US Mint Director Issues Apology for Website Outage

Via Susan Headley at About Coins, the Director of the US Mint Edmund Moy issued the apology statement below in response to the recent website outage:To Our Valued Customers:The United States Mint temporarily suspended its online catalog recently while we shifted our online ordering capability from one provider to another. We didn't plan an interruption in service but, as the transition from one … [Read More...]

US Mint Website Back Online

It appears that the US Mint's website just went back online. Thanks for the tip left by Anonymous comment.The Online Catalog and ordering process appear to be the same. I was able to place an order for some of the Bald Eagle Commemorative Silver Dollars without any problems. However, the coins had an availability status of Backordered and ship date of 03-01-2008.Notably, the bags and rolls of … [Read More...]

2008 State Quarters Proof Set on Sale Tomorrow (Maybe)

The US Mint just announced that the 2008 State Quarters Proof Set will go on sale tomorrow January 24, 2008.This annual set contains proof versions of all of the year's State Quarters. This year's set will contain the quarters honoring Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii. Notably, these are the last of the "State Quarters." Although 2009 will see the release of six additional … [Read More...]

US Mint Website Outage Day Seven

Today we enter the seventh day of the US Mint's website outage.The US Mint's online catalog and ordering system first went off-line January 15. This was also unfortunately the same day that the highly awaited Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins went on sale. The Mint recommended placing orders by phone, which were jammed with callers who would usually use the internet. Susan Headley tried to get some … [Read More...]

New Website- Coin Update

This weekend I decided to start a new coin website Coin Update. Each day there are tons of great news stories, blog posts, and coin related happenings on the web. Coin Update will provide a daily round up of interesting coin collector news. Drop by each morning and you will get a fresh assortment of links. There's always something interesting happening in the world of coins! … [Read More...]

10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle Set Sales Figures

After quickly selling about half of the total authorized mintage, sales of the 10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle Set have slowed. This set contains the reverse proof Platinum Eagle coin.The sets went on sale December 13, 2007. By December 20, 14,682 out of the maximum 30,000 sets had been sold. As of January 17, 2008, sales have crept up to 16,841 according to Numismaster.Along with many others, … [Read More...]

2008 Kennedy Half and Sacagawea Dollar Bags and Rolls on Sale Tomorrow

Tomorrow 2008 Kennedy Halves and 2008 Sacagawea Dollars will go on sale from the US Mint. The 2008 Kennedy Halves are offered as either a Two Roll Set or in bags of 200 coins. The two rolls sets contain one roll each from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. The 200 coin bags contain 100 coins each from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. The Two Roll Set is priced at $32.95 and the bag is priced … [Read More...]

US Mint Online Catalog Unavailable Update

Since this morning's surprising notice from the Mint about the unavailability of their online catalog, they have slightly modified the notice published on their website.The updated message is as follows: Because of a transition in online ordering operations, the United States Mint online catalog is currently unavailable. The decision to suspend access to the website was made on January 15 when we … [Read More...]

US Mint Online Catalog Unavailable

Anyone looking to place an order for the new Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins will find that the US Mint's Online Catalog is Off-Line. Apparently online ordering will not be available for the "next couple of days." Customers can still place orders by phone, but this will be an inconvenience for many customers.When attempting to access any of the online catalog pages the message below is displayed: … [Read More...]

Bald Eagle Commemorative Pricing and Ordering Limits

The Mint recently announced the pricing and ordering limits for the new 2008 Bald Eagle Commemorative, which goes on sale January 15, 2008 at 12:00 Noon ET.The coins will be available in six individual coin options: $5 gold, $1 silver, and 50c clad half dollar each in proof and uncirculated versions. In addition, the Mint will offer a Three Coin Proof Set, a Coin and Medal Set, and a Young … [Read More...]