2004 Lewis and Clark Coin and Pouch Set Refund

The US Mint is offering refunds of up to $130 for anyone who owns the 2004 Lewis and Clark Coin and Pouch Set if the pouch was from the Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band of Ohio. The refund is being offered because neither the state nor federal authorities recognize them as an official American Indian tribe.The pouches were originally available from the US Mint from September 7, 2004 to December … [Read More...]

Will First Spouse Coins Remain Popular?

The First Spouse Coin Series may be this year's most popular offering from the US Mint. The first three coins of the series sold out without hours, and collectors are already eagerly awaiting the fourth coin to be released this year for Dolly Madison.The series is currently expected to run until at least 2016. Can the popularity last?I recently submitted an article to CoinLink to explore whether … [Read More...]

Looking for Halloween Ideas?

What will you be giving out for Halloween tomorrow?The US Mint had an interesting idea. Maybe your house can give out new Presidential Dollars. Many of the young visitors to your house may have never come across these in circulation so it might be a special treat that sparks a life long interest in coin collecting! You still have a few days to try to locate a roll at your local bank. … [Read More...]

Surprise! 2007 American Legacy Set

The 2007 United States American Legacy Collection went on sale at the US Mint's website. This offering was somewhat of a surprise since it was not listed in the Holiday catalog or mentioned in the upcoming products section. This set includes the 14 proof coins included in the regular (clad) 2007 Proof Set plus proof versions of the Jamestown and Little Rock Silver Dollar Commemorative coins.The … [Read More...]

Updated Mintage Figures for 2007 Burnished Gold and Silver Eagles

Numismatic News has just published updated mintage figures for most of this year's mint product offerings including the 2007 Burnished Gold and Silver Eagles. These are the collectible versions of the bullion coins, which bear the "W" mint mark. These coins are offered directly by the US Mint rather than through bullion dealers.I have updated the mintage figures from a previous post, which … [Read More...]

New Products Available from the US Mint

Today the US Mint released several new products as part of their 2007 Holiday Gift Catalog. New products included a First Spouse Bronze Medal set, 50 State Quarter products, and Collector's Boxes.Probably the most interesting of the new products is the First Spouse Bronze Medal Set. This set contains all four First Spouse Bronze Medals for 2007. These medals feature the same images that are … [Read More...]

First Spouse Bronze Medals Selling Briskly

Coinworld recently reported some sales statistics for the First Spouse Bronze Medals offered by the US Mint. These bronze medals feature the same designs that are used on the popular First Spouse Gold Coins. Mintage figures for the bronze medals are below: Martha Washington 31,711 Abigail Adams 31,325 Thomas Jefferson's Liberty 21,038 The 24 karat gold version of … [Read More...]

10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle Set may be released in December

According to a recent article in CoinWorld, there is still a chance that the 10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle set may be released during 2007. This set would include a reverse proof Platinum Eagle coin. In a previous post, I had noticed that this potential set was not included in the Mint's 2007 Holiday catalog.The Coin World article from this week included this statement from the Mint's Office … [Read More...]

Are this year’s burnished Gold & Silver Eagles a good investment?

A few of the big winners from last year's US Mint products were the "burnished" Gold and Silver Eagle coins. These coins were offered exclusively by the mint and bore the "W" mint mark. They were branded as a collectible version of the popular bullion coins.These coins were perhaps overlooked by most collectors and as a result, had shockingly low mintages. On the secondary market, the Silver … [Read More...]

US Mint Holiday Catalog- No Reverse Proof Platinum?

Today the US Mint announced that the 2007 Holiday Catalog would be released on October 25.The press release only mentions products that the US Mint is already offering with no surprises. There was no mention of the rumored 10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle coin set.Throughout the year, there had been rumors of such a set, which would include a 2007 Reverse Proof Platinum Eagle. This would have … [Read More...]