given what I feel will be a high price, high mintage clad set, I could see this set going rather rapidly, and not necessarily as a result of it being Enhanced..,

    But because of it’s Enhanced Kennedy. I could see a lot of these sets being sold for that aspect alone, or a moderate percentage of sets being broken open by dealers and having the Kennedy slabbed, slapped with a 225th Anny Label, and then sold for high dollar.

    Recall what the 2014 Kennedy Clad Anny Set coins fetched when they graded a MS 69? Most were 68’s or 67’s. And then there was a MS 70 or two that went for Booku Bucks!

    Yeah, I could see a frenzy developing for the Kennedy and then that sucker being slabbed, with any 70’s worth 4 figures, possibly.

    HHL Unlimited?

    Well, not to scare anyone one, and being the honest broker, on a long shot, if you want one, you might as well get in line early.

    Besides, you never know how many of these will show on Game Day.., though you DO KNOW that each release is different than it predecessors – Good Luck!

  34. Erik H says

    KCSO, all I can say is “TMI”, you and I both are thinkers and while I originally thought this Enhanced set would be a loser after thinking about it more I came up with similar thoughts. The difference is I kept it to myself until now. TMI, sometimes you just have to keep it to yourself. I can see it now, another no HH limit item and everybody on this blog now a buyer / flipper because of KCSO.

  35. You Can't See Me says

    The Lion’s Club program has to sell 43,544 more units to equal the Girl Scouts’ program. Since the GS program did not generate a profit over cost of production, it looks like the LC program may suffer the same fate.

  36. earthling says

    I look back at last years National Park Service Coins as not bad when compared to this years winners . And last years APE was a nice design even though it was hurt by the 10K mintage. Wouldn’t want this years APE unless the mintage was below 3,000. The Bullion reverse just doesn’t do anything for me at all.

  37. says

    Erik, exactly how many do you need, $225,000?

    Well, since I spilled the beans in sharing some random thoughts , as you put it, what do you think the Flip value will be?

    You first, if you don’t, I will..,

    Thanks though for the validation, I just went from 0 sets to 300! Nah, I have better things to do with my time.

  38. A&L Futures says

    KCSO says

    “Recall what the 2014 Kennedy Clad Anny Set coins fetched when they graded a MS 69? Most were 68’s or 67’s. And then there was a MS 70 or two that went for Booku Bucks!”

    Oh yeah, I remember that offering. I was one of the first on the bay, who sold a MS69 (for charity) to support the needs of one of my dear friends whose child needed emergency medical attention.

    Like you, I’m on the fence. However, there’s going to be demand by those wishing to break the sets up for the new/unique coins in the set. Quick flip…

  39. says

    I still remember that, that was VERY admirable!

    I look forward to having more time available down the road to do similar, connect this hobby to a good cause.

    By the way, there won’t be 225,000 available, by the time the USM packs up for the Denver show and distributes to the other retail sites, I’d guess they’ll be 180,000 to 200,000 sets available online, it’ll be interesting

  40. A&L Futures says

    My guess is there will be 10,000 sets (each) for all three U.S. Mint gift shops (i.e. Denver, Washington, and Philadelphia), and nearly the same number for the show. Therefore, 225,000 – 40,000 = 185,000 sets (via U.S. Mint website).

    Complicate this by the fact that they (i.e. the U.S. Mint) will not have all the packaging they’ll need (e.g. 20%; 45,000 sets), and I would realistically bring this number down to 140,000 set (via U.S. Mint website) available on the first day of sales.

    140,000 sets / 100 set per customer (arbitrary number per order) = 1,400 orders.


  41. earthling says

    I see this Clad POC still available in December. It’s sort of like a BS Clad Proof Set but it’s not. It’s the Proof Set packaging but the Coins are some sort of hybrid BU’s.

    The wild card of course will be the Slabber/Labelers and the TV Hucksters pitching Clad Investment to the Granny Knitting Circle.

  42. data dave says

    @ Old Big Bird – The Ft. Moultrie S Mint quarter is only at 940K and only selling about 1K per week. Doesn’t look like this one is going to hit the 1M mark.

    All Mint sales are lagging, its hard to tell which ones are down the most.

  43. Old Big Bird says

    @data dave – yes and it looks like all of the 2017’s so far are not doing much better.

  44. Dustyroads says

    Old Big Bird, I’m beginning to wonder if the USM is going to sell the 2016 “S” quarters indefinitely.

  45. Dustyroads says

    I used to tell a friend of mine who pilots a private jet to “drop in if he’s ever within a few miles of the place”, but I think I may have offended him.

