2008 Presidential Dollar Designs Released

A few Mint related news items came out during the Christmas and New Year's period that I neglected to cover. The most important were the release of the 2008 Presidential Dollar designs and the announcement of 2009 Quarters to honor District of Columbia and US Territories. For the next few days I will play catch up...In late December, the Mint revealed the designs for the 2008 Presidential … [Read More...]

Five Coin Blogs You Should Be Reading

Mint News Blog is relatively new to the internet. I started this blog in October 2007 to follow the latest developments in products from the US Mint. There has been no shortage of blog topics as the Mint continues to put out new products at a rapid rate that can be covered and discussed from many different angles. Outside of this narrowly defined space, there are many other worthwhile coin … [Read More...]

Price of Gold Hits Record High

Today the price of gold jumped $22 to close at $860 per ounce. Gold hit an intraday trading high of $864.50, the highest price in nearly 30 years. Gold's all time high price of $875 per ounce reached in 1980 is now within striking range. Gold has recently had a very sharp run up. Less than two weeks ago on December 20, gold was trading below the $800 mark. The recent run has been accompanied by … [Read More...]

US Mint 2008 Product Release Schedule

Archived version of the US Mint's 2008 Product Release schedule. Availability Date Product Description January 3, 2008 American Eagle Silver Proof Coin January 15, 2008 Bald Eagle Commemorative Coin Program January 17, 2008 Kennedy Half-Dollar Bag and Two-Roll Set January 24, 2008 United States Mint 50 State Quarters Proof Set™ January 28, … [Read More...]

2008 Proof American Silver Eagle on Sale January 3, 2008

Get ready for the new year! Last week the US Mint announced he starting date for sales of the 2008 Proof American Silver Eagle coins. Sales will begin on January 3, 2008.This is the proof version of the popular bullion silver eagle coins. The proof coin has been offered by the Mint since 1986 and has always proved popular with collectors. The one-ounce silver coin will bear the "W" mint mark … [Read More...]

Burnished Gold and Silver Eagles- The US Mint Keeps Collectors Guessing

Last year, the US Mint started offering collectible versions of the Uncirculated Gold and Silver Eagles. These collectible versions carry the "W" mint mark and are struck on burnished blanks. These burnished versions seem to present a good opportunity for collectors since they usually end up with mintages significantly lower than for the regular bullion version. This year's sales of the … [Read More...]

Sales Figures on 10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle Set

Dave Harper at Numismaster has some sales figures on the newly released Mint products including the 10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle Set. Many collectors have eagerly been awaiting some data on how well these sets have been selling to gauge whether a sell out is possible. From early data, the sets are selling briskly making a sell out a possibility. Out of a total maximum authorized mintage of … [Read More...]

Platinum Update- 10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle Set

The 10th Anniversary Platinum Eagle Set went on sale last week. Early indications seem to suggest that the sets are selling briskly, but I have not seen any official sales numbers released yet. Due to the set's relatively high authorized mintage of 30,000 sets, an immediate sell out was not expected. I will continue to look for any sales information and post when available.A possible catalyst … [Read More...]

2007 State Quarter First Day Covers- Sleeper Hit?

CoinWorld recently had an interesting article on the First Day Cover offerings from the US Mint. While these products have been little publicized, several of the issues have sold out from the Mint and are commanding premiums on the secondary market. Could the 2007 State Quarter First Day Covers be the sleeper hit of 2007?When the State Quarter First Day covers were first issued in 1999, the … [Read More...]

Commemorative Update

This week's issue of CoinWorld announced that the 2008 Bald Eagle Commemoratives will be available for sale starting on January 15, 2008. At this time, pricing has still not been announced.See the previous post about the new 2008 Bald Eagle Recovery Commemoratives.Also, as previous announced, the final day for sales of the 2007 Commemorative offerings will be tomorrow December 14, 2007. This … [Read More...]