2008 Silver Eagle Shortage Saga Continues

For much of 2008, there has been an ongoing shortage of 2008 Silver Eagles. Demand for the coins has been intense, leading the Mint to briefly suspend distribution and ultimately ration the quantities supplied to authorized dealers. This post will take you through the major developments of the past few weeks...A little over two weeks ago, the problem went mainstream when the Wall Street Journal … [Read More...]

CoinWebsites.com – New Coin Directory Launch

Are you looking for new or interesting Coin Websites? I would like to announce the launch of a brand new coin directory called Coin Websites! The directory structure has been built with an internet savvy coin collector in mind and includes categories such as Coin Blogs and Coin Forums. There are also sections for Coin Grading, Price Guides, Precious Metals, and nearly 40 more. The categories … [Read More...]

Presidential Dollar Historical Signature Set – Thomas Jefferson

The US Mint will release the Thomas Jefferson Presidential $1 Coin Historical Signature Set on June 10, 2008 at 12:00 Noon ET.The Historical Signature Set series includes the proof version of the Presidential Dollar Coin, a special Presidential intaglio print, along with the official Presidential signature. These are all housed within come housed in a textured leather like folder along with a … [Read More...]

First Spouse Gold Coin Pricing

Last week the US Mint released the latest coin in the First Spouse Gold Series honoring Louisa Adams. The release unfortunately coincided with a pull back in the price of gold, once again making the coins seem drastically over-priced.The coins are priced at $619.95 and $599.95 for the proof and uncirculated versions, respectively. This equates to a premium above the value of the gold content of … [Read More...]

Update on 2008-W Silver Eagle Reverse of 2007

The last time I wrote about the 2008-W Silver Eagle Reverse of 2007 Variety was nearly a month ago. At that time, the variety had only been confirmed for less than two weeks, but was already causing quite a stir. As a brief recap, some of the 2008-W Burnished Silver Eagles available directly from the US Mint were struck using the reverse die type of 2007. The "Reverse of 2007" is most easily … [Read More...]

2008 Arizona State Quarter Rolls and Bags

2008 Arizona State Quarter Bags and Rolls will go on sale at the Mint on June 2, 2008 at 12:00 Noon ET.Arizona is the third State Quarter released in 2008 and the 48th coin in the overall program.Product options will include a Two-Roll Set, 100-Coin Bags, and 1,000-Coin Bags.The Two-Roll Set includes one roll from the Philadelphia Mint and one roll from the Denver Mint. The rolls are in special … [Read More...]

Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold Pricing and Ordering

The US Mint has just released pricing and ordering information for the upcoming Louisa Adams First Spouse Coins.As a brief recap, the Louisa Adams coin is the sixth coin in the First Spouse Gold series, and the second release for 2008. The coins contain one-half ounce of 24 karat gold and are available in proof and uncirculated versions. As previously posted, the coins will go on sale on May 29, … [Read More...]

John Quincy Adams Individual Proof Coin

The John Qunicy Adams Individual Proof Coin will go on sale at the US Mint on May 29, 2008 at 12:00 Noon ET. This continues the individual proof coin offering for the Presidential Dollar series.The coins are offered at $5.95 each. There is an ordering limit of five coins per household for the first 30 days of sales. The Mint's product page is available here.The John Qunicy Adams Proof Coin has … [Read More...]

Platinum Eagles Sold Out and Suspended

Over the past few weeks, platinum has staged an impressive come back. Since the beginning of the month, the price of platinum has risen from a low of $1,850 per ounce to today's price of $2,142. The recent rise has caused suspensions and sell outs for some of the US Mint's platinum products.On Friday, the US Mint suspended sales of the 2008 Platinum Eagle 4 Coin Proof Set. This set contains … [Read More...]

Mint News Blog Mintage Summary

As the Mint transitions from 2007 to 2008 precious metals product offerings, I spent several posts reviewing the last known sales figures for related products. This included Silver Eagles, Gold Eagles, Platinum Eagles, and First Spouse Gold Coins. This post will summarize all of the sales figures from this series. You can bookmark or refer to this page for a quick window to the rest of the … [Read More...]