  46. Erik H says

    KCSO, I went from on the fence to maybe buying 5. I have no interest in the Enhanced quarters so I will sell them off fast. I’ve been buying the Enhanced NA $1 so I won’t need to pick it up this year since it will be in this set. Enhanced cent, dime, 1/2 and $1 are what I’m looking for (but only at issue price). If there’s some type of quick sell out I’m not going to chase.

    No predictions on price, let’s see if others out there are going to “buy” the hype over the next few weeks. I will be at my computer 8/1 at noon just in case.

  47. data dave says

    @Erik – The EU dollar might be a different mint mark so you may have to get both sets.

  48. Old Big Bird says

    @Dustyroads – If they produced them they will just sit on them and keep selling them. Shelve space being wasted does not seem to bother them. Heck they are still sell 2010, 2011, & 2013 Uncalculating and circulating ATB sets!!

  49. Teach says

    I see the EU sets being a quick sell out on day 1, maybe within an hour.

    On topic – I like this ATB design, best of the year.

    As I always say when people talk about the puck finishes, it would be so much better if the finish on the P puck would be the same as the quarter in the silver proof set. Those finishes blow away the bullion and vapor blast finishes.

  50. Jeff Wheat says

    Pardon the rookie question, but would someone being willing to take the time to explain how the household limits affect the success of a particular product? I see a lot of discussion about the limits being too high or too low, but I can’t seem to grasp how that changes the demand or desirability of the product. It seems to me to depend on perspective – a lower HHL gives individual consumers a better chance at getting an item, but a higher one is better for flippers/dealers? I also wonder why some items have an HHL at all, I would imagine a lower mintage would accomplish basically the same thing?

    I appreciate it – I’m strictly a second hand collector, I’m interested in what the Mint is doing but I rarely if ever order directly from them.


  51. Dustyroads says

    Jeff, You should be ordering directly from the mint if you can get a better price.

    When it comes to the HHL, you have to think about all the emotion and sentiments that exist on opening day. If the hhl is to low, it will restrict a possible sellout, and if there is no sell out it will mean that the issue will languish on the mints website. That in turn hurts the value of that particular issue.
    On the other hand if a quick sellout occurs, possibly due to a higher hhl, the value of the issue should be protected, if not raised in the secondary market.
    From a collectors standpoint, I don’t want anything I buy from the mint to lose value after a release. Hopes this helps.


    OT: There is a article on nakedcapitalism.com, about visa and its war on cash.

  53. Dustyroads says

    Old Big Bird, The USM may be keeping the AtB “S” quarters up for sale for two years now rather than just one like they have been before director Jeppson left. I’m sorry to see them still there, I was hoping for a sub million to happen.

  54. Tom P. - MA says

    If the mint really wanted to stir things up, they would release the +1 year old S mint quarters into circulation. Take them out of the original wrappers, either repackage or mix with other circulation coins. Make no announcements. Suddenly more people are checking their quarters.

    Leaving product for sale over 1 year guarantees it will never appreciate in value. Right now the policy seems to be keep the 1 million+ quarters on sale until they sell out. One day we will reduce the total mintage to 750,000 and not say a word.

  55. earthling says

    I used to religiously stockpile the S-Mint ATB Quarters. Somewhere along the way I noticed no one really wants them except for us misguided souls who think they will one day become ” in demand”. Well, I no longer believe that and I dont remember exactly when I stopped buying the Rolls and Bags of Clad S Quarters but I no longer play.

    I think it probably was the Ft Moultrie Quarter that was the final straw.

  56. Louis Golino says

    If you will pardon a non-coin contribution, today I was watching coverage of the meeting between Trump and Macron (a nice break from all Russia all the time) and I decided to do an analysis, which was published this afternoon by the Atlantic Council, a prominent think tank:

  57. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says


    Interesting commentary and well-written. It was refreshing to read something different than the usual “globalist vs. populist” angle that is a bit worn out at this point. It came across as well-balanced and even a bit hopeful for the future! Thanks for sharing and also giving us a look at your “other” life.

  58. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says


    Can you tell me why my last few posts (written over a few weeks and on different subjects) immediately go to moderation? I changed my email address several months ago but was able to post after doing so. Now it’s getting frustrating because it seems that there is a filter that automatically blocks me. Please let me know what’s up and thanks for all of your good work on this blog.

  59. cagcrisp says

    @earthling, “Somewhere along the way I noticed no one really wants them except for us misguided souls who think they will one day become ” in demand”.

    And Yep…

  60. Dustyroads says

    earthling, I continue to collect one of each “S” roll because they are circulation quality quarters that are not released into circulation or found in any other offering. That makes them unique, and because I don’t consider the price prohibitive, I don’t see the drawback.

