New Coin Collecting Page on Mahalo

A while back, I had requested a new Mahalo page for Coin Collecting. Mahalo is a people powered search engine that provides a human curated list of links and information for popular search terms. The page is now completed. Take a look: Mahalo Coin Collecting I think the page came out pretty good. It touches most of the major coin collecting related websites and pages and provides a broad, … [Read More...]

2007-W American Silver Eagle Back on Sale?

In late November, the 2007-W American Silver Eagle Sold Out at the US Mint. This is the "collectible version," which is struck on burnished blanks and carries the "W" mint mark. Today, the coin is apparently back on sale in another form.The coin is included as part of a batch of new Presidential Dollar related offerings that went on sale today. The 2007 United States Mint Annual Uncirculated … [Read More...]

Will Burnished Gold Eagles Ever Go Back on Sale?

As of today, 2007-W Burnished Gold Eagles are still not available for sale at the US Mint. These are the "collectible versions" of the Gold Eagles sold directly by the Mint. The coins are struck on burnished blanks and carry the "W" mint mark.Sales of the Burnished Gold Eagles were most recently suspended on November 5, 2007 due to the "increasing market value of gold." At the time of … [Read More...]

How To Search for Coins on eBay- Advanced Search Tips

At the time of writing this post, there were over 127,000 items listed in the US Coins category on eBay. With such a large number of items, the chances are good that the coin you are looking for may be for sale. However, sometimes it is difficult to narrow your search results to find the specific selection of items which meet your interest. In this post, I will outline some of the search … [Read More...]

10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle Coin Set Announcement

The US Mint has just officially announced details of the 10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle Coin Set. Many collectors have been eagerly awaiting this set as a follow up to last year's popular 20th Anniversary Gold and Silver Eagle Sets.The sets will contain two coins- one proof coin and one reverse proof coin. The proof coin will feature frosted raised elements over a mirrored background. The … [Read More...]

New Presidential Dollar Products Announced

The US Mint has just announced that several new Presidential Dollar related products will go on sale December 3, 2007.The new products will include the following:Individual Proof CoinsUncirculated Presidential Dollar SetsOfficial Coin AlbumsPresidential Dollar and First Spouse Medal SetsWhile there had been previous mention of the Individual Proof Coins, I don't believe the other products had been … [Read More...]

Will Rising Gold Cause a Dolley Madison Sell Out?

The Dolley Madison First Spouse Gold Coin has now been on sale for one week at the US Mint. Unlike the first three issues of the First Spouse Series, Dolley Madison sales seem to be having trouble gaining momentum. I had explored some of the possible reasons in a previous post. There are a few upcoming factors which may spark increased interest in the coin.The price of gold has risen sharply … [Read More...]

2008 Presidential Dollar Release Dates Announced

The US Mint recently announced the release dates for the 2008 Presidential Dollars. Next year will mark the second year of the series and include the next four Presidents. The published release dates are as follows:James Monroe Dollar- release date February 14, 2008John Quincy Adams Dollar- release date May 15, 2008Andrew Jackson Dollar- release date August 14, 2008Martin Van Buren Dollar- … [Read More...]

2007-W American Silver Eagle Sold Out

The 2007-W American Silver Eagle is now sold out at the Mint. These are the Uncirculated Silver Eagles sold by the US Mint, which have been branded as a collectible version of the bullion coin. This version of the coin is struck on specially burnished blanks and carries the "W" mint mark. The sell out happened on Tuesday night.Many are already predicting that prices for the coin will rise going … [Read More...]

10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle Set- Release Date

The Mint had previously revealed to CoinWorld that the highly anticipated 10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle Set was still on the schedule for this year. The release was expected in December, although an exact date had not been set.Today Dave Harper on Numismaster confirmed that the release date for the set will be December 13.As mentioned in my previous post, the 10th Anniversary Platinum Set will … [Read More...]