  61. earthling says


    I can see your point with one roll. One roll isnt about to hurt anyone. If you get tired of storing them, one day you just start spending them and you’re not out much.

    My habit on the other hand was a bit out of control. I typically ordered several times, usually around 7 Rolls or maybe 4 or 5 Bags at a time. I tried to keep the weight per box down because as we all know, packing is very poor and open boxes do happen.

    I don’t remember specific quantities but for the Bombay Hook Quarters I think I got at least 50 Rolls and some Bags also. I’m originally from Delaware and I lived 15 Miles from Bombay so I went a little over on that. The others I probably went 10-20 Rolls and maybe 5-10 Bags.

    Haven’t ordered anything in Quarters in at least a year.

  62. Mint News Blog says

    @Yes, But, I’m so sorry they’re being held up. I’ve taken a look at your posts and can’t see any good reason for them to be blocked. They don’t contain flagged content, and they’re not from a blocked address. I’ve noticed this happening with a couple of other people, and it seemed to resolve itself. My guess is that something in the frequent site updates causes some kind of electronic glitch with certain addresses; when the next update comes along, the problem resolves. I’ll take a look at the site’s plugins to see if any are out of date. If they are, updating them might help. Fingers crossed!

  63. Louis Golino says

    Thanks very much to everyone. My previous article of this type was picked up by Newsweek, so I must be doing something right.

  64. MarkInFlorida says

    Got my platinum proof today and that box is a horrendous waste (of money and space)! I’d rather just have the capsule and save the money. I take the capsule out of the box, put it in a 2x2x10 coin box in my safe deposit box at the bank, and put the OGP in cartons in my closet. I first got a platinum set in 2004 for my wife as a present when our first son was born (since she prefers platinum to gold, even in our wedding rings). Then I started collecting them as a diversification from gold (in case the government calls all the gold in).

  65. Erik H says

    Tom P, I too wish the mint would release the unsold “S” quarter’s into the wild. The only “S” quarter’s I bought were the El Yunque quarters. I cherry picked a few and put the rest into circulation. At the time I lived in a small community so I tried to see if I would ever reclaim one but after a few years nothing. I hope someone found 1 or 2.

  66. Dustyroads says

    earthling, My gosh, I see why you quit. Take it easy buddy or you’re going to need a vault the size of a room to hold everything.

  67. So Krates says

    @ Louis – If I had a nickel every time I heard the Sahel …nice

    I see you used the American mainstream label “ISIS” in your article which will presumably be read by a more internationally focused audience. Have you considered using “ISIL” (UN preferred name), or the more accurate “Daesh”, when writing for more educated readers?

    I thought Ham Hands’ attempted handshake with Mrs. Macron was even more entertaining:


  68. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    Thank you, Diana. I appreciate your efforts and oversight of this blog. And we all understand that little gremlins get into computerized systems! Have a pleasant weekend.

  69. Louis Golino, Author says

    Thanks, So Krates. Typically, the decision on which version to use is made by the editor of the site or publication, though I have an opportunity to approve changes, so I could push for it.

    To get back to coins- As for the enhanced set, it sounds like those who plan to buy will mainly do so because they see some potential for flippage due to a sell-out and the existence of new coin types.

    One should also factor in (with all the usual caveats) that the sets will be graded in Denver with show labels (which one TPG confirmed to me, so you can be sure the other will do it too). I will probably buy 2 sets, maybe 3.

    While I do not anticipate a repeat of the gold Kennedy insanity in 2014 at the ANA show, it is a bit odd that from what I can determine, no precautions are being taken such as an order limit at the show or online.

  70. data dave says

    @Louis – I will buy two of the EU sets for myself. If I buy more than that it will be as a potential investment/flip opportunity. I’m just waiting on the price. I normally buy 2 proof, silver proof and mint sets each year so buying 2 EU sets make sense. Considering that even with the fall off in set sales that they all still exceed the 225K mark, I think they have come up with a good mintage number for this set.

  71. Throckmorton says

    Louis, It’s my understanding that when Ben Franklin came to Paris, his likeness appeared on everything. This included a porcelain convenience (what might be called a “thundermug”). I seemed to remember reading that Ben, in great humor, modeled one in the middle of a street. I wonder what Donald would do if confronted with a similar accolade.

  72. cagcrisp says

    1. Some Key economic numbers came out this morning that were Favorable for Precious Metals
    2. Some Key bank numbers come out this morning that were Not Favorable for Precious Metals
    3. HOWEVER, the banks that reported had somewhat Muted expectations Going Forward that were Favorable for Precious Metals
    4. Dollar Index is Down which is Favorable for Precious Metals
    5. Odds of a Third rate increase in CY17 has Decreased to 38% (have been Over 50%) which is Favorable for Precious Metals

    Bottom Line…Economic numbers are weaker than expected (Retail sales, Inflation and Consumer sentiment) which are ALL Favorable for Precious Metals…

  73. data dave says

    @cagcrisp – “Bottom Line…Economic numbers are weaker than expected (Retail sales, Inflation and Consumer sentiment) which are ALL Favorable for Precious Metals…”

    Weak economic numbers – favorable to PMs. I agree but only for one-off reasons. People assume that weak numbers will change to course of FED action which then will help PMs.

    The sad thing is that the FED can’t even hit their inflation target. At most there will be one more move up before they have to start lowering the rates again. The FED’s main job is to talk and make everyone more confident about the economic direction. In their view things are always getting better (even when they are not). With all that said, its really not their fault. Congress should be in charge of economic stimulus when it is needed and they haven’t done anything in that area since early 2009.

    Back to the PM point, if I was a short term trader I would be selling commodities as I think the economic situation is a lot weaker than many want to believe. Low gas prices are the only thing keeping the average Joe going at this point.

    As a long term accumulator I assume the powers in charge will lose control once again and having a hedge will be a good idea.

  74. John Q. Coinage says

    PMetals are under great pressure, the returns are bad & nothing makes it move, attacks, US/IRAN confrontations, etc. Short is the call for now. As to “S” mint ATB I cannot agree more w/Cag & earthling….I have too many as I said mONTHS ago no one but US junquies care……..I spend & give them to what few new collectors I know, they are gorgeous, like buttah, but 4m of them…. good luck on profit$ I am a sucker

  75. Louis Golino says

    Sales of the APE have been much stronger since opening day than many of us expected. Through yesterday they were 7695 and on the 10th the order limit was removed, which seems to have given it a boost.

  76. gatortreke says

    @Louis: Nice write-up, better than much of what I read in many of the popular online news sites. Also, nice insight into your work past.

    Based on the comments here, PM’s may have more downside but as someone building a position and not having any way of knowing the bottom, it would seem now is as good a time as any to average in with a partial purchase. Am I missing something? This comment isn’t about trading, it’s about building a position. If you are talking about trading, well, that’s another matter altogether.

  77. Dustyroads says

    From 2003 to 2007 the gears for gold were greased, the strong incentive was steaming every room. Now after watching gold step back since 2011 with only brief intervals, no one is willing to mind the gears with any leverage to gain. The consensus has become “we think” rather than “we know”. But now is the time to personally know without doubting what you are doing. What gatortreke said above, “it’s about building a position” will be best if followed.
    We all need a hedge…

  78. You Can't See Me says

    All of my comments have been going straight to moderation as well. It is deterring me from getting more involved.
    So… this is a test.

  79. Mint News Blog says

    I’ve double-checked the block list, and I don’t see anything that should be causing your comments to be blocked. But I did just notice that “You Can’t See Me” and “Yes, But You Can’t Take It With You” have the word “you” in common. I think that’s the issue — so many of the spam names and email addresses contain “you” and “your,” it must be an automatic red flag for the spam filter.

  80. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says


    Given what you wrote above, should I change my screen name? Or can you mess with the filters and change things on your end?

  81. your opinion is making you says

    Just a test. Only a test to check out using your information about you and spam filters.

  82. earthling says

    I just sent in a test message using ” y*ur opinion is making y*u” in the name line.

    Sure enough it comes up as ” your comment is awaiting moderation”.

  83. gatortreke says

    @Louis: The convex shape of the UFO coin and small rise in the center makes it look like the saucer section of the Starship Enterprise when placed on a flat surface. Pretty neat!

    Since the coin is made by a Paris based private mint and available at an Italian coin site, if I were to buy it, would that make me an alien purchaser? 🙂

  84. Louis Golino says

    @gatortreke- You are of course right on both counts! Next week I will have them add the side view where you can see how that rise (command center?) looks. I have not seen any images of the glow in the dark aspect, but it is definitely a very cool coin, and I learned some things about Roswell in the process. The Cameroon one is also very interesting, but I’d have to win the lottery to get that one.

    Does anyone happen to recognize the alien on the Cameroon coin? You need to click on the link at the end of my article to see it. I believe it is ET, but I am not sure.

  85. gatortreke says

    @Louis: I believe the design of the alien head used on the Cameroon coin is one that has always been associated with the Roswell alien though the source for that design or when it was first used is unknown to me. Google E.T. and look at the image and you’ll see it is definitely not it.

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